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					                 Saint Louis Catholic Church
                                         7270 Southwest 120 Street
                                       Pinecrest, Florida 33156-4659
                                   305.238.7562 •

Parochial Vicars
Spanish Language Community/Weekends
  Book & Gift Center 305-253-8264
  Tercer jueves de cada mes en la Capilla a
  las 7:30pm.
  Saturday 3:30 - 4:30pm and 7:30 - 8:30pm
 En Español antes de la Misa
 Saturday Vigil Mass 5:30pm
  Sunday 7:00, 9:30, 11:OO am, 12:30, 5:30 pm
 8:15 am & 7:15pm (Español
  Chinese Mass – 2nd Sunday of the Month -3:00pm
  Monday thru Friday - 6:30 & 8:30 am
 Saturday 8:30am only Wednesday - 7:30 pm
SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM (Infants - 5 yrs. old)
 Every Sunday (English). Please call the Office
 TWO months in advance. En Español 1er y 3er
 sábado de mes. Favor de llamar a la oficina con
 DOS meses de anticipación.
 Please call the Office at least SIX months in
 advance. Favor de llamar a la Oficina con SEIS
 meses de anticipación.
 The 2nd Sunday after 12:30 pm Mass, and the 4th
 Tuesday of every month, at 7:30 pm. En Español,
 el 2do y el 4to domingo, después de las Misas.

                                       April 5, 2009 • Palm Sunday
Midnight Musings                                                            April 5, 2009
                                                                         Father Fetscher

          Dear Family,

            HAPPY HOLY WEEK. If Happy Holy Week seems like an
          odd greeting, you know it isn’t when you realize Holy Week is
          about everything we are: a people greatly loved.

            From today’s powerful proclamation of the Passion of the
          Lord, to his gathering of his apostles and friends, to His
          extraordinary gift of Himself which we continue to receive
          every time we gather around his table, to his handing over
          his will to his Father, to the ultimate human suffering to
          make the point that the very worst that we can do to each
          other can never defeat us, to the final “Son, Be Raised.”

            From one saving moment to another, we move in a
          progression that brings us face to face with unconditional
          love, complete forgiveness and the promise of eternal

            Check the Holy Week Schedule and see where you fit in.
          Think about turning the television off on Good Friday or at
          least a portion of the day and tell the kids why. Ask them to
          pray with you and for you and for people who do not have

            All of us wish you a blessed Easter and more to the point,
          we are praying that you grow deeper in your relationship with
          the Lord.

           Be kind to the many who will be here next Sunday. You
          may be the “only Jesus they will see up close and personal.”

           With our prayers and heartfelt appreciation for all of you,
                     In Jesus,

                 HOLY WEEK SCHEDULE
           Monday, Apr. 6th; Tuesday, Apr. 7th & Wednesday, Apr. 8th
             Confessions after morning Masses 6:30 & 8:30 AM

    Monday, Apr. 6th & Tuesday, Apr. 7th – Confessions at 7:00 PM (English)
Miércoles, 8 de abril – Confesiones en Español después de la Misa de 7:30 PM
                  Holy Saturday – April 11th - 9:00 – 11:00 am

          NO confession on Holy Thursday or Good Friday

    8:00 PM – MS – English
    8:00 PM – FC – Español

GOOD FRIDAY, April 10th
   3:00 PM – MS – English
   6:00 PM – MS – Stations of the Cross – English
   8:00 PM – MS – Español

    8:00 PM – MS – English
    11:00 PM – MS – Español

    8:30 AM – AH – Español
    9:00 AM – MS
    11:00 AM – MS
    12:30 PM – MS
    5:30 PM – MS
    7:15 PM – MS – Español

