PGA TOUR Returns to East Lake Ghosts and Ghouls to Invade East Lake by dfgh4bnmu



Fall 2002                        WHERE THE SUN SHINES FIRST IN ATLANTA                                           Volume 12, No 3

                   PGA TOUR Returns to East Lake                                         Ghosts and Ghouls to
Dear East Lake Neighbor:                                                                 Invade East Lake
                              As you may     neighborhoods. Over the past year, we       by Miles S. Bondurant
                        know, the 2002       have addressed highway and city street         and Anna Benefield
                        TOUR Champi-         directional sign issues, traffic counts,
                                             bus shuttle routes and parking issues.            Golfers won't
                        onship is return-
                                             Our traffic and parking plan, outlined      be the only ones
                        ing to East Lake
                                             below, will accommodate 90% of the          coming to East
Golf Club October 28 - November 3.
THE TOUR Championship is the PGA             vehicular traffic for the Championship.     Lake this fall.
TOUR’s domestic season-ending event                THE TOUR Championship has             That’s right, it is time
featuring the top 30 money winners of        contracted area charter buses to shuttle    for all of the little ones to come out and
2002. Players such as Tiger Woods,           spectators between Turner Field, where      trick or treat. And this year is going to
Rich Beem, Davis Love III, and Ernie         90% of these spectators will be park-       be a little different here in East Lake.
Els will be here.                            ing, and East Lake Golf Club. Peak                For one, the ELNCA is inviting all
     The event will place the city of        shuttle hours will be from 9:30 a.m. to     East Lake residents who want to give
Atlanta, DeKalb County and the East          12 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5 p.m. The         out candy to trick-or-treaters to par-
Lake Community in the international          shuttle buses will unload and load spec-    ticipate in our “Spooky Safe Hallow-
media spotlight this fall by over 12 hours   tators on the west side of East Lake        een Program.” As part of this program,
of television coverage on ESPN and           Park. As you know, East Lake Golf                                   ELNCA partici-
ABC Sports. We are expecting many            Club is directly bordered on all four
                                                                                                                 pants will receive a
new visitors to our fine city and com-       sides by public streets. Due to the high
                                                                                                                 list of things that
munity. Approximately 100,000 spec-          volume of pedestrian, golf car, and bus
                                                                                                                 they should do to
tators plan to attend over the seven         traffic expected during the Champion-
                                                                                                                 keep their little visi-
days and it is estimated that 20 to 25       ship week, several streets will be closed
                                             during the daytime throughout the                                   tors safe. Any
percent will be from out of town. In                                                                             household that par-
2000, THE TOUR Championship was              Championship. However, these streets
                                             will be open to East Lake residents         ticipates will receive an orange jack-o-
able to donate over $1,394,559 to the
                                             who live in the closed area, and            lantern Halloween sign to identify their
East Lake Community Foundation and
                                             to official tournament vehicles.            house as trick-or-treat friendly and par-
The First Tee Foundation.
                                                                                         ents should encourage their children to
     Any national golf event requires                           Street Closings          visit houses bearing these signs. If you
a great deal of planning and coordina-                           6 a.m. - 8 p.m.
tion with the surrounding neighborhood,                                                  would like to sign up, just send your
                                                                  October 28 -           name, address, and phone number to
and THE TOUR Championship is no                                   November 3
exception. We wanted to inform you                                              or contact
of our traffic plan and let you know         • Second Avenue from Glenwood Av-           Anna Benefield at (404) 377-4631.
we are aware of the logistical consid-       enue to Memorial Drive                            Don’t have a costume and don’t
erations for East Lake. Our traffic          • Alston Drive from Second Avenue           think that you are scary enough to trick-
planners have been meeting with city         to Ashburton Avenue                         or-treat without a little help? No prob-
officials for the past few months to dis-    • Allendale Drive from Alston Drive         lem. ELNCA is sponsoring free face
cuss and prepare the best possible plan      to Glenwood Road                            painting for children.
for the surrounding businesses and                          continued on page 8                               continued on page 8
The East Lake Neighbors Community Associa-

