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17.30 networking
 for 18.15 start
                             Review of Chamber Meeting + News Update
                               GOING GLOBAL – how to start exporting
  10 August
                    •    UKTI Y&H offers extensive support for local companies to export world-wide
    Harrogate       •    Enterprise Europe Yorkshire offers access to new markets & business contacts
     Centre         •    Regional Language Network Y&H highlights need to sell in foreign languages
    (Safari)        •    Alexika stresses need for professional translators working into mother tongue
                    •    HSBC+UKTI joint initiative assists UK exporters with advice and guidance

                              HARROGATE DISTRICT DEVELOPMENTS
                    •    North Yorkshire statistical reports now available to help market research
14 September
                    •    HBC gain extra funding for transport improvements in the Town Centre
  Cedar Court
                    •    TESCO have submitted a new Planning Application – Comments needed!
                    •    Harrogate Employment & Skills Partnership welcomes Chamber representative

                                      FOCUS GROUPS VERY ACTIVE!
 12 October
                    •    Harrogate at Christmas raise £10,000 in StrayFM phone-in to secure the lights
St George Hotel     •    Harrogate Retailers Forum planning a BIG RAFFLE for extra Christmas events
                    •    National Express East Coast problems gives some hope for Harrogate Trains
                    •    Traffic Study Group compiles list of Harrogate Traffic Blackspots and Causes
                    •    Yorkshire Business Market 26/04/10 – discounted booking form now available
 9 November
  Crown Hotel                                   Future Meetings
                     Monday, 10th August - Queen’s Suite, Harrogate International Centre - 17.30 for 18.00

                    Business Networking Safari: “hunting for sales leads”
14 December             Chamber members only - limited capacity – pre-booking essential
  Holiday Inn
                    Attendance FREE for one representative per company; £10 for second representative
                   Monday, 14th September - Cedar Court Hotel, Park Parade, Harrogate - 17.30 for 18.15
                    ELECTION CALL - main Parliamentary Candidates answer
                      key questions from local businesses and the media
                             Claire Kelley, LibDem + Andrew Jones, Conservative

                        PROMOTING HARROGATE BUSINESS
       Harrogate Chamber of Trade & Commerce, PO Box 8, Harrogate, HG2 8XB
     Tel: 01423 879208 Fax: 01423 870025 E-mail: Website:
                                                                Desk Research
               GOING GLOBAL                                        • Access to specialist team of research advisers
        Opportunities and Support for                              • Diagnosis of research requirements
                                                                   • Provision of comparable statistics and pre-
           International Business                                    published market reports
Philip Kelly, International Trade Manager, UKTI Y&H,               • Guidance on prioritising markets
gave an overview of the services offered to help                   • UKTI portal and business opportunity alerts
companies export and break into new markets overseas.           Field Research
They also work with Yorkshire Forward to attract inward            • Access to team of specialist researchers worldwide
investment to the region.                                          • Overseas Market Introduction Service
Objective of UKTI:                                              Support Services
To enhance the competitiveness of companies in                     • Passport to Export
the UK through overseas trade and investments;                     • Gateway to Global Growth
and attract a continuing high level of quality foreign             • Exhibition Support
direct investment                                                  • Commercial Team support
What does UKTI Do?                                                 • Communications Review
   • Business advice and support                                   • Targeted Export Support Scheme (TESS)
   • Research and information                                   Summary
   • Training and development                                      • Worldwide network
   • International business visits                                 • Advice and support
   • Practical in-market assistance                                • Market research
The Network                                                        • Market visit assistance
  • UK Trade & Investment is a global organisation                 • Financial assistance
    with headquarters in London and Glasgow                     Plus support from other organisations including:
  • Their network comprises 2,400 staff and advisers -             • Enterprise Europe Yorkshire
     400 in the UK and 1,300 overseas                              • HM Revenue & Customs
Regional Support                                                   • Chambers of Commerce
  • 16 International Trade Advisers (ITAs)                         • Business Link Yorkshire
  • 7 Regional Sector Specialists                                  • British Council
  • 3 Market Research Advisers                                     • Trade Organisations
  • Customer Service Team                                          • Banks / Solicitors / Accountants
  • Funding Support Team                                           • Credit Insurance Companies
                                                                   • Professional Organisations
Key Sector Focus - Sector Specialists
  • Financial and Professional Services                         For further information call UKTI on 08456 048048
  • Healthcare                                        ;
  • Creative / ICT
  • Environmental / Bio
                                                                  The advantages of the European market
  • Food and Drink                                                      and the support available
  • Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing                      Jenny Lawson, Manager, Enterprise Europe Yorkshire
  • Overseas Investments / Joint Ventures                       explained what her organisation offers to businesses.
