The Slain Lamb His People Repent or Perish_ Signs of A Dying Age

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					     XVV, Number 1                                            Mantachie, Mississippi, January 5, 2000                                      Whole Number 250

     Why Don't You Invite Us?                                                                Signs of A Dying Age
  By James M. Pendleton                                             (1811 - 1891)        By Roy Mason                                                    (1894 - 1978)

    This question is often asked of Bap-                                 That is,                 (MATT. 24:7-12)                                               Now I
tists by Pedobaptists. It has reference                              the      Lord        I want to speak today on the sub-                                  want to use
to inviting them to the Lord’s Table.                                Jesus insti-      ject, “Signs of a Dying Age,” and I                                   for a text
It is a fair question, and deserves an                               tuted the or-     want to read from the 24th chapter of                                 that    8th
answer. The invitation is not given,                                 dinance of        Matthew, beginning with verse 7,                                      verse, “All
and there are reasons why it is not.                                 the Supper,       “For nation shall rise against na-                                    these are
Before naming some of these reasons,                                 and it is         tion, and kingdom against king-                                       but the be-
it may be said that the failure to in-                               called “the       dom: and there shall be famines,                                      ginning of
vite by no means implies a denial of                                 Lord’s Sup-       and pestilences, and earthquakes,                                     sorrows.”
the piety of Pedobaptists. So far from                               per,”       be-   in divers places. All these are the                                   My     text
denying their piety, we gladly con-                                  cause He ap-      beginning of sorrows. Then shall                                      does not
cede it. We admit that they love the                                 pointed it,       they deliver you up to be afflicted,                                  have an ad-
                                                 J. M. Pendleton                                                                         Roy Mason
Lord Jesus Christ, and in the various                                and because       and shall kill you: and ye shall be                                   equate ren-
departments of Christian work in           it is a commemoration of His death.         hated of all nations for my name’s         dering in our King James version.
which they are engaged, they are en-       If the Supper is the Lord’s, if the table   sake. And then shall many be of-           Here it says, “All these are but the
titled to commendation for their zeal      on which it is served is His, then it       fended, and shall betray one an-           beginning of sorrows,” but in the
and activity. But we do not give the       must be His prerogative to say who          other, and shall hate one another.         Greek, of which this is but the trans-
invitation referred to for the follow-     shall partake of the sacred feast, and      And many false prophets shall rise,        lation, it says, “All of these are but
ing reasons:                               in what manner His table shall be ap-       and shall deceive many. And be-            the beginning of birth pangs.” The
  1. THE COMMUNION TABLE                   proached. Baptists claim no discre-         cause iniquity shall abound, the           picture drawn here in this passage is
      IS THE LORD’S TABLE.                                   Continued on page 249     love of many shall wax cold.”                               Continued on page 247

             Repent or Perish!                                                                                 His People
                                                                                                                              Part 2
  By Rosco Brong                                                    (1908 - 1985)         By William Tiptaft                                            (1803 - 1864)

   Old-Fash-                               tance with penance, a Romish inven-           The true ministers of Christ bring                               many as are
ioned Doc-                                 tion entirely foreign to the Bible.         men to the law; now this condemns                                  of the works
trine of Re-                               Many others confuse repentance with         them, and shows them to be under                                   of the law are
pentance,                                  penitence or sorrow for sin, so that        the curse: He that offendeth in one                                under the
T h o u g h                                                  Continued on page 244     point is guilty of all ( James 2:10). As                           curse; for
Much      Ne-                                                                                                                                             cursed is ev-
glected, Is                                                                                                                                               ery one that
Still in the                                                                                                                                              continueth
   “Jesus an-
                                                          The Slain Lamb                                                                                  not in all
                                                                                                                                                          things which
swering said        Rosco Brong               By Milburn Cockrell                                    Mantachie, Mississippi                               are written in
unto them, Suppose ye that these                                                                                                                          the book of
Galileans were sinners above all              “And I beheld, and, lo, in the           said to him: “Weep not; behold, the             William Tiptaft    the law to do
the Galileans, because they suf-           midst of the throne and of the four         Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root        them (Gal. 3:10). If, then, a man of-
fered such things? I tell you, Nay:        beasts, and in the midst of the el-         of David, hath prevailed to open           fend against the law of God in one
but, except ye repent, ye shall all        ders, stood a Lamb as it had been           the book, and to loose the seven           point, either in word, thought, or
likewise perish. Or those eighteen,        slain, having seven horns and               seals thereof” (Rev. 5:4-5).               deed, he is under the curse. Now it is
upon whom the tower in Siloam              seven eyes, which are the seven                John looked for a lion and saw a        certain that no man can keep the law
fell, and slew them, think ye that         Spirits of God sent forth into all          lamb. These are symbols of the same        of God without offense, “for if righ-
they were sinners above all men            the earth” (Rev. 5:6).                      person—Jesus Christ. He is the lion in     teousness come by the law, then
that dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you           John wept because no man in              His mighty power; the Lamb in His          Christ is dead in vain” (Gal. 2:21).
Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall       Heaven could open the book of re-           gentleness of atoning sacrifice. By His    “Wherefore the law was our
all likewise perish” (Luke 13:2-5).        demption and loose its seals (Rev. 5:1-     sacrifice as a Lamb He became a Lion.      schoolmaster to bring us unto
   Millions of people confuse repen-       4). Then one of the twenty-four elders                        Continued on page 245                     Continued on page 242

Page 242                                                                                           THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                January 5, 2000
                                                                             and in all His glory; they hear that        Paul saith: “There is a remnant ac-         to have ministers to feed your pride
                                                                             the more vile they are in their own         cording to the election of grace”           and flatter your vanity, by preaching
                                                                             sight, the more precious will Christ        (Rom. 11:5). God hath loved His             to you reformation instead of regen-
                Editor: Milburn Cockrell                                     be to them; they hear that if they go       people with an everlasting love, and        eration; free will instead of free grace;
          Foreign Correspondent: Curtis Pugh
                                                                             to Christ naked, He will clothe them;       therefore with lovingkindness will He       the righteousness of man instead of
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Our email address is:                                                        old things pass away, and all things        15:10). It is my belief, and Scripture      Christ; but remember, if you offend
                                                                             become new (II Cor. 5:17).                  warrants me in saying so, that no man       in one point you are guilty of all, and
aAaAaAaAaAaAaA                                                                   Now, observe, we can do nothing         will ever go to Heaven who is not           are under the curse. Therefore, bring
                                                                             to obtain this Spirit, for all we do, or    taught of God to rest so entirely on        yourselves to this test, and, like the
His People                                                                   ever shall do, in the flesh, is sin, as
                                                                             the Xth Article of our Church clearly
                                                                                                                         Christ for salvation as to say: “By the
                                                                                                                         grace of God, I am what I am.”
                                                                                                                                                                     young man, you will be convinced
                                                                                                                                                                     that you cannot gain Heaven in that
Continued from page 241                                                      states: “the condition of man, after the    This is humbling to the pride of man,       way; for the law condemns every
Christ” (Gal. 3:24). Thus the law of                                         fall of Adam, is such, that he cannot       but salvation is of grace, and grace        man; and Christ saith: “I am the way,
God writes death in the consciences                                          turn and prepare himself by his own         alone.                                      the truth, and the life: no man
of those who are “ordained to eter-                                          natural strength and good works to             I will now address myself to those       cometh unto the Father, but by
nal life” (Acts 13:48). They see their                                       faith, and calling upon God.” We are        of this congregation who are ignorant       me” ( John 14:6).
sins standing in array before them;                                          cautioned by Solomon not to give            of Christ as the true way of salvation,         Do you believe in Christ? Are you
they endeavour, through ignorance,                                           “the sacrifice of fools, for they con-      who have never been taught of God           sure that you do? Perhaps you think
to amend their lives; they labour in                                         sider not that they do evil” (Eccl.         the truths of the Gospel, whose hearts      that you believe, because you have
vain; their hearts are broken by God;                                        5:1). We cannot turn to God of our-         are at enmity against God, and who          never doubted. “He that believeth
for the preparations of the heart are                                        selves; we cannot repent of ourselves,      hate the true doctrines of the Gospel.      on the Son of God hath the wit-
from the Lord (Prov. 16:1). They can                                         for Christ is exalted a Prince and a        God grant that the warnings I am            ness in himself” (I John 5:10). What
find no rest nor consolation, and are                                        Saviour to give repentance (Acts 5:31;      about to give you may be instrumen-         witness have you? “The secret of the
almost in despair. Harassed and tor-                                         II Tim. 2:25); and thus the Scriptures,     tal in converting some present who          Lord is with them that fear him”
mented by Satan, they know not what                                          as well as the Xth and XIIIth Articles      “are ordained to eternal life.” I am        (Ps. 25:14). What secret of the Lord
to do, and cry out, with the jailer at                                       of our Church, plainly show us all to       thoroughly convinced that you, in           do you know? Christ saith: “I know
Philippi, “Sirs, what must I do to                                           be under the curse, without the slight-     your present state, hate to hear the        my sheep, and am known of mine”
be saved?” (Acts 16:30).                                                     est power of delivering ourselves.          Gospel. Your minds rise in rebellion        ( John 10:14). Do you know Christ?
   If they have been Pharisees, their                                            We ministers of the Gospel must         against God’s sovereignty, and you          Paul saith: “All that will live godly
eyes are open to see the pride and                                           not deceive you; all who have not the       disbelieve His Word of truth. You can-      in Christ Jesus shall suffer perse-
hypocrisy of their religion, and they                                        Spirit of Christ are in this state,         not understand it, for it is foolishness    cution” (II Tim. 3:12). What perse-
confess that all their righteousnesses                                       whether they know it or not, whether        to you (I Cor. 2:14); and whilst you        cution have you suffered? “We know
are as filthy rages (Isa. 64:6). If they                                     they believe it or not. “By grace are       remain in your present state, you will      that we have passed from death
have been notorious sinners, they                                            ye saved through faith; and that            fight against Christ and His true           unto life, because we love the
think that the Lord never came to seek                                       not of yourselves: it is the gift of        Church; and if the Lord should not          brethren” (I John 3:14). You cannot
such vile wretches as they are. Thus                                         God: not of works, lest any man             convert you, you will hate Him and          say that you have passed from death
troubled and distressed, they hear the                                       should boast. For we are his work-          His Gospel to the day of your death.        unto life, because you do not believe
Gospel, which is “glad tidings of                                            manship, created in Christ Jesus            Now I well know that you would              that man is dead in sins. Do you love
good things” (Rom. 10:15) to those                                           unto good works, which God hath             rather hear any other doctrine than         the brethren? Do you love Jesus
who feel themselves lost sinners. They                                       before ordained that we should              the true Gospel. The “truth as it is        Christ? Are you willing to endure
hear Christ set forth in all His fullness                                    walk in them” (Eph. 2:8-10); and            in Jesus” must offend you. You love                            Continued on page 243
January 5, 2000                                                            THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                        Page 243
                                                                                                 infallible guide when it comes to the         no wise cast out” ( John 6:37). They
                                                        WHAT CAN YOU

C                 ockrell's                            BELIEVE AND STILL
                                                         CLAIM TO BE A
                                                        I have been reading a book called
                                                     Baptist Theologians, edited by Timothy
                                                                                                 teachings of the Word of God. All fal-
                                                                                                 lible men must be examined by the
                                                                                                 infallible Word (Acts 17:11). I did not
                                                                                                 call the church I pastor “Berea” with-
                                                                                                 out a reason.
                                                                                                    2. You can believe anything you
                                                                                                 want to and be called a Baptist as the
                                                                                                 above list proves. This is why we must
                                                                                                                                               were ordained to do good works; the
                                                                                                                                               Lord calls them and sanctifies them,
                                                                                                                                               and prepares them for the mansions
                                                                                                                                               already prepared for them in Heaven;
                                                                                                                                               and not one will be lost.
                                                                                                                                                  This doctrine is not mine, but
                                                                                                                                               God’s; if you will read Romans 8 and
                                                                                                                                               9, Ephesians 1-3, and John 10 and 17,
                                                     George and David S. Dockery, pub-           be careful to distinguish between true        you will acknowledge the truths are
                                                     lished by Broadman Press, Nashville,        New Testament Baptists and some               there, if you cannot believe and love
                                                     Tenn. (publishing house of the South-       who wear the name “Baptists.” Some            them; and compare the Xth, XIth,
                                                     ern Baptist Convention). All the men

                                                                                                 things can be called what they are not        XIIth and XVIIth Articles of our
                                                     in the book are described as “out-          (Rev. 2:2; 3:1).                              Church with them and the doctrines
                  (The views expressed in this
                                                     standing Baptist minds” and “creative
                                                     Baptist theologians.” It is a mixture
                                                                                                    3. Let us rejoice in the truths that
                                                                                                 Baptist leaders and theologians be-
                                                                                                                                               which I have delivered this evening,
                                                                                                                                               and you will be obliged to say that
                  column are strictly those of the   of conservatives and liberals, for these    lieve and teach which are found in the        you, as Churchmen, profess to believe
                  editor of this paper. They do      all claim to be Baptists.                   Bible. But let us reject those things         them. Satan will help you to explain
  not necessarily represent the views of support-
  ers or readers.)
                                                        I see in the list of scholars the name   which they hold that cannot be found          them away, if it were possible. But if
                                                     of John Bunyan who taught and prac-         in the Bible. Our rule of faith and           ye will not hear Paul, hear Solomon:
                                                     ticed open communion. I see Andrew          practice is, not what the theologians         “The LORD hath made all things
 DOES GOD CHASTISE                                   Fuller who was off on the atonement.        have said, but what has God said in           for himself: yea, even the wicked
                                                     I see James M. Pendleton who be-            His Word. Quote Baptist theologians           for the day of evil” (Prov. 16:4).
    THE DEVIL’S                                      lieved in a universal church and a          to prove what some Baptists have be-          Some, who know these truths to be
    CHILDREN?                                        universal redemption. There is also J.      lieved. This is well and good. But do         there, but cannot love them, may be
                                                     R. Graves who denied the eternal            not ever exalt the greatest Baptist           ready to say that ministers ought to
   Please note that I am not asking if               sonship of Christ. I see also Charles       theologians above the Bible. If it is in      guard them. God has not told me to
God punishes the wicked. This the                    H. Spurgeon who practiced open              the Bible, it is Baptist doctrine. If it is   do so, and if He did not think proper
Bible plainly declares: “Fools be-                   communion but claimed to believe in         not in the Bible, it is not Baptist doc-      to guard His own pure Word, He does
cause of their transgression, and                    closed communion. Then there is             trine.                                        not want vain man to guard it for Him.
because of their iniquities, are af-                 Augustus H. Strong who was a theis-                                                       Satan loves to have it guarded, for he
flicted” (Ps. 107:17). “Woe unto the                 tic evolutionist.                                                                         well knows that Gospel-guarders
wicked! it shall be ill with him”                       On the list is Eric Rust. He is well                                                   never did and never will disturb his
(Isa. 3:11).
   My question is this: Does God chas-
                                                     known for saying: “We can no longer
                                                     treat the Bible as a purely supernatu-
                                                                                                 His People                                    kingdom. We know that Ananias and
                                                                                                                                               Sapphira were struck dead for keep-
tise the Devil’s children as He does                 ral book, every word of which is di-        Continued from page 242                       ing back part of the price. What, then,
His own children? The answer is                      vinely inspired, a repository of certain    much persecution for Him? Would               may we ministers expect if we keep
found in Job 21:9. There this is said                propositional truths to which faith         you die for Him? Do you love the              back part of His blessed Gospel?
of the wicked: “. . .neither is the rod              must assent” (Nature and Man in Bibli-      blessed truths of the Gospel? Do you          Many present will say, that the true
of God upon them.” Of the wicked                     cal Thought, p. 2). Again he wrote:         find the doctrine of predestination           doctrines of the Gospel are foolish,
Psalm 73:5 declares: “They are not                   “The Old Testament begins with two          and election in Christ to be “full of         unreasonable, and absurd; therefore
in trouble as other men; neither                     myths of creation. . .” (p. 20).            sweet, pleasant, and unspeakable              you, whosoever you may be, bear a
are they plagued (Heb. literally                        There also appears the name of           comfort,” as the XVIIth Article saith         strong testimony to the truth of them;
means “smitten” as in Isaiah 53:4, a                 Dale Moody. He denies the historic-         it is? Do you like to hear of election        for “the preaching of the cross is
word used especially of Divine chas-                 ity of much of the Old Testament,           and free grace, or do you like to hear        to them that perish, foolishness.”
tisement) like other men.”                           defends evolution, denies eternal se-       ministers lower God by making Him             When Paul and Silas preached the
   God does chastise His own elect:                  curity, etc. Moody was Professor of         man’s equal, so that man may make             Gospel to the Thessalonians, they
“If ye endure chastening, God                        Christian Theology at Southern Bap-         conditions with him in this manner—           cried out: “These that have turned
dealeth with you as with sons; for                   tist Theological Seminary, Louisville,      that man is to do all the good he can,        the world upside down are come
what son is he whom the father                       Ky., from 1948 to 1983.                     by attending church and the sacra-            hither also” (Acts 17:6). But the
chasteneth not? But if ye be with-                      Some other Baptist leaders I would       ment, giving alms, being just in his          Bereans “searched the scriptures
out chastisement, whereof all are                    add to this list (though not found in       dealings, and leading a good moral            daily, whether those things were
partakers, then are ye bastards,                     this book) such as Harry Emerson            life; and that God, on his part, must         so. Therefore many of them be-
and not sons” (Heb. 12:7-8). God al-                 Fosdick, Billy Graham, Martin Luther        grant Heaven on such terms? This is           lieved” (Acts 17:11, 12). Alas! you
lows not spoiled brats in His family.                King, Jr., President Bill Clinton, Vice-    the vain religion of millions (a mere         think yourselves “rich and increased
Those who escape chastisement are                    President Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, etc.      mercenary bargain for Heaven), who            with goods, and have need of noth-
the spurious offspring of another fa-                Don’t forget the hundreds of women          serve God for a slavish fear of Hell,         ing;” and know not that you are
ther ( John 8:44).                                   preachers in both the Southern Bap-         as a hard task-master. This is what           “wretched, and miserable, and
   Chastisement proves we are in the                 tist Convention as well as the Ameri-       man calls a reasonable religion, and          poor, and blind, and naked” (Rev.
covenant (Ps. 89:30-34). It is a mark                can Baptist Convention who all claim        what thousands of strict professors will      3:17).
of God’s love: “For whom the Lord                    to be Baptist preachers. Please also        advocate.                                        Now I will speak a few words to
loveth he chasteneth, and                            add to this list some of our own rank           I tell you plainly again, to the praise   you, my brethren, who know Jesus.
scourgeth every son whom he                          who believe Christ returned in A.D.         and glory of God, that He chose in            You can bear testimony to the truth
receiveth” (Heb. 12:6). Jesus Christ                 70 and who deny any future return of        Christ, before the world began, those         of what I have said. “We love him,
told the church at Laodicea: “As                     Christ. Even Judas Iscariot, who was        whom He intended to deliver from              because he first loved us” (I John
many as I love, I rebuke and chas-                   “a devil” ( John 6:70), was an apostle      curse and damnation. God so loved             4:19). The doctrines which the natu-
ten: be zealous therefore, and re-                   in the Baptist church. Alexander            them that Christ died for them; but           ral man hates, you love to hear; they
pent” (Rev. 3:19). From this it seems                Campbell and Herbert W. Armstrong           no one will come to Christ of his own         are the comfort and delight of your
that God neither loves or chastens the               for a time were with the Baptists.          free will, and yet all shall come; for        souls; and when you hear self-righ-
Devil’s children. Divine chastisement                          OBSERVATIONS                      Christ saith: “All that the Father            teous doctrines, you are grieved, and
is a sign of sonship. Not all men are                   1. Even the best of men are but men      giveth me shall come to me; and               pity the preacher and his hearers. You
sons of God.                                         at best. No human theologian is an          him that cometh to me I will in                                Continued on page 244
Page 244                                                         THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                               January 5, 2000
                                           everywhere it is spoken against”                                                        understanding of repentance will save
His People                                 (Acts 28:22). Shall we grieve, my           Repent or Perish!                           us from the erroneous idea that faith
                                           brethren, at this? No. Christ saith,                                                    is something separate and apart from
Continued from page 243                    “Rejoice, and be exceeding glad;            Continued from page 241                     repentance, and from the false teach-
can say with the Reformers: “That we       for great is your reward in heaven”         even Webster’s dictionary, following        ing that saving faith precedes repen-
are justified by faith only, is most       (Matt. 5:12).                               common usage, wrongly defines re-           tance. When the Scriptures mention
wholesome doctrine” (XIth Article);            The Scriptures abound with words        pentance as “contrition for sins with       repentance and faith together, the or-
for you well know that in your flesh       of consolation to the persecuted; for       amendment of life.” Most Protestants        der is “repent and believe,” never
nothing but sin dwells; you say with       a Christian without persecution is as       today, and modernistic Baptists along       “believe and repent.”