                                                                                          A D D R ESS
tion, Inc., founded in 1975, is multi-racial and                          PRESIDENT'S
inter-generational. Meetings are held on the
second Monday of each month to socialize,
discuss issues of concern and work to solve                                                                                                      by Ken Piernik
community problems. Address all correspon-
dence to:                                                                        This fall, the spotlight of the nation, and indeed the world, will once again shine on
     East Lake Neighbors Community Assoc.                                 East Lake, as our neighborhood hosts one of professional golf’s most elite tournaments at
     Box 170058
     Atlanta, Georgia 30317
                                                                          East Lake Golf Club. We are honored that the PGA has chosen East Lake to host the 2002
                                                                          TOUR Championship for the third time in six years. That East Lake was selected to host
                                                                          this tournament once is a testament to the quality of the East Lake Golf Club. That East Lake
Ken Piernik ........................ President (377-4991)                 has been chosen to host the tournament three times in six years is a testament to the
Nebraska McCollum ...... Vice Pres. (370-9889)                            dedication of the PGA, the East Lake Golf Club, the East Lake Community Foundation, the
Scott Brady ....................... Secretary (378-4731)
Lisa Cox ............................. Treasurer (373-4587)
                                                                          City of Atlanta, and the East Lake Neighbors Community Association. These organiza-
   Kathleen Lendvay                    Leroy O'Quinn                      tions, working together, have made East Lake the perfect location for such an esteemed
   Freddie Styles                      Kyle Caldwell                      event.
   Allison Sutton                      Valencia Hudson
   Elvin Hawkins                       Miles Bondurant                           East Lake benefits from the local, national, and international coverage of the tourna-
COMMITTEES:                                                               ment, which tends to include a good amount of coverage devoted to the positive impact
Communications (Nichelle) ...............                371-1723         that the tournament and the Foundation have had on our community. The money raised by
Zoning (Nebraska) ...............................        370-9889
Membership (Missi) .............................         377-5173         the Foundation through the tournament helps pay for a number of valuable programs for
Public Safety (Allison) ..........................       289-9990         children in our community. The neighborhood association receives support from the PGA
Historic Preservation (Samantha) ......                  370-1935
Beautification (Ken) ............................        377-4991
                                                                          and the Foundation, in that they allow us to raise funds for ELNCA by volunteering our time
Business Development (Elvin) ............                377-5173         in the concession stands. Two years ago, ELNCA raised over $2,000 from this program.
Fundraising (Paula) .............................        370-9889         The Foundation has
ADVERTISEMENTS:                                                           generously agreed to
The East Lake Sun is delivered to over 1300
households in the neighborhood. By accept-
                                                                          pay for the costs of
ing advertising, East Lake Neighbors Commu-                               this edition of the
nity Association (ELNCA) in no way endorses the                           newsletter you’re
advertised product or person. ELNCA reserves
                                                                          reading right now,
the right to determine what is acceptable ad-
vertising material. Advertising costs are subject                         which means that
to change without notice. Rates as of the print-
ing of this edition are as follows:
                                                                          more of the advertis-                KIRKWOOD CAR WASH
Ad set-up (business card/quarter size) ...... $20                         ing dollars go di-
Ad set-up (half page/full page) ................ $35                      rectly to ELNCA for            Self-service                       Open 24/7/365
Camera-ready material:                                                    neighborhood initia-
Business card size ........................................... $25                                             Next to the Amoco in Historic Kirkwood!
Quarter page ................................................. $45        tives. I could go on,
Half page ........................................................ $90    but the point is that
Full page ........................................................ $150
                                                                          without a doubt, the
                                                                          neighborhood re-
Sun Editor Kathleen C. Lendvay .......... 373-4160
Advertising Mgr. Lisa Cox ..................... 373-4587                  ceives many ben-
                                                                                                      Vo ted Best Florist in Atlanta
                                                                                                         ted Best Florist Atlanta
Distribution Mgrs. Ginny Perrine,
                    Nicole Wilson ........ 373-0220                       efits from the Foun-                2000 & 2001
NEXT EDITION: DECEMBER 2002                                               dation and the PGA.
Deadline for advertisements and articles:                                 I’m confident that I                specialize creating
                                                                                                         We specialize in creating unique, long-lasting
Wednesday, November 13, 2002
Submissions are always welcome! Contact Edi-
                                                                          speak for my neigh-            arrangements for your custom floral needs.
tor Kathleen Lendvay (,                                 bors when I express          Call for a free consultation before planning your
373-4160) to suggest or submit an article. See                            our sincere thanks
above for advertising manager.
                                                                          to the Foundation
                                                                                                                         special holiday event.
Printed by Atlanta Precision Graphics
                                                                          and the PGA for all
Second Monday of each month, 7:30 p.m.                                    that they do to sup-
Note: ELNCA Holiday Party in December will                                port our neighbor-
be held in place of the monthly meeting.                                                                                                    350D Mead Road
East Lake Family YMCA                                                     hood.                                                                  atur, eorgia
                                                                                                                                               ecatur Geor
                                                                                                                                             D ecatur, Georgia
ELNCA MEMBERSHIP DUES: $5 per year.                                              I look forward                                                        30030
NEIGHBORHOOD PLANNING UNIT O (NPU-O):                                     to seeing all of you                                                404-377-3630
Fourth Tuesday of each month, 7:30 p.m.                                   out on the links dur-                                              1-877-377-3630
Dekalb-Atlanta Senior Citizens' Center                                    ing the Tour Cham-
29 Warren Street, S.E.
To vote you must have attended 2 previous NPU-O                           pionship.

