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                   UTIVES’ A
                 S N E
                                                                     M. S. Adasul,

                                                                               Circle Secretary

                                     TI O N ( I
   HA R

                                                                     PH- (O) 022- 26467386, Mobile. 9423082352.


           SA             )

No. SNEA (I)/MH/Cir Corr/2011-2012/8                                                    Dated 27th July 2011.

                    Shri. G. Jayraman,
                    Sr. General Manager (HR/Admn), MH Circle,
                    4th Floor, Admn Complex, Juhu Road,
                    Santacruz (W), Mumbai-400054.

Sub: Interaction with Unions/Associations to improve productivity
and maintain industrial peace/discipline.
Ref: Letter No. A/A-III/U/Misc-Corr/Union/124 Dated 21st July 2011.

Respected Sir,
                    SNEA (I) Maharashtra Circle is thankful to your honour for granting such a
special meeting for suggestions on productivity of BSNL and maintaining industrial
peace in BSNL Maharashtra Circle. We have collected the feedback from our District
Secretaries and the consolidated same. The details are as follows.

                                                     Suggestions for increasing productivity of BSNL
           A. General:

                 1.                 Removal of Hierarchy of two levels of TAX Exchanges: In major SSAs
                                    two (level-2) TAX exchanges are installed and it found that out of two TAX
                                    exchanges one is having Zero or very less traffic and other alone can
                                    manage the entire traffic. But for such underutilized or non utilized
                                    exchange we are paying huge AMC Charges without any use. Closure of
                                    such TAX Exchanges will save lakhs of rupees on AMC Charges, AC,
                                    Power, staff etc expenditure and same space can be utilized for other
                                    works. Such spared exchange equipment can be utilized for new exchange
                                    proposals with economy.

                    2. Purchase of Laptops instead of P
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3. BSNL is making heavy expenditure on procurement of PCs and hundreds of
  PCs are being procured as a routine on names of different projects and
  office requirement. This is age of broadband and our field executives need
  to guide the customers for function and difficulties faced by broadband
  customers. This is not possible in the premises of customer having some
  fault in his PC. Apart from this we expect that our executives should
  function with style and speed of the executives of our competitors. Now
  days the cost of laptops has reduced and is less than the personal
  computers. It is also observed that now days there is no much difference in
  the cost of PC and laptop but there is much difference in the utility of the
  Laptop & PC. PC is used by single person and only for limited periods of
  office hours, while laptop can be utilized outside office while giving
  presentations to customers, testing of broad band services, testing of data
  cards and at the same time it can be used by employee /officer at residence
  for completion of pending office works. Laptop makes the official/officer
  high-tech and he is in position to keep information on fingertips. Apart from
  this laptops saves electricity, there is no need of separate UPS; data can be
  saved automatically without any loss due to sudden power failure. It is
  important here that life of PC and laptop is same. BSNL has already
  identified the utility of laptops and has provided laptops to all the top
  executives and to some of the middle level executives working in sections
  like Marketing, broadband etc, and only few executives are forced to work
  on PCs. As such steps should be taken to purchase laptops instead of PCs
  thereby saving expenditure on electricity and increasing the utility of the

4. Expenditure on Transportation of stores due to poor management:
  Huge expenditure is being done by BSNL on the transportation of store due
  to poor planning and old procedures adopted. Even for small allotments
  each SSA is utilizing own vehicle either BSNL owned or hired to collect the
  store from central store depot. All the Districts are arranging vehicles
  separately. This will be sorted out if prior planning is made at the time of
  receipt of material and same is distributed to concerned filed units by
  central store depot. This will not only reduce the time in distribution of
  material/equipments to site, but will also save lakhs of rupees of BSNL on

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  separate transportation by each SSA and expenditure on TADA of the
  official deputed for same. This old and traditional procedure of store
  distribution should be scrapped.

5. Timely Procurement of stores and equipments: It is seen that there is
  phase difference between the procurement of equipments and demand in
  Market. When demand is there in the market, no store is being made
  available and by the time store is available there will not be demand. Proper
  planning is required for procurement of equipments and stores.

6. Curtailment of expenditure on Exchange AMC: As on today majority of
  BSNL revenue is being paid against AMC charges of Exchange equipments
  to M/S ALIL or other vendors. Surprisingly this AMC is done on the basis of
  equipped capacity instead of working capacity. In about all exchanges the
  working capacity is 50 % than the equipped capacity and this is wastage of
  crores of rupees of BSNL for works not at all done. It may be seen that
  representative of vendors visits rarely or once in year that to be only some
  exchanges and takes Crores of rupees on name of AMC. Earlier days the
  exchanges were maintained without AMC and now AMC has became
  mandatory for BSNL and it costs crores of rupees. If AMC is made on
  working Capacity this will save crores of rupees of BSNL. If it is not possible
  to have AMC on working Capacity, then immediate steps should be initiated
  to reduction of Equipped Capacity by keeping only 10% spare capacity for
  expansion if any.

7. Reducing delay in provision of Lease Circuits: BSNL is having target of
  provision of large no. of lease Circuits but field units are having shortage of
  OF cable, ISDN NT's, NTU's. After issue of advice notes and furnishing of
  A/N particulars only it is being allotted. Sufficient Balance should be made
  available for immediate release of Lease circuits. Also special efforts should
  be taken for provision of lease Circuits with priority over landline and such
  instructions should be issued to field units as revenue generated per lease
  circuit is much more as compared to landline.

8. Shortage of MLLN equipment: Due to shortage of MLNN Equipments and
  some other problems a good number of Lease Circuits are not provided are
  some CIC customers are also waiting list of BSNL thereby making loss of

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  revenue to BSNL in lakhs of rupees. One side special efforts are made for
  brings new customers and other side the customers waiting are deprived
  from getting BSNL lease circuits. As such the steps may be taken for
  making availability of MLNN Equipments at about commercially important

9. Centralized subsidy claims of VPTs at Circle level: As on today about 3-4
  officers and staff are involved in the preparation and submission of USO
  subsidy claims. All these officers are working separately on the common
  data supplied by ITPC Pune. As such about 40-50 officers and some staff is
  involved for months together overall Maharashtra. All these officers are
  deputed for 2-3 days just for submission of data to circle office. In case of
  corrections same is to be resubmitted and officers are again deputed. The
  arrangements for food and stay are made in Circle office. This also causes
  delay in preparation and submission of data. As such instead of posting
  separate officers and staff for each district the separate cell should be
  opened to deal with USO subsidy claims at circle level by posting 4-5
  officers from Circle Office and thereby reducing expenditure on salary of
  different officers at different SSA & expenditure on TA/DA etc.

10. Proper Utilization of manpower: We have to engage our staff more
   effectively and to develop their skill by the internal teaching/training it will
   reduce our delay in any type of work.

11. Stop Turn key projects: Now days BSNL is proposing all works on turn
   key projects and all the works are entrusted to the vendors and BSNL staff
   and employees are made to just assist and guide them and forced to work
   under unskilled staff of vendor. BSNL staff and officers are skilled and
   capable off doing such works without any difficulty. As such it is suggested
   that henceforth no turn key project should be brought in the BSNL and
   BSNL staff and employees should be involved in all such projects and new
   works which will train the BSNL staff/officers and their services can be
   better utilized for maintenance of concerned projects.

12. Excess staff in project Vijay, Project Udan etc: At present there is no
   sufficient work to staff and officers posted and other units are facing
   shortage. As such diversion or reduction of staff and executives posted

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   under these projects and review of its working with revenue generation will
   help BSNL in reducing unwanted expenditure and staff and officers can be
   utilized in better way.

