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Summer Institute 

 (Assistive Technology—Occupational Therapy—Physical Therapy)

              June 15 & 16, 2009 

Hershey Lodge and Convention Center 

       Hershey, Pennsylvania 

                                                Bureau of Special Education            1

                        Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network

Institute Description
This institute provides a variety of educational opportunities in evidence-based practices to assist school
based assistive technology consultants, occupational and physical therapists in developing effective
programming for increasing student participation and success in their schools, homes, and communities.

Assistive Technology consultants, Occupational and Physical therapists working with students in early
intervention or school based programs, and supervisors of Occupational and Physical therapists

Learner Outcomes
• 	 Cite and relate specific research findings concerning evidence based practices to school based occupational
    and physical therapy

• 	 Describe appropriate interventions, materials, and progress-monitoring practices based on continuous
    instructional evidence in the areas of cognition, language, social skills, and sensory-motor skills

• 	 Identify, analyze, and apply evidence-based practices for the treatment of students with deficits in
    cognition, communication, and social and sensory-motor skills

• 	 Formulate practical and evidence-based instructional plans for students with deficits in cognition,
    communication, and social and sensory-motor skills in order to have them participate and progress in the
    general education curriculum

Special Needs
If you have special needs as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act and need assistance at this
training, please contact Sonya Barksdale at PaTTAN Harrisburg 800-360-7282 (in PA only), ext. 3322 or 717­
541-4960, ext. 3322, or e-mail Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate you.

                        Individuals attending this event must arrive on
                        time and stay the duration of the event in order

                                                                           5 Certificate of Attendance 

                        to receive Act 48 Professional Education hours.
                        Requests for exceptions are to be brought to the
                        attention of the individual’s Superintendent or
        5 per day       IU Director prior to the event.

    Goes Green                                                             Handouts will be provided on a CD. 

                                                                             No paper copies will be given. 



 6:30 p.m. —8:00 p.m. REGISTRATION                        BEGINS Sunday, June 14, 2009
                                    Sunday, June 14, 2009               Monday, June 15, 2009             Tuesday, June 16, 2009
   Registration Hours                6:30 p.m.—8:00 p.m.                 8:00 a.m.—9:00 a.m.               8:00 a.m.—9:00 a.m.

   Exhibit Hall Hours                                                    11:30 a.m.—6:00 p.m.              8:30 a.m.—1:00 p.m.

                                                    Monday, June 15, 2009
     Opening Keynote           1. Living a Full Life: Personal Perspectives of Living with a Disability
      9:00 a.m.—10:00
 Morning Breakout Sessions     2. Overview of Assistive           3. Guidelines for OT in the        4. Guidelines for PT in the
   10:15 a.m.—12:00 p.m.       Technology in the Educational      Educational Environment            Educational Environment

 Afternoon Breakout Sessions   5. Accessing the Computer:         6. AT-OT-PT Collaborative          7. Related Service Provider’s
     1:30 p.m.—4:30 p.m.       Using Built In Accessibility       Problem Solving                    Role in Response to
                               Options (MAC and WIN)                                                 Intervention

                               8. Making Your Therapy             9. Routine Based Interventions     10. Topics in Administrative
                               Services Count in the              for Young Children                 Issues
                               Classroom: The Link to
                               Standards Based
                               11. Show Me the Data: Writing      12. Medicaid Reimbursement
                               and Measuring Student Goals        for School Based Services
                               for Participation

                                                   Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Morning Breakout Sessions      13. Mounting AAC Devices           14. AT Tech Lab (REPEAT SESSION)   15. Using Assistive Technology
  9:00 a.m.—12:00 p.m.         Pediatric Practice                                                    in Early Intervention

                               16. Executive Functioning- The     17. Creating Positive Learning     18. Occupational Therapists’
                               Missing Piece: Incorporating       Environments: Addressing           Role in Addressing Transition
                               Cognitive Strategies into          Behavior, Social Participation,    Issues: Getting Ready for the
                                                                  and Psychosocial Issues in         Job of Living
                                                                  School-Based Practice (REPEAT

                               19. Exercise for Everyone:         20. How Travel Instructors and 21. The Physical Therapists’
                               Practical Ideas for School Based   Physical Therapists can work   Role in the Safe Transportation
                               OTs and PTs                        together                       of Students with Disabilities

