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					                                   University CoUrse GUide 2012


                                                   JamES KEll
                                                   UWS GRaDUatE
             lana alRiChan                         COnStRUCtiOn manaGEmEnt
             UWS GRaDUatE                          CEO
             COmmUniCatiOn                         KEll & Rigby
             Campaign StRatEgiSt                   REaD hiS SUCCESS
                                                   StORy On paGE 7
             REaD hER SUCCESS
             StORy On paGE 7
research is
the strength
of UWS

“The strength of this university is in
its research, being a mechanism for
engagement with the region.

“This University continues to analyse
the real issues of real people,
enhancing the social equity advocacy
of Western Sydney that I initiated.

“I specified that the goal of this
concept was not equality of incomes,
but greater equality of services.

“I am very proud to have a long-
standing association with the
University of Western Sydney.”

hon E.G Whitlam aC QC
Australian Prime Minister from 5 December 1972
to 11 November 1975, Gough Whitlam AC QC has
maintained strong ties with the people of Western
Sydney. He was the Federal Member for Werriwa
from 1952 to 1978, a seat which represented seven
suburbs now located in seven separate electorates
in Western Sydney. The Whitlam Institute was
established at the University of Western Sydney in
2000 by way of agreement between Gough Whitlam
and the University. The Institute commemorates his
life and work and pursues the causes he championed,
including giving a voice and resources to the people
of Western Sydney. Gough Whitlam received an
honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of
Western Sydney in 2002 for his work in advancing
the interests of the people of Western Sydney.
                                                       17/05/2011 STR2005

 2    Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
success comes from action
Have you noticed? Successful people don’t wait for
things to happen. They take action. Successful people
are exciting to be around. They make a difference.

We want you to be successful. We want you to grab your
opportunity for success at the University of Western Sydney.

Why UWS? ................................................................................................................... 4
Resources for your Success ......................................................................................... 6
An Experience of Success ............................................................................................ 7
        UWS Graduates ................................................................................................ 7
        UWS Academics ............................................................................................. 16
        UWS Researchers ........................................................................................... 20
Providing Opportunities for Success ........................................................................... 26
        UWS Scholarships .......................................................................................... 26
        UWS Aspire..................................................................................................... 27
        UWS Triple Advantage..................................................................................... 27
        UWS Student Exchange .................................................................................. 27
Inspiring Indigenous Success ..................................................................................... 28
Modern Campuses and Facilities ................................................................................ 30
        Student Services ............................................................................................. 30
        UWS Accommodation..................................................................................... 31
        Find Your Campus........................................................................................... 34

Degrees of success .................................................................................................... 35
      Arts ................................................................................................................. 36
      Business ......................................................................................................... 37
      Communication Arts........................................................................................ 38
      Engineering and Information Communications Technology .............................. 39
      Environment and Tourism ................................................................................ 40
      Forensics ........................................................................................................ 40
      Health Sciences, Nursing and Sports Science ................................................. 41
      Law ................................................................................................................. 42
      Medicine ......................................................................................................... 42
      Policing and Criminology ................................................................................. 43
      Psychology ..................................................................................................... 43
      Sciences ......................................................................................................... 44
      Social Sciences ............................................................................................... 45
      Teaching and Education .................................................................................. 45

The Inside Information ................................................................................................ 46
Applying ..................................................................................................................... 47
How to Apply.............................................................................................................. 47
       For Students Completing HSC/IB .................................................................... 47
       For Mature Age Applicants .............................................................................. 47
       International Applicants ................................................................................... 47
       Alternative Entry Options ................................................................................. 48
For Parents ................................................................................................................. 49
Frequently Asked Questions ....................................................................................... 50
The Facts on Fees ...................................................................................................... 50
Applicant Checklist ..................................................................................................... 51

                                                                                 1300 897 669                   3
why UWS?

The University of Western Sydney is one of          degrees of success
the largest in Australia. We offer degrees
                                                    Degrees offered at UWS are designed
that set our students up for success.               for success. They offer flexibility,
                                                    practical skill development and the
Our ground-breaking research is recognised          theoretical knowledge you need to
                                                    become a career-ready graduate.
nationally and around the world. Teaching
and learning excellence is our standard.            We also offer a range of advanced
                                                    and combined degrees to help you
                                                    reach even higher levels of success.
We have designed and implemented a range of
opportunities such as UWS Triple Advantage,         Advanced degrees are offered in Arts,
                                                    Business and Commerce, Computer
Student Exchange and industry-supported             Science, Engineering, Interpreting
practical internships to help you succeed.          and Translation, Nursing and Science.
                                                    Students in the advanced degrees
                                                    are invited to join the elite UWS Aspire
UWS offers scholarships and leadership              Leadership Program, are supported
programs that can help shape your future.           by an academic mentor throughout
                                                    their degree and gain experience in
                                                    undertaking their own research.
Our campuses, spread across Greater Western
Sydney, provide purpose-built facilities designed   indigenous graduate attribute
to give you space to think and learn.
                                                    The newly implemented Indigenous
                                                    Graduate Attribute is designed to add
In this Guide, you will discover why you should     Indigenous specific content to elements
                                                    of study for existing courses at UWS.
be part of the UWS Degrees of Success story.        Core units with Indigenous content now
                                                    complement courses across disciplines
                                                    including Nursing, Medicine, Health
                                                    Sciences, Natural Sciences, Law,
                                                    Psychology, Arts and Humanities.

                                                    The UWS graduates will appreciate
                                                    the history and culture of Indigenous
                                                    Australia and gain knowledge and skills
                                                    for working productively in Indigenous
                                                    communities. This targeted knowledge
                                                    can be applied to all career paths.

                                                    The Indigenous Graduate Attribute is
                                                    a great achievement for UWS, the first
                                                    university in the country to commit
                                                    to incorporating formal study and
                                                    assessment of Indigenous Australian
                                                    histories and cultures in all courses.

 4   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
opportunities for success                 teaching and learning success              internationally recognised
As you pursue your own degree of          At UWS, we recognise that education        research
success, the University of Western        is not only about what you teach, it’s
Sydney offers many opportunities to       also about how you teach. The quality      As one of Australia’s largest universities,
support you along the way – both          of your educational experience is a        UWS takes its responsibility to drive high
professionally and personally.            critical factor that can significantly     impact research seriously. Our reputation
                                          affect your learning outcomes.             for research excellence has placed us
UWs triple Advantage – supports                                                      in the Australian Research Council’s
HSC and IB candidates to realise          The University of Western Sydney           (ARC) funding top 20, underlining our
their higher education goals.             has a reputation for teaching and          position among the best in the country.
                                          learning excellence. We invest in          Two of the University’s key research
UWs scholarships – through a              the continuous improvement of our          areas – cultural studies and plant
range of nearly 200 scholarships, we      teaching staff and systems.                biology – were labelled “well above world
are committed to providing both the                                                  standard’’, achieving the highest ranking
opportunity and the means for students    We value innovation, and learning          possible, in the 2010 ARC Excellence
to turn their aspirations into reality.   techniques such as podcast lectures.       in Research for Australia evaluation.
                                          Access to an online learning portal
UWs Future Leaders’ Aspire – an           and interactive classes ensure the         Our research programs focus on our
inspirational professional development    time you spend with us is fulfilling,      communities and making a difference
and personal enrichment program           stimulating and rewarding.                 to contemporary life all around the
specifically designed by UWS.                                                        world. It’s because our programs
                                          Gaining practical experience is the        contribute to and enhance our region’s
UWs student exchange – broaden            key ingredient for your success in the     cultural, economic, environmental and
your academic horizons and life           workplace after graduation, and forms      educational development, that our
experience with overseas study.           part of all our degree programs.           research is internationally recognised.

Careers and Co-operative internships      Learn more about the commitment,           We continually build on our research
– students and recent graduates           passion and success of our teaching        strengths with a significant research
are connected with employers              staff at UWS, by reading the profiles of   investment program. We are committed
through a range of programs.              leading UWS academics in this Guide.       to developing future generations
                                                                                     of researchers through training
Learn more about your opportunities                                                  programs for postgraduate research
for success at UWS on page 26.                                                       students, postdoctoral fellows,
                                                                                     and early career researchers.

                                                                                     To learn more about our success in
                                                                                     research, we have profiled some leading
                                                                                     UWS researchers in this Guide.

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resources for your success

vibrant learning environments
UWS is one of Sydney’s most accessible
metropolitan universities with campuses
across Greater Western Sydney. Each
campus is directly linked to its community
and reflects the cultural diversity,
energy and growth of the region.

The facilities vary from campus to campus
and include libraries, gyms, computer
labs, wireless internet, cafes, bars, tennis
courts, and plenty of open space!

Our campuses are designed to provide
vibrant, inspiring learning environments
with every opportunity to gain practical
experience. While studying at UWS you
will have access to world-class facilities
such as the School of Medicine, the
Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment,
Centre for Cultural Research, MARCS
Auditory Laboratories, moot courts,
nursing laboratories, the Confocal Bio-
Imaging Facility, Biomedical Magnetic
Resonance Facility, language laboratories,
conference interpreting facilities, and
Robotic Assembly Laboratory.

Read the campus profiles in this
guide to see examples of the facilities
and services which will help you
achieve your degree of success.

For more information see pages
30–34 in this Guide.

  6    Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
an experience
of success

At UWS we are proud of             James Kell                                 lana alrichan
our graduates, researchers
                                   Construction Management                    Communication
and academics.
                                   CEO, Kell & Rigby                          Campaign Strategist, Austereo
On the following pages you
                                   James Kell is the CEO of one of            Lana Alrichan believes her UWS
will find profiles of successful   Australia’s longest surviving family       degree has opened many doors
UWS graduates, researchers,        building companies – Kell & Rigby.         for her. “My career received a
                                   He chose to study a Bachelor of            kick start thanks to my university
and academics. We invite           Building degree at UWS because             degree, and the degree became
you to read their stories and      of the flexibility it offered.             even more valuable when I applied
see how UWS has provided                                                      for jobs globally,’’ she says.
                                   “The students tended to be part-time,
an exceptional environment         so we would all come into the lectures     The open doors created by her
for learning, teaching and         with our work boots and work gear          Communications degree led Lana
                                   on, which was really representative        to work for Mindshare as a Media
research, and a springboard        of the industry, which I thought           Executive across Asia Pacific and
to achieve amazing things.         was really helpful,” James says.           a pan regional role based in Dubai,
                                                                              where she was a Senior Planner
                                   This flexibility also allowed James to     within Starcom MediaVest group.
                                   broaden his educational experience.
                                   He was able to study in Germany for        “Currently, I am working in Austereo
                                   a year during his degree, and took         (Today FM & Triple M), the leading
                                   some marketing subjects. He also           Radio Network in Australia, as
                                   found the cross-section of students        a campaign strategist across a
                                   at UWS was more representative of          number of agency clients and
                                   the industry than at other universities.   head strategist of all local sales
                                                                              teams, providing strategy and
                                   With his degree in hand, James             direction across all key clients.”
                                   moved to China to set up a
                                   project office for Kell & Rigby,           Lana’s advice to prospective
                                   which was building factories for           students looking to achieve
                                   large companies such as Black              success is to “maximise your time
                                   & Decker, Harris Semiconductor             at university as the skills that you
                                   and BOC Gases. James returned              learn during the course are crucial
                                   to Australia in 2003 to take over          to any career path you take.”
                                   the reins as CEO from his father.

