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									DIAGNOSE yourself by your FINGERNAILS!

Fingernails - Diagnostic Tool

What Your Fingernails Can Reveal About Your Health

In Traditional Chinese medicine, examination of parts of the body, such as the tongue or
fingernails, can provide valuable information about the health status of the whole
individual. According to a venerated Chinese medical text, "If something happens in the
interior of the body, it must be reflected in the exterior of the body."

The Fingernail Picture of Health. Colors, shapes, configurations and distortions in the
general shapes of the fingernails can indicate a great deal about an individual's health -
provided you know how to read the signs, according to traditional Chinese Medicine.

While fingernail analysis is a complex and richly detailed diagnostic art, taking into
account shape, size, color, appearance, and strength, practitioners Zong Xiao-fan and
Gary Liscum, authors of Chinese Medical Palmistry (Blue Poppy Press, 1995) offer the
following self-help guidelines.

White Fingernails: When the fingernail appears pale, white, and without luster, this can
indicate anernia, or what acupuncturists call "blood vacuity." This denotes a lack of
vitality and life force in the blood associated with specific organs, and sometimes literally
a shortage of blood.

White, waxy fingernails can also indicate ulcerative bleeding or the presence of
hookworm or other parasitic infestation, which produces a chronic loss of blood. Tiny
white speckles appearing under the fingernails suggest a possible deficiency of calcium
or zinc, the-activity of internal parasites, chronic constipation, or a state of fatigue. A
single horizontal white line crossing the nail is typically associated with lead or arsenic

Abnormal Nail Arc Shadows: The little white crescent at the base of each fingernail is
known as a nail-arc shadow or "health circle." In a healthy person, each fingernail has a
well-proportioned arc; arcs indicate not only one's general physical condition but the state
of the cardiovascular function.

If the arcs are unusually large or asymmetrical, this may indicate high blood pressure; if
one or more arcs are missing (out of the ten fingernails), this may suggest an imbalance
in the nervous system or anemia. The arcs may become obscured and hard to see
following a stroke, but they may also become small or obscured if there is gastrointestinal
disease or ulcer, asthma, acute pneumonia, or gout.

Fingernails With Grooves: Grooves or dips that cross the nail horizontally indicate a
recent health problem or emotional or nutritional disturbance. The presence of more than
one recessed groove can point to parasites in the intestines and/or a chronic weakness in
intestinal function.

If there is a groove on the index finger, this often highlights a tendency to develop skin
disease. A groove on the ring finger is associated with eye problems, bronchitis, or
respiratory disease; on the middle finger, with a loss of muscular strength; on the little
finger, with problems in the throat, nerves, or gallbladder. A groove on the thumb points
to a low level of basic life force.

Distortions In Fingernail Shape: When the fingernail appears to lie level across the skin
without a curve, "1ike a flat sheet sticking to the fingertip," state Zong and Liscum, this
usually connotes a low disease resistance and a state of physical weakness, especially
after frequent illnesses.

A fingernail with a thin weak middle section and creases running lengthwise along the
nail body can indicate a parasitic infestation, a calcium deficiency, or anemia. A short,
square shape to the nail often reflects a person who is impatient and potentially subject to
heart disease; this, is especially so if the health circles are small or missing on the same

Specific Health Problem Indications: A tendency to develop high blood pressure (and/or
its actual presence) is indicated when the left index fingernail is light red, dumbbell
shaped, and has a vertical mark in its center. A crescent shape in the lower-right comer of
the left ring fingernail often points to uterine fibroids; a light red or purplish red, oval,
crescent, or strip-shaped fingernail is an accompanying indicator.

