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									Wedding Contact Information:
Nicole Lakatos
Director of Sales & Special Events
Ph: 313-463-4215

Allison Vanhala
Assistant to Sales & Special Events
Ph: 313-463-6248

Day of Wedding Event Managers:
Gem Theatre Box Office: (313)-963-9800

Bertha Crane
Head Banquet Manager
Cell: (313) 736-6078

Please only use cell phone numbers for day of event.
                   Planning a Wedding – Sequence of Events

1. Touring the Venue
          Please contact Nicole to schedule an appointment. Site visits are scheduled Mon-Friday
           from 9-5:00pm with evening appointments either on Wednesday or Thursday.

          Our office is at The Gem Theatre. We do not have an office at the Colony Club.

          Contact Allison for a Saturday appointment.

2. Booking a Date
          Please call Nicole or Allison to check available dates & pricing. (Saturdays fill up fast!)

          We can only Hold a Date with a $2000 Deposit.

          We offer Discounts for Friday & Sunday Weddings and Off –Season months.

          Please ask Nicole about any current Specials or Discounts.

          Please fill out the Questionaire included in this packet and email to Nicole for a

          To confirm your date we need the Deposit and the signed Contract.

  3. Tasting
          To book your tasting, please fill out the tasting form found in the back of this packet.
           Please mail, e-mail, or fax your tasting document to The Special Events Department.
           Reservations are not guaranteed until they have been received and confirmed. Tasting
           reservations are limited to availability. Colony Club offers ONE complimentary

          We have one date per month scheduled for tastings at the Century Grille located at the
           Gem Theatre.

          The tasting is just that, a tasting not a full meal service. The tasting is complimentary for
           up to 6 guests including the bride and groom. Parking in the Gem Theatre garage is
           complimentary. Please bring in your parking ticket for your server to validate.

          After you tasting, the next step is to confirm your menu choices and Wedding Package
           with Allison.
4. Six Months Prior to the Date of the Wedding
          Your 50% deposit is due 6 months prior to the date of the wedding.

          You will also need to confirm your Wedding Package at this time.

5. Two months prior to the date of the Wedding – Mailing out your
          Please contact Allison prior to mailing out your invitations. Please let us know how many
           invitations/ passes you need. We will print and mail your parking passes.

          If your guest has misplaced, does not have a parking pass, or you have decided to go
           without, Guests only need to identify themselves as guests of the wedding at Colony

          Upgraded valet service does not require parking passes.

6. One month prior to the date of the Wedding
          Your final counts should be coming in.

          You will need to select a floor plan that you want use from our web site. You may
           contact Allison to discuss your floor plan.

          You will need to select the style and system for your place cards.

          Your place cards must have your guest’s name or names (Mr. & Mrs. Smith,) their table
           number and a symbol of their entrée selection on the front of the card. We prefer D=
           Duos, C=Chicken, B=Beef, V=Vegetarian, K=Kids, T=Teens.

7. Two Weeks prior to the Date of the Wedding
          Your final count is due.

          Please call or email Nicole your Final Count.

          You are contracted to confirm no less than 80% of the amount of guests on your signed

           The count that you confirm is your minimum. You can add on but you can not deduct
           guests from your guaranteed count.
           Please account for all confirmed guests that have RSVP’d to your reception. The house
            prepares 5% overage for emergencies (changed orders…etc.) However, any additional
            guests above your confirmed guest count will be billed to you the night of the event.

           Your final count is the total amount of guests broken down by the number of Adults,
            Children & Teens.

           Your vendors are separate and not part of your guest count.

            You will also need to breakdown the meal selections, how many duos, beef, chicken,
            fish or vegetarian entrées.

           Nicole will then prepare your final invoice for your final meeting

8. Final Meeting
           You will need to bring your Final Payment in the form of a Cashiers Check to the
            final meeting.

           You will also need the completed meal Breakdown Sheet & Vendor Sheet (available
            in this packet.)

           Mock up your chosen floor plan to your specifications.

           Do not change the table numbers. For the most prompt service, our servers respond best
            to the table numbers listed on our floor plans. Bring your mocked up Floor Plan to your
            final meeting to review with Nicole.

