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									                                                                                                    Fifth Edition

                                 Expanding Sustainable Markets
                                  Buenos Aires, Argentina        9-10 September 2008

                               Learn from Leading Biofuels Experts, Including:
                  Hector Huergo, President, Argentine Association for Biofuels and Hydrogen, Argentina
                       Kevin McGeeney, Chief Executive O cer, Starsupply Renewables, Switzerland
                              Senator João Tenório, President, Senate Biofuels Committee, Brazil
     Britta Thomsen, Danish MEP and Member of Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, European Parliament, EU
         Roberto Vellutini, Infrastructure and Environment Sector Manager, Inter-American Development Bank, USA
     Sergio Thompson-Flores, Chief Executive O cer, In nityBio, Brazil and Chair of Investment/Infrastructure Committee,
                                          Interamerican Ethanol Commission, USA

                                         Plus Insight and Analysis from:
                           Frederique Abreu, Agroenergy Coordinator, Ministry of Agriculture, Brazil
                                     Olivia Adams, Head of Biodiesel USA, ED&F Man, USA
                                          Pablo Adreani, Director, Agripac, Argentina
                   Miguel Almada, Head of National Biofuels Programme, Secretariat of Agriculture, Argentina
                                Christian Grutte, Managing Partner, Leonardo Venablers, Spain
                                    Freddy Langesfeld, Director, GEA Biodiesel, Argentina
                Claudio Molina, Executive Director, Argentine Association for Biofuels and Hydrogen, Argentina
                               Jorge Riccombeni, Minister, Ministry of Foreign A air, Argentina
                  Julio Rodriguez, Head of Biofuels Department, Vice Ministry of Mines and Energy, Paraguay
                                         Rodolfo Rossi, President, ACSOJA, Argentina
                               Juan Carlos Villalonga, Political Director, Greenpeace, Argentina
                                   Vanda Nunes, Business Development Manager, SGS, Brazil
                                  Gastón Fernández Palma, President, AAPRESID, Argentina
                                    Manlio Coviello, Economic A airs O cer, ECLAC, Chile

                      Pre-conference workshops: SUSTAINABILITY AND CERTIFICATION & JATROPHA
                     Learn from 30+ leading biofuels professionals from across the region and the globe
                             Network and share knowledge with regional and global key players
                                    throughout the value chain of this vibrant industry
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                               Discuss strategies to guarantee sustainability whilst increasing
Very well organized,                                                                                            copy of the
                                          the region’s share in the global market                             Environmenta
 good speakers and                                                                                                          l
                                   Discover the opportunities and challenges of investing                        Finance

       participants                            in the regions biofuels industry                                 Handbook
                                                                                                              2008/09 from
US STATE DEPARTMENT         Hear best practice examples of biofuel projects from across the region            Euromoney –
                               Gain insight into future developments including sustainability                 worth £115
                                             certi cation and new technologies
                         The conference will be simultaneously translated into English and Spanish
                     La conferencia se desarrollará en inglés y español con traducción simultánea

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The fth edition of Biofuels Markets Americas, and the second annual event in
Argentina, will provide an excellent platform for the global industry to learn of
the region’s opportunities in biofuels, address the key issues and do business.

