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					         Curriculum Vitae


          M.B.B.S, M.S.(ORTHO)(AFMC)
Name                                  :        MANOJ KENTINGAL

DOB                                   :        4th July 1974
Address of Communication              :        “Anupama”
                                               Palarivattom.P. O
                                               Ernakulam Dist -682025
                                               Kerala, India
E-mail                                :        manojkentingal@
Phone Land line                       :        +91 4842344628
Mob.No                                :        +91 9447607198
Local contact address                     :    C/O K.P.Sivaraman
                                               P.Box No. 500001
Phone (Land Line )                        :    4771550
Mobile                                 :      55462861
Personal details :
I had done my basic school in Chinmaya Vidhyalaya, Kochi which is an English medium
school. They also encourage public speaking in English. I had studied in that school from
kinder garden to class 12.After passing out in 1992, I was selected to join the Govt:
Medical school, Alappuzha in 1993 in which the medium of teaching is English. Later I
was selected to join Post graduate resident training programme (Orthopaedics) in Armed
Forces Medical College, Pune in the year 2002.Presently I am working as a junior
Orthopaedic surgeon in a multispeciality hospital in kochi after finishing my MS
Orthopaedics in Feb 2005. Presently I am doing a fellowship in Sports medicine and
Arthroscopy in Taiwan.
Academic Qualification :-

MBBS :- Govt Medical College. Alappuzha. Kerala. (1993-1999)
             One of the reputed Medical colleges in Kerala where admission is only
through merit. I was selected to the college to undergo the first one and half years study
in basic sciences and the rest three years we had clinical exposure in various specialties.
At the end of four and half years, we had a final examination, which I had cleared at first
attempt with an aggregate of 60%. This was followed by one year of compulsory rotatory
houseman ship in various specialties like surgery, medicine and gynaecology.

MS (ORTHOPAEDICS) :- Armed Forces Medical College, Pune.(2002- 2005)
                Armed Forces Medical College Pune is a premier medical school in
India. The competitive entrance exam is conducted at national level and the selection is
on merit. The course involves three years of resident training in Orthopaedics. During the
first one-year, we were taught basic sciences and Orthopaedics. The three-year resident
training involves training in out patient management, in patient treatment and surgical
              At the end of three years, I was able to manage internal fixation of common
fractures like bimalleolar ankle fractures, dynamic hip screw fixation, Hemiarthroplasty,
Plating of forearm fractures, K wire fixations, K nailing of femur, interlocking nailing of
tibia, Cancellous screw fixation of femoral neck fractures and elective operations like
Puttiplat operation for recurrent dislocation of shoulder. We were also taking classes for
nursing students and Orthopaedic clinics for undergraduate students.

                At the end of three years, I had to submit a dissertation. The topic of the
dissertation was” Critical evaluation of the management of chronic osteomyelitis by
closed suction irrigation vs. curettage”. Following three years, after undergoing an
examination in theory, viva and clinical examination I was awarded a masters degree in
Orthopedics’. It was found that closed suction irrigation followed by curettage was
superior to the open curettage methods.
              Armed Forces Medical College, Pune is one of the Premier medical schools
in India, which is ranked second by the national ratings of India. The admission is strictly
through merit and an open entrance exam conducted at all India level. The hospital totally
has 3000 beds with 400 orthopaedic beds which caters for Indian Army personals, family
members and civilians.
Previous Jobs: (Since February 15th 2005)
1.   February15, 2005-15th Feb 2006
               Worked as Junior Orthopaedic surgeon in Ernakulam Medical Centre,
Kochi. My activities involve management of emergency Orthopaedic cases and elective
cases. I was under a period of observation and assisted training for the initial two months.
Later I was given the opportunity to operate independently on trauma cases like interlock
nailing for lower limb fractures, plating of forearm fractures, fixation of bimalleolar ankle
fractures and dynamic hip screw fixation .My exposure here to Paediatric Orthopaedics
involves management of club foot deformities and ring fixators for deformities in
2. March 2nd, 2006-Jan 2007:
                    Worked as consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma surgeon in Aswini
Hospital, Ottapalam.The cases here involved independently taking decisions and
operating on Trauma and cold surgeries like osteosynthesis of fracture neck femur,
Dynamic hip screw fixations of trochanteric fractures, Bimalleolar fractures, fractures of
patella ,condylar fractures of Femur and fractures of forearm.
3. Jan 2007-November 2009
                      Worked as consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma surgeon in Welcare
Hospital, Palakkad. Work involves operating independently on trauma cases like
interlocking nailing of Femur and Tibia fractures,DHS fixation , Hemiarthroplasty,
Bimalleolar fractures, Supracondylar fractures of humerus , Enders nailing for fracture
femur in children and Plate fixation of Humerus shaft fractures, Plating(including LCP)
of Forearm fractures, Jess fixation + per cutaneous fixation of wrist fractures and T