 East Lake Artist Selected for Atlanta Photography Exhibit
                                           Show which is held each year in October.         "Lost Boys of the Sudan” exhibit hanging
                                           Henson chose long time East Lake resi-           at The Showcase School throughout the
                                           dents as her subjects. “I have made some         month. These photographs were taken by
                                           wonderful friends in the short time I’ve         a variety of local photographers of the
                                           lived here and wanted to introduce a fewof       young men who escaped the civil war in
     Robin Henson, a professional pho-     my neighbors to the Atlanta community.”          their country. Today, about 180 Sudanese
tographer and four year resident of East   Henson's work is on display at the Mayor's       have made Clarkston their home. For more
Lake, was asked to hang a show for the     Office through January 2003. She                 information please go to
annual Atlanta Celebrates Photography      is also participating in the

                                                                    At Bo Bridgeport, we are dedicated to
                                                                the revitalization of our local neighborhoods.
                                                                 We feel that neighborhood and community
                                                                  involvement is one of the most important
                                                                     aspects of home buying and selling.
                                                                               SPECIALIZING IN:
                                                              Decatur  Oakhurst  Emory/Druid Hills
                                                            Historic Kirkwood  East Lake  East Atlanta
                                                               Midtown  Candler Park  Lake Claire
                                                                    Morningside  Virginia Highlands
       Your Intown                                            404 377 1369
  Neighborhood Realtors                                 J A N I E G R AY                    B E N I TA C A R S W E L L

