The point of The Arrow by gdf57j


									                                                                                                                                                                 No. 2
                                                                                                                                                            March 2009

The point                                                          We are
of ‘The Arrow’
Dr. Paul A. Tisdale, Superintendent, Biloxi Public Schools
                                                                   the champions
                         It’s been said that the
                      one thing that remains
                      constant is change. We can
                      all relate to that statement!
                         Next school year will
                      bring a number of changes
                      to our schools and
                      community: Ninth grade
students will attend Biloxi High School;
Biloxi Junior High School will serve seventh
and eighth grade students; Michel will be the
new home for sixth grade students; Lopez will
be a multi-purpose facility serving alternative
school students, pre-school students with
language and speech disabilities; and more.
    The elementary attendance zones for Jeff
Davis and Gorenflo will increase in size; Excel              To see more photos from the state championship basketball game, see Page 4.
by 5, a community initiative to help families
prepare their pre-schoolers for kindergarten is
underway; a new accreditation model will be
implemented by the Mississippi Department                    Exciting changes in store for Biloxi Public Schools
of Education replacing the familiar 5-4-3-2-1                     Attendance zones for elementary school students in   must grow to meet these challenges.”
rating system with a seven tier rating structure             east Biloxi are being re-drawn over the next couple of        The re-purposing of Lopez will mean that 160
(Star School, High Performing, Satisfactory,                 months, signaling landmark changes that will be           students in Grades K through 5 will be attending either
Low Performing, Academic Watch, At-Risk of                   arriving in Biloxi Public Schools beginning next          Gorenflo or Jeff Davis Elementary schools.
Failing, and Failing); new family housing for                school year.                                                  The bulk of the changes, however, will involve the
Keesler Air Force Base will result in an                          Among the changes: a new $10 million, 36-            430 incoming ninth graders who will move to Biloxi
increase in student enrollment; and economic                 classroom wing will open at Biloxi High School,           High School and the 339 incoming sixth graders who
uncertainty will lead to difficult decisions.                accommodating the move of 400 incoming ninth grade will move to the Biloxi Junior High School.
    In spite of all that, I believe we can all               students from Biloxi Junior High School; incoming             "The move will provide more opportunities for
learn from the character exhibited by our state              sixth grade students will be moving from elementary       ninth graders," Tisdale said. "Students will have an
                                                             schools to Michel; and Lopez Elementary School will be expanded choice of electives to choose from at the high
championship basketball team: work hard,
                                                             re-purposed to host the district’s alternative school and school. There also will be a greater selection of extra-
change your strategy to meet situational
                                                             other district resources.                                 curricular activities."
demands, and meet challenges and uncertainty
                                                                  In short, many changes are in                                                  Both Tisdale and Biloxi High
as they appear, with grace and dignity.                      store for students, administrators,                                              School Principal Pamela Manners
    Don’t forget to subscribe to our e-                      teachers and parents. More than
                                                                                                           Why re-purpose noted that credits toward
newsletter, “The Windtalker”; it’s easy… go to               1,800 students – nearly 40 percent                    Lopez?                     graduation begin accruing in the
our website,, and click                of the 4,700 students in Biloxi                                                  ninth grade, and that state and
on “The Windtalker” button… enter your e-                                                                        See Page 2
                                                             public schools – will be attending a                                             national achievement benchmarks
mail address and click on the “send” button.                 new school next school year.                                                     for high schools actually include
    Go, Big Red!                                                  “These moves will position Biloxi Public Schools to  evaluations of ninth-grade performance.
                                                             meet the challenges of education and the economy,”            The move of the sixth graders opens the door for
                                                             said Dr. Paul A. Tisdale, superintendent of Biloxi Public the school system to consider adding pre-K classes in
                                                             Schools. “As difficult as it is, change is growth, and we Biloxi Public Schools at a future date.
    Answers to the most frequently asked
    questions about Lopez re-purposing
    Why is the school district re-purposing any school to begin with?
