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					      Welcome to
Holly Pond Elementary
   Holly Pond Elementary
  The mission of Holly Pond Elementary
School is to assist the students in
mastering the necessary skills needed
to reach their greatest potential and to
become confident, self-directed,
lifelong learners.
• Holly Pond Elementary is proud to be an
  AMSTI school, where students learn
  math, science, and technology through
  activity-based, inquiry approaches
  consistent with the latest research on
  effective math and science instruction.
           Federal Funds
Holly Pond Elementary is a Title I school.
 We earn Federal Funds based on the
 percentage of students who are eligible
 for free or reduced lunches.

If you think you might qualify for free or
  reduced lunches, please complete a form
  and return it to the lunchroom manager
         Federal Funds
Title I funds at HPE provide:
•    1 teacher
•    Instructional materials and supplies

Parent Involvement funds are used to pay
  for our monthly parent newsletters and
  resources for parents.
     21st Century After School
           Students K-8
    3:00-5:30 daily starting August 11th
•   Homework assistance
•   Recreation
•   Snack provided
•   $25.00 per week
          Attendance Policies &
 Any student who arrives after 8:00 a.m. is to be signed in by a parent/guardian in
  the office before he/she comes to class.
 Any student who checks out during the school day MUST be checked out at the
 Parents are not to extend their visits in the classroom past the first bell in the
  morning. If you have a matter to discuss with the teacher, please schedule an
  appointment during his/her planning time or after school hours.
All visitors MUST first report to the office and receive a visitor’s pass before
 coming to the lunchroom or classroom. This includes all parents and classroom
The office closely monitors excessive absences and early checkouts. All absences
 must be accompanied by a doctor’s excuse or a written note from a parent for the
 absence to be excused.
Three (3) parent notes are allowed each semester. Excuses must be turned in
  within 3 days of the absence. The office retains all doctor’s excuses and parent
Only 6 absences are allowed for one school year. Students can be retained due to
 excessive absences.
Three (3) tardies equal one (1) absence.
              Please read carefully the section concerning attendance
                  in the Cullman County School Student Handbook.
                                                                               No drop off or pick
                                                                                  up allowed at                             HPES
   Please follow all drop off                                 Parking
                                                                                     office                                 Office
  and pick up procedures so
  that we may do everything
    possible to protect our
           students.                                      RIGHT
    If you should need to come in to          Turn
    the school for any reason in the
    morning, please park by the gym.
                                                                                                      Gate 1
    The parking spaces at the front
     of the school are reserved for                                                                                         Holly Pond
             personnel only.                                                                                                Elementary
                                              HP/                                                                           School
                                                                                                     Gate 2

                                                                                                     Gate 3

                                                                                                               2 parallel
                Church                                                                                         parking

              parking lot
278                                                   Merge                                   The lane from the church will
                                                                                             merge into lane 2. Lane 2 will
                                                     Lane 2                                  then merge into Lane 1 before
                                       HP                                                        reaching the building.
                                       Sch-              Lane 1
                                       Rd                         Playground
light                                                                           Brooklyn Road/County Rd 1718
                                                      If the line on HP School Road is full, you must go to the church parking lot
                                                                     to get in line. It is unlawful to block the road.

                                DROP-OFF & PICK-UP
•School Supplies     $25.00
       K-1 Room # 27
       2-3 Room # 5
       4-5   Room # 13
•Reading             $10.00
•PTO Membership       $5.00 (1 per family)
•Lunch (5 days)       $8.75

You may pay in cash or make your check payable to HPES.
                 Lunch Money
• Please send lunch money on Monday each week. You will be
  notified when your child’s balance is low or insufficient. If you
  receive a note regarding your child’s lunch balance, please send
  money the next day.
Lunch:      $1.75/day or $8.75 per week
Reduced: $0.40/day or $2.00 per week             Extra Milk: $0.25
Adult Lunch: $2.50

Breakfast: $1.00/day or $5.00 per week
Reduced: $0.30/day or $1.50 per week
Adult Breakfast: $1.50
   We Need Your Help!
 Please join the Holly Pond School PTO!
 The PTO of Holly Pond School is very active
  in supporting all aspects of our schools.
 Dues are $5.00 per family regardless of the
   number of children in school.
 We invite all parents to participate by
   joining, working in the concession stands at
   athletic events, and attending PTO events.
Ways to Help Our School

    Participate in the following
programs that help our school earn
  money, books, and computers.
Boxtops for Education

   Look for products with the Boxtops for
 Education emblem. Cut out the boxtop and
send it to your child’s teacher or the office.
 Money earned from this program helps our
 school purchase books and other classroom
    Capri Sun or Kool-Aid
HPES is participating in a program that
recycles the drink pouches from Capri Sun and

Please cut off the top close to the seam and
rinse out the pouch. Then send the pouches to
school in a Ziploc bag.

Everyone wins! Our school earns money for
each pouch, which is recycled into interesting
          Computers for
 A great way to help our school earn money
     is by completing the Computers for
     Education booklets.
 Just fill in 11 accurate and complete
     addresses for relatives and friends.
 Return the booklet completed and your
     child receives a prize and is entered in
     the drawing for a really cool prize!
      Recycle Ink & Toner

  Donate your empty ink or toner cartridges to your
 child’s classroom. Our school receives credits from
office supply stores by participating in their recycling
    program. Our school can use these credits to
purchase copy paper. Teachers can use these credits
  to purchase copy paper and new ink cartridges for
                their classroom printers.
Just cut off the label and return
to the library. Please be sure not
     to cut on the UPC label.
     Target Stores
• When you shop at a Target store using your
  REDcard, Target will donate 1% to the school you
  designate. (You may apply either in the store or
  online for a REDcard.)
• Enroll in their Take Charge of Education program
• Target will send a monthly check to our school to be
  used for classroom supplies.
   Pop tops from Soft Drink
• Please save the pop tops from
  soft drink cans.
• We turned in 364 pounds of pop
  tops this past summer.
• The funds from these pop tops
  are given to the Ronald McDonald
  House to help pay for lodging for
  parents of hospitalized children.
        COKE Products
Please save the caps off of Coke
  products and send to school in
  a Ziploc bag. Our school can
  submit the codes from the
  inside of the cap to earn
  points that can be redeemed
  from Coke for items such as
  playground equipment,
  computers, and many more.
Tyson A+ Project
 Clip and Save Tyson Project A+
   Labels on Tyson Products. Our
   school can then redeem them
   for school related items.
Jackets & Coats

Please use a permanent
  marker to put your
  child’s name on
  his/her lunchbox and
  on the label his/her
  jacket or coat.

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