           Have all of your questions prepared. Nicole will walk you thru the day of your wedding
            and ask you a series of questions about the set-up, your vendors, flow of the evening,
            and any specialty items.

           After your meeting, Nicole will then update your BEO (Banquet Event Order) and email
            you the final revisions for the day of the Wedding.

9. Schedule your Drop Off
           You will need to schedule the drop off of the items our house staff will set up for you,
            place cards in alphabetical order, cake server, special toasting flutes, bathroom baskets,
            card box, guest book & family photos.

           Please make an inventory list of what you are dropping off, which will help you at the
            end of the night to load-out. In addition, please clearly label the items you drop off.

           Drop off days are usually Thursday or Friday between 12-5:00pm.
10. Set –Up of the Venue- Guidelines
          Nothing is allowed on the wall or wall sconces.

          Your florist and all other vendors can come in anytime after 2:00pm.

          All specialty linen must be at the venue 48 hours prior to the event and must go out with
           you the night of the event.

          You are welcome to bring in candles. All candles must be contained in glass containers or
           hurricanes. No tapers. (Too many candles can eat air conditioning. We do not recommend
           more than three per table.)

          No tape on the wood floors.

          All vendors must use the freight elevators and not the guest elevators.

11. Wedding Day & Load-Out

          Enjoy your day!!

          No alcohol is allowed into the building. Any coolers will be held until the end of the

          During the Summer months we keep the drapes closed in the ballroom in an effort to
           keep the room nice and cool. House staff will then open the drapes after the sun goes
           down after dinner.

          All your vendors have one hour after the bar closes to load-out.

          If you go over the one hour a $300 labor fee applies to each hour over. (This is hardest
           for bands – please remind the band of the timeline.)

          You or your vendors are responsible for the install and tear down of all items brought in.

          All items brought into the building MUST be taken out the night of the event.

          We are not responsible for any items left overnight.

          The Fox Garage & The Gem Garage are not locked after events. However- if you leave a
           car in the garage overnight it is at your own liability. We do not recommend leaving cars
           in the garage overnight.

     Have a Great Wedding!!! We look forward to your big day!!! Please email us
     after you return from your honeymoon and tell us how we did!!!
            Questions for a Wedding Contract/Proposal (Colony Club)

1. Bride & Groom Contact Information
   (Home address, cell phone and E-mail address):

2. Wedding Planner or Vendor Contact Information:

3. Ceremony on-Site or off-Site:

4. Estimated amount of guests (RSVP’d guests):

5. 1st and 2nd Choice for a Wedding Date:

6. Madison or Grand Wedding Package:

7. Any upgrades: valet, rentals, additional hour of bar, etc.:

8. Anticipated Start Time:

9. Anticipated End Time (Midnight being the latest):

10. Preliminary Floor Plan preference (see website):

11. Use of First Floor or Ballroom Lobbies for cocktail hour:

12. How did you hear about us?
Event Name: __________________________________________________________
Event Date: __________________________________________________________
Venue: ________________________________________________________________

            Odd Tables Meal Breakdown
Table #   Duo   Beef    Chicken   Vegetarian   Fish   Kids   Special   Total


          Duo    Beef   Chicken   Vegetarian   Fish

*Vendor meals are provided in the mezzanine
Event Name: __________________________________________________________
Event Date: __________________________________________________________
Venue: ________________________________________________________________

           Even Tables Meal Breakdown
Table #   Duo   Beef   Chicken   Vegetarian   Fish   Kids   Special   Total

Instructions: Please fill out the number of entrée selection
totals at each table. Then, total up each row and column and
write the number in the space provided. Thank you!
*Please only fill in meal options previously selected.
Event Name: _____________________________________________
Event Date: _____________________________________________
Venue: ___________________________________________________
Ceremony (On/Off Site): _______________________________

                         Contact Sheet
Vendor                                                               Arrival    Vendor
Category         Vendor Name         Mobile #          Office #       Time      Meal?


Florist                                                                         N/A

Cake                                                                            N/A
Linen                                                                           N/A






Officiate                                                                       N/A
Caterer                                                                         N/A


                                   Tasting Request
                            Gem Theatre and Colony Club Receptions

We are flattered you have selected The Gem Theatre or Colony Club as the venue for your wedding

After you have secured your date with your deposit, the next step is scheduling your tasting.

