Narrative Writing Assignment (DOC) by darleneschaefer


									                 Narrative Writing Assignment (12.5% of Final Average)

   - Please select one of the topics below.
   - Have an identifiable thesis or main idea.
   - Support the thesis with a minimum of five, well-developed, focused paragraphs
   - Essay must be in first person narrative or third person narrative (no second
      person i.e. you, your, etc.)
   - Must post a first draft for a peer to revise (see schedule for due date)
   - Please review a peer’s using the peer revision check sheet within 24 hours of
      posting yours
   - Submit final essay in grade center.

Writing topics

Write a narrative essay about the significance of naming and how names have shaped
your identity as well as the identity of others you know. You can choose to include
anecdotes about individuals you know and how their names have often proceeded or
out-lasted them. You can even include information about your own name and any story
behind its significance.

Write a narrative essay recounting a time when you were prejudged because of some
superficial aspect of yourself – your clothing, your physical appearance, your race,
political or religious affiliation, etc. What was the experience like and what did you learn
from it? Be sure to narrate specific details of the event.

Write a narrative essay about something in your life, past or present, that motivated you.
Maybe it was a relationship you had with a person. Maybe it was an item you
encountered. Perhaps it was a bizarre or even a mundane event. Be sure to include
the details and correlate them to your own personal motivation.

Write a narrative essay in which you describe your reaction to a piece of news or
information – either good or bad – that provoked a strong emotional response from you
and/or others. What emotions were felt and expressed? How did your perception of the
world around you change as a result of the incident? Why was the experience so

   -   Choose a story that connects to a larger theme
   -   Choose a story with significant details you can include
   -   Make sure all supporting information ties back into your main idea or thesis
   -   Dialogue, imagery, description, and figurative language do an excellent job
       bringing the story to life and helping you establish your own unique voice.
   -   Read the narrative out loud so you can hear any potential problems
                                   Rubric for Essay

Format – 5 points
   - The essay is written in 12 point, Times New Roman Font
   - The essay is double-spaced with proper indentation
   - The essay includes headers identifying – student’s name, course name,
      instructor’s name, date
   - A title is included and centered

Content – 70 points
  - The narrative includes a clear context including the where, when, and whom
      regarding the event (10 points)
  - The narrative includes well-chosen and thoughtfully emphasized details (20
  - The narrative is organized in a logical, perhaps chronological way (20 points)
  - The narrative includes an appropriate and consistent point of view (10)
  - The narrative includes a meaningful point or purpose and connects to a global
      theme (20 points)

Grammar and Mechanics – 25 points
   - The writer has used appropriate grammar and spell check
   - The write shows command of Standard American English (exceptions would be if
     unique dialogue is included for effect) adhering to rules regarding parts of
     speech, sentence structure, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, tense)

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