13. Special Co-ordination with MTNL or Merger of BSNL and MTNL: BSNL
   & MTNL both are state owned telecom service providers covering entire
   India with same objectives. Earlier both were part of DOT. Presently BSNL
   has Pan India coverage except Political & capital New Delhi & Economical
   Mumbai,     which    is   covered   by   MTNL.   By   considering   business
   opportunities, it is seen that all the corporate customers are having their
   head offices at Mumbai or Delhi & other operations like factories, godowns
   etc in BSNL area. As such it becomes very difficult either to BSNL or MTNL
   under one-window systems as such majority of corporate customers are
   getting diverted to private operators. Being part of same organizations
   BSNL & MTNL are well-known about the working of each other and their
   merger will not only benefit economically to both BSNL & MTNL, but it will
   help the customers to get telecom services at one window with minimum
   charges. Hence it is suggested that merger of BSNL & MTNL by resolving
   issues pending will be best option and till time the efforts should be made
   for a special co-ordination Committee between BSNL & MTNL who will
   address the grievances on part BSNL & MTNL for growing business of both
   the companies.

14. Co-Ordination with Govt Of Maharashtra: Special arrangement for
  coordination with state Govt and Local authorities and its persuasion at
  higher level specifically from circle Office.

15. Special approach and arrangements for payment of reinstatement
  charges at Circle level: As on today BSNL is paying corers of rupees to
  State Govt and local authorities and field units approaching individually
  are facing lot of difficulties due to negative approach towards BSNL and
  works are either held up or delayed. This is one of the reasons for poor
  quality of services. Due to individual approach, BSNL is charged differently
  at different Corporation and lakhs of rupees of BSNL are being wasted. As
  such a Circle level MoU with Govt of Maharashtra for reinstatement
  charges and permissions for PIJF and OF Cables construction works will
  solve major problems and will save lakhs of rupees of BSNL.
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 16. Centralized electricity bill payments to MSEDC: As on toady BSNL is
    paying crores of rupees to MSEDC on monthly basis and as such we are
    corporate customer for the MSEDC. But we are not getting any facility of
    corporate customer from MSEDC; on the contrary we are paying heavy
    charges on name of delayed payment. Also about 50 % energy of field units
    is being utilized in collection of bills, its certification, forwarding to Account
    section, getting checks issued and then to deposit it with MSEDC. Sir, if we
    approach MSEDC as corporate customer and pay all the bills centrally with
    some fixed amount and remaining amount will be adjusted as per actual
    uses of electricity, we will not have to bear any delayed charges and further
    may be eligible for availing some discount of the corporate payments.
    Hence in a special approach BSNL should with Top level marketing officers
    of MSEDC. This will not only save expenditure on transportation and the
    time of the BSNL staff and officers but will make good reduction in the
    electricity expenses.

17. Centralized report taking procedure: As on today, no. of officers and staff
    are engaged only in calling for different reports, its consolidation and
    sending it to different office. It will not be exaggeration if we say that about
    40% staff is involved only in report related work. With introduction of CDR
    so many reports are available on line and hence no need to call for reports
    from filed units every then and now and all these staff and officers should
    be utilized in constructive works.

 18. Simpler Tariff Plans: BSNL landline and Mobile tariff may be cheaper than
    most of our competitors, still it is not simpler to get understand, as there
    are lot of confusions because of availability of variety among plans,
    Customers get confused with type of plan and its advantages and
    disadvantages, even marketing cell failed to pass the correct message. It is
    necessary to inform customers about the economical plan suitable for
    his/her usages and to finalize the choice of plan to be opted.

 19. Finalization and execution of New Exchange proposals: No. of new RSU
    proposals at Commercial important areas through out Maharashtra Circle
    are pending for approval from BSNL CO for want of funds.                   These
    proposals will not only reduce expenditure on cable network, but will also
    make addition of landline with a good amount of revenue to BSNL. Once
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    we start providing telecom services in this area on demand, we will be in
    position to get further demand which may be double as presently
    customers are not booking with BSNL for landline or broadband due to no
    guarantee of provision of services and huge pending waiting list in these
    areas. We are having spare equipment capacity and same will be utilized if
    new exchange proposals are sanctioned and BSNL will get recurring
    revenue from these exchanges in commercially important areas.

20. Special attention to Cable faults: As on today field units are facing
    problems due to frequent, repeated PIJF cable faults and difficulties in its
    restoration like non availability of material and stores. This is one of the
    main reasons for poor quality of landline services and surrender of
    thousands of landlines as faults are not attended for months together. A
    streamline procedure for attending cable faults can be formed either by
    utilizing BSNL expertise in attending cable faults with some incentive or by
    calling tenders for Cable Maintenance.    The utilization of the T/Ms who
    were earlier working Cable splicer with some special incentives can be
    assessed as this arrangement will be more reliable than any other

21. Tender for supply of skilled and unskilled labour: We are facing acute
    shortage of Gr D in BSNL MH. It is the fact that due to shortage of Gr D
    staff, outside personnel are being engaged for cleaning of offices,
    exchanges, for loading /unloading and carrying of BSNL equipments,
    alignments of antennas, clearing VSWR faults on mobile towers, etc. Due
    to strict guidelines and various labour laws now it has become difficult to
    engage these personnel through temp advances and as per latest circular it
    has been completely banned. In this situation to carry out day to day
    maintenance, cleaning work, our field officers are in need of labour. As
    most of the SSAs are not floating labour tender due to stringent labour
    laws since responsibility of the labour comes on them, it is necessary to
    issue necessary instructions from Circle office to call for Tender for
    contract labour in each and every SSA in view of recent instructions not to
    engage any labour through temp advance of SDE/DE.

22. Procedure for settlement of Bills of FSRTC of MTNL & BSNL: As on
    today a lengthy procedure is adopted for settlement of FSRTC Bills from
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    MTNL to BSNL and vice versa. The manpower and stationary is being
    wasted on routine works and each and every official/ officer has to run
    from pillar to post for signing the bills and its settlement. It is important
    here that this is routine works and free limits for each officer is fixed and
    excess amount if any is to be recovered from the salary of concerned
    officer. Hence it is suggested to appoint one nodal officer from BSNL and
    one from MTNL side for settlement of bills. All the telephone bills from
    MTNL will be received by this nodal Officer from BSNL, who will process
    the bills together and at once and amount will be settled in one stroke by
    and excess amount from the bills exceeding limits will be received from
    salary of employee. Same procedure will be adopted by MTNL for bills
    generated by BSNL. By this way it is possible to adjust the outstanding
    amount both from BSNL and MTNL and it will give relief to the officers and
    employees on this monthly routine work and this will also avoid the
    disconnection of telephones.

23. Prepaid service on landline: Though prepaid system is introduced in
    mobile, we have not introduced this in landline except PCOs. It may be
    please seen that BSNL is having good no. of customers in landline in only
    incoming plan & this is due to fear of excess billing amount or bills more
    that the capacity f the customer after uncontrolled uses. If we introduce
    such prepaid system for all the landlines we will get additional revenue &
    retention of customers will be easier than now.

24. Review of Mobile CUG plan “Mahakrushi”: The most popular & highly
    subscribed Mobile CUG plan “Mahakrushi” which would have created
    world record has been stopped on the basis of the some misinterpretation
    and without proper steps. This is like a patient with small disease is killed
    to death instead of taking care of the reasons and curing the disease with
    medicine.   SNEA    (I)   MH   Circle   has   already   given   feedback,   but
    unfortunately may be under pressure of private operators or vendors, this
    plan has been stopped. If there were some problems with this plan same
    should have been attended and resolved but the action to directly stop this
    profit making and subscriber base increasing scheme has made heavy and
    recurring loss to BSNL Maharashtra Circle. As such we request to review

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    this plan and relaunch it with remedial or corrective action of the problems
    faced in earlier process.