                                                                              1300 897 669       7
inspiration for
your success
                                       Graduate profile

                                       Emanuel perdis
Have you ever imagined                 Bachelor of Business (marketing)
yourself as the founder                Founder, napoleon perdis
of a global corporation
or Counsel Assisting
                                       When Emanuel Perdis and his brother Napoleon founded the internationally successful
the Solicitor-General of               cosmetics giant Napoleon Perdis 15 years ago, Australia’s economy was in recession.
Australia? Have you ever               Undaunted by the downturn, Emanuel and Napoleon thought hard about their
                                       passions and business aspirations – and were able to find the perfect fit for them both.
thought you might like to
manage one of Sydney’s                 “I love business – the mechanics of business, the nuts and bolts of business – and
largest hospitals or                   Napoleon loves cosmetics. We could marry that up quite successfully, and we did.”

conduct one of Australia’s             Today Emanuel, Napoleon, and Soula-Marie Perdis preside over an $80 million
finest orchestras?                     company with over 50 concept stores, more than 35 David Jones Napoleon Perdis
                                       counters, and over 650 stockists in Australia and New Zealand.

UWS graduates have                     Back in his student days, choosing UWS for his business degree was an easy
achieved this success.                 choice for Emanuel given its reputation for applied commerce and business studies.
                                       The campus being close to home was another attraction.
As you read each success
story imagine yourself                 “I used to love popping out and watching some Oprah in between lectures, or going
                                       home to study and coming back to uni for tutorials at night.”
in their shoes. Think
about your own career                  But it was the quality and care of the teaching staff that Emanuel remembers most
possibilities and all you              from his time at UWS.

could achieve with your                Emanuel attributes part of his success to his passion for what he does and having fun.
UWS degree of success.
                                       “It’s nice to be remunerated well for what you do but fun is a very major motivator,”
                                       he says.

                                       The most important piece of advice Emanuel has for prospective students seeking
                                       success is to find “a worthwhile, caring and competent mentor.” He says the value
                                       it brings, as a person and a professional, is priceless.

 8   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
Find “a worthwhile,
caring and
competent mentor.”

1300 897 669   9
10   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
Graduate profile

leonie young
Bachelor of laws (Graduate Entry)
Counsel assisting the Solicitor-General of australia                                        “Work hard, talk to
Leonie’s advice to budding lawyers is to “work hard, talk to as many people in the
                                                                                             as many people
profession as you can, and make the most of every single opportunity presented
to you.”                                                                                     in the profession
Leonie has certainly done just that, carving out a stellar legal career already.
She completed her degree with first class Honours and received the University
                                                                                             as you can, and
Medal in early 2007.
                                                                                             make the most
In 2008-2009, Leonie served as the final Associate to the Honourable Justice
Michael Kirby AC CMG of the High Court of Australia, prior to his retirement.
Then in late 2009, she was awarded the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship Scholarship,
                                                                                             of every single
enabling her to complete her Master of Laws at prestigious Harvard University.               opportunity
After graduating in May 2010, Leonie returned to Australia to practise as a
commercial litigation solicitor with a mid-tier firm in Sydney, before being appointed       presented to you.”
to the position of Counsel Assisting the Solicitor-General of Australia in Canberra
– another highly sought-after role.

During her time at UWS, Leonie found the practical features of both compulsory
and elective subjects to be one of the best aspects of the Law degree. Advocacy
and written exercises such as mooting and legal drafting provided her with excellent
opportunities to translate legal knowledge into ‘real life’ situations, developing the
essential skills necessary for legal practice.

Leonie has also been able to share her knowledge with other students, spending a
semester lecturing first and final year law students at Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan.

“Never dismiss opportunities because you think they are insignificant at the time
– you never know where they may take you in the future,” she says.

                                                                                            1300 897 669   11
                                       Graduate profile

                                       mark Shepherd
                                       Bachelor of health Science
 “always apply                         General manager, Bankstown hospital
  your theoretical                     Beginning his career as a clinical care nurse in Neurosurgery at Royal Prince Alfred

  knowledge in                         Hospital, Mark managed the Neurosurgical Unit for almost 10 years, before taking on the
                                       management of area-wide clinical services in the former Central Sydney Area Health

                                       Service, which included Cardiovascular and Cancer Services.

                                       During this time, Mark completed his Health Management qualifications at UWS to develop
                                       skills in clinical business management. He chose to study at UWS because of its adult
                                       education principles, the course curriculum, and variable and flexible course locations.

                                       Following the amalgamation of the Area Health Services in 2005, Mark had the opportunity
                                       to take on the role of Hospital General Manager at Fairfield Hospital. He then moved
                                       on to Bankstown Hospital as General Manager in January 2007, where he has
                                       operational and strategic responsibility for this 450-bed tertiary facility, with over 2100
                                       staff and a budget in excess of $150 million.

                                       Mark’s great passion is for clinical services development and clinical resource
                                       efficiencies, having developed and implemented the ‘Threshold Pricing’ model utilised
                                       in orthopaedic joint replacement programs in numerous Area Health Services in NSW
                                       and Victoria.

                                       “The skills and attributes I developed at UWS, including critical thinking, planning and
                                       writing skills, enabled me to analyse issues and develop professional responses to
                                       workplace issues. I have never regretted taking this opportunity, and have continued
                                       to gain further education and experience developing myself and others along the way,’’
                                       he says.

                                       UWS recently partnered with Bankstown Hospital to provide clinical training places for
                                       UWS medical students, which not only enhances medical students’ training but also
                                       hospital services in the local area.

                                       Mark’s advice to future students is to always apply your theoretical knowledge in practice,
                                       “otherwise it is knowledge not well utilised.”

12   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
1300 897 669   13
14   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
Graduate profile

Sarah-Grace Williams
Bachelor of music – First Class honours (Conducting)
Bachelor of arts music – Graduated with Distinction                                         “Believe in yourself
(Double major – performance/Composition)
                                                                                             and give it every-
Founding Chief Conductor and artistic Director,                                              thing you’ve got.”
metropolitan Chamber Orchestra
Growing up in the Penrith area, for Sarah-Grace Williams, living close to university
was fantastic. But it wasn’t the main reason she chose to study at UWS.

“At the time, the Music degree was only in its second year and I was excited to
become part of a new course, with a fresh vision and great flexibility,’’ she says.
“I was able to explore many facets of my own musicianship and discover where I
wanted to be within the industry.”

“UWS allowed me to undertake a double-major in Clarinet and Composition, which
was very important to me but not offered by many other universities. Throughout
my degree I was encouraged by my lecturers to follow my passion for conducting.
They also allowed me to change my major for my Honours degree. Without this
flexibility and support I would not have pursued conducting as a career.”

And it is a career move that has certainly paid off for Sarah-Grace. Listed by Limelight
magazine as one of the top 50 power players in their SMART ARTS 2010, she has
gained a reputation as one of Australia’s foremost conductors of her generation. Sarah-
Grace was also recently awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship, allowing her to
travel to observe and learn from leading orchestras and conductors around the world.

Her advice to future students and young musicians is to “believe in yourself and give
it everything you’ve got.”

“It can be a hard journey sometimes and no one is going to hand you anything on a
plate but anything is possible. Throw yourself into your studies, and most importantly,
don’t let negative people stand in your way. This industry can only thrive if we continue
to have fresh, passionate and exciting new blood. Be this!’’

                                                                                            1300 897 669   15
teaching and learning success
through academic excellence

Our lecturers are industry-            UWS academics top the nation               Dr Katrina Barker, School of Education,
                                                                                  UWS Bankstown Campus - For
trained professionals whose                                                       creating an atmosphere of intellectual
                                       Ten UWS staff members have been
goal is to ensure you are              recognised for their outstanding
                                                                                  excitement to influence, inspire and
                                                                                  motivate diverse groups of students
career-ready when you                  contributions to student learning in
                                                                                  preparing for careers in teaching.
                                       this year’s national Australian Learning
complete your degree.                  and Teaching Council Awards.
                                                                                  Dr Roumen Dimitrov, School of
                                                                                  Communication Arts, UWS Penrith
                                       The UWS recipients for 2010 were:
They are also outstanding                                                         Campus - For successful experiential
                                                                                  and engaged learning and teaching
achievers in their own fields,         Dr Satomi Kawaguchi, School of
                                                                                  that educates public relations students
                                       Humanities and Languages, UWS
maintaining an excellence              Bankstown Campus - Developing the ‘3-
                                                                                  to stand out as professionals.

in teaching that has been              New’ approach: Using second language
                                                                                  Dr Fernanda Duarte, School of
                                       acquisition research, new communication
recognised within and                  technologies and pedagogy to motivate,
                                                                                  Management, UWS Parramatta
                                                                                  Campus - For effectively facilitating
beyond the University.                 inspire and engage students of Japanese
                                                                                  transformative learning in a management
                                       for better learning outcomes.
                                                                                  school through sound scholarship
                                                                                  and engaging experientially-based
Our lecturers want to play a           Dr Catherine Camden-Pratt,
                                                                                  approaches that inspire students to
                                       School of Education, UWS Penrith
part in your future success            Campus - Foregrounding critical
                                                                                  think more critically and ethically.

by giving you the benefit of           creativity: establishing safe spaces
                                                                                  Dr Mark Williams, School of Natural
                                       for experimentation using creative
their experience.                      learning approaches which
                                                                                  Sciences, UWS Hawkesbury Campus
                                                                                  - Innovative online resources provide
                                       transform students’ understanding of
                                                                                  quality, timely and constructive feedback:
                                       themselves as agents of change.
Learn more about the                                                              enhancing student learning for diverse
                                                                                  student cohorts in Chemistry.
success of our academic                Dr Leanne Rylands, School of Computing
                                       and Mathematics, UWS Penrith Campus
staff at UWS, by reading the           - For sustained quality contributions
                                                                                  Dr Sharon Andrew, School of Nursing and
                                                                                  Midwifery, UWS Campbelltown Campus
profiles of several leading            to mathematical learning for all ability
                                                                                  - Bridging the research-teaching nexus:
                                       levels and backgrounds by motivating
UWS academics in this                  and inspiring students in an open,
                                                                                  applying educational research to ensure
                                                                                  an evidence-based approach for improved
Guide.                                 positive and passionate environment.
                                                                                  student outcomes in nursing programs.
                                       Dr Adrian Renshaw, School of Natural
                                                                                  Dr Margaret Clarke, School of Education,
                                       Sciences, UWS Hawkesbury Campus
                                                                                  UWS Penrith Campus - For leading
                                       - For excellence in Science teaching
                                                                                  quality change in teacher education and
                                       broadening participation, engagement
                                                                                  influencing improvement of teaching and
                                       and inspiring students to learn using
                                                                                  learning practices through her scholarly
                                       approaches in assessment and feedback
                                                                                  work at the University of Western Sydney.
                                       that foster independent learning.

16   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
                        academic profile

                        Dr Catherine
                        australian learning and
                        teaching Council award winner,
                        UWS School of Education
                        Catherine Camden-Pratt’s approach
                        to teaching is to place the student
“We work together       at the centre of their own learning.
                        “The way I work with students re-

 creatively, we         locates them in learning partnerships
                        with their University teachers in

 critically reflect     authentic relationships,’’ she says.

                        “This recognition drives my teaching
 and we share           approaches which are experiential
                        and work from practice into theory.

 our creative           Theory is not in itself very useful unless
                        students can integrate it into their

 assessment work
                        own lives and understand how they
                        can use theory to bring about positive
                        personal and social change.”
 in tutorial groups.”   “I participate alongside students in all
                        the work we do so that I am always
                        learning with them and deepening my
                        understanding of the unit theory and
                        its applications. My 2010 Australian
                        Learning and Teaching Council
                        Citation for Outstanding Contribution
                        to Student Learning was awarded
                        for the kinds of teaching and learning
                        approaches I use that foreground critical
                        creativity and transform students’
                        understanding of themselves as agents
                        of personal and social change.”

                        Catherine teaches within Social Ecology
                        at UWS, which she says, means applying
                        a holistic approach to education. “My
                        teaching style is characterised by my
                        recognising that learning communities
                        are co-created, and that teachers and
                        students are active participants in this.”