              w w w. b o b r i d g e p o r t . c o m
Help clean Atlanta’s air…Buy a tree at the
3rd Annual Trees Atlanta Tree Sale                                   ELNCA Scholarship Recipients Attend
All proceeds benefit Atlanta neighborhood tree planting              YMCA Camp
                                                                           ELNCA is pleased that we were able to grant a $500 schol-
      Trees Atlanta will host its third annual Tree Sale on Sat-     arship to a family here in East Lake. The $500 was used to
urday, October 19 at the Education Complex in Piedmont Park          subsidize the cost of sending their two children to summer camp
from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The sale will feature over 100 varieties of    “Kids to Camp” Program at the East Lake YMCA.
                             unusual and hard to find trees, con-          The summer was an educational and enjoyable one for
                             centrating on varieties native to the   our seven year-old and four year-old neighbor. Thank you to all
                             South and Georgia. Featured trees       of the neighbors who supported ELNCA in making this dona-
                             include two-winged silver bell,         tion. We hope to offer another scholarship in 2003. To apply,
                             beech, paw paw, pignut hickory,         simply submit your summer camp application to the East Lake
                             sassafras, yellowwood and 9 vari-       YMCA before May 15th, 2003.
                             eties of native oaks. Other variet-
                             ies available include dogwoods,
                             white oaks, American Hollies,
                             needle palm, American Elm and tu-
lip poplars. Trees Atlanta has also combed the Southeast to
find non-invasive exotics suchChef fir, flame, Fantasy Crepe
                                                                     ELNCA June Picnic a Huge Success
                    Executive as china
Myrtle, parrotia, fragrant snowbell and yellow-flowering mag-                                       The East Lake Neighbors Com-
nolias. For a complete list of the tree varieties, visit                                      munity Association hosted its annual                                                                         picnic on June 8th. Kyle Caldwell
      Trees and plants are available at discounted prices and                                 manned the grill while Nichelle Cade
all proceeds will benefit Atlanta neighborhood tree planting                                  organized the efforts of all of our vol-
projects. Representatives from Trees Atlanta will be available                                unteers.
to answer questions about the organization, volunteering, and                                       Thank you to OnTrays for do-
tree care and placement. Trees Atlanta is dedicated to protect-                               nating the barbecue, iced tea and rolls,
ing and improving our metropolitan environment by planting
                                                                                              and to Cole’s Italian Ice for the cool
and conserving trees. Each year, Trees Atlanta volunteers and
                                                                                              refreshing icees. Mark your calendars
contractors plant over 2,000 trees.
                                                                                              now for next years festivities, June 14th
      The Education Center complex in Piedmont Park is lo-
                                                                                              at 12 noon.
cated just west of Monroe Drive off of Park Drive. Follow Park
Drive into the park and bear right to the Education Center.

                                                                                      Little Five Points Halloween
                                                                                      Festival & Parade
             Specializing in East Lake,                                               October 26 & 27

               Oakhurst & Kirkwood                                                    Celebrate Halloween in Atlanta’s most appro-
                                                                                      priate in-town neighborhood – Little Five
                                                                                      Points – for a two-day, free, outdoor festival
                  Call Me With Any of Your                                            and parade, Saturday, October 26 and Sunday,
                                                                                      October 27. The festival includes an artist’s
                   Real Estate Questions                                              market, live music, a costume contest for
                                                                                      people and their pets, pumpkin carving,
                                                                                      children’s activities, and restaurant and in-store
                                                                                      shopping promotions. The highlight of the
                                 Beth Smith                                           two-day festival is a 5 pm parade on Saturday
                                  Your Neighbor                                       featuring horrific and hilarious costumes,
                                  678-420-1843                                        floats and marching bands that will wind their
                                   Intown Office                                      way through the streets of L5P. For event in-
                              1370 N. Highland Avenue
                                                                                      formation or to register for the parade, please
                                                                                      call       404-378-4306            or        visit

Top 10 Reasons to Live in East Lake
by Kyle Caldwell

      East Lake Golf Club and our                   5.   Old houses with
10.                                                      lots of charm
      new public executive golf
      course, Charlie Yates!

9.    100 year-old oak trees
                                                    4.   Access to public transportation, including the East Lake
                                                         MARTA Station

8.    Close to great shopping (including the new
                                                    3.   The New East Lake YMCA and
      East Lake Publix) as well as entertainment
                                                         Drew Charter School
      in Oakhurst and Decatur

                                                    2.   Close to Downtown, Turner
7.    Housing values on the                              Field, Phillips Arena and the
      UP, UP, UP!                                        Georgia Dome!

6.    Easy access to 1-20, 285                           Great neighbors working
      and I-75/85                                   1.
                                                         together to make East Lake
                                                         the best it can be!

