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   “for that which is first imagined, later becomes”

                 Update Report
             January & February 2011                                               Jorge                        Flora

                    IMAGINING 2011!                                                 Jorge Starts College
As always we have spent plenty of time at the beginning of this           Jorge, aged 19 is the oldest in our family at the
year, contemplating the possibilities for IMAGINE in KaTembe...           Family Homes of Hope. He has lived at the homes
for that which is first imagined, later becomes!                          since they opened, in the house of Alex and Nurbai.
And our “Vision for 2011” has been born! It is, unsurprisingly a very     Prior to this he was with the Mother Teresa Sisters
ambitious plan which includes a great many projects aimed at              after losing his parents and having a traumatic time
expanding IMAGINE‟s reach and effectiveness in assisting the              with relatives.
community in their own social development.                                At the beginning of the new school year here in
IMAGINE hope in this year to work in partnership with the                 Mozambique, Jorge entered a new phase in his life,
government and some corporate donors to redevelop the Old                 joining Dom Bosco Technical College, in Boane.
Peoples Village with new brick housing, electricity and water             Lorraine and Celio drove with Jorge the almost 2
supplies, and a community centre. The aim is to also increase the         hour journey from the homes in Inguide, to the
capacity of the village to 30 elderly individuals. This is an extremely   Technical College where Jorge will board and
ambitious project, but the improvement to the lives of those              continue his academic studies alongside vocational
assisted simply cannot be quantified.                                     training in electronics. The course will be four years
IMAGINE also hope to continue in its partnership with the Dept. of        and during the holidays Jorge will return to the
Education to provide desks for classrooms in KaTembe, so that             Family Homes.
children can learn in a supportive environment. In addition               As with any family leaving their eldest at college or
IMAGINE plan to complete the development of the Skills Training           university for the first time, there were emotional
Centre on the site of a KaTembe school, to provide vocational             farewells, and a great amount of pride, to see Jorge,
training for students.                                                    so confidently embracing this new chapter in his life.
At the Family Homes of Hope IMAGINE continue to support the               And Lorraine is pleased to report that he has sent
Foster Parents in providing the best possible care for the OVC‟s          messages to confirm that he is happy and settled.
residing at the centre. The dream for 2011 is to make operational
the bakery and sewing crafts centre, at the Family Homes so that
bread and clothes can be produced on site, for consumption and                         Welcoming Flora
sale, and skills training can be provided for the children.
IMAGINE have already expanded the Family Assistance                       Flora became the first new member of the Family
Programme to register more impoverished families and individuals          Homes of Hope for 2011. The ten year old was found
for support, and increase the support given by continuing with the        abandoned and kept in police care for one week
chicken project. We also want to supply a mosquito net to each            while they made all attempts to trace her relatives.
household as this has not been done by IMAGINE since 2008.                After no success, the Dept. of Social Action placed
A further aim in this area is to improve the effectiveness and            her with us at the Family Homes of Hope, and she
efficiency of the Community Coordinators, through the provision of        was given a place in Casa 3, from where Jorge was
a radio communication system which will enable them to contact            about to depart.
each other and the head office, from their locations in the field.        Flora is a healthy young girl and despite a traumatic
If you wish to receive a copy of “Our Vision for 2011” which              start to the year is communicative and active. She
includes more information and budgets for each project, please            has now also started to attend Grade 1 in school in
email me on                                       KaTembe and appears to be enjoying it!
Young Entrepreneurs Support IMAGINE!                                                   Muito Obrigado!
On15th February, the children at Allertonshire School were               We could never make an exhaustive list of all those
involved in a special assembly to celebrate the success of their         here in Mozambique who help and support us every
school Christmas Card Competition in aid of IMAGINE.                     day in our work but, the team at IMAGINE would like
Allertonshire school have been supporting IMAGINE for 6 years            to take this opportunity to give special thanks to the
and have raised over £30,000 to date! In 2007 teachers Hilma             following companies / organisations operating within
Peacock, Jackie Hartley and Sarah Bell visited KaTembe to                Maputo, for their generosity in supporting IMAGINE
witness the value of their contributions, first hand.                    programmes in 2010 and 2011:
Over the past 4 years, the school have been setting their pupils the
                                                                         Cardoso Hotel (support to Family Assistance Prog.)
challenge of designing Christmas cards for sale, in aid of
IMAGINE. The school has had the generosity of partner Peter              ED&F Man (support to Local House Building)
Williams and company RICOH to sponsor the project, providing the
printing and competition prizes. After the children design their         MANICA (unrestricted funding)
cards they are taken to the RICOH offices to observe the printing        CIR (unrestricted funding)
process, and then they are challenged to use their entrepreneurial
skills to sell their own designs.                                        DNA (donation of computers for the IMAGINE office)
The competition this Christmas raised a whopping £1,400 which            Southern Sun Hotel (material goods for distribution)
has been allocated to the cost of the chickens for food distribution
over the coming months.                                                  MAPUTO HHH’s (unrestricted funding)
Thank you once again to Allertonshire for their commitment to
supporting our programmes. To Peter Williams and RICOH for
their sponsorship, which has very generously been pledged again                     How to Save a Life!
for the next Christmas. And finally, a special thanks and                As mentioned overleaf, one of IMAGINEs aims for
congratulations to Matthew Sisk, the competition winner and              2011 is to provide a new mosquito net to every family
Amelia Grayson and Laura Hallet, the runners up!                         receiving support on the Family Assistance
                                                                         Programme. We would also like to provide nets for our
                                                                         staff and ensure that every bed in the family homes, is
                                                                         also covered by an undamaged net.
                                                                         In Mozambique more children die of malaria than any
                                                                         other disease. Malaria accounts for >60% of
                                                                         paediatric hospital admissions and 40% of all
                                                                         outpatient consultations and is responsible for 30% of
                                                                         all deaths registered at hospitals here. (Malaria
                                                                         Consortium stats.) According to UNICEF only 31% of
                                                                         households in Mozambique had at ≥1 net in 2009 and
                                                                         only 23% of under 5‟s were sleeping under nets.
                                                                         And yet, a net can save a life.
                                                                         The nets cost 250 mets each which equates to roughly
                                            Above: Presenting the
                                                                         £5. We need 126 nets for our registered families
                                            cheque for IMAGINE; the      (31,500 mets / £630) and in addition would love to be
                                            winning pupils, alongside    able to buy an extra 50 (12,500 mets / £250) for the
                                            Headmaster Chris Byrne,
                                            teachers Hilma and Sarah     IMAGINE staff.
                                            and Richard Halstead and     In this instance, every £5 really does make a
                                            Keith Stephenson of          difference, so if you can, please help us to achieve this
                                            competition sponsor, RICOH
                                                                         target and get mosquito nets to help save lives in
                                            Left: The winning student,   KaTembe, as soon as possible.
                                            Matthew Sisk and runners
                                            up Amelia Grayson and
                                                                         Please contact me on, if you wish to buy a net. We
                                            Laura Hallat, with their     appreciate your support more than you will ever know.
                                            certificates and prizes.