David to God: “All things come of          great a contradiction as a fire without     with them, either ignore the doctrine            REPENT AND BELIEVE
thee, and of thine own have we             heat. The stronger your faith is, the       of repentance or explain it away as            The reason for the scriptural order
given thee” (I Chron. 29:14). And if       more you will be hated. You, my             nothing more than a momentary “de-          is obvious. The natural mind is inca-
the Lord required even a single good       brethren, who have the Spirit of God        cision for Christ.”                         pable of saving faith. But when a man
thought of you, of yourselves, you         bearing witness with your spirit that           1. Definition of Repentance. If we      has a changed mind, a spiritual mind,
certainly would be damned. You             you are the children of God (Rom.           accept the English words “repent” and       even the mind of Christ, then he be-
know that you were blind, and the          8:16), may you never be ashamed of          “repentance” as translations of Greek       lieves God’s Word, he agrees with
Lord hath opened your eyes to see          Christ dwelling in you; for if you have     metanoeo and metanoia, respectively, it     God’s judgment upon him, he accepts
your lost state by nature, that you        not His Spirit, you are none of His;        will not be hard to learn the New Tes-      God’s provision for him in Christ—and
might be brought to Christ, and be         and if you have His Spirit, your sal-       tament meaning of these words. Even         this is saving faith.
found in Him, not having your own          vation is as certain as if you were in      a reader who knows no Greek can                As repentance is a radical change
righteousness, which is of the law, but    Heaven. But the fruits of your faith        easily check the information given          of mind from unbelief to belief, so
that which is through the faith of         will as evidently appear and be known       here by reference to the Englishman’s       faith is the attitude of the mind
Christ, the righteousness which is of      as a tree is known by its fruit. If your    Greek Concordance or to Young’s Ana-        changed. This is why repentance and
God by faith (Phil. 3:9). You acknowl-     faith does not influence your lives, and    lytical Concordance.                        faith have been described as insepa-
edge that if the Lord had not chosen       work by love, it is dead, and will profit       The question is confused a little for   rable graces. And this is why in the
you, you would never have chosen           you nothing. You are only Judases and       the English reader of the common            Scriptures we usually find either word
Him, and you would still have been         hypocrites. “Hereby we do know              version because the same words “re-         used without mention of the other,
fighting with the world and the devil      that we know him, if we keep his            pent,” “not to be repented of,” and         since either word necessarily implies
against Christ. You once hated to hear     commandments. He that saith, I              “without repentance” are misused for        the other.
of election, as natural men must do.       know him, and keepeth not his               the Greek metamelomai and                      3. Command to Repentance. “The
You know when Christ preached it, it       commandments, is a liar, and the            ametameletos, which could better be         times of this ignorance God
always gave offense. In Luke, when         truth is not in him” (I John 2:3, 4).       translated by forms of English “re-         winked at; but now commandeth
He preached election, they                 You serve God as sons, not as a task-       gret.”                                      all men everywhere to repent:
endeavoured to cast Him down head-         master, like slaves. Love makes you              WHAT IS REPENTANCE?                    because he hath appointed a day,
long from the brow of a hill. When         rich in good works in Christ. Love              Repentance is sometimes defined         in the which he will judge the
He preached it again, “many of his         constrains you to be holy; your joy         as “a change of mind.” The trouble          world in righteousness by that man
disciples went back, and walked            and happiness must be great; your sins      with this definition is that it in turn     whom he hath ordained; whereof
no more with him” ( John 6:65-66).         are pardoned; your righteousness and        can easily be misunderstood. Bible          he hath given assurance unto all
When he clearly stated it again, the       sanctification are in Christ; the work      repentance is not a mere change of          men, in that he hath raised him
Jews said: “He hath a devil, and is        has been done for you, and Christ           mind in the sense of momentary opin-        from the dead” (Acts 17:30-31).
mad” ( John 10:20). Paul, who boldly       hath told you so when He said, with         ion or desire, as if a man should or-               ALL MUST REPENT
declared the truth as it is in Jesus,      His expiring breath, “It is finished!”      der pork chops for dinner and then,            It might be supposed that only ex-
caused his hearers to say of him:          ( John 19:30). Though you must be           seeing his neighbor with an appetiz-        ceptional sinners would be called on
“Away with such a fellow from the          vile and worthless in the world’s es-       ing steak, “change his mind” and or-        to repent, but not so. God “now
earth: for it is not fit that he should    teem, you are precious in God’s sight,      der a steak for himself. Rather, repen-     commandeth all men everywhere
live” (Acts 22:22); and, “This fellow      and “he that toucheth you toucheth          tance is a change of mind in the sense      to repent.” Repentance is not merely
persuadeth men to worship God              the apple of his eye” (Zech. 2:8).          of fundamental conceptions and atti-        a desirable change of mental concep-
contrary to the law” (Acts 18:13).         No one can injure you without God’s         tudes, such as those Americans who          tions and attitudes; it is an imperative
They considered him a fool, and            permission, and all things shall work       now trust the promises of atheistic         change—a direct command of God.
counted him “as the filth of the           together for your good (Rom. 8:28).         Communists and want to do business             Not only lost sinners but Christians
earth, and the off-scouring of all         May the world bring no other charge         with Russia will experience when the        are commanded to repent when they
things” (I Cor. 4:10, 13). And if min-     against you than they did against           bombs begin to fall on our cities—if        have sinned. In Revelation 2 and 3
isters preached as faithfully now as       Daniel, which was his religion. If you      they live long enough to learn from         we read letters from Jesus to seven
Paul did, would natural men like to        will reign with Christ, you must first      the disaster.                               churches. Five letters out of the seven
hear them? Nature is not changed, the      suffer with Him. You must bear the              “Repent,” as stated above, is En-       contain calls to repentance. Not to lost
Gospel is not changed, and Christ is       cross before you can wear the crown;        glish for Greek metanoeo. This word,        sinners, but to the church at Corinth,
not changed. Therefore, when the           but this life will soon pass away, and      in turn, is a compound of noeo, mean-       Paul wrote:
Gospel is faithfully preached now, all     then you shall receive those blessed        ing “think,” “understand,” or “be              “Though I made you sorry in the
who are not taught of God to receive       mansions which were prepared for            minded” and the prefix meta, which          letter, I do not regret, even if I
it, of whatever sect or denomination       you before the foundation of the            may mean “after” and often denotes          did regret; for I perceive that that
they may be, will speak against and        world, and enjoy unutterable plea-          a change. Thus the word could be ren-       letter, even if for an hour, made
condemn it, if it be the same which        sures at God’s right hand for ever-         dered “think again” or “have a differ-      you sorry. Now I rejoice, not that
Paul preached. As God said to              more.                                       ent mind.”                                  ye were made sorry, but that ye
Jeremiah: “Mine heritage is unto                                                           The simple verb noeo appears 14         were made sorry to repentance:
me as a speckled bird, the birds                                                       times in the Greek New Testament.           for ye were made sorry after a
round about are against her” ( Jer.                                                    The King James translators rendered         godly manner, that ye might re-
12:9). Yes, everyone is against the true                                               it ten times “understand,” twice “per-      ceive damage from us in nothing.
Church of Christ who are not of it, as                                                 ceive,” once “think,” and once “con-        For godly sorrow worketh repen-
Christ saith: “Ye shall be hated of                                                    sider.” Thus the compound metanoeo,         tance to salvation not to be regret-
all men for my name’s sake” (Matt.                                                     “repent,” might well be rendered,           ted: but the sorrow of the world
10:22); and they said to Paul, as “con-                                                “have a different understanding.”           worketh death” (II Cor. 7:8-10, cor-
cerning this sect, we know that                                                            2. Repentance and Faith. A right                          Continued on page 245
January 5, 2000                                                               THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                       Page 245
                                                   did not even repent from the                     so shall your seed and your name           sacrifice ever offered by a man was a
Repent or Perish!                                  works of their hands, that they                  remain. And it shall come to pass,         lamb: “And Abel, he also brought
                                                   should not worship demons, and                   that from one new moon to an-              of the firstlings of his flock and of
rected translation).                               idols of gold, and of silver, and of             other, and from one Sabbath to             the fat thereof. And the LORD had
    4. Need of Repentance. To be ac-               brass, and of stone, and of wood:                another, shall all flesh come to           respect unto Abel and to his of-
ceptable to God, man must have a                   which can neither see, nor hear,                 worship before me, saith the Lord.         fering” (Gen. 4:4). God accepted the
changed mind because the mind with                 nor walk. And they did not repent                And they shall go forth, and look          sacrifice of Abel because it was typi-
which he was born in the flesh is at               from their murders, or from their                upon the carcasses of the men that         cal of the future sacrifice of Christ. A
enmity against God and cannot re-                  sorceries, or from their fornica-                have transgressed against me: for          lamb was used in the Passover:
ceive the things of God.                           tions, or from their thefts” (Rev.               their worm shall not die, neither          “Speak ye unto all the congrega-
    In Noah’s day “God saw that the                9:20-21, corrected trans.)                       shall their fire be quenched; and          tion of Israel, saying, In the tenth
wickedness of man was great in                         FROM DEAD WORKS TO                           they shall be an abhorring unto            day of this month they shall take
the earth, and that every imagi-                                    GOD                             all flesh” (Isa. 66:22-24).                to them every man a lamb, accord-
nation of the thoughts of his heart                   Repentance is from dead works:                       REPENT OR PERISH                    ing to the house of their fathers, a
was only evil continually” (Gen.                   “The foundation of repentance                       7. Conclusion. God’s Word is sure       lamb for an house” (Ex. 12:3). The
6:5).                                              from dead works” (Heb. 6:1). “Dead               and will certainly come to pass. He is     pascal lamb was typical of the death
    David by inspiration declared:                 works” are the outwardly good deeds              not a man that He should lie or re-        of Christ as the Lamb of God. “For
“The wicked, through the pride of                  that sinners do in trying to establish           pent. If we are in disagreement with       even Christ our passover is sacri-
his countenance, will not seek af-                 their own righteousness. The sinner              Him, the only way we can become            ficed for us” (I Cor. 5:7; cf. I Pet.
ter God: God is not in all his                     must give up trying to save himself              agreed with him is for us to change,       1:19). A lamb was used in the daily
thoughts” (Ps. 10:4).                              before he can be saved by Christ.                for He changes not.                        sacrifice of the tabernacle (Ex. 29:38-
    Paul tells us that “the natural man               Repentance is toward God: “Re-                   God “NOW commandeth all                 39) and other sacrifices (Num. 28:3,
receiveth not the things of the                    pentance toward God, and faith                   men everywhere to repent.” Not             9, 13).
Spirit of God: for they are foolish-               toward our Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts              tomorrow or any other time but                 Christ was called a Lamb in Old
ness unto him: neither can he                      20:21). In repentance the mind that              “NOW is the day of salvation” (II          Testament prophecy. Speaking some
know them, because they are spiri-                 was once disobedient and rebellious              Cor. 6:2).                                 700 years before the birth of the Sav-
tually discerned” (I Cor. 2:14).                   becomes reconciled to God.                          If you are not saved by His grace,      ior, the Prophet Isaiah said: “He is
    “Because the carnal mind is                       6. Alternative to Repentance. “Ex-            may God now grant you “repen-              brought as a lamb to the slaugh-
enmity against God: for it is not                  cept ye repent, ye shall all like-               tance unto life” (Acts 11:18).             ter” (Isa. 53:7; cf. Jer. 11:19). The New
subject to the law of God, neither                 wise perish” (Luke 13:3). Human                                                             Testament commentary on this verse
indeed can be. So then they that                   nature has not changed. In the days                                                         is found in Acts 8. “The place of the
are in the flesh cannot please                     when Jesus walked upon this earth,                                                          scripture which he read was this,
God” (Rom. 8:7-8).                                 people liked to point to the calami-             The Slain Lamb                             He was led as a sheep to the
          A SOUND MIND                             ties of others as visitations of divine                                                     slaughter; and like a lamb dumb
    False religions may drive people               justice. Jesus declared that these were          Continued from page 241                    before his shearer, so opened he
crazy, or crazy people may have false              only examples of greater judgments               He is One mighty to save and to claim      not his mouth” (Acts 8:32). When
religions, but not so with the true reli-          to come upon all who fail to repent.             the inheritance of the saints.             the eunuch asked Philip of whom the
gion of Jesus Christ. “For God hath                EVERLASTING PUNISHMENT                                  HIS FORM—“A LAMB”                   prophet spoke Acts 8:35 reads: “Then
not given us the spirit of fear; but                  The sinner who does not repent                    There are symbols in the Book of       Philip opened his mouth, and be-
of power, and of love, and of a                    will perish not merely in this life, but         Revelation. Chapter 1, verse 1, says:      gan at the same scripture, and
sound mind” (II Tim. 1:7).                         in eternity: “These shall go away                “The Revelation of Jesus Christ,           preached unto him Jesus.”
    Sometimes it may be a matter of                into everlasting punishment”                     which God gave unto him, to shew               John the Baptist, the son of a priest,
opinion as to whom is sane and who                 (Matt. 25:46). “Who shall be pun-                unto his servants things which             called our Lord a sacrificial Lamb:
is insane, but we need have no doubts              ished with everlasting destruction”              must shortly come to pass; and he          “The next day John seeth Jesus
if we accept the Word of God, for the              (II Thess. 1:9).                                 sent and signified it by his angel         coming unto him, and saith, Be-
inspired apostle assures us that “we                  Mark gives us these words from the            unto his servant John.” Note the           hold the Lamb of God, which
have the mind of Christ” (I Cor.                   lips of Jesus Himself: “If thy hand              words “signified it.” Two errors are       taketh away the sin of the world”
2:16).                                             offend thee, cut it off: it is better            made in studying the book. The first       ( John 1:29). “And looking upon
    5. Repentance From and Toward.                 for thee to enter into life maimed,              is to deny that it contains some sym-      Jesus as he walked, he saith, Be-
As repentance is a change of mental                than having two hands to go into                 bols, for it surely does as Revelation     hold the Lamb of God!” ( John
attitude, it must be from one attitude             hell, into the fire that never shall             1:1 declares. The second is to make it     1:36). John had seen other lambs fur-
to another. And so we find:                        be quenched: where their worm                    so symbolic that the book is robbed        nished by men, but this One was pro-
    Repentance is from sins: “I gave               dieth not, and the fire is not                   of all truth.                              vided by God. The words of Abraham
her time that she might repent                     quenched” (Mark 9:43-44).                            “Lamb” is a symbol of Christ in the    were true when he said to Isaac: “My
from her fornication” (Rev. 2:21,                     We are reminded of Isaiah’s proph-            Book of Revelation. The word for           son, God will provide himself a
corrected trans.).                                 ecy: “As the new heavens and the                 “Lamb” in Revelation is (arnion—little     lamb for a burnt offering” (Gen.
    “And the rest of the man, who                  new earth, which I will make, shall              or young lamb) differs from the word       22:8). Jesus Christ told the Jews of His
were not killed in these plagues,                  remain before me, saith the Lord,                “Lamb” (amnos—-sacrificial lamb) in        day: “Your father Abraham re-
                                                                                                    the Gospel of John ( John 1:29, 36) and    joiced to see my day: and he saw
                                                                                                    in Peter’s epistle (I Pet. 1:19). Christ   it, and was glad” ( John 8:56).
                Berea Baptist Broadcast                                                             is called “Lamb” 28 times in the Book
                                                                                                    of Revelation.
                                                                                                                                                   Hence we must not marvel that
                                                                                                                                               when John had a vision of Christ he
  STATION                           TIME                          DIAL              WATTS               In the eternal purpose of God          saw “a lamb.” This lamb is in con-
  WFTA, Tupelo, MS ............. Sunday 9:30 - 10:00 a.m. ..... 101.9 ........ 3,000           FM   Christ was “the lamb slain from the        trast to all the wild beasts elsewhere
  WJOR, Saint Joseph, TN ..... Sunday 1:00 - 1:30 p.m. ....... 101.5 ........ 1,000            FM   foundation of the world” (Rev.             mentioned in the Book of Revelation.
  WLZA, Starkville, MS ......... Sunday 1:00 - 1:30 p.m. ....... 710 ........... 2,500         AM   13:8). In the decree of God Christ was     When on earth Christ was as inno-
  WCNA, Myrtle, MS ............. Sunday 1:00 - 1:30 p.m. ....... 95.9 .......... 3,000         FM   appointed to redeem the elect by His       cent and pure as a lamb; He was as
  WYWY, Barbourville, KY .. Sunday 7:30 - 8:00 a.m. ....... 950 ........... 1,000              AM   blood. The Bible teaches blood re-         inoffensive and harmless as a lamb.
  KARI, Blaine, WA ............... Saturday 10:30 - 11:00 a.m. . 550 ........... 5,000         AM   demption by Jesus Christ, God’s            The Greek word of “lamb” in Rev-
  DXRA, Davao City, Philippines ..........Sunday 8:15 - 8:45 a.m. ....... 783 Khz ... 10,000   AM   Lamb.                                      elation (arnion) means “a young lamb”
  DWSS, Manila, Philippines . Sunday 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. ....... 1494 ......... 16,000            AM       A lamb was used in the legal sacri-    or “little lamb” (Lev. 9:3). Such crea-
                                                                                                    fices of the Old Testament. The first                         Continued on page 246
Page 246                                                         THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                  January 5, 2000
                                           dences that He had come by the way           worthy to take the book, and to              (Heb. 1:3). But in Revelation 5:6
The Slain Lamb                             of the altar of sacrifice, had been dead     open the seals thereof: for thou             Christ is not seen sitting down. He is
                                           and become alive by resurrection.            wast slain, and hast redeemed us             not merely seen slaughtered and
Continued from page 245                    This once slain Lamb, by whose blood         to God by thy blood out of every             dead, but raised again with sacrificial
tures were cherished by the Israelites     the elect’s inheritance had been pur-        kindred, and tongue, and people,             marks upon Him. He stands before
and kept in the house as much loved        chased, is seen with power to take and       and nation” (Rev. 5:9). The elect on         the throne of the Father in all the vigor
pets (II Sam. 12:3-4). In a manner of      open the seven-sealed book.                  earth should sing of the slain Lamb.         of His eternal life. The resurrection
speaking, men murdered the young              This Lamb John saw in Heaven was          Revelation 5 concludes with all              of Christ is not a fiction, but a fact. At
pet Lamb of the family of God at           covered with blood and had wounds            Heaven worshipping Christ because            present He sits with the Father upon
Golgotha.                                  upon it. Here we see Christ in Heaven        of redemption: “Saying with a loud           the Father’s throne (Rev. 3:21) and at
    HIS MARKS—-“AS IT HAD                  with His atoning blood. He stands in         voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was           His Father’s right hand (Ps. 110:1;
             BEEN SLAIN”                   the presence of His Father with His          slain to receive power, and riches,          Heb. 8:1). In the vision John sees that
   Who were the murderers of this          blood: “Neither by the blood of              and wisdom, and strength, and                Christ has vacated the throne and the
Lamb of God? A first degree murder         goats and calves, but by his own             honour, and glory, and blessing”             right hand, and He stands ready to
charge was laid at the feet of the Jew-    blood he entered in once into the            (Rev. 5:12).                                 take His great power and act. Stand-
ish leaders in the first century. On the   holy place, having obtained eter-               Some Greek scholars point out that        ing indicates a readiness for action.
day of Pentecost Peter said: “Ye men       nal redemption for us” (Heb. 9:12).          in Revelation 5:6 the slain Lamb                We believe not in a dead Christ
of Israel, hear these words; Jesus         This event was typified by the living        means “newly” or “lately slain” (See         only. Our faith does not terminate at
of Nazareth, a man approved of             bird who flew away to Heaven with            Chadwick and Gill). This declares the        the garden tomb. We believe in a res-
God among you by miracles and              the blood of the slain bird upon its         perpetual freshness of the offering of       urrected Redeemer, standing in
wonders and signs, which God did           wings (Lev. 14:51-53).                       Jesus Christ before the throne of God.       Heaven full of energy. John sees
by him in the midst of you, as ye             In the post-resurrection appear-          Here is the continual efficacy of the        Christ as He stands to take to Him-
yourselves also know: Him, being           ances Christ bore the marks of His           blood of Jesus to cleanse from all sin.      self His rights, purchased by His death
delivered by the determinate               death: “And when he had thus                 I John 1:7 says: “And the blood of           on the cross, about to usher in His
counsel and foreknowledge of               spoken, he shows them his hands              Jesus Christ his son cleanseth us            reign. Christ is about to rid the world
God, ye have taken, and by wicked          and his feet” (Luke 24:40). “And             from all sin.” “Cleanseth” is in a           of its usurpers and to put down all
hands have crucified and slain”            when he had so said, he showed               continuous tense. The efficacy of His        false authority. “And he came and
(Acts 2:22-23). Peter renewed this         unto them his hands and his side.            precious blood is perpetually avail-         took the book out of the right hand
charge later: “But ye denied the           Then were the disciples glad, when           able to cleanse from every sin past,         of him that sat upon the throne”
Holy One and the Just, and desired         they saw the Lord” ( John 20:20).            present and future. William Cowper           (Rev. 5:7). His purpose in taking the
a murderer to be granted unto              Our Lord told Thomas: “Reach                 saw this truth and crystallized it in that   seven-sealed book is to open it and to
you; And killed the Prince of life,        hither thy finger, and behold my             line of his hymn—                            reveal its contents. The book contains
whom God hath raised from the              hands; and reach hither thy hand,                        Dear dying Lamb                  the foreordained process by which
dead; wherof we are witnesses”             and thrust it into my side: and be                        Thy precious blood              our Lord will claim our inheritance
(Acts 3:14-15). It is little wonder that   not faithless, but believing” ( John                Shall never lose its power,           for us. This is the revelation proper
the high priest said, “Did we straitly     20:27). Today Christ, as He sits at the         Till all the ransomed Church of God       and covers the things from here to the
command you that ye should not             right hand of His Father in Heaven,                  Be saved to sin no more.             end of the Book of Revelation.
teach in this name? and, behold,           still bears the marks of His death.                                                        HIS PLACE— “IN THE MIDST”
ye have filled Jerusalem with your         When He returns to the Mount of                 HIS ATTITUDE—-“STOOD”                        Christ stands in the midst of the
doctrine, and intend to bring this         Olives the remnant of Israel shall look         After the ascension of Christ our         company around the throne. This
man’s blood upon us” (Acts 5:28).          on Him as the slain Lamb. “They              Lord is often said to be sitting down.       means in the middle or center. The
Hear Peter still once more in Acts         shall look upon me whom they                 “So then after the Lord had spo-             center of attraction in Heaven is Jesus
10:39: “And we are witnesses of all        have pierced, and they shall                 ken unto them, he was received               bleeding and dying in our room and
things which he did both in the            mourn for him” (Zech. 12:10; cf. 1:7).       up into heaven, and sat on the               stead. Christ is the center of heavenly
land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem;           Many preachers of this generation         right hand of God” (Mark 16:19). “.          worship. He is worshipped by men
whom they slew and hanged on a             ridicule and make fun of the idea that       . .when he had by himself purged             and angels as the slain Lamb. The
tree.” The death of Christ was by          Christ took His blood to Heaven—that         our sins, sat down on the right              memories of Calvary are treasured in
wicked hands, but it was the fulfill-      He bears in His body for eternity His        hand of the Majesty on high”                                     Continued on page 247
ment of what God’s “hand and thy           wounds—that He is the slain Lamb up
counsel determined before to be            in Heaven. According to them, John
done” (Acts 2:23; 4:28), and what the
prophets had foretold (Acts 3:18).