     We wash your car with each service!
        641 East Lake Dr. | Decatur, Ga. 30030
       Tel: 404-377-0202 | Towing: 404-292-6697

              Shuttle Service

              Online Appointments

              Full Mechanical Repairs

              Towing Service

              Pickup and Delivery

The TOUR Championship
October 28 - November 3
East Lake Golf Club

        The TOUR Championship
           Tournament Facts

Site:                 East Lake Golf Club
Defending Champion:   Mike Weir
Purse:                $5 million
Winning Share:        $900,000
Winning Score:        267
Yards:                6,980

Recent Winners:
2000 Phil Mickelson
1999 Tiger Woods
1998 Hal Sutton
1997 David Duval
1996 Tom Lehman

Field: The top 30 TOUR members on the 2002
money list

Tickets: or 888-TOUR-TIX

PGA Tour Letter (continued from page 1)
• All through streets from Alston Drive to Memorial Drive         the one listed on the label will be towed at the owner’s expense.
starting at Second Avenue continuing east to Ashburton Ave.       Residents on East Lake Drive between Memorial Dr. and Alston
• Green Road from Alston Dr. SE to Memorial Dr. (Closed 24 hr/    Dr. will not be allowed to park on the street. For your conve-
day from 10/16/02 - 11/12/02) Green Road will be closed to        nience, we invite any advance questions you may have regard-
allow equipment to be moved into and out of East Lake Park        ing the plan. Please contact the office: THE TOUR Champion-
and avoid any traffic and safety concerns.                        ship, 269 East Lake Dr. SE, Atlanta GA 30317. If you require
      Residents who live within the closed area will use “Resi-   additional passes, please send us your request in writing to the
dent” passes to access their homes via normal routes. Two         address provided by October 15.
"Resident” passes have been issued to each address in the
closed area. Each pass is labeled with the address to which it    Best Regards,
was distributed. Any vehicle parked at a location other than      Ron Cross
                                                                  Executive Director

Halloween (continued from page 1)
All you have to do is come by Thomas and Anna’s house
(2680 Arbor Avenue) between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. and one
                        of our artists will turn you into a
                        vampire, a skeleton, a cat, or some
                        other scary thing!
                               Of course, Halloween is
                          not just about candy and cos-
                           tumes; it is also about getting a
                           good scare! Once again, East
Lake will host not one but two free haunted houses dish-
ing out chills and thrills. Be careful! You never know
what they will have come up with this year!
      The fourth annual Bondurant Haunted Backyard will
be open once again this year from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
and 8:45 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at 2732 Arbor Avenue. For those
of you that have not visited before, this is not an event for
the faint of heart and is not appropriate for the youngest
trick-or-treaters, who will instead be welcome to come to
the front door of the house and collect treats in a less
intense atmosphere. Meanwhile, over at 25 Fourth Av-
enue Robin & Curtis will again be going to great lengths
to make everyone jump! So make sure that you stop by
and enjoy a little scare this Halloween.
      It never hurts to remind everyone that events like
these do not just happen. All of these projects need vol-
unteers. It does not matter if you want to cut out pumpkin
signs, paint faces, or perform your best scream as part of
a haunted house. To help out with any of these activities,
please send e-mail to or call Anna
at (404) 377-4631.
Fall Gardening Tips
Provided by Pike Family Nurseries
♦ There’s still time to fertilize Fescue lawns. Use a high           ♦    Wouldn’t you like to serve fresh strawberry shortcake next
    performance turf fertilizer, such as Pike’s Atlanta Turf Spe-         June? Plant strawberries in a well-tilled bed 12 inches apart
    cial.                                                                 and cover lightly with pine straw to protect them over winter.
♦ Bulbs, Bulbs, Bulbs! Do you want                                   ♦ Houseplant Care – if you move plants inside from the patio,
    Daffodils, Tulips or Hyacinths in the                                 make sure they get the best light possible.
    Spring? Plant them now!                                          ♦ Add spring-blooming perennials to your garden. Prepare the
♦ Plant bulbs about 6 weeks before the                                    soil with organic materials and rototill 12 inches into the ground
    ground feezes to allow sufficient time                                before planting perennials such as Alyssum, Begonia, Chry-
    for rooting.                                                          santhemum, Coreopsis, Delphinium or Vinca.
♦ After planting, water and apply a slow release “bulb food”         ♦ Add new shrubs to your landscape such as Burning Bush,
    fertilizer on the top of the ground. DO NOT put fertilizer in         Mountain Laurel or Vibernum. Keep all new plantings well
    the hole with the bulb because it could burn the tender roots.        watered – check them weekly.
♦ Add colorful flowers and foliage to your winter landscape          Remember – when using chemicals in your garden, always read
    with Pansies, Dianthus, Snapdragon or Viola, or try some         the label!
    Ornamental Kale or Cabbage.

