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									National Roads Authority                                                                Phase 3
2010 Project Management Guidelines                                                       Design

A3.6 Design Report (Sample Template)
Sample Design Report (based on Design Working Papers)

          Executive Summary
         Brief Summary of the Key Findings of the Design Report.

1.0       Introduction & Description
         Brief Description of the Scheme including an overview of scheme
          development to date.
         Purpose of the Design Report.
         Scheme Operational Goals and Design Strategies.
         Proposed Construction Procurement Method (e.g. Design-Build).
         Summary of Route Selection Process including the evaluation of alternatives.
         Summary of Peer Review Process, if completed.

2.0       Identification of Need
         Strategic Fit and Priority within the National Road Programme.
         Road Development Policy - National, Regional, and Local (reference to NDP,
          T21, NRNS, NSS together with Regional and County Development Plans).
         Scheme Specific Need (National Road Traffic demands, completion of inter-
          urban link, removal of national road through traffic from urban bottlenecks etc)

3.0       Traffic Modelling, Road Type & Safety
         Summary of findings of Traffic Modelling Report.
         Confirmation of Scheme Level of Service Requirements.
         Comparison with ‘Do-Nothing’ Scenario.
         Confirmation of Year of Opening and Design Year.
         Forecast Traffic Flows for the Design Year.
         Selection of Road Type (based on ‘Incremental Analysis’ Assessment
         Summary of Safety Assessment from Project Appraisal Balance Sheet
          (PABS) per the NRA Project Appraisal Guidelines.
         Summary of the Road Safety Audit Stage 1 Report, including the Design
          Team Response and Audit Team Acceptance.
         Summary of Health & Safety Risk Assessment confirming that the Scheme
          can be constructed, operated and maintained in a safe manner

Working Document                            Page 1 of 5                 Version 1.0 January 2010
National Roads Authority                                                                 Phase 3
2010 Project Management Guidelines                                                        Design

4.0       Geometry (including Relaxations & Departures)
         Applicable Technical Standards (DMRB).
         Confirmation of Calculation / Determination of Design Speed.
         Mainline Cross Section (dimensions per relevant Road Construction Detail
          including side slopes and working space requirements).
         Summary of Horizontal Alignments.
         Summary of Vertical Alignments.
         Reproduction of approved Principal Geometric Parameters Report (See
          Appendix A3.1).
         Confirmation of Stopping Sight Distance along the Scheme (including details
          of any verge or median widening required to achieve SSD).
         For single carriageways, confirmation of Full Overtaking Sight Distance
          (FOSD) and calculation of Overtaking Value.
         Summary of Relaxations and Departures for Standards (including approvals,
          where necessary).

5.0       Strategy for Junctions & Side Roads
         Overview of Junction Strategy for the scheme (as per the Approved Junction
          Strategy Report)
         Tabular Summary of Side Roads
         Tabular Summary of geometric parameters for each side road
         Tabular Summary of Interchanges (slip lanes, roundabouts etc.)
         Tabular Summary of geometric parameters for each Interchange

6.0       Ground Investigation,       Soil   Classification    &   Earthworks       Balance
         Overview of Geotechnical conditions along the scheme
         Tabular Summary of Ground Investigation Contract
         Overview of soil classification along the scheme based on Ground
          Investigation Contract
         Identification of areas of soft ground requiring infill and areas where additional
          acceptable material can be sourced within the land-take.
         Tabular Summary of Earthworks Balance Optimisation

Working Document                             Page 2 of 5                 Version 1.0 January 2010
National Roads Authority                                                                 Phase 3
2010 Project Management Guidelines                                                        Design

7.0       Drainage, Structures & Pavement
         Drainage Overview
         Summary of Carriageway Drainage (including tabular summary of drainage
          design parameters)
         Summary of design of bridges and culverts (including a schedule of culverts)
         Summary of any scheme specific flood alleviation proposals necessary to
          neutralise the risk of scheme runoff in flood sensitive areas
         Summary of any other drainage proposals (attenuation ponds, oil/petrol
          interceptors etc.)
         Summary of Principal Structures on the scheme (Road, Rail, River bridges
         Summary of Minor Structures (Culverts, Accommodation Underpasses etc.)
         Where necessary, provide a justification for the provision of each structure.
         Confirm that structural designs were referred to NRA Structures Unit for
          comment and that these comments have been incorporated into the design.
         Confirm that consents / approvals have been obtained where necessary (e.g.
          OPW Section 50 consents for crossing of watercourses, Iarnród Éireann
          Letter of Initial Acceptance for crossing of railways etc.)
         Confirmation of pavement type (flexible, rigid or composite)
         Pavement design load (million standard axles) and Design life (years)
         Tabular Summary of pavement design for mainline, side roads, slip roads,
          junctions and interchanges

8.0       Services, Land Use & Accommodation Works
         Overview of Service Conflicts along the scheme
         Tabular Summary of service conflicts for each of the principal service
          providers (ESB, telecom, Bord Gais etc.) together with a recommendation on
          diversion of services
         Summary of Land Acquisition Requirements for the Scheme
         Summary of Land use, affected landowners and requirements to acquire
          residential properties and/or other buildings
         Tabular Summary of Proposed Accommodation Works including accesses,
          Underpasses, access tracks etc.

Working Document                            Page 3 of 5                  Version 1.0 January 2010
National Roads Authority                                                                Phase 3
2010 Project Management Guidelines                                                       Design

9.0       Cost Estimation
         Summary of Scheme Base Cost and Total Scheme Budget (including the TSB
          for the Main Construction Contract element of the scheme) determined in
          accordance with the NRA Cost Management Manual
         Confirmation that a Preliminary Risk Analysis Report has been prepared for
          the Scheme

10.0      Economic Assessment
         Where necessary, re-iterate the rationale for selecting this route if it did not
          generate the most economical Cost-Benefit Analysis results (Benefit to Cost
          Ratio) during the Route Selection Process in Phase 2
         Overview and Tabular Summary of Results of Cost-Benefit Analysis carried
          out in accordance with the NRA Project Appraisal Guidelines
         Confirmation that CBA Results were certified by NRA Strategic Planning Unit

11.0      Conclusions & Recommendations
         Confirmation that the scheme will meet NRA requirements and that the Need
          for the Scheme has been established
         Confirmation that the scheme as designed will be able to cater for forecast
          Design Year traffic volumes
         Confirmation that the scheme will bring about a reduction in the frequency and
          severity of accidents
         Confirmation that the scheme has been designed in accordance with
          applicable standards and in accordance with policy documents
         Confirmation that the Cost-Benefit Analysis has shown that the scheme is
          economically viable and a worthwhile project to progress
         Recommendation that the Scheme as described in this Design Report be
          approved by the NRA so that it will form the basis for the Land Acquisition and
          statutory processes to follow.

Working Document                            Page 4 of 5                 Version 1.0 January 2010
National Roads Authority                                                          Phase 3
2010 Project Management Guidelines                                                 Design

       Copy of Approved Junction Strategy Report
       Copy of Road Safety Audit Stage 1 Report
       Copy of Preliminary Structures Reports together with approvals and consents
        as necessary
       Copy of approval of NRA Project Appraisal Deliverables from NRA Strategic
        Planning Unit
       Copy of outcome of Peer Review Process including copy of Design Team
        Response, if required.
       Copy of Cost-Benefit Analysis Report
       Drawings

Working Document                        Page 5 of 5               Version 1.0 January 2010

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