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Valencia Community College offers the choice         Certain A.S. degree s articulate with              certificate program until that catalog
of three degrees:                                    bachelor’s degree programs in Florida’s            expires; however, if you change your degree
                                                     public university system. These degrees,           or certificate program, you are required to
• Associate in Arts (A.A.)                           called Articulated A.S. to B.A./B.S. Career        choose from the current degree and
• Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)              Path degree s, are designed for students           certificate program offerings and follow
• Associate in Science (A.S.)                        who seek immediate employment in the               the graduation requirements of the current
                                                     specified field and who decide to continue         catalog. If you add an additional major,
                                                     to a Florida public university as a junior to      your catalog year for both degrees will be
Briefly, the degrees can be distinguished as                                                            the current governing catalog. If your
                                                     complete a bachelor’s degree in the
follows:                                                                                                governing catalog has expired, your new
                                                     specified field.
                                                                                                        governing catalog will be the catalog in
1. The A.A. degree is designed for the student                                                          effect in your next term of enrollment.
                                                     In addition, many articulation
   who plans to transfer to a Florida public
                                                     agreements between Valencia and
   university as a junior to complete a                                                                 Valencia changes program requirements
                                                     specific programs at various public
   bachelor’s degree. Through the A.A. degree,                                                          within an academic year only by exception
                                                     and private four-year institutions
   Valencia offers lower division preparation                                                           due to changes in the law, changes in
                                                     provide opportunities for A.S. degree
   for almost all of the approximately 200                                                              policies of the District Board of Trustees,
                                                     graduates to continue their educational
   majors in the State University System of                                                             rapid changes in technology and/or
                                                     pursuits to bachelor’s degree programs. For
   Florida.                                                                                             changes in external certification
                                                     further information, visit
                                                                                                        requirements. If this occurs, revised
   The Associate in Arts degree Pre-Majors                   program requirements will be available in
   are designed for students who know their                                                             the official online catalog, Answer Centers,
                                                     Some state universities have recently
   intended major at the university, plan to                                                            Student Services, and appropriate
                                                     begun to offer the Bachelor of Applied
   earn the A.A. degree from Valencia, and                                                              academic departments, and substitutions
                                                     Science degree (B.A.S.) for personal or            in graduation requirements will be
   want to transfer to one of the eleven state
                                                     career advancement. The B.A.S. is designed         approved by the respective program
   universities in Florida as a junior to
                                                     to build on the Associate in Science degree        director or academic dean.
   complete a bachelor’s degree in one of the
   specific majors for which Valencia has a
   Pre-Major. Valencia does offer a few                                                              2. Limited access status occurs when student
                                                     The A.A.S. and A.S. degree s are described         demand exceeds available resources such
   Articulated Pre-Majors for transfer to            in full in the Career Programs Section of
   private institutions in Florida.                                                                     as faculty, instructional facilities,
                                                     this catalog.                                      equipment, etc. Admission to Valencia does
   The Associate in Arts degree is available                                                            not guarantee acceptance to a limited-
                                                     If you are interested in an Associate in           access degree program in which the
   for students who want a college degree and        Arts, an Associate in Applied Science or an
   have not selected a Pre-Major for transfer                                                           number of students who can enroll is
                                                     Associate in Science degree , you should           limited. Limited-access programs have
   to a state university in Florida and for          read the catalog carefully to learn the            specific admission requirements. degree s
   students who plan to transfer to a private        requirements and characteristics of each           with limited-access status are indicated
   and/or out-of-state institution. Although         degree. You should also review the career          with the program information in this
   the Pre-Majors provide the best                   areas of the Student Handbook to explore           catalog.
   preparation for transfer to specific majors       career options.
   in Florida’s State University System, a                                                           3. You may earn any number of Associate in
   student still may choose the Associate in      IMPORTANT NOTES:                                      Applied Science and/or Associate in
   Arts for a variety of reasons.                                                                       Science degree s as well as one Associate in
                                                  1. Your governing catalog is the Valencia             Arts degree ; however, you may not earn
   The Associate in Arts degree and the              Community College Catalog in effect at the         the Associate in Arts degree at Valencia if
   Pre-Majors are described in full in the           time of your initial enrollment in credit          you have earned an Associate in Arts or
   University Parallel Program section of this       courses at Valencia. A Valencia Catalog is         Bachelor’s degree from an institution that
   catalog.                                          valid for five academic years provided you         has regional accreditation in the U.S.
                                                     are continuously enrolled. You may follow
2. The A.A.S. and A.S. degree s are designed to      the policies and graduation requirements           If you want to earn more than one degree
   prepare students to enter careers upon            in your governing catalog for the five             at Valencia, you may complete the first
   completing a degree, with no further study        academic years except as may be otherwise          degree and then pursue another degree or
   required. Valencia offers approximately 35        provided by law or policies of the District        you may pursue two degrees at the same
   A.A.S. and A.S. degree s ranging from             Board of Trustees. You may officially              time. Whenever possible, a course will be
   Accounting to Restaurant and Food Service         declare any subsequent catalog as your             applied to more than one degree.
   Management.                                       governing catalog and follow its
                                                     requirements for your initial degree or

4. For all degree programs, specific courses    computers have been incorporated in           of speech (for oral communication) and/or
   have been designated to demonstrate that     traditional general education or other        a specific course in the area of computer
   graduates of these programs are competent    course work related to the degree. In cases   technology (for the basic use of
   in reading, writing, oral communication,     in which such designated courses are          computers).
   fundamental mathematical skills and the      transferred from other institutions,
   basic use of computers. In some programs,    students must demonstrate proficiency in
   skill sets and formally evaluated learning   oral communication and/or the basic use of
   activities for the areas of oral             computers by completing or having
   communication and the basic use of           completed a specific course in the area


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