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					  June 1, 2009 — 9 Sivan 5769

  Vol. 12, No. 6

Temple Beth-El Annual Meeting
                                   Celebrating the Presidency of Leslie Selig Byrd
                                    Welcoming the Leadership of Steven A. Rubin
                                 Honoring Outgoing Board Members David Adelman,
                                David Ladensohn, Harriet Oppenheimer, David Palans,
                                        Jim Patterson, and Janet Westheimer
                                            Recognizing Geri Gregory for
 Leslie Selig Byrd                        25 years of service to the Temple                                    Steven A. Rubin

                      Thursday, June 11, 7:30 P.M.
                                   in the Wulfe Sanctuary
                Reception to follow, hosted by the Rubin Family and Ilene Greene
      The Nominating Committee— chaired by Sylvan S. Lang, Jr., and including David Adelman, Ina
Bushon, Leslie Selig Byrd, Dr. Willie Cantu, Buddy Gardner, Greg Gonzalez, Rob Kaufman, Dan Klein,
Mary Levy, David Oppenheimer, Harriet Oppenheimer, Richard Planto, Gail Ratner, Janet Westheimer, and
Derek Williams— presents the following nominees for officers and trustees:

                Officers                             Trustees 2009-2011                     Continuing Trustees
President......................Steven A. Rubin    Lisa Adelman       Dr. Roxanne Henkin         2008-2010
Senior Vice-President......Bill Goodman          Dr. Rich Benedikt     Phil Kolovson             Leslie Komet Ausburn
Vice-President...............…Arlene Dryer          Rick Byrd           Daniel Laser                  Beth Keough
Vice-President.................Elaine Kovner      Candy Gardner         Mary Levy                   Mitch Michelson
Vice-President..................Barbara Moss                                                           Gail Ratner
                                                           Becky Schenker
Treasurer...........….…Michael Swanson                                                                Perry Wulfe
Recording Secretary..Dr. Melvin L. Cohen            Trustees 2009-2010
                                                       Hattie Lee Gleichenhaus
                                                             Anne Kanter
                                                           Michael Malinas
                                                             Joshua Sutin

          The proposed budget for 2009-2010 is available for review by contacting Rabbi Alan Berlin, Executive Director.
Page 2                                                                                             Temple Beth-El Bulletin – June/July 2009

                   THE RABBIS SPEAK                                                                Armed Forces
                                                                                                   Shabbat July 3
 Leslie Selig Byrd: Opening                     to break down barriers. Let us keep the
   Doors, Opening Hearts                        doors open— and, more importantly, let              On Friday, July 3, at 6:30 P.M., in the
                                                us keep our hearts open— to every man,         Wulfe Sanctuary, we will observe Armed
     This month, Leslie Selig Byrd              woman and child who seek comfort and           Forces Shabbat. There is only one service
completes two years of full-time service        meaning at our Temple. Let no physical         this Shabbat Eve.
as President of Temple Beth-El. Leslie          or mental or emotional difference become
is indefatigable. She has an actual full-       a handicap, preventing a person from                                       Colonel
time job of considerable consequence            experiencing the fullness of Jewish life at                             Sandra Adams
and responsibility. Her family life is rich     Temple Beth-El. Let no request be rejected                                to Speak
and meaningful, requiring a good deal of        without due consideration. Let us search for
time and energy. She has labored on our         ways to say “yes,” and say “no” only when                                Rabbi Bergman
Temple’s behalf for a long time, having         we must— and then, with compassion and                                   Vann and Cantor
served as an officer for at least seven         caring.                                                                  Berlin will officiate
years, and on the Board for many years               Leslie Selig Byrd’s presidency has                                  at this service, and
before that. Throughout the last two years,     been a blessing to me personally and to our                              Temple member,
Leslie has attended countless meetings,         entire congregation. May that blessing be a
taken calls at all times and for all reasons,                                                                            Colonel Sandra
                                                living legacy for many years to come.                                    Adams, will speak
and occasionally dropped everything to
urgently run to the Temple.                                                                                              on “My Recent
                                                                         Barry H. D. Block                               Experience Serving
      Hard work and commitment of time,
though, are only part of what Leslie has                                                       in Afghanistan.” Jewish Veterans of War Post
offered us.                                          Rabbi Bergman Vann                        753 will participate in the service and usher.
     Temple Beth-El has long made a                  Blesses Texas Senate                           Colonel Sandra M. Adams is
significant commitment to openness.                                                            Commander of the Air Force Services
We strive to be welcoming to all of our                                                        Agency, a Field Operating Agency at
members, potential members, and guests.                                                        Randolph Air Force Base, that reports to HQ
We work to break down barriers that                                                            USAF/A1S in Washington, D.C. The areas
might otherwise limit access to our sacred                                                     under her command include community
congregation.                                                                                  support, business activities, human resources
     Leslie Selig Byrd has led all of us—                                                      oversight for 28,000 NAF personnel, central
Rabbis and lay leadership, staff and the
entire membership— to find new doors                                                           contracting, data management, worldwide
that we might open. Leslie has made an                                                         financial and banking systems, and
unswerving commitment to finding ways                                                          $600,000,000 in NAF construction.
to say “yes.” She urges all of us to look            When the Senate is in Session, it              Colonel Adams was born in Chicago,
beyond the ways we’ve always done things,       is customary to invite a clergy person         Illinois. After graduating from high school,
beyond the course of least resistance, to       to offer an invocation to start off the        she attended the University of Illinois at
accommodate individuals and their needs.        legislative day. I was invited by Senator      Chicago where she entered the two-year
Leslie truly cares about each person who        Leticia Van de Putte to offer to be the        ROTC program. She earned a Bachelor
comes into contact with the Temple.             Chaplain of the Day on April 24. Here is       of Science Degree in Marketing and was
     During these two years of Leslie’s         the prayer that I offered:                     commissioned a Second Lieutenant in
presidency, even more than in the past,              “Source of all, as in the past You        September 1984.
Temple Beth-El has become “the place            inspired such leaders as Abraham and
                                                Sarah, Moses and Miriam. We ask that                Among her many awards and
to be” on Friday nights. So much of our         today You encourage our leaders, these men     decorations, she has received the Defense
congregation gathers on Shabbat Eve,            and women who serve the great State of         Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious
worshiping in two different locations and in    Texas. As the debates grow stronger and the    Service Medal with five oak leaf clusters,
two different styles, but coming together as    hours grow longer, sustain them in body, in    Air Force Commendation Medal, Southwest
one community.                                  spirit, and in mind. And as the discussions    Asia Service Medal with one service star,
     Leslie would credit others—                become more vehement and charged, help         Afghanistan Campaign Medal with one
particularly our volunteer singers and          them, God, so that they will be able to hear   campaign star, the Global War on Terrorism
musicians and our Shlihei Tzibbur,              each other with open hearts. Support these     Service Medal, and the NATO Non-Article 5
the Shalom Committee members and                women and men and, indeed, all who work
Brotherhood volunteers who greet us, and        in these hallowed halls, so that they may      ISAF Medal.
Cantor Julie Berlin, among others— for          keep their mission and purpose ever in their        In April, she returned from Kabul,
the welcome extended every Friday night.        sight. Guide their deliberations that their    Afghanistan, and began her work at
In so many ways, though, Leslie has been        leadership will continue to make our state     Randolph AFB immediately after.
the inspiration for, and symbol of, the         great. Amen.”                                       Colonel Adams has been married to her
community we experience. On almost                   The experience of being a Chaplain        husband, Jamie, for nearly 16 years.
every Friday night, Leslie may be found         of the Day reminds me of the unique
                                                connection between the work of our                        Military Personnel
in the Michelson Entry Plaza, welcoming                                                                    Receive Blessing
folks as they enter the Oppenheimer Lobby       congregation and the work of our State
to head down the Stahl Gallery, either to       Legislature. While our methods and our              During the service, all current and former
                                                goals are vastly different, we must keep       U.S. military personnel will be called to the
the Wulfe Sanctuary or to the Barshop           in mind, that, as the days of the Session
Auditorium. That personal greeting by the       become numbered, we are both working to        bimah to receive a special blessing before the
President speaks volumes about her and          make the world a better place.                 open Ark. All who will be present that night
about our Temple, and inspires others to do          I’m grateful to Senator Van de Putte      are asked to phone the rabbis’ offices at 733-
the same.                                       for offering me the opportunity to serve the   9135, ext. 106, so that Rabbi Bergman Vann
     We will continue to honor Leslie long      State in this unique manner.                   may invite them by name. Military personnel
beyond the end of her term, as we continue
                                                                       Allison Bergman Vann    are encouraged to attend in uniform.
Temple Beth-El Bulletin – June/July 2009                                                                                         Page 3

