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                                                                           April 4, 2011

    In This Issue           Principal Thoughts
   Principal Thoughts       Dear Addison Parents,
PTA Co-Presidents' Corner

  Addison Appreciation      I just read the summary for this
                            year's Partners in Education (PiE)
  Note From the Office
                            campaign and I want all of you to
    Yearbook Orders         know how grateful I am for your
      Giants Tickets        support. My heartfelt thanks goes
                            first to Meredith Ackley, Missy
   Volunteer Records
                            Reller, Jane Rytina and Christina
   Birthday Book Club       Hall who kept us organized and
    Earth Day Update        made sure that we successfully
                            completed the local Addison PiE
       Calendar             drive. With your help, PiE
                            announced last week that they
Every Wednesday             were able to give a $3.4 million grant to Palo Alto Unified
Grades K-5: 1:15 pm         School District -- exceeding the original goal of $3 million!
Dismissal                   I have worked in school districts all over the state of
                            California and PiE is something very special and unique to
Monday, April 4             Palo Alto that allows us (with your help) to pay for many
No Homework Night           vital programs in our school district.

Tuesday, April 5            Your PiE contributions fund our instructional aides (for
PTA General                 differentiated small group instruction), Spectra Arts and
Body/Executive Board        supplemental Science with "Bill the Science Guy" to allow
Library, 7-9 pm             for hands-on learning for the artist and scientist in all of
                            our children. Without your donations, the funding for
Wednesday, April 6          these staff members and programs would be in jeapordy.
Stone Soup
                            This is, of course, all the more remarkable because of the
Wednesday, April 6          current pressure on public education. It is heartening to be
Birthday Book Club          a part of the level of collaboration and generosity within
Library, 1:15-1:45 pm       the Addison community and PAUSD. Donations to PiE
                            make a big difference in our school every day. We are
April 11-15                 grateful to those of you who answered the call and
Spring Break                continue creating endless possibilities for our children.
No School
                            On another note, you will all want to know that the
April 18-May 6              window for STAR testing is coming up right after we come
STAR Testing                back from Spring Break. STAR testing runs from April 18th
Grades 2-5                  through May 6th. You will want to make sure that your
                            child comes prepared to do his/her best during that
April 20-22                     three-week period although the testing schedule may vary
Inquiry Fair                    from class to class. Individual teachers can let you know
MP Room                         testing schedules if needed. I know you are all old pros at
                                this, but it is helpful if you make sure that your child gets
Thursday, April 21              a good night's sleep and a balanced breakfast. This is true
Site Council meeting            all year long, of course, but optimal during this period of
Library, 4-6 pm                 time when they are asked to do a lot. We also appreciate
                                your support in making sure your child comes to school
Friday, April 22                and disruptions (such as leaving during school hours) are
Earth Day Celebration           minimized. Thank you in advance. We must all work
7:30-10:30 am                   together to give our children the support they need.

Friday, April 29                All the best,
Heritage Potluck
Dinner                          Jocelyn Garcia-Thome
                                Principal, Addison School

Quick Links                     PTA Co-Presidents' Corner
Addison Web site                Please join us for the next General Meeting of the PTA on
Parent Education
Sports Opportunities for        Tuesday, April 5th. We will be meeting from 7-9pm in the
Kids                            Library for our last evening meeting of the school year.
Community Kiosk
Palo Alto Council of PTAs
Palo Alto Unified               Topics will include plans for Addison's Earth Day
PTA en Espanol                  celebration and the announcement of the proposed slate of
                                nominees for the 2011-2012 academic year.
What's For Lunch?
Menus found here                We hope you have a great week and a restful Spring
                                Anne Frahn & Melissa Hopkins
 ALWAYS start your              Co-Presidents, Addison PTA
shopping by clicking on
the eScrip Logo below,
   and Addison will             Arches of Addison Appreciation
                                Addison's Ice Skating Parties at the Winter
                                Lodge are a beloved tradition. Many thanks
                                to Chip Hall and Ana Picazo for organizing
                                the parties this year.
 Vendors include: Amazon!
                                The Addison National Anthem Singers
  PTA Information               provided a rousing version of the Star
                                Spangled Banner on March 25th to start the Stanford vs.
                                Long Beach State Baseball game. Victoria Thorp and
Want to publish an article or   Joanna Finnis did an awesome job of organizing the
event in our newsletter?        singers (and their parents) for the outing.
Send a short write-up to
before four p.m. on Monday      Note From the Office: Food Services
for publication the following
Principal: Jocelyn              Margaret has asked that you please check your student's
PTA co-Presidents:              lunch account online and maintain adequate funds. Be
Melissa Hopkins and Anne        advised that you must keep an unspent balance of $3.75.
Lang Frahn
Editor of the Week:
                                Deposits can be made online by credit card ($3 service
Sharon Hoffman                  charge) or in the office by cash or check.
                          Margaret is not able to provide lunches for students
                          without funds on an IOU basis. She will continue to give
                          fruit and milk to those students---no child will go hungry.

                          Go to for more

Last Week to Order a Yearbook!