Positions Held :

   1. Resident intern – Medical college hospitals, Govt Medical College,
       Alappuzha(June 1998-June99)

   2. Resident Medical Officer in St Josephs Hospital, Manjummal, Kochi (1999
       Sept-2000 October). Resident medical officer in Grace Hospital, Kochi (2000
       November- 2001 April). During this period I was exposed to emergency cases and
       learned the basic resuscitation procedures and suturing techniques
     3.   Post Graduate Resident in Orthopedics in Armed Forces Medical College,
          Pune.(2002 february-2005february)

          Post graduate resident in Orthopaedic department involves managing daily
          casualities, OPD, Surgical work and taking clinics for the undergraduate medical
          students. It is a 3000 bedded hospital which handles general trauma and war
          injuries, Joint replacements, Spine, Arthroscopy, Pelvic fractures and Pediatric

     4. Junior Orthopaedic surgeon in Ernakulam Medical Center, Kochi.
          Ernakulam medical centre is one of the leading trauma centres in Kerala with 500
          beds. It has a separate center for Arthroscopy and sports medicine, Joint
          Replacement; Paediatric Orthopaedic surgery .I was attending daily emergencies
          and doing Trauma fixations independently, assisting and doing specialized
          surgeries like Arthroscopy, Joint replacement and Deformity corrections

     5.   Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma surgeon in Aswini Hospital,
          Ottapalam. (2006-07)

     6. Consultant Orthopaedic and trauma surgeon in Welcare hospital,
          Palakkad(Jan2007-November 2009)

Conference Attended :-

Serial           Date                                 Place
1            15.5.2002             CME ,Military Hospital, Kirkee PUNE
2            09.07.02              CME, Pune Ortopaedic Society , In Lakhs Hospital
3     12.11.02 to17.11.02 !ACON(Indian Association of Othopaedics National
6     24.10.02            CME-Pune Orthopaedic Society
7     25.10.02            CME, Artificial Limb Center. Pune
8     02.01.03            CME.Pune Orthopaedic Society(Poona Hospital)
9     03.02.03            CME Pune Orthopaedic Society(Sanchethi Hospital)
10    15.06.03            CME Pune Orthopaedic Society (Pride Hospital)
11    20.06.03            CME Military Hospital Kirkee
12    30.07.03            CME Military Hospital Kirkee
13    28.09.03            CME Pune Orthopaedic Society
14    14.10.03            CME Artificial Limb center. Pune
15    17-21.12.03         IACON-CME(Chennai)National conference
17    28.12.03            CME Pune Orthopaedic Society
18    14.04.04            CME Pune Orthopaedic Society
19    12.02.04            Annual Conference-Pune Orthopaedic Society
20    18.05.04            CME –Pune Orthopaedic Society
21    20.07.04            Pune Orthopaedic Society
22    20.08.04            CME Military Hospital Kirkee
23    17.10.04            CME Geriatric Orthopaedics (AFMC)
24    02.03.05            CME Kochi Orthopaedic society
25    06.04.05            CME Kochi Orthopaedic society
26    01.06.05            CME Kochi Orthopaedic society
27    03.08.05            CME Kochi Orthopaedic society
28    05.10.05            CME Kochi Orthopaedic society
29.   04.01.06            CME Kochi Orthopaedic society
30.   27.01.06            CME Kerala Orthopaedic Association (KAOCON)
31    23.07.06            CME on HIV prevention and Awareness
32    17.09.06            CME on basic course of KOA-2006
33    0912.06-15.12.06    CME National conference, New Delhi (IACON)
34    26.01.07-28.01.07   CME Kerala Orthopaedic Conference,(KAOCON)
35.   28.09.07-30.09.07   Attended 7th Annual conference of Interlocking
                                   surgeons(NAILSCON 2007)
36.         June 2007              Traumacon(Coimbatore)
36.         December 2008          (IACON)2008,CME and conference
37.         September 2009         OASISCON 2009,Kochi
38.         October 2009           CME on Acetabular and Pelvic Fractures