Friday, June 5, 6:30 P.M.                     Friday, June 19, 6:30 P.M.                   Friday, July 3, 6:30 P.M.
In the Barshop Auditorium                     In the Barshop Auditorium                    In the Wulfe Sanctuary
Rabbi Bergman Vann will officiate with        Rabbi Bergman Vann will officiate with       Armed Forces Shabbat
volunteer songleader, Michael Malinas.        volunteer songleader, Elaine Kovner.         Rabbi Bergman Vann and Cantor Berlin
                                                                                           will officiate.
Friday, June 5, 6:30 P.M.                     Friday, June 19, 6:30 P.M.                   COL Sandra Adams will speak on “My
In the Wulfe Sanctuary                        In the Wulfe Sanctuary                       Recent Experience Serving in
Rabbi Block and Cantor Berlin will            Cantor Berlin will officiate with Shlihot    Afghanistan.”
officiate. Rabbi Block will speak on, “The    Tzibbur (worship leaders) Sharon Miller,     Candles: Rosa Cavazos
2009 Texas Legislature: A                     Gracie Rogers, and Sylvia Millette.          NOTE: There will be one service this
Religious Report Card.”                       Candles: Myra Frapart                        evening.
Candles: Allison Hockersmith, Sally
Oppenheimer, and Alan Hockersmith             Saturday, June 20, 10:30 A.M.                Saturday, July 4, 10:30 A.M.
                                              In the Oppenheimer Chapel                    In the Oppenheimer Chapel
Saturday, June 6, 10:30 A.M.                  Rabbi Bergman Vann will officiate with       Rabbi Bergman Vann and Cantor Berlin
In the Wulfe                                  volunter Cantorial Soloist, Greg Gonzalez.   will officiate.
Sanctuary                                     Torah Portion: Sh’lah L’cha                  Torah Portion: Hukat-Balak
Rabbi Bergman                                 Numbers 13:1-15:41                           Numbers 19:1-25:9
Vann and Cantor
Berlin will officiate.                        Friday, June 26, 6:30 P.M.                   Friday, July 10, 6:30 P.M.
Bar Mitzvah of                                In the Barshop Auditorium                    In the Barshop Auditorium
Alan Michael                                  Rabbi Block will officiate with volunteer    Shlihei Tzibbur (worship leaders) Daniel
Hockersmith,                                  songleader, Michael Malinas.                 Laser, Bill Goodman, and Dr. Dan
son of Allison                                                                             Rosenthal will officiate with volunteer
and Michael                                   Friday, June 26, 6:30 P.M.                   songleader, Elaine Kovner.
Hockersmith.                                  In the Wulfe Sanctuary
Torah Portion:                                Shlihei Tzibbur (worship leaders) Suzanne    Friday, July 10, 6:30 P.M.
Naso II                                       Raufman, Daniel Vela, and Ruth Malinas       In the Wulfe Sanctuary
Numbers 6:1-7:89                              will officiate with volunteer Cantorial      Rabbi Block will officiate with volunteer
                                              Soloist, Janie Kolman.                       Cantorial Soloist, Greg Gonzalez.
Friday, June 12, 6:30 P.M.                    Candles: Debbie Coben
In the Barshop Auditorium                                                                  Friday, July 10, 7:00 P.M.
Cantor Berlin will officiate with Shlihot     Saturday, June 27, 10:30 A.M.                In the Oppenheimer Chapel
Tzibbur (worship leaders) Idelle Abramson,    In the Oppenheimer Chapel                    TOT Shabbat
Rachel Walsh, Dr. Roxanne Henkin, and         Rabbi Block will officiate with volunteer    Cantor Berlin will officiate with volunteer
Mary Lou Daugherty, with accompaniment        Cantorial Soloist, Rachel Walsh              songleader, Michael Malinas.
by Elaine Kovner on guitar and full Choir.    Torah Portion: Korach
                                              Numbers 16:1-18:32                           Saturday, July 11, 10:30 A.M.
Friday, June 12, 6:30 P.M.                                                                 In the Oppenheimer Chapel
In the Wulfe Sanctuary                                                                     Rabbi Block will officiate with volunteer
Rabbi Bergman Vann will officiate with
volunteer Cantorial Soloist, Greg Gonzalez.
                                                  Kiddush Hosts                            Cantorial Soloist, Greg Gonzalez.
                                                                                           Torah Portion: Pinhas
Candles: Janie Kolman                               The congregation unites for one        Numbers 25:10-30:1
                                               Kiddush in the Barshop Auditorium after
Friday, June 12, 7:00 P.M.                                                                 Friday, July 17, 6:30 P.M.
In the Oppenheimer Chapel                      both Shabbat Eve Services.                  In the Barshop Auditorium
TOT Shabbat                                         Hosts for June 5: Allison and Mike     Rabbi Block will officiate with volunteer
Rabbi Block will officiate with volunteer      Hockersmith; June 12: Susan and Ken         songleader, Michael Malinas.
songleader, Michael Malinas.                   Gindy, Leo Greenblum, Sally and Alex
                                               Halff, Rene and Charles Martin Wender,      Friday, July 17, 6:30 P.M.
Saturday, June 13, 10:30 A.M.                                                              In the Wulfe Sanctuary
In the Oppenheimer Chapel                      and Temple Beth-El Sisterhood; June 19:     Cantor Berlin will officiate with Shlihot
Rabbi Block and Cantor Berlin will             Myra and Ross Frapart, Rose Kamin,          Tzibbur (worship leaders) Teresa Parker,
officate.                                      Michele and Alan Krapf, Mary and            Dr. Debra Morrow, and Ina Bushon.
Torah Portion: B’haalot’ha                     Gordon Weiner, and Temple Beth-El                                      (continued on pg. 4)
Numbers 8:1-12:16                              Sisterhood; July 3: Jewish War Veterans
                                               Post 753; July 10: Helen Mayerhoff-          HOT Shabbat                (Hands On Torah)
                                                                                                 Enjoy activities every Friday
  Hot Diggity Dog!                             Stern; Lisa and Dr. Barry Menick, and
                                               Temple Beth-El Sisterhood; July 17: Abbi
                                                                                            in June and July except July 3.
                                                                                            All school-aged children through grade
  Pre-Shabbat Meal                             Michelson, Dorothy and Gerd Miller,          five who attend the Barshop Auditorium
                                                                                            Service will leave the worship service,
                                               and Temple Beth-El Sisterhood; July 24:
     Please note: “Hot Diggity Dog”                                                         as the Torah service begins, for a kid-
                                               Deborah and Morris Miller, Sharon and        friendly program of storytelling and
 Pre-Shabbat Meal will not be served           Michael Mullen, and Temple Beth-El           hands-on projects, and rejoin their parents
 in June, July, or August.                     Sisterhood; July 31: Dina Stein.             for the Kiddush at the end of the worship
Page 4                                                                                                                                   Temple Beth-El Bulletin – June/July 2009

          Shabbat Services
                  (continued from pg. 3)
Saturday, July 18, 10:30 A.M.
In the Oppenheimer Chapel
                                                                                           Tacos and Torah!
Cantor Berlin will officiate.                                                          Join us for “Shabbat after 6:30,”
Torah Portion: Matot-Mas’ei                                                   this time with a Torah Study led by Rabbi Block!
Numbers 30:2-36:13

Friday, July 24, 6:30 P.M.                                                          He will lead us in a discussion of,
In the Barshop Auditorium
Shlihei Tzibbur (worship leaders) Beth
Keough, Miranda Sutin, and David
                                                                               “Are You Shomer Shabbat?”
Rubenstein will officiate with volunteer
songleader, Elaine Kovner.
                                                                                                    Friday, June 26
                                                                        Let’s all come together after Shabbat Eve Services at
Friday, July 24, 6:30 P.M.
In the Wulfe Sanctuary
Rabbi Bergman Vann will officiate with                                                      La Posada del Rey
volunteer Cantorial Soloist, Janie Kolman.                                              999 East Basse Road, Suite 183
Candles: Janie Kolman
                                                                                  All are invited to this no-host dinner to learn
Saturday, July 25, 10:30 A.M.
In the Oppenheimer Chapel
                                                                                                and to schmooze!
Rabbi Bergman Vann and Cantor Berlin                                                 RSVP to Geri Gregory at 733-9135, ext 120,
will officiate.                                                               or geri@beth-elsa.org no later than Wednesday, June 24.
Torah Portion: D’varim
Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22
Friday, July 31, 6:30 P.M.
In the Barshop Auditorium                                            Rabbi Bergman Vann Selected for
Rabbi Bergman Vann will officiate with
volunteer songleader, Michael Malinas.                                 Unique Leadership Program
                                                                     Beginning in June, Rabbi Bergman                              way to re-energize their dreams and lead
Friday, July 31, 6:30 P.M.
In the Wulfe Sanctuary                                          Vann will be embarking on a “journey                               their communities with greater impact,
Rabbi Block and Cantor Berlin will                              toward greatness” as one of only 16 rabbis                         along with a select group of colleagues
officiate. Rabbi Block will speak on,                           throughout the country participating in the                        from across the denominational spectrum.
“Beyond Translation: Changes to                                 fourth year of a pioneering program called                         Inspired by the best selling book, Good to
the Shema in Mishkan T’filah.”                                  STAR Rabbis: From Good To Great.                                   Great, by business consultant Jim Collins,
Candles: Dina Stein and Hunter Stein                            STAR (Synagogues: Transformation                                   the program uses trusted principles
Saturday, August 1, 10:30 A.M.
                                                                and Renewal) promotes renewal of the                               of leadership to energize, inspire, and
In the Wulfe                                                    American Jewish community through                                  support rabbis who compare their current
Sanctuary                                                       congregational innovation and leadership                           achievements to their future aspirations.
Rabbi Bergman                                                   development. In a special twist, among                                  Through participation in two
Vann and Cantor                                                 those 16, Rabbi Bergman Vann will be                               leadership retreats, several webinars
Berlin will officiate.                                          joined by Rabbi Julie Hilton Danan, who                            (learning sessions over the Internet) and
Bar Mitzvah of                                                  grew up in San Antonio at Temple Beth-                             mentored project work, rabbis practice the
Hunter Stein, son of
Dina Stein.                                                     El. Our Executive Director, Rabbi Alan                             art of leadership and change management
Torah Portion:                                                  Berlin, participated as an earlier cohort of                       within their congregation. The program
Va-et’hanan                                                     the program.                                                       places special emphasis on building
Deuteronomy 3:23-                                                    In the program From Good to Great,                            a more vibrant congregation through
7:11                                                            rabbis at mid-career are offered a unique                          partnership with lay leadership.