Afternoon Breakout Sessions 22. Switch Access for AAC:            23. AT Tech Lab (REPEAT SESSION)   24. Introduction to Speech
    1:30 p.m.—4:30 p.m.     More than Hit the Switch                                                 Recognition Software

                               25. Handwriting, Keyboarding       26. Creating Positive Learning     27. Pediatric Feeding and
                               and Literacy: The Role of the      Environments: Addressing           Swallowing Difficulties: What
                               School Occupational Therapist      Behavior, Social Participation,    Early Intervention and School
                                                                  and Psychosocial Issues in         Based OTs Need to Know
                                                                  School-Based Practice (REPEAT

                               28. Adaptive Seating to            29. Equinus Gait and Students 30. Using Video to Support
                               Improve Task Performance           with Cerebral Palsy: Causes and Consultation
                                                                  Clinical Suggestions

     Full Day Session          31. Tools for Tots: Sensory                                                             3
    9:00 a.m.—4:30 p.m.        Strategies for Toddlers and
                               Preschoolers (100 max)
                               Session Descriptions
                                   Monday                                            June 15, 2009
    1. Opening Keynote: Living a Full Life: Personal                      7. Related Service Provider’s Role in Response to
       Perspectives of Living with a Disability                              Intervention
       Presenter: Bernie Gavlick                                             Presenter: Gloria Frolek Clark
        This session will provide a glimpse of what it is like to live       This session will discuss the role of related service providers
        with a disability and a personal perspective of the therapeutic      in general education initiatives including Early Intervening
        interventions and strategies that make a difference in fully         Services (EIS) and Response to Intervention (RtI) which are
        participating in life.                                               being promoted by legislation and the US Department of
                                                                             Education for providing services to general education
    2. Overview of Assistive Technology in the                               children who are at-risk.
       Educational Environment
       Presenter: Susan Gill                                            8. Making Your Therapy Services Count in the
                                                                           Classroom: The Link to Standards Based
        This interactive session will address legal and procedural
        issues in AT service delivery in school settings, and feature a    Instruction
        facilitated panel discussion highlighting some of these key          Presenter: John Dellegrotto
        topics. The panel will be comprised of AT Consultants who            The occupational and physical therapy services represent a
        will bring various perspectives on effective AT service              significant contribution to the student's development and it
        delivery.                                                            is possible to make a direct connection to standards based
                                                                             instruction. This session will examine how to make the
    3. Guidelines for OT in the Educational                                  explicit connection between the occupational and physical
       Environment                                                           therapy needs to success with the standards/anchors in
        Presenter: Jane Case Smith                                           specific subjects.
       This session will describe issues in service delivery and
                                                                     9. Routine Based Interventions for Young Children
       emerging practice models, e.g., co-teaching and 3-in-1. The
                                                                         Presenter: Lee Ann Jung
       session provides examples of how therapists make decisions
       on which practice model to use.                                   This session will present practical, research-grounded
                                                                         methods for developing functional goals, routines-based
    4. Guidelines for PT in the Educational Environment                  intervention strategies, and meaningful data collection
       Presenter: Pat Butler                                             systems that are supported by families and teachers during
                                                                         natural learning opportunities.
       This session will examine the legal and educational
       parameters for physical therapy practice in schools using the
                                                                     10. Topics in Administrative Issues
       PPTA Guidelines for the Practice of Physical Therapy in
                                                                          Presenter: Pat Butler
       Educational Settings.
                                                                         This session will be an open forum and facilitated discussion
    5. Accessing the Computer: Using Built In                            regarding administration of physical and occupational
       Accessibility Options (MAC and WIN)                               therapy services in school based settings.
       Presenters: Wendy Homlish & Bill Ziegler
                                                                          11. Show Me the Data: Writing and Measuring
        This session will teach participants about accessibility
                                                                              Student Goals for Participation
        options for students with a variety of disabilities that are
                                                                             Presenter: Sandra Arnold
        built into the operating systems of any computer (MAC and
        WIN). Additionally, implementation and assessment will               This session will offer an objective way to write goals so that
        be discussed.                                                        student outcomes can be measured and collected.