        In two words: enrollment and cost.
        The school board has monitored attendance – overall and at specific schools – since schools re-opened 19      Board President Kenny Holloway, left, accepts award from Kenny
    days after Katrina. At that time, overall enrollment was 3,167, or about half of what it was before the storm.    Fountain, Mississippi School Board Association president.
        Some schools had classrooms with as few as eight students, which is great in terms of student-teacher
    ratio, but economically impractical to the taxpayers.
        Nonetheless, the district initially opted to wait two years to allow home-building plans to progress.
                                                                                                                      Biloxi one of nine to
    Although Biloxi continues to see progress in terms of home building, the east Biloxi area – with its low-lying
    areas and the costs associated with elevation and insurance – has faced a challenging recovery.
                                                                                                                      win top state honor
        Another important issue is the cost to taxpayers of continuing to operate seven elementary schools.               Biloxi Public Schools is one of nine
        State funding for public school districts is based on enrollment. For two years after Katrina, the state      districts in the state and three on the Gulf
    continued to fund all school districts in Mississippi based on their pre-Katrina enrollment. However, last year   Coast to be recognized for having all
    the state reverted to providing funding on the current enrollment, which meant a $4 million funding cut for       schools in the district meet federal progress
    Biloxi schools. That’s 8.2 percent of the district’s budget.                                                      standards and having students score
        Additionally, the governor announced a state Department of Education budget cut of 3½ percent in              proficient or advanced in all 12 areas of the
    January, which for Biloxi schools meant another $750,000 being trimmed from this year’s budget. And in            rigorous common term assessments.
    making that announcement, the governor warned that larger reductions may occur in 2010.                               School Superintendent Dr. Paul A.
        The district borrowed money to overcome these budget cuts, but wants to cut operating costs to avoid          Tisdale and members of the Biloxi School
    having to borrow in the future.                                                                                   Board were applauded during the
                                                                                                                      Mississippi School Board Association
    Why wasn’t anyone told about this re-purposing of Lopez?                                                          Lighthouse School Leaders Awards
        At the January 2008 school board meeting, the superintendent noted that if an elementary school were          Luncheon. The event was held during the
    to be re-purposed, it would be Lopez Elementary School. However, since the issues of insurance and                MSBA’s Fall Leadership Conference Nov.
    construction costs were still in flux, the recommendation to the board was to keep all elementary schools         18 in Jackson.
    open for another year and re-visit the issue in January 2009, three-and-a-half years after the storm.                 As a Lighthouse award winner, Biloxi
        Citizens expressed their concerns and presented petitions about the possible re-purposing of Lopez at         schools met three criteria:
    April, May, and June board meetings.                                                                              • Met Adequate Yearly Progress
                                                                                                                          benchmarks in all areas tested.
    Wasn’t Gorenflo chosen to be “re-purposed”?                                                                       • Obtained an average scale score of 151
         At the January 2009 board meeting, the superintendent – after listening to comments from residents               or above
    near Lopez Elementary School and considering that two $10-million state-of-the-art schools in east Biloxi         • 50 percent or more students scored
    (Gorenflo and Nichols) were within blocks of each other – recommended that Gorenflo be re-purposed.                   proficient or advanced in all 12 areas of
         The board tabled the suggestion to seek more information. Two workshops were conducted before the                the Mississippi Common Term
    February board meeting for additional information and more public comment. Copies of documents –                      Assessments.
    including enrollment history, utility and insurance costs, projected enrollment figures based on new                  The eight other districts in the state that
    military housing, housing construction trends, and current attendance zones – were made available to all          received the honor: Clinton, Enterprise,
    attending the February board meeting. The documents are now online at                          Long Beach, Ocean Springs, Pass Christian,
         After reviewing the information, considering citizens comments from the previous dozen school board          Pontotoc City, Union City and Union
    meetings, discussion with the board, and the board’s visits to the considered elementary schools, the             County.
    superintendent changed his recommendation, and proposed re-purposing Lopez.
         Among the factors: Gorenflo is only a three-year-old school, with the most modern and energy-
    efficient classrooms. The school benefited from a complete restoration after Katrina.
         Lopez, on the other hand, is one of the oldest schools in the district.
         The school board voted unanimously to re-purpose Lopez.

