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Austin Shutterbug Club Newsletter
                                                                            SHUTTERBUG Austin, Texas • October, 2002

   ASC Texas Gulf Coast weekend fun
   Nineteen ASC members and relatives
participated in the club 2002 coast out-
ing that took place in Corpus Christi,
Texas on Friday through Sunday, Sep-
tember 27-29.
  The venue was complete with superb
weather perfectly designed for land-
scapes, black & white, infrared, archi-
tectural antiquities, people photography
and much more.
  The schedule included photography
from sunrise to sunset and even after-
ward around Chorpus Christi and Mus-
tang Island.
  The long weekend was filled with
many outstanding photographic oppor-
tunities. See page 7 for a collection of
images from the coast.
  Those attending were Alan and Mary          The Austin Shutterbug Club Corpus Corpus Christi weekend outing included, from left:
Kay Hann, CA and Linda Thorne,                Brian Loflin, Roberto White, Linda and CA Thorne, Lindsey Allen, Patrick Daniels,
Lindsey and Glenna Allen, Roberto and         Charlaine Matthews, Alan Hann, Lois Schubert, Robert Gardere, and Rose Epps.
Dolly White, Gary and Linda Alford,           Photo at the USS Lexington by Shirley Loflin, not pictured.
Jack and Ruth Cox, Brian and Shirley
Loflin, Patrick Daniels and cousin Rob-
                                              Bassett Maguire compares digital
ert Gardere from Waco (who joined our
club while on the trip), Rose Epps, Lois
                                              photo images with film in October
Schubert and Charlaine Matthews.                 My first camera, a Mercury Univex           “photographer of the year” in the Capi-
                                              II, was bought in 1946 or -47. It was a        tol Camera Club. When I built my house
   Call for Entries                           “single frame” 35 mm camera, and most          in 1963, I built a nice-sized dark room,
  The entries required for ASC partici-       memorable (aside from the photos them-         and enjoyed using this for years. My con-
pation in the November GSCCC com-             selves) were the chuckles from the rest        version to digital photography started
petition will be collected at the October     of the audience at a bathing suit beauty       several years ago, and most of the im-
ASC meeting. The Prints needed are for        contest when I had continued taking pic-       ages I now take are with one of my sev-
the Small Print Division [B&W or              tures, without changing film, for 50 –         eral digital cameras.
Color]; and for Pictorial Slides [any sub-    60 exposures. (They did not realize that         The October program is designed to
ject, made at any time]. From those sub-      with “36 exposure” film, I was able to         give some comparisons between film and
mitted, we will send 4 prints, and 4 slides   get 72 images on one roll.) A year or          digital images, including some of the
from different makers to represent our        two later, I won $50.00 (not bad for those     strengths and weaknesses of each. Then
club in the November competitions.            days) as the grand prize in the all Air        there will be a “live” demonstration of
                                              Force photo contest. The photo was of a        some digital image modification tech-
         NEXT MEETING                         “G. I. Party” (men in shorts and under-        niques, how one can (for some subjects)
 Thursday, October 10, at 7:00 PM             shirts washing the barracks floor with         greatly increase the effective dynamic
 at Northwest Recreation Center.              soap suds, mops, and lots of water with        range of a photograph and have an im-
 Find us in our home in the first             nice reflections); the photo was a black       age which is sharp from very close to
 large room to your right upon
                                              and white taken with a combat graphic.         infinity. If time remains, I’ll put together
 entering. Visitors are welcome!
                                                 Later, in Austin in the early 60’s, I won   a panorama.
September Competition                        THE PREZ SEZ . . .                             --Shirley Loflin
     High Points - General Slides
Lois Schubert     Sunset @ Study Butte          Yikes! I have good news and bad                5. The ability to meet every second
Betty McCreary          Morning Glory        news! The good news is that we now             Thursday of the month.
Rose Epps             Agave @ Sunset         boast 91 members at this writing. And             6. We must be able to completely
Charlaine Matthews         Sand Dunes        the bad news is that we are getting a little   darken the room for our projections.
