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 The Official Newsletter of Bentwinds Golf and Country Club                                                   Ja nua ry 2011

                                 THE BREEZE
                                                                      2010 ANNUAL MEETING
                                                                          Monday, January 24th at 7:00PM located in the
The year 2010 ended for Bentwinds with a number of positive signs                             clubhouse.
that we hope bode well for 2011.
                                                                        Inclement weather date is Monday, January 31st at
The various membership initiatives in the late fall resulted in a
substantial increase in new members such that we begin the new
year with better numbers than we did in 2010. Thank you for
introducing Bentwinds to your friends and associates, and welcome                       On the Agenda:
   those of you who recently joined. We have also been fortunate                         Committee Reports
   have several members return to the club after leaves of absence,                 Financial Status of the Club
and it is great to see you back. Although our membership numbers
                                                                                 Announcement of the 2011 Board
are not where we would like them to be, the recent trends are good.
We were also able to refinance the renovation loan with Four Oaks
bank at a lower rate, and also allowed the club to pay off a smaller
loan taken at the time of the reopening for improvements not
covered by the renovation itself. The market for commercial loans
had been very tight, but this improves on our ability to pay off the
                                                                               YEAR END REVIEW
principal and extends the due date on the note by several more years.
                                                                                TOP SELLING FOR 2010
                                                                                         In the Golf Shop
Growth in memberships will continue to be of critical importance,                             Golf Balls
both in addressing operating costs and by enhancing our ability to                         Titleist Pro V1X
accelerate our loan repayment rate.
                                                                                             Golf Gloves
Please plan to attend the annual meeting on January 24, 2010. It is a                        Weather Sof
     opportunity to discuss the newly adopted budget and our
operating structure. Our thanks go out to the members who agreed                     Under Miscellaneous Items
   place their names in nomination to serve on the Board of                                Tervis Tumblers
Directors. It is imperative members are willing to serve on the
Board which governs club operations in accordance with the
established by-laws.                                                                    Golf Pride Tour Velvet
The budget adopted by the Board for 2011 continues to be lean. One
change which went into effect in January was to raise the fees paid
                                                                                        In the Grill Room
by  private cart owners by five dollars monthly. The cart fees for                             Breakfast
guests were raised in 2009 and the club cart fees for members                             The Breakfast Plate
increased in 2010.
                                                                                           From the Menu
     note that when you receive your statement from the business
Please                                                                                   The Bentwinds Club
office the dues, assessment fees, or private cart fees are paid in
advance. Similarly, charges such as those for the range plan are paid                           Dinner
                                                                                               Rib Night
in advance. The statement will include charges incurred in the
preceding month such as food and beverage purchases or purchases
in the golf shop.                                                                    Membership Numbers
                                                                      Full Golf              Jan-2010          Jan-2011
We wish you and your families the best of luck in 2011. Let us hope
                                                                      Family                    255               264
for  a warm winter, a cool summer, and much good golf.                Junior Executive NV        22                27
                                                                      Single                   20              25
Doug Holmes
                                                                          Web pages before they forget.
                                                                          Posting scores is only one part of the process. Just as important