Why Internationalise?                                           “We help Yorkshire and Humber firms to compete by
  • Improve business performance                                accessing new markets, opportunities and business
  • Minimise business risk                                      contacts, using our network throughout the UK and the
  • Develop new products and services                           rest of Europe”
  • Enhance business profile                                    What is Enterprise Europe Yorkshire?
  • Benefit from UK reputation                                     • Local gateway to a wealth of support
UK Trade Destinations- 2008 top 10 export markets                  • Supported by the European Commission and
  • USA                £34.6bn                                        Yorkshire Forward
  • Germany            £28.3bn                                     • Majority of services are free to organisations based
  • Netherlands        £19.0bn                                        in the Yorkshire & Humber region
  • France             £18.5bn                                  What is the Enterprise Europe Network?
  • Ireland            £18.4bn                                     • Network of almost 600 organisations
  • Belgium            £12.6bn                                     • Aims to deliver an integrated European business
  • Spain              £9.9bn                                         and innovation support service across the EU
  • Italy              £9.2bn                                      • Operations in over 40+ European countries &
  • Sweden             £5.0bn                                         beyond
  • China              £4.8bn                                   Why trade in Europe?
High Growth Markets                                                • c. 500 million potential customers
  Brazil; Mexico; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Russia; South               • Single Market: less barriers to trade
  Africa; Turkey; UAE; China; India; Indonesia;                    • Proximity
  Malaysia; Singapore; South Korea; Thailand; Vietnam              • Business culture

 Harrogate Chamber Review                         Page 2 of 8                                                 July 2009
How can Enterprise Europe Yorkshire help?                          Framework Programme 7:
   • Doing your research                                             • EU funding for collaborative research
   • Finding opportunities                                         Our FP7 services:
   • Finding partners                                                • Awareness raising (EurAlerts, targeted mailings,
   • Accessing funding                                                  presentations etc)
Helping with your research                                           • Identifying needs and finding partners
Enquiry service                                                      • Proposal support
   • Available via freephone, e-mail and website                   Conclusions
   • 9am – 5pm, 5 days a week                                      • A specialist service dedicated to helping Y&H firms
   • Staffed by information professionals                            develop their business in Europe
   • Covering a full range of subjects, from products              • Practical help to find potential business partners for
      standards to sending staff overseas                            commercial, technical and research cooperation
News service                                                       • Linked into a 600-strong network spanning the EU
   • Via website, e-zine and articles                                and beyond
Finding opportunities                                              Contact for further information: Tel: 0800 052 8156
• Latest information on public sector contract
   opportunities from UK and beyond                                E-mail:
• Tailored search service, delivered direct to client’s PC         Website:
• Unique mix: personalised service, additional local
   tendering opportunities, back-up information & advice                        Languages and Culture
Finding partners                                                               in International Business
Why work with partners?                                            Liz Littler, Business Manager, Regional Language
   • Tap into local market knowledge and contacts                  Network Yorkshire & Humber explained:
   • Language skills                                               Are languages important when trading overseas?
   • Tap into wider technology / knowledge base
   • Essential for most EU funding schemes                         • 98% of those with no knowledge of English want to
                                                                     buy in their own language as do 75% of those who
For commercial, technical and R&D cooperation                        speak fluent English as a foreign language
   • Initial diagnosis of clients’ needs
   • Searches of partnership offers received from                  • More than 7 out of 10 (71%) respondents are more
      Europe                                                         likely to purchase the same brand again if the after-
   • Drawing up & dissemination of partnership requests              sales care is in their mother tongue
   • Brokering contacts and support                                • Buying in their own language is an expectation of 8
   • Facilitating visits to b2b events (matchmaking)                 out of 10 customers
Our partnership services                                           The Big Picture
  • Commercial                                                     • 75% of the world’s population don’t speak English
     - Distribution agreements                                     • Only 6% of the population of the world speak English
     - Agency agreements                                             as a first language – your European contact is likely
     - Joint ventures                                                to be one of the 94%
     - Reciprocal marketing arrangements                           • Only 31% of Western Europeans speak English as a
                                                                     foreign language
Our partnership services: technology brokerage
                                                                   • 60% of British Trade is with non-English speaking
  • Technology Auditing
     - what have you got? what do you need?
