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July 2004

President George Bush
The White House
Washington, D.C. 20500

  Re: AgJOBS Farmworker Immigration Bill, S. 1645

Dear President Bush:

Please immediately inform Senate Majority Leader Bill First that you strongly support holding a vote on
Senator Larry Craig's amendment on farmworker immigration during the consideration of upcoming bills.
The farmworker immigration amendment is based on the Agricultural Job Opportunity, Benefits, and
Security Act of 2003, also known as "AgJOBS," S.1645. Please tell Majority Leader Frist that you would
like an up-or-down vote on the AgJOBS amendment.

* The AgJOBS amendment by Senator Craig and Senator Kennedy is a compromise among farmworker
organizations, labor unions, agricultural employers, immigrant groups and others. It is endorsed by major
agribusiness groups, farm labor organizations, Hispanic civil rights organizations like the National Council
of La Raza, and many others.

* The bill would give agricultural employers a stable labor supply by giving many agricultural workers
who lack authorized immigration status the chance to become legal immigrants. The majority of
farmworkers now are undocumented. Under this earned adjustment program, workers will have to
demonstrate that they have been working in the U.S. and then work three to six additional years in
agriculture in the U.S. to gain permanent immigration status.

* It also will revise the H-2A agricultural guestworker program, including by converting it from a labor
certification program to a labor attestation program with less paperwork for employers, modeled after the
H-1B program. Important safeguards for labor will continue.

* It will promote homeland security by helping our government identify who is inside the U.S.

This compromise was carefully drafted after arduous negotiations over every word that took hundreds of
hours after years of confrontations in Congress. The delicate compromise, based on painful concessions on
all sides of the debate, should be enacted to confront an untenable status quo.

We know that the Senate will pass it if you support AgJOBS. We will view this as a test of your
willingness to follow your words about the need for immigration reform with action.

Thank you.



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