                                                                             Participants will learn how to and practice writing student
    6. AT-OT-PT Collaborative Problem Solving                                goals for participation in the general education curriculum.
        Presenter: Cricket Rizzo & Kendra Bittner
                                                                          12. Medicaid Reimbursement for School Based
        This session will examine the critical need for a team
        approach to success in assistive technology. Whether one is           Services
        an AT specialist, an occupational therapist, a physical              Presenters: Gloria Grego & Roni Russell
        therapist, or a speech language pathologist, each person             This session will describe the School Based Access Program
        brings a unique perspective to collaborative problem solving         to include eligible services, program regulations and
        as does the parent and the child. Client case studies will be        compliance as a provider of service.
        used to help participants explore the different methods of
        access to assistive technology and how to apply these
        methods to their clients.
                             Session Descriptions
                             Tuesday                                           June 16, 2009
13. Mounting AAC Devices                                             19. Exercise for Everyone: Practical Ideas for School
   Presenter: Karen Kangas                                               Based OTs and PTs
   This session will focus on how to assess, plan the use of, and       Presenter: Cindy Miles
   implement current AAC devices and their available                    The session will provide pediatric therapists with resources
   mounting systems.                                                    and ideas on how to implement Fitness & Sports into a
                                                                        school based setting to allow each child the opportunity to
14. & 23. AT Tech Lab (REPEAT SESSION a.m./p.m.)                        maximize their fitness potential.
   Presenter: Denis Anson
                                                                     20. How Travel Instructors and Physical Therapists
   The AT Tech Lab will provide an opportunity for
   participants to become familiar with and ask questions about          can Work Together
   a wide range of assistive technologies for computer access.          Presenter: Sarah Witter
                                                                        This session will describe how physical therapists and travel
15. Using Assistive Technology in Early Intervention                    instructors can collaborate to teach and reach student goals
   Presenter: Pip Campbell                                              together.
   This session will illustrate strategies for using assistive
   technology with infants and young children to enhance their 21. The Physical Therapists’ Role in the Safe
   participation in typical activities and routines at home,       Transportation of Students with Disabilities
   childcare, preschool, and community environments.               Presenter: Jean Zimmerman
                                                                        This session will explore the challenge in safely transporting
16. Executive Functioning- The Missing Piece:                           students with disabilities and how physical therapy can
    Incorporating Cognitive Strategies into Pediatric                   impact this dilemma.
   Presenters: Laurette Olson & Cheryl Colangelo           22. Switch Access for AAC: More than Hit the
   This session will teach participants to explore and re-     Switch
   conceptualize school-based therapy approaches to incorporate         Presenter: Aileen Costigan
   executive function into assessment and intervention                  This session will present a broad definition of access to
   practices.                                                           augmentative and alternative communication and will
                                                                        highlight the physical, cognitive, and social factors that can
17. & 26. Creating Positive Learning Environments:                      impact access. A model for facilitating access in this broad
    Addressing Behavior, Social Participation, and                      context will be presented along with practical suggestions for
    Psychosocial Issues in School-Based Practice                        implementation in clinical and educational settings.
  (REPEAT SESSION a.m./p.m.)
   Presenter: Leslie Jackson                                         24. Introduction to Speech Recognition Software
                                                                        Presenters: Scott Dougherty & Cricket Rizzo
   This session will highlight the role of occupational therapy in
   education environments and ways that practitioners can               Participants will explore the use of speech recognition
   effectively address children’s psychosocial and behavioral           software for writing and computer access. This session will
   needs.                                                               include an overview of software and hardware. Live
                                                                        demonstrations of microphone initialization and dictation
18. Occupational Therapists’ Role in Addressing                         will be incorporated into the presentation.
    Transition Issues: Getting Ready for the Job of
                                                                     25. Handwriting, Keyboarding and Literacy: The Role
   Presenter: Jayne Shepherd
                                                                         if the School Occupational Therapist
                                                                        Presenter: Yvonne Swinth
   This session will highlight how occupational therapy
   practitioners are perfect partners to blend their intervention       This session will discuss the role of the occupational therapy
   to support school system and educational teams as well as            has in supporting handwriting, keyboarding and literacy for
   working directly with students in transition programs. This          children and adolescents in the public schools. Participants
   presentation will focus on best practices in transition              will also explore assessment and intervention strategies
   planning, outcomes, and ways occupational therapists                 specific to this area of performance in order to support
   become involved in collaborative transition planning teams.          student participation.