                             1300 897 669        17
                                                             academic profile

                                                             John Juriansz
                                                             lecturer, UWS School of law
                                                             Pursuing a career in law takes hard
                                                             work and dedication, and as a crucial
                                       “to be clear, there   part of students’ preparation, John
                                                             Juriansz encourages and empowers

                                        are no passengers    his students to take ownership and
                                                             responsibility for their own learning.

                                        on the road to a     “It is central to my approach to teaching
                                                             that students understand that their
                                        successful law       personal acquisition of responsibility for
                                                             their learning is vitally important to their

                                        degree – only        development into professional individuals,’’
                                                             he says. “I try to inspire students to be

                                                             aggressively inquisitive in relation to their
                                                             studies as the propensity for deep learning
                                                             cannot be received, it must be achieved.”

                                                             Juriansz is an alumnus of UWS, a former
                                                             lawyer with several top-tier firms and past
                                                             intern with the Australian Law Reform
                                                             Commission. He seeks to incorporate
                                                             these professional experiences into the
                                                             teaching and learning strategy of every
                                                             unit of study he teaches by bridging
                                                             the theoretical with the practical.

                                                             While the law, by its very nature, may
                                                             seem a fairly rigid course of study,
                                                             Juriansz recognises that students have
                                                             a broad array of differing learning styles
                                                             and motivations, and that his teaching
                                                             must adapt to these in order for his
                                                             students to achieve excellent outcomes.

                                                             “The recognition that students come
                                                             from diverse backgrounds and that
                                                             they exhibit and possess a wide range
                                                             of experiences, talents and abilities is
                                                             essential to my approach to teaching
                                                             and learning. This recognition mirrors
                                                             my belief that effective teaching requires
                                                             motivating and empowering students
                                                             to use their higher cognitive level
                                                             processes that the more academic
                                                             students use spontaneously,” he says.
18   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
academic profile

Dr milissa Deitz
associate lecturer,
UWS Communication
Milissa Deitz likes to encourage
her students to engage with public
debate and civic renewal through
the study of communication.

“I also hope to encourage them to see
the connections between academia,
innovative research and new ideas,’’ she
says. “As well as a means to advance
knowledge, research is an opportunity
to work collaboratively with academics,
industries and communities across a
diversity of disciplines and I hope that I
help students to see and understand this
– that their degree can be about so much
more than simply getting a piece of paper.”

Milissa teaches media theory, journalism
and creative writing at UWS. As
well as having a PhD in media and
communications, Milissa is a published
writer and journalist. Her third book,
an academic text called Watch This
Space: The Future of Australian
Journalism (Cambridge University
Press) was published in 2010.

“Before becoming an academic I was
a full-time journalist and I continue
to write freelance journalism and am
currently working on an upcoming
novel. I also co-host the television show
Shelf Life on TVS, a book show about
what everyday people are reading.”

“I utilise a wide range of teaching
materials and methods to convey my
passion for the media and writing, and
believe my students appreciate that my
experience is wide and varied,” she says.

     1300 897 669   19
internationally recognised
research                                                         Research profile

                                                                 institute for the
The University of Western Sydney nurtures a distinctive, high-   professor David tissue
impact research culture. We are committed to enhancing           professor David Ellsworth
our region’s cultural, economic, environmental and
educational development and responding to contemporary
                                                                 Climate change is one of the most
challenges in Greater Western Sydney and beyond.                 serious problems facing the world today.
                                                                 if we are to adapt to climate change,
                                                                 we urgently need to know the impact
Our research centres and programs attract international,         of rising Co2 concentrations, higher
national and local interest, and contribute to developments      temperatures, and drought affected
that make a difference in contemporary life.                     biodiversity and carbon cycling and
                                                                 storage in terrestrial ecosystems.

For example, the new Hawkesbury Institute for the                the Hawkesbury institute for the
                                                                 environment is developing coordinated,
Environment (HIE) is a multimillion dollar research Institute    cross disciplinary programs that will
dedicated to understanding how terrestrial ecosystems            generate insights about the response
adapt to climate change.                                         and adaptation of complex ecosystems
                                                                 to environmental change. the research
                                                                 will range from individual genes and the
MARCS Auditory Laboratories conduct research on auditory         smallest soil microbes and insects, to vast
                                                                 grasslands, natural forests and plantations,
perception and cognition with a specific focus on speech,        and ultimately to entire landscapes.
music, communicating and hearing. The Urban Research
Centre focuses on the challenges facing the burgeoning           this multi-scale approach is possible
                                                                 because of the availability at UWs of
Sydney metropolitan area while maintaining a global outlook.     a wide array of new-generation field
                                                                 and laboratory facilities that allow
                                                                 scientific exploration and innovative
The strength and quality of our research partnerships with       discoveries across this vast scale.
municipal councils, both in our region and across Australia,
                                                                 Climate change facilities at UWs include:
places us in the top five universities for research income
from local government.                                           » Free Air Co2 enrichment (FACe) to
                                                                   simulate future Co2 levels and climate.

Be challenged and excited by the research projects outlined      » rainout shelters that simulate
in the following pages of this Guide – by studying at UWS,         seasonal drought.
you too could be involved in important research such as this.    » An eddy flux tower that measures
                                                                   water and Co2 fluxes at the
                                                                   forest ecosystem level.

20   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
» Climate-controlled environmental
  growth chambers and rooms for
  investigating the role of microbes
  in soil carbon sequestration.

» An insectary for investigating the
  interaction between plants and
  insects under environmental change.

» Advanced cell biology/microbiology
  and molecular genetics/genomics
  facilities, including a next-generation,
  fast-throughput genome sequencer.

» Custom-refurbished buildings
  and laboratories.

Professor ellsworth expects the Hie
will attract other interested scientists
to contribute to and participate in
the research. “We hope to act as a
magnet for researchers from throughout
Australia as well as internationally
to come here and test their ideas
as a group, which will lead to better
outcomes in terms of being able to
manage these native ecosystems and
woodlands in the future,” he says.

   “Our research is aimed at investigating the
    impact of climate change on native trees
    and forests. the focus is on understanding
    how forests capture carbon and thus
    mitigate climate change.”

                                                 1300 897 669   21
                                       Research profile

                                       maRCS auditory
                                       the articulated head/Stelarc
                                       imagine being able to interact with an
                                       advanced artificial intelligence system,
                                       just like you would another person?
                                       While it sounds like something out
                                       of a science fiction film, researchers
                                       at the UWs MArCs Auditory
                                       Laboratories are creating such a
                                       system, designed to improve interaction
                                       between humans and machines.

                                       Jointly funded by the national
                                       Health and Medical research
                                       Council and the Australian research
                                       Council, the thinking Head Project
                                       is centred around the creation of a
                                       3d visual head which has cognitive
                                       human interaction capabilities.

                                       displayed on an LCd screen, the
                                       thinking Head can talk, listen, show
                                       emotions and make eye contact,
                                       and promises to revolutionise
                                       the way students engage with
                                       educational tools to learn skills such
                                       as counselling and language.

                                       Undertaken in partnership with
                                       the royal Melbourne institute of
                                       technology, Macquarie University,
                                       Flinders University, the University of
                                       Canberra, Berlin technical University,
                                       denmark technical University and
                                       Carnegie Mellon, the project is also
                                       designed to build a research platform
                                       for users to test software in an
                                       interactive real-time environment.

                                       “there is a lot of interdisciplinary
                                       research happening in the thinking Head
                                       Project,” says damith Herath, research
                                       engineer, MArCs Auditory Laboratories.
                                       “We’ve got computer scientists, robotics
                                       engineers, psychologists and artists
                                       all working towards a common goal of
                                       having any robot interacting with humans
                                       in a more sensible and natural way.”

22   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
professor Kate Stevens
maRCS auditory laboratories
and School of psychology
As a teacher, Kate stevens likes to
provide real-world examples of the
application of theories and methods
from cognitive psychology.

“in my teaching in Cognitive
Psychology at UWs i discuss my
current research projects and invite
guest lecturers from MArCs Auditory
Laboratories to discuss their research

                                             “importantly, our applied
so that students hear directly from
experts in the field,’’ she says.

“For example, in Applied Cognition and
Human Performance, we hear from               research in psychology
leading researchers discussing language
acquisition and learning to read, decision
making in complex environments such
                                              is underpinned by sound
as aviation, and developing embodied
conversational agents – “thinking
                                              conceptualisation or
heads” or avatars. “We might discuss
the application of psychological theory       theory and rigorous and
and methods to the design of effective
auditory warnings; examine the cognitive
and psychological aspects of hearing
                                              replicable methods of
problems such as tinnitus; investigate
human movement in dance as a tool
to understand memory for complex,
nonverbal material; and use music as a
microscope on the brain and processes
of auditory perception and cognition.

“MArCs Auditory Laboratories houses
the latest equipment and technology
for research in auditory perception and
cognition from speech and language to
psychoacoustics, music and movement.
our students appreciate ready access
to leading researchers working at
MArCs and hearing from leading
international researchers who visit and
present their research at MArCs. our                     Photo courtesy sue Healey Company
students also enjoy developing their
professional networks by presenting
their research at local and overseas
conferences and publishing research
during their doctoral candidature.’’
                                                                                             1300 897 669   23
                                       Research profile

                                       Urban Research
                                       professor Kevin Dunn
                                       professor in human Geography
                                       and Urban Studies
                                       Professor Kevin dunn relishes the
                                       Greater Western sydney location of
                                       UWs for its Urban Planning program.

                                       “our laboratory is all around us,”
                                       he says.

                                       students in the Urban Planning
                                       program are immersed in the
                                       world around them from the
                                       opening unit of study.

 “Our laboratory is all                dunn, who is a Professor in Human
                                       Geography and Urban studies,
  around us.’’                         believes Australia needs citizens
                                       who understand their world, and
                                       how it will be in the future. He has
                                       completed a 10-year study of the
                                       geographic spread of racism in
                                       Australia, as part of the ‘Challenging
                                       racism Project’, and has particular
                                       interest in research in immigration and
                                       settlement, islam in Australia, and local
                                       government and multiculturalism.

                                       “We want students from this part of
                                       the city to come and do Planning
                                       with us as it will be absolutely
                                       relevant to their own localities and
                                       region. the outcomes are that
                                       all of our graduates get jobs as
                                       town planners – 100 per cent.”

24   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
Research profile

Virtual Worlds
Dr anton Bogdanovych
postdoctoral Research Fellow
School of Computing and
dr Anton Bogdanovych believes
that the keyboard and mouse will
one day be obsolete, with the
internet of the future to replace
traditional web browsing with 3d
and virtual worlds like Second Life.

“interacting with menus, drawing,
building objects, and moving around
will be done via full body motion
and voice commands,” he says.

As a Postdoctoral research
Fellow in the UWs school of
Computing and Mathematics, dr
Bogdanovych works in the areas of
artificial intelligence, video games,
motion capture, human computer
interaction and virtual worlds.

He leads the Uruk project, which
aims to recreate the way of life of

                                            “Start here –
ancient sumerians in the period
around 3000 B.C. using artificial
intelligence. He is also involved with
the Australian research Council-
funded discovery project, ‘it’s all about
                                             go anywhere.’’
me’ – Anthropomorphised trading
in Believable electronic Markets,
exploring the concepts of virtual
institutions and imitation learning.

For future students interested in it
at UWs, dr Bogdanovych suggests
“taking as much mathematics as you
possibly can during your studies”.

