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					                   RMC JUNE 2011 NEWSLETTER

    Tennis Hall
     of Fame

Before summer is in full swing and everyone leaves for vacation, I want to update you on
the Newport Reunion and Dave Krystel updates you on the RMC Summer Intern program
                                at the American College.

We have filled our quota of guaranteed rooms at the Hotel Viking, but we have requested
10 more rooms at the Reunion price. After that it will be on an availability basis. The
Hotel only has a total of 25 of those rooms left and other groups are starting to book.
So, please, if you plan on attending this year’s Reunion,
              Make your room reservation NOW by calling 1-800-556-7126
      and identify yourself as part of the Retired Management Club of New York Life.

        Our speakers are all confirmed and are promising us a Rocking Reunion:

           Retired Vice Chairman Fred Sievert sets the tone for the Reunion
      Sr. VP George Nichols starts Tuesday with fresh updates from Washington
          Sr. VP Tom Johnson follows with advice on how to save our money
        CC Agent Jim Adkins Jr. will remind us of why agents love their calling
     The NYL panel will prove that there is no retirement like the NYL retirement
   Corporate VP Angela Murawski hopes to paint a rosy future for our medical care
And the grand finale by Dr. John Roglieri MD will have you in stitches when he explains
                             how to reach the Century mark.

  Make sure you tell your retired NYL friends to join us in Newport at the Hotel Viking
       to celebrate another year of never forgotten friendships and good times.
                                 REUNION ACTIVITIES:

                     Registration will begin Monday, October 3 at noon.
               Welcome Reception and Dinner starts Monday evening at 6PM.
              Tuesday and Wednesday 8AM-12 noon feature our great speakers.
The Newport City and Mansion tour follows from 2-5PM on Tuesday for those who signed up.
          The tour of the Tennis Hall of Fame takes place on Wednesday afternoon.
  Wednesday evening around 5:30PM the buses will take us to the Newport Harbor for the
                                        Dinner Cruise.
Breakfasts are served Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings in a private room adjacent
                                    to our meeting room.

                              NEWPORT REGISTRATION:

   If you have not already done so, please complete the separately attached Reunion
 Registration Form and indicate your interest in the optional Newport City Tour, the Tennis
                    Hall of Fame tour and the included Dinner Cruise.

  If you have not yet sent in your annual $75 Dues, please include them with your Reunion

                           TRANSPORTATION TO THE HOTEL

  For those of you flying in to Providence, RI, we have been recommended the Cozy Cab
 Airport Shuttle. Normal cab fees are about $90, but this shuttle is only $25. It will pick
      up guests right at the airport and drop them off at the Hotel Viking. It is highly
recommended that you make reservations with this shuttle, for it is very popular because
                   of the low cost. Cozy Cabs number is 401-846-2500.

RMC Intern Program at the American College.               By Dave Krystel

This summer’s RMC intern at The American College is Bryan Yackulic, son of George
Yackulic, assistant vice president – management training, in the Agency Department. Bryan
has just graduated from James Madison University in Virginia with a finance major.
At The American College Bryan has significant responsibility related to the publishing of the
Wealth Channel Magazine, including a key role on the small team working on the next issue,
assisting with concept development, working with contributors, and helping the project stay on
time and on budget. He is also helping out to a lesser extent with other
Advancement/campaign-related projects.
This is certain to be a meaningful experience, which will provide him with a great introduction
to the financial services industry, a significant goal of our internship. Also note that he already
has some familiarity with New York Life’s business as he was mentored on a junior year
project by Senior Partner Tim Choi, and he worked one summer for his father while he was a
partner in the New Jersey GO. Bryan will also help produce a video about his experiences
which will be shown at our Reunion in Newport.
We again had an excellent response this year, the fourth for this program, with eighteen
NYL/RMC relatives expressing interest. The internship, which runs for eight weeks, from
June 13 to August 5, offers a competitive salary along with the opportunity to earn three
college credits, which may be transferable to the college the intern is attending. Remember,
the RMC Endowment Fund is supported by the voluntary, tax deductible contributions of our
members, which New York Life matches up to an annual total of $25,000.
Sincere thanks to all have contributed toward the success of this program which continues to
make a difference in the lives of young people and to help New York Life and our industry.

                                        RMC Board
        I bring greetings from the great RMC Board who wishes you all welcome to
                                   the Newport Reunion!

            Al Iovinelli, Bill Kelly, Brent Moore, Chuck Rowell, Danny O’Neal,
                    Dave Krystel, Eric Rubin, Georgene Sfraga Panza,
              Marquis Jones, Michael Kraft, Norb Weisbeck, Wayne Bragg.
                                   Anita Bergsten, President

If you have any additional questions about RMC or the Reunion, please feel free to contact me
at any time: or phone: 310-831-9936.
Don’t forget to visit the RMC Website for more information on RMC and the Newport

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