    Lopez is a Level 5 school. Gorenflo is a Level 3 school. Won’t Lopez students suffer by
    going to an inferior school?
        Gorenflo is not an inferior school, as indicated by the most recent test scores. Besides, some of the
                                                                                                                      From left, Bob Laird, Officers Niles Dunnings and Daisy Watson,
    students and teachers who helped earn the Level 5 status at Lopez will be bringing their same talents and         Chief Paul Cannette and Superintendent Dr. Paul A. Tisdale
    abilities to Gorenflo.
        The Mississippi Department of Education’s accreditation ratings being mentioned these days are from
    two years ago, the 2006-07 school year. The state, in fact, is moving away from the Level 5-4-3-2-1               State recognizes campus police
    accreditation system in favor of a new, more rigorous model that ranks schools as Star, High Performing,               Biloxi Public Schools campus police officers
    Satisfactory, Low Performing, Academic Watch, At-Risk of Failing, Failing.                                        have been awarded medals for their work in helping
        The new model will be adopted statewide in the next few months, and schools, based on this spring’s           evacuate residents during Hurricane Gustav.
    assessments, will be receiving their new accreditation rating in the Fall. Had the proposed accreditation model        Bob Laird, director of Safe and Orderly
    been used this school year, Gorenflo and Lopez would have received the same rating, “High Performing.”            Schools for the Mississippi Department of
                                                                                                                      Education, presented the medals to Chief Paul
    What now at Lopez?                                                                                                Cannette, and Officers Daisy Watson and Niles
        This next school year Lopez will house the district’s alternative school (about 50 students of compulsory     Dunnings during a ceremony at the district
                                                                                                                      administrative office. As Gustav threatened, the
    school age), as well as pre-kindergarten students with language and speech disabilities/disorders, provide        officers used school buses to transport
    space for the community’s Excel by 5 pre-school initiative, and possibly community education classes.             residents to the skate park on DeBuys Road,
        About 70 percent of students currently attending Lopez will attend Gorenflo; the remaining 30 percent         where Cannette was tapped by the department
    will attend Jeff Davis. The dividing line will be White Avenue.                                                   of education to serve as primary safety officer.
Drama department                                                                                                        Biloxi students
                                                                                                                        attend inauguration,
has big year                                                                                                            visit D.C. sites
                                                                                                                            A group of 20 Biloxi High School
    The Biloxi High School Drama Department                                                                             students attended the inauguration of
has had much to celebrate throughout this                                                                               President Barrack Obama and visited
school year.                                                                                                            several educational sites while in the
    To begin, the improvisational team, Kelly's                                                                         nation’s capital.
Kids, won the Lynn Meadows Rubber Chicken                                                                                   During their five-day trip, the group
Improv Festival for the third year in a row.         The cast of “The Gift of Tenyin,” including medal winners Cobren   attended an Inauguration ball, viewed the
    In December, students traveled to Hattiesburg    Greer and Cody McGuire                                             national archives, the Smithsonian
where they participated in the South Mississippi                                                                        Institute, Mount Vernon, the national
High School Drama Festival. They performed the       of fun! I am so very proud of all of my students.”                 monuments and Arlington National
play “The Gift of Tenyin” and won awards for Best         It should be known, however, that the BHS                     Cemetery.
Scenic Design and a Distinguished Play Award.        Drama Department does not compete the entire                           Students going on the trip were:
Cobren Greer and Cody McGuire won All Star           year. They also participate in community events as                 Amanda Balwin, Jeffrey Ball, Casey Bell,
Cast Awards for their performance on stage.          well as perform for the pure enjoyment of theatre.                 Alexis Boucher, Steven Boucher, Jennifer
    With the Distinguished Play Award, the group     So far, the students have particpated in the Biloxi                Bui, Courtney Gray, Kendall Gregory,
advanced to the Mississippi Theatre Association's    Cemetery Re-enactments and Cruisin' the Coast,                     Gabrielle Hartwell, Kendall Holloway,
State Festival and were successful once again.       and represented famous Biloxians at the recent                     Giovonni Hopkins, Julie Johnson,
During the coldest weekend in January, Ms.           grand opening of the new Hancock Bank.                             Danielle Laws, Jennifer Le, Deborah
Norris and her students journeyed to Natchez to           Students have also performed plays as                         McNeal, Tyler Miller, Matthew Mosher,
participate at the state level. Their performance    entertainment for the Rotary Club and for the                      John Nguyen, Lauren Taylor and
was remarkable and garnered rave reviews from the    Mississippi Council for Exceptional Children.                      Katherine Tootle.
adjudicators and audience members. Once again        Their spring musical, “Aladdin,” was quite a                           Chaperones were Todd Boucher,
they won for Best Scenic Design and captured the     success and they are looking forward to                            DeBorah Holliday and Sally Griggs.
Most Outstanding Technical Effect Award for the      participating in Lynn Meadows annual fundraiser
shadow theatre in their show. Erika Barber won       Dreams at the Beau Rivage. Students will be
an All Star Cast Award for her role as Tenyin.       demonstrating the art of Shadow Theatre. They
    In the Individual Events Festival, Kristen       will also have two or more nights of one acts as well              VFW names Reynolds as best
Bankston and Lucy Thompson won First Place in
Duet Acting while Kristen Bankston, Shay Lawson
                                                     as host a gala to celebrate the arts at the end of the
                                                     year. “Juggling all of these activities keeps us very
                                                                                                                        junior high teacher in state
and Bryan Rosetti took home Third Place in Scene     busy, but when I see the kids succeed, grow and                        Kelleigh Reynolds,
Performance.                                         learn more about themselves, I know it is worth                    who teaches English as
    Representing her school even more, Kristen       every minute.”                                                     a second language and
Bankston won the inaugural Youth Playwriting             As for right now, the Drama Department has a                   French classes in Biloxi
Competition and was honored by having a staged       little time to regroup and to breathe. Don't think                 schools, has been
reading of her play, “Blame the Fool.” Their         for a second, however, that anything has stopped.                  named the VFW's
director, Kelly Norris, said that the trip was       Ms. Norris is already researching for next year's                  Junior High Teacher of
wonderful. “The hard work that they put into this    competition piece. "I haven't made my decision yet,                the Year in Mississippi.
show allowed us to be recognized and to have loads   but I know it is going to be something very unique."                   Biloxi Junior High
                                                                                                                        School Principal Murray Killebrew said
                                                                                                                        he thought Ms. Reynolds was an
                                                                                                                        outstanding selection.