                                                              1300 897 669   25
for success

At UWS we support you                  UWS Scholarships                               Alexandru Hruska, Academic
                                                                                      Excellence Scholarship recipient,
in pursuing your goals to                                                             Aspire Scholar, Most Outstanding
                                       The University of Western Sydney
succeed. To help you achieve           is not only about providing students
                                                                                      Year 11 Scholar and current student
                                                                                      of the Bachelor of Business and
your academic aspirations,             with an education. We also look to
                                                                                      Commerce, majoring in Accounting.
we offer several opportunities         engage students who will get actively
                                       involved and make a difference to the
from the time you apply                University and wider communities.
                                                                                      Gaining a scholarship at a respected
                                                                                      Australian university is an incredible
through to graduation.                                                                achievement for anyone, but doing
                                       UWS has a unique set of scholarships on
                                                                                      it just two years after arriving in the
                                       offer, which reflect our strong commitment
                                                                                      country is truly remarkable. Alexandru
Our Most Outstanding Year              to academic excellence and providing
                                                                                      Hruska recently moved to Australia from
11 Student Awards, the                 opportunities for Greater Western Sydney
                                                                                      Romania, and has since notched up
                                       students. With many differing criteria, our
Aspire Leadership program                                                             an outstanding set of achievements.
                                       scholarships support students who have
and scholarships reward                diverse interests and skills, and who can
                                                                                      In just one year, Alexandru gained a
                                       and do make an active contribution.
excellence and provide                                                                scholarship with the University of Western
                                                                                      Sydney, was accepted into the UWS
a great starting point for             UWS works closely with businesses,
                                                                                      Aspire program, and won a cadetship with
students to achieve their              industries, and the community to ensure
                                                                                      Sydney accounting firm Coulton Isaac and
                                       we offer scholarships that meet the needs
degree of success.                                                                    Barker. He studies part-time, undertaking
                                       of our students. Our scholarships not only
                                                                                      a Bachelor of Business and Commerce
                                       provide our students with support, but
                                                                                      majoring in Accounting, while also working
                                       many also provide avenues to establish
Advanced degrees challenge             professional relationships while they study.
                                                                                      full-time with his accounting cadetship.
those students ready to                                                               Alexandru says he chose to study at
                                       Umit Hibbert, Vice-Chancellors’
take their studies further,            Leadership Scholarship recipient and
                                                                                      UWS because of its personal attention to
                                                                                      students, saying that “my experiences and
while the Aspire program               current student of the Bachelor of
                                                                                      dealings with the University seem to be
inspires the next generation           Communications with a major in
                                                                                      about me as an individual, and not just as
                                       Public Relations.
of community leaders.                                                                 another generic student.” The reputation
                                                                                      of his course for engaging in the practical
                                       “The scholarship has really empowered
                                                                                      aspects of accounting was also important
                                       me to do the things I am truly passionate
Explore the opportunities              about. I can really concentrate on
                                                                                      to Alexandru, who is also looking forward
                                                                                      to undertaking any internship or placement
available.                             my studies, and I now have time for
                                                                                      opportunities that may be on offer.
                                       all the extra activities and projects I
                                       really want to be a part of, instead
                                       of having to work part-time.”

                                       Take the time to examine our
                                       scholarships and make the most of your
                                       opportunities for success. For details
                                       on UWS Scholarships, including the
                                       eligibility requirements and how to apply,
                                       refer to
                                       scholarships or call 1300 897 669.

26   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
UWS aspire                                 UWS triple advantage                          UWS Student Exchange
Aspire Future Leaders at the University    The University of Western Sydney              Studying internationally is an
of Western SydneyTM is a professional      encourages you to pursue a university         investment in yourself – in your
development and personal enrichment        education by providing three entry            professional development and
program specifically designed to           advantages to help you achieve                personal growth. You will have
cultivate and enhance the leadership       your higher education goals.                  some amazing stories to share with
qualities of our most gifted students.                                                   your friends and family when you
                                           UWS Early Offer Opportunity                   return, but more importantly, you
As an Aspire Scholar, you will have        An Early Offer may be made in the Early       will enhance your career prospects,
the opportunity to be involved in:         January Round of UAC offers if your ATAR      improve your skills, and develop your
                                           equals or exceeds the 2011 cut-off for the    confidence and independence while
» Welcome Retreat                          UWS course for which you have applied.        enjoying living in another country.
» Workshops on topics such as
  communication, business etiquette        UWS Regional Bonus Points                     UWS offers its students several
  and presentation skillls                 If you live or study in the Greater Western   fantastic opportunities to
» Internships and other relevant           Sydney region, you will automatically         study internationally as part of
  work experience                          receive five Bonus Points when you            their degree of success:
» Campus life through University service   apply for a UWS course through
» Volunteering through                     UAC. Excludes Bachelor of Medicine/           » Exchange Programs: a session
  community engagement                     Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), MBBS/               or year-long opportunity with a
» Social events, networking                Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music.            Partner University of UWS.
  and having fun
                                           UWS Subject Bonus Points                      » Short courses: for students who
Aspire is an opportunity for young,        Bonus Points may also be awarded to             would prefer to study internationally
talented people with leadership            2011 Australian HSC or IB students on           during the summer or winter break.
abilities and ambitions, to become         the basis of outstanding performance
part of an elite group of high-            in a nominated range of HSC or                » Language Study: study at a
achieving undergraduate students.          IB subjects. Bonus Points are not               country in the native language
                                           available for all UWS courses.                  (beginner to advanced level) or in
For details on the Aspire program                                                          English, where English is not the
and eligibility requirements, please       Note: Conditions apply to Triple                native language of the country.
refer to          Advantage. The maximum bonus
aspire or call 1300 897 669.               that any applicant can receive is 10          » Study Abroad: available if you
                                           points. This includes Regional Bonus,           would like to study at a university
                                           Subject Bonus and Educational                   that is not a partner of UWS.
                                           Access Scheme (EAS) Points.
                                                                                         Indi Woods described her Student
                                           To find out if you are eligible               Exchange experience as “fun and
                                           call us on 1300 897 669 or visit              interesting. It was challenging
                                        in some ways but I met lots of
                                                                                         nice, funny people who shared
                                                                                         the same interests as me. They
                                                                                         were not just people from my area
                                                                                         but a lot of exchange students
                                                                                         from all around the world.’’

                                                                                         1300 897 669   27
inspiring indigenous success

Indigenous students at UWS can look forward to learning
in a friendly and supportive environment which promotes
independent thinking and embraces diversity.

Our University is committed to providing higher education
pathways for Indigenous students and contributing
to the process of reconciliation. As an education
institution, we share with the Australian community
the cultures, languages, history and contemporary
experiences of Australia’s Indigenous people.

UWS provides an environment that not only welcomes
Indigenous Australians, but inspires their success.

The Badanami Centre for Indigenous Education has offices
located on each campus and provides a range of services
and support to guide Indigenous students through their
studies and to help make their time at the University of
Western Sydney enjoyable and enriching. The centre
also administers the Badanami Alternative Entry Program
and the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme.

28   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
Badanami alternative                            form a firm foundation for the curriculum
                                                content of the primary school. The course
                                                                                                The Diploma is designed to support
                                                                                                Indigenous students entering university
Entry program                                   is offered at UWS Bankstown campus
                                                in an AREP block release mode. The
                                                                                                study and open up pathways to further
                                                                                                study in UWS undergraduate courses.
The Badanami Alternative Entry Program          practical component is undertaken in            Note that students enrolled in the block
is a UWS initiative aimed at increasing         schools in students’ home communities           mode Bachelor of Community and Social
Indigenous participation in undergraduate       and in Sydney. This block mode is               Development at Bankstown campus can
programs across all areas of study. You         designed to afford Indigenous Australian        exit early from the degree with the Diploma
do not need to have a HSC or other              students the capacity of remaining in their     of Community and Social Development.
qualification to apply to study at UWS via      community to fulfil their family, community,
the alternative entry program. The program      career, cultural and social responsibilities.   Prospective Indigenous students
includes a two-day assessment workshop          Students are required to attend four to         are required to apply direct to UWS
which allows you to demonstrate that you        six on campus residential sessions per          via the Badanami Alternative Entry
meet the minimum and essential criteria         year, each lasting approximately one to         Program (BAEP). For more information
for the course chosen.                          two weeks. Travel, accommodation and            or to obtain a Badanami Alternative
                                                meal costs to attend workshops are              Entry Program Application form
For more information or to obtain a             funded for Abstudy approved students.           contact UWS on 1300 897 669 or
Badanami Alternative Entry Program                                                              visit
Application form contact UWS on                 Bachelor of Community and
1300 897 669 or visit
                                                Social Development
                                                This is a three year undergraduate program      Bachelor of medicine/
                                                available to Indigenous students that
                                                gives you the skills and knowledge for
                                                                                                Bachelor of Surgery
indigenous tutorial                             work in welfare and advocacy; community         Indigenous students with an interest in
assistance Scheme                               leadership, development and community
                                                sustainability. The course is offered at
                                                                                                completing the Bachelor of Medicine/
                                                                                                Bachelor of Surgery are strongly
                                                UWS Bankstown campus in block mode              encouraged to apply. The School
The Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme
                                                supported by on-line learning. Students will    recognises the large Indigenous population
(ITAS) enables Indigenous students to
                                                have the opportunity to undertake relevant      in Greater Western Sydney and the
receive individual or group tuition with
                                                placements in the field. This block mode        need for more Indigenous doctors. It
qualified tutors in essay writing, study and
                                                is designed to afford Indigenous Australian     will endeavour to meet a target of eight
research skills. Students are eligible for up
                                                students the capacity of remaining in their     Indigenous students each year. Indigenous
to two hours of tutoring per week per unit
                                                community to fulfil their family, community,    applicants should have successfully
during semester, and five additional hours
                                                career, cultural and social responsibilities.   completed at least the equivalent of the
of tuition during the examination period.
                                                Students are required to attend two to          NSW HSC. It is desirable, but not essential,
                                                three on campus residential sessions            to sit the UMAT (Undergraduate Medical
For more detailed information about ITAS,
                                                per year, each lasting approximately one        Admissions Test). The most important
please visit or
                                                to two weeks. Travel, accommodation             criteria for admission will be assessment of
call Badanami on 1800 032 923.
                                                and meal costs to attend workshops are          the applicant’s desire to study medicine and
                                                funded for Abstudy approved students.           their likelihood of succeeding in the course.
indigenous Courses                                                                              These will be determined by the School
                                                Diploma of Community and                        of Medicine on a case-by-case basis.
Bachelor of Education (Primary) AREP            Social Development
This is a five year undergraduate program       This is a one year undergraduate                Please contact Cris Carriage, Indigenous
that gives you the skills and understanding     qualification available for Indigenous          Program Officer, School of Medicine,
to teach effectively across the full            students at the UWS Penrith campus.             at or call the
Kindergarten to Year 6 curriculum range.        The Diploma provides students with              Course Information Centre on
In addition to foundation and curriculum        initial skills and knowledge for working        1300 897 669 for further information.
school based subjects, students will            in community and welfare organizations
extend their literacy and numeracy skills,      as well as providing an introduction
as well as cultural perspectives which          to Indigenous Australian studies.
                                                                                                     1300 897 669   29
and facilities

Modern, people-friendly hubs           helping you succeed
of activity. That sums up our
                                       Putting learning into practice              Technology
distinctive campuses located           » The next generation of doctors            » On-campus computer labs are open
across Western Sydney. Each              train in the anatomy labs and other         22 hours a day, 7 days a week
campus reflects the diversity            practical facilities at the $52 million   » 2,000 computers are
                                         state-of-the-art Medical School             available for student use
of the Western Sydney region             at the Campbelltown campus                » Wireless email and internet
while providing great services         » Nursing students get essential              access on all campuses
                                         practical experience in laboratories      » Cutting-edge computer
and unique facilities. They              at the Campbelltown, Hawkesbury             software packages
range in character from the              and Parramatta campuses, including
ultra-modern and hi-tech                 a full replica of a hospital ward         Facilities and Services
                                       » Media students get creative in            » Eight libraries
to the beautiful, pastoral               the $2 million convergent media           » Residential living on five campuses
and serene. Above all, our               studio complex, equipped with             » Childcare services on five campuses
                                         recording, post-production,               » Sports and leisure facilities
campuses provide big, wide               broadcast and narrowcast facilities       » Careers services
open spaces, with room                 » The exercise and sport science lab
to think, room to breathe                has instruments for measuring a           For more information about UWS
                                         whole spectrum of factors relating to     student support services, visit
and room to be yourself.                 sport and physical activity, as well as
                                         physical and biomedical indicators

                                       Real-life settings
                                       » For those inspired to pursue a career
                                         in forensics, the Crime Scene House
                                         gives students a chance to hone their
                                         skills in processing crime scenes
                                       » Law students get a taste for
                                         the courtroom in the Moot
                                         Courts at the Parramatta and
                                         Campbelltown campuses
                                       » Health science students treat members
                                         of the general public in the UniClinic
                                         at the Campbelltown campus
                                       » Community TV station TVS broadcasts
                                         direct from the Penrith campus

30   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
                                                 UWS accommodation
                                                 – successful living
                                                 Living on campus
                                                 Because going to uni isn’t just
                                                 about learning, it’s also a lifestyle,
                                                 living on campus offers great
                                                 opportunities to make friends
                                                 and experience student life.