             Parish Events                                                         Community Events
          Eventos Parroquiales                                                    Eventos Comunitarios
BIBLE SCRIPTURE OPPORTUNITES                                             CRUISIN’ THE EASTER CARIBBEAN Join Father
  MONDAY – 7:00 AM – Men’s Bible – HR “B”.                               Jimmy Acevedo and the Mother of Our Redeemer Group on a
  MONDAY – 7:30 PM – Journey of Faith – H “C”.                           7-days (Aug. 29th – Sept. 5th) cruise filled with fun, fellowship
  MONDAY – 7:30 PM – Catholic Scripture – AFB.                           and great food. This is a great way for you to support Mother
  WEDNESDAY – 7:00 AM – Cursillo Fourth Day – HR”D”.                     of Our Redeemer Church and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.
                                                                         For      reservations,          visit       our        Website:
  THURSDAY – 7:00 AM – Women’s Prayer Muffin – FCW.
  THURSDAY – 9:30 AM – CBF - AFB                                Once there, click on the
  FRIDAY – 7:00 AM – Men’s Prayer Muffin – FCW.                          group tab! You can also book your airfare (except for
                                                                         Southwest) on our website. Price as low as $602.72 per
CENTERING PRAYER Would you like to know more about                       person. Help MOOR now!
contemplative prayer? Join the group that is meeting every
Friday in R.C.I.A. office at 7:30 PM. For further information            KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Honor the Blessed Mother
please call Joan Mullery, 305-252-3200.                                  and all Mothers at a May Luncheon. Please join us on Sunday
                                                                         May 3rd from 12:30 to 3:30 pm at the Knights of Columbus
GOLDEN AGERS invite you to their biweekly meetings in                    Miami council 1726 Hall (3600 S. Bayshore Dr., Miami. For
the Family Center East. Please join us and have fun. Come                more information or tickets call or email DGK/PD Bruce
and see you will be pleasantly surprised. Bring a friend. For
                                                                         Goeser, 305-279-0534; Tickets cost
more information, please contact Dorie, 305-279-8728. El
Grupo Edad de Oro le invita a sus reuniones cada dos                     are: $35 adults, $20 children 18 & under.
semanas en el Family Center Este. Por favor únase a
nosotros y verá que pasará un rato de esparcimiento y
diversión. Para más información puede contactar a Dorie,
                                                                                Back on Track Network
305-279-8728.                                                                  Faith-based career support
NEW LIFE is the high school youth ministry and meets every                    Tuesday evening, April 7th, 7:30pm to 9:30pm, Joan
Wednesday from 7:30 to 9:30 PM. Additional events include
                                                                         Harris will be giving a presentation called, “Resume Ideas to
social activities, Bible studies, Masses, retreats, service
projects, trips, etc. For further details, please call Paul              Make You Stand Out.” Joan has 30 years of experience
Herring at the Youth Office, 305-238-7562 ext. 304.                      working with job seekers and employers, with expertise in
                                                                         job search and interviewing techniques. Currently, Joan is
R.O.C.K. is a youth ministry program for all 7th and 8th graders.        working with The Five O’Clock Club, America’s premier career
We meet every Tuesday from 7:30 to 9:00 PM. Events include               coaching organization.
Masses, social activities, retreats, service projects, trips, etc.            We will meet at the Morningstar Renewal Center, 7275
For further details, please contact Mark Witkowski at the                SW 124 Street, Miami, FL. For additional meeting
Youth Office, 305-238-7562 ext. 303.                                     information, visit or contact Jorge
                                                                         Lázaro         Díaz       305-815-5811          or    email:
meetings every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM in Hospitality Room    
“C”. Please join us, be ministered to and meet friends, new
and old. For more information, please contact Brian
Rotolante, 305-665-1711.                                                     St. Louis Covenant School
ST. LOUIS Y.A.C.H.T. Club (Young Adults Choosing Heaven                          Fishing Tournament
Together) is for 18-26 year old young adults. We are                                 Registration Now Open
committed to seeking Christ through community, the
sacraments and the Word of God. Join us for weekly                           St. Louis Covenant School invites church
meetings, retreats and social activities. We meet every 1st              parishioners and alumni parents to their first ever fishing
and 3rd Monday at 7:30 pm in the Youth Center. For more                  tournament on May 8, 2009. Please come join the
information please contact Mark Witkowski, 305-238-7562                  school parents in fun and fellowship as we compete
ext. 303 or
                                                                         for heaviest trio of Dolphins (Dorados) throughout the
THE POWER OF A PRAYING PARENT Parents will be                            day and return to Stiltsville for the weigh in, prizes, food,
meeting the First Saturday of every month, after the 8:30 AM             drinks, and other surprises. Space is limited, so get a
Mass, from 9:00 to 10:00 am in Rooms #102-103 in AFB, to                 crew together and register online at!
pray for our children. Please join us at the 8:30 AM Mass.               For more information please call Juan Perez (305-979-
For further information, please contact Donna Albert, 305-
595-3713 or Carolyn Kaldahl, 305-251-1286.                               4318) or Luis Perez (305) 224-3294