  • Partner searches                                               General tips for clearer communication
     - generating offer and requests with local clients            • Use email where possible
     - Managing the process confidentially                         • Use short sentences
  • Proactive database searching                                   • Speak clearly and slowly and repeat phrases
     - “New technology has appeared that you might                 • Check for understanding
        be interested in”                                          • When using technical terms you may need to explain
  • Automatic profile matching                                       them – glossary
Partnership: Sector Focus                                          • Avoid complex sentence structures – use single verbs
                                                                   • Avoid irony and be careful with jokes – they often do
  Aerospace; Agrofood; Automotive; Biotechnology;
                                                                     NOT translate well!
  Chemical; Construction; Environment; Healthcare;
  ICT; Maritime; Materials; Nano/Micro; Renewable;                 Examples in everyday language
  Retail; Security; Textiles; Tourism; Wood.                       • I will come back to you
Accessing EU funding                                               • Close of play
                                                                   • Can you give me a ring
Erasmus for Entrepreneurs                                          • Knocked for six, stumped
  • Exchange programme for new entrepreneurs
  • opportunity to learn from an experienced                       What happens when you get it wrong?
     entrepreneur who is running a small or medium-                • European restaurant – “Our wines leave you nothing
     sized enterprise (SME) in another EU country                    to hope for”
  • Facilitates access to new markets and the search               • Hotel, Vienna – “In case of fire, do your utmost to
     for potential business partners                                 alarm the hotel porter”
 Harrogate Chamber Review                            Page 3 of 8                                                July 2009
Languages make a difference                                      • Survey by ‘Common Sense Advisory’:
• British Chambers of Commerce: non-proactive                      - 351 companies surveyed worldwide in non-
  companies saw business declining by £50,000 per                    anglophone countries, high correlation between
  annum                                                              purchasing likelihood and localised products
• Proactive companies that placed a high value on                  - 9 out of 10 buyers prefer products and information
  languages skills were seeing increased turnover of                 to be available in their native language and
  £290,000 per annum                                                 adapted to local requirements
• ELAN data: Businesses that are proactive in their use          • Helmut Schmidt said (allegedly!)...”if I am selling to
  of foreign languages achieve on average 45% more                 you, then I speak English – if I am buying, sprechen
  export sales                                                     Sie Deutsch!”
Languages and culture – exploring the myths                      The Golden Rules when purchasing translations
• Are they important in my business – which markets              • Translators must be qualified professional linguists
  are you targeting?                                             • Professional translators work into their mother tongue
• Websites and internet marketing                                • Professional Translators work with their own
• I hated languages at school                                      specialist subjects and constantly update their
Language training – general tips
                                                                 Role of the Translation Company
• Think about which language & why
• A little and often                                             • Quality in selection process, then correct selection of
                                                                   translator for job
• Never too old
• It’s fun but it’s not easy                                     • Project management (multilingual ? Web formats?)
• Be realistic about time and expectations                       • Checking and proof reading
Enhancement fund training                                        • Professionalism e.g. ATC professional code of
60% subsidy available for customised language and                  conduct
cultural training for your company                               Technology & Translation – the Quality Continuum
Range of seminars on international communication                 • MT (e.g. Google –
available – visit:                    ideal for fast rough translation, gist translation,
Subjects include – Selling and Marketing to Europe,
                                                                 • TM/CAT – translation memory and glossary
Website localisation, Doing Business in Emerging
                                                                   management tools for professional translators
Markets etc
Practical cultural considerations –                              But please don’t forget….exporting is fun!
• Working hours differ (e.g. French lunch from 12 to 2)          …and now the pound is weak…do it!!!!