                                                                          is posting an accurate score based on Equitable Stroke Control. We
                                                                          all should know by now our maximum score that we may mark
                                                                          down for a hole as far as posting purposes go. If you don’t, a
Handicap Committee Year in Review 2010
                                                                          copy of the Equitable Stroke Control formula is on the back of the
                                                                          scorecard. But what does accurate really mean? The USGA
This year is the third year that our Club has had an official             Handicap System assumes that our scores are based on our trying
Handicap Committee as proscribe by the USGA Handicap System.              to make the best score we can on every hole we play. Only when
As I am sure you have figured out by now, one of the main jobs            that occurs, are we posting an accurate score for Handicap
we have tried to fulfill is checking that score posting is occurring
                                                                          posting purposes. My point here is that if you are not trying
on a regular basis by our Handicap participants. Without
                                                                          your best, just as you would in a tournament round, then you
consistent posting, any Handicap Index one may profess to have            should either not post your score or make an adjustment to
is inaccurate at best but furthermore calls into question the             lower your posted score. Just having a bad day does not mean
validity of the Handicap. One of the Handicap Committee’s goals           you were not trying. So be sure to post all your worst scores as
is  to provide an assurance thorough our validation processes that        well as your best. How much to lower your posted score would
your fellow club player’s Handicap Index is accurate. This year,
                                                                          be up to your good judgment as far as I am concerned. However,
thanks in a larger part to Evelyn’s golf staff, 1,831 random
                                                                          if you don’t post a score make sure the Club Sign-In Log is
checks of member postings were noted. Of those, a total of 208            reflected as Practice. By the way, this procedure is not in the
scores were not posted according to the records. We are happy             USGA Handicap System manual. However, I would say that if you
to  report those raw numbers translate into an 88.6% posting rate         do this and post 100% of your scores, no matter what anyone
for the year. This is a significant increase over 2009’s rate of          else’s believes, even if you win every Handicap Index based Club
70.5%, which was an improvement over the approximate rate of
                                                                          tournament next year, you will know that your Handicap Index
60% in 2008. Of course we would like to see that figure up over
                                                                          was accurate and can be very pleased with yourself.
90% next year and with your help I know it is possible. I do
know for a fact that a significant number of our players are
                                                                          Rick Crompton
posting at a 100% rate or at least their names never come up in           Handicap Chairman
our reviews. How do they do it? First, I imagine they post as
soon as they finish their rounds if the golf shop is open. If it isn’t,
they probably go home and, first thing, post online at the Club
This will be my last month as Tennis Chairman. I want to say to our tennis players I am not a happy camper. However,
as  you well know, the last few years have hurt everyone’s bottom line which means some of the things I would like to
have seen done at the Club for tennis were just not in the cards. I am leaving the Board of Directors with the admonition
to  not forget about our tennis players and facilities when our budget and membership numbers grow. I will keep
reminding the Board of our need to support the Club’s tennis activities and facilities upkeep whether I am the Tennis
Chairman or not. I do know the present Board is looking at every way possible to improve our tennis court facilities.
Rick C.
                                                                                FROST DELAYS
                                                                      If there is a frost, tee times will be delayed. In the event of
2010 End of Season Results
                                                                      a frost delay going beyond 10:00AM, there will be shotgun
Congratulations to the following winners!
                                                                      start scheduled as early as possible. Assignment of
                                                                      starting holes will be completed and announced by the golf
Most Birdies                                                          shop staff, taking into consideration group play and
Bobbie Rhodes                                                         walkers. During the off season, shotgun starts due to
Most Pars                                                             weather are more likely. If by Wednesday the weather is
Suzanne Gavis
                                                                      forecasting a heavy frost, the maintenance and the golf
Ringers Winner
                                                                      shop staff will determine a time and will email the
 Vickie Matthews                                                      membership.
Most Improved Handicap (Apr – Nov)                                     
Jean Carroll
Our 2011 Season will begin the first Saturday in April. To
participate simply post your scores, birdies, and pars in the ladies
room in the golf shop.
                                      JANUARY 2011
  SUNDAY              MONDAY                  TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY                                    FRIDAY       SATURDAY


         2                     3                   4              5                       6                   7                   8

                      *Golf Course Open for
                       Member Play Only
                                                                                     No Buffet

                        Clubhouse Closed

         9                     10                 11              12                     13                   14                  15
                                                                                  Buffet $11.95++
                      *Golf Course Open for
                       Member Play Only                                        Chopped Sirloin Steak
                            12:00PM                                          w/Onion Gravy, Blackened
                                                                             Catfish, Fried Shrimp, Wild
                        Clubhouse Closed                                      Rice, Fried Okra, Dinner
                                                                              Rolls, Salad Bar, Assorted

        16                     17                 18              19                     20                   21                  22
                                                                                  Buffet $11.95++
                         Martin Luther
                                                                              Fried Chicken, BBQ Ribs,
                         King, Jr Day
                                                                              Mashed Potatoes, Country
                                                                             Style Green Beans, Corn on
                      Tee Times Starting at                                  the Cob, Dinner Rolls, Salad
                      9:00 based on Weather                                     Bar, Assorted Desserts

       23/30                 24/31                25              26                     27                   28                  29

                      *Golf Course Open for                                   Family Night $8.95++
                       Member Play Only                                         Breakfast for Dinner
                            12:00PM                                                Scrambled Eggs,
                                                                               Bacon/Sausage, Cheese
                        Clubhouse Closed                                     Grits, Hash Browns, Waffles
                                                                               and Pancakes, Biscuits

