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Drive SaleS with
                                                                                  find value in our custom
                                                                                     products from learning
                                                                                         about successful it
                                                                                       partnerships to better
Your SucceSS StorieS                                                                     educating decision
                                                                                      makers on their team.
educating decision makers on how their peers are successfully implementing your         Source: April 2009 Harvey Readership Study

solutions builds awareness of your proven track record for solving government’s
challenges. case studies offer support by providing a compelling, peer-endorsed
foundation for why decision makers should pursue your partnership.

our custom media solutions leverage our credibility and full-service print          “i wanted to let you
and video talent to produce case study communications that speed sales                  know how much
consideration via a showcase of your real-world implementations, the positive       i’ve enjoyed working
results achieved, and endorsed with government testimonial.                         with the Government
                                                                                  Technology team. Your
                                                                                   project management,
                                                                                      writing and design
                                                                                            are first rate.
                                                                                       Response to the
                                                                                       publications has
                                                                                     been excellent…”
                                                                                            Government Industry Solutions, ESRI

                                                     Hugh Miller
                                                     CTO & ITSD Director
                                                     San Antonio
Custom media:
Print                                    Prove how Your
                                         SolutionS Solve ProblemS

Industry Profiles                                              Solution Spotlights
industry Profiles give you a high-impact collateral piece      Solution Spotlights are a perfect venue to feature a
to educate prospects on your unique value proposition,         single solution and quickly establish yourself as an
how your solutions solved a specific challenge, and how        industry leader. they accelerate decision-maker trust
you have the proven track record in the industry.              through customer testimonials and supporting case
                                                               study documentation.
written in 8 to 48 page formats, we will showcase your
business value via case studies of your successful             ranging in length from 2 to 4 pages, Solution
implementations, the positive results you delivered,           Spotlights are intended to be a quick, hard-hitting
customer reference accounts and ultimately, convey             piece that immediately attracts the attention of your
why your innovative solutions make you the choice over         prospect with a convincing argument to differentiate
the competition.                                               your value and a high-quality design.

Sample Topics:
Client                      Subject                                                  Size
Symantec                    a how-to Guide for Security in Government                28 Pages
cDwG                        Public Safety Solution Guide                             16 Pages
emc                         roadmap to effective eGovernment                         12 Pages
adobe                       automation of Forms-based Processes                      4 Pages
eSri                        GiS helps Data empowers Fusion centers                   4 Pages
hP                          Green it Strategies for Data centers                     2 Pages

Sponsor Benefits:
	 rd Party Credibility: our co-branding increases decision-maker trust of your message.
 showCase your exPertise: Strengthen relationships by inviting customers to speak to their
 accomplishments as a result of your partnership.
 Control Content/design: execute approvals over content, design and branding.
 Visibility & distribution: leverage exposure across our state and local circulation and online at
 referenCe aCCount Collateral: receive overruns to help your sales teams secure decision-maker
 meetings, leverage as a strategic event leave-behind, and more.

Government Technology Provides:
 turnkey ProjeCt management: we’ll manage the entire process, increasing your marketing bandwidth!
 goVernment releases: we’ll secure all customer consent and release forms.
 Content suPPort: our award-winning team will produce engaging case study content that addresses the
 unique information needs of our audience.
 CreatiVe serViCes: our award-winning designers will produce mock-ups and a final product that aligns
 with your branding requirements.
 Printing/distribution: we’ll print, manage publication distribution, host online and ship overruns
 upon sponsor sign-off.

                                                             validate the in-depth value of a case study for
                                                            giving an overview of a company’s solution that
                                                                         can’t be achieved with a single ad.
                                                                                       Source: April 2009 Harvey Readership Study
Custom media:
Video                                         Show more.
                                              enGaGe quicker.

our custom video solutions grab executive attention and
keep them intrigued by persuasively showing, not telling,
how your solutions can solve their pressing challenges.

Shot in full hD, our 3-6 minute custom videos enhance
your credibility because it’s peer endorsement that your
customer can see and hear for themselves. the more
you can show the business case for your solutions, the
quicker they’ll consider and trust your partnership.

Sponsor Benefits:
 sPeed Credibility by providing testimonial that
 they can see and hear first-hand.
 eduCate deCision makers with a vibrant
 portrayal of peer success stories.
 inCrease results with persuasive
 communications that grab attention.

100% End-to-End
Solution Includes:
 ProjeCt management:
	                                                           ProduCtion/Video shoots:
 we will assign a dedicated project manager to               our onsite video is shot in full hD (1080p high-definition)
 oversee the day-to-day production timelines and             to create a state-of-the-art look. videos can be shot at
 logistics.                                                  the client company’s location or customer site.

 goVernment releases:
	                                                           Post-ProduCtion/design/teChniCal:
 we will provide, manage and secure all interviewee          complete design and editing deliverables include
 consent and release forms.                                  creative design, music and voiceovers as required to
                                                             create a high-quality video communication.
 sCriPt serViCes:
 we will produce an extensive outline of audio and
 visual elements to illustrate the general sequence of
 video segments and to ensure overall communication
 needs are met.