25. Call centre service: Day by day importance of call centre is increasing and
    hence BSNL should have full fledged Call Centre which can be accessed
    from any corner of Maharashtra Circle. Presently the calls to call centre are
    unattended or if attended satisfactory answer is not given to customer. The
    present Call Centre should be upgraded and made fully functional for
    resolving grievances of the Customers with probable solutions for all type
    of BSNL services.

26. Introduction of GPMS & IPMS: A performance driven culture should be
    introduced as soon as possible to facilitate growth based on performance.
    Measures like GPMS & IPMS should be introduced to analyze individual as
    well as group performance.

27. Vacating Rental Buildings: As per BSNL guidelines all the Vacating the
    rental Building and review of each proposal of rental building. e.g.
    unutilized accommodation taken over from MTNL in Navi Mumbai for EB
    activities and payment of rent thereof.

28. Utilization of vacant Quarters: At present so many BSNL quarters are
    vacant for minor works and BSNL staff and officers are compelled to stay
    outside in rental building. One complete building of residential Quarters at
    Wireless compound is unutilized since last 3-4 years causing heavy loss to
    BSNL and creating difficulties for staff and officers. Also some quarters at
    Mulund & Sahar are not in condition of utilization and for same BSNL is
    loosing revenue. All the quarters having pending demand or W/L should be
    brought into to use and revenue should be generated.

29. Periodic Meetings with work Committees, Unions and Associations: As
    rightly mentioned by corporate office periodic meeting should be conducted
    with associations/unions and their suggestions /feedback may be
    discussed /debated and implemented in true spirit. This is right way to
    maintain industrial peace and discipline as our HR & other personnel
    grievances pertaining to work can be taken up and solved. There are work
    committees formed at SSA monthly meeting should be conducted with
    them. The committee members should consist of at least 2-3 members

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    from each unions/associations preferably       covering entire geographical
    area of the SSA with

30. Closure of exchanges with less than 50 Lines: BSDNL CO has issued
    guidelines for closing of exchanges with less than 50 lines before one year,
    but till no. of exchanges are working with few numbers and in some cases
    only numbers of owner of the rented accommodation and exchange
    numbers are working. This is bourdon to BSNL as no revenue is generated
    and the cost against recurring expenditure is being paid by BSNL. As such
    immediately steps may be taken to close such non profitable exchanges
    and save thousands of rupees of BSNL.

31. Utilization of BSNL Plots & Exchange Buildings after expenditure of corers
    of rupees by stopping recurring expenditure on rental buildings.

32. Telephone Bill Distribution through the line staff, implementation of BSNL
    CO instructions and incentive thereof.

33. Posting of JTO/TTAs on first posting so as to get guidance and Experience
    from all fields.

34. Recovery of Financial loss to BSNL in lakhs of rupees due to non recovery
    from JAO/JTO who left BSNL and joined other units.

35. Review of penalties and its recovery on AMC of Exchanges, CDMA, GSM
    services on quarterly basis.

36. Manning     unmanned    exchanges    either   by   BSNL   employee     or   by
    arrangements of caretaker.

37. Replacement of life expired Battery and Power plant in BTS & Exchanges.

38. Activities under pole less network and concentration at urban external

39. Special monitoring of frequent exchange failures and timely action for its
    restoration thereof.

40. Persuasion of theft cases with police station at higher level and its
    quarterly review.

41. Shortage of funds for repair and maintenance of L&W and Exchanges.

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 42. Revenue generating areas should be identified and to be monitored closely
      for better service provision and extra        support in the form of    man
      /machine/incentive to be extended to the staff working in this areas.

 43. Detailed review of each loss making           exchange/area   is to be done
      periodically and remedies to overcome this is to be worked out taking into
      account each aspects

B. LANDLINE: Following points should be given proper attention for retention of
  Landline connections as same are not taken care.

   1. Prior and proper intimations before the Disconnection of Landline &
   2. Reconnections should be done promptly after payment of bills.
   3. Main number and second free phone number should be displayed on
      telephone bills.
   4. Matter to be taken with Post office for accepting bills after due date and
      updating it online.
   5. Arrangement for sending outstanding bill information by sms on
      preassigned mobile number and allowing accepting bills on this sms at
   6. Telephone Bills can be sent by email to customers
   7. Avoid mass disconnection of landline by ITPC.
   8. Proper Announcement for DNP and its confirmation with telephonic call.
   9. Proper announcement after disconnection of telephone on lifting the
      handset by customer.
  10. U/G Cables of different size should be made available for making TNF area
      feasible as well as for attending cable faults.


     1. As credit/debit card swapping machine can be connected by using WLL
        CDMA, wide publicity should be given to this service with Rs. 250
        monthly rental as private operators are changing more than thousands
        for same. .

     2. Steps should be taken for recovery of WLL instrument in case of
        disconnection or surrender of connection.

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3. In respect of WLL AMC only one or two vendor is to be allowed for
   Maintaining the IFWTS and equipment.

4. Steps for proper billing in CDR and its realization.

5. This can be marketed as reliable service during congestion and high
   traffic during disaster situation.

6. Shortage of NIC cards in field units: Though there is heavy demand for
   NIC cards in field units for accessing internet, same is not available in
   sufficient quantity with field units. As such sufficient NIC cards should
   be made available,

7. CDMA WLL BTS Maintenance: At present WLL BTS maintenance AMC
   is given to UTL and ITI. But these agencies though complaint launched
   on their portal do not attend the faults. It is observed that site remains
   unattended for long periods causing break in services and heavy revenue
   loss to BSNL. If after a long time, service agency appears and if it finds
   that any card is faulty, then it takes further period for its replacement.
   CDMA covers many remote and tribal places and we find WLL as
   suitable option of service as hundreds of VPTs are working on WLL.
   CDMA provides internet connectivity to remote places and as such non
   working of BTs creates problems and unrest among the customers.
   Neither ITI nor UTL attends the faults booked on their portal. In case of
   ITI, even it is not possible to book online complaint on agency’s portal.

8. Monitoring of CDMA BTS faults: At present the reports are taken from
   field units on faulty CDMA BTS but its rigorous persuasion is not done
   causing failure of CDMA BTS for months together. As such a special
   watch is to be kept on failure of BTS and its timely restoration.

9. No renewal of AMC for CDMA: There is no need of AMC for CDMA BTS
   maintenance and only arrangement may be made for repairs of faulty
   cards for replacement as agency representative never visit sites except
   for taking NOC and majority of faults are that of faulty cards. This will
   save thousands of rupees on AMC.

10. Replacement of old IFWT: Old IFWTs/FWTs working since beginning to
   be replaced with new one. It also suggested that power supply i.e.
   battery and Charger for all type of IFWTs/FWTs should be unique.
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11. Utilization of unused CDMA capacity: Huge capacity of CDMA network
   is lying idle. Thousands of RUIM cards are available with SSAs but there
   is no planning for utilization of these cards. Promotional offers are
   declared on prepaid CDMA mobiles but services are yet to be launched.
   In Nashik more than 22000 ruims are dumped.

12. Launching of CDMA Mobile services by BSNL: Total 74 CDMA MSCs
   are installed all over the country by BSNL since 2007 and fixed WLL
   connections were provided only in rural area and non-feasible area of

      Period of one year is over since completion of CDMA Mobile all India
       roaming testing. Coverage of CDMA is better through out the country.
       Huge quantity of RUIM cards is lying idle with all circles. It is learnt
       that the RUIM cards purchased by BSNL are distributed to every SSA
       of each circle. The validity of recharge coupons is expired without
       being used.

      BSNL paid huge amount i.e. in crores to M/s. ZTE against purchase
       of roaming software.