            Security at Both                                                  Temple Telephone Extensions
             Cemeteries on                                       Rabbi Barry H. D. Block . . . . . . . . . . . . .          101 Michael Kung, Facilities Manager . . . . . .        154
              Father’s Day                                       Rabbi Allison Bergman Vann . . . . . . . . .               102 Michael Ringel, Controller. . . . . . . . . . . .   124
      On Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21,                          Cantor Julie Berlin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    103 Jean Kolovson, Youth Director . . . . . . . .       222
 security guards will be on duty at both                         Teresa Parker, Education Director . . . . . .              105 Sara Planto, Religious School Assistant . .         108
 Temple cemeteries from 10:00 A.M.                               Rabbi Alan Berlin, Executive Director . .                  119 Edith Vanderventer, Rabbinic Assistant
 until 2:00 P.M.                                                 Jean White, Music Director . . . . . . . . . . .           122   to Rabbis Bergman Vann and Stahl. . .             107
                                                                 Iris Berman-Smith, Clergy and                                  Mercy Willis, Administrative Assistant . .          126
 Temple Beth-El Bulletin (USPS 016328) is published the first       Cemetery Administrator . . . . . . . . . . .            106 Veronica Salas, Receptionist . . . . . . . . . .    100
 of every month, except July, by Temple Beth-El, 211 Belknap     Geri Gregory, Member Services                                  Marlene Reynolds, Bendiner Library . . .            110
 Place, San Antonio, Texas 78212-5896. Application to Mail
 at Periodicals postage rates is paid at San Antonio, Texas.        Coordinator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   120
 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Temple Beth-El,
 211 Belknap Place, San Antonio, Texas 78212-5896.                                                          210-733-9135
Temple Beth-El Bulletin – June/July 2009                                                                                                     Page 5

In the Temple Family                                     Lynn and Ed Schieber, whose
                                                   granddaughter, Jordan Allen, was elected
                                                                                                       Harriet and Sam Neuman
                                                                                                       60 Years: Ruth and Dr. Sam Friedberg
      We congratulate those who are celebrating    secretary of her 2010 class of the Duke             62 Years: Wilma and Kenneth Fischer
life’s joyous occasions...                         Ellington School of the Arts in Washington,         63 Years: Helen and Morton Tenner
      Jessica Roitberg-Hernandez and Jose          D.C., and who was one of only five students         65 Years: Rosi and Ruben Langbaum
Hernandez, on the birth of their son, Hayden       internationally who received the Creativity              We congratulate those celebrating
David Hernandez.                                   Foundation’s 2009 Ben Franklin Legacy Medal         milestone birthdays in July...
      Louise Michelson and Rosalind and            for her exceptional creative promise as a singer
Calvin Michelson, on the marriage of their         and theater performer.                                   Julian Aronson, Barry Chasnoff, Dr.
grandson, Blake Austin Michelson, to Megan               Danna and Jim Halff, who son, Josh, was       Bernard Fein, Sam Fitell, Shauna Goldstein,
Elizabeth Harris.                                  the recipient of one of the Young Pegasus Poetry    Judith Hoberman, Jewel Hoffman, John
      Gloria and Gerald Silber, on the Bat         Awards from the San Antonio Public Library.         Jeschke, Susie Kasanoff, Harold Levine,
Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Reagan                   Nina and Jerry Rosson, whose daughter,        Michael Levine, Bonnie Lyons, Harriet
Bazarsky, at Congregation Beth Yeshurun in         Katie, was elected to the NFTY-TOR regional         Neuman, David Oppenheimer, Frank
Houston.                                           board as MVP (Membership Vice President).           Patton, Valerie Pauerstein, Jack Rips, Fanya
      Ivy Brook, on the birth of her great-              Glenda Alter, whose grandson, Adrian          Rud, Anca Soble, Harold Vexler, and Lynn
granddaughter, Amber, born to Mary and Sam         Graff, graduated from nursing school magna          Zimmermann.
Edwards, in Dallas.                                cum laude, and also received an award for                We congratulate those celebrating
      Sally and Michael Hardy, on the              Clinical Excellence.                                milestone anniversaries in July...
engagement of their daughter, Jenna, to Gena             Richard O. Torres, who was inducted
Ross.                                              into the “Sons of Italy” Cultural Society, and      5 Years: Suellen and Lee Golden; Kellie and
                                                   was featured in Oggi America, an Italian-           Patrick Johnson; Nomi and Dr. Brett Solomon
      We congratulate those who have achieved      American Journal, and who celebrates 50 years       10 Years: Susan and James Loyd
something extra-special...                         of participation in the Amigo program of the        20 Years: Drs. Ruth Berggren and Tyler
      Leslie Tramer, who contributed to the        Defense Language Institute.                         Curiel; Virginia and Jeffrey Hoffman; Amy
passing of Texas House Bill 806 and Texas                Kathi and Alan Kardon, whose son,             and David Sokol; Morna and Dr. Marc Zieben
Senate Bill 26, providing prosthetic parity,       Ryan Leonhart, already a dentist, graduated         25 Years: Sylvia and Al Honigblum; Janice and
ensuring that Medicare will cover 80% of the       from medical school in Louisville, Kentucky,        Derek Williams
cost of prostheses for needy Texans.               and will now complete his residency for             35 Years: Ruth and Professor Richard Butler
      Susan and Brad Beldon, whose daughter,       maxillofacial surgery; and whose son, Eli, was      40 Years: Barbara and Stanley Spigel
Brittany, an eighth grader at Eisenhower Middle    one of only 4 freshmen in Texas to qualify for      63 Years: Sue and Jesse Oppenheimer
School, received a PTA Reflections State Award     the high school state bowling tournament, with      66 Years: Rose and MGen. Abe Dreiseszun
of Excellence for her literature entry called,     an average of 194 and a high game of 277.           68 Years: Edith and Herbert Novick
WOW Poem; and whose daughter, Dylan, a                   Priscilla Lopez, who received her Masters
second grader at Huebner Elementary, received      of Arts degree.
a PTA Reflections State Award of Merit for               Svetlana Lubashevskaya and Aron
her literature entry of a book titled, Words of    Rabinovich and Iris Berman-Smith
Wisdom. Congratulations also to Brittany’s         and Charles Smith, whose children, Max
and Dylan’s grandparents, Louise and Michael       Rabinovich and Caitlin Smith, serve on the
Beldon and Dr. Alfred Sumberg, and their           Student Executive Cabinet of University of
great-grandmother, Anita Davis.                    Texas Hillel and represent Hillel students on the               BETTIE COHEN
      Dr. Roxanne Henkin, who received the         Hillel Board.                                                   ELAINE FRANK
first annual President’s Distinguished Award for         Esther Vexler, who was honored at a                Mother of Heidi Addlestone and
Achievement in Community Service at UTSA.          luncheon by the Battered Women and Children’s                     Lesta Frank
      Bob Lopez, who earned his Masters            Shelter, for her many years of dedication as a
Degree in Library Science.                         Board Member.                                                   GARY GOTLIEB
      Andrea and James Woo, whose son,                   Brett Schouest, who received the the                  Father of Greer, Paige, and
Cameron, was elected into the National Junior      2009 Outstanding Mentor Award from the San                        Owen Gotlieb
Honor Society at Eisenhower Middle School.         Antonio Young Lawyers Association.
      Florence and Avi Langbaum, whose                                                                       JEAN KATZ LADENSOHN
                                                         We congratulate those celebrating                 Mother of Temple members David
daughter Lauren, a Junior at Clark High School,    milestone birthdays in June...
competed in the Classical Singer High School                                                             Ladensohn and AnnDee Steidel, and of
Vocal Competition in Chicago for more than               Sharon Adelman, David Drileck, Yvette                         Sydney Stern
$2,000,000 in scholarships and cash prizes         Kalter, Priscilla Lopez, David Mann, Jeffry                 Grandmother of Jane Steidel
awarded by the top music colleges in the nation.   Michelson, Karen Miller, Barbara Moss,                     Sister-in-law of Dorothy Katz
      Danna Halff, who was honored with the        Sally Oppenheimer, Jonathan Parker,                         Aunt of Candy Gardner and
William Alter Emerging Leadership Award by         Lynn Schieber, David Shapiro, Helen Stein,
                                                   Leonard Stern, Marie Tammen, and Devorah
                                                                                                                       Stephen Katz
the Barshop JCC.                                                                                                 Cousin of Helene Riklin
      Phil Kolovson, who was elected Treasurer;    Weisberg.
and Danna Halff, elected Secretary, of the               We congratulate those celebrating              Our Condolences to...
Barshop JCC. JCC Trustees elected or reelected     milestone anniversaries in June...                       Dr. Henrique Levcovitz, on the death
include Richard Byrd, Fran Cohen, and                                                                   of his father, Muniz Levcovitz.
Lauren Lefton.                                     5 Years: Madeline and Bill Podorzer
                                                   10 Years: Blyth and Dr. Brian Treuhaft                   Geri Gregory, on the loss of her
      Fran and Philip Cohen, whose daughter,                                                            father, Mervyn Gregory.
Samantha, graduated from Sul Ross University       15 Years: Dana and Bart Klein
with a B.S. in Biology, and has been admitted to   20 Years: Gay Block and Rabbi Malka                      Marcia Katz, on the passing of her
a Ph.D. program at LSU-Shreveport.                 Drucker; Betsy and Ken Mirdjani; Lenora and          brother, Lee Goldberg, uncle of Nomi
      Mindi Alterman, who was honored by           Lonnie Wulfe                                         Solomon.
The Association for Women in Communications        25 Years: Rebecca and Chuck Goldman;                     Abbi Michelson and Luke
San Antonio Professional Chapter as recipient      Marsha Krassner and Dr. R. David Spener              Glosserman, on the death of their aunt,
of its 2009 Volunteer Service Award.               35 Years: Anna and Dr. H. Michael Aaron;             Esther Brill.
      Debbie and Mark Feinberg, whose son,         Marcia and Dr. Keith Krolick                             Steve Gross, on the loss of his aunt,
Matthew, was elected President of Hillel at        40 Years: Nancy and Michael Levine; Rene and
                                                   Charles Martin Wender                                Roslyn “Roz” Garland Gordon Gaitz.
Brandeis University for 2009-2010. Matthew
will be a senior double majoring in math and       45 Years: Helene and Dr. Michael Merren;                   “May their souls be bound up
economics.                                         Ethel and Dr. Richard Wayne                                 in the bonds of eternal life.”
                                                   55 Years: Dr. Marcia and Martin Epner;
Page 6                                                                                                        Temple Beth-El Bulletin – June/July 2009