What to do now that you’ve seen those report cards                                                                          “Ms. Reynolds actively engages her
                                                                                                                        students in instruction,” Killebrew said.
                                                                                                                        “They readily relate to what she’s teaching
    So, your child brings home the report card,                          and her positive personality. She has the
test scores or quiz results. Now what?               • Is your child taking advantage of the district’s                 ability to get students excited about
    Schools chief Dr. Paul A. Tisdale says parents       re-teaching and re-testing program?                            learning the French language.”
should consider several steps after reviewing the    • Remember that education is a collaborative                       As the state honoree, Ms. Reynolds was
grades.                                                  effort. Students should have a supportive and                  recognized and received a cash award at a
    “The first thing parents should do is to             structured environment at home.                                conference in Tupelo.
congratulate children if they’re doing well,” said       “Another important thing for parents right                         She also will represent Mississippi in
Tisdale, superintendent of Biloxi Public Schools.    now is to examine the syllabus that should have                    the competition for the VFW National
“Positive re-enforcement goes a long way toward      been brought home this week,” Tisdale said.                        Junior High Teacher of the Year.
keeping students on track.”                          “That syllabus tells you everything that will be                       Ms. Reynolds, who teaches at both
    However, if parents feel grades are short of     taught – and, hopefully, learned – over the next                   junior high and high school, was selected
expectations, there are courses of action:           nine weeks. It’s a good indication of what’s going                 as the Mississippi winner from
• E-mail the respective teacher for advice and       to be on the test at the end of this semester.”                    contestants representing all nine VFW
    feedback. (Email addresses are                                                                                      districts in the state.
                                                                                                                             Living large
                                                                                                                             in the Big House
                                                                                                                             Members of the Biloxi Indians
                                                                                                                             District 5A championship
                                                                                                                             basketball team get ready to
                                                                                                                             pose for their official team
                                                                                                                             picture after defeating
                                                                                                                             Provine in the finals at the
                                                                                                                             Mississippi Coliseum in
                                                                                                                             Jackson. To see dozens more
                                                                                                                             photos, go to the online
                                                                                                                             Photo Gallery at