                                   What Catholics Believe
                                             By Fr. David Zirilli

          Hosanna in the Highest                                       Hosanna en el Cielo

    In the Book of Leviticus, the Lord commanded               En el Libro de Levítico, el Señor les dice a los
the Israelites that a joyful celebration was be held       Israelitas que se llevará a cabo una gloriosa
every year called the Feast of Tabernacles or the          celebración llamada la Fiesta de los
Feast of Booths. It was a festival of thanksgiving         Tabernáculos o la Fiesta de las Tiendas. Es un
at harvest time, and the people were commanded             festival de acción de gracias en el tiempo de la
to “make merry before the Lord, your God” and to           recogida de la cosecha y se le dice a la gente
live in booths or huts as their ancestors had during       que “estén alegres ante el Señor, tu Dios” y que
their sojourn out of Egypt. They were to “gather           vivan en chozas o tiendas como sus antepasados
foliage from majestic trees, branches of palms             hicieron cuando vivían fuera Egipto. Ellos
and boughs of myrtle” (Lev 23:40) from which to            “recogían ramas de árboles majestuosos, ramas
make the booths.                                           de palma y troncos de Mirto” con los que
                                                           construían sus chozas (Lev 23:40).
   One of the Psalms recited during the feast was
Psalm 118, from which we read at verses 25-25:                 Unos de los Salmos que recitaban durante la
“Lord, grant salvation! Lord, grant good fortune!          Fiesta era el Salmo 118 de donde leían los
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the                 versículos 25-26 “Danos, Señor, danos la
Lord.” The original Hebrew for that phrase “Lord,          salvación, danos, Señor, danos la prosperidad.
grant salvation” is Hoshi’a- na, which was                 Bendito sea el que viene en el Nombre del
rendered in Greek as “hosanna,” the word we still          Señor.” Esta frase de “Señor, danos salvación”
use today.                                                 es Hoshi’a-na, en hebreo original, que en el
                                                           griego es “hosanna” palabra que todavía hoy se
    Over the centuries, the act of gathering the           usa.
branches and shouting “hosanna” became
associated with rejoicing before the Lord in praise
                                                               A través de los siglos el acto de reunir ramas y
of the salvation he had promised. “Hosanna”
                                                           de gritar “hosanna” se asocia con muestras de
became a term of joy and exultation, and it was
                                                           regocijo ante el Señor y alabanza por la salvación
with this meaning that the people shouted to
                                                           prometida. “Hosanna” pasó a ser un expresión
Jesus and went forth to meet him with branches
                                                           de alegría y exaltación, y es con esa intención que
as he processed into Jerusalem.
                                                           la gente le gritaba a Jesús y se acercaban a él
                                                           con la ramas de palma mientras proseguía a
   The term passed quickly into use by the early
Church. And after the early centuries of
persecution had passed, the practice of blessing
and processing with palm branches on the                       Este término fue aceptado por la Iglesia
Sunday before Easter spread throughout the                 primitiva rápidamente. Y después de los
Church. It is that tradition we continue today,            primeros siglos de persecución, la práctica de
carrying branches from palm trees and singing              bendecir las palmas e ir en procesión con ellas el
“hosanna” to our King.                                     domingo antes de la Pascua se difundió por toda
                                                           la Iglesia. Es esta tradición la que hoy
                                                           continuamos, llevando ramas de palmas y
                                                           cantando “hosanna” a nuestro Rey.