Problems with the prostate (such as chronic prostatitis, or enlargement) are connoted by a
dumbbell shape in the central portion of the left ring fingernail; the nail may also be light
red or purplish red in color. Diabetes may be present if there is a round dot on the left
middle fingernail and the fingernail is white.
Source: Alternative Medicine, Issue 26. -Mariann Cade
This is what we learned about fingernail markings in the "Nutrition" class at CNHP

(On the thumbnail, 25% of the nail bed should be covered by a moon. This means that
your calcium intake is good. (The moons should decrease in size a little on the next 3
fingers. (If no moons appear, or you only have small moons, your parathyroid glands are
not sending the calcium to where it needs to go in the body. (A red haze over the moons
indicate circulatory weakness. (The pinky finger should have no moon. If it does, check
the heart.

(Vertical ridges indicate digestion weakness. (Horizontal ridges indicate stress. (White
dots or lines indicate zinc deficiency. (Vertical black lines at the top of the thumbnail
indicate heavy metal toxicity. (Peeling top layers of the nail indicate liver weakness.
(Really thick nails indicate yeast.
(If you put your hand flat on the table, spread the fingers out, and nails turn white, that
would indicate anemia. (All these markings can appear on toenails as well as fingernails.)
-Carol Matz
Nails as Diagnostic Tool

(Editors Note: The source of this information is unknown and information herein is
unsubstanciated per Randi Scott)
Reading your Nails
Nail changes may signify a number of disorders elsewhere in the body. These changes
may indicate illness even before the rest of the body does. Seek medical attention if any
of the following symptoms are suspected.)

--Thick nails may indicate that the vascular system is weakening and the blood is not
circulating properly. (Editors Note: It can also indicate Candida)
--Lengthwise grooves or ridges may indicate a kidney disorder and is associated with
aging. An iron deficiency may also cause ridges.
--If the white moon area of the nail turns red, it may indicate heart problems; if it turns
slate blue, then it indicates over exposure to silver or lung trouble.
--Brittle nails signify possible iron deficiency and thyroid problems, impaired kidney
function, and circulation problems.
--Flat nails can denote Raynaud¹s disease.
--Yellow nails can indicate internal disorders long before other symptoms appear. Some
of these are problems with the lymphatic system, respiratory disorders, diabetes, and liver
--White nails indicate possible liver or kidney disorder/or anemia.
--Dark nails and/or thin, flat, spoon shaped nails are a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency or
--Deep blue nail beds show pulmonary obstruction such as asthma or emphysema.
--Nail beading is a sign of rheumatoid arthritis.
--Yellow nails can indicate internal disorder before other symptoms appear. Some of
these are problems with the lymphatic system, respiratory disorders, diabetes, and liver
--White nails indicate possible liver or kidney disorders, soft, shiny nails without a moon
may indicate an overactive thyroid.
--White lines across the nail may indicate a liver disease.
--Thinning nails may signal an itchy skin disease (lichen planus).
--Nails separated from the nail bed may signify a thyroid disorder.
--A half white nail with dark spots on the tip points out a possible kidney disease.
--Raised nails at the base with small white ends show a respiratory disorder such as
emphysema or chronic bronchitis. This nail condition may also be hereditary.
--Red skin at the bottom of the nail may indicate a connective tissue disorder.
--Ridges can signify a possible infection such as the flu.
--Downward curved nail ends may denote heart, liver, or respiratory problems.
--White lines show possible heart disease, high fever, or arsenic poisoning.
--Ridges running up and down the nails indicate a tendency to develop arthritis.
--Nails that resemble hammered brass indicate a tendency toward partial or total hair loss.
--Unusually wide, square nails can suggest a hormonal problems and frayed and split
ends indicate psoriasis; vitamin C, folic acid, and protein are needed.
--Nails that chip, peel, crack, or break easily show a nutritional deficiency and
insufficient hydrochloric acid and protein. Minerals are also needed.
--White nails with pink near the tips are a sign of cirrhosis. -Randi A. Scott, RNC
Finger (and toe) Nails
General Weakness / Splitting
Nutritional deficiencies from poor digestion of proteins and/or minerals may produce
general weakness of nails. A lack of stomach acid can produce both of these deficiencies.
Note that antacids (also see below) directly interfere with absorption of mineral nutrients.