    WLOX sportscaster Jeff Shepard,
    left, smiles while listening to post-                                                             Coach Seber Windham makes a point to his team
    game comments from Biloxi point                                                                   in the final minutes of the championship game.
    guard Isaiah Canaan.
                                                                                                      All smiles from the Biloxi High School
                                                                                                      cheering squad.

    School Calendar                                                       See complete calendar at

    Biloxi Public Schools                                                 This calendar is subject to change for reasons of inclement weather or state assessments.
                                                                          Additional make-up days may be added to the end of the school year if necessary.

               03/19/09    Thu     Report Cards Sent Home                             05/01/09   Fri      English II Test, SATP (State)
               03/23/09    Mon     No Students/Professional Development               05/04/09   Mon      Make-Up Test for SATP

               03/26/09    Thu     English II Writing SATP (State)                    05/12/09   Tue      MCT2 Language Arts, Grades 3-8 (State)
               03/27/09    Fri     Make-Up Test for Writing                           05/13/09   Wed      MCT2 Language Arts, Grades 3-8 (State)
               03/30/09    Mon     On-Line Biology I SATP                             05/14/09   Thu      MCT2 Math, Grades 3-8 (State)

               03/31/09    Tue     On-Line US History SATP                            05/15/09   Fri      Make-Up Test for MCT2
                                                                                      05/19/09   Tue      School Board Meeting
               04/01/09    Wed     On-Line Algebra I SATP                             05/24/09   Sun      Graduation, 2:00 p.m.
               04/02/09    Thu     On-Line English II SATP                            05/25/09   Mon      Memorial Day Holiday
               04/03/09    Fri     Make-Up Test for SATP                              05/27/09   Wed      Term Exams, Grades 7-12 TERM 4 = 46 Days
               04/09/09    Thu     Last Day before Spring Break                       05/28/09   Thu      Term Exams, Grades 7-12 SEM 2 = 91 Days

               04/10/09    Fri     Good Friday                                        05/28/09   Thu      Last Day for Students; Early Dismissal
               04/20/09    Mon     School Resumes                                     05/29/09   Fri      Last Day For Teachers Close Classrooms
               04/21/09    Tue     School Board Meeting                               06/16/09   Tue      School Board Meeting
               04/23/09    Thu     Mid-Term Progress Reports
               04/28/09    Tue     Biology I Test, SATP (State)
               04/29/09    Wed     U.S. History Test, SATP (State)                     Spring Break       April 10, 2009 - April 17, 2009
               04/30/09    Thu     Algebra I SATP (State)                              Memorial Day       May 25, 2009
Jones wins presidential award                                                                                Three Biloxi schools
for volunteer service                                                                                        chosen for assessment
   Biloxi High                                     country have been considered for these awards
School senior Amber                                since the program began in 1995.
Jones has been                                         “The recipients of these awards vividly                   Three Biloxi public schools –
honored for her                                    demonstrate that young people across America              Beauvoir and Lopez Elementary, and
exemplary volunteer                                are making remarkable contributions to the                Biloxi Junior High -- have been chosen by
service with a                                     health and vitality of their communities,” said           Mississippi Department of Education to
President's Volunteer                              Arthur F. Ryan, chairman of Prudential                    participate in The National Assessment of
Service Award.                                     Financial. “They truly deserve all the praise and         Educational Progress.
   The award, which                                encouragement we can give them.”                              The NAEP is a national assessment of
recognizes Americans                                   “NASSP is proud to honor them as they are             what America's students know and can
of all ages who have                               wonderful examples of the high caliber of young           do in various subject areas. NAEP
volunteered                                        people in our nation's schools today,” said Gerald        assessments are administered uniformly
significant amounts of time to serve their         Tirozzi, executive director of the National               using the same sets of test booklets across
communities and their country, was presented by    Association of Secondary School Principals.               the nation. NAEP results serve as a
the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards              Program applications were distributed last            common metric for all states.
program on behalf of the President's Council on    September through all public and private middle               NAEP scores are important for
Service and Civic Participation.                   and high schools, Girl Scout councils, 4-H                Mississippi for a number of reasons. Said
    Sponsored by Prudential Financial in           organizations, American Red Cross Chapters,               Gov. Haley Barbour: “When businesses
partnership with the National Association of       YMCAs, and Volunteer Centers. After local
                                                                                                             decide where they want to locate their next
Secondary School Principals, the Prudential        honorees were named, state-level judges selected
                                                                                                             plant, distribution center, retail outlet or
Spirit of Community Awards program recognizes      state honorees, distinguished finalists and certificate
                                                                                                             office, they look at our NAEP scores to
young people across America for outstanding        of excellence recipients. Volunteer activities were
community service activities.                      judged on criteria such as personal initiative,           judge the quality of our educational system
    Nearly 250,000 young people across the         creativity, effort, impact and personal growth.           and the quality of our workforce.”

