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					National University ‐ San Diego 

                    International Student Services Office
                    9388 Lightwave Avenue, Suite 185A
                    San Diego, CA 92123
                    Phone: +1 (858) 541-7747
                    Fax: +1 (858) 541-7791
                    E-mail: ISS@NU.EDU
Dear Student,

Welcome to National University, San Diego Campus!

I would like to personally welcome you to the University. Although you have already made the
important decision by choosing NU, it is now time to decide on where you will be living during your

Enclosed you will find the following important information regarding the University Homestay

   1. Homestay Fees – Please review carefully.

   2. Homestay Application – Please fill out completely and send back to me.

   3. Homestay Accommodation Credit Card Authorization Form – If you have a credit card/debit
      card, you can pay the fees with your card. Please fill out this form to authorize charges for
      services you request.

   4. Homestay Program Student Rules – These are the rules and policies that all students placed in
      our Homestay Program must follow. Please review carefully, sign, date and send back to me.

Your host family will provide you with the following:

   •   A private bedroom, bed, linens, desk, study lamp, closet for clothing, personal storage space,
       and wireless internet.
   •   Two meals, breakfast and dinner, every day of your stay (if you request homestay with meals).
   •   Laundry privileges.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail at or, or by telephone at
+1(858)541-7738 with any questions that you may have.

I look forward to meeting you in person within the next few weeks. Safe travels!


Lisa Flores
                                HOMESTAY ACCOMMODATION – SAN DIEGO
                                   2010 FEES AND PAYMENT DETAILS

SERVICES                                                                                   FEES
Airport Pickup Service                                                                     USD $65
Mandatory Homestay Deposit (refundable)                                                    USD $250
Homestay Placement Fee (non-refundable)                                                    USD $300

Homestay Rental Fee for 30 Days (with meals)                                               USD $785
Homestay Rental Fee for 30 Days (without meals)                                            USD $685

     **Students are REQUIRED to pay the first 60 days rent prior to arrival. After that, students pay every 30 days.
                                The first 60 day payment is NON REFUNDABLE. **

                                    60 Days with Meals and with Airport Pickup
SERVICE                                                                                    FEE
Homestay Placement Fee                                                                     USD $300
Homestay Rental Fee (with meals)                                                           USD $1,570
Security Deposit (refundable)                                                              USD $250
Airport Pickup Service                                                                     USD $65
TOTAL                                                                                      USD $2,185

                                  60 Days with Meals and without Airport Pickup
SERVICE                                                                                    FEE
Homestay Placement Fee                                                                     USD $300
Homestay Rental Fee (with meals)                                                           USD $1,570
Security Deposit (refundable)                                                              USD $250
TOTAL                                                                                      USD $2,120

                                  60 Days without Meals and with Airport Pickup
SERVICE                                                                                    FEE
Homestay Placement Fee                                                                     USD $300
Homestay Rental Fee (without meals)                                                        USD $1,370
Security Deposit (refundable)                                                              USD $250
Airport Pickup Service                                                                     USD $65
TOTAL                                                                                      USD $1,985

                                60 Days without Meals and without Airport Pickup
SERVICE                                                                                    FEE
Homestay Placement Fee                                                                     USD $300
Homestay Rental Fee (without meals)                                                        USD $1,370
Security Deposit (refundable)                                                              USD $250
TOTAL                                                                                      USD $1,920

               Payment Methods: Bank Draft, Check, or Credit Card – Checks are Payable to: GCM, Inc.
                                      Email: or fax: +1-858-541-7791
               Mail to: National University/GCM, 9388 Lightwave Ave. Suite 185A, San Diego, CA 92123
                 If paying with bank draft or check, please enclose a copy with your application form 
                    National University                                                                          HOMESTAY & AIRPORT PICKUP
                                                                                                                     APPLICATION FORM
  PART A Personal Information

    Family Name                                                  First Name                                                        Middle Name

    Street and Number

    City/State                                                   Postal Code                                                       Country

    Telephone Number (please include country code)                                   Fax Number


    Emergency Contact Number (please include country code)                           Name                                          Relationship

    Campus: ____ San Diego ____ Los Angeles ____ San Jose
  PART B Program Name:
       ELP     UG                                                GRAD                                          Orientation Date:
                                                                                                               (SEVIS I-20 reporting date)
  PART C Tell Us About Yourself:
  Age:                                               Birthday:                                                        Gender:           Male             Female
                                                             Month            Day         Year
  Nationality:                                       Language:                                                        English Level:
                                                                                                                      Low/Intermediate/Upper Intermediate/Advanced

    Additional Information                                                                                                                                Yes or No

    Do you wish to cook your own meals? (monthly rental will be reduced)

    Do you have any dietary requirements that we should know about? (for example: vegetarian)

    Do you smoke? (some housing options do not permit smoking)

    Would you be comfortable in a home that permits smoking?

    Would you be comfortable in a home with children?

    Would you be comfortable staying with a family with pets?

    Do you plan to have a car during your stay?