                                  Session Descriptions
                           Tuesday                                            June 15, 2009, cont.
27. Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Difficulties:                       30. Using Video to Support Consultation
    What Early Intervention and School Based OTs                             Presenters: Rita Geddes & Bill Ziegler
    Need to Know                                                            This session will demonstrate the uses of digital video and
        Presenter: Julie Buxton                                             how it can be used to augment school-based occupational and
        This session will discuss the feeding and swallowing                physical therapy services. Examples of videos will be
        challenges experienced by many children and provide                 provided to demonstrate how videotaping can be used to
        conservative ways to intervene that will ensure the child's         address specific needs in the educational environment. (e.g.
        comfort and safety with feeding.                                    staff training, home program recommendations, student skill
                                                                            development and many more!) A live demonstration of
                                                                            capturing/importing/editing and sharing in various formats
28. Adaptive Seating to Improve Task Performance                            will be included in this presentation.
        Presenter: Karen Kangas
        This session will share successful strategies, equipment, and 31. Tools for Tots: Sensory Strategies for Toddlers
        treatment which will support increased functional                 and Preschoolers
        independence in activity through seating.                         Presenter: Diana Henry

29. Equinus Gait and Students with Cerebral Palsy:                          This workshop is designed to offer practical sensory
                                                                            strategies which improve the ability of toddlers and
    Causes and Clinical Suggestions                                         preschoolers to play and function in their various daily
        Presenter: Sandy Ross                                               environments.         A variety of sensory activities and
        This session will explore clinical decision making skills when      environmental strategies will be highlighted using hands-on­
        assessing and treating gait disorders with an emphasis on           participation and videos of typical tots and those with
        equinus gait. A 3-D gait analysis, video and interactive case       challenges including engagement. (100 max)
        will be used to demonstrate equinus gait and potential

                                  ONLINE Registration

Please register for this PaTTAN-sponsored event by visiting our homepage at:

While registering online, you can peruse all PaTTAN-sponsored continuing professional education
courses/clock hour activities, receive confirmation via e-mail once you have registered for the course/
activity, and keep track of courses/clock hour activities with the online transcript feature.
Registration Deadline: May 29, 2009
If you have difficulty registering online, please contact Sonya Barksdale at
For More Information
    •   No registration fee will be charged for this training event
    •   For registration information, please contact: Sonya Barksdale at 717-541-4960, ext. 3322 or e-mail
    •   For content information, please contact: Cathy Scutta at 717-541-4960, ext. 3103 or via e-mail

                   The Hershey Lodge & Convention Center

(2 hours, 100 miles)
Schuylkill Expressway (I-76) West to the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76). Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76)
West to exit 266. Turn left onto 72 North. Follow 72 North to 322 West. Take 322 West into Hershey
(approximately 12 miles). Turn right onto University Drive (traffic light). Take the first left into the
entrance to Hershey Lodge.

(4 hours, 200 miles)
Follow the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) East to exit 247. I-283 North to exit 3 and 322 East to Hershey.
322 East to 422 East. At the traffic light turn right onto University Drive. Take the first right into the
entrance to Hershey Lodge

(1.5 hours, 90 miles)
Take I-83 North towards York and Harrisburg. Approaching Harrisburg, follow signs to continue on I-83
North. I-83 North to 322 East to Hershey. 322 East to 422 East. At the traffic light turn right onto
University Drive. Take the first right into the entrance to Hershey Lodge.

                   Hotel Reservation Deadline:                  May 15, 2009
        Participants may reserve rooms at the Hershey Lodge and Convention
        Center at 717-533-3131 or 800-437-7439 or

    •   Lodging will be provided free of charge if reserved by May 15, 2009
    •   Double occupancy rooms must be shared.
    •   A credit card will be required to reserve a room.
    •   In the event of cancellation, fees will be applied to your credit card.                       7


Denis Anson                                                          administrator of the CAIU OT/PT services for eight years. She 

Denis Anson graduated from the University of Washington in           has particular interest in developing models for the provision of

1980 with a bachelor's degree of occupational therapy. In 1983, he   OT and PT in schools and in establishing appropriate case load 

received a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from the        management based on data regarding services and location of 

University of Washington. He worked in adult physical                service. She has participated as an administrator and data 

disabilities for six years, and was a lecturer in the Division of    manager for the CAIU in establishing a database that is detailed 

Occupational Therapy at the University of Washington, Seattle,       and provides information for administrative decision making.