Students make impressive debut                                                                               Biloxi High to establish
at science, math tournament                                                                                  Track Booster Club
                                                                                                                Biloxi High School
                                                                                                             launched the 2009 track
                                                                                                             season with the
                                                                                                             establishment of a track
                                                                                                             booster club.
                                                                                                                 Parents, guardians, alumni and
                                                                                                             supporters are encouraged to
                                                                                                             become a booster club member,
                                                                                                             which will allow them to have more
                                                                                                             input in their child’s track and field
                                                                                                             travels, and to make suggestions for
                                                                                                             fundraisers and the year-end banquet.
                                                                                                                 Membership fee is $5, and
                                                                                                             individual or corporate sponsors with
                                                                                                             a donation of $100 or more will have
                                                                                                             a banner with the name of their
                                                                                                             business displayed at the Biloxi High
                                                                                                             School stadium this season.
                                                                                                                 Those interested in joining can
    Biloxi High School was well-represented during its first appearance at the Mississippi College           make donations to the Biloxi High Track
Science and Mathematics Tournament. Savanna King and Bo Portillo placed in the Top 15 percent in             Booster Club at any Hancock Bank or
Mathematics testing, Bo placed in the Top 10 percent in Biology, and Savanna in the Top 1 percent in         contact President Clarence Taylor at
Biology. These two students received scholarship awards to Mississippi College.                              (228) 594-3361 or Vice President Kirk
    The Quiz Bowl team of Hardy Delaughter, Bo Portillo, Ashley Moss, and Andrew Olguin                      Jackson at (228) 424-7915.
competed in the final round of Division I. Other members of the group include Abby Abide, Mara                   Members will each receive a
Joffe, Lauren Rackley, Matt Wahl, and Paul Solomon.                                                          membership card that can be presented
    The tournament was attended by 600 students representing 60 schools across the state.                    upon registration or mailed to you.
                                                                                                           Biloxi swimmer qualifies
    Biloxi Envirothon Team                                                                                 for Eastern Section meet
                                                                                                                              Swimmer Gabby Aranda,

    scores in competition                                                                                                  the female team captain of the
                                                                                                                           Biloxi Elite and Biloxi High
                                                                                                                           swim teams, has qualified to
                                                                                                                           compete in four events in the
                                                                                                                           Eastern Section qualifiers swim
                                                                                                           meet this weekend in Cary, N.C.
                                                                                                              Aranda, 16, will compete in the 50-, 100-
                                                                                                           and 200-yard freestyle, and the 100-yard fly
                                                                                                           based on her successful times at the Mississippi
                                                                                                           Short Course State Championships in Oxford
                                                                                                           Feb. 20-22.
                                                                                                              She will be competing against qualifying
                                                                                                           swimmers from Mississippi, Alabama,
                                                                                                           Tennessee, Western Florida, Georgia, South
                                                                                                           Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, and West
                                                                                                           Virginia. The meet will feature four former
                                                                                                           Olympic swimmers: Cullen Jones, Amanda
    Members of the Biloxi Envirothon Team
                                                                                                           Weir, Mark Gangloff, and Gil Stovall.

        The Biloxi High School Envirothon Team          world around them. The program tests
    had the top score in the Current Issue category     knowledge in the categories of aquatics,
    of the South Area Competition at the Forrest        forestry, soils, wildlife, and current issue.
    County Multi-Purpose/Extension Center
    in Hattiesburg.
                                                            Through local soil and water conservation
                                                        districts, volunteers and resource personnel
                                                                                                           Soccer players selected
        Biloxi team members, who trained intensely
    for the Feb. 19 competition, were Greg Mareno,
    Jerico Gotte, Savanna King, Justin Freche,
                                                        from state and federal natural resource agencies
                                                        and organizations have been working with
                                                        educators and sharing their environmental
                                                                                                           for state, district teams
    Crystal Ross, and Aerial “Hunter” Curtis. The       expertise to ready the teams for this                                Sam Morgan has been
    team, whose winning issue was Biodiversity, was     competition. The resource professionals were                       selected for the Clarion
    coached and sponsored by Mrs. Sarah Langford,       on hand to assist with testing and judging at                      Ledger All-State Soccer
    a Biology I teacher at BHS.                         the area competition, and will be assisting with                   Team. Additionally, Sam,
        The Mississippi Envirothon, a program of        the statewide competition as well.                                 Kendall Holloway, Kayleigh
    the Mississippi Association of Conservation             The Mississippi Envirothon is funded by                        Clark, Brittany Lang and
    Districts, is a hands-on natural resource           Chevron and is the only Envirothon fully funded    Caitlin Andrews have been chosen for the
    competition designed to challenge students in       by a major petroleum products company.             All-District Soccer Team. The soccer
    Grades 9 through 12 to explore the natural                                                             team, incidentally, finished its season with
                                                                                                           a 15-4-2 record and as district champions
                                                                                                           for the second consecutive year.