   Temple Teens Participate in JServe                                                                      Sisterhood News
                                                                                                            Rosh Hodesh – The Joy of
                                                                                                                Hand Drumming
                                                                                                               Please join us on Saturday, June
                                                                                                          20 (The beginning of the Jewish month
                                                                                                          of Tamuz), from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m., and
                                                                                                          learn how to rhythmically play Djembe
                                                                                                          drums. The program cost is $18 and is
                                                                                                          limited to 20 people, so sign up early; a
                                                                                                          second session can be added if enough
                                                                                                          people want to participate. Meet in the
                                                                                                          Summerfield subdivision clubhouse,
                                                                                                          2600 Fairfield Bend Drive, San Antonio,
                                                                                                          TX 78231. For more information and
                                                                                                          to RSVP, contact Cathy Rosenthal at

                                                                                                              Sisterhood Wants You!
                                                                                                                Have you been thinking about joining
                                                                                                          Sisterhood but just haven’t gotten around
                                                                                                          to it yet? Well, now’s your chance!
                                                                                                          Membership information will be mailed to
                                                                                                          all women congregants over the summer.
                                                                                                          Please take a few minutes to look it over.
                                                                                                          You’ll see we have many things to offer.
                                                                                                          Debbie Kempler, membership chair, will
    In April, Temple teens participated in a community-wide social action project called                  be happy to answer any questions and
“JServe.” Clean-up at a park and painting spoons for a craft project were among the projects              may be contacted at (210)684-2304 or
in which our teens had the pleasure of participating.                                                     DebbiesClosets@aol.com.
                                                                                                                We rely on our Temple members,
                      Additional 2009                                                                      their friends and family to let us know
                                                                                                           when someone is hospitalized or suffering
                   High School Graduates                                                                   any illness or bereavement. The clergy
                   We congratulate these additional High School Graduates:                                 would also like to hear good news, such
 Graduate                                                          Parents/Guardians                       as celebrating a birth or other simcha.
 Noah Abolafia-Rosenzweig............................ Betty and Mark Abolafia-Rosenzweig                        Since the privacy laws have changed,
 Whitney Allen................................................. Ellen Mandel and Rene and Marty Wender     some local hospitals no longer release
 Dayna Beer..................................................... Allie and Barry Beer and Diane Jimenez    information when we ask for a list of
 Zachary Braha................................................. Pamela and Jacques Braha                   Jewish patients. Methodist Healthcare
 Alisa Dubinski................................................ Cyndee and Steven Dubinski                 does provide names of Jewish patients,
 Rebecca Fischer.............................................. Suzanne and Dr. Jerome Fischer              but even that information is imperfect.
 Jeffrey Franco.................................................. Ilene and Dr. James Franco                    In order to better serve the
 Jake Goldman................................................. Rebecca and Chuck Goldman                   congregation, please share this
 Allison Grossman........................................... Suzanne and Dr. Robert Grossman
 Andrew Grossman.......................................... Suzanne and Dr. Robert Grossman                 information with our clergy by calling Iris
 Carli Hammer.................................................. Jan and Tracy Hammer                       Berman-Smith at 733-9135, extension
 Cameron Harris............................................... Julie and Bill Harris                       106. The patient or immediate family is
 Jessica Hartley................................................ Eugene Hartley                            often not able to make this call, so please
 Alicia Hayden................................................. Elaine Hayden and the late Bob Hayden      let us hear from you.
 Emily Honigblum........................................... Sylvia and Al Honigblum
 Lindsay Kimmell............................................ Ruth Kimmell and Kyle Kimmell                    Become a JCC Maccabi
 Hilary Kustoff................................................. Alli and Danny Kustoff                        Games® Host Family
 Andrew Lara................................................... Denise Lara and Felix Lara
 Matthew Martin.............................................. Nancy Martin and Terrence Martin            This summer 650 Jewish teens will be
 Leonor Narvaez............................................... Marisa Sloan-Narvaez and Jose Narvaez      visiting San Antonio to participate in the
 Mark Pollak..................................................... Lauri and Dr. Richard Pollak            JCC Maccabi Games® Aug. 9-14. All
 Bobby Rubin................................................... Jeanne and Dr. Jay Rubin                  visiting athletes are housed with local
 Stephanea Sotcheff.......................................... Lynda and Morris Roos                       Jewish families who provide a home for
 Sara Straus...................................................... Julie and Joe Straus, III
 Ben Wald......................................................... Drs. Isabel Bass and Peter Wald        the week. The JCC is reaching out to the
                                                                                                          entire San Antonio Jewish community
                                                                                                          to open your hearts and homes to these
                            Bulletin Deadline                                                             athletes. Being a host family is a
                                                                                                          rewarding and unique experience for your
   The deadline for the August Temple Bulletin will be Monday, July 6, at 12:00 noon.
                       All articles and photos must be submitted by that time.                            whole family and it’s a mitzvah too! So,
                      Please note: There will not be a Temple Bulletin in July.                           just say yes when you are approached, or
           Articles must not exceed 250 words. They may be submitted on a CD or by e-mail                 take an even greater step and call
                                        to geri@beth-elsa.org.
                                                                                                          302-6870 to sign up today!
Temple Beth-El Bulletin – June/July 2009                                                                                                Page 7

