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110603_Information Pack Factsheet 7


									Blue Badge Improvement
Service (BBIS)

Solutions and
Payne Security

Northgate Information Solutions in partnership with Payne Security are
delighted to have been selected as the providers of the Blue Badge
Improvement Service. We are looking forward to working closely with all
stakeholders to plan for the service launch and ongoing delivery.
Northgate already works with the majority         ●●   providing a way of ordering badges
of Blue Badge issuing and enforcing LAs.
                                                  ●●   facilitating interaction with existing
However, we thought it would be helpful
to provide some key facts about both of
our organisations:                                ●●   creating a national blue badge database
                                                       which can be used for improved
●●   Northgate is a public sector specialist
                                                       processing and enforcement
     provider of services and solutions that
     operates within strategic client             ●●   providing an on-line eligibility checker
     partnerships. We help to transform                and an on-line application form that will
     business processes and streamline the             be available via directgov
     customer experience
                                                  ●●   managing Payne Security, our partner
●●   Northgate partners over 95% of UK LAs,            for the printing, supply and distribution
     every UK police force and over half of all        of the newly designed badges
     fire brigades and ambulance trusts
                                                  ●●   supporting and supplementing all of
●●   every year, our technology manages                the above by a range of services for LAs,
     over 40% of the country’s social care             answering first line enquiries from
     records, pays out over 50% of housing             the public and signposting to their
     benefits and is deployed in every NHS             correct LA
     hospital through national programmes
                                                  Payne Security is one of the world’s
Northgate will deliver the complete BBIS          leading companies in the fields of brand
solution for LAs through a fully managed          protection, document authentication and
service. This will include:                       personal identity solutions:
●●   Payne Security is a major provider of        ●●   how the new solution will work
     PVC ID cards to UK LAs, academic                  including interaction with your existing
     institutions and healthcare organisations         systems
     and offers a comprehensive range of
                                                  ●●   how we will ensure that your data is
     secure card technologies supported by
                                                       compliant with the Code of
     state-of-the-art secure manufacturing
                                                       Connectivity (CoCo) through use of the
     and fulfilment services
                                                       Government Connect Secure Extranet
●●   this year, Payne Security has been                (GCSx)
     awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise
                                                  We are currently compiling a database of
     in the Innovation category, for one of its
                                                  Blue Badge contacts to ensure
     authentication technologies
                                                  engagement with the right people on all of
                                                  these matters.
How we intend to                                  As you know, the new badges will become
engage                                            standard issue from 1st January 2012 in
We know that the success of BBIS will be          England and Scotland and later that Spring
dependent on a close engagement with              in Wales. In order to meet these
LAs to ensure that the service meets LA           timescales, we need to engage with you
objectives.                                       directly as early as possible.

We understand that the BBIS service must          The DfT has created an Access Agreement
be simple, easy to use and effective and          that all issuing LAs will need to complete
we want to initiate good two way                  as soon as possible. During June 2011,
communication to inform you of progress           Northgate will be sending each of you a
and to gather and use your feedback.              personalised Access Agreement and we will
                                                  be following that letter up by telephone to
We want to communicate with you in a              ensure that you have all of the information
number of different ways, including               that you require.
contributions to newsletters and regular
internet seminars. We also intend to take         We understand that, within the Blue Badge
advantage of the many interactions we             reform programme, you will also be
already have with your LAs by ensuring            considering policy issues such as charges
that all of our Account Managers and              for the badge and, given the tight
Client Service Managers are kept informed         timescales, you may wish to determine
about progress.                                   whether or not committee approval is
                                                  required for any aspect of the new service.
From previous experience with LAs, we
understand the benefit of user groups and         Over the next few weeks, we will also be
we are keen to help with their formation.         providing further information about the
                                                  optional services for LAs:
What LAs need to start                            ●●   Data Entry Support Service
thinking about                                    ●●   Details Update Support Service
We know that you need to be informed on
                                                  We will be offering an end-to-end service
a range of issues surrounding the BBIS.
                                                  that fulfils all of your service requirements
These will include:
                                                  and will provide a cost effective and
●●   how can your LA progress adoption and        efficient alternative for those LAs that
     sign up for the service                      choose to use them.
                                       Northgate Information Solutions and
Making contact with                    Payne Security are determined to provide
                                       an excellent service that provides a high
Northgate                              quality badge, reduced fraud and an
We have already set up a BBIS team     improved service to those in genuine need.
within Northgate who will be able to
                                       We look forward to working with you.
answer any queries you might have.
The team can be contacted by e-mail
at or by
phone on 0800 804 6326.

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