Washington for nine years. In August, 1997, he became an
Assistant Professor at College Misericordia in Dallas,               Julie Buxton 

Pennsylvania, and in 2005, became the Director of Research and       Julie Buxton, MS, OTR/L, CBIST has been an Occupational 

Development of the Assistive Technology Research Institute.          Therapist for 20+ years During her career her clinical emphasis

Denis Anson has been actively involved in computer and               has been in feeding and swallowing, both with the pediatric and 

assistive technology applications for rehabilitation for over two    adult populations. She currently works at the Children's Hospital

decades. He has international recognition for his expertise in the   of Philadelphia where her primary clinical responsibility is as a

application of assistive technology to occupational therapy and      member of the feeding program. She is also an adjunct professor 

the process of rehabilitation. He has presented numerous papers      at the University of Pittsburgh, teaching pediatrics to the 

at national, regional, and state conferences on assistive            Master's Level Occupational Therapy Program. 

                                                                     Jane Case-Smith 

Sandra Arnold                                                        Jane Case-Smith, Ed.D., OTR/L is Director of Occupational 

Sandra H. Arnold, PT, PhD is a Clinical Assistant Professor at       Therapy at The Ohio State University. She has taught 

the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Division of       numerous courses on school-based OT and has a strong working 

Rehabilitation Science where she instructs undergraduate and         relationship with the school-based OTs in the Columbus area. 

graduate occupational therapy and physical therapy students.         She has active research programs with children with autism and 

She served as the Director of Occupational and Physical Therapy      cerebral palsy and recently completed a study on yoga with high 

Programs for the Oklahoma State Department of Education for          risk second grade students.

over 12 years, working closely with state level agencies, school
district administrators, teachers, therapists, and families. Dr.     Pip Campbell 

Arnold has presented regionally and nationally on topics related     Pip Campbell is director of the national Tots-N-Tech Center and 

to OT and PT school-based services and co-authored Providing         of Child & Family Studies at Thomas Jefferson University, 

Physical Therapy Services under Part B & C of IDEA. She              Philadelphia. 

currently is project director for a 4-year OT/PT preparation
grant awarded by the US Dept. of Ed., and is doing research on a     Gloria Frolek Clark 

new school outcomes measurement tool.                                Gloria is a graduate from University of North Dakota's

                                                                     occupational therapy program. She received her master's degree 

Kendra Bittner                                                       in Early Childhood Special Education from Iowa State 

Kendra V. Bittner, M.Ed., Cert CED IDEA Training and                 University. She is currently a doctoral candidate at ISU. For 30 

Consultation, Assistive Technology Coordinator Kendra V.             years she has been working in a variety of settings in Iowa, 

Bittner holds a bachelors degree in Communication Sciences:          specializing in the OT services for pediatrics in the home, 

Speech Pathology and Audiology, a masters degree in Special          community and school settings. Currently, she is employed with 

Education with a Specialization in Deaf Education, and a             Heartland Area Education Agency and as a consultant for the 

Supervisor of Special Education Certificate from the University      Iowa Department of Education. She serves as AOTA's liaison 

of Pittsburgh. She recently completed and earned a certificate in    to the National Association of State Directors of Special 

Assistive Technology Applications from California University         Education Partnership. 

Northridge. Currently Kendra is working for the Allegheny
Intermediate Unit as a Training and Consultation Coordinator         Cheryl Colangelo 

for Assistive Technology. Prior to that, she worked as a Teacher     Cheryl Colangelo has been a pediatric occupational therapist over 

of the Hearing Impaired and taught Deaf, hearing impaired, and       30 years. She presently is the occupational therapist for the 

hard of hearing students in grades kindergarten through second       North Salem School District in North Salem, NY. Cheryl co­
grade. She works with her teams to assist learners in using          teaches a pediatric OT course at Mercy College and is also an 

assistive technology.                                                adjunct professor at Columbia University. Cheryl has 

                                                                     extensively presented and written about a variety of topics 

Patricia Butler                                                      related to pediatric occupational therapy practice including 

Patricia Butler has been a provider of PT in school based setting    biomechanics, sensory integration, executive function, and 

since 1982 as an employee of the CAIU. She has been a full time      pediatric group intervention. 