                      Baptism                                             Ill Members of the Parish
             Our parish community welcomed...                                 Feligreses Enfermos
               BROOK & BRANDEN MATIAS                                Luke Sturgill, Toribio Tijerino, Genaro Llave, Fred Girten,
              Children of Juan & Martha Matias                       Eileen Duquette, Beverly Scott, Joan McCaffery, Estrella
                 DIANA MARIE HUEGHES                                 Gonzalez, Betty England, Helen Santucek, Jane McKeon,
            Daughter of James & Astrid Hughes                        Sam Nwadike, Michael Speranza, Kathryn Caruso, Bill Reilly,
                   RYAN WILLIAM DAVIS                                Gene Peck, Jane Thompson, Alma Solano, Carolyn Lawson,
                Son of Uriah & Patricia Davis                        Danielle del Pino, Susan Fischer, Alba Diaz, Ileana Cordoba,
… in the sacrament of Baptism. We congratulate these                 Karen Pegues, Angelita Castillo, Nydia Ramirez, Sr. Ileana
new members and their families. We, as a parish, pledge              Valdes, OP, Rev. Francisco Lemus, S.J., Eileen Hawk,
our support and prayers as she grows with us in living out           Esperanza Lara, Sharon Donahui, Dorothy Haiduven, Patrick
the Christian message.                                               Doliny, Julien Wingate, Betty Quinn, Colleen Whisenhunt,
                                                                     Mary Shelter, Tina Reese, Sandy Moravec, Luc James, Viola
              Lecturas del Día                                       Bedoya, Alba & Rosaura Diaz, Carla Hill, Stephanie King,
                                                                     Conchita Acosta, Christina Alvarez, Adelaida Maldonado,
                                                                     Jeannette Bernard, Giovanni Ordoñez, Manolito Lopez,
PRIMERA LECTURA           (Isaías 50: 4-7)
                                                                     Gabriela Imbimbo, Karen Betancourt, Maria Richardson,
     En la lectura del profeta Isaías la Iglesia ve
                                                                     Susana Laurel, Kelly Hope, Sara Gordilla, Ed Glynn, Caitlin
anticipadamente lo que será la vida y la entrega de Jesús.
                                                                     Carls, Lena Joseph, Rosa Maria Bestard, Henry & Georgette
El Siervo recibe de Dios la misión de animar, consolar, cuidar
                                                                     Pidal, Ana Young, Dick Faucher, Vicky Wehling, Agustin
a los demás; tarea dura que conlleva el desprecio, la burla y
                                                                     Vergara, Ily Maria Goyanes, Mark Treco, Anna Jaen, Adita
la humillación, pero Dios le ayuda, y el Siervo no abandona;
                                                                     Rubiera, Andrew Skwara, Melvin Calhoum, Sylvia Sharpe,
la última palabra no la tendrá la injusticia sino Dios que
                                                                     Henry Counihan, Daisy Bernardo, Monica Ricchini, Felipe
apuesta por este Siervo.
                                                                     Montes de Oca, Nicole Palizzi, Adriana Tobon, Chin Keim
SEGUNDA LECTURA (Filipenses 2: 6-11)                                 Adolf, Charles Gallo, Chrissy Garcia, Jose Gandol, Anne
    Escuchamos un conocido Himno Cristológico, en el que             Griffin, Steven Eubanks, Merl Hurley, Rick Boyle, Marlene
Jesús es proclamado Hijo de Dios, lo que le lleva a una total        Leiva, Lucia Velazco, Rodolfo Fuerte, Elizabeth Barba,
identificación con Dios y con los hombres; si pensábamos             Nereida Arig, Fran Degen, George Largay, Greg Page, Judy
que lo divino serpa y aísla, en Jesús vemos que no es así.           Guarnerie, Felipe & Margarita Fernandez, Natalie Peña,
Despojándose de su cargo se rebajo hasta la muerte y muerte          Laudelina Barja, Henry Fernandez, John Downey, Jean Alexi,
en Cruz.                                                             Elisa Ngwyen, Zachary Sanabria, Yvonne Coy, Maria del
EVANGELIO                 (Marcos 14: 1-15, 47)                      Carmen Hernandez, Joan Jergensen, Eileen Steighner,
    El Evangelio de este día nos narra con toda hondura la           Richard Gantt, Kristen Welch, John Stabile, Helen DeLano,
pasión y muerte de Jesús, y como es colocado en el sepulcro;         Ida Sansone, Judi Petee, Leticia Villa Saneg, Jay Sullivan,
es el texto de los acontecimientos que vamos a ir viviendo e         Arturo Pintl, Elaine Rembisz, Julie Skokan, Lana Lee Fulmer,
interiorizando durante esta Semana; es el misterio más               John Kiernan, Jerry Tyson, Ruby Chen, Deirdre Dorsy-
grande del amor de Dios y la entrega de Jesús. Pero la               Frontera, Elaine Hodges, Natalie Pelaez, Debbie Tiedt, Chuck
muerte no será lo que triunfe sobre Jesús: esperamos ya la           Olson, Alicia Castillo, Elizabeth Riley
Resurrección, la Vida de Dios.                                       TO PROVIDE THE EUCHARIST AT HOME FOR ILL PARISH
                                                                     MEMBERS OR FAMILY CALL PEDRO VALENTIN AT 305-
                                                                     251-7335 OR MAIN OFFICE AT 305-238-7562.