Vegetarians who eat inadequate amounts of protein may experience general weakness of

Brittle Nails / Easy Tearing
A deficiency of calcium may contribute to brittle nails.
A deficiency of essential fatty acids may contribute to brittle nails.
A deficiency of iron may contribute to brittle nails with a tendency to tear crosswise.
A deficiency of zinc may contribute to brittle nails.
Supplemental vitamin A is recommended.

Vitamin A Caution: Women who may become pregnant should not use more than 10,000
IU/day to avoid the potential for birth defects. Long-term use of doses greater than
50,000 IU/day may become toxic for adults and should be used only with the supervision
of a health professional. Consider substituting beta-carotene for long-term use.

An excess of selenium may contribute to brittle and thickened nails.

Herbs which are high in the mineral silica are often helpful in strengthening hair and
nails. Silica is found in the highest concentrations in the plants that grow tall and straight
with the ability to bend in the wind without breaking.

Oat straw
Nature's Sunshine HSN-W is a high-silica hair, skin and nails formula.

Pink Half Moons
Treat bowel for Candida infection. See Candidiasis.

Fungal Infections in Nails
Treat with anti-fungal chemicals including aromatic oils, especially Tea Tree Oil.
continue applications several times a day for longer than it takes the old infection to grow
out. Treat bowel for Candida infection. See Candidiasis.
Lengthwise (Vertical) Ridges
A deficiency of calcium may contribute to lengthwise ridges.
A deficiency of stomach acid may contribute to ridges. Stomach acid is required for
absorption of nutrients, especially minerals such as calcium.
Reduced liver function may contribute to lengthwise ridges. See Liver Support
Fingernails Curve Up
I work with a lady whose fingernails turn completely up. She would be very interested in
something that would help her nails be more normal. She said they have always been that
way. -Barbara Sikes
Fingernails curving up is called Koilonychia or "spooning." Spooning can be an
indication of anemia and a deficiency of iron may contribute to spooning with ridging,
brittleness, thinness and lack of luster. Also a deficiency of Chromium may contribute to
spooning of nails. Finally, a deficiency of Vitamin C may contribute to spooning and
other alterations of nails as a symptom of scurvy. Additional information on diagnosing
from examining the finger nails, see my CD-ROM or view the page at
www.herbaldave.com/Health_Problems/Finger_Nails.htm . -Herbal Dave
Fingernails that curve up can indicate that she isn't getting enough protein; either not
eating enough or not digesting it properly. It can also be a mineral deficiency. Both
would call for PDA to acidify the stomach for better protein digestion and mineral
absorption. -Kay Lubecke

Fingernails – Curve down
Why would your nails begin to curve down? -TonjaWells
Look to the heart! Parasites, virus, or anything else that is causing deterioration of the
heart. I had one case that was real bad, another practitioner. He tested 15 Dong Quai
daily. And he did it. 4 weeks later the improvement was so noticeable! Today I would use
Co Q 10 as well. Learned that first hand from an old Chinese Doctor in Sydney many
years ago. . P.S. mine went like that too but were improved by Dong Quai. -Valerie
Q: I know that fingernails that curve up are called spooning. Is that the same if the
fingernails curve down? Have a client who has 3 fingernails that as they're growing down
around the finger tips. I've viewed Dave Satterlee's web page (www.herbaldave.com) on
fingernails but this problem isn't mentioned. Thanks for any help. -Norma Anderson
Rounded, excessively curved nails can indicate B-12 deficiency. -Chottsie