Latin America is a market leader, with 40% of the global production of ethanol and         Here’s who you’ll meet at
a biodiesel market that is expanding rapidly to satisfy the increasing global demand.      Biofuels Markets Americas
For biofuel production, Latin America has the advantages of good soil, suitable             Biofuels Producers
climate, available land, and low labour costs. Countries are at di erent stages in the
development of their industries: Argentina, with an e cient agribusiness sector, is
emerging as a important player in the global market; Brazil, which has pioneered the        Equipment & Technology Solutions
ethanol industry, is the world’s second largest producer with low production costs and      Feedstock Producers
biodiesel is also now a growing industry; much of the rest of Latin America including       Commodity Traders & Brokers
Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay have adopted          Oil/Petroleum/Re ning
biofuels programmes or are planning to do so.                                               Project Developers/Consultants/
                                                                                            Consulting Engineers
Sustainability is the key issue and the event will look at the challenges of the            Governmental
introduction of certi cation, use of current feedstocks, addressing the food vs.            Chemical & Agricultural Suppliers
fuel debate, the potential of alternative feedstocks and new technology options.            Press
                                                                                            Universities/Research/Non Pro ts
Over 220 executives from 17 countries across Latin America, the US and Europe met
at the rst Biodiesel Congress in Buenos Aires in October 2007. O cially supported           Associations
by the Argentine Biofuels and Hydrogen Association and the Argentinean Secretariat          Automotive & Transport
for Agriculture, the inaugural event featured high-level debate, discussion and analysis    Other Corporates
from a selection of leading players in government, industry and key associations
involved in the region’s growing biodiesel market.                                         Amongst the attendees present
                                                                                           in previous editions of Biofuels
Due to popular request, the event has been expanded to include Biofuels, Biomass           Markets Americas were
and BioPower Generation.
                                                                                           representatives from:
                                                                                           ABPPM • Aceitera General Deheza • Alfalaval •
                                                                                           Argentine Secretariat of Agriculture •
Gain an in depth understanding of the Latin American                                       Argentine Secretariat of Energy • BASF •
biofuels market:                                                                           Bio Oils Energy • Bio-Pure Diesel • BNDES •
                                                                                           BDI-Biodiesel International • Biopetrol
 What is the current situation?
                                                                                           Industries • Brasil Ecodiesel • Braskem •
 What are the critical issues for the region?                                              Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture • Bunge •
 What stage are biofuels policies at in the region & what needs to be done?                Canadian Renewable Fuels Association •
 Why invest in the Latin American biofuels industry?                                       Cargill • Daimler Chrysler • Dedini • Degussa •
 What are the public and private nance options?                                            Desmet Ballestra • ECLAC • Ecopetrol • ED&F
 How to develop a sustainable industry                                                     Man • Ernst & Young • Ethylchem • Electrabel
 How will sustainability certi cation be implemented?                                      • Ford • GE Energy • GEA Westfalia • Glencore •
 What is the reality of the food vs. fuel debate?                                          IDB • IFC • Imperium Renewables • INTA •
 What are the current and future feedstocks in the region?                                 Kolmar • La Fabril • Louis Dreyfus • Maizar •
 How to develop secure sustainable supplies of feedstock                                   Mase eld International • Mitsubishi • Molinos
 How do the leading producers in the region view the value chain?                          Rio de la Plata • McKinsey • Merloni Progetti •
 How to satisfy demand from domestic and export markets?                                   Mexican Ministry of Energy • Monsanto •
 What will the impact of innovation be on the Latin American business?                     Noble • Novozymes • OAS • Patagonia
 What are the scenarios for the future?                                                    Bioenergia • Petropar • Petrotesting • Poet •
                                                                                           PRAJ Industries • Recope • Renewable
Plus bene t from:                                                                          Energy Group • Repsol YPF • Scania •
                                                                                           Sindacucar • SGS • Siemens • Solazyme •
 First class networking opportunities with industry peers                                  Syngenta • Techint • Tecna • Toyota • Unilever
 An interactive agenda with plenty of discussion sessions                                  • UNFCCC • UNICA • UNITEC Bio • US State
 Case studies from across the region and beyond                                            Department • USDA • Vicentin • Volkswagen •
                                                                                           West LB • World Energy

                       Now in its 4th year, the Biofuels Markets World Series is an
                       annual calendar of events which provide an excellent
                       platform to do business with biofuels industry leaders in
                       rapidly expanding markets, keeping you on the road to
                       greater pro tability. Over 5000 high calibre delegates have
                                                                                             “Very good audience and
                                                                                             interesting discussions
                                                                                                    MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE,
                                                                                                 BRAZIL, AT PREVIOUS BIOFUELS
                       attended the series to date.
                                                                                                               MARKETS EVENT

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                                                                                           Day One: 9 September 2008