• Different time zones                                           For more information Tel: 0800 917 9589
• Many European countries take August off                        E-mail: Web:
• Public holidays differ from country to country
• A smile doesn’t signify agreement!                                            HSBC/UKTI Initiative
RLNYH actively promotes its wide network of business             Tom Barton, Commercial Manager at HSBC in
support contacts. If we can’t, we know a person who              Harrogate, drew members’ attention to the joint
can…and we’ll find them for you!                                 HSBC/UKTI initiative to assist UK exporters of all sizes
                                                                 through training events and trade assistance. It offers:
Liz Littler, Business Manager, Regional Language                 • Specific industry and/or geographical region
Network Yorkshire & Humber Tel: 07918 659190                        programme focus /
                                                                 • Comprehensive support for outward trade missions
     But they speak English don’t they?                          • Advice and guidance on key issues on financing
Why Translation helps you sell more overseas                        international trade from UKTI trade advisors and
                                                                    HSBC managers
Mark Robinson, Director, Alexika outlined why it was
essential to use a translator for overseas sales and the         • Guidance for business owners, leaders and finance
golden rules to follow when purchasing translations.                managers

Percentage who can hold a conversation in English:               The recent weakness of the pound against other major
             Holland:   87% (72%)                                international currencies such as the dollar and euro,
             Denmark: 86% (68%)                                  mean that UK goods and services are even more
             Germany: 56% (35%)                                  competitively priced. This coupled with the greater
             Spain:     27% (13%)                                penetration of the internet has served as a catalyst,
                                                                 encouraging an even greater number of businesses to
SOURCE: Wikipedia 2009 (Eurobarometer survey 1994)               transcend from being domestic to international
– treat both with caution!                                       businesses.
But will they buy in English?
                                                                 One area that can be particularly problematic for
IDENTIFY AND SEGMENT YOUR EXPORT MARKET                          businesses is the administration involved in chasing
• But who are the 56% of people who speak English in             invoices and accepting payments in multiple currencies
  Germany – and would they really buy your product in            across different time zones and a range of languages.
 Harrogate Chamber Review                          Page 4 of 8                                                 July 2009
It’s also important for companies that do business                               Planning Applications
internationally to protect themselves against risk.
Exporters can consider specialist international trade              New plans have been submitted by Tesco for the
services such as documentary credits to reduce the risk            proposed site off Ripon Road and Skipton Road. The
of non-payment and delivery of goods and international             Chamber has until now supported the bid in principle,
invoice finance for collection of overseas invoices. And           provided it does not cause traffic congestion or hazards.
to protect against currency exchange rate fluctuations,            Please let us have your views on the revised Plans.
FX solutions – such as forward contracts and currency              Revised plans have been submitted for a proposed
options – can help safeguard international traders.                budget Hotel on Tower Street to add 69 rooms to the
                                                                   town’s low-cost accommodation.
HSBC is encouraging our new and existing customers to
make the most of the opportunities that exist for them by                   Cheltenham Parade problems
exporting. Lisa Williams, the Regional International
Commercial Manager for Yorkshire is able to support                Retailers on and around Cheltenham Parade have
international business growth by providing advice and              suffered serious obstructions due to lengthy road works
guidance on a wide variety of topics.                              due to gas leaks in the area. The Council are trying to
                                                                   alleviate any problems by working with the utility
With branches in nearly 90 countries HSBC are well                 company. Any members experiencing problems as a
placed to support businesses with a range of specialist            result of this work should contact the Secretariat as
products and expertise required to export successfully.            some modest compensation is being offered.
If you require any further information contact:                               NYCC Procurement Policy
Tom Barton at HSBC Harrogate on 08455 849124 or                                          Following concerns expressed at last month’s meeting
                                                                   about the tendering process undertaken by North
       DISTRICT DEVELOPMENTS                                       Yorkshire County Council and HBC for products and
                                                                   services, we would like to hear from any members who
  North Yorkshire Neighbourhood Profiles                           have had experience of the open tender process, which
                                                                   currently does not appear to favour local businesses.