  High Points - Assignment Slides            too crowed for comfort. Our club is               7. A storage space for us to secure our
Betty McCreary            Water Slide        definitely suffering growing pains as we       club’s equipment or a spot for us to in-
     High Points - General Prints            had 63 people attend our last meeting          stall a storage cabinet.
Stacey Hervey           Afternoon Tea        and we were packed in like sardines.              I am almost certain that one of you has
  High Points - Assignment Prints            Mind you, I couldn’t be more thrilled to       the answer to this dilemma. Here are
                                             see how many photographers are inter-          some places for you to consider: a meet-
Karen Estes        16 Seconds to Home
                                             ested in our club but let’s face it—we         ing room where you work, a room at your
 High Points - Digital General Prints
CA Thorne                   Butterfly #1     need more room.                                church, maybe you attend a different kind
David Cree Washington on the Mountain           I need each and every one of you to         of meeting somewhere that their room
David Cree             Guatemalan Girl       help us find a great place to start meet-      might work for us also, if you are mili-
CA Thorne                   Butterfly #2     ing in January 2003. We have a good            tary retired perhaps you have access for
Alice Drake              Juicer on Ilford    deal with NW Recreation Center. We             our club. If you have an idea or think of
Linda Phelps Cathredral of Annunciation      can stay where we are for as long as we        something, please give them a call to see
High Points - Digital Assignment Prints      want at no charge! But as we are con-          if they meet our requirements. If they
Max Layard         Don’t try this at Home    tinually growing we must start planning me and I’ll get right on it.
                                             ahead. We may not be as fortunate with            We are already in the largest room that
GSCCC Results                                the next meeting place, there may be a         Austin’s recreation centers have. The
  Here are the results from the Septem-      charge. It took us a long time to find         Libraries would want us to be out by nine
ber Small Prints Competition: “Under         this great spot, but with your help I know     and we couldn’t bring in food or bever-
Mothers’ Close Eye” by Tarra Warnke -        we can figure this out. We may have to         ages. The churches on either side of
10 Points; “360 Bridge & Shadow” by          pay for the next place we find, but I don’t    where we now meet don’t have anything
Erik Pronske -10 Points; “Butterfly          think we can manage more than a hun-           available either. Wild Basin Wilderness
Beauty” by Nancy Carroll -12 points;         dred dollars a month, if that.                 Preserve has offered to let us meet there
“That Call Was So Bad, I can’t Look”            These are what the requirements are         free of charge, but I believe we would
by William Ricks -8 Points. The winning      for our club at this time:                     need to hire security to watch our vehicles.
prints had scores ranging from 12-13            1. A large room that will accommo-             Ok, everyone, put on your thinking caps
points.                                      date at least one hundred to one hun-          and help us solve this problem as soon as
                                             dred and fifty people at a time.               you can. I always appreciate your coop-
                                                2. The ability to bring in food and         eration and know we can work this out.
                                             beverages, it goes without saying that         Thank you!
                                             we will clean up after ourselves.
                                                3. Chairs and tables should be avail-       Fall Scavenger Hunt
                                             able to us. It would be nice if they could       The club fall scavenger hunt will be
                                             set them up for us                             held in Fredericksburg on Saturday, Oc-
                                                4. The ability to meet from say,            tober 19. The kickoff meeting will be at
                                             6:30pm to 10:30pm.                             the Vereins Kirche Museum at the Mar-
                                                                                            ket Platz on Main Street at 9:00 AM.