Please arrive at The Gem Theatre’s Century Grille Dining Room in time for your scheduled seating.
Seatings are offered at 5:30pm or 6:30pm. Please coordinate your seating time with the Sales and
Special Events Department.

5:30 – 6:30pm          First Seating                  Century Grille Dining Room at The Gem Theatre
6:30 – 7:30pm          Second Seating                 Century Grille Dining Room at The Gem Theatre

A complimentary tasting is offered to provide samples of some of the many appetizers and entrées we
offer in our Madison and Grand Wedding Packages.

ONE tasting is complimentary for up to 6 guests (including the bride and groom). Any additional guests
are $20 per person.

Your tasting is just that – a tasting – not a full service meal.

2011 Tasting Dates:
      Thursday, May 12                                Thursday, September 15
      Thursday, June 23                               Thursday, October 20
      Thursday, July 7                                Wednesday, November 23
      Thursday, August 11                             Thursday, December 29
                                  Tasting Request
                            Gem Theatre and Colony Club Receptions

Reception Date:        __________________________________________________________
Venue (please select):                Gem Theatre           or      Colony Club
Reservation Name: _________________________________                         # Guests: ________
Cell Phone: ________________________ E-mail: ______________________________
Tasting Date: _______________________                 Seating:      5:30pm          or      6:30pm
Please Circle or Highlight (3) entrées to taste from one of the appropriate lists below:
             Madison Package                                  Grand Package
Prime Filet Mignon (8 oz.)                            Chef’s Signature Century Crab Cakes (2)
An 8oz. char-grilled filet topped with a demi-glace   topped with Chipotle sauce paired with Prime
mushroom sauce                                        Filet Mignon (5 oz.)
Chicken Spiedini                                      Chicken Spiedini lightly breaded and served in a
Breaded boneless chicken breast flash sautéed and     light lemon basil sauce topped with capered olives
served with lemon-basil cream and capered olives      paired with Prime Filet Mignon (5 oz.)
Salmon Filet                                          Roasted Salmon Filet served with capered
Roasted salmon served with capered Champagne          Champagne Sauce paired with Prime Filet
sauce                                                 Mignon (5 oz.)
Parmesan Crusted Halibut                              Parmesan Crusted Halibut rubbed with Dijon
Fresh halibut rubbed with Dijon and crusted with      and crusted with Parmesan, herbs and crispy fried
Parmesan, herbs and crispy friend onions, baked       onions paired with Prime Filet Mignon (5 oz.)
until golden brown
Prime Rib                                             Jumbo Shrimp Scampi in light lemon butter
Served with natural au jus                            paired with Prime Filet Mignon (5 oz.)
Vegetarian Stuffed Shell                              Vegetarian Stuffed Shell
Stuffed with a vegetable medley of zucchini,          Stuffed with a vegetable medley of zucchini,
squash, asparagus, broccoli, Parmesan cheese,         squash, asparagus, broccoli, Parmesan cheese,
garlic and onion topped with roasted tomato sauce     garlic and onion topped with roasted tomato sauce

The following appetizers will be available to sample at your tasting:
            Madison Package                                 Grand Package
Chilled Appetizers                                    Chilled Appetizers
Roulade of Beef Tenderloin with Wild Mushroom         Martini Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Cucumbers with
Cream Cheese, Roulade of Beef Tenderloin with         Hickory Smoked Salmon, Proscuitto and Fontinella
Chipotle and Cilantro Filling                         Wrapped Asparagus
Warm Appetizers                                       Warm Appetizers
Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms, Asian Chicken Lollipops,     Miniature Chicago Style Pizza, Spanokopita (similar to
Coconut Shrimp, Spring Rolls with Apricot-Pineapple   Spinach Pie), Miniature Quiche, Miniature Chicken
Sauce, Miniature Century Crab Cakes                   Wellington, Miniature Beef Wellington
*Brides that have selected our Madison Package will sample all Madison Package appetizers.
*Brides that have selected our Grand Package will sample all Grand Package appetizers and may select
(2) additional Madison Package appetizers to sample.

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