      On launching of MNP services, Customers of other operators are
       eager to migrate to BSNL CDMA mobile services but they are
       blatantly told that BSNL has not launched CDMA Mobile services. It
       is not understood why promotional offers are displayed on intranet, if
       the services are not launched yet.

      Dedicated posts are created at corporate /Circle office for planning
       and launching of CDMA services but they don’t bother for
       revitalization   of   dead   investment.   It   is   required   to   fix   the
       responsibility on account of wastage of manpower, technology, losses
       due to huge unused investment.

      80% capacity of CDMA MSCs is lying idle through out the country
       and vendor is paid for maintenance of unused portion also.

      Popular CUG schemes (Postpaid / prepaid) like “MKS” may be
       launched through CDMA mobile services to cope up overloading of
       GSM equipments.

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          CDMA has better coverage and speech quality. Through CUG
           schemes the installed equipment capacity will be utilized. The
           utilization of dead investment may help the company to come out of
           present financial crunch by generating additional revenue through
           CDMA mobile services.

          As such CDMA mobile services should be launched at the earliest.


    1. Stop Out Sourcing of Broad Band MTCE services; Abandon the
       process of floating broadband tender for clearing Broadband faults.
       Outsourcing of clearing of BB faults is not at all required. BSNL staff is
       fully evolved and capable of giving good BB services which is evident
       from the overall revenue earned in broadband sector. Now at least our
       line staff is having the work of maintaining proper line condition of bb
       customers. If this section is outsourced then 1) Chances of becoming
       line staff idle 2) private operators may fetch money by showing excess
       faults, resulting into loss of revenue 3) They may give the data of BSNL’s
       bb customers to other private operator and may divert these subscribers.
       As such the BB services/faults should be attended/maintained from
       BSNL own staff. We have also accessed the opinion of SSA heads and it
       is confirmed that there is no need of tender for maintenance of
       broadband services which will save crores of rupees of BSNL. It is
       controversial that one side there is shortage of funds for R & M activities
       and other side we are giving tenders for attending BB faults where BSNL
       has to do only payments for no activities carried out by contractor i.e. if
       line fault lineman has to attend, MDF fault will be removed by MDF
       person, Exchange fault will be restored by exchange person, in subs
       premises if there is fault in PC customer will make arrangement , then
       what is the work which is left to contractor is take fault list from BSNL
       MDF operator, get it sectionalized from MDF testing persons, and
       handover to LM or Customer or Exchange as the fault and finally at the
       end of month submit the bill to BSNL.

    2. Huge demand of Broadband, but acute shortage of equipment
       DSLAMs/modems:         We are repeating the mistakes in the case of

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          Broadband, Customers are coming to our exchanges but we are not able
          to give them connection because of non-availability of Broadband
          equipment, Modems, etc. Thousands of broadband connections are not
          provided due to shortage of broadband modems in field units. Though
          there is option for customer to purchase on its own, the customers are
          reluctant and BSNL is losing huge revenue every month. As such
          broadband modems and equipments in some cases may be made
          available in filed units and broadband connections should be provided
          without any delay.

    3. Up gradation of OFC network for broadband speed: It is observed that
          some of broadband switches are not performing and are unable to
          deliver faster speed due to non up gradation of the OFC network. This
          low speed is causing loss to BSNL as the uses of broadband are
          minimized due to lower speed. Hence all the broad band switches should
          be connected on reliable OFC network and suitable OFC equipments.


    1. Extension of alarms: Alarm extension works is not completed for
          number of BTS working both at BSNL and Non BSNL sites though there
          are directives of BSNL Corporate Office. Action should be initiated
          against person /vendor responsible for undue delay in works of
          extension of alarms.

    2. Centralized Billing of GSM Equipments from Circle Office: Uniform
          process for Billing of Mobile equipments and the accountability of the
          equipments received with proper record.

    3. Analysis of daily GSM BTS failure: At Circle level, Mobile BTS failure
          report should be monitored for its timely restoration and properly
          analyzed for reasons for frequent failure of BTS after taking feedback
          from SSA as well as mobile wing and remedial action should be
          immediately taken for improving the quality of mobile service. A special
          attention should be given to attend the GSM BTS faults pending for more
          than 24 hours. The working of BTS should be monitored for 24 hours
          centrally from Circle Office.

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4. AMC for GSM BTS maintenance: AMC for maintenance of AC units, DG
   Sets, Power plants & batteries for BTS sites should be finalized for all the
   districts uniformly. Or standard rates may be approved and works may
   be entrusted locally.

5. Distribution, Coordination between SSA & Mobile Teams: Proper and
   specific guidelines regarding distribution of work & responsibilities
   among SSA Team & CMTS Team at SSA level should be defined and
   responsibility should be fixed for restoration of services in time bound

6. Periodical RF survey: for all types of BTS should be done which is
   not done in Kalyan SSA. One RF team along with vehicle and RF tools
   per SSA should be formed. Team should be under GM (Mobile).
   Optimization of GSM to be done periodically to ensure wide coverage in
   case of GSM.

7. Arrangement of Rigger for Towers: At present there is no rigger, a
   person can work on mobile tower for erection / orientation of antennas
   in the field units. From the inception of mobile services in BSNL is
   maintaining network without rigger though it is just impossible to
   maintain network without this person. Fortunately different GSM
   projects were in execution and we could manage to extract work
   unofficially from representatives of ITI or ALIL. But hereafter BSNL may
   not having any project to role out and it will be very difficult to maintain
   network as day to day works on mobile towers like VSWR removing,
   orientation, replacing faulty old antennas can be done only by rigger.
   Hence the arrangement of rigger for proper maintenance of services is

8. Review of Tender for GSM Network maintenance works: It is
   understood that Mobile unit Nagpur & Pune are preparing tender on
   item wise rate contract. As in tender, mode of maintenance by vender is
   based on item wise billing. That is, if today one has done orientation of
   antenna X , then bill of orientation of this antenna X will be passed, but
   very next day or later, due to some network complaints of that sector
   (Antenna X ) then one has to again orient this antenna. Majority of GSM

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   Maintenance works are repetitive as these are trial and error method
   works. In such cases cost of expenditure will increase and the cost of
   estimate will not allow to carry work. This gives scope for malpractices
   as it is not possible to monitor the same at all locations. As such instead
   of preparing item wise rate contract tender, tender should be called to
   provide rigger one at each SSA, which will help to maintain network with
   fixed cost of rigger. As billing per month for one rigger will be fixed, there
   will be no scope for false or exaggerated billing, and the overall
   expenditure will be minimized and fixed.

9. Auto Start of DG Sets: In view of this many times it has been notices
   that the BTS which are having more failure rates/times are unmanned,
   needs a person to operate it when power supply is not available. Auto
   Start to be implemented for Engines,

10. Teams for BTS maintenance: Separate team at SSA level should be
   formed for maintenance of DG Sets, PP and Battery of GSM sites for both
   BSNL and non BSNL sites and this team should report to SSA Head.

11. Shortage of 7.2mbps 3G card: In market private Visiontek data card for
   BSNL 3G come, and hence our 3.6 card is not being sold that much &
   hence 7.2 data card should be launched by BSNL at the earliest.

12. Increase in no. of 3G BTS sites: Till no. of BTs sites are to be upgraded
   for 3G network which is causing problems for customers as he will not
   get services if under the BTS area of different technology.

13. Merger of GSM wing to local SSA: To improve the mobile service and
   productivity it is very essential that the mobile staff at SSA level should
   be under control of concern SSA head.

14. Sufficient buffer stock of GSM components of GSM equipments including
   RF Cable should be kept for maintenance works.