                      CAMERA CO/OP                                                            The scavenger hunt will require that
                                                                                            participants complete a list of 20 photo-
                                            OF AUSTIN                                       graphic assignments in the town on that
                                            fine new and used photographic                  day only. Print and slide makers can com-
                                                    equipment and supplies                  pete. Both media forms shall be judged
                                                                                            together with only one award for each
                                                                                            assignment. The rules and visitors guides
                                                                                            to Fredericksburg will be available at the
                                                                                            October meeting. The assignments will
          1718 South Congress Ave. • Austin, TX 78704
                                                                                            be provided only at the kickoff meeting
   512.804.COOP (2667) • Fax 512.804.2668 •
                                                                                            the morning of the hunt.
                                         Austin Shutterbug Club
                                       Minutes of the September 12, 2002, Meeting

   Shirley Loflin, President of ASC, called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. Eighteen guests were introduced and welcomed by
Charlaine Matthews. They were: Paul Munsch, Jane Moss, Monica Rosco, Dan Emerson, Mike Stone, Aleita White, Shaoxiong
Yang, Chris Dietche, Jennifer Hale, Kumar Pandian, Peggy Hersich, and D. O. Nan.
   Eddie Jennings, Sue Ann Chandler Steve White, Fritz Meitzen, Frederick Fung and Dan Collier also visited and joined as
new members of the club. Club attendance was 65. Several visitors remarked they attended because they had seen the club’s
website. (Thanks, Kevin!)
   Shirley thanked Alan Hann and Glenda Embree for providing refreshments for the evening. Linda & Gary Alford and Tarra
& David Warnke will provide refreshments for the October meeting. Shirley solicited volunteers to assist with Christmas Party
planning. Linda Alford, Pat Johnson, Phyllis Rummel, and Glenda Embree volunteered.
   Minutes from the August meeting were published in the newsletter and accepted without correction. Treasurer Lois Schubert
reported the club has a total of 84 members; it has $12.49 in the kitty and $723.64 in its checking account.
   Vice President Pat Johnson announced next month’s program will be presented by ASC member Bassett Maguire. He will do
a demonstration of the procedure of digital printing from beginning to end.
   GSCCC Representative William Ricks provided August 2002 GSCCC results. David Cree had 1st Honorable Mention with
a large color print. William gave ASC’s standing among other clubs–we rate in the top 10 in several categories.
   Newsletter Editor Brian Loflin thanked contributing members for articles. He also discussed the agenda for the upcoming
Corpus Christi weekend field trip. Sign-ups were taken for motel rooms which had been reserved at a group rate.
   Brian also discussed proposed changes in meeting procedures. The club has grown—more time is needed for programs and
competition. Suggestions from the recent leadership meeting were:
         1.Program one month and competition the next.
         2.Images would be submitted at one meeting (or given to competition chair prior to judging date),
             judged off premise by trained judges (any member can attend), and then critiqued at the next meeting.
         3.No change, except images must be logged in prior to 7 p.m.
   There was discussion. C.A. expressed concern that twice as much time would be involved for the competition chairmen.
David Cree expressed concern that judges would discuss images during the judging process. Brian assured members that the
judges would not converse until after judging when they prepare their critiques. Brian addressed Tarra’s concern that new
judges will be trained.
   Voting was held, and the results were:
         Option 1. Alternating months - 8 votes;
         Option 2. Judging off-premise - 30 votes;
         Option 3. No changes; images in by 7 p.m. - 3 votes.
   Shirley again asked for recommendations for a larger meeting place.
   A motion was made at the leadership meeting that there be no changes in dues ($20 individual; $30 family), but they would
be paid on a calendar year basis due in January of each year. Mid-year joiners would be prorated by six months. The member-
ship approved this motion overwhelmingly.
   Shirley displayed a recent Austin American-Statesman article with C. A. Thorne’s winning “9-11” photo.
   The fall scavenger hunt will be held on October 19, and the November meeting will be a viewing of the images. Brian gave
a brief definition of a “photography scavenger hunt.” Thirty-two attendees indicated an interest in going. Wayne Hillman and
Brian have selected the location; it will be announced in the October meeting just prior to the trip.
   Pat Johnson introduced ASC member Becky Vertrees who presented a slide program on her visit to Egypt and Israel. Becky
had maps for everyone showing the locations she had visited. The group broke for refreshments at 8:45 p.m. After the break,
door prizes for the month went to Betty McCreary, Max Peebles and Shirley Loflin.
   Club competition began with B&W. Judges were David Pinckney, Lela Jane Tintsman and Rose Epps.
   The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 p.m.

