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									                The Reacher
                New Mexico Occupational Therapy Association
                  FALL 2006

 President’s Message
Dear Fellow New Mexico OT's and COTA's-
It is that time of year again to join or renew your NMOTA membership. The association is counting on
you to make this important step. We would also like for you to encourage another OT practitioner that
you know to join. Membership is very important. Think of it as being a "civic responsibility" of all OT
practitioners in the state. If you can't give of your time by volunteering for a position or a committee, at
least give through financial investment. The majority of your dues go to pay our lobbyist. By continuing
to keep lobbyist coverage at the state capital, we safeguard the interests of New Mexico OT professionals
and our consumers. Other reasons to join/renew your membership include:
-discounted conference fees (NM and surrounding states)
-networking opportunities via the list-serve
-NMOTA works in conjunction with AOTA to provide voice for local, state and national OT concerns
-NMOTA supports Legislative Day at the state capital to promote our profession to our elected officials

-There is power in numbers! Please send in your dues today, this organization is here for you.

Stephanie L. Singleton, OTR/L, NMOTA President

Attend the 2006 NMOTA Conference: Spanning a Lifetime! We have a very exciting line-up!

The following NMOTA Board positions will be vacant and need to be filled at the November conference:
Vice-President and Secretary. Please consider running for these very important positions.

Please use the form on the last page to register for the annual conference and to renew your
membership. Even if not attending, please use the same form to renew your membership
now. NMOTA needs you and we all need NMOTA to be strong!

                Interested in catching the attention of your fellow OT and OTAs?
                      Take advantage of NMOTA advertising opportunities.

               For more information on any of NMOTA’s advertising opportunities,
                         please contact Sarah at

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   Don’t Forget!!!
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                                     “Spanning a Lifetime”
                                                 The 2006 NMOTA Conference
                                                       Las Cruces, NM
                                                     November 3-4, 2006

                      DAY ONE
                 Friday, November 3
  12:00-12:30 Registration                                                                    DAY TWO
  12:30-1:15    Legislative Update:                                                     Saturday, November 4
                  Ellen Reavis                                       8:00-8:30        Registration
  1:15-2:00     AOTA Keynote Address Video                           8:30-10:00      Educational Sessions
         Featuring John Hockenberry                                  (Choose either A or B for whole day)
             * Peabody Award winner                                                   A. Keeping Up With the “Boomers”:
                                                                                          Occupational Therapy Services
             *Correspondent , NBC
                                                                                          and the Aging
             *Former Host, NPR's Talk of the Nation
                                                                                      B. Understanding the Parent Child
  2:00-2:15        BREAK
                                                                                          Relationship: Impact on Early
  2:15-2:45        What’s Up at WNMU?
                                                                                          Intervention Services
  2:45-3:15        Scholarly Activities at UNM
                                                                     10:00-10:15 BREAK
  3:15-3:45        ENMU Presents
                                                                     10:15-11:45 Continue Educational Sessions
  3:45-4:30        Annual Business Meeting
                                                                     11:45-1:15      Lunch on your own
                     Stephanie Singleton,
                                                                     1:15-2:45        Continue Educational Sessions
                      NMOTA President
                                                                     2:45-3:00        BREAK
   5:30             Dinner TBA
                                                                     3:00-4:30        Continue Educational Sessions
  3.0 CEUs for NM, TX, AZ, CO OT Assoc. members.
                                                                     4:30             Pick-up certificates/fill out rating sheet.
  Certificates of attendance to other attendees.
                                                                     6.0 CEUs for NM, TX, AZ, CO OT Assoc. members.
                                                                     Certificates of attendance to other attendees.
Educational Sessions
      Keeping Up With the “Boomers”: Occupational Therapy Services and the Aging
      Wendy Holmes, Ph.D, OTR/L
      Multiple factors are influencing the delivery of occupational therapy services for individuals who are aging. Changing
      funding streams, expectations for evidence-based practice, and demographic trends are shaping the current and
      future provision of OT services for our elders. During this interactive workshop, Dr. Holmes will focus on OT services
      for the changing aging population, including fall prevention, low vision services, and interventions for chronic
      conditions. You will receive an update on current best practice, findings from evidence-based research, and explore
      opportunities for OT services for this population.
      Understanding the Parent Child Relationship: Impact on Early Intervention Services
      Margaret Miller, MS, OTR/L
       Parent support and education is a critical component of effective early education. The clinician who understands the “dance” of
      parent and infant may be more sensitive in intervening and supporting the parent and child. Attachment theory describes the
      psychological ties that connect parent and child. The “dance” changes as the child advances in development and mobility. Children
      with secure attachment have shown better resilience and social emotional development. Children with insecure attachment are at
      risk for social emotional problems and those with disorganized attachment are at risk for regulatory disorders.
       Parents and children have strong biological and psychological connections that form the basis for a lifelong relationship. In the past
      20 years, researchers and clinicians have expanded our knowledge of this most basic relationship, the attachment of parent and
      child. Parents provide a secure base for the infant and this very initial relationship helps the child build a “mental construct” for
      relationships. Parents who are sensitive to their baby’s cues better support the child to learn about the world. According to this
      frame of reference, children balance the need to attach and connect with their parents with the drive to explore and learn about the
      world. Once the child gains mobility, the child can move and explore and then re-attach with parents. The experience may be very
      qualitatively different in children with movement difficulties. Children with secure attachment are better able to explore and show
      emotional flexibility. Children with insecure attachment are at risk for emotional and social difficulties.
       Clinicians who work in early intervention work from a family-centered frame of reference. Understanding the attachment
      relationship gives the clinician “the glasses through which to view the interaction of parent and child.” It does not change what you
      see, it helps you on how you see it. Clinicians can then provide parent support to read infant cues and understand how to support
      the child in terms of social emotional development and to help the parent be “the secure base” for the child.
      Goals of the workshop are as follows:
Be       Be able to describe secure and insecure attachment
Des      Describe observations which provide insight into parent- child relationship
         Discuss ways to coach parents to “read” cues and respond to and support their child
Meet the Educators
Wendy Holmes, Ph.D., OTR/L                                            Margaret Miller, MS OTR/L
Wendy Holmes is an associate professor with the Department of          Margaret is a Pediatric Occupational
Occupational Therapy at Eastern Washington University in              Therapist with a MS in Developmental
Spokane, Washington. She has a Master of Science in Public Health     Psychology. She has 24 years
from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and            experience in a hospital in the NICU,
completed the doctoral program in Leadership Studies from             Prenatal Pediatrics, Child Psychiatry and
Gonzaga University. Her dissertation research focused on the          Feeding Clinics. Prior to going to that,
competencies of occupational therapists for emerging practice roles   Margaret worked at a birth to three and
and environments. Wendy completed her degree in occupational          Neurological Center for 2 years. She
therapy from the University of North Dakota in 1978. She teaches a    has taught Developmental Psychology
variety of courses within the MOT curriculum including Occupational   classes at Spokane Community College
Performance and Aging, Health, Wellness and Occupational              and has recently joined the staff at
Therapy, Emerging Practice, Foundations of Occupational Therapy,      Eastern Washington University.
and Theory and Practice in Occupational Therapy.                      Margaret has published articles in AJOT,
Prior to joining the faculty, Dr. Holmes has practiced has an         Neonatal Network and Neonatal
occupational therapist in long term care centers, school systems,     Intensive Care. She also wrote
rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and community settings in both     questions for the OT exam from 1998-
rural and metropolitan areas since 1978. Additionally, Wendy has a    2002.
strong history of grant writing for the development of new services   Margaret is Pediatric NDT trained, and
and                                                                   holds the following certificates: SIPT,
programs. Her research interests include aging, the role of           NIDCAP, IBAIP and NBAS.
occupational therapy in the promotion of health and wellness,
community-based programs, and emerging practices in
occupational therapy.

