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									Required Follow Up                                       The 1989 Jeux Canada Games Foundation

                                                              Inc. is a registered Foundation in
Grants must be spent in the year in which they are
given. Grant recipients will be required to submit a         Saskatchewan. Its volunteer Board
completed “Summary Report”, including financial
                                                           of Directors includes members of the
accounting by September 30 each year.

                                                         Management Committee of the 1989 Jeux
The following items will not be considered for
funding:                                                 Canada Games. Annual Foundation grants
                                                         are administered by an Executive Director,
•	   Computers for administrative purposes

                                                                                                      for Grants
•	   On going administrative or office expenses
                                                                          Tom Kennedy.
•	   Ongoing salaries, or honoraria for coaches,
     officials, or adminstrators                              …the 1989 Jeux Canada Games
•	   Uniforms                                            Foundation Inc. … a Saskatchewan legacy
•	   Endowment Funds
                                                          of the Jeux du Canada Games begun in
Success Stories                                             Canada’s Centennial Year (1967)…
Wind On My Wings

Sailing Club in Regina
used a contribution
from the Foundation
(along with other                                                 Guidelines
sponsors) to build
a 50 foot floating
dock to allow people with disabilities interested in
                                                                   for Grants
sailing to be able to access the sailboats and sail on
Wascana Lake in Regina.

“The 1989 Jeux Canada Games Foundation grant
program has been a wonderful program for us. We
have upgraded our competition capabilities several
times thanks to the grants we have received. This
has allowed us to bid on and host many successful
National fencing events (Western Championships,
                                                                  Please address any questions,
Junior National Championships, Senior National                  correspondence and proposals to:
Championships, Canadian Selection Circuits). It is
a program like this that makes Saskatchewan a             1989 Jeux Canada Games Foundation Inc.
wonderful place to call home.”                                         PO Box 1989
                                                                 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
- John Brunning - VP Technical Sask Fencing.
                                                                         S7K 3S5
Philosophy of the Foundation                    Guidelines for Applications                            How to Apply
                                                1.   The Foundation gives priority to proposals that   Applications must be made on the application form
One of the goals of the Jeux Canada Games            leave long-lasting benefits to amateur sport      available on the web site. All information listed
is to leave a heritage of physical and human         in Saskatchewan. Creative proposals which         in the “Guidelines for Applications” section must
                                                     assist in the development of amateur sports,      be provided. Incomplete applications will not be
resources in both the host community and             coaching and grassroots sport development         considered. Applicants are encouraged to phone
the province.                                        also receive consideration.                       Tom Kenedy at 306-251-1989 or email 1989jcgf@
                                                                                              before completing an application
                                                2.   Applicants must be registered provincially or     with questions about eligibility and to make sure
The 1989 Jeux Canada Games left Saskatoon            federally as a non-profit corporation.            their application is complete and appropriate under
and Saskatchewan with legacies in facilities,   3.   Applications must include the following
                                                                                                       the guidelines established.
community development and sport. Sport
                                                     •	   The Association’s non-profit                 Deadlines for Applications
equipment from the Games was distributed                  corporation number and a listing
                                                          of current members of the Board of           Applications must be postmarked on or before
to communities and organizations
                                                          Directors according to the provincial        November 30 each year. Emailed and applications
throughout the province for use by amateur                government’s Corporations Branch             with scanned support documents (pdf’s) are
                                                                                                       encouraged. Those who apply are encouraged to
athletes.                                            •	   The previous year’s audited financial        keep a backup copy of their application for record
                                                          statement or a financial statement           keeping purposes. Grants tend to be in the range
The 1989 Jeux Canada Games Foundation                     signed by 2 Directors                        of $2,500 to $10,000 although all grant levels will be
was established with funds remaining after           •	   A development plan for how
completion of the Games. The Foundation                   the money will be used by the
distributes the interest accrued on the                                                                For Information contact Tom Kennedy
                                                     •	   A budget for the specific project
invested funds on an annual basis to assist                                                            Phone: (306) 251-1989
                                                          indicating all funding sources
in the development of amateur sport in                                                                 Fax: (306) 665-5740
                                                     •	   A listing of current staff and contact       Email:
Saskatchewan.                                             information

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