                                           merely thought he saw a Lamb as it
                                           had been slain in Heaven. These
                                                                                                     F u n n y b o n e
   According to Old Testament law,         people throw the typology of the Old                                  "... A time to laugh..." (Eccl. 3:4).
the sacrificial lamb had to be slain.      Testament to the wind. They seem to
This is why Jesus Christ as the Lamb       have a problem with a memorial of               Pastor Brown had some expensive              Jimmie Johnson was told by his
of God “became obedient unto               the cross abiding in Heaven, and of it       repairs done on his old Ford. When           mother to telephone the dentist’s of-
death, even the death of the cross”        being owned and felt throughout eter-        the mechanic started to make out the         fice. He made the call. When a
(Phil. 2:8). This is why our Savior “en-   nity. I have no such problem.                bill, Pastor Brown reminded, “Re-            woman answered, he said, “I’m sup-
dured the cross, despising the                Unlike them, I believe Christ is in       member, I am a poor Baptist                  posed to make an appointment.”
shame” (Heb. 12:2). There is no re-        Heaven bearing the marks and scars           preacher.”                                      “I am sorry,” replied the nurse, “but
mission of sins without the shedding       of His slaughter. I believe we need a           The mechanic retorted, “Yes, I            the doctor is out of town.”
of blood (Heb. 9:22). Our Lord “put        constant sight of the slain Lamb.            know—I heard you last Sunday on the             “Thank you,” Jimmie came back.
away sin by the sacrifice of him-          Christ in His sacrificial character is the   radio.”                                      “When will he be out of town again?”
self” (Heb. 9:26).                         most prominent object in the heav-                            ******                                       ******
   Greek scholars tell me in Revela-       enly world. This should be the most             The waitress was wondering why               Jimmie Johnson came home from
tion 5:6 it literally reads “as having     prominent thing in our preaching on          Deacon Jones was eating while his            school with his report card, and Mr.
been slain.” It might possibly be          earth: “For I determined not to              wife merely stared out of the window.        Johnson implored, “Why are your
translated “with its throat cut.” The      know any thing among you, save                  “Aren’t you hungry?” she asked            grades so poor?”
knife-wound was familiar to all who        Jesus Christ, and him crucified” (I          Mrs. Jones.                                     Jimmie answered, “Dad, don’t feel
stood at an Israelitish altar and had      Cor. 2:2). God’s people in Heaven               “Sure am,” she replied. “I’m just         so badly—I got the highest mark of
seen a lamb die. In the vision John        sing of the slain Lamb: “And they            waiting till the deacon gets through         anybody that failed.”
sees Christ in Heaven with the evi-        sung a new song, saying, Thou art            with the teeth.”                                              ******
January 5, 2000                                                    THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                        Page 247
                                             and perfect power is self-existent and        Now, God has divided time, all            between the signs that are mentioned
The Slain Lamb                               self-sustained. No man nor angel can
                                             add to as much as a shadow of in-
                                                                                        time, into orderly ages. We speak of
                                                                                        the end of time, but I do not find any-
                                                                                                                                     here in the Bible, and the things that
                                                                                                                                     I see taking place out here in the world
Continued from page 246                      crease to the power of Jesus Christ.       thing of that kind mentioned here in         about me.
Heaven.                                         The “seven eyes” are symbolic of        the Bible. It is true that we have such         Now let us go to the Scriptures and
    The Holy Spirit seems to always          omniscience. The language of Revela-       a thing mentioned once in a very bad         let us note some of the signs of the
put Jesus in the center place. In the        tion 5:6 is reminiscent of Zechariah       translation, mistranslation, I might         end of the age. The first thing that I
before-time covenant He is in the            4:10 which speaks of “the eyes of the      say, in the Book of Revelation, but          mention is wars. In Matthew 24:7, we
bosom of the Father as the center of         LORD ( Jehovah) which run to and           when you look on the margin of the           read, “For nation shall rise against
Divine affection (Prov. 8:30). At the        fro through the whole earth.” In           Bible and get the marginal rendering,        nation, and kingdom against king-
age of 12 we find Him “in the                II Chronicles 16:9 it is written: “for     you’ll find that it is not the end of time   dom.” But someone immediately
temple, setting in the midst of the          the eyes of the LORD run to and            that is referred to at all. So far as I      points out that we have had wars all
doctors, both hearing them, and              fro throughout the whole earth, to         know, and so far as the Bible discloses,     along down through the centuries,
asking questions” (Luke 2:46).               shew himself strong in behalf of           duration may be measured in terms            and that’s quite true, and that’s exactly
Speaking to His church Christ said:          them whose heart is perfect to-            of time forever and ever. The longest        what Jesus predicted as the whole
“For where two or three are gath-            ward him.” Proverbs 15:3 says: “the        period of duration that the Bible            course of this age to the very end. In
ered together in my name, there              eyes of the LORD are in every              speaks of is “ages rolled upon top of        the last three centuries, there have
am I in the midst of them” (Matt.            place, beholding the evil and the          ages.” And let me repeat that God has        been 286 wars in Europe, from the
18:20). After the institution of the         good.” In Revelation 5:6 omniscience       divided time into ages.                      year 1500 B. C. to 1860 A.D. more
memorial supper we see Christ “in            is ascribed to Christ, showing Jesus is       There was the age of innocency            than 8,000 treaties of peace have been
the midst of the church” (Heb. 2:12)         Jehovah and qualified to take the          back there in the Garden, there was          signed, and these were supposed to
singing a hymn. On the cross, a male-        book of future events and explain it.      the age of the Law, and we’re now            be forever, and yet they remained in
factor on each side, we see “Jesus in           Liberals and cultists deny the divin-   living in the Age of Grace, but this         force for an average of two years. It’s
the midst” ( John 19:18). Prior to His       ity of Jesus Christ. They make the         age was predicted by the Lord Jesus          just foolish nonsense for men today
ascension into Heaven, “Jesus him-           slain Lamb a mere man for the hom-         Himself to come to an end. He said           to talk of having permanent, univer-
self stood in the midst of them, and         age of the redeemed and the adora-         to His Disciples, and He was speak-          sal peace. People are babbling that
saith unto them, Peace be unto               tion of the angels. In contradiction of    ing to them in organized capacity as         sort of stuff today in the light of the
you” (Luke 24:36; cf. John 20:19, 26).       the prophets and apostles and Jesus        His church, “Lo, I am with you               fact that over 8,000 peace treaties have
    Some believe that Christ stood be-       Himself, they deny the Lamb was            alway, even unto the end of the              been in vain. When people talk about
tween the elders and the Father who          God in the flesh. But in Revelation        age.” That signified that the age be-        the world abolishing war, and having
sat on the throne. Here is the               5:6 the slain Lamb is seen as Jehovah      gun back at the cross would one day          permanent peace by human means,
mediatorial work of our Lord. As the         God.                                       come to a conclusion, and that con-          they are not only going contrary to
God man, He mediates between God                        CONCLUSION                      clusion is to be at the return of Christ     what the Bible says, but contrary to
and redeemed men. He is our go-be-              1. The center of heavenly worship       to this earth.                               reason; to reason, and I might add,
tween. “For there is one God, and            is the slain Lamb who is Jehovah-             Now God’s purpose and plan for            experience and plain common sense.
one mediator between God and                 Jesus. Men and women on earth may          this age in which we live is for His         No, there will never be permanent
men, the man Christ Jesus” (I Tim.           doubt the divinity of Jesus Christ.        people to spread the Gospel through-         peace until the Prince of Peace comes
2:5; cf. Heb. 9:24; I John 2:1). The         They may preach against it and write       out the world. This is the age of out-       and takes charge. Leaving behind the
slain Lamb is a “daysman betwixt             books against it. But Heaven is not        calling, during which God is calling         many wars of times gone by, let us
us” and God ( Job 9:33).                     such a place of doubtful questions.        out of the world a people for His            come down to the climactic wars of
            HIS DIVINITY                     The angels in Heaven and redeemed          name, who will live with Him and rule        our day.
    The text concludes with the words:       saints are certain the slain Lamb is       the earth in the age to come. And the           The four years of war from 1914
“. . .having seven horns and seven           Omnipotent and omniscient. The             next age that is to come we might call       through 1918, cost approximately four
eyes, which are the seven Spirits            departed who are of the contrary           the Kingdom age. It will be earth’s          hundred billion dollars. That’s simply
of God sent forth into all the               mind are not seen in Heaven; they          Golden Age of perfect peace and con-         more than our little brains can take
earth.” In the Bible horns are a sym-        are in Hell!                               tentment and plenty, during which            in unless we compute it in terms to
bol of power. Daniel 7:24 declares:             2. A lamb is an approachable be-        this old world will be restored to what      make it more concrete. We’ll have to
“And the ten horns out of this king-         ing. No one should fear to come to         the Lord wants it to be, and Jesus fore-     be like my children when they were
dom are ten kings that shall arise.          the Lamb of God who died for sin-          tells here in this Scripture the signs       very small, and they came to realize
. .” Kings are people with power. The        ners. Have you come to Christ, weak        that would accompany the end of the          that a nickel would buy an ice cream
little horn (Antichrist) in Daniel is seen   and heavy laden with sin, for spiri-       age.                                         cone, and an ice cream cone became
to have great power (Dan. 7:24-25).          tual rest and refreshment? Have you           I read something a few months ago,        their standard of measurement in
In Daniel 8:20-21 Alexander the              received Him as your Savior?               to the effect that the age might be il-      value. When we got to talking about
Great is symbolized by “the great               3. One has so well written:             lustrated by the body of a man, first,       the worth of money, they couldn’t
horn.” The beast out of the sea (the          If you from sin are longing to be free,   strong and stalwart and youthful, but        understand unless I translated it into
Antichrist) has ten horns, and he has                 Look to the Lamb of God;          declining until finally a condition of       ice cream cones. If I spoke about a
power over the nations on earth (Rev.          He, to redeem you, died on Calvary,      decrepitude is reached. This age             dollar, they’d say, “How much is that,
13:7). The power of Christ to save us                 Look to the Lamb of God.          started out strong and vigorous, Chris-      Daddy.” “Well, children, it’s worth
in Luke 1:69 is called “an horn of                                                      tianity in a short time had penetrated       twenty ice cream cones.” Then they
salvation for us.” The seven horns                                                      to the length and breadth of the great       could understand. And now let’s see
on the Lamb are symbolic of power,                                                      Roman Empire, and during this age,           what four hundred billion dollars
and joined with the number seven it                                                     we have had great governments to rise        would do. That would build a house
means complete and perfect power.
    This can only be said of God, and
                                             Signs of A Dying Age                       and great things to take place, but the
                                                                                        age has grown old, and it looks as if
                                                                                                                                     worth $2,500.00, equip it with
                                                                                                                                     $1,000.00 worth of furniture, and
Jesus Christ is God. Psalm 62:11 says:       Continued from page 241                    we have just about reached the twi-          place it on five acres of land worth
“God hath spoken once; twice                 the picture of an old age dying and a      light, the period of decline and decay.      $100.00 an acre, for every family in
have I heard this; that power                new age being born, and it says that       I believe that we are living in a fast-      eleven countries, I’d say, of the lead-
belongeth unto God.” There is no             the things that are mentioned here as      dying age. I believe that we are swiftly     ing countries of the world. Not only
power in the entire universe save what       to take place are to be to us not only     coming to the closing days of this dis-      that, but there would be enough left
God delegates. The slain Lamb did            signs of a passing age, but the birth      pensation, and to the dawn of a new          over to present every city in these
not acquire this power. Rather it be-        pangs of a new age that is to come         day for this old world. And my belief        countries of twenty thousand or more
longs to Him inherently. His complete        into existence.                            is based upon the correspondence                               Continued on page 248
Page 248                                                        THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                               January 5, 2000
                                           to take care of the wreckage caused        the divorce question. In 1870, there        things that everyone of us need to do.
Signs of A Dying Age                       by that one dollar’s worth of drink,
                                           because in the final analysis, it’s the
                                                                                      was one divorce to every 32 mar-
                                                                                      riages; in 1900, one divorce to every
                                                                                                                                  What are they?
                                                                                                                                      First, we need to make sure of the
Continued from page 247                    general public that pays, always.          twelve marriages; in 1928, one di-          salvation of our own souls. We are liv-
population, with a five million dollar         What conditions existed in Noah’s      vorce to every six marriages; in 1935,      ing in a dying age that will soon be
library and a ten million dollar uni-      day, I ask again? And I answer by say-     one divorce to every five marriages,        over, we are living in a body that shall
versity. Think of that, will you? That     ing, widespread crime. The Bible tells     and now the divorce rate is about one       soon be in the grave, soon Hell shall
first World War cost enough to put         us that back there violence filled the     to every four marriages. Excuse me          dawn for every soul out of Christ.
every family in the leading nations of     earth. Do we have anything like that       for being plain—somebody needs to           What about your condition? Do you
the world in good financial condition.     now? The answer is found in the fact       be plain right here. In addition to         know that you’re a Christian, do you
What folly, what Devilish folly is war,    that in the past thirty years, crime has   these conditions which I’ve just men-       know you’re saved? In these times of
when it saps the wealth of the world       increased 500%, and it’s claimed that      tioned, we have this to think about.        dread uncertainty, you can’t afford to
and reduces people to poverty and          40% of the crime is caused by drink.       Every year, 65,000 or more girls are        fail to know that you’re a Christian.
utter want! And World War I didn’t         How can we expect anything differ-         swept into the red light districts of our   How can you know it? You can know
cost anything compared to World War        ent when we have turned our dollars        cities. Institutions report 50,000 un-      it by turning to Christ, by committing
II, and didn’t stop with that. Since the   into foreign aids? The last time I saw     married mothers. As it was in the days      the welfare and future of your soul
war, we’ve poured billions and bil-        any statistics back several years ago,     of Noah! All of this means that soci-       into His hands, such that you can say
lions of dollars into Europe, and now      there were 440,000 American girls in       ety has rotted. The termites of sin and     at any moment, “I know that Christ
we’re embarking on the business of         Colleges, and 1,350,000 tending bars,      wickedness are eating down the struc-       is my Savior, and that He is my
seeking to finance a good portion of       selling liquor, and you can look in the    ture. These things are all symptoms         Sinbearer, for I have all of my trust
the world. Personally, I just don’t see    want ads in our city papers and you        of a dying age.                             and faith in Him.” You can’t know all
how this country can stand up under        can find that liquor places openly ad-        In our nation, we are coming more        the time that you’re a Christian by
it. We have already the biggest na-        vertise for bar maids. As it was in the    and more under dictatorship, you all        your feelings, you can’t know that
tional debt that any country has ever      days of Noah!                              know that, and soon we’ll be almost         you’re a Christian all the time by this
had in human history.                          What else characterized the days of    as completely dominated as were the         or that sign, but you can know by
    But now, the second sign of the        Noah that’s common today? Well, I’m        countries of Europe back several years      knowing in Whom your trust is re-
dying of this age is earthquakes. Verse    sure that immorality was one of the        ago. In trying to save democracy, we        posed. Oh, if today, you’re not a
7 says, “earthquakes in divers             things. Dr. William Carey, a noted         shall give up democracy and go to           Christian, you need the Lord so badly,
places.” We’ve surely had these            physical who specializes in women’s        dictatorship ourselves. Whether this        and I want to urge you to receive Him.
through this age, and as the age has       diseases, made the statement some-         is necessary or not, I’m not taking the     Don’t let anything hold you back from
run along towards its close, I believe     time ago that girls are becoming less      time now to say, but the thing that I’m     becoming a Christian, for if you fail,
the number of these has greatly in-        chaste than men, and alcohol is            pointing out is that we’re getting into     that spells your doom.
creased. I believe that while the signs    largely responsible for increased femi-    such a condition that it will make pos-         But I’ve said there are two things
mentioned here are to characterize         nine immorality.                           sible for Antichrist to come and to         that we need to do, and I’ve men-
this whole Gospel age, or age of               As in the days of Noah, says the       completely dominate and dictate ev-         tioned the first one. What is the sec-
Grace, they are to increase in size and    Scriptures. What were they doing           erything, until none can do anything        ond? It’s this. Every one of us ought
proportion, and are to find their cli-     back there? Well, it says, they were       without his mark. This earth is going       to separate ourselves from this world
max as the age comes to an end. I          marrying and giving in marriage un-        to go on becoming more and more             of sin and madness. We’re in the
have here a table that gives the in-       til the day that God swept them away       putrid. The evil things that have been      world, but that doesn’t mean that
crease in earthquakes since the 14th       with the flood. And I dare say that        in existence throughout all this age        we’re to be of the world. The sponge
century. Let me read it. In the 14th       along with the marrying, went di-          will wax worse and worse in their           diver is down there in the water, but
century, 137 earthquakes; 15th cen-        vorce, and today that’s one of the evils   manifestation until when the cup of         he’s not of the water, for he gets oxy-
tury, 174; 16th century 253; 17th cen-     that’s sweeping our nation to ruin.        iniquity is full, the God of Heaven will    gen that he breathes through the tube
tury 378; 18th century 640; 19th cen-      This loose idea of marriage and di-        take a hand. He will send back His          that comes down into the water from
tury 2,119.                                vorce results in people having no con-     Son, who when He was here before,           above. He literally breathes the atmo-
    But now reading on down into the       stancy, no trueness to anybody.            was despised and rejected, and that         sphere that comes from above, and
24th chapter of Matthew, we find               I recall the account that appeared     Son will completely smash and over-         that’s how it ought to be with every
other signs of the end of the age. One     in the newspapers back during the last     throw the governments of men and            one of us. We while here in the world,
of these signs is, conditions such as      war. I read about a young woman who        the order of society that they’ve built,    can be sustained by the atmosphere
existed in Noah’s day. We know that        was on the way to Tampa to marry a         and will begin His own reign. Read          of Heaven that God gives.
these conditions must have been bad        young lieutenant, and she met another      in the Book of Daniel the story of the          Listen, we’re living in a dying age,
indeed, for God sent the flood and         soldier on the train, and when she got     smiting stone, and if you want to pic-      but let it die! God has a bright, glori-
swept corrupt humanity from the face       to Tampa, she married this fellow in-      ture this, read the 19th chapter of the     ous, new age ahead for His people.
of the earth. What are some of the         stead. Some friends coming down on         Revelation. God has written it, and it’s    Did you ever see a day filled with
conditions that exist today that serve     the train from Tennessee told me           as certain to come to pass as that God      gloom, covered over with dark
to give us the characteristics of Noah’s   about seeing a young woman who’d           lives.                                      clouds? As the evening approached,
day?                                       been to an army camp to see her hus-          The great question is, what are we       the clouds seemed to get thicker. A
    One thing, I am sure, is drunken-      band, and she was returning, and           going to do about all this? We are liv-     thick fog crept in over the landscape
ness. We can see the wreckage caused       while on the train, she got into con-      ing in a dying age, we are living in a      and twilight came dismal and dull, but
by drink all around us all the time.       versation with a soldier and soon they     time when sin and wickedness is             the next morning when you awoke, it
Now in the light of this, people can       were drinking whiskey and beer to-         reaching a climax, we are living in a       was to behold a new world entirely.
be found that justify the sale of liquor   gether, and she was half drunk, and        time when it is the popular thing to        In the night time the clouds had
is more than I can possibly under-         there she was kissing that man whom        drink and carouse and revel and curse       cleared away, the fog had been dis-
stand. Judge Joseph Kitali, of Boston      she’d never met until a few hours be-      God and belittle religion, and go to        pelled, and when the golden sun
Municipal Court, made the statement        fore, sleeping on his shoulder. There      the Devil generally. Are we going to        broke over the horizon, it was a sky
back some time ago that for every          you have two illustrations of what I’m     join the procession? Honestly, people       that was perfect. Now, the clouds are
dollar taken in for liquor, we have to     talking about, exactly. We are in a time   are more interested in most anything        gathering thick. The fog is around us,
spend $8.00 to take care of what li-       when marriage doesn’t mean any-            today than they are in eternal life. The    the twilight of this age is creeping in
quor does for those who drink it. In       thing to many people, and this means       things of the body have taken the           upon us, but if we are Christians, we
other words, when a dealer sells a         the whole structure of society is un-      place of that which is for the welfare      can know that when God’s tomorrow
dollar’s worth of liquor, the rest of us   dermined.                                  of the soul. I say, are we joining in       dawns, the sky will be cloudless, and
who compose society are taxed $8.00            Let me give you some statistics on     that procession? Listen, there are two                        Continued on page 249
January 5, 2000                                                     THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                                Page 249
                                           that unbaptized persons have no                   sprinkling is valid baptism.”                    family; others were held in public, this
Signs of A Dying Age                       Scriptural right to come to it. That this
                                           right is denied by Pedobaptists, will
                                                                                                 Dr. Hibbard, good Methodist au-
                                                                                             thority, in his work on Christian Bap-
                                                                                                                                              was observed in retirement.
