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									West Locality
     West Locality Timeout – Thursday 14 December 2006

                           PICK & MIX

      At Newcastle United Football Club, St James Park


    1:00pm- 2:00pm Buffet Lunch (Kielder Suite)

    2:00pm             Welcome – Dr John Bookless, GP

    2:15pm             Workshops (1st session)

    3:15pm             Refreshments Break (In 2nd Workshop

    3:30pm             Workshops (2nd session workshop

    4:30pm             Finish

All workshops are open to all staff who would like to attend.
Please note that workshops will be repeated after the break.
WORKSHOP 1:         Equality & Diversity – Lucy Hall, Race Equality Lead
                    & Yasmin Khan, Equality & Diversity Training Lead,
                    Benfield Road

An introduction to Equality and Diversity. The session will cover:
     definitions
     the legal framework
     identify good practice
     identify barriers for staff in delivering services
     identify barriers for patients/users in receiving services
     identify solutions to some of the above issues

                                               TARGET AUDIENCE: Nursing

WORKSHOP 2:         Case Management of Diabetes – Gillian Hawthorne,
                    Community Diabetologist, NGH

The topics covered in this workshop will include:
    Diagnosing diabetes - common pitfalls. The diagnosis of diabetes has
      implications for the patient’s life prospects including employment,
      insurance and medical checks. Make sure that your practice
      methodology for diagnosis of diabetes is robust.
    Case studies on optimising diabetes treatment in Type 2 diabetes and
      insulin – when and how to start it. The case studies will take you
      through real life cases to demonstrate appropriate use of guidelines to
      support management of type 2 diabetes.
    Diabetes and pregnancy – what you need to know from the CEMACH
      2006 report and how it affects your practice Women with Type 2
      diabetes are mainly looked after in primary care. A new report by the
      Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health highlights problems
      in care of women with diabetes of child bearing age.

                                                TARGET AUDIENCE: Clinical

WORKSHOP 3:         Drug & Alcohol Abuse – Penny Schofield, GP

This workshop will include Screening and Brief Interventions for Hazardous
and Harmful drinking. Heavy drinking increases the risk of physical, mental
and social problems and often goes undetected. Evidence suggests that
‘brief interventions’ can produce substantial and long-lasting reductions in
alcohol consumption and can be successfully delivered in Primary Care.
This workshop focuses on the detection of heavy drinking by Primary Care
Clinicians and techniques for helping heavy drinkers to reduce.

                                                TARGET AUDIENCE: Clinical

WORKSHOP 4:          COPD Management– Chris Stenton, Consultant Physician

This will include a review of the management of COPD and discuss:

   The current situation and proposed developments
   Supported hospital discharge
   Organisation of care
   Pharmacological management
   Oxygen

                                                 TARGET AUDIENCE: Clinical

WORKSHOP 5:       COPD Spriometry– Graham Burns, Consultant in
Repiratory medicine RVI and Senior lecturer, Newcastle University

This workshop will include the Measurement and Interpretation of Spirometry
and will be useful for GP’s and Nurses in the community with an interest in the

Please note this session will not constiute as a training course.

                                      TARGET AUDIENCE: GP’s and Nurses

WORKSHOP 6:       Practice Based Commissioning Information and Data
– Michael Lydon, Performance Monitoring Manager

The aim of the session is give practice managers a basic understanding of
what data is available to them and how they can use it to help manage
Practice Based Commissioning within the practice and within their group. The
session will coveer MIDAS, PbR Tariffs and basic data analysis.
                             All Afternoon Session

                                    TARGET AUDIENCE: Practice Managers

WORKSHOP 7:          Abnormal Liver Function Tests – Dr Guy Pilkington, GP

It seems increasingly common that patients, with little in the way of symptoms,
are found to have abnormal LFTs. This creates all sorts of questions:
 What do they mean?
 Is the patient ill?
 How should we assess further?
 Should we refer?
Because of the ‘obesity epidemic’ and Non-Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease
(NAFLD) this is a problem we will all need to get used to.

Dr Pilkington will present findings from a local audit and link them to
guidelines developed in conjunction with Newcastle hepatologists.

                                      TARGET AUDIENCE: GP’s and Clinical

WORKSHOP 8:          Zero Tolerance – Dave Bamford, Corporate Risk Manager

This workshop is open to all reception, administration and clerical staff. It will
look at diffusing conflict at work, this will include:

   Preparation and context
   Defining the ‘rules’
   Recognising agression
   Diffusing agression
   Simple de-escalation techniques
   Reporting and responding to incidents
                           All Afternoon Session

                                                  TARGET AUDIENCE: Clerical

WORKSHOP 9           Review of the Childhood Immunisations Programme
                     – Dr Pat Francis, Consultant Paediatric

Review of the Childhood Immunisations Programme:

This workshop will include a catchup on Pneumonia targets and discuss the
other recent changes to the Childhood Immunisations Programme.

                                       TARGET AUDIENCE: GP’s and Clinical

                     Booking Form Selection
                       14 December 2006



Contact Number/Email:

Role: Please tick ()
Nurse practitioner               GP
Practice nurse                   Practice manager
District nurse                   Admin
Midwife                          Receptionist
Health care                      Other : CPN, etc.
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Any Special Dietary Requirements:

Workshop Selection: (please indicate 1st choice and 2nd choice,
also indicate a 3rd and 4th - this is due to availability of workshop
based on how many respondents send their form back on a first
come basis (so you may not get your initial choice)

                    Workshops                           Selection
Workshop 1 – Equality and Diversity
Workshop 2 – Case Management for Diabetes
Workshop 3 – Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Workshop 4 – COPD Management
Workshop 5 – COPD Spirometry
Workshop 6 – Practice Based Commissioning
Workshop 7 – Abnormal Liver Function Tests
Workshop 8 – Zero Tolerance
Workshop 9 – Review of the Childhood
Immunisations Programme
            NO LATER THAN 29 NOVEMBER 2006
    (so numbers for buffet and refreshments can be ordered)
 219 6066 OR POST: Jill Jordan, Generalist Care, Newcastle
         Primary Care Trust, Benfield Road, NE6 4PF

Other Information:

Car Parking

Car Parking at the Football Club is free to guests on Conference
and Banqueting Car Park Level 1 and 2. (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS
ON A FIRST COME BASIS) If you are unable to park here please
use the low-level two-storey car park, the cost there being 30p per
hour from 8am – 10pm.

Directions in the Football Club to Event

Enter via the conference and banqueting entrance, which is
through the main entrance tunnel, ground floor. There will be a
reception at the conference and banqueting suite where they can
provide any further directions.

Lunch and the initial opening talk will be in the Kielder Suite which
is on the 3rd Floor. Sign in at the registration desk outside of the
Kielder Suite and we will be able to give you your programme for
the day.


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