                                                 UWS offers a wide range of
                                                 accommodation on each campus
                                                 with high quality, affordable options.
                                                 The UWS Residential Colleges
                                                 provide a choice of catered and self-
                                                 catered rooms on most campuses,
                                                 from dormitories and residential
                                                 halls to cottages, townhouses and
                                                 villas. Rooms may be furnished with
                                                 beds, desks, fridges and more.

                                                 Find out more about accommodation at
                                                 UWS by calling 1300 897 669
                                                 or at,
UWs residential College at Campbelltown campus or

                                                 Living local
                                                 The Greater Western Sydney region
                                                 has a vast range of affordable
                                                 apartments and share housing.

                                                 If you are already a local,
                                                 congratulations – UWS is perfectly
                                                 located for you to make the most of
                                                 your university experience, without
                                                 having to travel long distances.

UWs residential College at Penrith campus

                                                      1300 897 669    31
Bankstown campus                        Campbelltown campus                          hawkesbury campus
Located in Milperra, the Bankstown      Located in the historic Macarthur            Located in Richmond in the Hawkesbury
campus provides a warm, friendly,       region of south-west Sydney, the             River Valley, north-west of Sydney, this
multicultural environment with          Campbelltown campus offers a unique          stunning location is at the foot of the
modern, spacious buildings              balance between city and rural lifestyles.   Blue Mountains and is an ideal place
and landscaped gardens.                                                              to lose yourself in your studies.
                                        Special facilities include:
Special facilities include:             » $52 million purpose-built                  Special facilities include:
» Early Childhood Centre                  Medical School                             » Crime Scene House – a dedicated
» MARCS Auditory Laboratories           » The UniClinic state-of-the-art               training facility which allows students
» Nursing laboratories                    clinical training facility for               to practise forensic science skills
» Centre for Education Research (CER)     health science students                      such as detecting and analysing
» Psychology laboratories               » Moot Court modelled on the                   footprints, fingerprinting, blood
» Language laboratories                   Campbelltown Local Court                     spatter and glass evidence
» Badanami Centre for                   » Anatomy laboratories                       » Hawkesbury Institute for the
  Indigenous Education                  » Nursing laboratories                         Environment – cutting-edge facility
                                        » Biomedical Magnetic Resonance                for climate change research
                                          Facility for conducting very high          » Food Processing Pilot Plant
                                          resolution MRI and NMR experiments         » Nursing clinical laboratories
                                                                                     » Confocal Bio-Imaging and Secondary
                                                                                       Ion Mass Spectrometry Facility
                                                                                     » Animal science facilities – including the
                                                                                       reptile house and small marsupial house
                                                                                     » Solar Energy Research lab
                                                                                     » Science laboratories

 32   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
parramatta campus                          penrith campus                           Blacktown/nirimba campus
Located in Rydalmere between Ryde          Located over three sites in Kingswood    Located in the Nirimba Educational
and Parramatta in Western Sydney, this     and Werrington, the Penrith campus       Precinct at Quakers Hill in Western
campus is a combination of heritage        is renowned for its state-of-the-art     Sydney, the Blacktown/Nirimba
and contemporary buildings.                facilities and scenic grounds.           campus is now home to UWSCollege,
                                                                                    providing pathways to UWS. For more
Special facilities include:                Special facilities include:              information on UWSCollege, their
» Purpose-built state-of-the-art           » Mechatronics and Robotics Facility     courses and the facilities available,
  teaching facility                        » Computer Research Centre               please refer to
» Nursing laboratories                     » Industrial Design Centre
» Moot Court                               » Three multi-track recording studios
» Computing laboratories                   » $2 million convergent media studio
» Historic Female Orphan School building     complex, providing state-of-the-art
» Gough Whitlam Centre                       recording, post-production,
» State-of-the-art scanning electron         broadcast and narrowcast facilities.
  microscopes and other complementary        The University is also home to the
  research equipment                         community TV station, TVS
                                           » Computing and photographic
                                             labs and studios
                                           » Golden Stave Music Therapy Centre
                                           » The Mittiga Centre – purpose-built
                                             disability learning centre
                                           » Badanami Centre for
                                             Indigenous Education

                                                                                        1300 897 669   33




                                                                                    BANKSTOWN          5



Bankstown campus                                Campbelltown campus                            Parramatta campus
Bullecourt Avenue, Milperra                     Narellan Road, Campbelltown                    Cnr James Ruse Drive and
                                                                                               Victoria Road, Rydalmere
From Sydney CBD, take the M5 South              From Sydney CBD, take the M5 South
West Motorway and take the Henry                West Motorway and exit at Narellan Road.       From Sydney CBD, take the M4
Lawson Drive exit. Turn right onto              Follow the signs to Campbelltown.              Western Motorway and take James
Henry Lawson Drive. Turn right into             Nearest train stations: Macarthur (walk to     Ruse Drive interchange exit. Turn right
Bullecourt Avenue to enter the campus.          campus), Campbelltown (transfer to bus)        onto James Ruse Drive. Take the
Nearest train stations: East Hills (transfer                                                   Victoria Road exit and turn right at
to bus), Bankstown (transfer to bus)            Hawkesbury campus                              the traffic lights. Turn right again from
                                                Bourke Street, Richmond                        Victoria Road to enter the campus.
Blacktown/nirimba campus                                                                       Nearest train stations: Parramatta (transfer
Eastern Road, Quakers Hill                      From Sydney CBD, take the Hills M2             to bus), Rydalmere (walk to campus)
                                                Motorway, then connect to the Westlink
From Sydney CBD, take the Westlink              M7 Motorway and take the exit at               Penrith campus
M7 Motorway and take the Quakers Hill           the Richmond Road interchange.                 Great Western Highway, Werrington
Parkway exit, turning right at Quakers Hill     Nearest train stations: East Richmond
Parkway. From Quakers Hill Parkway, turn        (walk to campus), Richmond (walk to            From Sydney CBD, take the M4
left into the Nirimba Education Precinct on     campus)                                        Western Motorway and take the
Eastern Road, which leads to the campus.                                                       Mamre Road exit. Turn right onto
Nearest train station: Quakers Hill (walk to                                                   Mamre Road. Turn left from Mamre
campus)                                                                                        Road at the Great Western Highway.
                                                                                               Nearest train station: Kingswood (walk or
                                                                                               shuttle bus to campus)

 34    Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
degrees of

All degrees offered at UWS
were designed with one
thing in mind – success. Our
courses offer you flexibility,
practical skill development
and the theoretical knowledge
to ensure you become a
career-ready graduate.

UWS is continually
expanding on the range of
degrees offered, providing
opportunities for leadership
development, a broader
career choice and success.

The following tables are in
order of Areas of Study.
They provide you with
information about where
courses are offered (location),
and the length of time the
courses will take (duration).
We have also listed the 2011
ATAR for each course.

                                  1300 897 669   35
                                       An Arts degree has the potential to open career doors to the world. Your degree will be
                                       supported by academics that are internationally recognised. You will find yourself
                                       immersed in Art History and Cinema Studies, Interpreting and Translation, Philosophy or
                                       International Studies, to name just a few major areas of study. Combine your studies to
                                       broaden your horizons into Law, Teaching, Science, Business, ICT or Medicine.

                                        Courses                                       Location          duration      2011 AtAr
                                                                                      Bankstown           3F/6P         90.25
                                        B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)
                                                                                      Penrith             3F/6P         90.30
                                        B Arts (Arabic, Asian Studies and
                                                                                      Bankstown           3F/6P         70.00
                                        International Relations, Chinese, Cultural
                                        and Social Analysis, English Text and
 read Lucija Medojevic’s story          Writing, Global Studies, History and
                                                                                      Penrith             3F/6P         70.35
 and find out more in the               Political Thought, Islamic Studies,
 Arts Course Guide                      Italian, Japanese, Linguistics, Media and
                                        Visual Cultures, Psychology, Religion
                                                                                      Parramatta          3F/6P         70.05
 request an Arts Course                 Anthropology and Philosophy, Spanish)
 Guide by contacting the UWs            B Arts (Interpreting and
 Course information Centre                                                            Bankstown           3F/6P         90.00
                                        Translation) Dean’s Scholars

 1300 897 669                           B Arts (Interpreting and Translation)         Bankstown           3F/6P         72.35                       B International Studies (Asian Studies        Bankstown           3F/6P         70.35
                                        and International Relations, Arabic,
                                        Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish)          Parramatta          3F/6P         70.35
                                        B International Studies/
                                                                                      Parramatta            4F          70.60
                                        B Business and Commerce
                                        B Science/B International Studies             Parramatta            4F          70.60
                                                                                      Bankstown           4F/8P         70.50
                                        B Arts/B Business and Commerce
                                                                                      Parramatta          4F/8P         70.55
                                                                                      Campbelltown          5F          90.20
                                        B Arts/B Laws
                                                                                      Parramatta            5F          90.40
                                        B Information and Communications
                                                                                      Parramatta            4F          70.45
                                        Technology/B Arts
                                        B Science/B Arts                              Parramatta            4F          70.50
                                        B Medicine/B Surgery/B Arts                   Campbelltown          7F          N/A
                                                                                      Bankstown          4A/4.5F        70.10
                                        B Arts/Pathway to Teaching Primary            Penrith            4A/4.5F        70.30
                                                                                      Parramatta         4A/4.5F         nc
                                                                                      Bankstown          4A/4.5F        70.10
                                        B Arts/Pathway to Teaching Secondary          Penrith            4A/4.5F        70.15
                                                                                      Parramatta         4A/4.5F         nc

                                       Key: B = Bachelor of, F = Full-time, P = Part-time, A = Accelerated studies,
                                       N/A = ATAR N/A, Alternative Entry

36   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
If you are driven to succeed in business, then UWS is the right place to start. A UWS
Business degree offers industry-specific projects and industry placement. With a high
international profile, expert staff and accreditation from leading Australian industry
organisations, along with our well-documented Advanced Business Leadership course,
you will be entering the workforce well-equipped for success. With a combined business
degree, you’ll have even more options to make your mark in the business world.