                      This is it -- the last day to order yearbooks is this
                      Wednesday, April 6th. If you have been waiting to buy your
                      yearbook, now is the time! Please drop your $15 payment in
                      the office (checks made payable to Addison PTA, or cash in an
                      envelope) with your child's first and last name, and teacher's
                      name. Do it today! Yearbooks are a great way to remember the
                      year, and will be delivered to children on Field Day in June -
                      don't let your child miss out! Questions? Contact Sally

Last Week to Order Giants Tickets!

This is the last week to order tickets for the Thursday evening, August 25th World
Champion SF Giants game against the Houston Astros. A hard-working, excellent-
sounding group of Addison kids have been invited to sing the national anthem at that
game! We have reserved an ample block of tickets for the Addison community, which
should be more than enough to cover our needs. The seats are in sections 330 and
331 and the cost to all families is $10 per ticket.

There are three steps to ordering and obtaining your tickets:

1.   Choose the number of tickets your family needs

Go to the google doc below and enter the following information:

     Parent name and address
     Number of tickets you need for your immediate family
     Additional tickets you would like if we have extras

**If you can't access the googledoc for some reason, please send me the same
information as above to this email address:


GOOGLE DOC FOR SINGERS' FAMILIES: (who also received a previous email
directing them to this link):

2.   Confirm that your order is correct

     We will convert the google doc to a website where you can confirm that you
     have reserved the correct number of tickets for your family.
     Once we send you the link for that website, please verify your information.
3.   Pay for your tickets

      Once we have ordering information confirmed for all families, we will collect
      payment and distribute tickets during a few designated times at drop off and
      pick up (similar to the auction payment system).

We hope to be able to accommodate all of our singers, Addison families and staff and
their immediate families and anticipate that we'll have enough tickets to also include
your "wish list" number of tickets. The deadline for ticket ordering is APRIL 9th.
Please send any questions to

Calling All Volunteers

To all the amazing Parent Volunteers at Addison,

Every email, phone call, newsletter edited, meeting attended,
set-up & clean-up of event, auction party hosted, lice picked, field
trip driver -- you have helped make this year incredible for our

Guess what? We actually need to record your volunteer time to
our California State PTA. They need to report all the volunteer hours by our parent
community as part of the criteria to keep our non-profit status. As Historian on our
PTA board, there is an official report that I need to turn by April 30th.

Please let me know ALL your volunteer hours OUTSIDE the classroom or library (ones
where you did not sign-in at the office) projected over this school year -- July 2010
until June 2011.

How can you let me know?

1. Email me
2. Volunteer sign-in sheet in office -- I will have RED sheets of paper at the end of
the volunteer sign-in sheet where you can enter your name and hours for the year.

I appreciate your help in creating a tally of all this time well spent for our children.

Meredith Ackley
Historian, PTA Historian

Birthday Book Club

                   Wednesday, April 6 is our next Birthday Book Club, the second
                   to last of this school year! If your student has a birthday in April
                   (or has a birthday in July, August, September, October,
                   November, December, January, February or March and missed the
                   last Birthday Book Club) please join us in the Addison Library from
                   1:15-1:45pm. Note: the last Birthday Book Club of this school
year is May 4 for May and June birthdays.

During monthly Birthday Book Club celebrations, birthday students select a new book
or an old favorite that has already been purchased by the library (and is not a
reference book or already someone's birthday book). This book is then dedicated to
the student using a specially designed Birthday Book Club book plate. Students check
out their birthday book and return it to the library when they are finished reading it
so it can be enjoyed by others for years to come. Every child is welcome to
   participate during his/her birthday month. Parents are welcome to come with their
   children to help them select their book.

   Looking forward to seeing you/your children in the Addison Library on
   Wednesday, April 6.

   Kathy Hopple and Jeanese Snyder
   Birthday Book Club Coordinators

   Earth Day and Green Team Update

   Earth Day at Addison, Friday April 22
   Parents are invited to join Addison students and staff at our
   first Earth Day event on April 22ndfrom 7:30am-10:00am. The
   honorable Mayor of Palo Alto, Sid Espinosa and Dr. Kevin
   Skelly, PAUSD Superintendent, will ride their bikes to Addison
   between 9-9:40am, and "green" businesses will be out serving
   food and coffee starting at 7:30am. Earth Day vendors will
   include Whole Foods Market, livegreene, Reclaim, and
   Chocolate Garage, just to name a few. Please contact Jeffrey
   Sid with any questions.

   Safer Commute Week April 18-22
   The Bike/Traffic Safety Committee and the Addison Green Team will encourage safe
   biking, rolling and walking to school during Earth Week through a number of events,
   including a student raffle and "green" games during lunch and recess. The week will
   culminate with the Earth Day event and assembly on April 22nd from 7:30-10am.

   Addison Green Team Logo contest
   We had a wonderful turn out for the Green Team Logo contest. Despite the rainy
   weather, many Addison students submitted their designs during lunch last week.
   During the week of April 4th, Mrs. Ganschow (Rm 10) and the Green Team will
   display the logo submissions in the MP Room, where students will vote to select
   their top choices. A special thanks to our artist helpers: Marci Lamb and Kathleen

       Addison Elementary School, 650 Addison Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301                      (650) 322-5935

         Weekly Newsletter Sponsored by Addison PTA                                      Volume 91, Number

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