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					Run chkdsk from cmd windows
Run chkdsk from cmd windows, fiture fiture windows chkdsk is used to check the condition of the hard
drive, windows utility fiture bermaanfaat if this will now happen on a hard drive crash or when
examining the corrupted files in windows system due to install programs that do not support.
The use chkdsk in windows xp or other windows like windows vista or windows 7 will be the same, you
just run it and wait for windows fiture report, and will usually stop when there is faulty file on the hard
disk. This method is sometimes done when the hard drive badsector non-physical experience.
How to run chkdsk from cmd windows
1. Click the Windows "Start" button and enter "cmd" into the text box. Press "Enter" to open a Windows
command line utility.
2. Enter the "chkdsk /?" and press "Enter." It lists the syntax and options for the Chkdsk utility.
3. Enter "chkdsk c: / f" ". Enter" and press It checks the "C" drive and repair bad sectors. Replace "C"
with every drive on your computer.
Run chkdsk from windows
In addition to the above windows also provide tools to examine the condition of the hard drive from
1. Open explorer and right click the drive to be checked
2. Right click - properties
3. Select tools and will be faced with three options, error checking, defragmentation and backup,
4. For the same menu with the chkdsk error checking.
Stopping utilty chkdsk at startup
Sometimes if my friend, shootdown computer incorrectly, the system windows would melakaukan
scanning system at boot time startup, this is normal but sometimes annoying when scanning a long time
on all existing drive, to stop it please follow these instructions.
1. Click the Windows button "Start" menu and type "cmd."
2. Right-click the "cmd" when it appears in the search list and select "Run as Administrator."
3. Type the following in the "Command":
chkntfs / x myDrive:
Replace "myDrive" with the drive letter of your hard drive. For example, to stop Chkdsk from running on
drive "C", type "chkntfs / xc:" (without the quotes).

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