 Las Cruces Public Schools Administration Offices.
 505 South. Main St.
 Las Cruces, NM 88001

 From I-25 south take the Lohman exit West.
 Turn left into the parking lot before Main or
 left on Main in left into parking lot.
 Go through Main Doors.

 Hilton     (505) 522-4300
 La Quinta    (505) 524-0331
 Comfort Suites   (505) 522-1300
 Super 8 (505) 523-8694

  Questions or Assistance:
 Jettye Lawrence
 NMOTA Conference Chairperson
 1925 Salinas Dr.
 Las Cruces, NM 88011

Area Attractions
 Renaissance Faire at Young Park—Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 10-4
 Las Mesilla Histoic Town
 New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum
 Stahmann Farms
 King Tut Exhibit
 Black Box Theater

 Or, visit and visit the “events” page
                                                             NMOTA 2006
                                            Conference Registration and Membership Form
                                              (Renewing your NMOTA membership only? See Step #3)

 Your Information


                            Phone Number
 Step #1

                            Email Address
 Conference Registration

                            NMOTA Members (Renew your membership now to receive member discount)
                            OTR or OT:           Friday $45 _____       Saturday $95 ____ Both days $140____
                            COTA or OTA:         Friday $35 _____       Saturday $80 _____ Both days $115____
                            Student:             Friday $20 _____       Saturday $35 _____ Both days $55_____
                            Non-Member*:         Friday $65 _____       Saturday $115 ____ Both days $180____
 Step #2

                            (*Non-Member includes therapists, educators, and other healthcare professionals.
                            Certificate of attendance will be provided.)

                            NMOTA Membership Renewal (2006-07)*
NMOTA Membership

                            ____ OTR/L or OT/L ($50)
                            ____ COTA/L or OTA/L ($40)
                            ____ Student ($10)
                            ____ *NMOTA Member who paid for special 2 year pro-rated
                                   membership dues (2005-07), no additional dues at this time
Step #3

                            ____ Yes – you may use this form to renew your NMOTA membership even if you are
                            not able to attend the annual conference. Please complete Steps #1, #3, and #5.

                            Please Choose ONE Course for Saturday November 4:
 Course Registration

                            _____Class A        Keeping Up With the “Boomers”: Occupational Therapy Services
                                                and the Aging
                                                Wendy Holmes, Ph.D, OTR/L

                            _____Class B        Understanding the Parent Child Relationship: Impact on Early
 Step #4

                                                Intervention Services
                                                Margaret Miller, MS, OTR/L

                           $_______________ Total Annual Dues and Registration enclosed. We accept check
                             Step #5        or money order (made payable to NMOTA), P.O.’s (or cash at the
                             Total Due      door with correct change please)

                           Please Complete ALL applicable information and mail with payment to:

                                                             Jettye Lawrence
                                                            1925 Salinas Drive
                                                           Las Cruces, NM 88011

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