Any suggestions of what might be causing very dry skin around the cuticles? All of our
lotions have helped. I've also used olive oil, which has helped the most. I take a lot of
supplements!!! (immune, nervous, brain, workout herbs, etc.). I get EFA's through olive
oil and black olives. -Susan
Do you have Fibromyalgia? This is one of the symptoms of FMS. We have found it takes
a lot of the oils Flax Seed Oil, Primrose, and Black Current all taken at the same time to
correct this. Some have mentioned that they have had this problem sometimes months
and years before a FMS diagnoses. -Ardis
You might try Flax Seed Oil internally. -Tonja Wells
Vitamin A and D improved my dry and split cuticles. I took 100,000 mg a day for about 1
week then down to 50,000 mg, then down to my normal amount. It helped a great deal. -
Margaret Johnson
I had the worse cuticles ever! Also the worse fingernails. I don't really know why the
cuticles get dry but I do know whenever someone recommended I do the Herbal CA for
my nails my cuticle problem went away. Since then and that has been several years ago, I
have used it with many of my clients that have had either cuticle problems or nail
problems and it helps both. I suspect that the nail bed which has to be healthy before a
healthy nail can be formed also plays a part in the dry cuticles. A lot of people told me it
was because my hands were in water all the time ( I was a waitress). A dermatologist told
me the same thing. But now that my nails are healthy and my hands are still all the time
in water (I'm x-ray tech). I do not have the problem. -Martha Trahan
Lack of Vitamin A in the diet. Golden Salve is a great treatment, but Vitamin A
supplementation is a wonderful preventative. This is often caused by a lack of
ESSENTIAL fatty acids in the diet. Often a result of low fat diets. Add Black Currant Oil
or Evening Primrose Oil and it should correct rather quickly. -Kay Lubecke
Recently I have decreased the amount of Vitamin A & D I take as you always wonder if
you take too much. I used to take 30,000 IU daily. Since reducing the amount, I noticed
that my cuticles got dry and tore very easily. They even bled occasionally. I attributed it
to the very dry weather we have in the desert rather than a lack of Vitamin A. This
weekend I got a bad cold and was packed in a room with 125 other people. I quickly
increased my Vitamin A & D, along with other things, to get my immune system up to
par. My cuticles IMMEDIATELY began to heal--I could see it within 24 hours.

Moral of the story? If your cuticles are bad, you may not be taking enough Vitamin A &
D and your immune system may not be able to keep away whatever is going around.
PS - Hypothyroidism makes it very hard to utilize Vitamin A--thus the need for larger
doses for those who have it. It also makes it almost impossible to convert Beta-Carotene
into vitamin A. Therefore, I always recommended our Vitamin A & D tablet. -Kay
Fingernail Moons
What does the lack of moons indicate?? -Lrwlaw
One train of thought was circulation and another I believe was thyroid. -Georgiana
The lack of half moons, according to my source, indicates: Lack of circulation and low
pressure. Underactive Thyroid, Sodium/Potassium imbalance. Excessive half moons,
especially if also excessively shiny, indicates: Overactive thyroid.

