General incoming student application form
Dahlem Research School Molecular Science

Mail to:
Dr. W. Gans
Freie Universität Berlin
Dahlem Research School Molecular Sciencde
Takustrasse 3
D-14195 Berlin
or as attached file to

From the following programmes, please select the one you want to apply for:

   Short-time Research Laboratory (for students who have finished or will shortly
    finish their master’s thesis and want to prepare for a PhD thesis at the Freie
    Universität Berlin (yes/no):

   Dahlem Research School Molecular Science

1)   Surname (and maiden name if applicable)
2)   First name(s)
3)   Date and place of birth
4)   Nationality
5)   Sex (male/female)
6)   Marital status
7)   Number of children
8)   Mailing address (indicate dates of validity)
9)   Street, house number
10) Zip code, city
11) Country
12) Phone, fax
13) E-mail
14) Home address (indicate dates of validity)
15) Street, house number
16) Zip code, city
17) Country
18) Phone, fax
19) E-mail
20) Language skills:
     German language ability (very good, good, fair, poor)
21)   How long and where have you studied German?
22)   English language ability (very good, good, fair, poor)
23)   How long and where have you studied English?
24)   Other language abilities (language, language skills)
25)   University studies:
      Current/last studied subject and degree
26)   How far did you get in your studies?
27)   Universities previously/currently attended (please repeat the following lines for
      each university)
      Higher (University) Education, Institution, City:
      from - to (dates):
      Exact degree title:
      When did you obtain the degree (month, year)?
      Result/grading (please comment the grading scale):
28)   Name/Academic field/Institution of University teachers (including e-mail
      address) who have agreed to submit letters of recommendation
29)   In which international aptitude tests did you participate or will you participate
      (such as TOEFL, GRE, GATE, NET etc.):
30)   If you did, which test did you pass and what was the score (TOEFL, GRE,
      GATE, NET etc. – good scores strongly enhance your chances):
31)   Do you at present have a job in industry, at a university or research institute?
      Permanent/non-permanent. Please specify.
32)   In which subfield of chemistry do you plan to specialize during your PhD
33)   Which member of the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry do you propose
      as supervisor for your PhD/postdoctoral research – see
34)   For short-term, PhD or postdoc applicants: Which paper of the supervisor
      selected have you read? What is the special area you are interested in?
35)   Previous or current scholarships (list all, domestic, international, from whom?)
36)   For research laboratory courses: What are your preferred dates (duration
      generally two months):
37)   Financial Matters:
      How do you intend to finance your studies in Berlin (private funds,
      scholarships etc.):
38)   In the case of private funding, how much money do you have at your disposal
      per month?
39)   In the case of a scholarship: Have you obtained/applied for a scholarship in
      order to go to Berlin; for which programme would you like to apply?
40)   For short-term research students: Can you come only if you receive a
      scholarship from the Free University of Berlin? For how many months? Will
      you need travel assistance?
41)   Will you need assistance for finding accommodation in a student residence in
42)   Expected date of arrival:
43)   Important:
      Complete applications consist of
      a)      This application form
      b)      Curriculum Vitae and list of papers in refereed journals (enclosed
      c)     Copy of your academic transcript of your previous studies
                     (may also be sent by your institution, yes/no)
      d)     Letter of recommendation from a University teacher of your current
             institution (enclosed/yes/no/will be submitted later)
             TOEFL test certificate (550 points) or IELTS (6.0) for students
      from non-English speaking countries or equivalent test certificate
             (enclosed yes/no/will be submitted later), unless German is your mother
      e)     further enclosures (such as a copy of your master’s thesis etc.):
      f)     copies of your passport and your visa for Germany if you have them
44)   Signature
45)   Place, Date

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