The Chamber has recently received two interesting
reports, which members who are undertaking market                  Harrogate Employment & Skills Partnership
research may like to have sight of. The North Yorkshire
                                                                   The overall aim of the Harrogate Employment & Skills
Neighbourhood Profiles includes statistics on the
                                                                   Partnership (HESP) is to promote economic prosperity
characteristics of various aspects of Harrogate.
                                                                   by raising the skill levels of the local population. The
The second report is a provided by the York and North              Partnership is chaired by Emily MacDowell of HBC EDU.
Yorkshire Partnership Unit offering a Monthly Economic             Harrogate Chamber has nominated Marian Farrar,
Report with useful information on the local labour market          Business Liaison Officer at St Aidan’s, to attend on
vacancies, job losses, claimant to vacancy ratios, etc.            behalf of the Chamber. Members with an interest in this
                                                                   subject should contact the Secretariat.
Send an e-mail to the Secretariat if you would like to
receive copies of these Reports by e-mail.
                                                                         BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP
       Harrogate Borough Council EDU
                                                                   Leeds, York and North Yorkshire Chamber
The quarterly meeting between Harrogate Chamber
Officers and Harrogate Borough Council’s Director of               The new Leeds, York and North Yorkshire Chamber of
Development Services, Head of Highways and Head of                 Commerce’s magazine ‘Business Focus’ was shown.
Planning, took place recently. This meeting covers a               Under the new arrangements with LYNYCC this is no
comprehensive agenda as to what is happening in and                longer sent to Harrogate Chamber members. However,
around the town, including for example Planning,                   a 20% discount is available for fully paid-up Harrogate
Property Vacancies, Road Works, Traffic Congestion,                Chamber members wishing to join LYNYCC. Ask for the
Rail Services, Concessionary Bus Travel, Convention                special application form from Harrogate Chamber Secrt.
Bureau Service, Council Procurement Policy, etc.
One piece of good news is that HBC has been allocated
                                                                                FUTURE MEETINGS
£3 million towards transport improvements, which will go                  10th August – HIC Queen’s Suite
mainly towards helping the flow of traffic through the
town centre and prepare the way for the re-development             The 17th Business Networking Safari, to be held in the
of the Harrogate Bus and Rail Interchange.                         Queen’s Suite of the Harrogate International Centre is
                                                                   already over half full. Space is limited for this Members
Harrogate Chamber is supporting Harrogate Council in               only meeting, which must be booked in advance, with
their policy of opposing a proposed residential planning           preference given to newer members. A limited number
application on Penny Pot Lane. We supported the                    of second representatives may attend for a nominal £10
preservation of greenfield land with only brown field land         charge, but both representatives must move around the
being used for any possible developments in this area.             tables as a pair with only one speaking per round.
The Council are now working on the third review of the             A FREE buffet will be provided for members from 17.30
Local Development Scheme including a Sites and                     with top-up breaks as the evening progresses. This is
Policies Development Plan. Members’ views are very                 always a popular event, so please BOOK NOW by
welcome on these and any other Council topics.                     sending an e-mail to

 Harrogate Chamber Review                            Page 5 of 8                                                 July 2009
     14th September - Cedar Court Hotel                            David Horth added that fundraising is continuing with the
                                                                   Retailers Forum putting together a Big Raffle with prizes
The September meeting will be an “Election Call”                   to the value of £10,000 to be launched in conjunction
featuring the main Parliamentary Candidates for                    with the Harrogate Advertiser mid-September. Tickets
Harrogate & Knaresborough - Claire Kelley, Lib Dem                 will be sold in retail outlets and this extra funding will be
and Andrew Jones, Conservative, who will be answering              put towards street entertainment and if possible
key questions from local businesses and the media.                 additional street lighting.
Members may put key questions directly to Claire Kelley            Members wishing to donate cash or prizes should
(LibDem) and Andrew Jones, (Conservative) on matters               contact the Secretariat and they will then receive one of
that are of a concern to their businesses.                         the “We Support Harrogate at Christmas” baubles to
        12th October – St George Hotel                             display in their business premises.