This came up because I was noticing the improvement in the Vertical Ridges of my
fingernails (I think due to MSM) and realized I only had half moons on my thumbs. I
have a list of Fingernail Indicators of Deficiency and I don't know if these are truly
indications of anything. -Margaret Johnson
No half moons or ridged nails indicates a Vitamin A deficiency, kidney disorder or
protein deficiency. -Nedra Denison
Q: I have "moons" on my thumbs but not the rest of my fingernails. Just curious, anyone
ever heard of this? Thanks -Annette Mason
IF the thumb is the only place you have moons, you are very low in minerals, especially
calcium. Herbal CA is a good calcium, but some people also need TS-II to be able to
utilize the calcium. -JS
How would TS-II help in that way? -Kathy MacLaren
How would TS-II help? The thyroid governs where the calcium goes in the body. And
TS-II feeds the thyroid. (Also the Pituitary, etc.) -JS
No moons on fingernails indicates poor circulation and depression. You should have
moons on all but your pinkie finger. If you have them on the pinkie finger it indicates a
tendency of heart dis-ease. If the moons are very high on your fingers, it indicates high
blood pressure. High moons on the thumbs is ok. Low moons on thumbs indicates that
you're not assimilating minerals. -Ann Souther
Hi Ann, Can you explain what you mean by "high" on the nail? Is that a"little" or a "big"
moon? -Georgiana Duncan
A high moon means it's a larger moon. -Ann Souther
Actually, the moons indicate the level of calcium in the body. The healthiest people I
have seen have a moon in every fingernail...and they should be in order with the thumb
being the largest, and each finger should have a smaller moon, in order with the little
finger having the smallest. However, if the moons are out of order, one needs iodine to
help send the calcium where it belongs.
The Tiao He Cleanse is a good start, to clear out debris, and I like Kelp and Herbal CA
....lots. -JS
Dr. TSU-TSAIR CHI N.M.D, Ph.D says in his book " Dr. Chi's method of Fingernail &
Tongue Diagnosis" in chapter 5, page 35, that a healthy person should be able to see 8
lunulae on their fingernails, 4 on each hand. They should not be too large or too small.
Absence of one or more lunulae, or smaller lunulae than normal, signal a deficiency in
cellular oxygen levels.

This type of deficiency leads to symptoms such as cold hands, cold feet, and sometimes a
general numbness in certain parts of the body.

Page 37: If there are less than 8 lunulae on all the fingernails, then there is a problem with
poor circulation. A person who is lacking lunulae on between 3&7 fingernails often has
symptoms of fatigue and has low energy, is weak spirited. This condition also shows poor
circulation, cold hands and feet, numbness, and memory loss. A person who has 2 large
lunulae on the pinkies has a very overworked heart and is more prone to suffer from high
blood pressure and heart disease than a healthy person. A person who has no lunulae at
all often suffers from anemia, depression and low blood pressure.

Chapter 6 Page 38: If the tops of the nails are wide while the bottoms of the nails are
much narrower, this could be indicative of the possibility of stroke and other
cardiovascular problems. Stroke is also possible if the lunulae are oversized and quite
large. If there are less than 8 lunulae on all the fingernails, then there is a problem with
poor circulation.

I refer to his book when helping people learn how to find their own health problems. I
have found by asking the person questions, like do you have high blood pressure?,
anemia?, depression?, etc. (just like what you are supposed to do when looking at the iris
of eye,) that his info is correct. -Ann Souther
Ann, Thanks for that. I have lost my book by him. It is very interesting to me that a
mineral deficiency is also considered to be the 'cause' of this, also. That is one of the good
things about this forum [one of many] That there are so many ideas, and possibilities of
assistance. While using CoQ10 or Germanium might help for some, Calcium may help
for others. We are all so different. Thanks again. -Kathy MacLaren

Fingernails Peeling
The top layer of my finger nails have separated and you can peal like bark on a tree. I
recently started taking Calcium, Colloidal Minerals and Enzymes. Any ideas what causes
this in nails? How long do I continue with this program? -Gigi
It's a sign of HCL deficiency. If you are taking Food Enzymes, it's in there. -Chottsie
This is usually due to a lack of protein (or poor protein assimilation—use PDA for this)
or a lack of iron. My nails tear crosswise every time I slack off on taking my NSP iron.
(Editors Note: Dandelion will provide iron and result in stronger nails also). -Kay
I began having that problem....wasn't getting enough "oil". Am now taking Black Currant
Oil & E. -Patsy Reynolds
When people have cracked fingertips especially in cold weather – essential fatty acids
may help the problem. I.e., Black Currant Oil, etc. In the meantime, Pau D' Arco Lotion
and or Healing AC Cream will help it heal.
It sounds like they are deficient in Omega 3 oils... Have them take Flax Seed Oil. They
should see some results in 2-3 weeks. -Herbs2you
This was a real problem for me...but no more! I soaked the fingertips in liquid Morinda
and took the caps as listed on the bottle. Soak about two minutes the leave it on and apply
a band-aid-type cover. If very deep keep applying the liquid to the band-aid. Relief comes
in minutes. If I neglect taking the Morinda caps, it returns. -Patsy Reynolds
Anyone have any idea why fingernails peel? Just start peeling off in layers. Wouldn't
appear to be a lack of anything as she eats very well and takes many herbs, vitamins, etc.
including HSN-W. -Geraldine Huisman

