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					Portrait Quadstone

Company Update and
Product Roadmap

Neil Skilling
Product Director

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–   About Portrait Software
–   Portrait Quadstone
–   Products
–   Product Roadmap
–   Feedback

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                             Customer Confidential
Portrait Software

– Portrait Software is a UK company
– 20 years old, based in Henley-on-Thames
– AIM Listed
– They specialize in software for customer
  interaction management
– They are profitable and have approximately
  150 customers worldwide.

                    Customer Confidential
Key Portrait Customers
(FY04-05 Portrait License Growth: 197%)

                    Customer Confidential
     Nationwide Building Society

                                               Business Problem
“Thanks to Portrait's intelligent prompts,     •   Largest Building Society in the World - 11 Million members
successful prompted conversations are                 •Insurance, mortgages, savings, current accounts, life assurance,
                                                      investment products & personal loans
running at double original estimates.”                •Drive to differentiation - dramatically improve customer service
                                                      •Siloed customer communication channels
                                                      •No Single customer view
“Nationwide's employees have been
impressed with Portrait as it enables          Solution
them to develop enhanced relationships         •   An integrated multi-channel CRM solution based on Portrait
with customers by treating them as                    •12,000 customer-facing staff in branches and contact centres
individuals”                                          •Single view of the customer across multiple channels
                                                      •Flexible processes to handle change
                                                      •Improved up-sell and cross sell via Intelligent Prompts
“We will sell tens of thousands of more               •Integrated sales, integrated services, single marketing desktop
products in 2004/5 through Portrait”

-- Simon Baines                                •   During 2005
                                                      •Portrait handled over 7.5 Million customer engagements.
iCRM Director                                         •Peak of 33,000 in one day
Nationwide Building Society                           •Delivered 1.5 Million Intelligent prompts
                                               •   Intelligent Prompt Delivering to bottom line
                                                      •Up to 40% receive positive response
                                                      •15% of all prompts result in a sale
                                                      •Results running 220% ahead of original estimates
                                                      •Delivered 12 month ROI

                                   Customer Confidential
Partner Case Study – Fiserv CBS:
Aperio powered by Portrait™

                                              “We chose Portrait
                                              Foundation as the
                                              development tool and
                                              run-time environment
                                              for our new Aperio
                                              application. We went
                                              through product
                                              training and delivered
                                              our first three Aperio
                                              product version
                                              releases ahead of
                                              schedule, and we
                                              have recently won our
                                              first major Aperio
                                              victory in the US.
                                              Fantastic results in a
                                              very short period of

                                              John Macaluso, CTO,
                                              Fiserv CBS Worldwide

                      Customer Confidential
 Portrait Quadstone Combination Values

– Customer Interaction Leader                   – Customer Analytics Leader
   – Point of interaction system                   – Data Mining
   – Collect data                                  – Data Exploration
   – Distribute knowledge                          – Predictive Analytics
– Process centric model                         – Knowledge Management
– Interaction management                        – Business application experts

             Merger integrates Customer Intelligence into the
               Customer Interaction Management system

                     Insight at the point of interaction

                        Customer Confidential
Quadstone and Portrait Integration Themes

–   World’s best customer analytics in every interaction
     – Make the right decision between sales, service and data gathering
     – Make best of breed predictive modeling available in all customer
     – Deploy Quadstone’s unique Uplift Analysis into every customer

–   Collaborative Intelligence
     – Broader distribution of decision making: analytical, operational and
     – Develop from service process analysis to interaction analysis
     – Extend integration with information workers core tools
     – New source of engagement history improves intelligence

–   “Right-Time” Rules Integration
     – Packaged real-time offer arbitration based on customer-initiated
     – Individual value based decisions at the point of interaction
     – Combine interaction context with long-term behavior information

                              Customer Confidential
Market View
Destination CRM

 “Portrait Software/Quadstone is the single
   visionary company, defined as having a
     strong vision for the evolution of the
              Destination CRM
     Thursday, January 26, 2006

                  Customer Confidential
Gartner Magic Quadrant 1Q2006

                  Customer Confidential
 Offerings: Collaborative Customer Analytics

– Self-Service Analytics
   – Three-level interface to provide self-service analytics for a
     wider user community
– Predictive Customer Analytics
   – Complete analytic environment (ETL, visualization, data
     mining, deployment, collaboration) for power analyst teams
– Predictive Customer Analytics: Uplift
   – Advanced analytic technique for optimized targeting

                       Customer Confidential
Product Roadmap
Portrait Quadstone Roadmap
– Major Release Schedule:
     – Self-Service Analytics (aka Profiler) v1.2 – December 2005
     – Interaction Optimizer v1.0 – March 2006
     – Quadstone System v5.2 – May 2006
     – Self-Service Analytics v2.0 – June 2006
– Future Releases:
     – Self-Service Analytics v2.1 – Q3 2006
          – Guided analytics – methodologies merged with collaboration
          – Self-Service modelling adds to self-service BI
     – Interaction Optimizer v2.0 – Q4 2006
          – Customer Interaction Strategy Management Portal
          – Insight to Action
     – Predictive Customer Analytics v5.3 – H1 2007
          – Integration and extension of UpliftPlus
          – Portrait Foundation Integration
          – Large memory edition – 64-bit