        Respectfully submitted,

        Rose Epps, Secretary
  Digital Pros and Cons-Interesting Musings
--by Cindy Dyer                                 trusted to inexpensive film labs now must        Let’s pull back from the edge of the
[Ed. note: These are interesting musings        be done by the photographer or by an          abyss and look at the following solution.
from my long-time friend in Washington, DC      expensive digital lab.                        I keep a prosumer digital camera around.
on the pros and cons (financial versus
                                                   There’s no overall gain if the photog-     I think the Nikon 5700 is the low-end
immediacy) of digital vs. traditional film
cameras and how she would/should/might
                                                rapher only desires to duplicate with digi-   and a D1x is the high end. Both — and
add digital to her repertoire when she starts   tal what once was done with film. Since       all in between — serve well but differ-
doing a greater commercial volume. She’s        most consumers — families, brides, pub-       ently.
currently a graphic designer with her own       lications, and service bureaus — don’t           The digital camera is a constant com-
business. She’s made many good points.]         need the finished digital product first,      panion on every shoot. I can use it like
   My friend Ed is shooting almost all of       they are still searching for the product      Polaroid film. I can shoot images I know
his weddings and portraits on his 35mm          that film produces. In other words, the       will go directly to computer or print. I
digital camera (an old Kodak digital cam-       consumer is neither sufficiently educated     can shoot images I know I will certainly
era based on the Nikon Pronea body),            nor motivated to ask for the effects and      be manipulated (like a series of images I
and he raves about the ease and cost sav-       products that film produces. That means       know I will stitch together in a pan-
ings, but he spends an exorbitant amount        that they are really still asking photog-     orama). It is a security blanket. I still
of time at the computer with retouching,        raphers to produce the finished film prod-    shoot everything else with the film cam-
color correcting, etc. — not to mention         uct. Doing that with digital is contra-in-    era.
paying for inks and high end digital pa-        tuitive and counterproductive.                   If the customer doesn’t want immedi-
per (even at the cheaper prices he gets            Thus, my strategy still depends most       ate product, then they can wait the one
on those consumables from on line               heavily on film and the film camera. I        day it will take the lab to process and
sources).                                       can shoot 2,000 rolls of film without         proof my film. When I see the proofs I
   It’s a trade off, most definitely. Save      buying anything except the film, process-     can edit and scan them on a professional
time and money up front — after the             ing and maybe proofs. The hidden costs        film scanner with higher resolution than
camera purchase, of course — but then           of shooting 72,000 frames of digital are      any 35mm-equivalent camera can offer.
you give up time and cost at the other          either editing or storage.                    (I am really impressed with the Polaroid
end. The upside is that you have control           Editing during shooting means time.        Multi Scan Pro; 35mm and medium for-
over your images, quick turnaround when         Editing after storage means storage —         mat; 35mm scanned to 105MB scans.)
you do it yourself, etc. At first glance,       and then time. I can shoot 30 rolls of film   Once scanned, I can electronically ma-
you see that you immediately save money         during a standard, single-day job. The        nipulate the few images I’ll use. It just
on film and processing, but then you add        equivalent memory cards would cost me         seems like a good use of tools.
up all the computer/software/hardware           $$$$$. I can buy fewer cards but must            The prosumer camera can cost as little
equipment you need (assuming you don’t          have a download system on-site that in-       as $500, or $2,000 -or more. The film
already possess said tools) and suddenly        cludes a computer and disk drive that will    scanner is about $3,000 and covers 120
$5.00 for a roll of slide film, followed        cost me $$$$$. Storing these images in        film, too. A 35mm film scanner might be
by $7.50 for processing, seems like a           their biggest format available means          as cheap as $400.
bargain. Wouldn’t you agree?                    about 17MB to 25MB per image,or                  What’s wrong with this picture? I look
   Ah, but we love that new technology -        about 25 frames per CD. Burning im-           at this solution and think I’ve covered
gimme, gimme, gimme!                            ages on CDs requires costs for media,         myself. I’m not a catalogue shop. I don’t
   The more I look at things, the more I        time, and equipment which means $$$$$.        shoot all day and I don’t have a full staff
think my own digital strategy has the              If I’m honest about my costs, my day       to “process” my digital images. And ex-
following look: one prosumer (high end          rate is not going to diminish — it will       cept for the catalog shops, have you no-
consumer / professional) digital camera,        increase. If I’m honest about my costs,       ticed that digital shops are no longer
plus, one professional film scanner and         my film costs will be replaced by higher      cheaper than the other shops? They’re
film cameras and all that goes with them        digital costs and fees. And going digital     more expensive. Duh!
(just like now).                                will cost me about $10,000 to $20,000            So my digital choices don’t start nor
   The quest for ease and safety draws          if I want to convert just at the 35mm         end with the camera. I view the camera
scores of photographers into the finan-         level. If I want to convert at the medium     (a photographic play on words) as a very
cial and education trap as they discover        format level, I can count on at least an-     small component in the photographer’s
digital “film” is not cheap, digital pho-       other $50,000 investment and possibly         system.
tography requires an entire computerized        as much as $80,000. Doing both is not a          That may be anathema to most pho-
support system, and what was once en-           decision, it’s a commitment.                  tographers’ philosophies.
Photo Opportunities & Exhibits Calendar
   OCTOBER 2002                                Oct. 27- Zilker Garden Rose Show--           LOOKING AHEAD
   Oct. 5- "Star Party"--Fort McKavett-      1pm to 5pm--Zilker Garden--Austin,             Apr. 3-8, 2003- "Legends of Big
-afternoon lecture and evening of star       Texas                                        Bend"--LCRA Native Tours--Big Bend
gazing using powerful and sophisticated        Oct.31- "Halloween on 6th Street"--        State Park--6 days of exploring with
telescopes sponsored by the Johnson          Austin--7 block historic district with       Allan C. Kimball, author of the Big Ben
Space Center Astronomical Center--           60,000 costume wearing revelers--            Guide--(800)776-5272 Ext. 8002 or
(915)396-2358                                (512)478-0098                      

