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                           VOL 3 NO.7       April 1, 2011

                                                                            First Parish in Framingham
                                                                                  Unitarian Universalist
                                                                              A Welcoming Congregation

Staying In Touch
Journey Groups begin this month! These are small groups that meet monthly to reflect on questions that provoke and invite
spiritual growth. This begins the living of our Vision Statement, created by all of you this past year. I sincerely hope that you
will make the decision to give yourself the gift of this monthly gathering. In any event, there are many other activities through
the month that you can take advantage of in order to take the journey as well. Please see the details below on page 4.

And, dear people, a seasonal prose/poem for you:

                                                 REACHING THE NEW SPRING
                                                      By Metin Sahin

                     There is the new metered spring…again…which comes every year again and
                     again…the birds will revive suddenly…the spring rain will fall lightly and
                     gently..sometimes thunderbolts and thunders will scare you… water will turn to
                     floods from the high mountains…may be a child cries…the whites will turn
                     to greens… to reds and to blues…we will wander in the prairies…the fish will
                     dance…and…and…and…throw themselves to land….drunken from joy…the spring has
                     come very early this year…when it comes again…the nature writes her new
                     poems for you…when it comes again everybody will understand its value…the
                     hungry free wild horse will be warmed…and will begin to run joyfully…which one will
                     be alive next spring no one knows…there is a new spring for you there….go out and
                     look…what is outside in the downtown there…look what they sell there…do not just sit
                     clumsily and lazily in your home…enter the living…buy something even if you are not
                     in need…life waits you there…may be the pipe piper will be there…too…blowing his pipe
                     in the streets…listen to it…do not tell lies again…thank god…for bringing you a new
                     spring…And especially for this new reaching…live live the spring…hey…do not sit

 Sunday Worship                                                        In this “Information Age,” when so much personal data
                                                                       is recorded, collected and stored and various technolo-
                                                                       gies offer us opportunities to add to the stockpile, one
 APRIL 3rd
                                                                       might wonder whether the concept of “privacy” means
 9:15 & 11:00 AM Worship
                                                                       anything in 2011. Join us this morning as Michael ex-
                                                                       plores the space between our public and private lives
 This will be a service about the conversation within and
 its relationship to the future of the world.
                                                                       APRIL 17th
                                                                       9:15 & 11:00 AM Worship
 APRIL 10th
                                                                       OWNING YOUR RELIGIOUS PAST, Rev. Hepler
 9:15 & 11:00 AM Worship
                                                                       The Journey Groups at First Parish begin this month.
                                                                       (see page 4 of the newsletter for information on how to
 Michael F. Hall, M.Div., Intern Minister
                                                                       sign up) The exploration question for April is “What do

you carry forward from the religion of your past, what                APRIL 24th
have you left behind, and what is still in process? Since             9:15 & 11:00 AM Worship
this is ‘Palm Sunday’ in the Christian world, Passover week           RESURRECTION FOR ALL, Rev. Hepler
in the Jewish world, and the blossoming forth of the earth            A joyful and musical celebration of the eternal truth seeking
for all of us...this is a powerful time to look closely at this       to be re-born in us.
part of the spiritual path.

From the Intern Minister: Michael’s Musings
Spring has finally arrived and yet, as much as I have looked forward to the bold crocuses emerging and the arrival of the early
birds, strangely I find myself looking backward; beyond the battering of this past winter, beyond divinity school and the many
years playing house at Plimoth Plantation to my childhood and the church of my youth. This could be due to my penchant for
mulling over and mining the gold (and brass) of my past, to the habit of self-reflection upheld and cultivated at divinity school
or it could be part of what the Vision 20/20 process of faith articulation has already begun to stir up in me. Perhaps it is the up-
coming Easter season that leads to pleasant memories from that long ago time.
As some of you know I was raised Roman Catholic. I came to realize profound and irreconcilable differences between the core
beliefs of that faith and my own which led me, after a long search, to Unitarian Universalism. Even so, I still resonate with the
beauty and mystery of worship in the RC, particularly at Easter. The Lenten season of contemplation and austerity ends in the
passion and pageantry of Holy Week where Jesus’ final days are enacted, the triumph of his coming to Jerusalem on Palm Sun-
day, the bitter indictment, fear and turning against him by friend and foe alike, the black-draped empty altar commemorating
his execution on Good Friday and the jubilant outpouring of Easter and the return of life after the ritual of mourning. Each and
all of these Holy Week memorials were celebrated with ancient traditions at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Middlebor-
ough; with unabashed spectacle, obvious reverence and the inclusion of each and every parishioner from the oldest one to the
youngest, the well-heeled and the folks just holding it together.
What I learned from the faith tradition of my childhood was a respect for religion as a process with regular returns and special
seasons. I learned that we change and grow in both the mundane and marvelous. I learned how vital community worship can be
and the importance of beauty in religious expression. There is much to be learned from such rituals and breathless spectacle. It
is a powerful way to teach and confirm basic religious beliefs and the theology that underlies them. By paying attention, I also
learned that I didn’t share the same theology or beliefs, and that knowledge set me free to find out what it was that I did believe.