15. Infrastructural   Problems:    Power    failure   is   one   of   the   major
   infrastructural problems affecting our GSM Services. In case of most of
   the rural exchange BTS sites Battery backup is poor resulting in BTS
   failure during load shedding / mains failure period. DG sets at all the
   NBSNL GSM BTS sites are faulty & also there is no staff for operating
   DG Sets in case of Power failure. Air conditioners at most of the NBSNL
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   GSM BTS sites are faulty & due to overheat & high temperature BTS
   equipment fails to work. Also due to high temperature even newly
   battery sets are becoming faulty. Environmental alarm extensions are
   not done at any NBSNL BTS site by mobile wing since installation due to
   which the reason for failure of the site remains unknown till the site is
   visited. Also it is very important to note that there is no tender for
   repairing of Power Plant modules, Air conditioners, DG Sets to maintain
   117 Power Plants, DG Sets & 234 Air conditioners.

16. Media Problems: OFC failure is the main reason for long pending
   failures of BTS sites.

     i.   Due to insufficient staff & huge no. of faults resulting from
          development work by MMRDA, NHAI, Municipal Corporation &
          other civic authorities the OFC faults are not attended for Months

    ii.   Whenever a BTS alone fails due to OFC it is not attended for min
          2-3 weeks due to huge pending list of OFC faults.

   iii.   Microwave media is used at many urban sites which are actually a
          temporary measure to be used till OFC media is made available at
          the BTS site by the SSA.

   iv.    Due to road widening activities media failure is reported

    v.    15 GHz UHF systems can be used for radiation of exiting and new
          GSM BTS sites to avoid unnecessary OF cable laying which will
          save huge expenditure.

   vi.    Many of BTS sites are working on Microwave media which is
          difficult to maintain due to unavailability of spares.

   vii.   Specific long pending site in failures in Kalyan SSA shows need to
          look at OFC media problems:

                a. Amne: BTS fail since more than 8 months due to OFC
                b. Tirupati Nagar: Fail since Jan 2011. OFC Fault could not
                   be located yet.

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                c. Achole & Bhalivali sites: Fail since Feb 2011. OFC Fault
                   could not be located yet.
                d. Chandansar, Padgha, Talwade, Vasari, and Shil: Fail
                   since April 2011. OFC Fault not attended yet.
                e. V. P. Naka: BTS fail since more than 18 months due to
                   dispute between builder & Society
17. Network & RF related problems: Most of the network related problems
   can be solved by daily analysis of Traffic Reports made available by
   Alcatel & OMCR Pune. Even though the Traffic reports are available they
   are not being analyzed to improve network performance. Also, Drive test
   & optimization is very important for performance of network.

      i. No permanent Rigger allotted to sort problems of VSWR and
         orientation (Most of the problems pending since Last 2 years,

     ii. RF planning and optimization is not done. Only SDE from
         centralized place handles the problems when reported from SSAs
         which takes a long time.

     iii. No proper data/software support for creation of new sites which
         always results in call failure after addition of new sites.

     iv. Non availability of RF optimization tool at each District and just
         one Nokia handset is allotted to check RF details.

18. BTS Problems:

      i. New sites:
               Improper installations from Sub-vendors of M/s Alcatel.
               No Progress in clearing punch points even after repeated
                complaints through Mail/ Phone to Alcatel.
               Sites being handed over without proper security.
               Frequent RF Cable thefts.
               Shortage of RF cables for replacement of stolen RF cables.
      ii. Old sites:
               Most of the DG sets of Non-BSNL sites not working, installed
                by ITI
               No AMC for maintaining DG sets and AC units for Non-
                BSNL sites.
               No Replacement for faulty materials for months together.
                E.g. In Ratnagiri SSA as on 20th July 2011e TRE Cards-112
                Nos, Combiner Cards-30, Suma Cards-20, and Power plant
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                  modules-10(Delta) are faulty which are handed over to M/s
                  Alcatel for replacement and still not replaced causing very
                  poor quality of GSM services.
19. BSC Problems:

      i. Clock synchronization problem are not attended for long time. E.g.
         in Ratnagiri some problems are pending since November 2010
         causing huge congestion and poor quality of GSM services.

     ii. The long pending problem of one way speech is not given any
         proper attention.

     iii. The calling subscriber gets ring back, but actually call is not put
         through and calling subscriber thinks that called subscriber is not
         attending call, thereby unanswered call and loss of revenue to

20. Administrative Problems:

        Due to Delay in renewal of agreements of BTS sites & other
         disputes landlords do not allow BSNL to attend BTS failures.
         Agreements of many sites have lapsed & there is no initiative from
         BSNL side to either renew the agreement or search new site.
        No   tender     for   maintaining   power   plants,   DG   Sets   &   Air
        No staff for running DG Sets, & attending faults for NBSNL BTS
        No Vehicle for field officers for attending NBSNL BTS faults.

21. Problems regarding Quality of GSM Services: The following problems
   are regularly observed in GSM services and needs to be attended
   properly and to the root cause which if attended will improve the
   quality of service.

                    a. Disconnection of calls between conversations.
                    b. No Proper hand over of calls while travelling.
                    c. Minimum three times dialing for one call.
                    d. Wrong announcements to calling party.
                    e. To much and noisy and mixed ring back tone.
                    f. Frequent change of ring Back Tones.

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                         g. Poor speech quality.
                         h. Cross connections.
                         i. Wrong calls
                         j. Poor coverage.
                         k. Billing for Pyari- Jodi connections etc.
                         l. RBT without actual maturity of call or receipt of call
                             by called party.

                         m. Maintaining      the   continuity   of   Mobile     coverage
                             throughout the Circle at least on National/Express
                             Highways and Railway routes, densely populated
                             locations. .

     1. Working of helpline for CDR project: The help line numbers at ITPC
          Pune for clarity/CRM/PMS remains unattended. The helpline numbers
          given for help at the time of need not at all answered for days together
          and if answered the person attending call simply advice to book tickets
          without listening problem. For simple problems or queries also it is being
          directed to book tickets and the field officers have to call local help line
          and books tickets. These problems for booked tickets are also not solved
          for months together.

     2. Limitation on user’s privilege: L1-SAP-CRM (Level 1 Administrative)
          users are given very limited privileges though many privileges can easily
          be delegated to L1 SAP team without any problem. Increase in privilege
          of Level 1 administrator will reduce SSA teams’ dependency on
          ITPC/TCS Pune. For example order cancellation privilege, linking CO to
          particular exchange(IT MANAGER ROLE), Error Reset, clarity user
          creation privilege, Bulk NE update /creation, these privileges are
          presently not given to L1Clarity team etc. unwanted restrictions have
          been put though all these works were being done by field officers for
          years months together. Privilege and powers to BSNL officers
          working in CDR project at par with representatives of vendors
          should be given without any further delay.

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 3. Provision of Basic Reports: Our Regular and basic reports like MIS,
   QOS, have not been provided in CDR system, in the format given by the
   corporate office. Actually many reports which are seen in BI reports but
   no data is fetched when report is run, even though data is there in
   system. We did not understand what use of system is if we are unable to
   generate required reports and why we should waste manpower in
   preparation of routine reports. Thus non generation of required reports
   is violation of basic idea behind implementation of Paperless work with
   CDR project. Till today old traditional process of collecting and
   forwarding reports at District, Circle and Corporate office continues
   thereby wasting cores of rupees.

 4. Technical support: There is only one coordinator for two circles and no
   TCS person is directly accessible to field officer, their desk number is
   never replied. Only way to get help is by booking a ticket to them. Even
   for simple information regarding CDR doubts, which can be easily and
   within a minute cleared on phone, are not attended, for that also we
   have to book a ticket and ticket takes at least 5-7 days for complete
   resolution, For improving the situation, at least 2-3 TCS persons for
   each module may be deployed under the control of ITPC and that to be
   at the level of JTO/SDE.