Aileen Costigan                                                    Through many hours of physical therapy, Bern started taking
Aileen Costigan is currently a Doctoral Candidate in               independent steps. His family and friends have always been
Communication Sciences and Disorders at Penn State University      strong supporters and one day Bern decided he would try
working with Dr. Janice Light. She received her Bachelor’s         running. He went from walking 2 blocks with a walker in March
degree in Kinesiology and Master’s degree in Occupational          of 1997 to running close to a 5K in one hour and 10 minutes, in
Therapy from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario,             1999. He ran independently for ¾ of a mile without braces or a
Canada. Her research focuses on the role of occupational therapy   walker and then over 1 ½ miles in his walker, for a total of 2.3
in the provision of augmentative and alternative communication     miles.
services and is particularly concerned with the facilitation of
motor control for physical access.
                                                                   Rita Geddes
John Dellegrotto                                                    Rita Geddes has over 15 years of experience as a school-based
John Dellegrotto, Ed.D., has experience at the national, regional, therapist for the Bucks County Intermediate Unit 22. She earned
and local levels as a teacher, administrator, and consultant. He    a B.S. in Physical Therapy from the University of Delaware, an
has participated in large scale staff development projects designed M.Ed. from Holy Family University, and a DPT from Widener
to increase student achievement, and was instrumental in the        University. Rita currently serves as the chairperson of the PA
development of several statewide publications in Pennsylvania       Pediatric SIG.
targeting specific approaches for teachers to increase student
achievement. With over 30 years experience in the schools at all
levels of assignment, he provides an unique blend of professional Susan Gill
and practical experience for parents, teachers and administrators Susan Gill is an Educational Consultant at PaTTAN, and has
                                                                    been involved in Assistive Technology in school settings for over
Scott Dougherty                                                     25 years. She will be joined by a number of assistive technology
Scott Dougherty is an IDEA Training & Consultation                  consultants from across the state for the panel discussion portion
Coordinator for Assistive Technology at the Allegheny               of this session.
Intermediate Unit in Pittsburgh. He has worked as an Assistive
Technology specialist for eight years and holds certifications as a
teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, as an Elementary           Gloria Grego
Education teacher, and an Instructional Technology Specialist.      Gloria Grego is the Director of PA Medicaid School-Based
                                                                    Programs for Leader and has been an employee of the company
Bernie Gavlick                                                      for 27 years. Gloria has been instrumental in the success of both
Bern Gavlick, was born in 1979 and diagnosed from birth with        the PA School-Based ACCESS Program and the PA
spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He was publicly                Administrative Time Study Program. These programs allow
mainstreamed at school from 1st to 12th grade. He went to high      schools to recover some of the dollars they spend providing
school and college. In 2001, he graduated from Ursinus College      needed services to their special education populations. With
with a bachelors in exercise and sports sciences with a minor in    Gloria’s guidance, schools have recovered hundreds of millions of
biology and psychology. In the summer of 2004, he graduated         dollars in federal reimbursement from these programs.
from LaSalle University with a masters degree in psychology, he
specialized in marriage and family therapy. However, he always
knew that he wanted to work with children. Therefore, in the        Diana Henry
spring of 2008, he completed his studies at Immaculata              Diana Henry, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA president of Henry
University in order to become a school psychologist and guidance Occupational Therapy Services, Inc., studied with Lorna Jean
counselor. Bern interned at a middle school in Buck’s county in     King in 1975, and then together founded what is now called the
2006 to become a secondary school counselor; soon after was         Children’s Center in Arizona. Diana opened her clinic
looking for employment, however, the opportunities were limited specializing in sensory integration (SI) in 1984 and developed
in secondary schools. He then decided to go through another         programs for various Arizona schools. In 2000, Diana was
internship in an elementary school to change his focus from         nominated to be on the Advisory Board of the Nonverbal
secondary school to elementary school guidance counselor.           Learning Disability Association (NLDA). As the
During the 2008 – 2009 school year, Bern was employed by the        Communication Liaison for the American Occupational Therapy
Bristol Township School District as a long-term substitute          Association SI Special Interest Section (2005-2008) Diana
guidance counselor in two of their elementary schools. Since 1999, provided a bridge between communities and AOTA. Diana is
Bernard has been heavily involved in sports as an announcer for SIPT certified. She received her B.S. in OT from Tufts
local hockey games and he has recently completed his second         University, and her M.S. in sensory integration from Rush
season of coaching youth ice hockey. Bern started walking at the University.
age of 17 years following an intense surgery at the age of 16.                                                           9