                         Customer Confidential
       Quadstone System v5.2 Release Summary
     – Primary theme: deployment
     – Mixture of new feature/functions and maintenance
     – Customer delighters
–   Import and Export of Metadata: preparation reuse
–   Comparison of Profiles and Audits
–   Extended Office Integration
–   Comparison of segments
–   Small sample Decision Tree improvements
–   Large flat file support

                                                       –     Focus dependency display
                                                       –     Simplified Profile and Audit Deployment
                                                       –     Improvements to Significance Aggregation
                                                       –     Relaxed field naming requirements
                                                       –     Field Type Simplifications
                                                       –     Improved ‘Import from Query’ UI

                                     Customer Confidential
Self-Service Analytics

–   Self-Service BI – Easy, unrestricted and flexible access to customer data
    for users throughout the company

–   Web-based interface to the Quadstone analytics data cache – removing
    the limitations of OLAP

–   Three levels of interface to all available data
     – Executive/novice interface – internet search
     – Manager/self-service interface – web portal
     – Analyst interface – client-server deep dive visualization & modeling

–   Opportunity for a new, powerful and flexible solution
     – Interface that can grow with the user’s skill level
     – Simpler interface for the wider user community
     – Power users can deep dive in an unrestricted way

                         Customer Confidential
Self Service Analytics Key Features

–   Flexible, role-based ad-hoc query
    –    Query on any field with any measure and any filter
    –    Granular data available (individual records)
    –    Generate reports, charts, lists
    –    One-click “open in Excel”
–   Natural language query
    –    Simple executive / occasional-user interface
–   Scale & performance
    –    Zero-footprint web-based client
    –    Response times in seconds for hundreds of users, millions of records
    –    Minimize change-management and administration vs. cube-based
–   Collaboration
    –    Results sharing across the enterprise
    –    Tightly integrated with the Collaborative Framework

                       Customer Confidential
      Self Service Analytics v2.0 Release Summary
–   Custom measures (arithmetic calculations, table
–   Custom segmentations:
     – User-defined breakdown (boundaries,
     – Parameterised (deciles, equal-range, dates)
     – Custom label formatting (abbreviations, user-
–   Timeline queries (automated refresh on data update)

                                      –    Filters:
                                            – Filter creation from visual selection on results
                                            – Multiple named filters
                                            – Ad-hoc date filters (with calendar selector)
                                      –    Results:
                                            – Line charts; nested tables; composite profiles
                                                (time analysis)
                                            – Layout preview
                                            – Simplified record view interface (lists)
                                Customer Confidential
Interaction Optimizer
Interaction Optimizer


            Fulfilment Processes
            Sales through service           Customer Analytics
                                             Customer Analytics
             Service & Support

                    Customer Confidential
            Interaction Optimizer

Lead management
Process driven                         Portrait Foundation
Workflow/ Case management               Lead management etc

Combine & re-evaluate analytical,
strategic and delivery rules at        Portrait Interaction            Portrait Quadstone
interaction to deliver most relevant
                                           Optimizer                   Predictive Analytics
and profitable offer or service.

                                                                      Highly visual
Single customer view                   Portrait Foundation            Accessible to business
                                                                      Collaboration across the business
Multi-channel                          Customer Interaction           Derived models
Managed & unmanaged
                                                                      Value based propensity

                                              Customer Confidential
                                                                           Portrait Interaction Optimizer
            Interaction Optimizer                        Engagement                                                     Analytical
                                                                                           IO Console
                                                          Modeller                    Management & Reporting              Input

                                                   Interaction Processes
                                                   Delivery of prompts
                                                   Process flow          Rules Flow Server
                                                   Data capture          Arbitrate action based on
                                                   Host integration      Real time scores
Lead management
                                       Portrait Foundation               Delivery rules            Real Time Scoring Engine
Process driven                                                                                     High throughput
                                                                         Strategy rules
Workflow/ Case management               Lead management etc                                        Analytical models
                                                                                                   Re-evaluate at start and throughout
                                                                                                   interaction as data changes
                                                                                                   Deliver value based decisions
Combine & re-evaluate analytical,
strategic and delivery rules at        Portrait Interaction                                        Portrait Quadstone
interaction to deliver most relevant
                                           Optimizer                                               Predictive Analytics
and profitable offer or service.

                                                                                                 Highly visual
Single customer view                   Portrait Foundation                                       Accessible to business
                                                                                                 Collaboration across the business
Multi-channel                          Customer Interaction                                      Derived models
Managed & unmanaged
                                                                                                 Value based propensity

                                              Customer Confidential
Any Questions?

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After the Webinar

–   These slides, audio, and video recordings of this webinar will be available via
–   Any problems or questions, please contact

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Proposed Future Webinars and Other Dates

–   Introducing Self-Service Analytics March 22nd, 23rd
–   Getting Started with the Quadstone System April
–   What's new in the Quadstone System 5.2 May
–   The Wonders of Field Derivation Language (FDL) Jun


To Be Announced:
   – US User Group May
   – European User Group Autumn

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