                 Shirley and Leonard Sterling Leave a Legacy
                         Many Temple             the University of Texas Health Science            future, like Shirley and Leonard Sterling,
                         members may             Center, ElderHostel, Alamo Community              by remembering the Temple in your will.
                         remember Shirley        College District, and many, many others.          Your lasting tribute is your commitment to
                         Sterling (photo at           Shirley and Leonard loved to travel,         survival of our Jewish religion and people.
                         left), of blessed       and, in fact, traveled around the world                The bequest can easily be established
                         memory, pictured        at least 12 times, visiting almost every          by asking your attorney to write a simple
                         above, most             country in the world. They started out            and inexpensive codicil to your will.
                         recently as the soft-   going on B’nai B’rith trips and then got          Your attorney is the best person to advise
                         spoken, friendly        more involved in traveling to see the             you about this. However, you may also
                         lady who attended       Lions’ Clubs around the world. They also          call Rabbi Alan Berlin, our Temple’s
                         Shabbat Services        went to Israel several times. When they           Executive Director, at 733-9135, ext. 118,
                         every week. She         returned from their trips, they frequently        or email aberlin@beth-elsa.org.
                         always had a smile      gave travelogue programs at various
                         on her face and         places (including the Temple and Agudas
was ready with a kind word or two to             Achim.) Their home was a showcase of               Join Interfaith Tour of
whomever stopped to speak with her. She          the ethnic and exotic things they picked up         Israel This October
brought many guests with her to services         on their trips, and Shirley enjoyed wearing
and was proud to introduce them to her           the clothing that she purchased or received             Join Rabbi Samuel and Lynn
faith and to her friends.                        as gifts on their trips. The Sterling              Stahl, Rev. Dr. Buckner and Martha
     Shirley and her husband Leonard,            International Art and Artifact Collection          Fanning, and Michael Fanning, Ph.D.
also of blessed memory, enjoyed life and         is now housed in the Sterling Room of              on the SAN ANTONIO INTERFAITH
believed in giving to their community.           the Mabee Library and the Grossman                 TOUR OF ISRAEL, October
Among the many scholarships and                  International Conference Center at UIW.            25-November 3, 2009.
endowments the Sterlings made                         In an interview before her death,                  The tour includes round-trip
throughout their lives and in their will,        Shirley stated, “I can’t think of any              airfare from San Antonio, one night
they remembered Temple Beth-El. We are           areas more important for the future than           at the Renaissance Hotel in Tel Aviv,
grateful for the endowment received for          education and medical research. It meant           two nights at the Sheraton Tiberias in
our Milton Bendiner Library. The Milton          a lot to Leonard and me to know that the           Tiberias and five nights at the David
Berlinder Fund, now renamed the Leonard          gifts we are able to make will benefit             Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, breakfast
and Shirley Sterling Memorial Library            people for so many years to come. We’re
Fund, will allow current and future              not looking for prominence; we just want           and dinner daily, all sightseeing,
generations to benefit from the volumes,         to leave something to humanity.”                   transfers, porterage, etc.
periodicals, and multimedia found there.              Indeed, Shirley and Leonard Sterling               The cost of the complete tour is
     The Sterlings owned a business that         have left a great legacy to our Temple, to         $3591, per person.
helped people with taxes and small loans,        San Antonio, and to all humanity. May                   Our previous Interfaith trips in
and from their earnings, they were able          their memories be a blessing to us all.            1998 and 2006 were once-in-a-lifetime
to support educational causes in San                  Temple Beth-El is committed to                experiences and we are expecting
Antonio and many other cities around the         preserving the future of our congregation          another fantastic experience! For
nation. They also supported The Lions            for generations to come. Bequests of all           more information, contact Dr. Michael
Clubs, the American Heart Association,           sizes are important sources for the Temple.        Fanning at (210) 710-2345 or mike@
University of the Incarnate Word (UIW),          We encourage you to be a link to the               mikefanning.com.

 Bendiner Library                                the war only to die in an accident with his
                                                 father. Doriel was a child during the war, but
                                                                                                   commentary for study. It includes questions
                                                                                                   as well as interpretations and explanations
      News                                       his parents never spoke to him about their
                                                 experience. He is haunted by their secrets
                                                                                                   for parents and teens.
                                                                                                        A Good Place for the Night by Savyon
     With pirates in the news these days it      and filled with longing, which causes him to      Liebrecht and The Worst Intentions by
was surprising to find a book by Edward          be unable to experience the joys of life. He      Alessandro Piperno are two good novels
Kritzler on Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean.     goes to a psychoanalyst who finds him very        for summer reading. Liebrecht is originally
This takes place at the end of the fifteenth     intriguing and brings him to a crossroads         from New York, but now lives in Israel and
century when the Spanish Inquisition forced      and to a shocking solution.                       is greatly admired for her stories. A Good
many Jews to leave the country. They                   The Search by Eric Heuvel, Ruud van         Place for the Night is made up of seven
went in many directions, with the most           der Rol and Lies Schippers is a graphic           short stories focusing on places, on men and
adventurous among them traveling to the          novel which tells the story of a woman            women physically or emotionally distanced
high seas as outlaws in ships with names         named Esther who visits the Dutch farm            from home. The Worst Intentions tells the
like: The Prophet Samuel, Queen Esther           where she was hidden during WWII. She             story of a Jewish family in which character,
and Shield of Abraham. They attacked and         relates her terrible experience and goes back     Daniel Sonnino, becomes an unlikely hero
plundered the Spanish fleet while forming        to find out what happened to the people who       in this modern saga of personal liberty and
alliances with other European powers to          had helped her and to those who were in           public ritual, love and war, sex and betrayal.
ensure the safety of Jews living in hiding.      hiding with her. Esther tells her friend she           New Jewish Cooking by Jason
Kritzler’s book is filled with high-sea          has always missed her parents but can barely      Prangnell is an exciting new cookbook that
adventures including encounters with             recall their faces. Then her friend remembers     is beautifully illustrated. There are over
the infamous Captain Morgan and other            something…                                        120 cookable recipes that are dairy free
legendary pirates.                                     Genesis-the Book with Seventy Faces,        Kosher recipes featuring both Ashkanazi and
     A Mad Desire to Dance, by Elie              a Guide for the Family by Esther Takac is         Sephardi traditions.
Wiesel is a novel about Doriel, a European       written for adults to read and then share their        I hope you will come to the library this
expatriate living in New York who suffers        thoughts about this part of the Bible with        summer and check out these and many of
from a sense of desperation and loss. His        their children. Each page retells sections        the other titles that are here.
mother, a member of the Resistance survived      of Genesis and incorporates layers of                                          Marlene Reynolds
Page 8                                                                                            Temple Beth-El Bulletin – June/July 2009

  Jewish San Antonio                        Temple Funds Support                                 We Get Letters
       History                                 Haven for Hope
                    Morris Adelman,              The City of San Antonio is engaged               Dear Rabbi Block,
                    of blessed memory,      in an exciting new project to assist our
                    arrived in the United   community’s homeless. Haven for Hope,                  We thank you for your generous gift
                    States from Russia by   the brainchild of former Valero CEO Bill          as a result of your Purim Hunger-Homeless
                    himself when he was     Greehey and former City Council member            Drive— there is so much work to be done
                    13 years old. After     Patti Radle, is rising on the west side of        and without your support, we would be at
                    menial jobs in New      downtown, adjacent to University Hospital         a loss.
                    York and Philadephia,   Downtown.
                    he found his way             The Haven for Hope will include                    SAMMinistries is so thankful for each
                    to Texas, where he      emergency and transitional shelter for
                    became a successful     homeless men, women, and families, but            and every gift we receive, for we know that
merchant in both Franklin and Waco.         it will also provide so much more: regular,       it all comes together to save lives.
Soon after marrying “Flossie,” Morris       nutritious meals; medical, dental, mental
moved his new bride to San Antonio.         health, and eye care; substance abuse                  Please know that we strive to make
    In 1902, Morris established “Morris     treatment; job training, as part of a wide        every penny go towards those who need it
Adelman— Gents’ Furnishings, Hats,          variety of case management and social             the most— our guests and residents. In fact,
and Shoes” on a site next to the San        services; and so much more. Homeless              in our last fiscal year, 83 cents our of every
Fernando Cathedral in downtown San          citizens of San Antonio will find their needs     dollar went directly to our programs. Truly,
Antonio. The store eventually moved         met all at one location. Those who will           we are giving our all so that your gifts can
across the street and stayed in that        not go inside, but whose mental condition         do the most effective work possible and
location until its doors closed in 1989.    requires them to stay outside, will also have
First run by Morris, his sons, Jerry,       a safe place at Haven for Hope.                   make the biggest difference in the lives of
Philip, and Leonard took over upon               Haven for Hope offers a good solution        the people we help and the San Antonio
Morris’ death in 1952, and ran it until     for all of San Antonio. Already, with the         community. May you be blessed for your
closing day.                                opening of the detox and substance abuse          compassion in these tough times!
    Morris Adelman’s descendants            center, and now the health care center built
today who are Temple members are his        with a $7 million grant from Methodist                Shalom,
grandchildren, Cathy Adelman, Frank         Healthcare Ministries, countless sums
Adelman, and Robert Adelman, and his        are being saved at the University Hospital            Navarra R. Williams
great-grandchildren, David Adelman,         Emergency room, as time and space are                 President and CEO
Lisa Adelman and Charles Davidson.          made available for those who truly need               SAMMinistries
                                            emergency care.
                                                 The detox and substance abuse center in
                                            particular has freed up untold hours of police
                                            time. In the past, folks arrested for petty           Dear Rabbi Block,
                                            crimes involving intoxication were taken
                                            to jail and/or to University Hospital, where           On behalf of the Board and staff of
                                            police officers were often required to sit with   MAZON and the hundreds of thousands of
                                            an intoxicated person for up to 18 hours.         people who receive help from the hunger
                                            At Haven for Hope, the police officer may         response organizations we support in
                                            return to the streets in 15 minutes! With so      America and abroad, I send my deepest
                                            many benefits to the homeless and all of our      appreciation to you and your congregation
                                            community, Temple Beth-El is glad to help.
                                                 Leslie Selig Byrd, M. Bernard “Buddy”        for the generous Purim donation. Temple
                                            Gardner, Jr., and Rabbi Block, Trustees           Beth-El’s generosity enables us to keep
                                            of our congregation’s Gilbert and Ruth            the promise of our mission: leading the
                                            Lang Human Endowment Fund, were only              American Jewish community to fulfill our
 Adult Confirmation is                      too pleased to offer a grant toward the           tradition’s obligation to provide food for
                                            construction of the Chapel for Hope, an           the hungry.
   Beginning Soon!                          interfaith place for reflection and worship
       For the second time at Temple        planned at Haven for Hope.                             This meaningful support helps in
 Beth-El, an Adult Confirmation Class is         Also, Rabbi Block and President              multiple ways— from making it possible
 forming, to culminate in a Confirmation    Byrd have directed a grant from our               for food pantries and soup kitchens to
 service on the morning of Shavuot          Temple’s Dunkerley-Smith Scholarship and
                                            Educational Fund toward case management           develop comprehensive supportive services
 5770, Wednesday, May 19, 2010. The                                                           to securing benefits that provide a lifeline
 first 3 classes will be held this summer   services at Haven for Hope, to help those of
                                            our city’s homeless who are able to transition    for the disadvantaged.
 on Wednesdays from 6:15 to 7:30 P.M.       toward home ownership.
 in the Block Conference Center of the           We are grateful for the generosity of            The success of our far-reaching hunger
 Temple, Room A, on the following dates:    Ruth Lang and Louise Dunkerley Smith,             response is directly tied to the confidence
   • June 3                                 both of blessed memory, who provided these        and trust you place in us through your
   • June 17                                funds in years gone by.                           support.
   • August 5                                    We are also proud of our connections
       The classes will be led by Temple    to some of the Haven for Hope leadership.             Thanks again,
                                            Bill Greehey is the father of Temple
 Clergy, and promise to be a rewarding      member Lisa Rosenbloom and grandfather
 experience for all! No registration is     of Emily, Sam, Eliza and Max. Haven for               H. Eric Schockman, Ph.D.
 necessary— your presence is all that is    Hope CEO, Robert Marbut, is the brother of            President
 required. We hope to see you there!        Confirmation Class member Marcy Marbut.               MAZON
Temple Beth-El Bulletin – June/July 2009                                                                                                                        Page 9