                                                                   More at
This meeting will be an opportunity for our Charity
members to explain the benefits local businesses can
gain from supporting a Charity. It is not intended to be                          Traffic & Transport
an appeal for donations, as the work these Charities               North Yorkshire County Council recently circulated the
undertake is already well known in the area.                       Local Transport Plan Survey asking for feedback on
There are many ways that your company’s support for a              their various objectives for maintaining and improving all
charity can help raise your profile as well as the obvious         aspects of local transport. You can download a copy at
benefits your donation will give to your chosen Charity, 
i.e. PR, brand name, logo, team building, special events,
VIP introductions, etc. Find out more at this meeting.                                  Rail Services
                                                                   National Express convened a meeting of stakeholders
               FOCUS GROUPS                                        to report their achievements in timekeeping performance
                                                                   and customer satisfaction, etc. Unfortunately they are
               Business Promotion                                  now unable to pay the Government the premium they
                                                                   were committed to pay. Hence it is likely that by the end
The Business Promotion Focus Group co-ordinates
                                                                   of the year the East Coast Mainline will be nationalised.
plans for the Yorkshire Business Market. The date for
next year will be Monday, 26th April 2010 at the                   This could potentially offer an opportunity for the new
Pavilions of Harrogate.                                            operator to run extra services Harrogate if they can find
                                                                   a way through the timetables and congestion problems
Harrogate Chamber members can have priority booking
                                                                   at Leeds City Station – or otherwise via York. Currently
with 25% discount for bookings paid in full by 31st
                                                                   Harrogate Chamber is working together with North
December 2009. The 2010 booking form is available
                                                                   Yorkshire County Council, Harrogate Borough Council,
now on - with
                                                                   Harrogate Area Tourism Partnership, Welcome to
discounted prices starting at £180 (VAT not applicable).
                                                                   Yorkshire and Yorkshire Forward to persuade the
Members who are able to display or distribute posters              Government to include Harrogate in the new franchise to
should contact the Secretariat to indicate the number              be offered next year.
and size required - A4, A3 or A2 size.
                                                                   Any comments from members who are regular users of
               Promoting Harrogate                                 these rail services to London would be appreciated.
Brian Dunsby complimented the efforts of Welcome to                We are also pleased to see that Northern Rail are now
Yorkshire at the recent Great Yorkshire Show to attract            promoting Day Tripper discounted rail tickets to
both leisure and business visitors to Yorkshire. Their             Harrogate from Cattal, Horsforth and other local stations
new website is They have
produced a series of excellent videos and TV adverts.
                                                                                        Bus Services
                                                                   Following the termination of the 653 Harrogate to
Harrogate International Centre has produced a booklet
                                                                   Bradford bus service, we are pleased to see that
of discount vouchers for Conference and Exhibition
                                                                   Harrogate Coach Travel have set up an hourly service
delegates which they are hoping to expand upon later
                                                                   for part of the route from Harrogate to both Ilkley and
this year. Members interested in making an offer to
                                                                   Guiseley to connect with buses to Bradford.
visitors should contact the Secretariat and we will pass
your details on to the relevant person at HIC.                                               Roads
             Harrogate at Christmas                                The Chamber has initiated discussions with the new
                                                                   NYCC Acting Head of Highways for Harrogate District,
Simon Cotton of Cedar Court Hotel reported on the
                                                                   James Malcolm, on the need for action to alleviate traffic
recent fund-raising day on Stray FM where he was
                                                                   congestion on the main radial roads into Harrogate. The
joined by Councillor John Fox for a live phone-in when
                                                                   local Bus and Taxi organisations are also helping to
companies rang in to pledge their money for the
                                                                   identify the worst blackspots and underlying causes.
Christmas Lights. During the day over £10,000 was
pledged, including earlier offers from local businesses.           Members who have regular problems with blackspots
                                                                   when travelling around Harrogate, please send details to
This means that Harrogate Borough Council will now
                                                                   the Secretariat so they can be added to the current
match-fund this with £10,000 giving a total of £20,000,
                                                                   summary of issues for discussion with the Borough and
ensuring the same lights can be erected as last year.
                                                                   County Council to find solutions and reduce congestion.