                                             GSCCC photo activities
   October- "Fall Regatta of Lake Aus-
tin"--nautical race with more than 80 keel
boats sailing over Lake Travis. 266-1336
   October- "Hairy Man Festival"--Cat          On September 19, the Judging Team          all categories to be able to do well in the
Hollow Park--(512)244-7439                   gathered at the Northwest Recreation         End of The Year Competition judging in
   Oct. 8-10- " Texas Monarch Watch          Center to select the awards for Pictorial    April 2003.
Workshop"--Johnson City/Bamburger            Slides from the GSCCC Competition for
   Oct. 17-20- "Trail Ride and Cattle
                                             September. The job was completed in a
                                             very professional manner, and the results
                                                                                          Look what’s new!
Drive"--Bracketville,            Texas--     have been sent to the Editor of the            This pair of appointment calendars are for information.        GSCCC News, and to the Competitions          produced by the Lady Bird Johnson Wild-
   Oct. 19-20- "Guadalupe River State        Chairman. In addition, the 77 slides en-     flower Center and are now on the mar-
Park"--Natural and cultural programs         tered in competition by 21 Camera Clubs      ket, You may get yours at the wildflower
with Native American dancing and             have all been packaged, and mailed back      center gift shop or on line at
storytelling, domestic skills of the old     to the clubs.                       or soon at Borders
frontier, quilting, canning, childrens         I want to express my appreciation for      Books.
games and stargazing--1(830)438-2656         the work done by the Judges: Shirley           Many of the images in both volumes
   Oct. 20- "Annual Lone Star Legacy         Loflin, Linda Phelps, and Nancy Carroll.     were produced by our own Brian and
Festival--Longhorn Cavern State Park--       The effort made by the Scorekeeper C.A.      Shirley Loflin. The Loflin’s are also in
(877)441-2283                                Thorne, and Projectionist Kevin Knippa       the process of publishing their own book.
                                             contributed significantly on this assign-    Written, designed and photographed by
  WATCH THESE DATES                          ment for ASC. The results are listed in      Brian and Shirley, a Photographis Guide
  These dates have been planned in ad-       the October GSCCC News, available at         to the Grasses of the Texas Hill Country
vance by the club leadership. They may       the October meeting.                         will be available next year. Texas A&M
change, if required by weather or other        As a payment for the ASC judging of        University Press has expressed serious
factors out of our control.                  the competition, ASC will receive an         interest and is planning to offer a con-
Oct 10               Monthly Meeting         average of the scores earned by ASC in       tract for the publication.
Oct 19           Fall Scavenger Hunt         Pictorial Slides for the competition year,
Nov 9-10      Houston Weekend Trip           which ends in March 2003. It is impor-
Nov14               Monthly Meeting          tant that we do well in competitions in
Dec 12 Awards / Christmas Party
                                                       Check us out!
Jan 9 ‘03            Regular Meeting