5. Misc Problems:

        i.    A serious billing problem is not yet settled since a year.

        ii.   Bills are prepared and dispatched after due dates and
              telephones are disconnected before receipt of bills.

       iii.   Out standing of late billing after CDR implementation are not
              yet paid by many CIC customers and now instead of paying
              such a huge amount customers are migrating to other service
              provider or reduces lines etc.

       iv.    It can be seen that closure are mainly due to billing problems
              and huge outstanding amount in CDR.

        v.    Action   of   immediate   reconnection    of   telephone     on   bill

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           vi.    There should not be difference in status of landline number in
                  CDR & in local exchange.
           vii.   In CDR so many problems ex. outstanding amount is
                  displaying but for which bill date it is not displaying.
          viii.   If for wrong disconnection LL numbers manually reconnected
                  from local exchanges again on next day LL numbers are getting
                  disconnected by ITPC Pune, which should be restricted.
           ix.    Payment of bills updating is not proper.
            x.    If bill paid after due date payment updating not taking place.

G. ERP project:

        1. The ERP Project should be launched at the earliest.

        2. Speed of ERP found during training is very poor and same needs

        3. Prolonged ERP Training and loss of revenue and working manpower
           on name of trainings.

        4. Improper schedule of ERP trainings with break up of holidays
           increasing expenditure on TADA.

        5. Instead of training to all at Training centers, it should be arranged at
           filed units which will reduce the expenditure on TA/DA.

        6. Training is given far before of launching of ERP project in
           Maharashtra Circle and this will not be useful practically when
           actually project will be launched in Maharashtra Circle.

        7. No. of person trained at Training centers should be limited to 3-4 per
           SSA and these trained officers should guide and help other to work
           on ERP system.

H. Enterprise Business:

     1. Reduce gap between Card tariff and MNS tariff of Data/Internet
        circuits: Card Tariff available on Internet is too high that customer can
        not think to approach to BSNL. Where as tariff through MNS for same
        circuits is below 50% and after negotiation we have provided circuits at
        70% discounts and now private operators are giving services at 80% to
        85% discount on our card tariff with attraction of customers that they
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  can give services at 85%discount over BSN card tariff and shows
  customers the card tariff of BSNL by downloading from website. Hence
  this becomes tools for private operator to divert or prevent customers
  from approaching to BSNL. As such the BSNL Card Tariff should be
  revised suitably and this should be regular process depending on market

2. Introduction of New tariff to PRI/ Corporate Customer: At present we
  are offering STD calls on Rs.0.80 to Rs. 1.20 per 3 min to all customers,
  if we implement a plan With Rs. 0.30 per min, we can bring back the our
  customer those who are using our PRI line only for Incoming or FAX.
  Same may be prepared for ISD calls too. For this letters/mails may be
  sent to the Corporate Customers through EB Cell of SSA Similarly
  standby WLL connectivity may be introduced in case of Fiber cut.

3. Sanction of plans in tune with proposals by SSA EB Team: SSA EB
  teams are taking efforts, prepares some plan for some group, if it is good
  and if customer demand it should be 1+5, Circle Office says no not
  possible, after request they send approval from circle office for 1+1,
  which has no logic with field proposal. If BSNL gives 1+5 for farmers why
  same is not given to commercial & good earning class of peoples for
  better plan already approved by Circle Office for their retention.

4. Time limit for EB proposals at Circle and Corporate level: Active
  and timely Support from Circle to EB team of SSA to sanction plans for
  new groups suggested by SSA team is required. Filed units are facing lot
  of problems and anguish due to delay in processing files/proposals in
  Circle/Corporate Office and actual sanction thereof. A suitable time
  frame should be fixed for sanctioning proposals. Also status of cases
  being processed should be made available to field units by email at
  least once in week.

5. Co-Ordination and Co-operation with MTNL Mumbai: Being at
  Economical capital of India BSNL has to interact with MTNL for each
  and every business of BSNL. It is seen that so many proposals could not
  be realized due to fact that we are not getting required co-operation from
  MTNL. We have interacted with some of officers in MTNL and it is seen

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     that they are having reserved approach towards BSNL with some
     genuine reasons like issues of revenue sharing, use of Private operator’s
     infrastructure by BSNL where MTNL is having feasibility and only
     allotting works to MTNL at the places where private operators did not
     have their network or expenditure estimated in execution is more as
     compared to revenue generation. They had objection that MTNL is not
     getting required Co-operation from other parts of BSNL for execution of
     their business etc. As such it is required that one fortnightly/monthly
     meeting is arranged with MTNL and BSNL senior officers to redress the
     grievances between MTNL and BSNL so that junior level teams can
     concentrate on other issues and both the MTNL & BSNL can generate
     business and execute the same with minimum difficulties and in fixed
     time frame.
6. Account Team for EB activities with a separate DGM: In Circle office
     Mumbai during this year about seven posts of new DGMs have been
     created in finance wing. But unfortunately no separate DGM is posted
     only for EB activities. Same is case with CAO/AO/JAO but no one is
     posted specially for EB activities. There is need of time to have full
     fledged account team under DGM EB Finance with separate AO & JAOs
     as NAMs/KAMs who are practically involved in only EB activities from
     initial stage and looks at the proposal of EB as business and not in
     typical account angle. If DGM EB Finance and his team members of
     account wing attends customer meeting regarding finalization of deal
     then they will get idea of current market trend and will look at proposal
     with business mind as being done in Pune. This will reduce bourdon on
     present EB executives in persuasion their proposals with accounts
     persons. With this arrangement new proposals will be finalized in faster
     speed and also other issues regarding recovery of outstanding dues,
     discounting proposal, billing of the business generated will be taken due
     care in a special touch and most important achievement will be proper
     billing of the present accounts of long pending unbilled circuits, due to
     which BSNL is loosing revenue in crores. All these issues will be settled
     by arrangements of separate EB finance team.

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I. OFC Network:

     1. Proper and optimum Utilization of OFC Overlay Network: BSNL is
        having idle OFC overlay network and it is not properly utilized though
        crores of rupees have been spent on it and there is demand for its
        utilization. This overlay network should be utilized to high speed data
        services to customers.

     2. Upgaradation of OFC Equipments:             for matching up with the
        requirement of 3G services and other Data cards.

     3. Shortage of OFC: Maharashtra Circle is having acute shortage of OFC
        due to which so many OFC rings are pending for commissioning. Even
        OFC is not available to attend the day to day OFC faults as OF cable is
        not available in MH circle since last few months. Hence proper steps for
        procurement of the OFC or its diversion from other units be done and
        OFC should be made available in sufficient quantity.

     4. Action plan for future OFC Network and replacement of outdated OF
        Cables and equipments.

J. Expenditure on Vehicles:

  1. Shortage of vehicles in field units & under utilization of vehicles: It can
     be seen that for Maharashtra Circle a good number of vehicles are allotted
     as per Corporate Office norms, but same are not fully allotted for actual
     works. About 70 % of vehicles are utilized only from home to office journey
     of individuals and practically no vehicles except the vehicles of OFC routes
     are available for office works. Unfortunately this has affected mainly works
     like restoration of OFC faults, restoration of exchange failures and
     restoration of GSM /CDMA BTS etc. It is necessary that the vehicles should
     be allotted more to field units for improvement of quality of services and
     restriction should be put on home to office journey and vehicles should be
     kept under common pool except the period of Home to Office Journey in the
     evening and morning.

