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									                                                                          Bronze Syllabus - American Smooth
                     Bronze Syllabus                                                   TANGO
                    American Smooth
                        WALTZ                                Step                               Begin End
                                                             1. Curving Basic (x2)              LOD LOD
Step                                 Begin      End                                             S S Q Q S, S S Q Q S
1. Balance steps – fwd & back                                2. Running Steps                   LOD LOD
2. Box Step with Underarm Turn                                                                  SSQQSSQQQQS
3. Progressive                                               3. Reverse Turn                    DC     DW
4. Natural Turn                      Diag Wall Diag C                                           QQSQQS
5. Progressive                                               4a. Promenade
6. Reverse Turn                      Diag C     Diag Wall    4b. Checked Promenade              PP  PP
7. Simple Twinkle                    Wall       Wall                                            SQQSQQ
8. Promenade Chasse                                          5. Open Fan w/Underarm             PP  C
9. Balance and Box (2 times)                                           Turn                     SSQQSSSQQS
10. Face-to-Face / Back-to-Back LOD             Center/new   6. Curving Basic                   LOD LOD (bkwds)
line 11. Left Turning Box (3/4)                                                                 SSQQS
12. Progressive (back)                                       7a. Promenade
13. Progressive Twinkles             LOD        LOD          7b. Twist Turn to the Right        PP  PP (new line)
14. Balance step – slight rotation to end diagonal wall                                         SQQSQQ
REPEAT                                                       8. Promenade Pivot                 PP  LOD
                                                             9. Check & Corte (½)               DW  DW
Other Bronze-level Steps (not listed above):                                                    QQSQQS
Right Turning Box                                            REPEAT
Balance Steps – side to side
Two-way Underarm Turn               LOD         Wall         Other Bronze-level Steps (not listed above):
Turning Twinkles                    Wall        Wall         Promenade (turning left & turning right)
Grapevine                           Diag Wall   Diag Wall    Corte (single & double)
                                                             Progressive Rocks
Fallaway & Box                      Diag C      Diag C
                                                             Right Side Fans
Twinkle & Weave                     Diag Wall   LOD          Contra Rocks
                                                             Continuous Left Rock Turn
                       Bronze Syllabus                                       Bronze Syllabus - American Smooth
                      American Smooth                                               VIENNESE WALTZ
                                                                 STEP                                       Timing
STEP                                Beg     End                  Begins at the start of a long side
1. Basic (2 times)                  LOD LOD                      1. Change of Place                         4 measures
         S S Q Q (x2)
2. Running Steps – Basic Rhythm LOD LOD                          2. Curtsey & Bow                           varies
         S S Q Q S S Q Q (end DW)                                3. Balance Step                1 (hold 2,3), 1 (hold 2,3)
3. Grapevine                        DW      Wall
         S S Q Q S Q Q Q Q Q Q S Q Q (end P.P.)                  4. Reverse Turn                           1,2,3, 1,2,3
4. Promenade Underarm Turn          Wall Wall                    5. Balance Step                1 (hold 2,3), 1 (hold 2,3)
5. Rock Turn to Left                W       LOD                  6. Forward Progressive Change              1,2,3
         S S Q Q (end P.P. to keep routine moving)
6. Promenade Pivot                  DW      Wall                 7. Right Turn                              1,2,3, 1,2,3
         SSQQSSQQ                                                8. Forward Progressive Change              1,2,3
7. Rock Turn to Left                Wall LOD
         SSQQ                                                    9. 5th Position with Underarm Turn              4 meas
8. Running Step – Basic Rhythm LOD LOD
         SSQQSSQQ                                                10. Balance Step (turning)           1 (hold 2,3), 1,2,3
9. Rock Turn to Left                LOD C or new            SS
QQ          LOD                                                  11. Crossbody Lead with Underarm Turn           8 meas
REPEAT                                                           12. Forward Progressive Change (x2)             2 meas
                                                                 13. Balance Step (turning)           1 (hold 2,3), 1,2,3
Other Bronze-level Steps (not listed above):                     Ends at the end of a short side
Rock Turn to Right, Promenade, Sway Step, Sway Underarm Turn,
Zig Zag in Line, Zig Zag Outside Partner, Box Step, Twinkle,
Fallaway Twinkles, Promenade Twinkles, Turning Twinkles to
Outside Partner, Promenade Twist, Running Steps-Box Rhythm       Other Bronze-level Steps (not listed above):
                                                                 Side-to-side Balance Step, Closed Twinkle, Hand-to-Hand, Backward
                                                                 Progressive Change

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