    Do you have allergies?

    If so, what kind:

    What are your hobbies and interests?

    Please describe your personality.
    Any special requests for host family?

  PART D Airport Pick-up

    Do you require airport pick-up? (please note that there is an additional fee for airport pickup)

  Airline Information (Please list flight information for final U.S. destination only)

  Airline                                               Flight Number                         Date of Arrival mm/dd/yy                Time of Arrival (a.m. or p.m.)
  Homestay Duration

  Homestay start date (mm/dd/yy)                       No. of Months (mm/dd/yy) **2 months minimum**                             Homestay end date (mm/dd/yy)
  Payment is required at time of application to confirm booking, including application and two months rental fee. Placement, airport pickup and two months rental fees are
                                                                 non-refundable should you decide to cancel.
Return completed form to:        San Diego: e-mail: or Fax (858) 541-7791         Los Angeles e-mail: or Fax (310) 662-2099
                                                             San Jose: e-mail: or Fax (408) 236-1165
                                      INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SERVICES

                                     9388 Lightwave Avenue, Suite 185A, San Diego, CA 92123-1426
                                                Tel (858)541-7747 Fax (858)541-7791

                                            HOMESTAY CREDIT CARD
                                            CHARGE AUTHORIZATION


  I,                                                                       authorize GCM, Inc. to charge

  US$                                                                        on the following credit card for:

       Please check box(es)

                         Homestay Placement Fee (mandatory)                                         US$300
                         Homestay Deposit (mandatory)                                               US$250

                         2 Months Homestay Rental Fee with meals (mandatory)                        US$1,570

                         2 Months Homestay Rental Fee without meals (mandatory)                     US$1,370

                          Airport Pickup                                                            US$65

       Credit Card Details:

                Visa                 MasterCard                 Discover                   American Express

 Credit Card Number:

 Expiration Date:                                         Security Code:
                                    (mm/yy)                                   (Last three digits at the back of your card)

  Name as it appears on the card:

  Authorized Signature:

 Card holder contact details:

       Phone:                                                  E-mail:

 Student Details:                 National University ID#: ________________________

   Last Name:                                                        First Name:
            (if different to card holder)

                                  **Students are REQUIRED to pay the first 60 days rent prior to arrival.
                 After that, students pay every 30 days. The first 60 day payment is NON REFUNDABLE.**

Please return completed form, along with your homestay application and signed, student rules agreement by
                                           Fax: +1-858-541-7791
                                   UNIVERSITY HOMESTAY PROGRAM
                                           STUDENT RULES

The Homestay Program is open to all international students admitted to National University on F-1 student visas. Students who
choose to participate in the University Homestay Program are required to remain in the program for a minimum of two (2) months.

Homestay Rules and Regulations                                                months, and give only a 5 days notice, you will still be responsible
                                                                              for paying for the 25 additional days for which notice was not given.
DIRECTLY                                                                      If you would like to stay longer, you must come to Room 185 AT
                                                                              LEAST 30 days before your scheduled homestay end date to inform
YOU MUST PAY                                                                  us about your decision. We will check host family’s availability for
International Student Services Office or your Agent (as previously            extension of stay and inform you as soon as possible whether your
arranged) for the following:                                                  request has been approved or denied.
1) Non-refundable placement fee
2) Mandatory deposit
3) Two (2) months of rent (to be paid before you arrive in San                Leaving the University
4) Airport pickup fees (if requested)                                         If you decide to leave the university or transfer to another school,
                                                                              your homestay program will terminate immediately. Therefore, if
•    For phone calls made on the host families phone.                         you do not complete mandatory two (2) months of homestay, you
•    For local transportation costs and buying lunch.                         will have to leave immediately and no refund for the remaining
•    For any damage you cause to the host family’s property or                balance of two (2) months rent will be given.
                                                                              Changing Host Families
Payment Policy
                                                                              We want your stay to be a positive experience. Please let National
After you arrive in the US and stay with your host family for two (2)         University know if for any reason you are unhappy with your host
months, you will be responsible for paying your homestay rental fee           family. We will do all we can to resolve the issues or, if absolutely
monthly. Do not pay host family directly. You will need to make               necessary, move you to a new family. Please be aware that no moves
your homestay payment at National University in Room 185A with                will be made during the first 2 weeks because this is the time for you
accommodations coordinator.                                                   to do your best to get to know your new host family. If relocation is
                                                                              requested without a valid reason acceptable to Homestay
You will be given a credit card/debit card authorization form to fill         Coordinator, you may be responsible for a $100 host family change
out for your monthly homestay fees. Upon completion of your two               fee.
(2) months stay in the Homestay Program, your credit card will be
charged monthly within two weeks before your next month of                    Expectations
homestay is due. This will continue for as long as you stay in the
homestay. If you decide to leave the homestay, you will need to               American host families are not all blond-haired and blue-eyed
come to Room 185A to cancel the monthly automatic payments from               families with a mother, father, children, and pets living in a beautiful
your credit card/debit card AT LEAST 30 days before the next                  home. Please understand that your host family may not be exactly
month’s rent is due.                                                          what you may expect. America is a very diverse country of Mexican-
                                                                              Americans, Asian-Americans and many other ethnicities.
Remember that your credit/debit card will be charged up to two
weeks before your monthly due date to ensure that host families               Respect of House Rules
receive their payment by scheduled date.
                                                                              Ask your host family what their house rules are and follow them! Do
Please make sure you always have enough money on your debit card              not smoke in rooms, tease or upset pets, and do not put metal in the
to cover the monthly rental fee. If your card is declined because you         microwave! Only used toilet paper and tissue should go in the toilets.
do not have enough money in your account, you will have to pay with           Shower daily and do laundry once a week. Ask questions if you do
another credit or debit card and will be charged an additional $75 late       not understand and tell the host family if you think any of the rules
payment fee in addition to the monthly rental. Also, if you do not            are unfair. As a guest in their house, you must respect the rules,
make your homestay payments on time, you may be asked to leave                including the curfew, privacy, and use of facilities. Turn off lights
the Homestay Program.                                                         and save electricity and water as much as possible.