    North Bay class wins mention
    in Exploravision contest                                                                               Wilson, Partman
        Ms. Mary Edelen's class at North Bay            vision of a future technology. Students worked     first from Biloxi to be
    Elementary received two Honorable Mention
    awards in the Toshiba Exploravision Contest.
                                                        in groups to simulate Research and
                                                        Development teams.
                                                                                                           chosen for softball
        The two teams that placed were AW (Allergy
    Watch) Team (2nd grade) and the Stop Fire
                                                            Each team selected a technology or an aspect
                                                        of technology that already existed to explore
    Vacuum System (3rd grade). The students on          what it does, how it works, and how, when, and                          The Mississippi High
    the AW (Allergy Watch) Team were Janie              why it was invented. Then the students                               School Coaches Association
    Cromer, Raivyn Alford, and Kayne Asbell. The        projected the technology 20 years into the                           has selected two Biloxi seniors
    students on the Stop Fire Vacuum System were        future.                                                              to represent the south squad in
    Autumn McDaniel, Georgia Bosarge, Taylor                Their vision was expressed through both                          the state softball all-star game
    White, and Jakob Hockman. Of the 4,388 team         written description and five graphics simulating                     in June. Brooke Wilson was
    entries, Ms. Edelen's teams were the only ones in   web pages. The entries were from all over North    selected to the south's slow-pitch team and
    Mississippi to make the top ten percent.            America. “North Bay Elementary, Biloxi, MS”        Mariah Partman was selected to south's fast-
        The contest was a competition that              is now listed on the Toshiba website at            pitch team. They are the first players from
    encouraged students to use their imaginations           Biloxi ever selected to participate in these
    with scientific tools to create and explore a       mentions-2009.php                                  statewide all-star games.
Reese named Health
Educator of the Year
    Coach Michael
                                                    School board members recognized
Reese of Biloxi High                                   Biloxi School Board members were honored      Cleaners, Frank P. Corso, Hancock Bank, Hard
School has been                                    last month as part of February’s observance of    Rock Café, Susan Hunt, IP Casino Resort Spa,
named the Health                                   school board recognition month.                   Main Street Biloxi, Mary Mahoney’s Old French
Educator of the Year                                   A drawing for a gallon of gumbo from Mary     House, Medical Analysis, Negrotto’s Gallery and
for 2008 by the                                    Mahoney’s Old French House Restaurant was         Custom Framing, Palace Casino Resort, The
Mississippi Alliance                               won by board member Keith Anderson.               Peoples Bank, W.G. Yates and Sons
for Health, Physical                                   School board members also were recognized     Construction Company and Winn Dixie, Biloxi
Education,                                         at a City Council meeting in February.            Pass Road.
Recreation and                                         Those who contributed to the success of          Businesses or individuals who would like to
Dance, a professional organization of              school board recognition were:                    contribute to support special events or
educators throughout the state.                        Roy Anderson Corp., Applebee’s,               observances involving Biloxi Public Schools
    Reese is in his 22nd year of teaching          BancorpSouth, Beau Rivage Resort & Casino,        should contact Susan Hunt at
and coaching, with 19 of those years in the        Biloxi Regional Medical Center, City of Biloxi, or at 374-1810.
Biloxi Public School System.                       Classy Chassis, Community Bank, Edgewater
    He currently teaches Comprehensive
Health, is head coach of the Biloxi High
boys track team, and is assistant coach of
the Biloxi High boys basketball team.
    Reese was also the 2006 Junior High
Coach of the Year in Basketball for Region
4-5A.                                                  In Biloxi,
    Said Reese: “I gratefully accept this
award on behalf of the administrators,
faculty and students of the Biloxi Public
Schools, who, like me, strive for the
success of students on a daily basis.”                 always in
    Reese received his B.S. Degree in Health
                                                       Keeping up with activities and
and Physical Education from Alcorn State               achievements at Biloxi Public Schools
University in 1986 and his Master's Degree             is just a click away, thanks to the
in Educational Administration from the                 school district’s new web site at
University of Southern Mississippi in 2005.  
    Reese is an active member of several
                                                       You’ll find news about students and
professional and fraternal organizations.              staff, details about upcoming events,
Among them are the Coaches Association                 and you can sign up for “The
of the Mississippi High School Activities              Windtalker,” an innovative e-news
Association, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity,               program that delivers timely news to
and the Benevolent & Protective Order of               you on a regular basis.
Elks of Mississippi.                                   It’s easy to sign up for this free
                                                       service. Just visit and
                                                       click on “The Windtalker.”