                            We Gratefully Acknowledge the
                       Contributions of Our Members and Friends
         Contributions received in the Temple office by Friday, July 3, will appear in the August Temple Bulletin. Contributions received
after July 3 will appear in the September Temple Bulletin. Contributions are welcome to any of our funds at any time. For a list of Temple
funds and their descriptions, go to the Temple website at www.beth-elsa.org/SpecialFunds.htm.
          JULIETTE AND JACK ART                           CANTOR BERLIN’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                              SIDNEY M. LEVYSON MEMORIAL
        MA’ASEH SCHOLARSHIP FUND                               In honor of the 90th birthday of Miriam                          DRAMATICS FUND
     In honor of the special birthday of Miriam          Grossman and in memory of Pearl Abramson by                    Contributions by Sharon and David Adelman,
Grossman and the special recognition of Mary Sue         Idelle and Dr. H. Norman Abramson.                        Rick and Leslie Selig Byrd, Alli and Danny Kustoff,
and Maurie Kern by the Unicorn Center, by Maxine               In honor of the Bat Mitzvah of Emily Jane Lang      and Amy and Sylvan Lang, Jr.
and Dick Zucker.                                         and in appreciation by Amy and Sylvan Lang, Jr.
                                                               In memory of Howard Halff and in appreciation                 AARON AND ROSE MANDEL
   RABBI BLOCK’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                      by Betty Murray Halff and Family.                                      CAMPERSHIP FUND
      In memory of Harry and Bess Trustin by Alice             In honor of the Bat Mitzvah of Idelle Abramson            In memory of Josephine Nathan by Rose Mandel
“Litzie” and COL. Yale “Buzz” Trustin.                   by Elaine and Steve Kovner.                               and Rene Lynn Mandel Wender.
      In memory of Carrol S. Meyer, Sr., Charles               In appreciation for leading Women’s Torah Study           In honor of Barbara Moss for her JFS “Women of
Meyer, Hal Rand, and Edith Mennis by Joyce and           Plus! by Temple Sisterhood.                               Inspiration” award and in memory of Henrietta Blend
Carrol Meyer.                                                                                                      by Betsy and Lee Rosenberg.
      In honor of the Day of Liberation - May 8, 1945     EDUCATION DIRECTOR’S DISCRETIONARY
by Edith Weiss Newhouse.                                                 FUND                                                    MEMORIAL FUND
      In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of David Spezia-             In appreciation for leading Women’s Torah Study             (TEMPLE IMPROVEMENT FUND)
Lindner and in appreciation by Drs. Catherine Spezia     Plus! by Temple Sisterhood.                                    In memory of Hertzel Finesilver and Howard
and Michael Lindner.                                                                                               Halff by Suzy Finesilver.
      In memory of Edna Stark by Dr. Melvin Cohen.                        FINE ARTS FUND                                In memory of Ethyline Friedman by Mark
      In memory of Elsa and Mike Weiss by Anna                 In honor of the birthdays of Elsa Barshop and       Friedman.
Rado.                                                    Elliott Cohen and the anniversary of Roxana and
                                                         Jerry Kelfer, by Sylvia and Dr. Hugh Wolff.                    In memory of Hertzel Finesilver by Lynn
      In memory of Fay Sinkin and in appreciation by                                                               Finesilver Crystal and Family.
Bill Sinkin.                                                   In memory of Dr. Randolph V. Seligman by
      In honor of the Bat Mitzvah of Emily Jane Lang     Rose and MGen. Abe Dreiseszun.
                                                                                                                               FRED AND ERNA MILLER
and in appreciation by Amy and Sylvan Lang, Jr.                In honor of the anniversary of Roxana and Jerry                RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND
      In memory of Howard Halff and in appreciation      Kelfer by Harriet and Sam Neuman.                             In honor of the B’not Mitzvah of Emily Lang and
by Betty Murray Halff and family.                                                                                  Rachel Wulfe by Teresa Parker.
      In memory of my beloved husband, Marvin            JOSEPH, ROSE, MYRON AND NORMAN FINK
Polunsky, the love of my life, by Anne Polunsky.                  MEMORIAL LOAN FUND
                                                                                                                       RENEE AND KURT POMPER FUND FOR
      In memory of Marvin Polunsky by Anita Davis.           In honor of the special birthday of Miriam                    SENIOR TRANSPORTATION
      In memory of Linda Pearle and in appreciation      Grossman by Emily and Rob Kaufman.                            In memory of Linda Pearle by Barbara and Jeff
by Debbi and Ben Mandel.                                                                                           Moss.
                                                                   GENERAL OPERATING FUND
      In honor of the B’rit Milah of Hayden David
Hernandez and in appreciation by Jessica Roitberg-             In memory of our mother, Maria Joachim Bleck,               MARY SCHARLACK MEMORIAL
Hernandez and Joe Hernandez.                             by Brigitte Mayo and Lydia Graham.                                  JEWISH GROWTH FUND
      In honor of Chris and Carl Brown’s                       In honor of the birthdays of Hilton Goldman,             In honor of Elaine Cohen, Bernice Mazer, and
reconfirmation of wedding vows by Elaine and Steve       Helen Jacobson, Dr. Lewis Richmond, and Jo Ann            Barbara Moss, the birthdays of Miriam Grossman
Kovner.                                                  Wigodsky, and the anniversaries of Idelle and Dr. H.      and Steve Cohen, and in memory of Jeanne Mathews,
      In appreciation by The Church of Reconciliation.   Norman Abramson and Jolene and Dr. Steven Davis,          Bob Alyn, Herbert Davis, Howard Halff, and Itta
      In memory of Alvin Berler and in appreciation by   and in memory of Hana Pomerantz, by Bonnie Reed
                                                         and Stu Schlossberg.                                      Lenowitz by Esther and Harold Vexler.
Arlene and Dr. James Berler.
      In honor of the special birthday of Devan Guller         In memory of Goldye Pearlstone by Judy and                    TEMPLE ENDOWMENT FUND
and in appreciation by Vicki and Scott Guller.           Seymour Palans.                                                In honor of the birthday of Dr. Hugh Wolff by
                                                               In memory of Alvin B. Berler by Helma and           Chickie and Leo Rose.
           RABBI BERGMAN VANN’S                          Edward Ackerman, Mary Helen Tassos.
            DISCRETIONARY FUND                                 In memory of Howard Halff by Elliott Cohen,                 ESTHER AND HAROLD VEXLER
      In honor of the Bat Mitzvah of Emily Jane Lang     Gloria Galt, Reverend and Mrs. Raymond Judd, and                      PRAYERBOOK FUND
and in appreciation by Amy and Sylvan Lang, Jr.          Jack and Laura Richmond.                                        In honor of Joshua Ryan Mooy Fink by Betty
      In memory of Jim Greenfield by Suzann and                In memory of Jean Katz Ladensohn by Elliott         Mooy-Fink and Jon Fink.
Hank Madeley.                                            Cohen and Bill Goodman.                                         In honor of Samuel Grey Metersky by Sara Jane
      In honor of the Bat Mitzvah of Suzie Raufman by          In memory of Regina Belasco by Peggy and            and Dr. John Metersky.
Elaine and Steve Kovner.                                 Marvin Belasco.                                                 In honor of Olivia Rose Viroslav and Evan
      In appreciation for leading Women’s Torah Study          Contributions by Jessica and Gilbert Casares, the
                                                         Mind Science Foundation, and Amy and Sylvan Lang,         Nathaniel Viroslav by Drs. Alice and SergioViroslav.
Plus! by Temple Sisterhood.                                                                                              In honor of Julia Barbara Singer and Joshua
      In memory of Hilde Heimlich by Emine and           Jr.
                                                               In honor of the birthday of Dr. Richard Wayne       Jules Singer by Maggie and Michael Singer.
Maurice Simon.                                                                                                           In honor of Jonathan Reichman by Liz and
      In memory of Mervyn Gregory by Caryl               by Sylvia and Dr. Hugh Wolff.
Shander.                                                                                                           Itzhak Reichman.
                                                                   RABBI MARK S. GOODMAN                                 In honor of Joshua Bobo by Debbie Coben and
   RABBI STAHL’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                               YOUTH DEVELOPMENT FUND                           George Jelinek.
      In honor of the birthdays of Bobby and Gail             In memory of Rabbi Mark S. Goodman and                     In honor of James Warman by Kati and Dr. Jeff
Gurwitz by Leslie and Dr. Jonathan Tramer.               John Taber and in honor of the birthday of Sheila         Warman.
      In honor of the Day of Liberation - May 8, 1945,   Judis Weisberg by Ilene Goodwoman and Bob                       In honor of Lily Nicole Fisher by Toni and Dr.
by Edith Weiss Newhouse.                                 Wagoner.                                                  Peter Fisher.
      In honor of the birthdays of Elsa Barshop, Jason                                                                   In honor of Sarah Elena Downing by Dr. Debra
                                                                    JACOBSON GARDEN FUND
Chozick, Elliott Cohen, and Dr. Hugh Wolff, the                                                                    Morrow and Dwight Downing.
                                                              In memory of Jeanette Grossman and Sharlene
anniversary of Loretta and Jim Patterson, the Bat                                                                        In honor of Alexander Levine by Rebecca and
                                                         Robin by Sanford A. Grossman.
Mitzvah of Emily Lang, for the recovery of Glenda                                                                  Bill Levine.
                                                              In honor of the birthday of Helen Jacobson by
Woods, and in memory of Howard Halff and Jeanne                                                                          In honor of Ruthanna Rubin by Sherril and Joe
                                                         Cathy and Elie Guggenheim.
Mathews, by Jeannie and Alvin Frieden.                                                                             Rubin.
      In memory of Fay Sinkin and in appreciation by              DAVID AND HELEN JACOBSON
Bill Sinkin.                                                          SCHOLARSHIP FUND                                        OSIAS AND BEULAH WOLF
      In memory of Walter C. Wolff, Sr. by Sondra and         In honor of the birthday of Miriam Grossman by                 “FEED THE HUNGRY” FUND
Walter Wolff, Jr.                                        Jean Singer.                                                   In honor of the birthday of Miriam Grossman by
      In honor of the naming of Riana Farrah Pliskin                                                               Elaine Frank.
and in appreciation by Greta and Alexander Pliskin.             LANDSMAN FAMILY RELIEF FUND                             In memory of Howard A. Halff by Harriet and
      In memory of Muniz Levcovitz by Rozalia                In memory of Alvin Berler, John Huff, and             David Wolf.
Ravitsky and Marianna and Max Strongin.                  Howard Halff by Martha Landsman.
      In memory of Herman Shultz by Myra and Dr.
Arthur Bahme.
    Temple Telephone: (210) 733-9135                                                                                   August Bulletin Deadline:
                                                                                                                                                                                    Page 10