                                                 A Professional Photographic
                                                 and Computer Imaging Lab
  PHOTO IMAGING                                          Since 1981

                                              • Film Processing & Proofing
   8:30 AM - 7:00 PM Weekdays                 • Complete digital department
  10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Saturdays                • Handmade Color or B&W prints

       1221 S. Lamar • Austin, TX 78704 • (512) 442-4274
    10 Ideas for more winning photographs
- by Linda Phelps                            however offer some good points for us          photo outing. 4)It is good to fill the frame
   There are a lot of things that contrib-   to consider. 1) It follows the "rule" of       when it is appropriate, like flowers and
ute towards a winning competition pho-       thirds. (All rules can be broken.) You         other objects. 5) If it is a animal, human
tograph. Here are a few ideas to keep in     can see the thirds in the sky, wall and        or otherwise, be sure to leave a little more
mind while you are framing up your shot      water. 2) The sky is empty. Therefore it       room in front where the eyes are look-
before you press the shutter button. The     was cropped to make a more pleasing            ing. The animal needs to have room to
first example photograph has a pleasing      look as in thirds. 3)When there is empty       move forward. 6) Always check the
look to it. It is spoiled by the lamp. The   space that does not contribute to the sub-     background for things that may become
lamp right in the middle is very distract-   ject, crop it off! Don't be afraid to change   a distraction. We don't want to see poles
ing. Your eye wanders over there and         the dimensions of your photo.                  coming out of peoples heads. 7) Use the
takes your attention from the subject, the      The second photo illustrates some           DOF button on your camera to check
Donskoi Monastery. This photo does           more points to think about while on a          about having the depth of sharpness as
                                                                                            far as you want it.
                                                                                               The third photo shows us some things
                                                                                            about photography of flowers. 8) Place
                                                                                            the flower in the upper third of the frame.
                                                                                            9) To be sure the whole flower is in sharp
                                                                                            focus use a small aperature to provide
                                                                                            enough depth of field. 10) However, use
                                                                                            an larger aperature to make the back-
                                                                                            ground into a soft blur, thus making the
                                                                                            flower to pop.
                                                                                              [This combination is subjective, and
                                                                                            often tricky. This is where a depth-of-
                                                                                            field preview button on your camera is
                                                                                            most helpful. -ed.]
                                                                                               Remember, these are tips, guidelines,
                                                                                            not hard fast rules.
                                                                                              I write out a little list of the things to
Photo 1 (Above): Donskoi Monastery next to the Moscow Kemlin. Photo 2 (Below):              check when I go out in the field with my
Largest cast canon inside the Moscow Kemlin near the military building. Photo 3             camera. If you are like me, you just can't
(Below, right): Tiny Texas wildflower captured using a Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS with a        remember everything!
2X extender, ISO 100, f22.
Corpus Christi photographic memories
   Early mornings on the beach at sun-        became captive subjects. Not only were
rise brought many images saturated with       the boats good subjects, but they pro-
reds, oranges and golds.                      vided a foreground for the city skyline
   The Corpus Yacht Basin at the Tee          and a habitat for many species of birds.
Heads provided photographic opportu-            The dunes provided a myrid of plant
nities as varied as the imagiunation. Slick   and animal life ready for the lens. Sea
yachts, sailboats and bay shrimpers all       Oats, several Primrose varieties and