                                         Next Week’s Schedule
  MASS             ALTAR SERVERS                       LECTORS                          VOCATION CUP*
  7:00 am          Barrow                              Keclik/Mathisen                  Ann Schoen (305-446-8124)
  8:15 am                                              Cortez/Rodriguez                 Zoraida Torres (305-270-7936)
  9:30 am          Rionda/Vamos                        Maloney/Moore                    Pat Desbiens (305251-8988)
  11:00 am         Boyles/ Michelson                   Millott/Bunton                   Lauren Chue-Sang (305-233-9494)
  12:30 pm         Hainlins                            Browns                           Carol Wright (303-232-8425)
  5:30 pm          Dyches/Lester                       Hart/Green                       Miriam Columbro (786-430-0302)
  7:15 pm                                                                               Gloria Cornejo (305-274-96140
  *These are the person in charge of the Scheduling of the Vocation Cup for the respective Mass. Please call them.

     Book & Gift Center                                             Retiro de Emaus para Damas
 Tienda de Libros y Regalos                                                    24 al 26 de abril
    This week the Book Store will be open on...
                                                                   Amiga, aprovecha esta oportunidad para re-
                                                               encontrarte con el Señor, para conversar con Él
      Mon.          9:00 – 11:00 am
      Tues.         9:00 – 11:00 am & 4:00 – 6:00 pm
                                                               íntimamente, de tu a tu. Te prometo que será una
      Wed.          9:00 – 11:00 am                            experiencia inolvidable que cambiará tu vida para
                                                               siempre. No lo pienses mucho y llama ahora a
WE WILL BE CLOSED FROM WEDNESDAY EVENING                       Jeannette Piloña, 305-446-2164 o 786-344-
          THROUGH FRIDAY, APRIL 17th.                          9384 o a Thalya Rodríguez, 786-271-0259.
         Have a blessed and happy Easter!

         REOPEN ON SATURDAY 18th
      Sat.      after 5:30 Mass                                  Remember... the Lord loves you!
      Sun.      10:00 – 2:00 pm                                  Recuerda... que el Señor the ama!