 Wendy Homlish                                                           pediatrics, sports medicine and orthopedics. She served as a staff
 Wendy Homlish is a graduate of East Stroudsburg University              member at a local infant and preschool program for over nine
 and Bloomsburg University with degrees in Speech/Language               years. Cindy established her pediatric private practice in 1981;
 Pathology and Audiology. Speech pathologist with Carbon                 full time in 1987. Cindy is a 1977 graduate of the University of
 Lehigh IU 21 since 1976, AT Consultant with CLIU 21 for the             Pittsburgh, School of Health Related Professionals. A 1988
 past 12 years, she presented on a variety of Assistive Technology       graduate of East Stroudsburg University with a Master of
 topics at the local, state, and national level.                         Education in exercise physiology. In March 2005 Cindy
                                                                         embarked on her doctoral studies in Pediatrics. Cindy is Board
 Leslie Jackson                                                          Certified by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties
 Leslie L. Jackson, MEd, OT, FAOTA has over 26 years                     as a Pediatric Clinical Specialist. or
 experience working with and on behalf of children and their   
 families in a variety of settings. She currently directs the
 Training Modules for Inclusive Child Care (TMICC) project for           Laurette Olson
 Easter Seals, Inc., a grant-funded initiative to train and support      Laurette Olson has been a pediatric occupational therapist for
 early care and education providers across the nation to effectively     over 25 years. She is an associate professor at Mercy College
 include young children with disabilities in early childhood             where she teaches courses related small group process and
 environments. She has written about and presented extensively           pediatric and adolescent occupational therapy practice.
 on the role of occupational and physical therapy in schools and         Laurie presently supervises the occupational therapists for the
 early intervention settings.                                            Mamaroneck School District in Mamaroneck, NY. She has been
 Lee Ann Jung                                                            leading a grant-funded project to incorporate fine motor centers
 Lee Ann Jung, Ph.D., is associate professor of Special Education        into all kindergarten classes as an RtI initiative. Laurie also
 and Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of Kentucky.            supervises the occupational therapists at the Alcott Preschool in
 She serves on the editorial boards for three major special              Westchester County, NY. She has extensively presented and
 education journals and as the representative of higher education        written about pediatric and adolescent occupational therapy
 on the governor-appointed Kentucky Interagency Coordinating             practice.
 Council, the state’s advisory body for developmental services to
 young children with disabilities. Her years of experience as a          Lynne “Cricket” Rizzo
 special educator and administrator shape the guiding purpose of         Lynne "Cricket" Rizzo, MS, OTR/L, ATP Occupational
 her research, which is to understand and improve the methods of         Therapist is an occupational therapist at the Westmoreland
 supporting families of children with disabilities. She works as a       Intermediate Unit in Greensburg. She holds a masters degree in
 consultant to education agencies in numerous states and the U.S.        Healthcare Supervision and Management from the University of
 Department of Defense on issues of supporting families in special       Pittsburgh, a bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy from the
 education. The National Early Childhood Technical Assistance            University of Pittsburgh, and is certified as an ATP -- Assistive
 Center uses Dr. Jung’s research and publications to assist states       Technology Professional. She has worked as an occupational
 in their efforts to facilitate family collaboration. She received her   therapist for 22 years and as an Assistive Technology specialist
 Ph.D. in Special Education from Auburn University. She can be           for 13 of those years. While working as an Assistive Technology
 contacted at                                             specialist, she was part of a mobile team consisting of a
                                                                         rehabilitation engineer, OT, PT, and SLP who addressed client's
 Karen Kangas                                                            assistive technology needs at school, work, home, and in the
 Karen M. Kangas OTR/L is currently a Seating and Positioning            community.
 Specialist, an Assistive Technology Specialist, a Clinical
 Educator and a Consultant in private practice in PA. She has            Sandy Ross
 been an active clinician for over 30 years specializing in work         Sandy Ross, PT, DPT, MHS, PCS received her BS in Physical
 with children with the most complex bodies and problems, and in         Therapy from Maryville University in 1984, MHS from
 the last 20 years with assistive technology, especially creating        Washington University in St. Louis in 1994 and Doctorate in
 systems for independence in powered mobility, access to AAC             Physical Therapy from Massachusetts General Institute in
 systems and computers. She always focuses on human                      Boston, MA in 2004. She has over 20 years of pediatric
 neurophysiology, sensory processing, and creating environments          experience and was board certified as a Pediatric Clinical
 for children to explore, learn and develop mastery. She regularly       Specialist by the American Physical Therapy Association in 1997
 teaches nation-wide to therapists, and presents at international        and recently recertified in 2006. Dr. Ross is an Associate
 conferences.                                                            Professor at Maryville University in St. Louis, MO. She is the
                                                                         senior physical therapist, active in researching cerebral palsy and
 Cindy Miles                                                             gait at the Washington University Human Performance
 Cindy Miles, MEd., PT, PCS, has been serving the pediatric              Laboratory from 1994 - present. She has presented nationally and
 population since 1977. Initially she began her physical therapy         published research related to cerebral palsy, spasticity, strength
 practice in an acute care hospital setting, concentrating on            and gait. She was the recipient of the 2000 Missouri Physical
                                                                         Therapy Association Award for Excellence in Education, the