          FAX: (210) 737-8946
                                                            June 2009                                                    July 6, at 12:00 Noon
      Email: temple@beth-elsa.org                     Temple Beth-El Monthly Planner
         Sunday                      Monday       Tuesday             Wednesday                 Thursday                        Friday                        Saturday
                                                                                                           12:00 Noon Brotherhood “First Friday Lunch”
                                 1            2                   3                            4         5  at Grady’s BBQ.                              6 9:00 AM Introduction
                                                                                                                                                           to Judaism.
                                              7:30 PM Board of    6:15 PM Adult Confirmation              6:15 PM Kabbalat Shabbat in the Barshop         9:15 AM Shabbat Torah
Have a                                        Trustees Meeting.   Class.                                 Auditorium.                                     Study with Rabbi Bergman
                                                                  7:00 PM “A Taste Of                    6:30 PM Wulfe Sanctuary Service with Rabbi      Vann.
                                                                  Judaism” with Rabbi Stahl.             Block and Cantor Berlin. Rabbi Block: “The      10:30 AM Shabbat Service
Cool                                                                                                     2009 Texas Legislature: A Religious             with Rabbi Bergman Vann
                                                                                                         Report Card.”                                   & Cantor Berlin.
Summer!                                                                                                  Hockersmith Bar Mitzvah.                        Hockersmith Bar Mitzvah.
                                                                                                         6:30 PM Barshop Auditorium Service with
                                                                                                         Rabbi Bergman Vann.

                                                                                                                   6:15 PM                            9:15
7                                8            9                   10                           11                          Auditorium.                      Study with
                                                                                                                12 Barshop Kabbalat Shabbat in the 13 TorahAM Shabbat
                                                                                               7:00 PM          6:30 PM Barshop Auditorium Service       Cantor Berlin.
                                                                                               Temple           with Cantor Berlin and Shlihot Tzibbur   10:30 AM Shabbat Service
                                                                                               Beth-El          Idelle Abramson, Rachel Walsh, Dr.       with Rabbi Block &
                                                                                               Annual           Roxanne Henkin, and Mary Lou             Cantor Berlin.
                                                                                               Meeting.         Daugherty, with full choir.              10:30 AM Shabbat Service
                                                                                                                6:30 PM Wulfe Sanctuary Service with     at Golden Estates with
                                                                                                                Rabbi Bergman Vann.                      Rabbi Bergman Vann.
                                                                                                                7:00 PM TOT Shabbat with Rabbi Block.

                                                                                                                           6:15                      9:15
14 Flag Day                      15           16                  17                           18                          in    Barshop Auditorium.      Study with
                                                                                                                      19PMthePM Kabbalat Shabbat 20 TorahAM Shabbat
GFC Session 1 & Bonim A begin.                                    6:15 PM Adult Confirmation                           6:30    Barshop Auditorium         Rabbi Bergman Vann.
                                                                  Class.                                              Service with Cantor Berlin and     10:30 AM Shabbat Service
                                                                                                                      Shlihot Tzibbur Sharon Miller,     with Rabbi Bergman Vann.
                                                                                                                      Gracie Rogers, and Sylvia          7:30 PM Sisterhood Rosh
                                                                                                                      Millette.                          Hodesh Hand Drumming
                                                                                                                      6:30 PM Wulfe Sanctuary            circle at Summerfield
                                                                                                                      Service with Rabbi Bergman         clubhouse.

                                                                                                                     6:15 PM Kabbalat Shabbat in the
21 Father’s Day                  22           23                  24                           25                    Barshop Auditorium.                              28
                                                                                                                26PM Barshop Auditorium Service 27
                                                                                                                                                         9:15 AM Shabbat Torah
10:30 AM – 2:30 PM Security at                                                                                  with Rabbi Block.                        Study with Rabbi Bergman
both Temple cemeteries.                                                                                         6:30 PM Wulfe Sanctuary Service with     Vann.
                                                                                                                Shlihei Tzibbur Suzanne Raufman,         10:30 AM Shabbat Service
                                                                                                                Daniel Vela, and Ruth Malinas.           with Rabbi Block.
                                                                                                                8:00 PM Shabbat After 6:30 group goes
                                                                                                                to La Posada del Rey for dinner &
                                                                                                                “Tacos & Torah: Are You Shomer
                                                                                                                Shabbat?” with Rabbi Block.
                                                                                                                GFC Bonim A ends.