  2. In Circle Office & some of field units, some of Officers are using hired
     vehicles from home to office journey beyond local limits and thus the limit
     of 1500 Kms is being crossed thereby making loss of thousands of rupees
     per months to BSNL as said officers are staying out of local limits for their
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         personal benefits. In such cases the Officers should be asked to shift to
         nearby and local area or restrictions should be kept to only 1500 Kms as
         prescribed by BSNL CO and no additional expenditure should be allowed
         for home to Office journey.

   K. Customer Service Centers:

         1. The arrangement should be made to accept cash up to 1700 hours as
            now cash is collected by banks from the BSNL cash counters.

         2. Update circulars should be made available for staff working at CSCs.

         3. The working of CSC should be made from 0800 AM to 0800 PM daily.

         4. Arrangements should be made for receiving cash against BSNL
            telephone bills at CSC at CTO and Santacruz (W), which is not provided
            since long due to just non opening of BSNL operating account in

                                          Part II

            Suggestions for INDUSTRIAL PEACE/DISCIPLINE

        Sir, we have consolidated some of the points and issues which have created
unrest among the executives and staff of BSNL in general and in Maharashtra Circle
in particular and request to initiate immediate steps for its resolutions and maintain
industrial peace and discipline in BSNL. The details are as follows.

   1. Monthly Subscription of members of SNEA (I) should be allowed from monthly
      salary if consent is given by member for same.

   2. Request     transfers   of   executives   completing   tenure   should   be   issued
      immediately after completion of two years tenure and should not help up upto
      year end.
   3. Immediate Consideration may be given to pending own cost request transfers
      who have completed two years service in present SSA.

   4. Pending own cost request transfers on spouse working ground, own cost
      request transfer of executives completed 58 years should be given due
      consideration without any further delay.

   5. Reliving of executives on their request transfer without further waiting for
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6. Approval of standard Pay scales to JTOs and Fitment for JTOs of 07-08:
  This is most burning issue in the BSNL as the backbone cadre of BSNL is
  being deprived from its basic right of equal pay for equal work. The matter is
  being kept pending and undecided and this has caused unrest among about
  all executives in BSNL. It is seen that some of SSAs have denied the minimum
  fitment formula creating disparity between two JTOs recruited in same batch.
  As such it is necessary that standard pay scales i.e. E-2 for JTOs and E-3 for
  SDEs should be immediately approved without making any further delay.

7. Resolution of EPF problems: As on today, mesh has been created in
  settlement of EPF problems and claims. It is seen that individuals are not
  getting the EPF balance statements for years together, are not able to withdraw
  advance from GPF, even in some cases the interest is not being credited to the
  account, creating unjustified GPF accounts & recovery of past contribution
  and some individuals are given more than one EPF account numbers etc. This
  is one of the issues which have caused unrest among the staff and employees
  recruited by BSNL. Hence it is suggested to initiate special steps for
  distribution of quarterly EPF statements to executives indicating employee as
  well as employer contribution, inclusion of EPF statements & account
  information in HRMS portal, EPF account transfer if applicable for any
  transferred executive may be made a part of LPC to avoid future complications.

8. Maintaining Circle Average of All Cadres from GM to R/M: It can be seen
  from the data available in circle admn that there is acute shortage in all
  cadres. Some of SSA heads posts are vacant from years together & DGM posts
  are not being filled in so many SSAs. About 50 % exchanges are unmanned
  due to non-availability of line staff. But no action has been taken either by
  circle Admn or SSA heads to meet the shortage equally. It can be seen that in
  some SSAs some cadres are getting salary without any work, but other SSAs
  are not having sufficient hands of these cadres.

9. Removal of restriction of age and educational qualification for internal
  exams for Management Trainees: We would like to bring to your notice the
  strong feelings of executives over stringent condition for recruitment of internal
  Management Trainees. Our General Secretary has already brought to notice of
  Management all the facts about how maximum executives are being deprived
  of their right of writing internal competitive examination. Hence it is requested
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  that the restrictions on age and educational qualification for internal
  Management trainees should be removed and any executives working in BSNL
  should be given chance to write this internal MT examination thereby giving
  natural justice to all the executives.

10. Disparities in TBP after 2nd Pay revision: After the 2nd pay revision there
   are changes in the applicability of the TBP for review of such cases BSNL CO
   has issued the clear instructions and on the endorsement letter from
   Maharashtra Circle, same has been implemented in different SSAs in
   Maharashtra Circle. But unfortunately same is not implemented in Circle
   Office itself who has issued endorsement letter to field units and though we
   are being assured since last two months. As such same may be please
   implemented in Circle Office and other SSAs in Maharashtra Circle. Secondly
   one issue has aroused after 2nd Pay Revision that about all the executives will
   be eligible for 1st TBP within four years as they are matching the condition of
   touching higher scale in four years. But some executives mainly JTOs who
   have got TBP before or just before the 2nd Pay are deprived off such eligibility
   and are drawing less salary than juniors. This is also one of the reasons for
   unrest among the executives and hence it is requested to remove this
   disparity and all executives should be given 1st TBP after four years regardless
   of condition of touching next higher pay scale.

11. Early Conduction of LDCE for TES Gr B: Pending court cases has stalled
   the growth of executives & brought them to a standstill. Action should be
   taken to resolve the issues immediately & conduct LDCE at the earliest
   without any further delay.

12. Wrong procedure of Equalization of executives on basis of working lines:
   BSNL corporate office has issued some guidelines for equalization of
   executives on the basis of working lines. These guidelines are not at all
   implemented in any of the Circle except Maharashtra and it has adversely
   affected to the growth of all developing SSAs in Maharashtra Circle. No doubt
   there were some executives are excess in some of SSA in some cadre, but
   there was shortage in other cadre. But this mathematical formula applied
   without assessment of actual requirement of executives in field units has
   created mess in Maharashtra Circle. SSAs where more executives are required
   for meeting growth of BSNL network are deprived of executives and SSAs not
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   having any growth and who had some exercise in achieving targets of 2nd
   bfone have provided excess executives. This has made unwanted expenditure
   of lakhs of rupees on transfer of executives in hundreds thereby creating
   displeasure among the executives. Only Maharashtra Circle has implemented
   this unwanted order and this has resulted in poor achievement of targets and
   overall development. Hence it is requested that this equalization on the basis
   of only working lines should be stopped and the standard procedure of posting
   executives on the basis of sanctioned posted should be adopted, if required
   the sanctioned posts may be reviewed at the end of every financial year.
   Proper justification of staff as per workload is done by considering sanctioned
   post and circle equalization formula should be discarded as it is not
   justifying the workload equally. If required special drive may be taken to
   update sanctioned posts.

13. Merger of 9.4% of IDA as part of fitment & Payment of 2nd installment
   (60%) of Pay arrears: As per the Government of India order, additional 9.4 %
   of IDA is to be taken as part of fitment for IDA pay fixation of executives. As
   this is part of the wage revision package it should be implemented, as part of
   wage revision and the pay of the executives should be revised accordingly.
   Also as per the order dated 25.08.2009 from Department of Expenditure and
   endorsed by DoT to BSNL on account of balance 60 % arrears of 6th Pay
   revision is due for the executives. Now all the executives are eagerly waiting
   for the revised fitment formula and payment of arrears accordingly and the
   arrears have been already delayed for reasonable time. It is requested to revise
   the pay as per new fitment formula of 9.4 % and make balance payment of the
   60 % arrears at the earliest. This is reason for mass unrest in the staff and
   employees of BSNL and hence may be given top priority.