Fingernails - Ridged
Would like some information about vertical fingernail ridges. I have found conflicting
information. Some say that these vertical lines are the result of poor absorption of
calcium and others say they indicate a need for more protein. -Carma
Vertical ridges on fingernails are often caused by the lack of protein absorption Give this
person LOTS of enzymes and you'll usually see the ridges disappear! -Mike
It could be both reasons or either one. Think about the adrenals and stress. Adrenals need
Calcium, protein, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin C, Licorice, and more. A good idea might
be to start with PDA or Food Enzymes, for the HCL to digest both protein and calcium.

Vegetarians who are not careful with their diet can easily become low in protein, which
in turn adds stress to the adrenals. Carbohydrate addicts could fall into this category too.
Do they have other signs of calcium deficiency? Poor sleep, muscle cramps or tetany,
nervous or nerve problems, hormone problems (calcium plays a part in the production of
neurotransmitters like seratonin, acetylcholine and norephinephrine), tooth problems,
pain, osteoporosis, arthritis, hypertension, heart palpitations, elevated cholesterol........
This is a big subject, really, but I would start with digestion and basic vitamins and
minerals. Skeletal Strength is a great combination, and works well to take it at bedtime. It
might take a lot and a long while of supplementation to rebuild calcium levels if they are
exhausted, but persistent use will pay benefits. And support the adrenals with stress
management and a selection of the following products: HS-C, Pantothenic Acid, Nutri-
Calm, HY-A or Licorice Root, Master Gland, Ginseng and Vitamin C. -Susan Lebovitz
I agree, there is a lot of varying information being taught in many classes. I have heard in
several different classes the white spots were Zinc deficiency and in others Calcium was
the deficiency. The same went for the ridges in the nails. Muscle testing usually proved
all that info from the classes was incorrect. -Nedra Denison
Q: My girlfriend has raised vertical lines and white spots on her fingernails. I told her she
need Zinc for the white spots. Can you tell me what she would need for the raised vertical
lines? -Cbennettja
Had a friend with similar problem with vertical lines on her fingernails. She used (uses)
HSN-W. It took a few months to really notice the results, but it was worth it, as her nails
look great now! -Nancy Main
Raised vertical lines is a sign of improper digestion. -J Benning
In Dr. Reuben De Haan's class on face and body diagnosis we learned vertical ridges on
the nails indicate history of toxicity and may indicate severity of lining in the colon. Also
liver health (Primarily excretions) are weak and generally low vitality. If the vertical
ridges are split there is hormone imbalance from the toxicity. White spots on the nails, or
any place on the body, indicates the inability to process or digest sugars or dairy
products. Horizontal indentations indicate a severe stress or other overload to meridian
represented in the finger. I have found his information to be very accurate. His web site is
www.healthcmi.com Health Care Ministry International. This information is also in his
book "Physical Diagnosis" benefit from Food enzymes or Proactazyme. -Tonja Wells
The vertical lines are usually an indication of malabsorption and for this I get great
results with Marshmallow and Pepsin taken on an empty stomach 2-3 times per day.
Minerals will also help. The white spots are an indication of Zinc or calcium deficiency.
If she is not absorbing things properly this would be why. Add Zinc and Colloidal
Minerals or Alfalfa. -Kimberly Balas
Q: Hi, I have deep ridges running from side to side on my thumb nails, but thin, vertical
ridges on all my other fingernails. Is this something I should be concerned about, go to
the doctor about? I take various vitamins daily and am in good health, as far as I know!
Thank you. -Kathy
Q: When someone has fingernails that have ridges (vertical), is that normal or is it a
health condition and if so what can be done to correct it? -Tanya
Needs more hydrocloric acid - try PDA or Food Enzymes. -Nancy Coulter
The information I have says that it may indicate a kidney disorder or iron deficiency.
Depending on the source you review. The one I reviewed "Footprints on the Path" says
kidney disorders. Another book I have also says possible kidney disorders and also states
"poor nutrient absorption". A third source I have only mentions iron deficiency. -Lourdes
I think you are on track with the iron diff. I have always heard ridges were a sign of low
minerals and kidney stress but I have personally battled anemia and can use my
fingernails as a gage when my iron is low. When it's up the ridges fade. The kidney's also
become strained as well as the liver with anemia. -Laura
Read the "Fingernails, Jewels or Tools?" on the FAQ page...it is very enlightening. [link
to www.nspforum.com]
Q: I have ridges that go the long way on my finger & toenails. (They are getting better
after a few weeks of NSP prods!) I just noticed that there is one pronounced ridge on
each fingernail - on the right hand it is just left of the center; on the left hand it is just
right of the center. Anybody see this before? Is there a specific reason/cause? Thanks... -
Kathy O.
Vertical ridges on fingernails (going from the base to the tip) are often caused by not
having enough enzymes/HCl to digest your protein. I have also heard they can be caused
by a lack of iron but tend to try the enzymes first. After all, if they are not breaking down