*Based on Weather Conditions
                                                                       BENTWINDS DEPARTMENT EXTENSIONS
RESTAURANT HOURS                                                       Betsy Copeland, Accounting………………......…110
Monday                                         CLOSED                  Evelyn Kinlaw, Head Golf Professional………....111
Tuesday—Saturday Lunch                         11:00AM – 3:00PM        David Walters, Food and Beverage Manger……117
Saturday— Sunday Breakfast
                                               8:00AM - 10:00AM        Janice Eury, Special Events Planner…………......113
                                                                       Tee Times………………………………………..112
CLUBHOUSE HOURS                                                        Reservations……………………………………..116
Monday                                         CLOSED                  Bar and Grill……………………………………..116
Tuesday—Friday                                 8:30AM – 6:30PM
Saturday—Sunday                                7:30AM – 6:30PM         To post scores on-line go to www.bentwinds.org and click on
                                                                                        RESTAURANT HOURS
*Hours are based in Buffet Schedule and Participation.
                                                                       “Golf”, from there click on  “Post Scores Here”.
                                                                                        Monday                     CLOSED
                                                                                               Tuesday—Saturday Lunch    11:00AM – 3:00PM  
GOLF SHOP HOURS                                                        REFILL POLICY     Saturday— Sunday Breakfast 8:00AM ‐ 10:00AM 
Monday                                         CLOSED                  Tea, coffee and soda refills will be free during dinners and
Tuesday—Friday                                 8:30AM – 5:00PM         lunches. If you leave and return you will be required to
                                               8:00AM – 5:00PM         purchase a new drink.
                                                                                               CLUBHOUSE HOURS
                                                                                               Monday                    CLOSED
DRIVING RANGE HOURS                                                      
Tuesday—Friday                                 8:30AM – 4:00PM
                                                                                               Tuesday—Friday            8:30AM – 6:30PM
Saturday—Sunday                                8:00AM – 4:00PM
                                                                                               Saturday—Sunday           7:30AM – 6:30PM
                                                                                               GOLF SHOP HOURS
        6536 Dornoch Place
        Fuquay Varina, NC 27526
    Phone: 919.552.5656
    Fax: 919.567.0983
    Read your newsletter on-line at
    Are you on the Bentwinds Email List? Receive
    emails on all upcoming events at the club by
    emailing Evelyn@Bentwinds.org

THE VISION LIVES ON                                                    green reshaping have come together to make Bentwinds a
                                                                       beautiful and challenging layout. I especially like the re-
                                                                       working of the second and tenth holes, and although each
This past year we celebrated 30 years. Thirty years ago                green reshaping is better than before, those on holes nine
members and stock holders from a club called Sippihaw saw a            and eighteen are a great improvement. The course is a very
vision. In November I was able to meet one of the people               fair test of golf with no gimmicks and a lot of fun to play. I’d
behind the vision, the original designer of our golf course Tom        say that Bentwinds is now one of the best courses in the
Hunter. Mr. Hunter wrote an article about his latest golf              Triangle- especially with the first class maintenance you are
experience at Bentwinds.                                               receiving from your grounds crew.
Until a few weeks ago, I had not been back to Bentwinds in 25 years.   I have always been thankful for the opportunity I had to
                                                                       work on Bentwinds and for the association I had with the old
After the initial layout was complete in the early 80’s, I got         Sippihaw members. They took a big risk in building
married, started a family and found myself busy in my career as        Bentwinds with a young and inexperienced architect, a
a landscape architect in Raleigh. In 1985, I dropped my                contractor who had never built a golf course and a very tight
membership and never came back.                                        budget. But they had a vision and they made it happen.
                                                                       Now you have put the finishing touches on the basic plan
Recently I heard that Bentwinds had renovated the golf course          and I’d say that their vision is now fully realized. I only
and so many people were excited about it, I had to see for             wish many of them were here to see it.
myself. I called the pro shop and talked with Evelyn. She
initially thought that I was joking when I told her my name,           You have made us all proud. I am especially grateful for the
and I was surprised that she even knew that a man named Tom            small part that I was asked to play in creating the Bentwinds
Hunter had been associated with Bentwinds in the first place.          Golf Course over 30 years ago.
She graciously invited me to play the new course so one
weekday I came down for a round of golf.                               Tom Hunter
From the minute I stepped on the course, I liked the changes.
Hole after hole, every added trap, new fairway contour and

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