28                               29           30
3:00 PM JFS Annual Meeting
                                                                                                                JFS Annual Meeting
honoring Buddy Gardner in the                                                         Sunday, June 28, at 3:00 P.M. in the Holzman Auditorium at the
Holzman Auditorium at the JCC.                                                        Jewish Community Campus. Temple Beth-El member Buddy
GFC Bonim B begins.                                                                   Gardner will be honored for all his hard work as a volunteer for
                                                                                      JFS. Watch for details in an upcoming email!
                                                                                                                                                                                    Temple Beth-El Bulletin – June/July 2009
    Temple Telephone: (210) 733-9135                                                                        August Bulletin Deadline:
          FAX: (210) 737-8946
                                                                    July 2009                                 July 6, at 12:00 Noon
      Email: temple@beth-elsa.org                           Temple Beth-El Monthly Planner
         Sunday                      Monday              Tuesday             Wednesday           Thursday             Friday                       Saturday
                                                                                                               6:30 PM        Forces
                                                                         1                       2                     in the
                                                                                                             3 Shabbat ArmedWulfe             4 Independence Day
                           Temple Beth-El                                                                   Sanctuary with Rabbi Bergman      9:15 AM Shabbat Torah
                                                                                                            Vann and Cantor Berlin. COL       Study with Rabbi Bergman
                             Recycles!                                                                      Sandra Adams will speak on “My    Vann.
                   We now have our own paper recycling                                                      Recent Experience Serving in      10:30 AM Shabbat Service
                                                                                                            Afghanistan.”                     with Rabbi Bergman Vann
                   dumpster on the Courtland side of the                                                                                      & Cantor Berlin.
                                                                                                            NOTE: There is only one service
                   Temple! Bring your newspapers, office
                                                                                                            this evening.
                   paper, magazines, and mail!
                                                                                                                                                                         Temple Beth-El Bulletin – June/July 2009

                                                                                                               6:15                         9:15
5                                6                   7                   8                       9                    Barshop Auditorium.         Study with
                                                                                                            10 in thePM Kabbalat Shabbat 11 TorahAM Shabbat
                                 12 Noon August      7:00 PM Board of    GFC Session 1 & Bonim              6:30 PM Barshop Auditorium        Rabbi Block.
                                 Temple Newsletter   Trustees Meeting.   B end.                             Service with Shlihei Tzibbur      10:30 AM Shabbat Service
                                 deadline.                                                                  Daniel Laser, Bill Goodman, and   with Rabbi Block.
                                                                                                            Dr. Dan Rosenthal.                10:30 AM Shabbat Service
                                                                                                            6:30 PM Wulfe Sanctuary           at Golden Estates with
                                                                                                            Service with Rabbi Block.         Cantor Berlin.
                                                                                                            7:00 PM TOT Shabbat with
                                                                                                            Cantor Berlin.

                                                                                                                 6:15                      9:15
12                               13                  14                  15                      16              in    Barshop Auditorium.      Study with
                                                                                                            17PMthePM Kabbalat Shabbat 18 TorahAM Shabbat
                                                                                                            6:30    Barshop Auditorium        Cantor Berlin.
GFC Session 2 & Bonim C begin.                                                                              service with Cantor Berlin and    10:30 AM Shabbat Service
                                                                                                            Shlihot Tzibbur Teresa Parker,    with Cantor Berlin.
                                                                                                            Dr. Debra Morrow, and Ina
                                                                                                            6:30 PM Wulfe Sanctuary
                                                                                                            Service with Rabbi Block.

19                               20                  21                  22                      23              in    Barshop Auditorium. Torah Study with
                                                                                                            24PM thePM Kabbalat Shabbat 25 9:15 AM Shabbat
                                                                                                            6:30    Barshop Auditorium        Rabbi Bergman Vann.
                                                                                                            service with Shlihei Tzibbur Beth 10:30 AM Shabbat Service
                                                                                                            Keough, Miranda Sutin, and        with Rabbi Bergman Vann.
                                                                                                            David Rubenstein.
                                                                                                            6:30 PM Wulfe Sanctuary
                                                                                                            Service with Rabbi Bergman Vann.

                                                                                                            GFC Bonim C ends.

26                               27           28 28                      29                      30                   Barshop Auditorium.  Torah Study with
                                                                                                            31 in thePM Kabbalat Shabbat 1 9:15 AM ShabbatRabbi
GFC Bonim D begins.                                                                                         6:30 PM Barshop Auditorium        Block.
                                                                                                            service with Rabbi Bergman        10:30 AM Shabbat Service
                                                                                                            Vann.                             with Rabbi Bergman Vann
                                                                                                            6:30 PM Wulfe Sanctuary           & Cantor Berlin.
                                                                                                            Service with Rabbi Block and      Stein Bar Mitzvah.
                                                                                                            Cantor Berlin. Rabbi Block will
                                                                                                            speak on, “Beyond Translation:
                                                                                                            Changes to the Shema in
                                                                                                            Mishkan T’filah.”
                                                                                                            Stein Bar Mitzvah.                             August
                                                                                                                                                                         Page 11
                      Rabbis                                    Temple Beth-El Bulletin
                 Barry H. D. Block
               Allison Bergman Vann                             211 Belknap Place
           Dr. Samuel M. Stahl, Emeritus                        San Antonio, Texas 78212
                      Cantor                                    Phone 733-9135
                     Julie Berlin
                Professional Staff
         Rabbi Alan Berlin, Executive Director
       Teresa Parker, R.J.E., Education Director
              Jean White, Music Director
 Iris Berman-Smith, Clergy & Cemetery Administrator
      Geri Gregory, Member Services Coordinator

        Michael D. Kung, Facilities Manager
            Michael Ringel, Controller
          Jean Kolovson, Youth Director
            Leslie Selig Byrd, President
       Steven A. Rubin, Senior Vice President
        Dr. Melvin L. Cohen, Vice President
           Bill Goodman, Vice President
           Barbara Moss, Vice President
            Michael Swanson, Treasurer
         Hattie Lee Gleichenhaus, Secretary
       Greg Gonzalez, Brotherhood President
         Amy Wulfe, Sisterhood President
        Whitney Rogers, SAFTY President
          Candy Gardner, Bulletin Editor

                                           Mission Statement of Congregation Beth-El
  The mission of Congregation Beth-El is to provide a place and the means for its congregants to worship God in the traditions of Reform
  Judaism, to study Judaism, to gather together to form a religious community, to sanctify special moments in the life-cycle and the calendar
  cycle, to perform deeds of caring, compassion and philanthropy, to foster an understanding of Judaism within and beyond the congregation,
  and to acquire the knowledge, skill and desire to live as learned and committed Jews, thereby ensuring Jewish continuity.

“Mazel Tov and Thank You” – Message from the Temple President
                               As I often have        Each of us is commanded to ensure the vitality        Although always eager and willing, our staff
                               the opportunity        of our sacred institution for years to come.          and our community would greatly benefit
                               to express “mazel      Undoubtedly, the greatest challenge we now            from increased volunteer participation.
                               tovs” and “thank       face is the decline in the national and world         Please volunteer your time and talents. What
                               yous” during my        economy. This has significantly adversely             a wonderful opportunity to build a closer
                               weekly Shabbat         affected each of our own, and the congregation’s,     connection to your sacred community.
                               announcements,         financial strength. We as a congregation are now           So to Rabbi Block, Rabbi Bergman Vann,
                               I now want to          struggling to make ends meet.                         Cantor Berlin, Teresa Parker and our entire staff,
                               express my pride             What can we do? What should we do?              Kol Simcha (volunteer choir), Shlihei Tzibbur
                               and my gratitude       With great pride, we can look to the example          (lay worship leaders), Religious and Hebrew
                               to the entire          and leadership of our beloved clergy. Rabbi           School teachers, my fellow Temple officers,
                               congregation for       Block, Rabbi Bergman Vann, and Cantor Berlin          Board members, Past Presidents, Sisterhood,
                               the opportunity        each have generously donated 5% of their 2009         Brotherhood, Committee chairs, Committee
                               to serve as your       annual compensation to Temple. Yes, our first         members and other volunteers, and to Steve
                               President these        gifts for this fiscal year come from our clergy.      Rubin and our future leaders, with friendship
past two years. Thanks to all of you who              By their significant personal sacrifice, our          and humility, I thank you for your devotion and
provided support, hard work and wisdom.               clergy are challenging each of us to step up          assistance during the past two years and in the
And mazel tov on our achievements during the          and evaluate our priorities. Please make the          future. You are the reason Temple Beth-El is
past two years— they are those of our entire          financial well being of Temple Beth-El one of         truly an exceptional and sacred community.
congregation, joining together in sacred efforts      your priorities. Our entire Temple staff also has          I can think of no greater honor than serving
on behalf of Temple Beth-El.                          voiced their support by sacrificing this fiscal       as President of this congregation. What a
      As I reflect on my term as President, I am      year’s salary increases. Our staff and leadership     privilege and awesome experience it has been.
reminded of the importance of community,              have joined together to further reduce expenses       Your warm “Shabbat Shaloms” every Friday
mitzvot and the very institution of our Temple.       by some $125,000. Yet, this is not enough! Now        evening kept me energized and enthused.
We are a congregation of lively and at times,         is the time for all us to follow the lead of Rabbis   Thank you for stepping up to lead, volunteer,
divergent views. Yet, our ability to listen to and    Block and Bergman Vann and Cantor Berlin,             teach, sing, learn and engage in so many acts
respect all views, and to compromise, is what         and to renew our commitment to the financial          of kindness. I so appreciate your permitting
makes Temple Beth-El a sacred and welcoming           strength of our Temple. Ensuring the vitality of      me to share in your families’ simchas. I hope
community. Our love for Temple Beth-El, our           Temple Beth-El for generations to come is the         you will continue to make the Temple a sacred,
community and Judaism is our common bond,             sacred obligation of our generation. Please give      welcoming community and to make the Temple
the glue that binds our diverse congregation          generously.                                           one of your priorities.
together.                                                   As a result of these reductions, our                                             Leslie Selig Byrd
      We all care deeply for Temple Beth-El.          dedicated staff is expected to do much more.

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