08.30   Registration and Refreshments                            How will certification be implemented?
                                                               Vanda Nunes, Business Development Manager,             Brazil
09.00   Chairman’s Introduction and Opening Session
        Hector Huergo, President,                              Manlio Coviello, Economic Affairs Officer,          Chile
                                                               Panel Debate:
Opening Speech from High level representatives of the
Government of Argentina*                                       Faith Corneille, Energy and Agriculture Officer,
09.30   Global BioEnergy                                       Juan Carlos Villalonga, Political Director,
  What is the state of the Global Industry?
  Where is it heading and what are the limits to growth?       15.30    Networking Refreshment Break
  What are the future challenges in the Americas?
  How can BioEnergy contribute to mitigating climate change?   16.10    Ensuring Feedstock Supply
  What is the role of BioEnergy in the energy matrix?
Opening Keynote Speakers:                                      Current Feedstocks
                                                                 What are the market developments?
Senator Roberto Urquía, CEO,
                                                                 How to increase yields?
                                                                 How to address concerns regarding sustainability?
Senator João Tenório, President,                                 How to develop secure sustainable supplies of feedstock?
                                                               Gastón Fernández Palma, President,                  Argentina
Britta Thomsen, Danish MEP and Member of Committee
on Industry, Research and Energy,                  EU          Rodolfo Rossi, President,
Kevin McGeeney, Chief Executive Officer,                       Panel on Mapping of Biomass Supplies:
                                                               Miguel Almada, Head of National Biofuels Programme,
11.00   Networking Refreshment Break                                                    Argentina
                                                               Frederique Abreu, Agroenergy Coordinator,
11.40   Financing and Investing                                           (Zoning of Brazilian Sugar Cane), Brazil

  Why investing in Bioenegy in this region makes sense?        New Feedstocks
  What are the key risks in financing Bioenergy projects?        What are the developments in Energy Crops?
  What are the public and private finance options?               What are the feasible alternative feedstocks in
  Can private capital drive a Bioenergy boom?                    South America? Jatropha? Algae? Biomass?
  What is the potential for CDM Bioenergy projects?
  Which financial products need to be further developed?       Case Studies:
                                                               Mike Lu, President,
Ricardo Rozemberg, Head of Strategy,                                        Brazil
Sergio Thompson-Flores, Chief Executive Officer,               Developing Pellet Markets:
           Brazil and Chair of Investment/Infrastructure
                                                               Christian Grutte, Managing Partner,
Committee,                                        USA
Gustavo Vergagni, Director,
             Argentina                                         17.30    Close of Day One & Networking Cocktail Reception

13.00   Networking Lunch Break
                                                                           Attend and µunderstand
14.30   Sustainability and Certification                                   the tremendous growth
                                                                           opportunities and make
  What are the key sustainability issues?                                  key high level contacts.
  How to develop a sustainable industry?

 “Thank you so much for the excellent seminar
                                                   ”  BIOEN    “
                                                               The caliber of delegate appeared higher
                                                               than at similar events
                                                                                      ”               BIOXCHANGE

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                                                                                       Day Two: 10 September 2008