                                                                         For more information please do not hesitate to contact
                                                                         Rebekah on
                    And Finally....
             IMAGINE Running a Marathon!
No, not us! But thankfully for IMAGINE, one committed supporter in the UK,
is running the London Marathon to raise funds for the Family Homes of Hope.
Mark will be running his first ever marathon on 17th April, and has written to
let us know how the training is going....
If you wish to sponsor Mark‟s then please do not hesitate to contact me and
title your email „Mark‟s Marathon„ . I will send you info on how to sponsor him
and also forward your support to Mark himself, which will I am sure help with
his motivation on those cold mornings of training in North West England!
Email to

 My name is Mark Pownall, I am 25 years old and this April
 I will be undertaking the biggest challenge of my life,
  running the London Marathon, in aid of IMAGINE.

 All my life I have competed in regular sporting activities, with football being my major passion and something I play, coach
 and watch every week. Although I ‘did’ consider myself to be physically fit and able, I really did under estimate the
 challenge that I had let myself in for. After a few weeks running on a treadmill, building my general fitness up I decided to
 enter a local 10K race which I managed to complete in a respectable 52mins. I had been warned by friends and family
 that once I’d done one race, I would be bitten by the running bug, and running would become a big part of my life.
  I then followed this with the Helsby 4 village half marathon, which I was delighted to finish in 1 hour 56mins.

 Unfortunately though, things took a turn for the worse. The extensive training I had put my body through in preparation
 for the marathon, began to take its toll and I developed tendinitis in both of my knees. This would require plenty of physio
 but more importantly it would need something I didn’t have. Time to recover. This has had a major impact on my training
 plan and has set me back in my preparations for the gruelling 26miles that await me next month.

 However, being the stubborn sportsman that I am, I will not be defeated and will not give up until it is not physically
 possible to continue! I have undertaken radiotherapy treatment and applied plenty of bags of frozen peas to my knees!!

 I was truly touched and inspired by the work that Joe and Lorraine have done and dedicated their lives to helping others
 in Mozambique. My aim is to raise as much money as possible for a fantastic charity and give something back to those
 who are as less fortunate then I am.

 My next race will be the Liverpool Half Marathon on 27th March – I’ll let you know how it goes...


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