                                                                                                Goatsfoot Morning Glory,
                                                                                                were just a few of the natural
                                                                                                subjects to be captured.
                                                                                                  Between all the photogra-
                                                                                                phy sessions, the day was di-
                                                                                                vided by several good stops
                                                                                                at favorite resturants. There
                                                                                                was good eating interspersed
                                                                                                with camera lies between
                                                                                                many now good friends.
                                                                                                  This was truly a memo-
                                                                                                rable weekend and shall be
                                                                                                followed my many to come
                                                                                                        in the future.

                                                                            Hosts, Brian and Shirley Loflin
                                                            organized three days of fun, photography, good food and great
                                                          cameraderie for the 20 ASC members and relatives who traveled to
                                                                  Corpus Christi for the 2002 Club Coast Weekend.

--Sangre de Christi by Brian Loflin

                                                                                                          Club Competition
                SHUTTERBUG CLUB                                                                       Assignments: 2001-2003
 The Austin Shutterbug Club (ASC) was founded in 1998 as a nonprofit photographic
 organization. The purpose of ASC shall be to encourage an interest in photography,                      (In addition to Regular Competition)
 to provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, to provide an enjoyable forum                     Each member may enter two slides
 for the development of artistic and technical photographic skills and to promote a                   and/or two prints of the assigned sub-
 healthy spirit through educational programs, exhibition and through member com-                      ject. To qualify for competition the im-
 petition.                                                                                            age must have been made at any time,
                                             MEETINGS                                                 but after the publication of this list. Mem-
                             Every 2nd Thursday of each Month                                         bers are encouraged to use imagination.
                                     7:00 PM until 10:00 PM                                             The images will be scored on
                             The Northwest Recreational Center                                        intrepretation of the assignment, photo-
                                       2913 Northland Drive                                           graphic quality and impact.
                         One Block East of MoPac at Hwy 2222                                          October .................................. Animals
                                             OFFICERS                                                 November ...................... Architecture
      President .................................... Shirley Loflin ...................... 257-2227   December .................. No Competition
      Vice President ............................ Pat Johnson ........................ 291-9144       January ‘03 ........................ Landscape
      Secretary .................................... Rose Epps ........................... 502-0608   February ‘03 ............................... Door
      Treasurer ................................... Lois Schubert ..................... 280-7522      March ‘03 ....................... Self Portrait
      Competition Co-Chairman ....... C.A. Thorne ........................ 345-8035                   April ‘03 .................................. Texture
      Competition Co-Chairman ....... Jack Cox ............................. 267-7868                 May ‘03 ............................... In Motion
      GSCCC Representative ............ William Ricks ..................... 442-3832                  June ‘03 ........................... Photo Essay
      Newsletter Editor ....................... Brian Loflin ......................... 257-2227       July ‘03 ................. Macro or Close-up
      Field Trip Chairman .................. Wayne Hillman ................... 928-0141               August ‘03 Sandwich/Double Exposure
           Member Club, Gulf States Camera Club Council                                               September ‘03 ............. Selective Focus
                                                                                                      October “03 ............... A Harvest Scene

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