14. Merger of Mobile section with field units: It may be please seen that
   separation of GSM services from SSA working has become major hurdle in
   smooth functioning of Mobile network. It is main reason for delay in provision
   of Mobile services and installation of proper infrastructure for GSM network.
   The mobile sections mainly functions from SSA head quarters and the
   customer reactions are to be faced by all the field executives and staff. Also
   the separation is done only at SSA level where actually physical works and
   activities are involved. In recent past posting to mobile section has become
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   option for exclusion of names from posting in rural area. This is also reason
   for disparity among the executives as executives in mobile are getting higher
   HRA continuously and other are compelled to work in rural area. If Mobile
   wing is merged with SSA and overall control is given to SSA Head, it will
   improve the disparity and will help in improvement of quality of GSM services.
   Hence mobile wing should be merged with SSAs teams for better coordination
   among staff and executives, which will definitely improve quality of mobile
   services and reduce unrest among the executives and staff working in BSNL.
   This procedure is followed in so many other Circles like MP, but not being
   followed in Maharashtra Circle.
15. Posting to Non recruiting Circle within territory Maharashtra Circle:
   Since last two years it has became trend that all are requesting for posting to
   non recruiting Circles like WTP, WTR, DNW, Inspection & ITPC. It may be
   please seen that there a large waiting list from Maharashtra Circle to these
   units for posting within territory of Maharashtra Circle. From the rush to ITPC
   Pune one can see how the executives are egger to work in ITPC Pune
   specifically from Pune SSA to ITPC Pune though said executives are not much
   techno savvy with works related to ITPC. Main and only reason behind these
   requests to ITPC is that the executives who are coming under the purview of
   the long stay transfers within Maharashtra Circle like Pune are opting for
   posting in ITPC Pune and cleverly escaping from the list of long stay transfer
   within SSA, within Maharashtra Circle and in all India long stay transfers.
   Unfortunately this act is being supported by administration and this has
   become reason for unrest among the executives with feelings that the
   transfers are being managed. Same is the case with request for posting to
   other units like WTR, WTP, DNW, and Inspection Circle. Posting of Long
   stayed Officers to non recruiting Circle has became new and intelligent idea
   for exclusion of names from all the list of long stays and hence the matter may
   be please reviewed for maintain uniform policy while posting to non recruiting
   Circles within territory of Maharashtra Circle and other who could not manage
   are being shunted to North East, J&K Circle and other Circles.
16. Rural to urban transfer /inter SSA transfer should be after completion of two
   years and compulsion of four year criteria as applied by GMT Amravati
   should be immediately discarded. Suitable instructions should be issued from
   MH Circle.
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17. Posting of SDEs from the home District to Mobile unit should be given priority
   and pending requests from Buldhana, Nagpur, Ahmednagar, Osmanabad etc
   should be given due consideration.

18. The longest stay lists of executives should be prepared and published for
   awareness of all comrades. The stay counting should be done without any
   bias as it has been noticed that stay of comrades working in Mumbai is not
   counted while preparation of all India longest stay list of Maharashtra Circle
   creating disparity in the list.

19. Clear instructions for removing disparity on recent SDE promotion against 67
   % quota, case of Pune and some other SSA.

20. Immediate    arrangements        for   posting   substitute   Vigilance   Officer   on
   completion of tenure of three years as it is noticed that some officers are
   working on same places form more than 10 years against CVC guidelines.
   Cancellation of    change of section of Com Kamble’s Jt Sec Marathwada as
   section has been changed due to malicious & intentional complaints of one
   of the non executives union at Nanded

21. Transfer policy guidelines should be followed strictly for all with any privilege
   to anyone except as specifically mentioned in transfer policy for medical
   ground cases.

22. Action should be taken against officer seeking for undue favour and officer
   offering such undue favor at the cost of others and BSNL.

23. All the guidelines and instructions should be followed equally for all
   disciplines including Telecom, Civil, Electrical, Accounts, Personal assistants
   and there should not be any disparity as found in issuing transfer orders in
   interest of service in account wing and at own cost in Telecom wing within
   Maharashtra Circle.

24. A fare system should be generated for recognaisation of staff and executives’
   performing best and rewarding them by special awards.

25. Completion of Departmental Enquiries in a Time Bound Manner and
   processing the appeals if any for final decision as early as possible.

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26. Such meetings on Productivity of BSNL and industrial peace should be
   arranged at District level by SSA heads to have feedback from District
   branches on local problems and difficulties and solutions thereof.

27. The unaddressed issued raised by SNEA (I) District Branches have created
   unrest among the executives of that particular district viz.

       i. Goa: Though DS SNEA (I) Goa has submitted agenda mainly on
          development issues to GMT before two months, the GMT Goa has not
          grated meeting after repeated reminders.

      ii. Sindhudurg: Non reliving of executives who have completed tenure
          long back and transfer orders have been issued by Circle though there
          are excess JTOs in Sindhudurg than the justified strength. Pending
          cases fro reliving from Sindhudurg SSA are:

                    a. Com. Jadhav JTO Devgad to Ahmednagar.

                    b. Com. Kadam JTO Gr Devgad to Ahmednagar

                    c. Com. Khule SDE Sawantwadi to Nashik.

      iii. Ratnagiri: Non reliving of executives who have completed tenure long
          back and transfer orders have been issued by Circle.GMT Ratnagiri is
          waiting for substitutes and substitutes posted have either not relived or
          successful in getting transfer order modified. Pending cases fro reliving
          from Ratnagiri SSA are:

                    a. Com. A. S. Lawand SDE to Satara

                    b. Com. R. S. Kale SDE to Osmanabad

                    c. Com. D. B. Kapre, SDE to Pune

                    d. Com. R. B. Kumbhar SDE to Pune.

      iv. Satara: Vigilance Enquiry of about all executives on Unanimous
          complaints by one executive and difficulties faced by executives due to
          such repeated complaints on same name and relief to the executives of
          Satara from such complaint by transferring said executive out of

      v. Jalna: Non consideration of immunity from transfer of DS SNEA (I)
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           vi. Pune: Pick and choose policy adopted by office of PGMT Pune in
              reliving of executives and undue favour by adopting illegal and
              unofficial tactics for not reliving following executives on their long stay
              transfers out of Pune SSA.
                      a. Shri. N. R. Jagtap, SDE working as L/A DE. Under transfer
                         to Ratnagiri, Circle Office Mumbai, Goa again Circle
                         Mumbai. He was first transferred out of Pune in March 2009
                         and after that four five transfer orders are issued as per his
                         request, but he is not relived till today and given DE
                         promotion out of way though the Circle Office has not issued
                         any orders for same. This is best examples how the Circle
                         management is being fooled by Pune management.
                      b. Shri. S.R. Hole DE. Under transfer to Goa, Circle office. In a
                         shameful and arrogant manner instead of reliving Shri. Hole
                         who is under transfer to Circle Office Mumbai he is
                         transferred locally & posted as DE Ext Satara Road.
                      c. Smt. U.M. Visal, SDE Under transfer to Ratnagiri, retention
                         up to 31.12.2010 but not yet relived.
                      d. Shri. H.V Sovani, SDE working as PS to PGMT Pune, under
                         transfer to Ratnagiri.
                      e. Shri. S.B. Joshi SDE, under transfer to Ratnagiri.

      Sir, we have tried our level best to give feedback and we are hopeful that all
these suggestions will be taken in true spirits and will be implemented for increasing
productivity of BSNL and maintaining industrial peace and harmony in BSNL.

            Hoping for early action in this regards.

                                                       Sincerely Yours,

                                                         M. S. Adasul
                                                       Circle Secretary,
                                                  SNEA (I) Maharashtra.
Copy to:
      1. Shri. M. D. Bhatia, CGMT MH Circle Mumbai for kind information please.
      2. Com. G. L. Jogi, GS SNEA (I) CHQ New Delhi for kind information please.
      3. Com. A. R. Manani, AGS SNEA (I) CHQ @ Kalyan for kind information pl.

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