                                                                                                                                                 2. The Communion as an ordi-
Continued from page 248                    appear from the following quotations              tism, says: “Valid baptism they [Bap-            nance was committed to the custody
our very hearts will sing for joy.         from distinguished men:                           tists] consider as essential to constitute       of the visible church. Each individual
   Folks, I want you to have a share          Dr. Wall, of the Church of England,            visible church-membership. This also             church is responsible for its proper
in God’s great tomorrow. I want you        in his History of Infant Baptism, says:           we hold. The only question that here             observance, for its due protection, and
to be there when the sun rises, I want     “No church ever gave the commun-                  divides us, is, What is essential to valid       for the faithful maintenance of its wit-
you to live in that morning without        ion to any persons before they were               baptism?”                                        nessing character within its own bor-
clouds. There isn’t any such future for    baptized. Among all the absurdities                   Now it is plain, in view of the fore-        ders.
you apart from Christ, who makes           that ever were held, none ever main-              going statements, that Baptists and                 It is a church ordinance, and there-
such possible. Therefore, I am point-      tained that any persons should par-               Pedobaptists are fully agreed in these           fore it is not for private observance.
ing you to Him. That’s what I want to      take of the communion before they                 two points: That the communion table             “When ye come together in the
be throughout life, a sign-post to point   were baptized.”                                   is the Lord’s Table, and that unbap-             church”—-”When ye come together
men and women to Christ. Oh, let me           Dr. Doodridge, Independent, says:              tized persons have no Scriptural right           in one place”—and then follows the
point you to Him. Let me point you         “As far as our knowledge of primitive             to come to it. Wherein, then, do they            manner in which it shall be done.
to Him, and say, “There’s the one who      antiquity extends, no unbaptized per-             differ? The answer is, In regard to              Being an ordinance within the church,
can make you live forever.” Let me         son received the Lord’s Supper.”                  baptism. They differ as to who should            the approach to it was of necessity
point you to Him and say, “There’s            Dr. E. D. Griffin, claimed by both             be baptized, and they differ as to the           through the baptismal door, the one
the One who will rule our world in         Presbyterians and Congregationalists              baptismal act. Baptists say that believ-         solitary and exclusive door to the vis-
the age to come.” Let me point you         as one of their great men, says: “I               ers in Christ, and believers alone, are          ible church. On the day of Pentecost
to Him and say, “There’s One who           agree with the advocates of close com-            Scriptural subjects of baptism. They             the three thousand were first baptized;
can save you and give your life mean-      munion in two points: 1. That bap-                believe, also, that immersion is the             after that they continued in the
ing and purpose if you’ll but receive      tism is the initiatory ordinance which            baptismal act, to the exclusion of ev-           apostles’ doctrine and fellowship and
Him.” Will you let me point you to         introduces us into the visible church;            ery other act. No proofs are here pre-           breaking of bread. Throughout the
Him? Not to myself, but to Him! For-       of course, where there is no baptism,             sented to show that baptize means                New Testament confirmation is mul-
get me, but please, for the good of        there are no visible churches. 2. That            immerse.                                         tiplied, so that beyond question this
your own soul, see Christ, and give        we ought not to commune with those                    Whether it does or not, Baptists be-         was the order of the apostolic church
your soul into His keeping.                that are not baptized, and, of course,            lieve it does, and they are obliged to           from which a single deviation cannot
                                           are not church-members, even if we                act on their belief. Thus they are com-          be found. Baptism first and the Com-
                                           regard them as Christians. Should a               pelled to consider Pedobaptists un-              munion afterward. Since then in all
                                           pious Quaker so far depart from his               baptized. What, then, are Baptists to            the ages in all the church the
Why Don't You Invite Us?                   principles as to wish to commune with
                                           me at the Lord’s Table, while he yet
                                                                                             do? They believe, without a doubt,
                                                                                             that Pedobaptists are unbaptized; they
                                                                                                                                              symbolical supper has been sur-
                                                                                                                                              rounded by the protecting walls of the
Continued from page 241                    refused to be baptized, I could not               also believe, in common with                     church. Baptism administered accord-
tionary authority. If the table were       receive him; because there is such a              Pedobaptists, that the unbaptized lack           ing to its own accepted standard—not
theirs, they could give invitations ac-    relationship established between the              the Scriptural qualification, for the            to be superseded by the standard of
cording to their pleasure. But now,        ordinances, that I have no right to               Supper; hence they cannot invite                 somebody else—is the only orderly
they have no option in the case. The       separate them; in other words, I have             them to the Lord’s Table. They would             way of coming to the communion
table is the Lord’s; invitations to it     no right to send the sacred elements              like to do it, but dare not. To do so,           table.
must therefore be given in accordance      out of the church. The only question,             would be to change the order which                  3. Close communion or strict com-
with His will; and His will must be        then, is, whether those associations of           the Lord has appointed. This they                munion is simply a close and strict
ascertained from His Word. It cannot       evangelical Christians that call them-            cannot conscientiously do. The thing             adherence to the above-named prin-
be ascertained from the reasonings of      selves churches, and that practice                is impossible. So much in answer to              ciple and practice handed down from
the most acute intellect, nor from the     sprinkling, are real churches of Christ;          the question, “Why don’t you invite              apostolic times. Every church which
feelings of the most devout heart. The     in other words, whether baptism by                us?”                                             regards its own section of the Lord’s
inspired Word is the Word of the Lord                                                                                                         table as a sacred trust, for the proper
of the table.                                                                                                                                 management of which itself is respon-
   The term “communion” has been                Consistent Strict Communion and                                                               sible—as the Corinthians were for
used, and it is to be remembered that                                                                                                         theirs—and which holds that baptism
communion at the Lord’s Table is,                Inconsistent Loose Communion                                                                 (without saying now what that is) is
primarily and supremely, commun-             By William Ashmore                                                         (1821 - 1898?)        the door of access to church privi-
ion with the Lord. Paul, therefore,                                                                                                           leges—the Communion chiefest
says: “The cup of blessing which              Editor’s Note: William Ashmore was born        story, for it is unknown to the editor of this   among them, and which also has a
we bless, is it not the communion          at Putnam, Ohio, Dec. 25, 1821. He was            paper. He was for 30 years a Baptist mission-    defined standard of what baptism is,
of the blood of Christ? The bread          graduated at Granville, Ohio, and completed       ary in Southern China. He was a hard-work-       and professes to live up to it, requir-
which we break, is it not the com-         his theological studies at Covington Theologi-    ing and a sound Baptist.                         ing its members and its visitors alike
munion of the body of Christ?”             cal Institute, Ky. In 1848, he was ordained                                                        to respect and conform to that stan-
Evidently the communion is with            pastor of the Baptist Church of Hamilton,             The Communion was instituted by              dard—every such church is construc-
Christ; this is the prominent matter,      Ohio. He went out to Bangkok in 1851. In          Christ as the second witness of His              tively a close communion church. It
and communion with fellow Chris-           January, 1858 he was transferred to Hong-         death—baptism being the first witness.           is all the same whether it is known as
tians is secondary and incidental.         Kong. In 1860 ill health compelled him to re-     It is a memorial service—to show forth           Presbyterian, Congregational, Meth-
   II. UNBAPTIZED PERSONS                  turn to the United States. In July, 1864, he      His death—and to be kept up till He              odist, Episcopalian, or Baptist; and
    CANNOT SCRIPTURALLY                    returned to southern China, and established a     come. It was instituted not for the              whether it recognizes baptism as valid
     COME TO THE LORD’S                    mission at Kak-Chie. In 1884, Bro. Ashmore        world, but for the church—not outside            under three forms, or only under one
                TABLE.                     had translated four parts of the New Testa-       of the church, but inside of the                 form, it matters not, the principle is
   Here, as on the point just presented,   ment into the language of the common people.      church—for those who had come in at              the same—baptism before commun-
there is not only substantial, but per-    In 1885, he returned to America, where Mrs.       the door appointed. It is the most ten-          ion.
fect agreement between Baptists and        Ashmore departed this life. He visited Siam,      der, the most sacred, and the most                  4. Open communion or free com-
Pedobaptists. That is to say, both par-    Japan and the Telugu mission. He also visited     impressive of all the services of the            munion is a free and open departure
ties in this long mooted question be-      Burma. In March, 1891, he resumed his work        house of God. Other services were for            from the practice thus set forth of well-
lieve that the table is the Lord’s, and    in Swatow, China. I cannot tell the rest of the   the multitude, this one was for the                                Continued on page 252
Page 250                                                            THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                 January 5, 2000
                                                                                                                                       has the right to question His will. I do
                                                             The                                                                       not say that every believer that com-
                                                                                                                                       mits such sins as shown in the scrip-
                     Berea Baptist Banner Forum                                                                                        tures in these examples will die be-
                                                                                                                                       cause of that particular sin, but we
                                                Submit questions on any Bible topic                                                    must say that there is always that pos-
  The Berea Baptist Banner                             PO Box 39                           Mantachie, Mississippi 38855                sibility. I believe that if a child of God
                                                                                                                                       goes on disgracing God here on earth
 What is the sin unto death in 1 John 5:16? If we don't know what it is, how can we not pray for it? --- Missouri                      God will take him by death from this
                      David O'Neal          that thou shalt surely die. . . .” (Gen.      captured, enslaved, blinded, and                In Numbers 20:8-12 Moses struck
                       2750 South 53rd      20:7). God has commanded the put-             mocked by the Philistines. At least          the rock instead of speaking to it as
                          West Ave          ting to death of those who are guilty         Samson in death went out on a more           God told him to and Moses died with-
                       Tulsa, OK 74107
                                            of certain sins (Deut. 17:1-13; 22:22 &       victorious note by killing a large num-      out entering the promised land.
                            Pastor          25). When David sinned and had bro-           ber of Philistines.                          Moses’ sin distorted the picture of the
                      Grace Missionary      ken the commandment of the Lord,                 I believe there is a point in a back-     gospel, that Christ died once for all
                       Baptist Church       death was required. Nathan, God’s             slidden Christian’s life when they be-       for the sins of His people (Heb. 9:12,
                       2750 South 53rd
                          West Ave          prophet, confronted him, “And                 come so worldly and out of fellow-           26).
                       Tulsa, OK 74107      David said unto Nathan, I have                ship with God that they lose their use-         In Leviticus 10:1-2 Nadab and
                                            sinned against the LORD. And                  fulness because of a lack of self-con-       Abihu used strange fire in trying to
    There are many that believe that        Nathan said unto David, The                   trol. Rather than allowing them to live      worship the Lord and God destroyed
the apostle is referring to the unpar-      LORD also hath put away thy sin;              and further tarnish the good name of         them. They were guilty of changing
donable sin that our Lord spoke of in       thou shalt not die” (II Sam. 12:13).          the Lord Jesus and bring reproach            God’s way of worship, using man’s
Matthew 12:32. B. H. Carroll said,          God forgave David in that he was not          upon His cause, the Lord chastens            ideas and means.
“This is the author’s answer to the         required to die for his sins, but the         them to death. I Corinthians 9:27 de-           In Numbers 16:1-3 God destroyed
question raised. It means that no re-       sword never departed from his house.          clares: “But I keep under my body,           Korah, Dathan, and Abiram for fight-
generate man sinneth in a way, or to           When a brother is guilty of a sin          and bring it into subjection: lest           ing or going against God’s appointed
the extent, that his eternal life is dis-   that requires the death penalty, we are       that by any means, when I have               leader.
turbed. He sinneth not unto death”          not instructed to pray that he escape.        preached to others, I myself should             In I Samuel 28 it tells us King Saul
(An Interpretation of the English Bible).   We can pray for his repentance. We            be a castaway.” A castaway is not            died for seeking advise from a witch
    I do not believe that I John 5:16 is    can pray for God to be merciful, but          someone who loses their salvation,           which God had forbidden His people
speaking of the unpardonable sin.           if he has sinned a sin unto death it is       but one whose testimony is no longer         to do.
One who is guilty of committing the         necessary that he pay the penalty.            useful. They are set on a shelf by the          In the New Testament in Acts 5:1-
unpardonable sin can never be for-          Capital punishment is a Bible doc-            Lord, so to speak. The way to prevent        10 Ananias and Sapphira died be-
given, neither in this world nor in the     trine.                                        being a castaway and committing the          cause they played the hypocrite and
world to come. A child of God could                             DAVID O’NEAL              sin unto death is to live a life of self-    lied to the Holy Spirit.
never be guilty of committing this sin,                                                   denial, putting to death self-will in           In I Corinthians 3:17 it tells us that
for it would contradict every Scripture                               Tom Ross            order to consecrate yourself wholly to       those who defile the Lord’s church
that teaches the eternal security of the                           6339 County Rd. 15     the glory of God.                            him God will destroy.
believer.                                                           South Point, OH                                 TOM ROSS              I Corinthians 5:1-5 shows us a man
    In I John 5:14-16, we are told that                                  45680
                                                                                                                                       guilty of adultery and God said for the
if we pray according to His will, He                                     Pastor                                                        church to exclude him that his sinful
will hear us and grant our petitions.                               Mount Pleasant                                                     flesh be destroyed and his soul saved.
In verse 16, we are instructed to pray                               Baptist Church                             Garner Smith              In I Corinthians 11:30 Paul said as
                                                                   6939 County Rd. 15                             113 Keith Drive
for a brother who has sinned. The                                                                              Clarksville, TN 37043   a result of some taking the Lord’s Sup-
                                                                    Chesapeake, OH
term “brother” is used by the apostle                                    45619                                                         per in the wrong manner some were
to refer to one who is born of the same                                                                                Pastor          sick and some had died.
parents (I John 3:12), but we find that        “If any man see his brother sin                                 Faith Baptist Church       There are other scriptures that re-
                                                                                                                2590 Madison Ext.
it is more often used to refer to a fel-    a sin which is not unto death, he                                  Clarksville, TN 37043   fer to the death of some that were
low believer, a brother in Christ. The      shall ask, and he shall give him                                                           guilty of different sins. I do not be-
apostle states that we should pray for      life for them that sin not unto                                                            lieve that there is one specific identi-
a brother that has committed a sin not      death. There is a sin unto death: I              Death here in this verse is having        fied sin that brings immediate death,
unto death and God will give him life,      do not say that he shall pray for             reference to physical death. The scrip-      but it has to do with the guilty ones
but that there is a sin unto death and      it” (I John 5:16).                            ture is referring to believers who have      attitude and response to God’s deal-
we should not pray for one who has             Since this is the only place where         eternal life; therefore, death here does     ing with them in a specific way. It is
committed this sin that they might be       the sin unto death is specifically men-       not mean a believer can lose their sal-      not the unpardonable sin, but one by
delivered from the penalty of death.        tioned in Scripture it is difficult to pin-   vation or spiritual life, but he will die    the determination of God who an-
First, our prayers could never be the       point exactly what it is. Speaking in         physically.                                  swers to no man and who owes no
reason that someone is given eternal        general terms, I believe that the sin            I do not believe that there is one        explanation results in death.
life regardless of what sin they may        unto death follows a course of defiant        particular sin that if any believer com-        We do not know when a believer
or may not have committed. Sec-             rebellion on the part of a believer. Lot      mits he will die, but it could be differ-    has committed such a sin, but we can
ondly, a brother in Christ can never        and Samson are both examples of               ent sins that different believers may        with reasonable observation see that
sin in such a way that he would lose        believers who followed a course of            commit that God says will bring forth        it could be possible for anyone to
his salvation and once again be dead        rebellion against the Lord that ulti-         death to that particular individual.         commit such a sin in rebellion to God.
in trespasses and sins.                     mately resulted in shame and infamy.             We have several examples in the              We must never pray contrary to
    There are laws of punitive justice      They were so self-willed and bent on          Bible of some that committed differ-         God’s will. When a believer deliber-
which must be executed for the com-         fulfilling their fleshly lusts that their     ent sins yet were guilty of committing       ately sins and refuses to repent to God
mon good of all mankind. Abimelech          behavior led to their death. Lot died         the sin unto death, according to God’s       and make things right with the Lord’s
was told by God to restore Sarah to         in infamy, forever to be identified as        standard. God is the only one who            church we should not pray that God
Abraham “. . .and he shall pray for         the epitome of a worldly Christian.           determines what the sin is for each          would bless him in spite of his sins,
thee, and thou shalt live: and if           Samson died after he had been de-             individual and why it is a sin unto          but that God’s will be done in that
thou restore her not, know thou             ceived by the harlot Delilah, then was        death for that individual and no one                            Continued on page 252
January 5, 2000                                                   THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                       Page 251
                                                                                                                                     1:5; I Tim. 2:7; Acts 14:23—apostles
                                                           The                                                                       and elders, Mark 3:14; John 15:16).
                                                                                                                                     We do not ever read where deacons
                     Berea Baptist Banner Forum                                                                                      were ordained who never served as
                                              Submit questions on any Bible topic                                                        I suppose the idea of ordaining
  The Berea Baptist Banner                           PO Box 39                            Mantachie, Mississippi 38855               deacons came about because the Bible
                                                                                                                                     refers to two offices in a New Testa-
When a church calls a deacon, is it essential for him to be ordained? Please give Scripture to explain why. -- West Virginia         ment Church, the office of a bishop
                                                                                                                                     (I Tim. 3:1) and the office of a dea-
                     David O'Neal          whole multitude: and they chose               and means “to wait on, minister to,         con (I Tim. 3:10). There is no indica-
                      2750 South 53rd      Stephen, a man full of faith and              an attendant, or servant.”                  tion that a formal ordination service
                         West Ave          of the Holy Ghost, and Philip, and                In Acts 6:1-6 we read where the         was held for deacons without one be-
                      Tulsa, OK 74107
                                           Prochorus, and Nicanor, and                   apostle recommended to the church           lieves that the laying on of hands by
                           Pastor          Timon, and Parmenas, and Nicho-               to select seven men to take care of the     the apostles upon the seven who were
                     Grace Missionary      las a proselyte of Antioch: Whom              problems with the widows etc.               selected by the church to be their
                      Baptist Church       they set before the apostles: and             Though they are not called deacons          helpers would constitute such. How-
                      2750 South 53rd
                         West Ave          when they had prayed, they laid               here in the Scripture, we refer to them     ever, it should be pointed out that not
                      Tulsa, OK 74107      their hands on them” (Acts 6:5-6).            as deacons because they were to serve       all Bible scholars are in agreement
                                               This is the first mention in the New      the church in this matter and attend        that the seven men selected by the
   The office of a deacon is a very        Testament of the office of the deacon.        to or minister to this problem hence        church in Acts 6 were ever called dea-
important office of the church. It is      It is obvious from the context that the       a deacon or servant.                        cons.
the deacon’s responsibility to look af-    elders of the Jerusalem church or-                I believe the laying on of the hands        No doubt many things practiced by
ter those of the church that have a        dained seven men who had been se-             of these men simply meant they were         churches come more from tradition
need, such as the poor and widows,         lected by the church to fulfill the of-       appointed and approved by the               than from a clear mandate in the
and to take care of the temporal af-       fice of the deacon. The requirements          church and apostles. This is all ordi-      Word of God. In saying this I do not
fairs of the church (Acts 6:1-6). They     for the office of the deacon are listed       nation had ever meant. Ordination           mean to censure churches which or-
were first chosen to take over this        along with the qualifications for a Pas-      does not give certain powers or au-         dain deacons, for while I cannot give
physical burden of the church so the       tor in I Timothy 3. Both the office of        thority not already given by God.           a scripture which demands it, I can-
pastors could be free to give them-        the Pastor/Elder and that of the dea-         Ordination simply shows that the            not offer a verse which would prohibit
selves continually to prayer and to the    con require ordination for the follow-        church believes that certain ones have      it.
ministry of the Word.                      ing reasons:                                  demonstrated God given abilities to                            JIMMIE B. DAVIS
   The Greek word cheirotoneo that is          First, the very first time the office     carry on certain services in the church.
translated “ordained” is found in Acts     of a deacon is mentioned in Scripture             I do not believe one selected for
14:23, where it speaks of ordaining        they were ordained by the elders of           any position in the church has to be         ANNOUNCEMENTS
elders, in II Timothy 4:22(scrp.),         the church at Jerusalem. A Scriptural         ordained in the sense that they are
where Timotheus is said to be or-          pattern is set forth. If the first New        more special than anyone else but              Elder Marion G. Lawson of
dained the first bishop of the church      Testament Baptist church saw the              only that they meet the requirements        Jonesboro, Ga., departed this life on
of Ephesians; and in Titus 3:15, where     need for the ordination of deacons,           for a certain position.                     Dec. 10, 1999. Bro. Lawson, who was
Titus is said to be ordained the first     then there is no reason for Baptists              There is certainly nothing wrong with   68 at the time of his death, was pastor
bishop of the church of the Cretians.      from that time forward to depart from         ordaining qualified men for deacons,        of Sovereign Grace Assembly in
It is also used in II Corinthians 8:19,    the pattern that was established. Sec-        but I know of no Scripture that requires    Jonesboro, Ga. He leaves his wife
where it speaks of a brother who was       ond, ordination signifies the authori-        one to be ordained to serve the church.     Mandi, and two sons, Grant and
“chosen” by the churches to travel         zation by the church to fulfill a spe-        I believe this should be left to the dis-   Bryon. Other pastorates were in Ar-
with Paul. The word is defined as, “to     cific office, whether it be that of Pas-      cretion of the local church.                kansas, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas,
vote by stretching out the hand; to        tor or deacon. Third, ordination sig-             Our church does not have deacons        Oklahoma, and Oregon.
create or appoint by vote: one to have     nifies that the local church recognizes       because we at the present do not see                        ******
charge of some office or duty; to elect,   that the man appointed to the office          the need for them. We have trustees to         On Jan. 8, 2000, the Memorial
create, appoint” (Strong). When a          of the deacon is qualified to fulfill the     fill the necessity of legal matters, and    Heights Baptist Church of Perry,
church calls someone to be a deacon        office. Fourth, ordination is the             they also take care of other matters the    Georgia, and Pastor Gordon
by vote of the church they have in         church’s stamp of approval on the             church may call on them to do.              Buchanan will organize their mission
reality already ordained him. In Acts      man appointed to office. Fifth, there             I know of no Scripture that com-        in LaCross, Ga., into a New Testament
6:6 after the church had chosen the        is no record in Scripture of someone          mands a church to have deacons in           Baptist Church. The mission presently
first deacons, they set them before the    being selected and appointed to the           the sense of Acts 6:1-6 refers to, nor      has 16 members and about 30 in at-
apostles; and they were set apart for      office of deacon without ordination,          that they should go through some for-       tendance.
the office by prayer and the laying on     whereas there is a specific reference         mal ritual that would qualify them to
of hands. The church had chosen            where deacons were appointed and              serve the church other than by the
these men to the office of a deacon,       ordained by the authority of the              approval of the local congregation.                           h
and the apostles formally set them         church.                                                            GARNER SMITH
apart to the work of that office.