08.45   Welcome Coffee                                       15.00   BioPower Generation
09.15   Biofuels Regulation and Standards                      What is the state of the Biomass Power Generation
                                                               market in the region and beyond?
  What is the state of the regulatory framework across         What are the opportunities for growth and the
  the region?                                                  future challenges?
  How does policy range from country to country?               How is CDM contributing to the development of
  What are the main barriers for market growth?                these markets?
  How are these being or could they be addressed?
  What developments are there for the integration            Mauricio Tolmasquim, President,              Brazil
  of policies?
  What are the effects of regulation beyond Latin America?   Herwig Ragossnig, Bioenergy Expert,
  What is the state of progress on International Biofuels                         Belgium
  Standards?                                                 Fabian Gaioli, Project Manager,
Senior Representative,                         Argentina
Patricio Cavieres, President of the Agro-Energy              15.30   Networking Refreshment Break
Commission,                            Chile
                                                             16.10   The Future of BioEnergy in
Julio Rodriguez, Head of Biofuels,                                   the Americas
Other speakers to be announced                                 What are the scenarios for the future BioEnergy markets?
                                                               Where will the investment be focused?
11.00   Networking Refreshment Break                           How will technology develop over the next 10 years?
                                                               What will the impact be of innovation on the Latin
11.40   Trading and Pricing                                    American business?
                                                             Camila Ramos, Head of Research for Latin America,
  What are the key challenges and opportunities in                               Brazil
  trading biofuels and byproducts?
  How to access and satisfy the export markets?              Pablo Adreani, Director,                Argentina
  What is the potential buyers’ perspective on connecting    Gonzalo Hierro, Marketing & Business Development
  to downstream distributors?                                Director,                                   Argentina
Jorge Riccombeni, Minister,
        Argentina                                            17.15   Closure of the conference

Roland M Stein, Associate,                                                                             * awaiting final confirmation
Freddy Langesfeld, Director,                   Argentina                        UPCOMING E VENTS

Olivia Adams, Head of Biodiesel USA,                USA
Jorge Acosta, Business Development Director,
                                                              Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania • 17-18 September 2008

12.30   Networking Lunch Break
                                                              Amsterdam, Netherlands • 6-7 October 2008
14.00   Biofuels Value Chain

  How do the leading players in the region view the value
  chain?                                                      Cape Town, South Africa • 20-21 November 2008
  What are the key challenges for growth?
Roberto Vellutini, Infrastructure and Environment
Sector Manager,                                        USA
                                                                                                             Network with
Claudio Molina, Executive Director,                                                                           high calibre
                                                                                                           industry leaders at
                                           Argentina                                                        Europe’s premier
                                                                                                             biofuels event
Jose Guillermo Leon Florez, Vice President,
                                                              Brussels, Belgium • 16-18 March 2009
Other speakers to be announced                                Where the world comes together to do business

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 Sustainability and Certi cation Workshop                                                                   Jatropha Value Chain
                                         Pre Conference Workshops 10.00 – 16.00, 8 September 2008
This expert workshop will provide attendees with a full in depth                    This expert led workshop will examine the role of Jatropha as a
overview of the steps required to ensure a full sustainability and                  biodiesel feedstock in Latin America. Attendees will gain real
certi cation that ensures sustainability, continuity and quality.                   practical insights from key experts and one of the leading Jatropha
Ensuring the sustainability of biofuels is likely to become compulsory              programmes in the continent. The day will examine the plant
for supplying biofuels in many markets and avoiding the fear that fuel              agronomy, breeding and propagation techniques as well the possible
security is being purchased at the expense of food security. Biofuels is            routes to industrial scale plantation and production of sustainable
an environmental product and is being entirely supported by political               jatropha biodiesel.
will and therefore it must ensure a true net environmental gain. This
workshop is produced by leading certi cation experts SGS. SGS is                    Led by Brazilian Jatropha Growers Association with Empraba
engaged in a number of areas along various supply chains helping                    Agroenergia, JetBio, Fundacao Espaco Eco and Curcas Diesel Brasil.
companies and trade bodies assess the sustainability of given
products, particularly feed stocks.
1. Review of sustainability criteria – from a net reduction of                      1. The Brazilian Biodiesel Program
   greenhouse gases to maintaining the local environment                            2. The Jatropha curcas L. Research Program in Brazil
2. Full supply chain considerations – sustainability, continuity                    3. The Plant
   and quality
                                                                                    4. Planning a Jatropha Plantation
3. Review of certi cation standards – technical issues                              5. Industrial Process
4. Certi cation process – how will certi cation be implemented                      6. Monitoring – IT applied to Jatropha plantations
5. Types of assessment and methodology                                              7. Social Eco E ciency Tool Applied to Jatropha curcas
6. Auditing, monitoring and customising programmes                                  8. Case Study: Sao Luis Biodiesel Program – Maranhao, Brazil

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