 Harrogate Chamber Review                            Page 6 of 8                                                     July 2009
               SCAMS & SPAMS                                                    MEMBERS’ FORUM
                HMRC e-mail scam                                               Betty’s 90th Anniversary
A bogus e-mail is being sent to businesses in North               Betty’s Tearooms celebrated their 90th Anniversary on
Yorkshire, purporting to be from HM Revenue and                   19th July with some of their original cakes being re-
Customs. The e-mail is notifying traders of a tax rebate          created to mark the anniversary. The recent opening of
that they are due, and to obtain the refund are asked to          the refurbished Imperial Room and the new Montpellier
complete an application form, containing bank details!            Café Bar are the latest expansions of this successful
                                                                  local company known collectively as the Betty’s and
HMRC have said that they do not send correspondence
                                                                  Taylor’s Group. To book a table phone: 01423 502746
out in this format via email. They are aware of these
bogus E mails and advise that they are just deleted                  Music on a Summers Evening -16/08/09
For further advice visit the following link at the HMRC           Kings Catering are organising another evening social
website:                    event in aid of St Michaels Hospice on Sunday 16th
                                                                  August at Pavilions of Harrogate from 6.30pm onwards.
             World Business Guide                                 Last year they raised over £8,000. This year’s event will
The World Business Guide scam is again doing the                  have a “Smooth Jazz” theme with reception drinks and
rounds with an official looking order which appears to be         canapé reception followed by a sumptuous dinner and
simply asking for your business information for inclusion         entertainment. Contact Patsy King on 01423 546290
on their database. However, in the small print is a
commitment to pay 995 Euros for a minimum of 3 years!                   Berwins become Limited Company
                                                                  Berwins Solicitors has unveiled a major restructuring
             Coca Cola E-mail Draw                                which sees it change from a limited liability partnership
This is another scam where you can be contacted by e-             to a limited company and appoint new directors.
mail or text message indicating you have won £500,000
                                                                  “We are one of the first law firms in the country to switch
in the Coca Cola International Draw. This is a scam to
                                                                  to operating as a limited company,” said managing
obtain your personal details.
                                                                  director Paul Berwin, who founded the Harrogate-based
           Ad-Plaz TV Ltd prosecuted                              business in the mid-1990s.

Last year we warned members about a telephone sales               The other existing LLP partners who become directors
campaign for advertising in Hospital waiting areas. The           are Sue Blake, Carolynn Peace and Stephen Root.
Ad-Plaz TV Company has recently been taken to court               They are joined by four newly appointed directors:
and prosecuted for their sales teams giving out false and         private client lawyer Julie Jewers, family lawyer Sarah
misleading information in an attempt to sell advertising          Smith, employment lawyer Natalie Saunders and
on TV screens in hospital entrance halls. The company             practice manager Caroline Davison. The firm will still be
has collapsed and the directors disqualified from being           known as Berwins - see
company directors for 12 years.
                                                                            Win a FREE Serviced Office
        Health & Safety at Work Manual                            The Executive Centre Harrogate is holding a Dragons
A member has had two persistent phone calls purporting            Den style competition for all local businesses. All
to be from the Chief Safety Officer at North Yorkshire            successful applicants will pitch their business and
County Council, wanting to sell advertising space in a            business plan to the panel in a three minute slot.
Health & Safety at Work manual for distribution to local          Based on various factors such as drive and
businesses. This has now been confirmed to be a scam.             determination, innovativeness, strong business plans
             Mobile Phone Directory                               and a positive business attitude filled with inspiration in
                                                                  the face of the current economic downturn, the panel will
After several warning e-mails have been circulated, we            decide who wins a free serviced office for 6 months.
investigated the mobile phone directory and discovered
                                                                  If you would like to apply for a chance to take part,
that numbers will not be given out to people ringing the
                                                                  please send a brief description of your business or
directory enquiries number, but callers will be connected
                                                                  business plan and a summary of your contact details to
to a number at a cost of £1 a time, plus the normal call
                                                         or post them to Kristy Small,
charge. You would be contacted first to indicate who the
                                                                  The Executive Centre, Copthall Bridge House, Station
caller is and to check if you wish to accept the call.
                                                                  Bridge, Harrogate, HG1 1SP - by 21st August 2009.