                     DAVID O’NEAL
                                                                       TOM ROSS                                                             ri f lo
                                                                                                                                           T a lo B o d
                                                                                                              Jimmie B. Davis                     vdo etrs
                                                                                                                                                 (ie lcue)
                        Tom Ross                                                                                309 Carroll Road
                     6339 County Rd. 15                           Garner Smith                                  Fulton, MS 38843              y ibr okel
                                                                                                                                             b M l u nC c r l
                                                                    113 Keith Drive
                      South Point, OH
                           45680                                 Clarksville, TN 37043                                Pastor                       $59.95
                                                                                                                Sovereign Grace
                                                                         Pastor                                  Baptist Church          hs r i etrs n h itr
                                                                                                                                        T e ea es xl c u e o t eh s o y
                                                                 Faith Baptist Church                            100 James Street       f h atss n he ie a-
                                                                                                                                       o t eB p i t ,o t r ev d oc s
                      Mount Pleasant
                                                                  2590 Madison Ext.                             Fulton, MS 38843
                       Baptist Church                                                                                                   ets hpe otg ad roiy
                                                                                                                                       s t e .S i p dp s a ep i p i r t
                     6939 County Rd. 15                          Clarksville, TN 37043
                      Chesapeake, OH                                                                                                    hpig o o y h ot fie r
                                                                                                                                       s i p n t y ub t ep s o f c .O -
                                                                                           In the New Testament we read of
                                             The title deacon means a servant.           the ordaining of Elders (preachers)            e rm u oktr.
                                                                                                                                       d rf o o rb o s o e
  “And the saying pleased the              The Greek word for deacon is diakonos         who are to serve in the church (Titus
Page 252                                                          THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                               January 5, 2000
                                           their own understanding of the Word           tently its own table; they hold that       when to pray for a brother who sins,
Consistent Strict                          of God. They ask Baptists to affirm
                                           what they never believe, to practice
                                                                                         baptism must precede communion;
                                                                                         that immersion only is baptism, and
                                                                                                                                    and when not to pray for him?
                                                                                                                                        Since the Holy Spirit did not men-
Continued from page 249                    what they never preach, and to sur-           therefore immersion at the door of the     tion, or cause John to mention a spe-
regulated churches and a practical re-     render their own convictions to be            church is a prerequisite to commun-        cific sin, much speculation has arisen.
nunciation of the principle common         ruled over by the convictions of their        ion within the church. Holding these       Commentaries on the Bible give an-
to them all, that baptism is an essen-     neighbors, not a single one of which          things, they hold them consistently        swers that are widely diverse, and
tial prerequisite to communion. Ev-        they have to do themselves. In all            throughout.                                oftentimes very confusing. Since the
ery church which recognizes its sec-       frankness and brotherly kindness,                 The two ordinances are two wit-        sin unto death is not specifically iden-
tion of the Lord’s table as a sacred       without a word of harshness, let it be        nesses. They corroborate each other.       tified it is my opinion that whatever
trust to be carefully guarded, yet         pointed out that this is very unfair to-      After the first one—immersion—has          we give in answer must be received
throws it open to the miscellaneous        ward the Baptists.                            borne its faithful testimony, they         as a personal view.
professing Christian public; which             6. (b) English Baptists,—With a few       refuse to allow the second one to put          During the early days of my minis-
has a baptism which it regards as the      in America called Free Baptists, they         it to an open shame by neutralizing        try I knew a preacher who said that
proper doorway to the visible church,      yield to this pressure and fall in with       its testimony, in order to propitiate      the passage meant that Christ would
and to the Lord’s communion ser-           the policy marked out for them. They          men. It is not a question of a little      not pray for those who sin unto death.
vice; which has a standard of baptism      teach that immersion only is baptism;         water any more than the offense for        He said the phrase, “I do not say that
which it is perpetually setting aside      but in practical working they accept          which Adam was driven out of Eden          he shall pray for it,” referred to
to please outsiders; which demands         as baptism that which they declare to         was a question about a little apple. It    Christ. However, I found it to be very
that its own converts shall come in        be no baptism. If any one of their own        is a question of obedience. Close com-     difficult to connect the pronoun “he”
through the only door recognized by        children should be converted they will        munion, with American Baptists, is a       to Christ in light of the phrase “If any
them, but which deliberately breaks        insist on his immersion before he             denial of the right of men to change       man see his brother sin. . .”, etc.
down its own walls at the call of tran-    comes to the Lord’s table; but if an          laws and customs in the church of              Some have suggested that “a sin
sient and passing strangers in order       unknown stranger comes along who              Christ; it is an affirmation of Christ’s   unto death” has reference to our sin
that they may come in without regard       has not been immersed, but only               exclusive headship; it is a refusal to     in our federal head, Adam. Thus, no
to the door; which claims to be the        poured or sprinkled, they will allow          admit that once an error is commit-        need to pray for the removal of the
exclusive judge of qualifications req-     him to come without proper baptism.           ted it then becomes a right; it is the     sentence of physical death. But it
uisite for its own ordinances, but         Their own converts must go through            continuation of a refusal to admit that    seems to me that this interpretation is
which surrenders its right of judg-        the regular door, but other people’s          pouring and sprinkling are New Tes-        a stretching of the point. The distinc-
ment to its neighbors who, it asserts,     converts may climb over the wall, or          tament baptism; it is a protest against    tion between a sin not unto death and
are mistaken on the whole question         rather, have the wall pulled down to          the legitimacy of usages received from     a sin unto death, in my view, would
of baptism—every church that does          make it easy for them to get in over it.      the Church of Rome.                        not permit such an exegesis.
these things is an open, and a very        If some new-made Christian desiring                                                          It is my personal view that any will-
open, and a very free communion            to commune with them should say he                                                       ful sin which a brother continues to
                                           dislikes immersion, but is willing to                                                    engage in, while knowing better,
church, no matter where it is found.
    In their relations to each other on    accept pouring or sprinkling at their
                                                                                         Forum 1                                    would constitute a sin unto death. I
the subject of close and open com-         hands, they will refuse, telling him that     Continued from page 250                    have seen individuals who have en-
munion the various denominations           pouring and sprinkling are not bap-           person’s life or death.                    tered into a conspiracy to do some-
may be divided into three classes:         tism. If he should go away to a church           I came to this conviction many          thing in one of the Lord’s churches
    5. (a) Other denominations than Bap-   of another denomination and be                years ago. While pastoring, I found        unscripturally, (knowing it to be
tists.—Among themselves they have          sprinkled or poured, he could come            people wanting me to pray for them         unscriptural) die suddenly, some of
no trouble about open and close            back the next Sunday and they would           to be healed or be blessed of the Lord     them at an unusually early age. In Acts
communion. The reason is that they         receive him on the strength of a bap-         when they were unwilling to confess        5:1-10 we have the record of the con-
have no difference on baptism. They        tism which the Sunday before they had         their sins and repent of them still in     spiracy Ananias and Sapphira entered
all believe in immersion, pouring,         pronounced no baptism at all. Thus            rebellion to God. To me this was pray-     into and how it resulted in their sud-
and sprinkling. So they all agree upon     this practice tends to self-stultification.   ing contrary to the will of God ( James    den departure from this world. They
the same door, or rather the same          They preach one thing and have to             5:13-20). I believe we should pray for     found out, too late, that it is not wise
three doors. They can invite each          practice another. They say they have          other believers when we see them           to lie to the Holy Spirit!
other, for they have all passed            a door, and yet allow that practically        going astray before they may commit                           JIMMIE B. DAVIS
through pouring or sprinkling, both        it is no door. They have a standard,          the sin unto death and not pray for
recognized doors among them, and           but an actual working, it is not a stan-      God to overlook their stubborn rebel-
they can invite Baptists because they
have passed in through immersion,
                                           dard. They put forward immersion as
                                           a witness, and yet they themselves con-
                                                                                         lious spirit and bless in spite of their
the original door of all, opened by        tradict the testimony of that witness.                           GARNER SMITH
John and used by Christ and His            They declare that though immersion                                                       COOLIDGE ON NEEDS
apostles, and thousands and thou-          is the only baptism, yet as soon as the                                                     We do not need more material de-
sands of others, generations and gen-      others are performed they will answer                              Jimmie B. Davis       velopment; we need more spiritual
                                           the purpose just as well. They let it be                            309 Carroll Road     development.
erations before the other two doors                                                                            Fulton, MS 38843
were ever heard of or dreamed of.          understood that though there is only                                                        We do not need more intellectual
When they invite the passing stranger      one door into the church, yet there are                                   Pastor         power; we need more moral power.
they know pretty surely that he has        two other doors to the Lord’s table                                 Sovereign Grace         We do not need more knowledge;
                                           inside of the church. And so the sub-                                Baptist Church      we need more character.
come in through a door they recog-                                                                              100 James Street
nize, and so they do no violence to        ject might be continued. In a word,                                 Fulton, MS 38843
                                                                                                                                       We do not need more government;
their own convictions and bring no         there is not another church in all En-                                                   we need more culture.
suspicions on their own fidelity.          gland that will do what it is expected                                                      We do not need more law; we need
    But when they come to speak            an English Baptist church will do, and           Two facts are set before us in I John   more religion.
about Baptists they feel hurt because      what it does do on a basis of so-called       5:16-17. (1) There is a sin not unto          We do not need more of the things
they do not do what they themselves        liberality.                                   death. (2) There is a sin unto death.      that are seen; we need more of the
never do—dishonor their own stan-              (c) American Baptists.—They maintain      The two questions that we have for         things that are unseen.
dards; to affix a stigma on their own      that the Communion is a church ordi-          the Forum writers have been on the                   —President Calvin Collidge
gateway; to break down their own           nance, and that each church is bound          minds of Bible students for centuries—          Quoted in the Washington Times,
protection walls, and go contrary to       to administer faithfully and consis-          What is the sin?—How do we know                                    May 13, 1994
January 5, 2000                                                               THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                                 Page 253
                                                                                                       no more than a godless liberalism. There       running mate.
                                                                                                       is no true morality outside of Christ and          George W. Bush has said he will ap-
                                                                                                       the Bible.                                     point pro-abortion judges to the Supreme
                                                                                                        GLEANINGS HERE AND THERE                      Court (Adapted from various press reports
                                                                                                           “I have come to the conviction that        by MRC).
                                                                                                       Martin Luther made a mistake. He should                            ******
                                                                                                       have never left the Roman Catholic                 When postmaster General Marvin T.
                                                                                                       Church. I am eradicating the word Prot-        Runyon left, the U.S. Postal Service threw
   Readers of the BBB are urged to submit religious news items which they may read in their local
paper or some other publication. In sending these please give the name of the publication as well as   estant out of my vocabulary. I am not pro-     two farewell parties in his honor. The first,
the date it was printed. We will not be able to print all which are submitted, but we welcome any      testing anything. It is time for Catholics     an invitation—only featured a band, cock-
item you may feel we should read. Send them to The Berea Baptist Banner, PO Box 39, Mantachie,         and non-Catholics to come together as          tails and dinner with two entrees and
MS 38855-0039.                                                                                         one in the Spirit and one in the Lord” (Paul   wine. The second was an intimate recep-
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ                                                                        Crouch, Trinity Broadcasting Network,          tion for law-makers on Capitol Hill. Their
    MORALS WITHOUT CHRIST                          God and the Bible. This ignores that man            “Praise the Lord,” Oct. 17, 1989).             cost: $82,508.09.
          By Milburn Cockrell                      is a totally depraved sinner who cannot                                ******                          About 900,000 traveling federal bu-
    Some of us are still getting over the          live righteously with the new nature im-                “Some well-meaning Christians are          reaucrats charge over $2.5 billion annu-
shock of learning that George Roche III,           parted to him by the Holy Spirit. No                once again trying to convert the Jews. The     ally on their government-issued credit
president of Hillsdale College in Michi-           amount of disciplined education, politi-            problem with this is at least twofold: Jews    cards.
gan, reportedly carried on an affair with          cal programming, or congressional fund-             don’t want to be converted to Christian-           The $16.3 billion “Clinton stimulus
his daughter-in-law Lissa, who recently            ing can cause man to persevere in holy              ity, and the Scriptures state clearly that     package” included such projects as a $2.7
died of what police describe as a self-in-         living. Only born-again saints persevere            Jews don’t need converting. They are al-       million movie theater in Ohio and a $5.3
flicted shooting. Lissa Roche was editor           in Godly living ( Job 17:9; Prov. 4:18;             ready ‘the people of God’” (Michael S.         million baseball and soccer park in Ar-
of Imprimis, the school magazine which             Ezek. 36:26-27; I John 2:29).                       Usey, pastor College Park Baptist Church,      kansas (Straight Talk, 10-7-99).
in recent years became an important                    Two politicians who made this same              Greensboro, NC, printed in New & Record,                           ******
mouthpiece for a neo-conservative move-            blunder are Newt Gingrich and Kirk                  10-16-99).                                         Wake Forest University in Winston-
ment which strongly supported the luke-            Fordice (the present unworthy governor                                 ******                      Salem, N.C., officially opened its new di-
warm presidential campaigns of failed              of Mississippi). While talking often of es-             Some U.S. companies have found a           vinity school Oct. 12. “We are sorting out
candidates George Bush and Bob Dole.               pousing family values, Gingrich was em-             loophole in a federal law that prohibits the   identities in the midst of changing times,”
Before Lissa Roche’s apparent suicide, her         broiled in a nasty divorce case due to a            sale of body parts. They instead provide       said Bill Leonard, dean of the 24-student
father-in-law divorced his wife of 44 years        secret extra-marital affair. Fordice, who           whole or dismembered aborted fetuses to        divinity school. Rather than avoiding con-
and married another woman.                         often criticized Bill Clinton for his immo-         medical researchers in exchange for a “ser-    troversy, Leonard said a divinity school
    Following that shock, William Bennett          rality, has just divorced his wife of many          vice” fee. These companies lease “cutting      should provoke and challenge. The divin-
(author of The Book Of Virtues) resigned           years to marry his long-time mistress.              rooms” inside abortion clinics to chop,        ity school likely won’t have to look far for
from Hillsdale’s presidential search com-          Such men talk the talk, but they do not             freeze and ship fetal remains to doctors,      controversy. The inaugural class includes
mittee, claiming that the college refused          walk the walk.                                      academic institutions and pharmaceutical       19 women, one of whom is a lesbian.
to confess to the adultery allegations                 There is no morality outside of Jesus           companies (Human Events, 11-12-99).            Wake Forest has a non-discrimination
which biblically bordered on incest.               Christ and the Bible. Man’s spirit is dead                             ******                      policy that includes sexual orientation
    What is the real trouble at Hillsdale?         in trespasses and sins and must be made                 A Baptist pastor has added the Arizona     (Western Recorder, 10-26-99).
Friends of the college have for years              alive unto God. Make the heart right and            Southern Baptist Convention and one of                             ******
sensed an institutional moralistic bias            it will make the man right.                         its chief executives to his lawsuit against        Because the “persistence of traditional
combined with an anti-Christian bigotry.               Noah Webster (1758-1843), a states-             the troubled Baptist Foundation of Ari-        spiritual attitudes often encourages unre-
    Some years ago Charles Colson spoke            man, educator, lexicographer and the                zona. In an amended suit, Richard A.           alistic, escapist, otherworldly approaches
on the subject of ethics at one of                 author of Webster’s Dictionary, said con-           Kimsey added the state convention and          to social problems,” and because religions
Hillsdale’s national conferences. He took          cerning education: “Education is useless            Executive Director Steve Bass to the suit.     “too often defend archaic social institu-
Dostoevsky’s famous question. “Can man             without the Bible. . .The Bible was                 Kimsey contends the state convention had       tions,” the leaders of the Humanist move-
be good without God?,” as the title of his         America’s basic text book in all fields. .          been assisting the foundation in persuad-      ment has issued a new Humanist Manifesto.
lecture. He argued that man cannot be              .God’s Word, contained in the Bible, has            ing pastors and others to invest with the      The Humanist Manifesto 2000, as it is called,
good without God, that the human will is           furnished all necessary rules to direct our         foundation. In a related development,          is an addition to the previous Humanist
rebellious, and that only the power of             conduct” (Letter from Plymouth Rock).               James Cook, a member of the foundation         Manifestos of 1933 and 1973 respectively,
God’s Spirit can enable us to live a moral             In 1823, he wrote in this textbook: “It         board of directors from 1991-97, filed suit    which unblushingly evangelized on behalf
and righteous life.                                is alleged by men of loose principles, or           against BFA, alleging breach of contract       of situational ethics and globalism. The
    Some days later Lissa Roche called             defective views of the subject, that reli-          and unjust enrichment (Western Recorder,       new document, according to the Washing-
Colson, saying George Roche wanted to              gion and morality are not necessary or              10-5-99).                                      ton Times, “proposes a world parliament
publish the address in a school periodi-           important qualifications for political sta-                            ******                      as a democratic parallel to the United
cal. When Colson received the edited               tions. But the Scriptures teach a different             Senator John McCain of Arizona, one        Nations, and global councils to address
version of his speech, he was dismayed             doctrine. They direct that rulers should            of the leading candidates for the Republi-     ecological concerns, income distribution
to find that all references to Jesus had been      be men who rule in the fear of God, able            can presidential nomination, has contin-       and education about birth control” (The
eliminated. He called Lissa to protest and         men, such as fear God, men of truth, hat-           ued to distance himself from the pro-life      New American, 11-8-99).
she told him that it was their policy not to       ing covetousness.”                                  movement in recent weeks, both in the                              ******
use the Lord’s name in any of their publi-             In his History of the United States he          Senate and on the campaign trail.                  Organized crime now earns $1 trillion
cations. Colson responded by saying,               wrote: “The moral principles and pre-                   It seems Pat Buchanan will leave the       globally annually. Half of that is gener-
“Then forget about publishing the                  cepts contained in the Scriptures ought             pro-life Republican Party for the Re-          ated in the U.S. (Straight Talk, 11-4-99).
speech.”                                           to form the basis of all of our civil consti-       formed Party, which has no position on                             ******
    After lengthy negotiations, George             tutions and laws. . . .All the miseries and         abortion at all but whose most recogniz-           While politicians are busy telling you
Roche agreed to let Colson make two ref-           evils which men suffer from vice, crime,            able leaders—founder and 1992/1996             what a gigantic “surplus” we have, here
erences to Jesus Christ. Colson’s speech           ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery            presidential nominee Ross Perot and Min-       are the cold, hard facts: When the federal
turned out to be prophetic of the above            and war, proceed from their despising or            nesota Gov. Jesse Ventura—are pro-abor-        government’s fiscal year 1999 ended on
tragedy.                                           neglecting the precepts contained in the            tion. Pat told USA Today that should he get    September 30th, America was $130 bil-
    George Roche is guilty of the same             Bible.”                                             the party’s nomination he would not rule       lion further in debt than one year earlier.
blunder of many educators and politi-                  We have come a long way down the                out Pat Choate, the Reform Party’s pro-        The total national debt is now approach-
cians. These people foolishly think you            road of immorality since the days of Noah           abortion vice chairman and Ross Perot’s        ing $5.7 trillion. The interest expense on
can create strong moral values without             Webster. A godless conservatism is worth            1996 running mate, as his (Buchanan’s)                               Continued on page 254
Page 254                                                                THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                     January 5, 2000
                                                (Human Events, 11-5-99).                       with $20 billion in the IMF loans gone        sade against airbags by the liberals? I
Bible & the Newspaper                                             ******
                                                    AMERICAN SERFS: The Census
                                                                                               unaccounted for since 1992, Cox says.
