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									Introducing WinTrack® SETS
Lee Reeves, Senior Cable Sales Executive Ty Abrahams, Cable Sales Representative

Who is Mintek: A Solution Provider

Mintek History

Product Lines
Warehouse Automation • WinTrack SETS • WatchList • SETS for Contractors
Customer Relationship Management • • Sales Force Automation Tap Audit 9 Divisions 300+ Users 480+ Locations 2,300+ Users

Asset Management • Transcendent • WinTrack PM • WORX

800+ Locations 3,000+ Users

What is WinTrack® SETS?

•Warehouse Mgmt •Works with •CSG •ICOMS •AMDOCS •Containers

•Automatic •Find Flagged CPE •Recalls •Repairs •Bad Boxes •Reduce Truck Rolls

•Add and Track Inventory •Reduce Lost CPE




Current SETS Customers
• • • • • Comcast Cable Time Warner Communications Bright House Networks Charter Communications Grande Communications

CPE Management Components
Billing Systems: ICOMS, CSG, AMDOCS

SETS for

WinTrack® SETS


Contractor Handheld

Warehouse Handheld

CPE Management Components
Billing Systems: ICOMS, CSG, AMDOCS

WinTrack® SETS is the only warehouse management system designed to talk with ICOMS, CSG, & AMDOCS.

CPE Management Components
WinTrack® SETS

Warehouse Handheld

WinTrack® SETS is a proven solution with a sub-one year ROI.

CPE Management Components

WatchList is a powerful way to find bad boxes; without changing current work procedures.

CPE Management Components
SETS for

Contractor Handheld

SETS for Contractors is an easy way to extend the power of SETS to your Contractors.

WinTrack SETS Overview
Tracks daily customer terminal device activity


Perform monthly reconciliation by serial number, not by total

Barcode based system

SETS Functions
• • • • Adds Transfers Issues & Returns Equipment Diagnostics

SETS Reconciliation
• • • • Front Counter Installer/Technician Contractor Warehouse

• • • • •



Containers Four-Part Labels Network History Tech/Location Inquiry Canned and Custom Reports

Scan a Single Barcode.

A Container ID can be scanned in all of the functions that SETS performs, Add, Count, Diagnostics, Moves and Issues.

Four-Part Labels
When field personnel install equipment in a subscriber's home, the technician peels one of the labels and places the label on each copy of the work order.
1. The customer receives a receipt with a legible serial number. 2. The technician has a copy of that serial number. 3. The check-in/work-order-processing department simply scans the serial number off the label affixed to the work order rather than manually keying the information into the host billing system. 4. Shows the user who applied the labels and the last date it was in the QC process.

Tech/Location Inquiry
• Inventory specific billing system statuses and locations, • by generating transactions and letting WinTrack SETS do the inquiry. • This is useful for generating reports
– showing the equipment still assigned to installers and contractors.

Canned Reports: • Barcode Manifests • Container Labels • History Transaction Reports • Employee Productivity Reports • Reconciliation Reports • Issue & Return Receipts Custom Report Writer Included!

The CASE for SETS

Control Accuracy Saving Ease of Use

• • • • • • Barcode Manifests Reconciliation Reports Equipment Receipts Exception Reports History Transaction Reports Container Labels/Manifest

No Manual Keypunching or Handwriting In: • Check In/Dispatch • Front Counter • Issue & Return Receipts • Asset Transfers • Work Orders

Do you know what percentage of CPE you lose? Is it 2, 3 or even 4%.

Let’s say you lose 2% and you have 25,000 boxes. SETS would have a 1-YR Return of 53,250

What if you lost 5% of your CPE? 1-YR Return of 247,500


And that’s just the savings in lost CPE. Not time. Not efficiency.

Easy to Use
• SETS Handhelds Make Billing System Portable • SETS PC Eliminates “Babysitting” Billing System Terminals • Printed Receipts Eliminates Manual Writing and Verification • Four-Part Labels Automate Work Order Processing

SETS Benefits Overview

Installing SETS in the warehouses provides

corporate management higher CPE visibility
within the billing system.

SETS Benefits Overview

decreases labor requirements
for the warehouse freeing time for other tasks or employee reallocation.

Installing SETS

SETS Benefits Overview

• Installing SETS improves “closed loop” management of subscriber inventory.
• It virtually eliminates errors from manual entry decreasing installation time, waiting time and truck rolls. • It provides a tool for repair tracking. • The container feature allows very quick transaction of large volumes of equipment such as transferring of assets and special programs i.e. equipment swap outs/disposing of obsolete equipment.

• Eliminates physical movement of equipment.
• Improves employee morale by providing a tool that dramatically improves efficiency of daily tasks. • Reduction in Truck Rolls

SETS Benefits Analysis
According to a National SETS Survey of Warehouses: • 62.49 Hours Saved per Week • $13.44 Hourly Pay Rate
That means savings of: • $839.92 – per week • $3,639.37 – per month • $43,672.44 – per year

Average Cost of SETS System - $23,000 provides • 1.6 Employees Headcount Savings • 6 Month ROI


“Before SETS, a fully automated and accurate monthly reconciliation was not possible… With SETS, we perform accurate monthly reconciliation without increasing our staff levels or adversely affecting our daily tasks.” - Director of Asset Management, Top 3 MSO


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