        Mass Intentions-Saints & Readings for the Week
   Intenciones de la Misa-Santos y Lecturas para la Semana
       Monday/lunes                               Is 42: 1-7; Jn 12: 1-11
       Apr. 6th                6:30 am            † Marge McQueen/Florence Young
                               8:30 am            Special Intention/Erin Connell
       Tuesday/martes                             Is 49: 1-6; Jn 13: 21-33, 36-38
       Apr. 7th                6:30 am            The Cahill Family/Marie Barnes
                               8:30 am            † Ethan Scott/Johnny & Jeanne Guttman
       Wednesday/miércoles                        Is 50: 4-9; /Mt 26: 14-25
       Apr. 8th                6:30 am            In Thanksgiving/Julio Cardenal
                               8:30 am            † Maria Elena Rojas/Brendecke Family
                               7:30 pm            † Jose Valdes/Estrella Valdes
       Thursday/jueves                            Mass of the Lord Supper
       Apr. 9th                                   Ex 12: 1-8, 11-14; 1Cor 11: 23-26; Jn 13: 1-15
                               8:00 pm            St. Louis Parish Family/Parish Priests
                               8:00 pm            St. Louis Parish Family/Parish Priests
       Friday/viernes                             Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion
       Apr. 10th                                  Is 52: 13 53: 12; Heb 4: 14-16; 5: 7-9; Jn 18: 1 19: 42
                               3:00 pm            St. Louis Parish Family/Parish Priests
                               6:00 pm            STATIONS OF THE CROSS
                               8:00 pm            St. Louis Parish Family/Parish Priests
       Saturday/sábado                            Easter Vigil
       Apr. 11th               8:00 pm            St. Louis Parish Family/Parish Priests
                               11:00 pm           St. Louis Parish Family/Parish Priests
       Sunday/domingo                             Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
       Apr. 12th                                  Acts 10: 34, 37-43; Col 3: 1-4; Jn 20: 1-9
                               7:00 am            † Recently Deceased/Bereavement Ministry
                               8:15 am            † Rafael Olivera/Rueda Family
                               9:30 am            † Collin Blank/Loving Parents
                               11:00 am           St. Louis Parish Family/Parish Priests
                               12:30 pm           † Fr. Roger Radloff/ St. Louis Parish Family
                               5:30 pm            Kenneth & Annette Kelleher/Susan Mc Donald
                               7:15 pm            Paola Hernandez-Happy Birthday
Pensamientos de Media Noche                                            5 de abril de 2009
                                                                          Padre Fetscher
        Querida Familia

           FELIZ SEMANA SANTA. Si les parece que decir Feliz
        Semana Santa es extraño, ustedes saben que no es así si
        realizan que la Semana Santa significa todo lo que somos:
        personas muy amadas.

           Desde hoy, con la poderosa proclamación de la Pasión del
        Señor, hasta su reunión con los apóstoles y amigos, a Su
        extraordinario regalo de su propia entrega que continuamos
        recibiendo cada vez que nos reunimos alrededor de su mesa, a
        su sumisión ante el deseo del Padre, a el último sufrimiento
        humano para enseñarnos que lo peor que podemos hacer a
        nosotros mismos no puede derrotarnos, hasta el final “Hijo,

           De un momento salvador a otro, nos movemos en una
        progresión que nos lleva cara a cara con amor incondicional,
        perdón absoluto y la promesa de su presencia eterna.

           Vean el programa de la Semana Santa y vean donde encajan
        ustedes. Piensen en apagar la televisión el Viernes Santo o por
        lo menos parte del día y díganles a los niños por qué. Pídales
        que oren con ustedes y por ustedes, y por las personas no
        tienen hogar.

          Todos nosotros les deseamos una bendita Pascua, y más al
        punto, oramos por su profundo crecimiento en su relación con el

           Sean amables con los hermanos que nos visitarán el próximo
        domingo. Tal vez ustedes serán el “único Jesús que ellos vean
        de cerca y en persona.”

           Con nuestras oraciones y nuestro profundo agradecimiento
        por todo lo que hacen,

          En Jesús,

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