Investment: (3 to 6 minute video)                                                                             Video
	1 day shoot/1 location (city) – maximum 3 interviews
	up to 3 ‘a’ camera setups with interviews
                                                                                                             we can promote your
	b-roll footage (up to 2 hours) – so we can capture your solution in action
                                                                                                         video across our multiple
	Digital file of video provided to client for own use                                                         channels to garner
  Additional files available upon request                                                                 additional response and
                                                                                                                  extend your roi.
	12-month hosting of video on’s video site, Gt tv, includes:
   - 1 promo link in Call-to-Action box alongside video                                                               Promotion in 2
                                                                                                         Govtech Today eNewsletters
   - 2-3 second pre-roll logo ad
                                                                                                          (36,000 combined distribution)
   - 728 x 90 leaderboard ad unit at top of page while video playing
                                                                                                            Publisher Email Outreach
   - 300 x 250 rectangle ad unit to right of video screen while video playing                                           (5,000 names)
Call for pricing.
                                                                                                                   2 Custom Print Ads
                                                                                                                         and Insertion
                                                                                                         (157,000 combined distribution)

                                                                                                                             Price: $12,000

WaTCh SamPlES of our VIdEo ProjECTS:

                                                                                                             with Government
                                                                                                             Technology is not
                                                                                                           only a pleasure but
                                                                                                           extremely effective.
                                                          Integrated Collaboration                        their quality custom
                                                          in Times of Crisis
                                                                                                         content development
                                                                                                             is hard to beat.”
                                                                                                             — National Marketing Manager, State, Local,
                                                                                                                             Public Safety & K-12, Sprint

                                                          Equipping 21st Century
                                                          First Responders

                 *Services outside of the above mentioned package can be added for an additional fee.
                                                                                       All prices net.
guides                                                    eStabliSh Your exPertiSe
                                                          & caPture leaDS
all too often decision makers have a high interest in a technology strategy, but are hesitant to make the implementation
mistakes of their peers. Government Technology’s how-to Guides solve this problem by providing your prospects with training-
driven information and a best practice roadmap – aligned with a topical focus of your choice – to establish you as the expert
who understands the unique problems they are trying to solve.

coupled with a built-in promotional and lead capture strategy, we’ve generated hundreds of downloads per guide, as well
as provided a powerful sales development tool for our clients.

Sponsor Benefits:
 3rd Party Credibility: our credibility and your subject matter expertise ensure a thought-provoking resource
 that resonates with the unique information needs of it leaders.
 elevate your exPertise: build decision-maker trust with an in-depth understanding of their business issues.
 Control Content/design: execute approvals over advertorial content, design and branding.
 strategiC Collateral: receive overruns to empower your sales teams with a strategic leave-behind and sales
 development resource.
 lead generation: we’ll manage, capture and provide you with all leads from guidebook requests.

Promotional                                                                                   100%
Campaign Included: (6-months)                                                             TurnkEy
our custom, cross-promotional marketing campaign has helped several clients              InCludES:
elevate their subject matter expertise and generate hundreds of guidebook
requests.                                                                                   original writing with
                                                                                        guidance from sponsor
	Custom registration page designed and hosted to capture identities
                                                                                               input and subject
                                                                                       experts, design, printing,
	Publisher direct mail (250 names) to select cios and it executives in
                                                                                             5,000 overruns and
  erepublic corporate database                                                           promotional campaign

	Publisher email (7,500 outreach) to state and local executives in
  e.republic corporate database

	Custom-designed print ads promoted in one issue of Government
  Technology and Public CIO – additional house ads scheduled as space allows

	online advertising unit (shared with other guide sponsors) on                           “…the collaboration linked to registration page                                                 for our how-to Guide
                                                                                               For it Security in
	enewsletter sponsorships across multiple titles and topical focuses                          Government was
                                                                                         excellent, from project
	event distribution at up to five sponsored e.republic events
                                                                                         management, writing,
                                                                                          design and response.
                                                                                             We have decided
                                                                                          to execute a follow-
                                                                                            up program based
                                                                                           upon its success.”
                                                                                                 Marketing Programs Manager, State,
                                                                                                        Local & Education, Symantec

Price: $85,000
includes one(1) 28-page, 6x9-inch booklet with 5,000 overruns and complete
6-month promotional campaign

                                                                     All prices net.
                Do you have successful implementations
         that you want other jurisdictions to take advantage of?

                       are you missing opportunities
                because your business value isn’t presented
                   effectively, and supported by results?

                   have you empowered your sales teams
                   with case study tools to help them open
                          the door to new business?

                If you want to successfully sell state and local decision makers,
    case studies offer a solid foundation to resonate your message, the ROI you’ve achieved,
  and how you have the support of customer reference accounts. This is the result you’ll achieve
              with Government Technology’s custom media 100% turnkey solution.

rEquEST morE InformaTIon aT:
877.932.1337 or

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