Leaving Early or Extending Stay                                               Privacy

To change, cancel, or shorten homestay after the initial stay of two          Both you and the host family must respect each other’s privacy. Do
(2) months, you must come to Room 185A AT LEAST 30 days                       not look into or enter their rooms without permission (knock and wait
before to inform us about your decision. If a 30 day notice is not            until they say you can come in). Do not look through their things,
given before leaving homestay, you will still be responsible for              read their letters, or in any other way violate their privacy. We
paying for the days that notice was not given. For example, if you            expect the host family to do the same for you.
would like to leave your homestay after the initial stay of two (2)
Cleanliness                                                                   Telephone

You will be expected to keep your own area clean. Please pick up              There are several options to arrange for use of the telephone. Be sure
after yourself around the house and bathrooms and respect the host            to discuss these options with your host family to find the most
family’s property. Many families will request your help in some               appropriate situation for both of you.
meal preparations or clean up. Other chores around the house will             •    We recommend you purchase a pre-paid phone debit card to
generally not be expected. Do your own laundry and use the dryer to                charge your calls to. This usually gives you the best phone
dry clothing. Americans like to be very clean and expect others to be              rates.
clean and smell good as well. Please shower once a day, brush your            •    For longer stays, you may want to check into buying a cellular
teeth after each meal, wear deodorant daily and wash clothing at least             phone.
once a week.
                                                                              In all cases, you will be responsible for all charges you incur to the
Food                                                                          host family’s phone.

If meals are included in your homestay arrangement, the host family           Transportation
will provide a well-balanced breakfast and dinner every day. Not all
meals will include the entire family sitting down around the table, but       The bus and trolley system in San Diego may not be what you are
prepared food must be available. If they are not home, get the food           used to. It is important for you to know that buses often stop running
from the fridge and microwave it yourself. Food for breakfasts will           early in the evening and are late most of the time. There is very little
be available and you may be asked to prepare it for yourself. Feel free       housing within walking distance to the school. You may find that
to offer to cook a special meal from your country for your host               getting to your school may take a long time. Please be patient. We
family. If you want specific snacks or sodas, you can purchase them           will place you as close to the school as possible but your commute
yourself.                                                                     time could take up to 60 minutes.

Guests                                                                        Keep Us Informed

Guests are not included in homestay fees. Friends or family members           If there seems anything unfair, uncomfortable, or confusing about
may stay with you only if previously discussed and approved by your           your host family, the house, rules, or anything else, please let the
host family. It is not recommended to have guests stay with you.              Student Services Coordinator or the Homestay Coordinator know
                                                                              right away. We want this to be a wonderful experience for you so
                                                                              please let us know as soon as possible if there is a problem!

Alcohol and Drugs                                                             Committee on Homestay Matters

Just like you are expected to obey the laws of your own country, you          If at any time you feel that you have a case of exceptional
are expected to do the same in your host country. The drinking age            circumstance, you can request an exception to University’s homestay
in most states of the US is 21. You must be over 18 to purchase or            policy by submitting a request to the International Student Services
smoke tobacco in the US. All non-prescription drugs are illegal at            Office.    Students must submit a letter of explanation and
any age. If you drink (if you are over 21), please drink responsibly          documentary evidence in support of their request for exception to
and don’t embarrass yourself, your host family, or National                   homestay rules and policies. Upon receipt of such request, a
University with negligent behavior.                                           Committee on Homestay Matters will review the student’s request
                                                                              and render a final decision.

I, ________________________________________, agree to follow the above stated rules and policies and understand that my non-
            (print name)                      compliance with the University Homestay Program rules and policies may result
                                              in immediate termination of my participation in the program.

                   _____________________________                                                 Date: __________________
                    Signature of Student

                  ______________________________                                                Date: __________________
                    Signature of Parent/Guardian
                  (if student is under 18 years of age)


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