‘Cabaret’ wins                               
     “Cabaret,” Biloxi High School’s show
choir, captured awards in the Purvis High
School Invitational Show choir competition
on Feb. 28.
     In the preliminary round the group placed
second overall and garnered the most
outstanding soloist award with Brittni
Campbell’s rendition of “His Eye Is on The
     In the finals round, the choir captured the
first runner-up trophy, with Wayne County
named grand champions. Brittni Campbell
once again crushed the competition and
walked away with “Best Soloist of the Day.”
                                ‘BusinessWeek’ cites Biloxi as best place in state to raise children
                                    “BusinessWeek” has named Biloxi as               wake of 2005's Hurricane Katrina. It is famous
                                Mississippi’s best place for raising children.       for its casinos, Gulf Coast beaches, and
                                    The magazine said its most important             saltwater fishing.”
                                factors in analyzing communities across the              The report listed Biloxi has having a
                                country with a population of at least 50,000         population of 50,833 and a median household
                                were school performance, affordability, and          income of $52,786.
                                safety. The criteria also considered cost of             Runners up for the Mississippi honor were
                                living, air quality, job growth, racial diversity,   Gulfport and Jackson. Mount Prospect, Ill., a
                                and local parks, ball fields, zoos, recreation       quiet Chicago suburb with a population of just
                                centers, museums, and theaters.                      over 56,000, was named the winner of           In a story on its online edition,                “BusinessWeek’s” second annual roundup of
                                “BusinessWeek” said of Biloxi, “The coastal          the Best Places in America to Raise Kids.
                                city is going through a building boom in the
    Biloxi School Board
     Mr. Kenny Holloway
                                                                                                  CSI-Biloxi, the forensic
      Mr. Keith Anderson        GORENFLO LAUNCHES                                              science unit that is being

                                CSI: Biloxi unit
         Vice President                                                                        funded by Biloxi First, has
      Mr. Loyce Searight                                                                       kicked off at Gorenflo
           Secretary                                                                           Elementary. The dates for the
                                                                                               unit are March 2, 9, 16, 30
       Mr. David Blaine
                                                                                               and April 6.
                                    The 5th and 6th grade CREATE students from Beauvoir, Jeff Davis, Gorenflo, North
     Mrs. Allison Buchanan      Bay and Popp’s Ferry are participating in this exciting unit with more than 25 experiments
            Member              in forensic science (using the scientific method)! Participating in the program are 69
      Lt. Col. Rich Cole        students, 12 parent volunteers and three CREATE teachers (Cathi Brennan of North Bay,
         KAFB Liaison           Nancy Lamey of Gorenflo and Popp's Ferry, and Kim Clemon of Beauvoir and Jeff Davis).

    Biloxi Public Schools
       Dr. Paul A. Tisdale
                                District seeks
                                vintage photos,
                                    The Biloxi Public School District will
                                observe its 150th anniversary on May 17, 2010,
                                                                                               Gorenflo Elementary School - built in 1924
                                and district historian Lee Ann Dubaz is seeking
                                photographs and other documents for an exhibit that will help show milestones and
                                memories through the years.
                                    Photos and documents will be scanned and originals will be returned to owners.
                                    Those interested in contributing photos or other memorabilia should contact Dubaz, who is
                                secretary to the superintendent, at 374-1810 ext. 118 or via email at
                                                                                              PRST STD
                                                                                                              US POSTAGE PAID
    Mayor A.J. Holloway                                                                                          PERMIT 57
                                                                                                              BILOXI, MS 39530
    and the City Council
       George Lawrence                                                                                               ECRWSS
    William “Bill” Stallworth
     Charles T. Harrison Jr.
        Mike Fitzpatrick
           Tom Wall
                                                                Biloxi Resident
    Edward “Ed” Gemmill
          David Fayard

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