 Courses                                          Location       duration   2011 AtAr
 B Business and Commerce
                                                  Parramatta      3F/6P       90.10
 (Advanced Business Leadership)
                                                  Bankstown       3F/6P       65.30
 B Business and Commerce (Accounting)             Campbelltown    3F/6P       65.30
                                                  Parramatta      3F/6P       65.10
                                                                                         read Joel Bowman’s story
 B Business and Commerce                          Campbelltown    3F/6P       65.30      and find out more in the
 (Applied Finance)                                Parramatta      3F/6P       65.10      Business Course Guide
 B Business and Commerce
                                                  Parramatta      3F/6P       65.10      request a Business Course
 (Hospitality Management)
                                                                                         Guide by contacting the UWs
 B Business and Commerce                          Campbelltown    3F/6P       65.30      Course information Centre
 (Human Resource Management
 and Industrial Relations)                        Parramatta      3F/6P       65.10      1300 897 669
 B Business and Commerce                                                       
                                                  Parramatta      3F/6P       65.10
 (International Business)
                                                  Bankstown       3F/6P       65.30
 B Business and Commerce (Management)             Campbelltown    3F/6P       65.30
                                                  Parramatta      3F/6P       65.10
                                                  Bankstown       3F/6P       65.30
 B Business and Commerce (Marketing)              Campbelltown    3F/6P       65.30
                                                  Parramatta      3F/6P       65.10
                                                  Distance         4F         80.00
 B Business and Commerce (Property)
                                                  Parramatta      3F/6P       65.10
 B Business and Commerce
                                                  Campbelltown    3F/6P       65.30
 (Sport Management)
 B Business and Commerce (Advanced
                                                  Parramatta       5F         90.35
 Business Leadership)/B Laws
                                                  Campbelltown     5F         90.05
 B Business and Commerce/B Laws
                                                  Parramatta       5F         90.20
 B Economics                                      Parramatta      3F/6P       67.35
 B Economics/B Laws                               Parramatta       5F         90.20
 B Financial Advising                             Parramatta      3F/6P       66.75
 B International Studies/B Business
                                                  Parramatta       4F         70.60
 and Commerce
                                                  Bankstown       4F/8P       70.50
 B Arts/B Business and Commerce
                                                  Parramatta      4F/8P       70.55
                                                  Campbelltown     4F         70.50
 B Science/B Business and Commerce
                                                  Parramatta       4F         70.50
 B Information and Communications                 Campbelltown     4F         70.45
 Technology/B Business and Commerce               Parramatta       4F         70.50
 B Information and Communications                 Campbelltown     4F         70.50
 Technology/B Business and
 Commerce (Accounting)                            Parramatta       4F         70.55
 Some of the many Sub Majors available to students in the B Business and Commerce
 include: Business Sustainability, Financial Mathematics, Global Operations, Law and
 Human Rights and Supply Chain Management.

Key: B = Bachelor, F = Full-time, P = Part-time

                                                                                          1300 897 669   37
                                       communication arts
                                       It’s an exciting time to be preparing to enter the Communication Arts industry.
                                       The Communication Arts programs at UWS offer a wealth of meaningful perspectives
                                       on communicating ideas. The $2 million media studio and community TV station TVS at
                                       Werrington South campus provides you with unrivalled facilities and practical training.
                                       And with our courses recognised and accredited by the key governing bodies, a degree
                                       from our Communication Arts department will have you primed for creative success.

                                        Courses                                      Location           duration    2011 AtAr
                                        B Communication (Advertising, Journalism,
                                                                                     Penrith             3F/6P         70.00
                                        Media Arts Production, Public Relations)
                                                                                     Campbelltown          5F          90.20
                                        B Communication/B Laws
                                                                                     Parramatta            5F          90.40
 read Andy thai’s story and find        B Design (Visual Communication)              Penrith               4F          65.05
 out more in the Communication
                                        B Contemporary Art                           Penrith             2F/4P          N/A
 Arts Course Guide
                                        B Music                                      Penrith             3F/6P          N/A
 request a Communication Arts
 Course Guide by contacting the        Key: B = Bachelor, F = Full-time, P = Part-time, N/A = ATAR N/A, Alternative Entry
 UWs Course information Centre

 1300 897 669

38   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
engineering, information and
communications technology
Enrol in an Engineering, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) or Computing
degree at UWS and you could enjoy learning and working with one of the most advanced
robotic assembly or innovative research labs unique to an Australian university.
Analyse and develop new IT applications, and draw on solid technological resources and
inspirational teachers to develop the technical and professional skills needed to help
you succeed.

 Courses                                     Location              duration   2011 AtAr
 B Engineering (Advanced)                    Penrith                4F/8P       90.50
 B Engineering (Civil, Computer,
                                                                                          read troy Haddon’s story and
 Construction, Electrical, Environmental,
                                             Penrith                4F/8P       74.50     find out more in the engineering,
 Mechanical, Robotics and
                                                                                          information and Communications
 Mechatronics, Telecommunications)
                                                                                          technology Course Guide
 B Engineering Science                       Penrith                3F/6P        nc
 B Construction Management                   Penrith                4F/8P       71.40     request an engineering,
                                                                                          information Communications
 B Design and Technology                     Penrith                3F/6P       65.65     technology Course Guide
 B Housing                                   Penrith                3F/6P       67.10     by contacting the UWs
                                                                                          Course information Centre
 B Industrial Design                         Penrith                4F/8P       65.05
                                             Campbelltown           3F/6P       65.35     1300 897 669
 B Information and
                                             Parramatta             3F/6P       65.15
 Communications Technology
                                             Penrith                3F/6P       66.15
 B Computing (Information Systems)           Parramatta              3F         65.20
 B Computer Science (Advanced)               Penrith                 3F         90.35
 B Computer Science (Computer
 Forensics, Networked Systems,               Penrith                 3F         76.85
 Systems Programming)
 B Information and Communications
                                             Parramatta              4F         70.45
 Technology/B Arts
 B Information and Communications            Campbelltown            4F         70.45
 Technology/B Business and Commerce          Parramatta              4F         70.50
 B Information and Communications            Campbelltown            4F         70.50
 Technology/B Business and
 Commerce (Accounting)                       Parramatta              4F         70.55
 B Medical Science/B Information
                                             Campbelltown            4F         70.50
 and Communications Technology

Key: B = Bachelor, F = Full-time, P = Part-time, nc = New course

                                                                                           1300 897 669   39
                                       environment and tourism
                                       Study at UWS and find yourself in the midst of Australia’s largest natural wildernesses and
                                       booming industrial and residential developments. Most environmental and land-use
                                       management courses are ideally based on our 1,300 hectare Hawkesbury campus.
                                       With its mix of ecosystems, many environmental and sustainability issues can be explored
                                       right on campus. Along with our purpose-built laboratory facilities at Penrith, there’s no
                                       better place to study these disciplines.

                                        Courses                                          Location         duration   2011 AtAr
                                        B Engineering (Environmental)                    Penrith           4F/8P        74.50
                                        B Natural Science (Advanced)                     Hawkesbury        3F/6P          nc
                                        B Natural Science (Environment
                                                                                         Distance          3F/6P        67.90
                                        and Health)
 read vince shepherd’s story and        B Natural Science (Environmental
 find out more in the environment                                                        Hawkesbury        3F/6P          nc
 and tourism Course Guide
                                                                                         Campbelltown      3F/6P        70.25
 request an environment                 B Science                                        Hawkesbury        3F/6P        70.00
 and tourism Course Guide                                                                Parramatta        3F/6P        70.30
 by contacting the UWs
 Course information Centre              B Science (Environmental Science)                Hawkesbury        3F/6P          nc
                                                                                         Penrith           3F/6P        70.60
 1300 897 669                           B Social Science (Heritage and Tourism)                                                                        Bankstown         3F/6P        68.25
                                        B Social Science (Geography and                  Penrith           3F/6P        70.60
                                        Urban Studies)                                   Bankstown         3F/6P        68.25
                                        B Tourism Management                             Penrith           3F/6P        68.00

                                       Key: B = Bachelor, F = Full-time, P = Part-time, nc = New course

                                       By choosing a Forensics degree at UWS, you will have the inside running in the hunt for
                                       career success. Law enforcement agencies like the NSW Police Force and Australian
                                       Federal Police employ forensic science graduates directly into their forensic laboratories.
                                       Our courses open up a wealth of career choices, from criminology to computer science, and
                                       our years of experience give students a hard case to refute when it comes to employment
                                       opportunities. The UWS Hawkesbury campus is the base for the Crime Scene House.

                                        Courses                                          Location         duration   2011 AtAr
                                        B Science (Forensic Science)                     Hawkesbury         3F          80.35
                                        B Computer Science (Computer Forensics)
                                                                                         Penrith            3F          90.35
                                        B Computer Science (Computer Forensics)          Penrith            3F          76.85
 read Mitchell Gibb’s story
 and find out more in the              Key: B = Bachelor, F = Full-time, P = Part-time
 Forensics Course Guide

 request a Forensics Course
 Guide by contacting the UWs
 Course information Centre

 1300 897 669

40   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
health sciences, nursing
and sports science
UWS is home to Australia’s largest nursing education institution. The UWS focus on
innovation has seen our Health Services Management graduates continue to win highly
competitive traineeships with the Australian College of Health Services Executives.
The Occupational Therapy degree is highly regarded by industry and is led by well-known
and experienced professional and research academics. Highlighting our focus on
innovation, the National Institute of Complementary Medicine has been established at
the Campbelltown campus.

 Courses                                          Location       duration   2011 AtAr
 B Health Science/Master of
                                                  Campbelltown     4F         80.55       read Paige Waller’s story and
 Occupational Therapy
                                                                                          find out more in the Health
 B Health Science/Master of
                                                  Campbelltown     4F         97.10       sciences, nursing and sport
                                                                                          science Course Guide
 B Health Science/Master of
                                                  Campbelltown     4F         75.10
 Podiatric Medicine                                                                       request a Health sciences,
 B Health Science/Master of                                                               nursing and sport science
                                                  Campbelltown     4F         75.00       Course Guide by contacting the
 Traditional Chinese Medicine
                                                                                          UWs Course information Centre
 B Health Science (Health Promotion,
 Health Services Management,                      Campbelltown     3F         65.00       1300 897 669
 Therapeutic Recreation)                                                        
 B Health Science (Personal Development
                                                  Penrith          3F         69.25
 Health and Physical Education)
 B Health Science (Sport and
                                                  Campbelltown    3F/6P       72.05
 Exercise Science)
                                                  Campbelltown     3F         90.80
 B Nursing (Advanced)                             Hawkesbury       3F         90.80
                                                  Parramatta       3F         90.80
                                                  Campbelltown    3F/6P       71.15
 B Nursing                                        Hawkesbury      3F/6P       65.15
                                                  Parramatta      3F/6P       78.50

Key: B = Bachelor, F = Full-time, P = Part-time

                                                                                           1300 897 669   41
                                       UWS Law degrees integrate academic content with professional skills such as
                                       mooting, legal drafting, court advocacy, client advising, oral communication, negotiation
                                       and mediation. Hone your courtroom skills in front of District Court Judges and
                                       practising Barristers.

                                        Courses                                       Location           duration    2011 AtAr
                                                                                      Campbelltown          5F          90.20
                                        B Arts/B Laws
                                                                                      Parramatta            5F          90.40
                                        B Business and Commerce (Advanced
                                                                                      Parramatta            5F          90.35
                                        Business Leadership)/B Laws
                                                                                      Campbelltown          5F          90.05
                                        B Business and Commerce/B Laws
                                                                                      Parramatta            5F          90.20
 read Aleksandra ilic’s
 story and find out more in                                                           Campbelltown          5F          90.20
 the Law Course Guide                   B Communication/B Laws
                                                                                      Parramatta            5F          90.40
 request a Law Course Guide             B Economics/B Laws                            Parramatta            5F          90.20
 by contacting the UWs                                                                Campbelltown          5F          90.05
 Course information Centre              B Science/B Laws
                                                                                      Parramatta            5F          90.05
 1300 897 669                                                                         Campbelltown          5F          90.20                       B Social Science/B Laws
                                                                                      Parramatta            5F          90.40
                                                                                      Campbelltown        3F/6P          N/A
                                        B Laws (Graduate entry)
                                                                                      Parramatta          3F/6P          N/A
                                        B Laws (Non-graduate entry)                   Campbelltown        4F/8P          N/A

                                       Key: B = Bachelor, F = Full-time, P = Part-time, N/A = Not Applicable, Alternative Entry

                                       As a graduate of the Medicine and Surgery degree, you’ll be more than just highly skilled;
                                       you’ll be ready for your internship and training in a specialty. Based on an innovative
                                       curriculum that is tailored to the Western Sydney context, the program combines problem-
                                       based learning and intensive clinical practice with leading theory and research. You will
                                       learn your skills in our new Medical Centre using state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories,
                                       an anatomy laboratory and tutorial rooms. Graduates are eligible for registration by medical
                                       boards in all Australian states and territories and New Zealand, and are able to apply for
                                       registration in overseas countries.