                                                                                               The Russian Mafia has organizations to
                                                                                                                                             guess the answer is simple. Airbags can’t
                                                                                                                                             stop oppressive dictators while guns can.
Continued from page 253                         Bureau reports that two-earner families in     funnel massive amounts of money                                  ******
the debt for fiscal 1999 was more than          the United States in 1998 earned a me-         through foreign banks (ibid.).                    “You wouldn’t have to be getting what’s
$353 billion—gobbling up 40 million tax         dian income of $57,388. Of that income,                            ******                    yours from government, if government
dollars an hour. If your congressman or         39%, or about $22,381, was paid in all             The shooters in Colorado also had         hadn’t taken from you what was yours”
senators are part of the bogus surplus          forms of taxes to local, state and federal     bombs made of propane. Should we out-         (Tom Anderson, 11-11-99).
crowd, ask them how we can have a sur-          governments—the largest chunk going to         law propane? Or gasoline? It makes                               ******
plus if the national debt is growing by         Uncle Sam in the form of income and            Molotov cocktails and napalm.                     A restructuring plan for the troubled
$130 billion a year—then step back quickly      Social Security taxes. If Mom and Dad              What’s this about China trade is good     Baptist Foundation of Arizona includes
so you aren’t injured by the buzz-saw           make exactly the same pay—$28,694              for the U.S.? The U.S. sells $14 billion to   filing for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reor-
flurry of frantic tap dancing (The New          each—that means that the job of the sec-       them and buys $71 billion from them.          ganization. Under the plan, more than
American, 11-22-99).                            ond working parent netted the family a         They need the West; the West doesn’t          13,000 investors can choose options of 20
                    ******                      piddling $6,313 after taxes (much of which     need them. Stop China trade and save $57      cents on the dollar of their investments
    On November 8th, Darryl E. Gray, a          was immediately absorbed by child-care         billion a year. . . .                         or shares in a soon-to-be-created for-profit
35-year-old janitor from Albany, New            costs). If one parent earned 61% of the            Americans gamble $600 billion a year      company. The embattled BFA, an agency
York, was charged with two counts of sec-       family income, and the other parent            on lotteries, casinos, horse racing, and      of the Arizona Southern Baptist Conven-
ond-degree aggravated harassment for            earned 39% of the family income, the sec-      bingo, more than they spend on grocer-        tion, held more than $500 million in in-
leaving “hate notes signed by the Ku Klux       ond parent’s job netted the family exactly     ies (Straight Talk, 10-14-99).                vestment products. Upon successful
Klan on the doors of two black lawmak-          nothing after taxes (and less than nothing                         ******                    completion of the restructuring, BFA will
ers,” reported the AP. If convicted, the        after child-care costs). All that the second       Few Americans might have thought          no longer exist. Instead, a new nonprofit
janitor faces two years in prison. The notes    working parent could do was compensate         that having schoolchildren recite part of     Baptist charitable organization will be es-
were found on November 3rd by state             the family for money paid in taxes by the      the Declaration of Independence, along        tablished (Western Recorder, 11-16-99).
Senator Velmanette Montgomery and               first working parent (ibid.,).                 with the Pledge of Allegiance, each morn-                        ******
Assemblywoman Vivian Cook. The notes                              ******                       ing would not generate tremendous con-            “Today a Baptist church is one of the
included such phrases as, “Kill all n——s                                                       troversy. But in New Jersey, it has. The      easiest things to get into and the hardest
because they don’t belong here.” The                                                           offending passage: “We hold these truths      to get out of. Maybe just the reverse ought
notes were signed, “Yours truly KKK.”                                                          to be self-evident, that all men are cre-     to be so” (C. R. Daley, SBC journalist,
Gray, who claimed to have found the                                                            ated equal, that they are endowed by their    1918-1999).
notes on the third floor offices, admitted                                                     Creator with certain inalienable rights,                         ******
to police that he had actually typed them.                                                     that among these are life, liberty, and the       Guns are used more frequently in the
“Police did not know of a motive,” con-                                                        pursuit of happiness—That to secure these     U.S. by law-abiding citizens to deter
cludes the AP report. The search for a                                                         rights, governments are instituted among      crimes than by criminals to commit
motive is complicated by the fact that Mr.                                                     men, deriving their just powers from the      crimes. Defensive uses of firearms by citi-
Gray is black” (The New American, 12-20-                                                       consent of the governed.” “Incorporating      zens total 2 to 2.5 million times per year
99).                                                                                           the Declaration of Independence into stu-     and between 25 to 75 lives are saved by a
                    ******                                                                     dents daily routines will only benefit them   gun for every life lost to a gun (The New
    I am a strong believer in prayer. There                                                    and society,” said Rabbi Daniel Lapin,        American, 11-22-99).
are three ways that men get what they                                                          president of Toward Tradition. “Opposi-                          ******
want: by planning, by working, and by                                                          tion to the Declaration of Independence           A 1960s American Tract Society’s pam-
praying. Any great military operation              IGNORED IN ARKANSAS: The                    predictably comes from those who wish         phlet, I’ve Made My Choice (good
takes careful planning. . . .But between        media have devoted an enormous amount          to portray this country as an anti-God es-    arminianism - MRC) was by NY Kick star
the plan and the operation there is always      of time to the certainly terrible murder in    tablishment. They want students to think      Bill Bradley. He wrote of giving his life to
the unknown. . . .Some people call that         Texas of homosexual Matthew Sheppard,          that their rights are guaranteed to them      Christ and was active in the Fellowship
getting the breaks: I call it God (General      particularly in connection with the recent     by government bureaucrats, not their          of Christian Athletes. He now disavows
George S. Patton).                              debate on hate-crimes legislation. Almost      Creator” (Human Events, 11-19-99).            his Christian beliefs and is running for
                    ******                      ignored has been the sodomization and                              ******                    president. He still considers himself a Pres-
    On Friday, December 3, 1999,                killing of a 13-year-old boy in Arkansas           An Indiana church has dropped ties        byterian, but has a more liberal creed
Edmond Safra, once the world’s richest          by two homosexual men on September             with the Southern Baptist Convention,         (World, 10-30-99). Per Investor’s Business
man, was killed in a horrifying attack by       26. The boy worked part-time with one          anticipating censure by the state conven-     Daily, he says he “now embraces all reli-
two knife-wielding, hooded intruders in         of the men at a hairdressing salon. Police     tion for having a woman as pastor. In a       gions” from Buddhism to Islam, if they
his Riviera Penthouse in Monte Carlo,           charge that the men bound Jesse                similar dispute, a church in Savannah,        seek “inner peace.” Chuck Colson says he
Monaco. He was believed to control more         Dirkhising to a mattress in their apartment    Ga., has been kicked out of its local asso-   “has either renounced his faith entirely,
than $2.5 billion. Some person may ask,         and sodomized him. The boy choked to           ciation. University Baptist Church in         or he has decided for political reasons to
“How much did he leave?” I would an-            death on his own underwear, which, po-         Bloomington, Ind., voted to withdraw          renounce it publicly” (Breakpoint Comm.
swer that he left it all. “For we brought       lice say, had been stuffed into his mouth      from the SBC and to align instead with        #91005, 10-5-99).
nothing into this world, and it is cer-         as a gag by one of the men, who had            the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. The                          ******
tain we can carry nothing out” (I Tim.          pleaded not guilty to murder charges.          Baptist State Convention of Baptists in           A Senator opposes tuition tax credits
6:7).                                           Apparently, since this is not a “hate crime”   Indiana was poised to consider a recom-       “because public education is the keystone
                    ******                      against an official victim group, the na-      mendation declaring the church                of our democratic government and it is
    TAX BREAK FOR THE RICH: Rep.                tional media do not care to report it (Hu-     unscriptural. In Georgia, Savannah Bap-       the duty of all individuals, whether par-
Patrick Kennedy (D.-R.I.), a member of          man Events, 10-29-99).                         tist Association voted 181-96 to dismiss      ents or not, to support it.” Demagoguery
that clan of rich folk that always has the                        ******                       Memorial Baptist Church for “practices        or ignorance? Or both? In the first place,
little people in his hearts, want a tax break      GORE & THE RUSSIAN MAFIA:                   contrary to the association” in calling a     this is not a democracy but a Republic.
for purchasers of yachts. His Building In-      The Clinton-Gore policy toward Russia          woman pastor (Western Recorder, 11-2-         Secondly, no government-operated
vestment Act would give a 20% tax credit        has supported a corrupt regime that is         99).                                          schools existed in America prior to 1819.
to buyers of yachts 50 feet or more in          hurting the Russian people and killing                             ******                    Most grade schools and high schools were
length—boats beyond the means of even           their chance to live under a democracy,            Since 1993, did you know that 99 chil-    church-run. Private schools have always
welfare queens. The credit would top out        says Rep. Chris Cox (R.-Calif.) in a new       dren have died in airbag deployments and      provided better education at less cost
at $2 million, so only the first $10 million    analysis of that Clinton-Gore policy. The      only 83 children have been murdered in        (Straight Talk, 1-18-99).
a buyer pays for a yacht would be eligible      Russian economic system is a kleptocracy       school shootings? Why is there no cru-                            Continued on page 255
January 5, 2000                                                        THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                                Page 255
                                               have volunteered to do that for nothing.       and the Anti-Christ at Armageddon, ac-          persona of a conservative, Bible-believ-
Bible & the Newspaper                             * $84,000 to study lawyers social ac-
                                                                                              cording to a survey conducted by Newsweek
                                                                                              magazine. The poll of 755 adults found that
                                                                                                                                              ing, mission-minded, concerned indi-
                                                                                                                                              vidual.” Liberals said the name has over-
Continued from page 254                           * $90,000 to study facial expressions.      40 percent of all Americans and 45 per-         tones of racism. The denomination
                    ******                     Whose? Doing what?                             cent of mainline Protestants and 18 per-        adopted the label “Southern” when it split
    Georgia Baptist messengers voted Nov.         * $1 billion to study global climate        cent of Catholics share this belief. About      with a larger Baptist group over the sla-
16 by a nearly 2,000 vote margin to re-        change.                                        45 percent of those who expect a final          very issue before the Civil War.
move two congregations from convention            * $1.9 billion to the State Dept. to help   battle believe that Jesus will return before                        ******
fellowship over the issue of homosexual-       them celebrate the Columbus Jubilee            they die.                                           WASH I NGTON, D.C. (E P)—The
ity. The votes on Oakhurst Baptist Church      (Straight Talk, 12-2-99).                                         ******                       Omni Hotel chain will no longer offer X-
in Decatur and Virginia-Highland Baptist                          ******                         NEW YORK, N.Y. (EP)—What kind of             rated films in its rooms. The new pro-fam-
Church of Atlanta followed a constitu-                                                                                          a legacy      ily policy will cost the 43-hotel chain $3
tional amendment approved by messen-                                                                                            will U.S.     million per year in revenues, plus an ad-
gers last year that states friendly coopera-                                                                                    President     ditional $3 million to equip its 9,100 guest
tion with the state convention excludes                                                                                         B i l l       rooms with new televisions. A spokesman
congregations that knowingly take action                                                                                        Clinton       for the chain said owner Robert Rowlings
“to affirm, approve, or endorse homo-                                                                                           leave be-     made the change because “he didn’t want
sexual behavior.” Both Oakhurst and Vir-                                                                                        hind? As      to profit from adult movies.” In-room por-
ginia-Highland churches have ordained                                                                                           t    h    e   nography in hotels was a $175 million in-
openly homosexual people as deacons,                                                                                            Clinton       dustry in 1996.
according to media accounts. Oakhurst                                                                                           era draws                         ******
also has a homosexual associate pastor,                                                                                         to a close        EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (EP)—The
while Virginia-Highland has allowed its                                                                                         his admin-    number of radio and television stations car-
facilities to be used for a marriage-like                                                                                       istration     rying Christian programming is at a record
same-sex blessing. The ballot totals were                                                                                       can      be   high, according to the National Religious
2,086 - 262 for removing Oakhurst from                                                                                          seen en-      Broadcasters (NRB). According to the
the convention and 2,111 - 228 for remov-                                                                                       gaging in a   group’s latest figures, there are 1,731 domes-
ing Virginia-Highland (Western Recorder,                                                                                        number of     tic and international AM, FM, and short-
11-23-99).                                                                                                                      “legacy       wave radio stations, up from 1,616 in 1998.
                    ******                                                                                                      building”     There are also 285 television stations broad-
    Despite Rep. Barney Frank’s (D.-Mass.)                                                                                      activities.   casting Christian programs, up from 242 in
denunciation of him as “1000% anti-gay,”                                                                                        But ac-       1998, but down from the record 346 in 1989.
Sen. John McCain (R.-Ariz.) is still mak-                                                                                       cording to    “People are searching for God,” said Brandt
ing the boldest effort of any Republican                                                                                        an on-line    Gustafson, NRB president.
presidential hopeful to cultivate homo-                                                                                         poll con-                         ******
sexual support. McCain has even met                                                                                             ducted by         ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (EP)—Bernice
with leaders of the Log Cabin Republi-                                                                                          the New       Edwards, former employee of the National
can Club, a group that supports homo-                                                                                           York Post,    Baptist Convention USA (NBC-USA), was
sexual causes (Human Events, 12-3-99).                                                                                          Clinton’s     sentenced to two years in jail for tax eva-
                    ******                                                                                                      place in      sion. Edwards, an associate of disgraced
    Why a new budget balancing law when                                                                                         history is    former NBC-USA President Henry Lyons,
the President and the Congress ignores                                                                                          secure—as     was also ordered to pay $190,000 to the IRS,
the law we already have? A 1979 law re-                                                                                         the sec-      serve three years of supervised release, and
quires that the President submit a bal-                                                                                         ond most      undergo mental health treatment. Edwards,
anced budget to the Congress each year.                                                                                         evil per-     42, could have received 10 years in prison
No recent President has presented a bal-                                                                                        son of all    and a $500,000 fine for failing to pay taxes
anced budget and the Congress doesn’t                                                                                           t i m e .     on $500,000 she received while working as
want them to. Big Brother demands that            LONDON, England (EP)—Ten people             Nearly 20,000 votes were recorded in the        a publicist for the denomination. She was a
we respect the laws of his land, no matter     were injured when a naked man entered          on-line poll, which was conducted from          co-defendant with Lyons on charges of steal-
how unfair. But he violates his own laws       St. Andrews Roman Catholic church in           September 30 to Nov. 1. Adolph Hitler was       ing millions of dollars from companies that
openly and repeatedly. “Do as I say, not       London and randomly slashed at mem-            the top vote-getter with 1,664 votes, or 8.67   were doing business with the African-
as I do” (Straight Talk, 11-25-99).            bers of the congregation with a sword.         percent of all votes cast. Although             American denomination.
                    ******                     Six of the people suffered from stab           Clinton’s name did not appear on the bal-                           ******
    Congress’ program of National deficit      wounds while four others were injured          lot, he ran a close second to Hitler as a           JERUSALEM, Israel (EP)—A new bill
spending finances such pork barrel             as people rushed for the exits during the      write-in candidate with 1,625 votes, or 8.47    being considered by the Israeli government
projects as:                                   attack. The most serious wounds were           percent of votes cast. Clinton’s wife,          could severely restrict missionary activity
    * $200,000 to study the mating habits      inflicted on a middle-aged man who lost        Hillary, placed sixth, trailing Josef Stalin,   within Israel. The bill calls for a minimum
of mink.                                       two fingers and suffered from several          Pol Pot and Dr. Josef Mengele. The              five-year prison sentence for anyone caught
    * $3.1 million for an unnecessary poul-    deep stab wounds in the neck. Men who          Clintons were the only write-in candidates      “soliciting or persuading another person,
try center in Arkansas.                        were attending the service managed to          to make the “Top 25 most Evil People of         even indirectly, to change his religion.” The
    * $250,000 to prevent wild pigs from       disarm the man wielding the three-foot-        the Millennium” list, and placed ahead of       sentence could be doubled to 10 years if
attacking exotic plants in Hawaii.             long sword and wrestled him to the             such evil figures as Saddam Hussein,            the conversion took place, if the person wit-
    * $100,000 for asparagus research.         ground. Police later arrested the 35-year-     Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer.              nessed to is a minor or impoverished per-
    * $25,000 to see how people would          old man, who lived in a neighborhood                              ******                       son, or if the missionary “used deception”
react to a picture of an octopus in a barn-    near the church. No motive for the at-            LOS ANGELES, Calif. (EP)—Southern            to coerce the person to convert. The law
yard.                                          tack was released. Priests from St.            Baptists in California have voted to keep       would also restrict religious advertising and
    * $31,000 to study the hearing ability     Andrews said the man had connections           their name. A proposal to drop the word         punish people who are in possession of such
of parakeets.                                  to the church.                                 “southern” fell six percent short of the two-   advertising.
    * $43,000 to study the taste preferences                     ******                       thirds majority needed for passage. Con-                            ******
of sheep.                                         NEW YORK, N.Y. (EP)—About half              servatives argued that the denomination’s           LONDON, England (EP)—New re-
    * $68,000 to study differences between     of all Americans believe the world will        name has a positive image. Pastor Wiley         search suggests that attendance at the
men and women. A lot of people would           end in a final battle between Jesus Christ     Drake said the name “brings to mind the                               Continued on page 259
Page 256                                                         THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                             January 5, 2000
                                                                                       God to return Romanian Baptists to        whatever they can to exert their in-
   Update Romania - Get Involved!                                                      worse religious bondage than they
                                                                                       endured before the 1989 revolution,
                                                                                                                                 fluence against this soon-to-be-de-
                                                                                                                                 bated law in the Romanian Parlia-
   By Curtis Pugh                                                      Romania         but let us pray earnestly that God’s      ment. Remind them that the most-
                                                                                       will be done in this matter. Surely we    favored nations trading status enjoyed
   Debate may begin at almost any          Church exist under this law where           can do that much for our own Broth-       by Romania at present could be re-
time on the proposed new law regu-         you live? Are 5% of the people will-        ers and Sisters in Christ!                voked and that this is one pressure the
lating religious groups in Romania.        ing to register as Baptists? In some        Secondly, you can WRITE LET-              U.S. government can bring to bear on
Romania law is a mixture of civil law      areas this might be possible, but even      TERS and send E-MAIL MES-                 Romania. Invest a little time and
mixed with communist theory pat-           in some parts of the United States, if      SAGES to the various leaders of the       postage on behalf of the religious free-
terned after the French system. Un-        such a law existed there, no Baptist        governments involved. The United          doms of your Brethren in Romania!
der cover of adding the word “Na-          Churches could be started.                  States government has much influ-         The President and Prime Minister of
tional” to the name of the Romanian           Article 16 states that each religious    ence with the government of Roma-         Romania should hear from us,
Orthodox Church are hidden several         denomination has the obligation to          nia. Certainly your Congressmen and       strongly opposing this legislation.
articles which would infringe on the       notify the local Mayor’s office about       Senators should be informed of your       Write to the President of Romania, as
freedoms of Romanians and others           any newly started church in his juris-      concerns. Tell them you oppose the        follows:
living within Romania. It is obvious       diction. Although this exists in the        upcoming Romanian legislation be-            His Excellency Emil Constantinescu,
that this proposed legislation sur-        present law, I am informed that it has      cause it denies people basic human           President of Romania,
passes in cruelty even the present law,    never been universally applied. The         rights. The Romanian Embassy in              Cotroceni Palace
which was passed under communism.          problem will come as to how this part       Washington, D.C. and the Romanian            Bulevardul Geniului nr. 1-3
When I first arrived in Romania, one       of the law is applied for it can be used    Consulate in Canada ought to hear            Bucharest, Romania
pastor told me that he feared the Or-      to stop the formation of new congre-        from us. The Romanian Ambassador          Write also to the Prime Minister of
thodox Church would oppose and             gations. In one instance already such       to the U.S. can be addressed as fol-      Romania:
persecute Baptists more than even the      an abuse of the law has taken place.        lows:                                        Mr. Radu Vasile,
Communists had done. We are see-           The local authority in Mizil refused           Embassy of Romania,                       Prime Minister of Romania
ing the kind of thing he was con-          to give a church a building permit in          ATTN: Ambassador Mircea Dan               Victoria Palace
cerned about coming to pass even           1999. Why? Because the town had                GEOANA,                                   Bucharest, Romania
now.                                       no Baptists registered in the 1992 cen-        1607 23rd Street N.W.,                 Tell them of the opposition of free-
   Romanian Baptists and other reli-       sus!                                           Washington, D.C. 20008.                dom-loving peoples in the west to this
gious groups oppose the name change           Article 23 states that one of the re-     Romania wants to join The North          proposed law. Tell them that legisla-
because giving the Romanian Ortho-         quirements necessary for a congrega-        Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).      tion needs to be passed which gives
dox Church status as the “National”        tion with their own doctrinal identity      Letters and e-mail messages of con-       unlimited freedom of religion to all
Church would imply that other              to establish a “religious cult” is that     cern to them might bring pressure to      religions. Whole Churches could
groups are foreign imports into Ro-        they must have at least 0.5% of the         bear on the Romanian Parliament.          write as individuals or sign one letter
mania and do not really, legally be-       TOTAL POPULATION OF THE                     Remember that this legislation is not     as a sort of petition. Bible study
long. But the addition of the word         COUNTRY! This provision is dis-             being proposed because it is right or     classes could do the same. Such a let-
“National” to the name of the Roma-        criminatory towards minority groups         good, but because of political pressure   ter could be a school project or a class
nian Orthodox Church is not the            and makes it in practice often impos-       being brought by the Romanian Or-         project for Christian schools and for
greatest of concerns. It is just the tip   sible to legally start an officially rec-   thodox Church! While we have a            home-schoolers. Share this informa-
of the iceberg! It gets worse!             ognized religious group.                    voice, let us bring pressure to bear on   tion and need with others who might
   Article 15; paragraph 3 of the pro-        But the worst possible provision in      the Romanian government from              help by also writing letters.
