Blueberry Blues

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					Blueberry Blues
 A Case Study and Collection by
          Jilly Buerck
         Amy Kimbrell
        Sarah Schubert
A. Sam’s Story
B. Howard’s Story
     1. Geologic Time/Coevolution
     2. Bye-Bye Bees
C. Betsey’s Story
     1. BeeVisit
     2. Why the Sneeze?
     3. Pollen Viewer
     4. Flower Parts
     5. Pollen Collection
Blueberry blues: Part a
  Sam is a truck driver for Kimbrell Distribution and one day
  he was driving north on I-70 to his destination of Maine to
  assist farmers with their blueberry crop. He was drinking
  lots of coffee as it was 5:00 A.M. on an April morning and
  had just started his journey. As he was driving, he noticed
  the traffic slowing as he neared St. Louis and wondered to
  himself, “Is there a wreck ahead?” Knowing he was on a
  strict schedule, he began to wonder if he could make a
  short cut by driving on the shoulder of I-70 to
    the nearest off ramp to take a different route.
       Sam made the difficult and dangerous decision to
          drive on the interstate shoulder, but it became a bad
     decision very quickly. As he drove his 18-wheeler on the
  shoulder, he soon realized he did not have enough room.
     Blueberry blues
“I’m not going to make it” he whispered to himself and as
if he could see the future, his 18-wheeler began to
wobble on the loose gravel on the shoulder. He slammed
on his brakes, which did not help the situation. His truck
tipped over and the back doors sprang open scattering
his cargo. He realized then that his cargo was on the
Luckily, Sam was wearing his seat belt and got out
safely only to be devastated by the scene before him….
     Blueberry blues
     questions: part a
1. Speculate what Sam’s cargo is.
2. How might his cargo be helpful to a blueberry
3. What are the clues that helped you make your
4. What do you know about blueberries?
Blueberry blues: part b
  Howard woke up to the ringing of the telephone. “Can
  you come and help us out?” cried an agitated voice. “We
  are at the scene of an accident and your expertise is
  Howard raced to the closet and put on his loosely fitting
  white body suit that covered him from head to toe. He
  finished dressing by putting on his mesh face cover so
  that no skin was exposed. He grabbed his stainless steel
  smoker that was needed to calm the cargo and headed
      out the door to the scene.

  1. Re-evaluate the previous questions
Blueberry blues: part B
   Howard the beekeeper arrived at the scene of the
   accident about 45 minutes later. Already on the scene
   were some policemen and firemen that closed down the
   “Thanks for coming”, said Officer Donaldson.”The bees
   are everywhere. The truck was carrying the bees to
   Maine to help with the blueberry crop”
   Howard assessed the situation and realized he had his
   work cut out for him.
 •    1. What is the connection between bees and
      2. Why are they transporting bees to Maine? Why
          don’t they use their own local bees in Maine?
      3. What is the purpose of the bee smoker?
Blueberry blues: Part c
 After catching his breath from the startling morning, Sam
 decided he needed to call Betsey Lou, the blueberry farmer,
 to inform her of the accident. After talking to Sam, Betsey Lou
 sat down at the kitchen table perplexed with her dilemma
 knowing the truck load of bees she needed for pollination of
 her blueberries may not arrive in time. She knew that the
 other pollinators already in the area were not as effective as
 the honey bees, so she became very nervous. “Achoo” she
 sneezed “that darn Ambrosia artemisiifolia ”
    1. What is making Betsey Lou sneeze?
           2. What types of things make you sneeze?
            3. Why are the honey bees better pollinators for
          4. What is pollen?
       5. Describe the process of pollination
     6. Does every plant produce pollen at the same time?
 7. How can Betsey be certain she is sneezing because of Ambrosia?
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Future direction/ideas
• Students/Teacher could find Data concerning bee
  populations that allows students to graph
• Students can write a conclusion to the Blueberry Blues
  story with what they have learned about pollination and
• Interview the following:

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