Paper’s Presented :-
      1. Presented Versatility of Interlocking Nails. Military Hospital Pune(20.06.03)
      2. Presented a paper of difficult Non –Union Tibia managed successfully by Ilizarov
         Ring Fixator (30.07.03)
      3. Presented a paper on “Critical Evaluation of the Management of Chronic
         Osteomyelitis by Closed suction Irrigation by Gentamycin Vs Open Curettage” in
         IACON -2003(National Conference)(19.12.03)
      4. Presented a Case of Congenital Vertical Talus in Pune Orthopaedic Society
      5. Presented a Case of Osteosarcoma of the Lower one third of the femur in a
         military recruit aged 20 years (20.07.04)
      6. Presented a Case of Uncemented THR done in a lady with Rheumatoid Arthritis
      7. Presented a paper of neglected club foot in a 21 year old lady (2.03.05-KOS)
      8. When to start weight bearing in a postoperative fracture neck of talus with
         avascular necrosis of the Talar head (06.04.05-KOS)
      9. A case of missed fracture neck of Femur in an operated case of interlocking
         nailing of the shaft of the ipsilateral femur (01.06.05)
      10. 10.Management of fracture shaft femur in children by closed enders nailing
         (Kerala Orthopaedic conference-KAOCON-28.01.06)
Paper’s under consideration:-
                Tourniquet in Orthopaedics
                Management of Chronic Osteomyelitis by Closed Suction Irrigation with
                 Gentamycin Vs Open Curettage

I am presently doing a fellowship in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy since November
2009 which includes management of Tibial plateau fractures ,shoulder Bankarts
,shoulder SLAP lesions ,ACL and PCL repair(double bundle),ACL and PCL avulsion
fractures, Rotator cuff tear by Arthroscopy, Total Knee Replacements and Revision knee
replacements, Total Shoulder and Hemi-Arthroplasty .The fellowship will finish by May

        Undergraduate and nursing classes for MBBS & nursing students during
residency in Armed Forces Medical College .I was a skilled assistant for the various
theory and practical exams for MBBS and nursing students ,also for MS(Orth) during my
residency in Armed Forces Medical College,Pune.

Indian Medical Council     : 27859(Travancore –kochi medical council,28th June 1999)

.Indian Medical Association (IMA)
.Orthopaedic Association Of south Indian States (OASIS)
.Kerala Orthopaedic Association (KOA)
.Cochin Orthopaedic Association (COS)
.Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA)

Playing tennis and exercise, nature watching and travelling, social work

               REFEREES :-

    1. Col (Dr) KR Salgotra.MBBS, MS (surgery),MS (Orth)MNAMS
       Dept Orthopaedics
       Military Hospital Kirkee (AFMC-unit 11)
       Pune - 40, INDIA
    2. Lt Col GR Joshi MBBS,MS(Surgery),MS (Orth)
       Associate Professor
    3. Dr. P K Ranjit . MBBS,MS (Orth),FRCS (Tr&Orth)MRCS(Glasgow)
       Joint Replacement Surgeon
       Dept. of Orthopaedics
       Ernakulam Medical Centre
       Kochi - 28

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