Unique Neighbor in Need
Program Provides Assistance
to East Lake Residents
by Kyle Caldwell
      East Lake Neighbors Community Asso-
ciation has a special outreach program designed
to help senior residents with minor carpentry,
landscaping or other home fix up needs. Neigh-
bor in Need is a volunteer program funded by
the ELNCA that provides assistance, free of
charge, to neighbors who could use a hand with
small chores around the home.
      “We’ve done yard clean up, hauled trash
away, cut bushes back and cleaned up the park.
We even found a new furnace for one of our
residents, thanks to Cool Ray Heating and Air,”
says Kyle Caldwell, who runs the program for
the East Lake Neighbors Community Associa-
tion. “We’ll do anything we can. If we can’t
help, we try to find someone who can.”
      Some long-time residents have trouble
getting out and keep their yard as nice as they
would like. In other cases, homeowners on
fixed incomes have trouble finding the money
to make needed repairs around the home.
Neighbor in Need is a solution that enables East
Lake to make life better for everyone in the
neighborhood. Neighbors who ask for help are
never asked to pay for services they receive.
      If you know someone who could use
some           help,          just       email or call 404-373-
1744 and leave your name, address and day-
time phone number.

ELNCA Fundraising Opportunity                              East Lake Merchandise Available
at TOUR Championship                                             East Lake, where the sun rises first in
by Paula McCollum,                                         Atlanta, is represented by the rising sun logo
   Chairperson - Fundraising Committee                     featured on all of our merchandise. Perhaps
                                                           you've seen the vinyl banner in your neigh-
      It’s time again! East Lake will be the host of the
                                                           bors yard, or noticed the fashionable embroi-
PGA-Tour Championship that will be hosted at the
                                                           dered hats worn by many of our leading citi-
East Lake Country Club from October 28th – Novem-
ber 3rd. The top 30 golfers in the world will be in our
                                                                 Yes, folks it is time to keep up with the
neighborhood to compete in this tournament and East
                                                           Joneses by purchasing an aluminum East Lake
Lake has again been asked to provide volunteers for
                                                                                         license plate for your car. Merchandise can
the caterer of this event, Catering On The Green.
                                                                                         be purchased at all East Lake neighborhood
      During the last tour, Lisa Cox was instrumental
                                                                                         meetings (7:30 p.m. on the second Mon-
in heading a successful fundraising campaign that
                                                                                         day of each month at the East Lake YMCA)
consisted of more than 350 volunteer hours for this
                                                                                         or at the NAPA Auto Car Center, 641 East
event that allowed East Lake to raise over $2,000 for
                                                                                         Lake Drive (next to Margie's Pantry in
our community-based programs. Again this year, we
will have an opportunity to raise over $10,000 for our
neighborhood by working 1,780 hours over 356 shifts
                                                                                       Vinyl Banners                 $20.00
for the tournament.
                                                                                       Aluminum License Plates       $ 8.00
      Volunteers are asked to sell pre-wrapped hot/
                                                                                       Embroidered Hats              $12.00
cold sandwiches and keep the sodas iced at the con-
cession stands, while runners for the caterer provide
everything that is needed to stock the stands. As an
additional benefit, volunteers are also able to enjoy
the remainder of the tournament after their shift with
their PGA credentials! So, come out and join us in
this volunteer effort! For more information, contact
Paula McCollum at 404-370-9889 or paula.mccollum@