2004 Helen May Bradley Achievement Award and the 2005               Schools and Early Intervention, a professional journal for school-
Missouri Physical Therapy Association Award for Excellence in       based occupational therapists.
                                                                    Sarah Witter
Roni Russell                                                        Sarah Witter has worked for the Bucks County IU 22 for 21 years.
Roni Russell, M. Ed. is an educational consultant with the          She came to PA. from Boston College where she earned her
Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network              master' degree in special education, orientation and mobility and
(PaTTAN), Pennsylvania Department of Education, in                  education for the visually impaired. Too much desk work caused
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Her areas of concentration include:       her to leave her Ph.D program behind and return to hands. For
the School Based ACCESS Program under the direction of the          the past 10 years Ms. Witter has worked with a wide variety of
Bureau of Special Education, Intensive Interagency, Corrections     students who need instruction so that they can develop
Education and Autism support. Roni holds a bachelors degree in      independent travel skills in their communities. Ms. Witter has
Psychology from Lebanon Valley College and a masters degree in      worked with many community transportation and advocacy
Special Education from Shippensburg University.                     groups so that individuals with mobility and orientation issues
Jayne Shepherd                                                      can take a more active part in their communities.
Jayne Shepherd, MS, OTR, FAOTA, has worked over 27 years as
a therapist and occupational therapy educator. She graduated        Bill Ziegler
from the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Special Education    Bill Ziegler was a special education teacher at Eastern State
and endorsements in working with persons with intellectual          School and Hospital for eight years. Since 1983 he has been an
impairments. She taught special education for three years until     Assistive Technology Specialist for the Bucks County
she pursued her M.S. degree in Occupational Therapy at Virginia     Intermediate Unit 22 . He earned a B.S. in Special Education
Commonwealth University. Prior to coming to academia, Jayne         from Millersville State College and a M.Ed. from Trenton State
worked as a clinician, fieldwork coordinator, and supervisor in     College.
acute care, rehabilitation, and inpatient and outpatient settings
for children and adults.                                            Jean Zimmerman
                                                                  Jean is currently the Supervisor of Occupational and Physical
Yvonne Swinth                                                     Therapy in the School District of Palm Beach County, West
Yvonne Swinth, Ph.D., OTR/L, is a professor in the School of      Palm Beach, Florida. Jean has 30 years of experience with the
Occupational and Physical Therapy at the University of Puget      school system and became involved in school bus transportation
Sound. She teaches in the areas of assistive technology,          approximately 20 years ago. In addition to her work with school
pediatrics, and performance adaptations. Her primary research     bus transportation Jean is also known for her work in regard to
interests include occupational therapy services in the schools,   OT and PT services in school systems. She has been the grant
assistive technology, and service delivery options for children   coordinator of numerous Federal grants to design school - based
with disabilities. She has worked as a pediatric occupational     evaluations. These grants have lead to the development of a
therapist in the public schools of Washington State for more than Florida state guideline - the Consideration for Educationally
20 years. She has completed several research projects and has     Relevant Therapy (CERT) - a tool that assists therapists in
published in professional journals, textbooks and newsletters.    determining the need for educationally relevant therapy and
She also is the founding editor of Occupational Therapy in        suggested time lines.

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