posed law states that “starting local      this proposed legislation is in Article     other viewpoints. The President of           I write this article from Romania.
units of cults (i.e. churches other than   26, paragraph 2. It states that the pro-    the United States should be informed      I wish each of you could visit this
the Romanian Orthodox Church) and          ceedings for withdrawing the official       of your concerns over the human           country and see the awful effects of
receiving the judicial personality (le-    recognition for an existing denomina-       rights violations this law will bring     40 years of Communism and Roma-
gal recognition of their existence) is     tion can be started by “any person          about. Write                              nian Orthodoxy. (The two have
achieved through the State Secre-          whose rights and interests are af-             Wm. Jefferson Clinton,                 worked hand in glove during the
tariat.” Thus for a new church or reli-    fected.” Imagine what an antagonis-            President of the United States         Communist years.) That visit alone
gious entity to legally exist, it must     tic, unbelieving father or husband             1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,              would cause you to want to do some-
obtain approval from the govern-           could do with this provision upon the          Washington, D.C. 20500.                thing for these people, but surely the
ment. Presently in Romania indi-           conversion of a child or wife which         Please, obtain addresses for your Con-    love of Christ ought to motivate us to
vidual churches do not have to deal        he opposed! Or imagine what the             gressmen and Senators and write or        do what we can, while we can for re-
with the government to be recognized       owner of a bar could do to a denomi-        e-mail them opposing the proposed         ligious freedom and especially for our
as legitimate entities. This provision     nation or local church whose music,         religious legislation in Romania. Be      Brothers and Sisters in Christ in Ro-
would allow the government bureau-         traffic or doctrine affected his “inter-    polite and respectful. Point out to       mania. Don’t put it off - let your voice
cracy the power to determine who is        ests”! Or on a larger scale, imagine        them that several articles are clearly    be heard on behalf of religious free-
and who is not a legal church or reli-     what the Orthodox Church could do           discriminatory and that they violate      dom for these Brethren! Pray and
gious organization.                        since her income is “affected” when         basic human rights. Ask them to do        write!
   The same Article 15 continues:          persons convert to Baptist or Protes-
“parishes and cult entities similar to
cults may acquire legal personality
                                           tant groups. Even the terms “any” and
                                           “interests” are ambiguous to the point                  The Sleeping Servant
providing that they have at least 5%       of making this a bad law for it can be                               (Studies in the Book of Jonah)
of the population registered with the      interpreted far too broadly. These             By Milburn Cockrell                                  Mantachie, Mississippi
City Hall of the respective localities.”   provisions are all clearly aimed at
Thus, as an example, for a Baptist         denying true religious freedom to in-          As I concluded the message last        on the way to Tarshish. At this time
Church to be started in a town or vil-     dividuals and groups other than the         time Jonah had set sail for Tarshish.     Jonah should have been in Nineveh
lage, 5% of the people must be regis-      Romanian Orthodox Church.                   God has commanded him to go to            preaching repentance, but instead he
tered as Baptists in the previous cen-     WHAT CAN YOU DO? First and                  Nineveh and preach to the Gentiles.       has become a tourist on a Mediterra-
sus. This makes it almost impossible       foremost, you can PRAY! It may be           The prophet refused to obey God’s         nean cruise.
for new churches to be started openly      the will of God to make Biblical mis-       command. In attempting to flee the          Jonah has chosen a downward
and officially. Reader, apply this to      sionary work more difficult in Roma-        special presence of God, he has joined    course. He went “down to Joppa”
your city or town. Could a Baptist         nia. It may be that it is the will of       himself to a Gentile captain and crew                       Continued on page 257
January 5, 2000                                                    THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                        Page 257
                                             Tarshish endangered the lives of all         their cargo in hope of saving their         up is to admit they have been asleep.
The Sleeping Servant                         on board (Rom. 14:7).
                                                 THE MORAL EFFECTS OF
                                                                                          lives. “Skin for skin, yea, all that a
                                                                                          man hath will he give for his life”
                                                                                                                                      Too many seem determined to con-
                                                                                                                                      tinue in their repose while the world
Continued from page 256                                    THE STORM                      ( Job 2:4). Oh, that men would be as        rushes down the broad road to Hell.
and “down into” the ship going to                Verse 5 reads: “Then the mari-           concerned about their souls as their        It is so cool and comfortable in Satan’s
Tarshish (1:3). He will soon go “down        ners were afraid, and cried every            bodies! If they were they would gladly      cradle! One clear proof that the mod-
into the sides of the ship” (1:5).           man unto his god, and cast forth             part with their possessions and plea-       ern church is asleep is that many
Soon the sailors will throw him over-        the wares that were in the ship              sure which may shipwreck their im-          church members condone things they
board and he will go down into the           into the sea, to lighten it of them.         mortal souls!                               denounced ten years ago. We do
sea. He will not stop there as he will       But Jonah was gone down into the                   THE SILENT PROPHET                    things we would not have done
soon go “down to the bottoms of              sides of the ship; and he lay, and               “Then the mariners. . .cried ev-        twenty years ago. We attempt to jus-
the mountains” (2:6). For some time          was fast asleep.”                            ery man unto his god. . .But Jonah.         tify ourselves before the world. Why?
Jonah was going down literally and               The sailors believed that the ship       . .was fast asleep.” It should have         Because we are in a state of sleep
spiritually. A downward course is an         was about to be broken apart and             been Jonah calling upon God, but he         while the storm is raging. God help
easy course, for it takes little effort to   their lives lost. The root idea of the       was asleep! Every man was praying           us!
walk down hill. A sinful way is always       Hebrew word rendered “mariners”              on board this ship but the preacher!             THE STIRRING SKIPPER
a downward way; disobedience is de-          is salt. This points to the salt-encrusted   What a strange spectacle! A sleeping            “So the shipmaster came to him,
basing.                                      clothing of men occupied with boats          runaway prophet in a storm-distressed       and said unto him, What meanest
    THE WEATHER WARNING                      and constantly splashed by the               ship! Why is he asleep? Probably be-        thou, O sleeper? arise, call upon
    Today we look at verse 4 of chap-        brianish sea. These seamen were not          cause he was exhausted by the fatigue       thy God, if so be that God will
ter 1 which says: “But the LORD              novices at their trade; they were “old       and grief of the last few days. His ship-   think upon us, that we perish not”
sent out a great wind into the sea,          salts,” seasoned veterans of many            cradle is being rocked by the mighty        ( Jonah 1:6).
and there was a mighty tempest               strong winds and rough tides. But this       tempest into total unconsciousness of           Jonah should have been reproving
in the sea, so that the ship was like        mighty tempest made these men                his danger.                                 the heathen king of Nineveh, but,
to be broken.”                               afraid who seldom knew fear.                     The adjective “fast,” used in our       being backslidden, he is reproved by
    First, I see in this verse the teach-        We cannot be certain of the na-          English Bibles to describe his sleep, is    the heathen captain of the ship. God
ing that God controls the weather. The       tional identity of these seamen who          made an auxiliary in rendering the          not only sent a mighty tempest to
Hebrew verb rendered “sent” is an            manned Jonah’s flight ship. In all           verb in the original text which means       bring Jonah back, but also a
inherently strong word in the caus-          probability they were Phoenicians,           “to fall into heavy sleep.” The root        shipmaster to convince him of his
ative stem. What is said is that God         who lived in the main on the coast of        word is the same which describes the        folly. The skipper could not under-
cast forth with force and violence this      Palestine. For centuries it has been         deep sleep that God caused to fall          stand why Jonah was not praying. So
tempest of mighty madness upon the           their custom to “go down to the sea          upon Adam before He removed a rib           a prophet of Israel is now about to be
Mediterranean Sea. This was no com-          in ships” and to “do business in             for making woman (Gen. 2:21).               rebuked by a Gentile pilot. The
mon squall but a “mighty tempest”            great waters” (Ps. 107:23). The                  Jonah is not asleep in his cabin nor    shipmaster became the prophet, re-
which fiercely tossed the ship. Truly,       Phoenicians were people of rich com-         some place on the deck. He sleeps in        buking Jonah for his disobedience.
God gathers “the wind in his fists”          merce and sea travel. They probably          “the sides of the ship,” or in the in-      Perhaps the shipmaster grasps the
(Prov. 30:4), and He “bringeth the           knew little of Jonah’s God and held          nermost part of the ship. He had cho-       prophet by the arm and shakes him
wind out of his treasuries” (Ps.             to polytheistic religious beliefs. The       sen a place of seclusion in which to        as he shouted: “What meanest thou,
135:7). Even the “stormy wind” ful-          storm inspired their reverence for           sleep. This speaks of his desire for        O sleeper?” The skipper is saying:
fills “his word” (Ps. 148:8).                their many gods, and so every man            deep, undisturbed slumber of sweet          What is wrong with you? Are you
    Second, there is seen the moral sig-     cried “unto his god.” They were              forgetfulness. He wanted to sleep and       deaf? Are you mad? Are you sick?
nificance of the weather. God sent this      frightened into prayer. It is not said       forget the call of God to Nineveh! The      Don’t you hear the noise of the wind
wind because of the disobedience of          that some of them prayed while oth-          prophet hoped to silence the Divine         and the waves outside the ship? Lis-
Jonah. The rebellion of the forces of        ers reviled. There was no mutiny as          voice. Satan delights in drawing men        ten to the cries of the crew on deck.
nature are caused by the rebellion of        every man prayed to his god.                 away from God and their duty. He            What aileth thee, O sleeper?
man. Jonah’s rebellion brought a                 Some men who seldom pray in              seeks to rock them to sleep in carnal           This man was a good captain. He
mighty tempest upon his soul. Hence          prosperous circumstances are gener-          security that they may not be sensible      had concern for his crew and passen-
God sent a mighty storm to pursue            ally the first to call upon God when         of their misery and danger.                 gers. He may have looked for Jonah
and bring him to repentance. This            adversity comes. Did these sailors               Here we see a picture of our mod-       at first without finding him. He then
wind was the chastening hand of the          engage in a selfish outcry for help, or      ern world and the present-day church.       goes below in search of him and finds
Lord. God has a controversy with this        was there real repentance and strong         The world is alarmed about conditions       him in the innermost part of the ship
runaway prophet; He is angry with            feelings in their hearts? God only           and the church is asleep. There is a        asleep. The captain knew that Jonah
him. It was mercy on God’s part to           knows; we do not know. At least it           mighty storm raging among the               was asleep before the prophet real-
reclaim and restore one of His stray-        would seem that their prayers were           masses of earth. We are on the verge        ized he was asleep.
ing sheep, although it was by a              earnest. It is said that they “cried”        of nuclear destruction. Communism,              Often the people of the world are
“mighty tempest.”                            every man to his god. They were do-          socialism, one-worldism, atheism,           more conscious of the church being
    Third, I see from the words of verse     ing what their religion had taught           secular humanism, modernism, im-            asleep than the church is of its own
4 that the guilt of one man endangers        them to do, despite the fact that their      morality, crime, drugs, divorce, and        condition. The ungodly can tell from
the safety of others. There is such a        prayers were misdirected. There was          other things are engulfing the whole        the little interest which church mem-
thing as vicarious suffering. The mis-       not one unbent knee among them               world. But the church, like Jonah of        bers have in their church that the
conduct of the president of the United       that day. Oh, that Christians would          old, is sound asleep. Millions are dy-      church is asleep. Oh, how we need to
States may lay waste this nation. The        all join in such united, earnest prayer      ing without hearing the gospel of           awake out of sleep and realize we
folly of the mayor of a city may bring       when we are assailed with difficulties.      grace, but the church continues in its      have been asleep as others have al-
disorder and disaster to a city. The         What we need in view of the present          slumber. I marvel that Jonah could          ready noticed. While the church
prodigality of a son may ruin the name       moral storm upon the earth is collec-        sleep while this storm was going on,        sleeps the world moves. While the
of his family. The captain of a ship by      tive supplication.                           but I marvel more that our churches         church sleeps Satan works. The hea-
a wrong command may sink his ship                These seamen “cast forth the             can sleep in a state of rebellion to God.   then captain had to wake up Jonah.
with its crew and passengers. The hy-        wares that were in the ship into                 Most Christians would deny that         Will God use lost men to wake up the
pocrisy of one church member may             the sea, to lighten it of them.” They        they are asleep in Satan’s lap. A per-      church? Will such men ever desire to
bring disgrace upon the church and           were afraid but they did not panic.          son does not know he is asleep until        wake up a sleeping church? Some-
give it a bad name in the community.         They prayed and put forth an effort          he wakes up. Most people have no            thing must do it, for the storm is rag-
Jonah’s presence on the ship to              to save themselves. They gave up             intention of waking up, for to wake                           Continued on page 258
Page 258                                                          THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                January 5, 2000
                                          signed responsibility for their plight.        slumber in seclusion. They long for         God, he became a miserable laugh-
The Sleeping Servant                      “And they said every one to his                complete insensibility to their sins.       ing-stock.
                                          fellow, Come, and let us cast lots,            They attempt to drown convictions in           6. When a son of God does a wrong
Continued from page 257                   that we may know for whose cause               a bottle of booze. They seek to make        thing, or goes to the wrong place, or
ing and we are asleep!                    this evil is upon us. So they cast             their bed in Hell, or flee to the utter-    associates with the wrong people, God
   THE COMMAND TO PRAY                    lots, and the lot fell upon Jonah”             most parts of the earth to escape God’s     will chasten him for his disobedience.
   This heathen skipper believed in       ( Jonah 1:7). Jonah may not have been          special presence. They are deter-           He may tolerate sin in the Devil’s fam-
the doctrine of prayer. He said to        a party to this event, nor even have           mined to smother conscience by as-          ily, but He never will in His own fam-
Jonah: “Arise, call upon thy God,         known what was done. But it mattered           sociation with the ungodly. But let us      ily. God always causes sin to embar-
if so be that God will think upon         not. The lot fell on Jonah!                    remember insensibility is not security.     rass and mock a disobedient child.
us, that we perish not.” The                  I see here the fact that human suf-        A man may never be more in danger           Even ungodly men will reproachfully
shipmaster wanted Jonah to add his        fering is caused by sin. The sailors           than when he is asleep.                     say to him, “If I believed what you
prayer to those of the seamen. He         said: “. . .that we may know for                  2. Jonah lost something by going         say you believe, I wouldn’t be here, I
desired to see every person on board      whose cause this evil is upon us.”             to Tarshish. It was not his salvation. It   wouldn’t do this.” Sin mocks the sin-
his ship in prayer to God. He believed    These men were better theologians              was the special presence of God. This       ner. Here is a stern warning against
that prayer could prevail with God,       than some present-day preachers.               is what the church has lost today. By       wavering in our profession of faith.
and he wanted to see all people be a      They did not attribute their danger to         running from God we have lost the              7. Are the winds blowing upon your
praying people.                           the mishap of some uncontrollable              presence and power of the Holy              ship on the sea of life? Do you have a
   How this heathen skipper shames        forces, or to the indifference of God.         Spirit. That is why lost sinners can        rocky marriage? Are you in financial
modern Christians. Oh, that all Chris-    They knew full well that human suf-            come in and go out of our services          trouble? Are you making life miser-
tians would pray to God more. Oh,         fering is caused by human sin. Pain is         untouched and undisturbed. God is           able for everybody else? Is God
that a feeling prevailed among our        not a demon from Hell to bring tears           not working in our midst. We are            speaking to you? Are the winds blow-
pastors, church officers, and church      to our eyes, but a messenger from God          asleep in the Devil’s cradle.               ing? Is your ship tossed to and fro?
members that is here seen in this sea     to teach us the depravity of our na-              3. A sleeping church is not only         Don’t wait to be thrown overboard!
captain! Let us not be indifferent to     ture and the magnitude of sin.                 helpless and useless, but it is a posi-     Come to your senses. Awake out of
those who are absent from our prayer          In this verse I also see the proof of      tive hindrance to lost sinners. Jonah’s     sleep. Come back to God. By God’s
meetings. All too many times some         God’s overruling providence: “The              sin caused his fellow-voyagers to lose      help you can do it, and should do it
church members are praying while          lot fell on Jonah.” God always put             their cargo and almost their lives. A       now.
others are sleeping. Every one of these   the cap on the right head. The old             disobedient church endangers the
sleepers should be sought out and
aroused to a sense of duty by those
                                          proverb is emphatically true that in
                                          all ages and circumstances “the lot
                                                                                         souls of others by her uncharitable
                                                                                         behavior toward God. Such a church
who are awake and have the welfare        is cast into the lap; but the whole            stands in the way of sinners and hurts
of the church at heart.                   disposing thereof is of the LORD”              the cause of Christ. It was because
   How do you think Jonah felt when       (Prov. 16:33). There is no such thing          Achan was in the camp that the Isra-
this pagan skipper commanded him          as chance. The God of providence               elites were defeated by their foes. Our
to pray to his God for mercy on their     rules in the world. All events and all         prayer should be: God, help me not
imperiled state? That runaway             things are under His control at all            to be the one person who may endan-
prophet is not fit to pray. He needs      times.                                         ger my family and hold back the
someone to pray for him. The Divine           It is a terrible thing for a prophet       progress of my church.                        THE PROPER
Chronicle does not tell us that Jonah     of God to stand before those heathen              4. Many people, like the skipper of
actually prayed, although he may          sailors, detected, exposed, convicted,         the ship to Tarshish, believe in God        ADMINISTRATOR
have done so to escape suspicion. I       covered with confusion and shame.              and prayer when the waves of death
can imagine that Jonah stood speech-      But how easily the God of providence           are wildly dashing about them. They           OF BAPTISM
less for a time as he heard the storm     accomplished this. Numbers 32:23               pray only in foul weather. Such fair-             By Jonathan Gaines Bow
beating against the ship and saw the      declares: “. . .be sure your sin will          weather sailors are quite common to-                       (1847 - 1922)
waves leaping from their depths.          find you out.” You may conceal your            day. An infidel, who scoffed at a min-          In chapter X, the statement is
   One of the most embarrassing           sin, forget it, deny it, but God will          ister of Christ, prayed: “O God, if         made: “Baptists believe that baptism
things in the world is for an unsaved     bring it to light sooner or later. The         there be a God, have mercy on me,”          is the dipping, immersion in water, in
person to ask a backslider to pray for    sweep of time cannot prevent the dis-          when the storm came. I heard of an-         the name of the Trinity, of a believer
him. Jonah was embarrassed when the       covery of your crime. The Lord God             other man who prayed in a storm:            upon profession of faith, by one duly
skipper asked him to pray to his God.     Almighty is better at uncovering sin           “Dear Lord, I have never called upon        authorized by a church of Jesus Christ
In reality, Jonah should have been the    than the FBI. Don’t deceive yourself.          you before, and if you will save me         to perform such service.”
first one to pray and should have         Rebellion against God cannot long be           from this storm, I will never call upon         Bear in mind they believe that
urged all others to do so. Jonah’s God    successfully hidden from others or             you any more.”                              scriptural baptism is only properly,
was the only prayer-hearing God on        impassively ignored by the rebel him-             5. What a spiritual weakling Jonah       scripturally administered by one duly
board that ship. Some of us are like      self.                                          was in the presence of these heathen        authorized by a church of Jesus Christ.