and absorbing their protein, they may not be breaking down and absorbing their iron
either!! -Mike, ND
Splitting nails - lack of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) contributes to splitting nails. Have you
also had problems with digestion for some time? Have you taken antacids periodically?
Also, if the or ridges on nail are vertical (up and down not side ways) sometimes that
indicates an iron deficiency. If you are lacking HCL you may want to try NSP Food
Enzymes. Hope this is helpful. -Lourdes Martinez
Vertical - I was taught that those ridges were caused by the LIVER. Per old Chinese
Doctor. So test him on all the liver combinations which includes Eyebright. Valerie
For several years I had the same ridges that you describe. I also suffered from irregular
heart beats from time to time. I seemed to notice that soon after one of these episodes of
irregular heart beat, I would develop a new ridge at the base of my thumbnail. When I
researched this, I found an article that drew a direct correlation to nail ridges resulting
from irregular heart patterns. The article suggested taking omega supplements (fish oil). I
immediately started taking three capsules daily, and from that day on I have not had any
irregularities, and the ridges have totally disappeared. This was three years ago. -Dottie
Q: What do vertical ridges, not noticeable till you look close, mean on a 9 year olds
fingernails? -Annette Mason
Info from Nature's Treasure chest------lengthwise ridges indicate minor calcium
deficiency, horizontal ridges indicates iron deficiency, white specks zinc deficiency,
pitting on surface indicates parasites in body, brittle nails Vitamin A & calcium def.,
weak nails indicates poor protein absorption. -Barbara Moldenhauer
It has been suggested on this forum to add calcium to the diet. However, check the diet--it
might not be the calcium but magnesium needed so the calcium can be used. The ridges
are where the narrow plates that form our finger/toe nails join. Usually this is not
noticeable, but injury or growth (in a child) can make for calcium shortage. Calcium must
be adequately balanced by magnesium and other minerals to go where it belongs to grow.
If you need the proportions they are the one in the Skeletal Strength
formula. Lots of breakfast cereals and other foods given to children have extra
calcium in them, but do not balance the calcium with magnesium and phosphorus just to
start, let alone contain the trace minerals that help out also. That leaves you with two
things to check: diet and pH. -Marilyn Navarro
Vertical or lengthwise ridges also indicate protein supply or assimilation problems and
can be (although not in your client's case) a sign of aging. -Judith Cobb
Fingernails - Cross-Wise Ridges in Thumbnails
Q: I have deep ridges running from side to side on my thumb nails, but thin, vertical
ridges on all my other fingernails. Is this something I should be concerned about, go to
the doctor about? I take various vitamins daily and am in good health, as far as I know! -
Kathy, Do you have white lines AND horizontal ridges on the thumbs? If you do, this can
indicate arsenic poisoning. Horizontal ridges can also indicate a B-vitamin deficiency.
Another reason for horizontal lines is when there is severe stress on the body, either
emotionally, from disease and/or infection. Genetics can play a role in different nail types
so if you've always had this, could be genetic. And then again it may not be any of these
things and nothing to worry about. Try taking a B-Complex supplement if you are not
already doing so. Maybe someone else is aware of other substances or deviancies which
indicate horizontal lines on fingernails or thumbnails. It is odd that the lines are only on
the thumbs--I'm not sure of the reasoning behind that except that we are all unique. -
Regina King
I would tend to think it was related to a trace mineral deficiency such as silica. Our HSN
Complex is very high in the trace minerals needed for the hair, skin, and nails.
B-complex is also a good idea. -Valerie G.
I have a lady that uses Food Enzymes for this problem it must work she, always sends for
a bottle when the ridges reappear. -Dwayne Ward
Going across your nail ( side to side) is stress or diet change. Going up and down your
nail ( top to bottom) is mineral deficiency. This is what I was taught. Be sure and use
enzymes to make sure you are absorbing your minerals. You can do Colloidal Minerals
or Mineral Maintenance. -Tonja Wells
I would also add to the Enzymes some Small Intestine Detox. This will help to clean up
your small intestine which is where most of your absorption takes place. -Peggy Day
I am not sure where this information would originally have come from. We were taught
that tip to cuticle ridges mean Calcium deficiency and horizontal mean Iron. Every time I
let my iron level drop, my nails tear horizontally. A few days of increased iron
supplementation and the tearing stops. So, I am going to stand by my original information
given on the Forum & in Recipes for Success about fingernail ridges. -Kay Lubecke
I think you are on track with the iron diff. I have always heard ridges were a sign of low
minerals and kidney stress but I have personally battled anemia and can use my
fingernails as a gage when my iron is low. When it's up the ridges fade. The kidney's also
become strained as well as the liver with anemia. -Laura
I have also heard both explanations of vertical fingernail ridges. I felt like the ridges
would be Calcium related – then one would need to decide if there was a lack of calcium
or if there was malabsorption of calcium. -Rayelee Sheppard

