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2011 Abstract Template Guidelines


									                       UWF Student Scholars Symposium
                       Abstract Template and Guidelines

                  ABSTRACT SUBMISSION

Use this template when submitting your abstract to the Argo Journal
 website. Please copy and paste the information between the arrows,
enter your information and save a PDF document before submitting
                            the abstract.
↓                                  ↓                           ↓

Abstract/Poster Title

List of author names

Department of

Abstract body (200 words or less)
↑                                       ↑                                ↑

Abstracts MUST BE submitted using this template. Please include the title, list
of author names, department name(s), and abstract body using the font and
properties specified in this template.

    1) submit the pdf file of your abstract: On the Argo Journal website, select
       the Journal Submission tab, collection: Student Scholars Symposium
    2) Enter the project title (100 character limit)
    3) Upload the pdf abstract file
    4) Indicate if your project received funding from the Office of
       Undergraduate Research (OUR), The Office of Research and Sponsored
       Programs (SCAC), or both
    5) Enter name of corresponding author
    6) Enter email address for corresponding author
    7) Select a designation: Visual and Performing Arts (non-poster format;
       includes all departments listed below), Undergraduate (a project
       presented by one or more undergraduates), Graduate (a project
       presented by one or more graduate students), Undergraduate
       Collaborative (collaborative work between undergraduate, graduate
       students and faculty with the undergraduate as the first author), or
       Graduate Collaborative (collaborative work between undergraduate,
       graduate students and faculty with the graduate as the first author).
   8) Enter the department in which you completed the work (i.e. home
       department of faculty mentor) NOTE: Students submitting an honors
       thesis or honors by contract project need to select a department. Do
       NOT select Honors Program.
   9) Enter names of all authors including corresponding author
   10) After abstract submission, you will be prompted to email
       with shirt sizes for all presenting student authors. (Adult shirt sizes: S, M, L,

The submission areas at the bottom of the submission page are optional:
Poster- PDF format: You may upload a pdf file of your poster here
Picture representing Research, Team or Poster (JPG Format) You may upload
an image relating to your project here
Performance Video Link: You may upload a video link relating to your project

All presentations must be in poster form with the exception of those
                     departments listed below.

Art:           Visual display in art gallery
               PowerPoint image submission

English:       Room reservation for oral presentation
               Poster/visual display
Theatre:       Visual display (props, etc.)
               Performance time to be scheduled

*For Art, English, and Theatre, please contact to indicate which presentation
mode is preferred.

Communication Arts: Room reservation for oral presentation

Music:         Performance time to be scheduled
If your department is not listed and you need to make other
           arrangements contact

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