Discounted Mammography Screenings
South Fulton Medical Center will offer low-cost mam-
mography screenings and breast health education every
Wednesday in October (October 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30) from
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
The cost of a mammogram is $65. Appointments are
required. For more information or an appointment, call
1-888-888-1872. Check, Cash, Visa and MasterCard ac-
cepted. No insurance filings, except Medicare.
                                             Beautification Committee Update
                                          by Ellen Dozier, Chairperson - Beautification Committee

Yards of the Month, May-August                                          Fall Clean Up Day
                           Among the responsibilities of the                   Beginning October 28, East Lake will again welcome thou-
                     ELNCA Beautification Committee is the              sands of visitors for the PGA Tour Championship at East
                     awarding of the highly-coveted East Lake           Lake Country Club. In preparation for the big event, the Beau-
                     Yard of the Month designation to two               tification Committee has planned a Fall Clean-Up Day for Sat-
                     yards each month from May through                  urday, October 26, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. As with the
                     September. This year, East Lake’s Yards            Spring Clean-Up Day, we’ll divide into teams of three or four,
                     of the Month have included all types of            spend the morning collecting roadside trash and cleaning up
                     yards – shady and sunny, profession-               vacant lots, and reconvene at noon for lunch, courtesy of
ally landscaped and do-it-yourself, mature and even works-              ELNCA. Nearly 30 volunteers pitched in for the Spring Clean-
in-progress.                                                            Up, and we’ll need at least that many for the fall event. If
      This summer, the Beautification Committee recognized              you’d like to participate, contact Ellen Dozier at (404) 377-
the following East Lake Yards of the Month, each of which               9469 or
clearly demonstrated the creativity and hard work of its own-
ers.                                                                    Holiday Yard of the Month
     · 143 Oakridge (Regina Demita)
                                                                              Every December, East Lake
     · 40 Carter
                                                                        turns into a winter wonderland
     · 165 East Lake (Kim Kleiss and Ken Piernik)
                                                                        as neighbors string festive lights
     · 131 Tupelo (Justin Pettigrew)
                                                                        from the trees, plug in the plastic
     · 43 East Lake (Pebbles Blue)
                                                                        snowmen and hang wreaths on
     · 2725 Arbor (George Calvary and Scott Jenks)
                                                                        their front doors. In the spirit of
     · 2628 Tupelo (Jacqueline Houston)
                                                                        the season, the Beautification
     · 2806 Alston (Craig Castle)
                                                                        Committee will recognize two
      Thank you to everyone who submitted YOTM nomina-                  yards as East Lake’s Holiday
tions and to the Beautification Committee members: Angela               Yards of the Month.
Brady, Ken Piernik, Mark Stephens and Amy Williams.                           We’ll be asking for your nominations in early December
                                                                        and will announce the winners the week before Christmas.
                                                                        Judging from last year’s vivid holiday displays, the competi-
East Lake Tree Planting                                                 tion is going to be tough, so start making plans for your yard
                                On November 2, Trees Atlanta            today!
                          and ELNCA will plant 50 shade trees
                          along two of East Lake’s “main
                          drags” — Hosea L. Williams Drive
                          and East Lake Drive. Trees Atlanta
                          is donating the trees to the neigh-
                          borhood, and asks only that we pro-
                          vide the labor on the day of the tree
                          planting and additional volunteers
to water the trees regularly until they get established. The
end result: inviting, shady boulevards that give the neigh-
borhood a distinguished and well-kept appearance.
      As an added bonus, Trees Atlanta is also making trees
available to East Lake residents for their yards at a cost of $50
per tree.
      For more information on volunteering or purchasing a
tree for your yard, contact Katherine Kolb at (404) 373-9036.

    Lorie & Margie
     East Lake Specialists
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