                                        Courses                                       Location           duration    2011 AtAr
                                        B Medicine/B Surgery                          Campbelltown          5F           N/A
                                        B Medicine/B Surgery/B Arts                   Campbelltown          7F           N/A
 read Abraar Abdul Gafoor’s story                                                     Campbelltown        3F/6P         90.10
 and find out more in the               B Science (Advanced Science)                  Hawkesbury          3F/6P         90.00
 Medicine Course Guide
                                                                                      Parramatta          3F/6P         91.70
 request a Medicine Course                                                            Campbelltown        3F/6P           nc
 Guide by contacting the UWs            B Medical Science (Advanced)
 Course information Centre                                                            Hawkesbury          3F/6P           nc

                                       Key: B = Bachelor, F = Full-time, P = Part-time, N/A = Not Applicable, Alternative Entry
 1300 897 669

42   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
policing and criminology
The UWS Bachelor of Policing is the only metropolitan Sydney-based Policing degree.
Run in conjunction with the NSW Police, you will have the option of completing your
final semester at Goulburn’s NSW Police Academy. The degree provides a strong
emphasis on modern policing methods, and is flexible enough to allow you to accelerate
or extend your course by varying the number of units you complete per session,
so you can control your workload. Regular consultation with NSW Police recruiters
means you’ll increase your chances of joining the NSW or Federal Police agencies.

 Courses                                          Location       duration   2011 AtAr
                                                  Bankstown        3F          68.05
 B Policing
                                                  Penrith          3F          71.50
 B Social Science (Criminology and                Bankstown       3F/6P        68.25
 Criminal Justice)                                Penrith         3F/6P        70.60      read elanor Finch’s story and
                                                                                          find out more in the Policing
 B Social Science (Criminology                    Parramatta       5F          90.40
                                                                                          and Criminology Course Guide
 and Criminal Justice)/B Laws                     Campbelltown     5F          90.20
 B Science (Forensic Science)                     Hawkesbury       3F          80.35      request a Policing and
                                                                                          Criminology Course Guide
 B Computer Science (Computer Forensics)          Penrith          3F          76.85      by contacting the UWs
                                                                                          Course information Centre
Key: B = Bachelor, F = Full-time, P = Part-time
                                                                                          1300 897 669

Enrol in psychology at UWS and join the largest psychology school in NSW, a school led
by internationally recognised psychology academics and practitioners. The University of
Western Sydney’s Psychology program combines evidence-based biological, cognitive,
neurological, social, developmental and personality theory with statistical expertise
and a solid grounding in practical experience. You will be well-positioned to pursue
a specialisation in your chosen field, and make a difference to the lives of others.

 Courses                                          Location       duration   2011 AtAr
 B Psychology                                     Bankstown        4F          80.95
                                                  Bankstown       3F/6P        70.00
 B Arts (Psychology key program)
                                                  Penrith         3F/6P        70.35
                                                  Campbelltown     5F          90.20
 B Arts (Psychology key program)/B Laws                                                   read Melissa Calusso’s story
                                                  Parramatta       5F          90.40
                                                                                          and find out more in the
Key: B = Bachelor, F = Full-time, P = Part-time                                           Psychology Course Guide

                                                                                          request a Psychology Course
                                                                                          Guide by contacting the UWs
                                                                                          Course information Centre

                                                                                          1300 897 669

                                                                                           1300 897 669   43
                                       Stunning facilities, inspirational teaching and professional recognition await those
                                       undertaking UWS Science degrees. Our programs are recognised by organisations such
                                       as the Australian Society for Microbiology, the Australian Institute of Biology, the Royal
                                       Zoological Society, the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, the Australian Mathematical
                                       Society and the Statistical Society of Australia, among many others.

                                        Courses                                       Location            duration   2011 AtAr
                                                                                      Campbelltown         3F/6P        90.10
                                        B Science (Advanced Science)                  Hawkesbury           3F/6P        90.00
                                                                                      Parramatta           3F/6P        91.70
                                                                                      Campbelltown         3F/6P        70.25
                                        B Science                                     Hawkesbury           3F/6P        70.00
 read rochelle McCook’s                                                               Parramatta           3F/6P        70.30
 story and find out more in the                                                       Campbelltown         3F/6P          nc
 sciences Course Guide
                                        B Science (Biological Sciences)               Hawkesbury           3F/6P          nc
 request a sciences Course                                                            Parramatta           3F/6P          nc
 Guide by contacting the UWs
                                                                                      Campbelltown         3F/6P          nc
 Course information Centre              B Science (Chemistry)
                                                                                      Parramatta           3F/6P          nc
 1300 897 669                           B Science (Environmental Science)             Hawkesbury           3F/6P          nc
                                        B Science (Forensic Science)                  Hawkesbury            3F          80.35
                                                                                      Campbelltown         3F/6P        75.00
                                        B Science (Mathematical Science)
                                                                                      Parramatta           3F/6P        75.00
                                        B Science (Nutrition and Food Science)        Hawkesbury           3F/6P          nc
                                        B Science (Zoology)                           Hawkesbury           3F/6P          nc
                                        B Engineering Science                         Penrith              3F/6P          nc
                                                                                      Campbelltown         3F/6P          nc
                                        B Medical Science (Advanced)
                                                                                      Hawkesbury           3F/6P          nc
                                                                                      Campbelltown         3F/6P        70.25
                                        B Medical Science
                                                                                      Hawkesbury           3F/6P        70.05
                                        B Medical Science (Nanotechnology)            Campbelltown         3F/6P          nc
                                        B Natural Science (Advanced)                  Hawkesbury           3F/6P          nc
                                        B Natural Science (Animal Science)            Hawkesbury           3F/6P        65.10
                                        B Natural Science (Environment and Health)    Distance             3F/6P        67.90
                                        B Natural Science (Environmental
                                                                                      Hawkesbury           3F/6P          nc
                                        B Natural Science (Sustainable
                                                                                      Hawkesbury           3F/6P          nc
                                        Agriculture and Food Security)
                                        B Science/B Arts                              Parramatta            4F          70.50
                                                                                      Campbelltown          4F          70.50
                                        B Science/B Business and Commerce
                                                                                      Parramatta            4F          70.50
                                        B Science/B International Studies             Parramatta            4F          70.60
                                                                                      Campbelltown          5F          90.05
                                        B Science/B Laws
                                                                                      Parramatta            5F          90.05
                                                                                      Campbelltown        4A/4.5F       78.00
                                        B Science/Pathway to Teaching
                                                                                      Hawkesbury          4A/4.5F       79.00
                                                                                      Parramatta          4A/4.5F       78.50
                                        B Medical Science/B Information
                                                                                      Campbelltown          4F          70.50
                                        and Communications Technology

                                       Key: B = Bachelor, F = Full-time, P = Part-time, nc = New course

44   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
social sciences
You can positively influence the lives of people, both in Australia and around the world, with
a UWS Social Sciences degree. Our Bachelor of Community Welfare degree is accredited
by the Australian Institute of Welfare and Community Workers, and the Bachelor of Social
Work degree is fully accredited by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).
If success is defined by making a difference, these degrees should be in your sights.

 Courses                                          Location         duration     2011 AtAr
 B Social Science (Child and Community,
                                                  Bankstown         3F/6P          68.25
 Criminology and Criminal Justice,
 Geography and Urban Studies,
 Heritage and Tourism, Peace and
                                                  Penrith           3F/6P          70.60
 Development Studies, Sociology)
                                                  Campbelltown        5F           90.20
 B Social Science/B Laws                                                                         read Ashlii Wilson’s story and
                                                  Parramatta          5F           90.40         find out more in the social
                                                  Bankstown        4.5/8.5P        70.50         sciences Course Guide
 B Social Science
 (Pathway to Early Childhood Teaching)            Penrith         4.5F/8.5P        71.15         request a social sciences
 B Social Work                                    Bankstown           4F           73.10         Course Guide by contacting the
                                                                                                 UWs Course information Centre
 B Community Welfare                              Bankstown         3F/6P          72.00
 B Social Science (Pathway to Master                                                             1300 897 669
                                                  Penrith             4F           75.00
 of Urban Management and Planning)                                                     
                                                  Bankstown           3F           68.05
 B Policing
                                                  Penrith             3F           71.50

Key: B = Bachelor, F = Full-time, P = Part-time

teaching and education
UWS is one of Australia’s largest providers of professional teachers, with over 1,000
new graduates each year. UWS is ranked second in NSW for excellence in education.
Our courses are designed so you hit the workforce work-ready – with a strong balance
of theory and practical skills, to help you adapt to new challenges and complexities as
they arise. The practical experience you will gain in our primary teaching program will
give you the confidence to succeed from your first day at school.

 Courses                                          Location         duration     2011 AtAr
                                                  Bankstown         3F/6P           N/A
 B Education (Birth – 5-years)
                                                  Penrith           3F/6P           N/A
                                                                   5F Block
 B Education (Primary - AREP Mode)                Bankstown                        64.35
                                                  Bankstown        4A/4.5F         70.10         read Lee Canta’s story
                                                                                                 and find out more in the teaching
 B Arts/Pathway to Teaching Primary               Penrith          4A/4.5F         70.30
                                                                                                 and education Course Guide
                                                  Parramatta       4A/4.5F          nc
                                                  Bankstown        4A/4.5F         70.10         request a teaching and
                                                                                                 education Course Guide
 B Arts/Pathway to Teaching Secondary             Penrith          4A/4.5F         70.15         by contacting the UWs
                                                  Parramatta       4A/4.5F          nc           Course information Centre

 B Social Science (Pathway to                     Bankstown       4.5F/8.5P        70.50
                                                                                                 1300 897 669
 Early Childhood Teaching)                        Penrith         4.5F/8.5P        71.15
                                                  Campbelltown     4A/4.5F         78.00
 B Science/Pathway to
                                                  Hawkesbury       4A/4.5F         79.00
 Teaching (Secondary)
                                                  Parramatta       4A/4.5F         78.50

Key: B = Bachelor, F = Full-time, P = Part-time, A = Accelerated studies

                                                                                                  1300 897 669   45
the inside
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                                                                                  better to help you
                                                                                  through this process”

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Talk to those you look up              Contact Services Centre                   » Do you want to know what
to, whether they are your                                                          courses are available?
parents, teachers or your              Katie Munton is the Coordinator
                                       of the UWS Course Information
career adviser at your school          Centre, the first point of contact for
                                                                                 » Are you eligible for regional
                                                                                   bonus points?
about what might be the best           all prospective students wanting
                                       information about the programs on
higher education option for            offer and how to gain admission.
                                                                                 » Are you eligible for subject
                                                                                   bonus points?
you. Compare universities
and courses – we encourage             The centre is staffed by current UWS      » How do course cut-offs work?
                                       students from a variety of courses
you to think about what is             and at different stages in their study.   » Why is the ATAR cut-off so high or low?
important to you, and shop             From first-year undergraduate
                                       students, who have just been
around to ensure the university        through the process themselves,
                                                                                 » How many days will you need
                                                                                   to attend university? What is
and course you choose can              right through to mature-age students        the study commitment?
offer it. Still have questions?        who may have come to university
                                       through different pathways.               » How competitive will your
Contact the UWS Course
                                                                                   application be?
Information Centre on 1300             “We provide prospective students
                                       with a range of information including
897 669 to find out more.              step-by-step instructions about
                                                                                 All Course Information Centre staff
                                                                                 members are current students ready
                                       the admission process, alternative        to answer questions not only about
                                       pathway opportunities, and helping        courses, scholarships and life at UWS,
                                       to match career goals with the most       but also their student experiences.
                                       appropriate course of study. Being
                                       current students ourselves, we can
                                       provide you with the comprehensive,
                                       first-hand information that you
                                       need to make the right decision.