You can opt to be removed from this directory at                             THANKS TO WHITE HART HOTEL
        Ofcom review of 0870 numbers                              Many thanks to Simon Shipway, General Manager and
Following many complaints, Ofcom are reviewing the                the staff of the White Hart Hotel for hosting this month’s
pricing policy for 0870 numbers which have been an                meeting in their splendid function rooms.
increasing source of confusion amongst consumers,                 The hotel can cater for all types of events with 15
often leaving them open to being over-charged. We                 meeting rooms for 2 to 100 delegates, together with
would recommend members using the 0870 number                     parking for 90 cars and 53 en-suite bedrooms - for
change to the less controversial 03 numbers which are             information call 01423 505681 or visit
closely aligned to the geographical 01 and 02 numbers.
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      EXTERNAL ORGANISATIONS                                                    NEW MEMBERS
       Starting a Business Workshops                            Cardale Asset Management Ltd
                                                                (Investment Management)
Business Link Yorkshire have launched their quarterly           Jeremy Elder, Investment Manager
programme of workshops for people who are thinking of           2 Greengate, Cardale Park, Harrogate HG3 1GY
starting a business and who would like to gain the              Tel: 01423 534100 Fax: 04123 534123
essential skills needed to make their future business a         E-mail:
success. These workshops are FREE and comprise                  Website:
four modules each lasting half a day covering Producing
Your Business Plan; Marketing Your New Business;                CityLocal Harrogate (Business Directory)
Financial Forecasting; Practical Selling Skills.                David Moscardini, Local Business Promoter
                                                                5 Salamanca Crescent, New Forest Village,
The nearest centre is Conyngham Hall, Knaresborough.            Leeds LS10 4GJ
These workshops will be held on 8,9,15,16 September.            Tel: 08443 574823
There will also be a workshop entitled Exploring Self           E-mail:
Employment for anyone thinking about starting their own         Website:
business. The next one in Harrogate is on 29th Sept.            Consoltis Ltd (E-commerce and website design)
For more information and booking call 08456 048 048 or          Andrew Chapman, Director
e-mail: or click on          8 Hurstleigh Terrace, Harrogate HG1 4TF                                 Tel: 01423 740041 Fax: 01423 740051
                  Meet the Buyer                                Website:
Attend one of Business Link’s FREE Meet the Buyer               Impact Outsource Credit Control Solutions
events and find out how you could be winning council            (Financial)
business. The events will be held from 8.30am to 12             Iain Mackay, Managing Director
noon as follows:                                                30A Market Place West, Ripon HG4 1BN
                                                                Tel: 01765 607125
Wednesday 23 September - Ripon Racecourse
Monday 28 September - Marriott Hotel, York                      Website:
What to expect:
                                                                           BUSINESS BRIEFINGS
• Presentation on 'How to do Business with the
  Council'; with a focus upon 'what to do' and 'what not             Swine Flu Guidance for Businesses
  to   do'      when     completing    Pre-Qualification
  Questionnaires, Tenders and Quotations.                       A useful booklet has been produced to help businesses
                                                                to follow best practice during the current Swine Flu
• Meet the strategic buyers from the County, District           pandemic, including how to avoid it spreading through
  and Borough Councils of North Yorkshire and the City          employees and what to do if an employee is showing
  of York who are responsible for procuring council             symptoms. To download the brochure go to:
  goods and services                                  
• Speak to the departmental experts giving specialist           _risk_guidance.pdf
  trading advice
                                                                Business Link is also offering information via a regularly
• Network with other organisations and find out how             updated page on their website - go to:
  you could be winning business.                      
Find out how:                                                   OFFPAGE&itemId=1082470688&atom_id=0.PR270942
• The public sector procures its goods and services for                       Business City Guide
  areas such as education, social care, construction,                 for firms looking to trade overseas
  social housing, and leisure services.
• Public procurement rules and regulations work.                The Business City Guide, which is published by
                                                                research firm ICIS in association with The Times
• To prepare an effective tender and access tender              newspaper, is a resource for anyone looking to trade or
  opportunities.                                                expand abroad. It has a directory of countries, each with
• To register on the regional Supplier Contract                 information on the economy, workforce and
  Management System (SCMS).                                     infrastructure.
To register for any of these events ring 08456 048 048          The guide also provides contact information for
or visit (type           organisations such as development agencies and trade
‘meet the buyer’ in the title box to search and book            bodies in that country.
online) These events are free of charge.
                                                                For more details go to:

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