Jonah. We ought to be praying but we          The seamen discovered Jonah’s sin          sailors. Instead of being a lighthouse          The Scriptures require a certain
are sleeping. The world wonders why       before he did. This is almost always           and a tower of strength to help them,       act—immersion; a proper subject—a
we do this as the captain wondered        the case. Men generally see the faults         he was a source of sorrow and per-          penitent, believing person professing
why Jonah slept. If a lost sinner asked   of others before they see their own.           plexity. How sad to see a prophet of        faith in Christ; and the ordinance ad-
you to pray for him, would you be on      Each sailor thought the storm was              God confused and confounded before          ministered by one duly authorized by
praying grounds? Or, would the lost       caused by someone other than him-              the ungodly! A powerless Christian is       a church of Christ.
sinner find you asleep spiritually?       self. No one wants to take the blame           a tragic sight. Salt without savor is a         An improper act, an improper can-
     THE GUILTY PARTY IS                  for the sin. It is our nature to act thusly.   worthless thing. A Christian ought to       didate, an improper administrator, or
               SOUGHT                     We are all apt to behold the mote in           be a man of fearless courage and irre-      an improper design renders the bap-
   Prayer having apparently failed,       our brother’s eye sooner than to con-          sistible power. He is so if he were not     tism improper, unscriptural, invalid.
the seamen think it is time to employ     sider the beam in our own eye.                 like Jonah, cowardly and disobedient.           Christ is the head of the church, the
another measure. They believe the                  PRACTICAL POINTS                      Our strength lies in nearness to God—       one law-giver in Zion. The churches
storm has come because someone of             Once again before I close this dis-        remaining in His special presence.          are the executors of His will and law.
them is guilty of a terrible crime. The   course I wish to make some practical           Samson in the power of the Holy spirit      Christ gave the law and obeyed it,
culprit must be detected. The guilty      observations upon this lesson.                 was more mighty than the host of the        established the ordinances and kept
party must be discovered and as-              1. Runaway souls want to sleep and         Philistines, but as a runaway from his                        Continued on page 259
January 5, 2000                                                    THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                                                                      Page 259
                                            self baptized not, but His disciples—                                                            crimes reported to the FBI last year, accord-
Gleanings                                   John 4:1-2), so a church in obedience
                                            to the Commission (Matt. 28:19)
                                                                                          Bible & the Newspaper                              ing to new statistics from the bureau. Blacks
                                                                                                                                             suffered the most race-related hate crimes,
Continued from page 258                     makes and baptizes disciples, though          Continued from page 255                            and of those 58 percent involved white per-
them; setting us an example, saying,        the church baptizes not, but her se-          Church of England has dropped over 40              petrators. Of anti-white offenses, 58 percent
“Follow me.”                                lected and duly appointed ministry.           percent in the last 20 years. The research,        involved black perpetrators. Religion was
   Baptists are charged with being          If the Commission to evangelize the           based on a wide-ranging survey sent to             a factor in 1,390 of 7,755 total hate crimes.
sticklers for forms. Yes, but the form      world is to the church, then the com-         over 37,000 English churches in 1998, has          Of those, 1,081 were against Jews, 61 against
for which we contend is a divine form,      mand to baptize is to the church, and         been disputed by religious officials who           Catholics and 59 against Protestants.
ordained by God, observed by Christ,        hence baptism administered by the             claim that not enough of the surveys were
                                                                                                                                                                  BEREA BAPTIST BANNER
and enjoined upon his followers. To         authority of a scriptural church is by        returned to yield convincing evidence.                                      Financial Report
His churches He has committed the           divine commandment as truly as was            The surveys also found that Methodist                                      10-31-99 to 11-30-99

ordinances. These ordinances (bap-          that of John the Baptist. If the com-         congregations decreased by 26 percent,             Beginning Balance ................................................ $1,557.03
tism and the Lord’s Supper) are holy        mand is to the church, then one not           and Catholic congregations by 22 percent           RECEIPTS:
                                                                                                                                             Grace B. C., Corbin, KY ............................................ 60.00
symbols of God’s own appointment,           under the direction of and authorized         during the ‘90s. Research estimates that           Big Creek B. C., Wayne WV .................................... 300.00
setting forth in object lessons the fun-    by a scriptural church is not a scrip-        only 7.5 percent of England’s population           Central Avenue B. C., Tampa, FL ............................. 25.00
                                                                                                                                             Sovereign Grace B. C., Silsbee, TX .......................... 30.00
damental principles and doctrine of         tural administrator of baptism.               attends church on a regular basis, down            Sovereign Grace B. C., Fulton, MS ......................... 100.00
the gospel of salvation through Christ         Surely Jesus knew it was necessary         from almost 10 percent a decade ago. The           Briar Creek B. C., Williamsburg, KY ..................... 125.00
                                                                                                                                             Portland B. C., Plumerville, AR ................................ 50.00
Jesus. Now if God punished His              to have a divinely appointed, proper          surveys determined that England’s young            Berea B.C., Mansfield, OH ........................................ 50.00
people, blotted out Israel, scattering      administrator, hence He “came from            adult population is leaving church pews            Berea B. C., Mantachie, MS ..................................... 200.00
                                                                                                                                             Victory B. C., Courtland, VA ................................... 100.00
them among the nations, because they        Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized         faster than other age groups.                      Sovereign Grace B. C., Columbus, MS .................... 50.00
kept not His ordinances and refused         of John in Jordan.”                                               ******                         Philadelphia B. C., Decatur, AL ................................ 50.00
                                                                                                                                             Morris St. B. C., Hobbs, NM ..................................... 50.00
to walk in His statutes, who shall dare        (What Baptists Believe and Why They            FORT GIBSON, Okla. (EP)—Four                   Mt Pleasant B. C., Chesapeake, OH ....................... 100.00
to change and trifle with these simple,     Believe It, pp. 38-40).                       middle-school students were shot by a class-       Temple Baptist Mission, Johnson City, TN .............. 30.00
                                                                                                                                             Sovereign Grace B. C., Northport, AL ................... 100.00
sublime ordinances, which reflect the                                                     mate in Fort Gibson, Okla. Dec. 6. All of          South Park M. B. C., Seattle, WA .............................. 25.00
glory of Christ’s work, life, death,                         ******                       the wounded students are expected to fully         New Testament B. C. , Bristol, TN ............................ 10.00
                                                                                                                                             Grace B. Mission, Marion, IL .................................... 25.00
burial, and resurrection? The condi-                                                      recover. Witnesses said 13-year-old Seth           Ocoonita M. B. C., Keokee, VA ................................ 40.00
tion of God’s blessings upon ancient                     By J. L. Waller                  Trickey pulled a 9mm handgun out of his            Sovereign Grace B. C., Raleigh, NC ...................... 100.00
                                                                                                                                             Faith B. C., Seffner, FL ............................................. 100.00
Israel was: “That ye keep mine or-                         (1809 - 1854)                  backpack, fired twice into the ground then         Berea B. C. , Westpoint,TN ........................................ 50.00
dinances.” And under His dire pun-             Did God then leave Himself with-           several times into a crowd of students. One        Esther Thorne, Fayetteville, AR ................................ 38.00
                                                                                                                                             Leroy Bullard, Albuquerque, NM ............................. 50.00
ishment He stoops to explain, saying:       out a witness? Did the gates of Hell pre-     student reported that Trickey said, “I’m           Bethel B. C., Pasadena, TX ........................................ 15.00
“Ye have gone away from mine                vail against His church? Were the foun-       crazy, I’m crazy,” before opening fire. A          Letson H. Ferrell, Long Beach, MS ......................... 150.00
                                                                                                                                             Bethesda B. C., Odessa, FL ...................................... 100.00
ordinances and have not kept                dations of His kingdom laid in sand, that     teacher took the gun from Trickey, who was         Dessie Harrelson, McLeansboro, IL ......................... 25.00
them,” and even compassionately to          it yielded to the storms of persecution       reportedly still pulling the trigger after all     Sovereign Grace B. C., Warren, OH ........................ 50.00
                                                                                                                                             Landmark M. B. C., Moncks Corner, SC ................ 25.00
invite them, saying, “Return unto           which befell it during the reign of the       the rounds were fired.                             Anonymous .............................................................. 1,215.00
me and I will return unto you.”             Man of Sin? Or did the church exist               The wounded students were Savana               Subscriptions .............................................................. 284.00
                                                                                                                                             BBC - Pugh Account paying 2 invoices .................. 151.03
Surely God in His holiness, justice,        and stand, as firm as the rock of its foun-   Knowles, 12, shot in the cheek; Bradley            Sub Total ................................................................. $3,373.03
and consistency is not less concerned       dation? And where was it in the long          Schindel, 12, shot once in each arm; Cody          TOTAL .................................................................. $5,330.06

about these ordinances, which set           and dreary night, from the revelation         Chronister, 13, shot once in his forearm, and      EXPENDITURES:
before men the finished work of             of the Son of Perdition until the Refor-      William “Billy” Railey, 13, shot in his leg.       Wages:              Milburn Cockrell ................ 675.00
                                                                                                                                                                 Sheron Cockrell .................. 800.00
Christ, than the temporary ordinances       mation of the sixteenth century? These        Carol Cook, a member of First Baptist                                  Christopher Cockrell ........ 300.00
which shadowed forth His coming.            inquiries demand serious consideration        Church of Fort Gibson, works in the admin-                             Derek Cockrell .................... 200.00
                                                                                                                                             Total Wages .............................................................. 1,975.00
   But who shall administer them? If        and satisfactory answers.                     istration building as a financial secretary. She   Postage ......................................................................... 749.14
they are church ordinances, then they          It will not do, by way of response, to     told Associated Baptist Press that the             Printing ......................................................................... 537.14
                                                                                                                                             FICA taxes .................................................................. 151.09
are necessarily under the control of        urge the existence of an “invisible           Knowles girl is very active at First Baptist.      Total Expenditure ................................................... 3,412.37
the churches, and only such as the          church.” This is to evade and not to          Her father is a member of Promise Keep-            .................................................................................... 1,917.69
                                                                                                                                             Bank charge ................................................................. -10.09
churches appoint (ordain) are quali-        meet the difficulty. The Savior did not       ers, and Cook described the whole family           ENDING BALANCE .......................................... $1,907.60
fied for this service.                      build an “invisible church” upon the          as “strong Christian people.” Gary Sparks,
   Baptists believe that since in its in-   “rock” confessed by Peter. The Church         a deacon at First Baptist, is also the high                         BEREA BAPTIST BROADCAST
troduction baptism was administered         of Christ on earth is visible. The light of   school principal. He said he was unaware                                  Financial Report
by divine authority, and since there        the gospel was not given to be put un-        of the shooting until afterwards. “We’re just                            10-31-99 to 11-30-99

is no declaration of a change in the        der a bushel. The Church of the Re-           keeping them in our prayers,” he said.             Beginning Balance ............................................... $ 2,016.52
method of administering the ordi-           deemer is as a city set upon a hill, whose    “We’re thankful that there weren’t any             RECEIPTS
nance, there should be a commission         light cannot be hid. It stands upon           killed.”                                           Berea B. C., Mantachie, MS ..................................... 100.00
from God to administer the ordinance        Mount Zion with the ceaseless and ex-                             ******                         Grace B.C., Corbin, KY ......................................... 2,100.00
                                                                                                                                             Livingstone B. C., Barboursville, WV .................... 297.60
now. John said He was sent to bap-          haustless effulgence of the gospel day            WASHINGTON, D.C. (EP)—Ministers                Oakvale B. C., Danese, WV ...................................... 50.00
tize with water ( John 1:33). True, there   pouring perpetually upon it glittering        who previously opted out of the Social Se-         Berea B.C., Westpoint, TN ....................................... 132.00
                                                                                                                                             Briar Creek, B. C., Williamsburg, KY ...................... 75.00
has been no direct personal command         and glorious turrets. And he is wonder-       curity system have an opportunity to get           Dividing checks .......................................................... 275.00
to the preachers of this day from God,      fully endowed, to whose vision that is        back in. Clergy may exempt themselves              .................................................................................. 3,029.60
                                                                                                                                             TOTAL RECEIPTS ............................................... 5,046.12
but Jesus commands His church, in           visible which is invisible! Besides, it is    from paying Social Security taxes if they          EXPENDITURES:
Matthew 28:19, to teach (make dis-          certain from the positive testimony of        object to the program on religious grounds.        Radio Time ................................................................. 819.55
                                                                                                                                             Postage ........................................................................... 22.66
ciples) all nations, baptizing them, etc.   the Scriptures, that the adherents of         Such a decision is usually irrevocable, but        Tapes .............................................................................. 44.06
It is, of course, not expected that a       Popery from the beginning, SAW, and           in November Congress opened a two-year             Dividing checks .......................................................... 375.00
                                                                                                                                             Total Expenditures .................................................. 1,261.27
church as an organization does the          hence pursued and persecuted the saints       window to help ministers who changed their         Sub Total ................................................................... 3,784.85
baptizing, but that it is done by the       of the Most High—the people or church         minds and want back in. To qualify, minis-         Bank Charge ................................................................. - 4.57
                                                                                                                                             ENDING BALANCE .......................................... $3,780.28
order of and under the direction of         of the Redeemer—those who followed            ters must apply by April 15,2002. They will
the church; and hence one is thus au-       the Lamb whithersoever He went—who            have to pay into the program for 10 years                        CORBIN, KENTUCKY REPORT
                                                                                                                                             Beginning Balance ..................................................... $28.32
thorized to baptize by the church and       would not worship the beast, neither his      before they are eligible to receive any ben-       RECEIPTS
for the church, which has a commis-         image—and who refused to receive his          efits.                                             Grace B. C., Corbin, KY ....................................... 2,000.00
                                                                                                                                             Total ......................................................................... 2,028.32
sion from Jesus to go, to teach, to bap-    mark upon their foreheads or in their                             ******                         EXPENDITURES:
tize. As Jesus made and baptized more       hands” (The Southern Baptist Review, Aug.         WASHINGTON, D.C. (EP)—Racism                   WYWY ........................................................................ 140.00
                                                                                                                                             Total Expenditures ..................................................... 140.00
disciples than John (though Jesus him-      & Sept., pp. 560-561).                        was the motive for 55 percent of the hate          ENDING BALANCE ......................................... $1,888.32
Page 260                                                                          THE BEREA BAPTIST BANNER                                                                                                                       January 5, 2000
                                                                                                                               The mysterious billing records,
             World Scene
                   By G. Russell Evans - Norfolk, Virginia
                                                                                                                            with Hillary’s finger prints, disclosing
                                                                                                                            the multimillion dollar frauds
                                                                                                                                                                                                        NEW BOOKS BY
                      Hillary for US Senate:
                                                                                                                            “Whitewater” and “Castle Grande”—
                                                                                                                            Hillary’s “cattlegate” windfall—cover-                                         A. W. PINK
                                                                                                                            up after Vincent Foster’s mysterious
                         The Real McCoy                                                                                     death—Webster Hubbell’s “Money for                                          We are happy to offer to our
                                                                                                                            Silence”—Chinagate—bed and break-                                           readers the following new titles
    Hillary wants to be US senator        portedly on orders of Hillary. This                                               fast in the Lincoln bedroom—use of                                          by A. W. Pink.
from New York. She wants it bad.          date base “was intended to make FBI                                               Air Force planes on Hillary’s book
She’s willing to step down from First
Lady to junior senator—enroute to her
                                          information useful to the Clinton Ad-
                                                                                                                            tour and in shuttling back and forth                                             Predestination
                                                                                                                            for her New York campaign.
real goal: President of the United                   TRAVELGATE                                                                Hillary Rodham Clinton was                                                        $5.95
States and Commander-in-Chief.               Hillary’s true colors were flying                                              deeply involved in every one of these
    I don’t believe she’ll make it. Ei-   early on—in 1993, when she ordered                                                major scandals—all of which should
ther goal. I lived in New York and        the entire White House Travel Office                                              disqualify her for serious consider-
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Born to Write
know the fine people there: sophisti-
cated, shrewd and street-wise. Never
                                          replaced with cousin Catherine
                                          Cornelius’s crew from Little Rock.
                                                                                                                            ation for US senator. In all, there were
                                                                                                                            38 major scandals in the Clinton
will they be bamboozled by an op-         Then, Hillary initiated an FBI crimi-                                             White House in the most corrupt ad-
portunist carpetbagger-Cub fan to-        nal investigation of Director Billy                                               ministration in U.S. history. Almost                                               Letters from
day, Yankee fan tomorrow; anti-Israel     Dale with trumped-up charges of                                                   without exception, Hillary was in the
yesterday, pro-Israel today. Whatever     embezzlement—all later disproved in                                               forefront.                                                                         Spartanburg
it takes for New York votes, she’ll do!   court but not before extensive legal                                                 These are examples of the Clinton
    New Yorkers need reminders of the     fees. Disgruntled aide David Watkins,                                             character and the followers who do                                                  1917-1920
real McCoy, the real Hillary Rodham       after being caught using a government
Clinton, long-suffering wife and de-      helicopter, reported that Hillary lied
                                                                                                                            their sleazy bidding. With a Hillary
                                                                                                                            senatorship, expect to see dozens of
fender of the only elected president      in denying that she directed firing of                                            them ensconced on Capital Hill,
to be impeached. Here are some par-       the Travel Office staff.                                                          flaunting the rules, double-dealing                                            Letters of an
ticulars:                                            HEALTHCARE                                                             and bullying their way through—a way
 TWO-FACED JEWISH POLICY                     Hillary may be most remembered                                                 of life for Clintonites, now with seven
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Itinerant Preacher
    In 1988, Mrs. Clinton was chair-
man of the New York-based New
                                          for her convoluted and illegal efforts
                                          to put all health care under the gov-
                                                                                                                            years experience at fooling the people
                                                                                                                            and trashing our Constitution.
World Foundation (NWF) that funded        ernment—one seventh of our entire                                                    New Yorkers are not going to al-                                                $5.95
many left-wing causes, including the      economy. The Hillary Socialized                                                   low this!
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Please add $2 for shipping and postage for each
Committee in Solidarity with the          Health Plan would fine doctors                                                       (Captain Evans is author of Death
People of El Salvador (CISPES), a         $10,000 a day for billing errors and                                                                                                                          book, and $.50 for each addtional book.
                                                                                                                            Knell of the Panama Canal? (National
communist group dedicated to seiz-        $50,000 for unauthorized treatment.                                               Security Center, 1998), available on
ing the government. The NWF gave          Said Hillary to critics: “It’s time to put                                                                                                                                    Order from
                                                                                                                            the Internet at
$15,000 to Grassroots International,      the national interest ahead of indi-                                                                                                                             Berea Baptist Bookstore
an anti-Israel organization funding the   viduals.”                                                                                                                                                              PO Box 39
terrorist Palestine Liberation Organi-       Her planning featured illegalities                                                    Here Comes                                                               Mantachie, MS 38855
zation. When challenged for her two-      galore: secret sessions, secret partici-
faced shift, Mrs. Clinton claimed “she
didn’t vote on the grant.” But, she was
                                          pants, fraudulent affidavits by “Health
                                          Czar” Ira Magaziner who was called
                                                                                                                                    the Bride!                                                           We have a new area code.
chairman and never a shrinking vio-       “dishonest and reprehensible” by Fed-                                                            by Milburn Cockrell                                                  It is now
let, always a take-charge woman.          eral Judge Royce Lamberth in an en-
                                          suing lawsuit. Even so, President
                                          Clinton announced that taxpayers
                                                                                                                                                           $7.95                                                          662
    Ann Lewis, Clinton spokeswoman        would pay the $285,000 fine and that                                                  Please add $2 for postage. Order from                                           the correct phone
                                                                                                                                Berea Baptist Church Bookstore, PO Box
extra-ordinaire, now works on             Magaziner would keep his job.                                                                                                                                           number is now
                                                                                                                                39, Mantachie, MS 38855-0039.
Hillary’s Senate campaign while em-             LET US NOT FORGET                                                                                                                                                  662-282-7794
ployed as White House Communica-
tions Director—a violation of federal                                            Coming in the next issue . . .
law, but OK for Clinton aides who                                                                                                                                                                                          The
see laws as applicable to others. “On                                        How Christ Saves Sinners by William Tyndale
her own time” is the claim, but                                              Life in the Early Church by Milburn Cockrell
                                                                            The Year of 1999 in Review by Milburn Cockrell
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Doctrine of Hell
undenied is her use of facilities “pur-
chased with government funds”—                                                                                                                                                                               by Milburn Cockrell
strictly prohibited for others.                                                                                                                                                                                          $1.50
              FILEGATE                                                                                           INDEX
    This 1996 scandal was Hillary’s          Bible and the Newspaper ............................................................................................................... p. 253
brainchild for which she hired former        Cockrell's Corner ............................................................................................................................ p. 243
salon bouncer Craig Livingstone to           Consistent Strict Communion and Inconsistent Loose Communion by William Ashmore ... p. 249
                                             Forum .................................................................................................................................... pp. 250 - 251
collect 1,000 FBI files on Republican        Funnybone ....................................................................................................................................... p. 246
“opponents”—a felony never pros-             Gleanings ................................................................................................................................ p. 252, 258
ecuted. Clinton aides then con-              His People Part 2 by William Tiptaft ........................................................................................... p. 241
structed a computer data base of             Repent or Perish! by Rosco Brong ................................................................................................ p. 241
                                             Signs of a Dying Age by Roy Mason ............................................................................................ p. 241
300,000 names for later smears. It           The Slain Lamb by Milburn Cockrell .......................................................................................... p. 241
worked. To counter the Bill-Monica           The Sleeping Servant by Milburn Cockrell ................................................................................. p. 256
sex scandal, Livingstone and James           Update Romania - Get Involved by Curtis Pugh ........................................................................ p. 256
Carville delighted media pals with sex       Why Don't You Invite Us? by James M. Pendleton .................................................................... p. 241                                     Order form our bookstore.
                                             World Scene: Hillary for US Senate: The Real McCoy by G. Russell Evans .......................... p. 260                                                     Add $1 for shipping & handling.
lives of prominent Republicans—re-

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