                                       “We understand that choosing
                                       the right course and applying for
                                       university for the first time can be
                                       daunting, and as we have been there
                                       ourselves, there is no one better to
                                       help you through this process.”

46   Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
apply to UWS
                                                                                           Badanami alternative
                                                                                           Entry program
                                                                                           this program is outlined
                                                                                           on page 29.

 Undergraduate Course applications
if you are completing year 12              if you are not completing year 12               international Applications:
at the time of application:                at the time of application:
                                                                                           If you are an international student
1. Check your eligibility for Triple       1. Gather information for                       completing one of the following
   Advantage – You could qualify              your application.                            qualifications in 2011, you must
   for a maximum of 10 bonus points                                                        apply through UAC International:
   when applying to UWS. Visit             2. Apply through the Universities                   Admissions Centre (UAC)                      » An Australian Year 12 in
   tripleadvantage or call 1300 897 669.                                 or outside Australia
                                                                                           » An International Baccalaureate
2. Apply through the Universities            Your application will be based                  in Australia
   Admissions Centre (UAC)                   on the results of your secondary,             » A New Zealand National                            tertiary or other accredited academic           Certificate of Educational
                                             qualifications, including:                      Achievement (NCEA) Level 3
  Your application will be considered on     » Australian Tertiary Admissions
  the basis of your Australian Tertiary         Rank (ATAR), Tertiary Entrance             You can lodge your application online
  Admissions Rank (ATAR) or equivalent.         Rank (TER), University Admissions          at
                                                Index (UAI) or equivalent
  There are some courses that have           » Australian Qualification Framework          All other international students must
  extra selection criteria and this             (AQF) Certificate III or above             apply direct to the University of Western
  is outlined in the UAC Guide.              » Previous University study                   Sydney. UWS International application
                                                (minimum two units)                        forms and further information about
3. Know all the information on               » Special Tertiary Admissions Test            studying in Australia can be found
   Alternative Entry.                           (STAT) results                             at
                                             » Work experience (minimum
For more information on how to                  of 12 months full-time or                  If you have any questions about
apply, please call the UWS Course               equivalent paid work)                      applying as an international
Information Centre on 1300 897 669                                                         student call 02 9852 5499 or email
or email                    Each qualification will be allocated a
                                             rank. If you have one or more of the
                                             above qualifications, the highest rank will
                                             be used in assessing your application.

                                             Regional bonus points – If you are a non-
                                             current school leaver (not completing
                                             the HSC or IB at the time of applying for
                                             university) and live in the Greater Western
                                             Sydney region, you will automatically
                                             receive 5 Bonus Points when you apply
                                             through the UAC to study at UWS.

                                           3. Know all the information
                                              on Alternative Entry.

                                           For more information on how to
                                           apply, please call the UWS Course
                                           Information Centre on 1300 897 669
                                           or email
                                                                                                1300 897 669   47
alternative entry options

UWS offers a range of pathways to students wanting                                       my pathway to UWS
to study a degree course. You should be aware of                                         – nikolina Kanazir
those listed below when applying to university.
                                                                                         Diploma of Social Science (UWSCollege)
                                                                                         Bachelor of Social Science (UWS)
1. UWSCollege – is wholly owned by the University of Western Sydney and offers
   students a pathway to UWS through its comprehensive range of Foundation               UWSCollege graduate Nikolina Kanazir
   Studies and Diploma Programs. Small class sizes and individualised attention          chose to study at UWS because “it
   from academic staff provide a well supported environment for students to              is a university which provides a wide
   succeed in their tertiary studies. Successful completion of a Foundation Studies      range of courses with innovative
   or Diploma Program at UWSCollege guarantees entry into a UWS undergraduate            and flexible degree structures.”
   degree program. For more information, visit
                                                                                         “My studies at UWS have given
2. Unitrack – You can enrol in individual non-award subjects (units) from a              me new opportunities within the
   wide range of University degrees. You will study on campus at UWS.                    employment sector and further
                                                                                         professional development. UWS
  Once you have completed your Unitrack subjects, all you need to do is apply for UWS    has lecturers with a variety of world
  through the UAC process and your application will be considered on the basis of your   experiences that contribute greatly
  completed Unitrack units. For more information, visit          towards a student’s general education.

3. Vocational Education and Training (VET) Pathways – TAFE, Community                    “UWS graduates develop indepth
   College and private providers offer Certificate III and Diploma courses               knowledge in their key areas
   under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). There are a number of             and can prepare themselves for
   courses that have pathways set up with the University of Western Sydney.              many different careers.”
   For more information, visit

4. Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) – administered by the Universities            “it is a university which
   Admissions Centre (UAC), UWS accepts the multiple-choice STAT when
   considering applicants. For more information, visit
                                                                                          provides a wide range of
                                                                                          courses with innovative and
If you have any questions about alternative entry pathways, please call the
UWS Course Information Centre on 1300 897 669 or email                   flexible degree structures.”

UWsCollege Blacktown/nirimba campus

 48    Undergraduate Course Guide 2012
the inside
                                 When Nicole Tomasella, now in her      “I found dealing with UWS to be a
                                 third year of Arts/Law at UWS, was     positive experience – all the people
                                 looking at her university options      we spoke to were informative and

                                 after finishing school in 2007, her    friendly,” Teresa says, adding that one
                                 mother Teresa Turner helped Nicole     of the UWS staff members encouraged
                                 to make the all-important decision.    Nicole to apply for an Academic
                                                                        Excellence Scholarship – which

for parents                      While Nicole did most of the
                                 background research on course
                                 options herself, “Mum encouraged
                                                                        she was successful in receiving.

                                                                        For other parents looking to help their
                                 me to apply for Law and she came       children through the course selection
                                 along with me to the Course Decision   process, Teresa says, “I would advise
                                 Day in 2008,” Nicole says.             them to encourage their children to do
                                                                        plenty of research, noting the pros and
                                 When comparing universities and        cons of all courses and universities,
                                 courses, Teresa says she was most      and to give a lot of thought to whether
                                 interested in getting information on   they would be suited to employment
                                 location, costs, length of courses,    in the field that they’ve chosen.”
                                 entry and textbook requirements,
Going to university is an        and most importantly, what type of     Request a guide to University
                                 employment prospects Nicole would      – call the UWS Course Information
exciting prospect as it          have at the end of her course.         Centre on 1300 897 669 or email
comes with wonderful                                          
hopes, dreams and
ambitions. It can also create
anxiety, especially if your
child is the first one in your
family to experience tertiary
study. UWS can help you
help your teenager make
the best possible decision
about which university and
degree course is best suited
to his or her ambitions.
We can assist with the
questions you need to ask,
who you should talk to,
and where. UWS can also
provide you with answers
to some of the most
commonly asked questions
about the practicalities
of going to university.

helping your children
make the right choice.

                                                                          1300 897 669   49
frequently asked questions

How do i apply?                            What scholarships are available?                          What support is available
You are able to apply online through       do i have to get a high AtAr?                             for new students?
the Universities Admissions Centre         There are many Scholarships available                     At UWS, there are many people
(UAC). Visit for more       ranging from academic excellence,                         dedicated to helping new students.
information, or call the UWS Course        financial hardship and sporting                           Whether it is through bridging programs,
Information Centre on 1300 897 669.        achievement. For details of all UWS                       workshops on public speaking and time
                                           Scholarships on offer, please visit                       management, or Peer Assisted Study
What can i do if i don’t get                                    Sessions (PASS) – these and many
the AtAr i want?                                                                                     more support services are there to make
There are a number of alternate pathways   How much will my course cost and do                       your transition to University as smooth
available, for example UWSCollege,         i need to pay the fees straight away?                     as possible. For more information, take
Unitrack and STAT. To find out the         All undergraduate courses at UWS                          a sneak peak at the current students
best options for you, see page 48 of       are Commonwealth Supported so                             site
this Guide or call the UWS Course          undergraduate tuition fees are subsidised
Information Centre on 1300 897 669.        by the Government, giving you a                           if i have questions, who can i contact?
                                           lower rate of fees to pay. Also, if you                   If you have any questions about studying
What bonus points can i get?               are an Australian citizen, you may use                    at UWS, please call us on 1300 897 669.
There are bonus points available through   HECS HELP to defer your fees. For                         You can have your all questions answered
UWS Triple Advantage. You may qualify      more information on fees, see below                       on the spot by a current student in our
for Regional Bonus Points, Subject         or visit                            Course Information Centre. Alternatively,
Bonus Points or an Early Offer.                                                                      you can email or
Visit             What is University life like?                             visit
tripleadvantage or call the UWS            At Uni, learning is a major part but there is
Course Information Centre on               also the networking, support services and
1300 897 669 to find out more.             extra-curricular activities (not necessarily
                                           academic related) that are available at
                                           UWS. Visit
                                           studentlife or call 1300 897 669 and
                                           speak to a current student about their
                                           University experience.

the facts                                  2011 Student Contribution Bands and amounts
                                                                                                                   2011 Maximum Contribution

on fees                                     Bands and General discipline Areas

                                            Band 3: Law, Accounting, Administration, Economics,
                                            Commerce, Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Science
                                                                                                                         (per eFtsL*)


Student contribution rates depend           Band 2: Computing, Built Environment, Other Health,
on the band of your course units (see                                                                                         $7,756
                                            Applied Health, Engineering Survey, Agriculture
table) and the course’s study load.
                                            Band 1: Humanities, Behavioural Science, Social Studies,
                                            Education, Clinical Psychology, Foreign Languages,                                $5,442
The rates and the placement
                                            Visual and Performing Arts, Nursing
of units of study shown in the
table will change for 2012.                 National Priorities (NP): Mathematics, Statistics, Science                        $4,355

For more information,                      Note: Pre-2009 HECS students should go to for more information.
                                           *EFTSL = Equivalent Full-time Student Load. This is calculated on the standard enrolment
                                           load of a full-time year. For example, B Arts 8 units per year equals 1 EFTSL.
applicant checklist

                                              find out about our courses
                                              ❑ Read the information within this Guide
                                              ❑ Talk with Careers Advisers, your parents and teachers/mentors
                                              ❑ Refer to the Future Students site, visit                           1
                                              talk to us
                                              ❑ Attend UWS events – find out more at
                                              ❑ Call the UWS Course Information Centre on 1300 897 669 or email
                                              ❑ Get the inside information on Alternative Entry Pathways to UWS,
                                                Triple Advantage and bonus points, Scholarships and Aspire

                                              apply to UWS
                                              ❑ Apply through UAC, visit
                                              ❑ Place your UWS Preferences
                                              ❑ Check your eligibility and submit a scholarship application,visit

 The University of Western Sydney reserves the right at all times to withdraw or vary courses listed within this publication. Variations
 may include but are not limited to location of its courses on UWS campuses or other locations. In the event that a course within
 this publication is to be changed or withdrawn, applicants will be advised by mail to the address specified by them on their UAC
 application before the last date for the change of preferences for the main round. In respect of course location change, students
 should be aware of the need to accommodate such changes for the whole or part of courses for which they enrol. The University
 also reserves the right to update, amend or replace online versions of this publication without notice.

 Published April 2011. CRICOS Provider Number 00917K                      From Sustainably Managed Forests – For more info:
University of Western Sydney
Locked Bag 1797
Penrith NSW 2751 Australia

Course Information Centre
1300 897 669

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