Fingernails Splitting
My fingernails have been pealing or splitting lately. I never had problems with them
before, always had long nails. I do take Calcium-Magnesium. I can't seem to pinpoint
this. -Chottsie
Try MSM with HSN-W...amazing results for your nails...-mthrherb
Fingernails: Lengthwise ridges indicate calcium deficiency, Crosswise tearing indicates
iron deficiency, Little white specks indicate zinc deficiency, General weakness indicates
poor protein assimilation (PDA), HSN-W or Horsetail plus Dandelion strengthens nails.
Add MSM for further strengthening. -Kay Lubecke
This happens to me a lot. If I take 4-5 Dandelion it helps a lot. Try it. -health

Fingernails Thin
I have a person who is having trouble with his fingernails, they are becoming very thin, I
told him I, from what I researched it could be he is not getting enough oxygen in his
system. He is a smoker, and has Aids, he has had aids about 4 or 5 years now and is
doing good according to his aids doctor. His T cells are excellent, does anyone have any
other thought on the thinning fingernails? -Jeannette Romanofsky
Is he on a protease inhibitor? One of the side effects could be thin fingernails. I know that
another side effect is cardio vascular problems. -John
Along that thought – I started on Protease. After a few months, I noticed my nails became
extremely strong. -Georgiana Duncan

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