                                                                                                           In heart and with hope,

From the Board of Assessors
This morning I checked to see how many shoots are poking out of the ground in my gardens; there are so many! Spring is a time
of such amazing energy and growth. And church life this month seems also to be a time of such amazing energy, with wrapping
up the Canvass and preparing for the Auction. I have observed how the Auction Committee has banded together to relieve
Diane Montgomery of much of the responsibility for the Auction so that she can focus her time and energy on Mark and his re-
covery from bypass surgery and it has more than warmed my heart. I just love how this congregation looks out for and cares for
one another! Love is the doctrine of this church and we live our principles.
Your Board continues with our five areas of focus: Vision 20-20, Stewardship, Leadership, Policy Governance, and Capital Cam-
paign. The dedicated Vision 20-20 team met along with the two Board members and Kathleen; their meeting produced some
exciting ideas, which will be blooming this spring and into the summer. The team long ago fulfilled their mission but they are so
dedicated and so deeply committed to the process that they have not yet disbanded; they keep recommitting themselves to ac-
tualizing the vision. On behalf of the Board, I give them our deepest thanks.
A beginning proposal for addressing Stewardship will be proffered at the next Board meeting. Many wonderful possibilities
have been discussed. We will be honing the ideas and then starting to look at implementation, so you members of the congrega-
tion will soon have opportunities to become involved.
The Policy Governance discussion brought out many issues; last month our discussion was at an abstract level and this month
we dove into listing many details. We are approaching this issue slowly, carefully, and thoroughly!
The board members shepherding the Capital Campaign will be doing some final checking about grants and outside help and
beginning to educate the congregation about the scope of the project. It will begin in earnest next fall.

We listed the issues we deem important to consider in determining the budget. At our April meeting we will prioritize these
issues, as much as possible. The Board will have a special meeting on May 3 to finalize the budget. Then the budget will be
posted online in the Members’ Area and there will be budget talkbacks on Sundays May 15th and 22nd during coffee hours.
That will be your opportunity to educate yourself about the budget so that you can have an informed vote at the Annual
Meeting on Sunday, June 5. As in the past few years, this will be a celebration of the year rather than a large budget-oriented
meeting. And, learning from last year’s experience, I promise that we won’t be voting on any Bylaws changes! We will focus
on celebrating our congregation and our past year.
The board voted to put online in the Members’ Area all documents related to the Board meetings, not just the minutes. I
strongly urge you to go to and click on the Members’ Area. The username to enter is fpcong
(short for “first parish congregation”) and David Moore, our Office Administrator, will send you the password if you request
it. More and more important information is making its way there. If we really want to utilize the information age, more of us
will go to our Facebook page! (First Parish in Framingham Unitarian Universalist)
I want to remind you about General Assembly (GA) and the Mass Bay District Annual Meeting. Any member can attend. The
MBD Annual Meeting will be on April 10, from 5 to 8, at the First Church in Belmont. GA will be held June 22-26 in Charlotte,
North Carolina. Information about GA is posted on the bulletin board in Scott Hall. This year one can experience GA remotely
as an off-site delegate; information is at Please let Ginger Dixon, chair of the Nominating Committee, know
if you are interested in being a delegate.
Finally, I want to thank Rich Lawson, all the canvassers, and all the people who worked so hard on the canvass: Tony, Aimee,
David, Beth, Judy, and Janet. All of these folks put in countless hours of work because they care about First Parish and they
live their beliefs. Let’s all give a very special thank you to Rich, as this is his third, and final, year leading the canvass. We are
privileged to have someone so talented, dedicated, and hard-working leading the canvass for these past three years – after
finishing his term on the Board and serving as Board Chair. Rich, you are an inspiration!
                                                                                                 Janice Knapp-Cordes, Board Chair

Religious Education
Spring is showing itself – hooray! Crocuses and tulips are bursting through the hard ground. I always feel a wonderful sense
of hope around this time of year, and I see it as a time of renewal. I hope you too are welcoming the earth’s shift into this sea-

The schedule for Religious Education in April is a bit choppy. We will have “Special Sundays” on both April 17th (three-day
weekend and the beginning of school vacation week) and on April 24th (Easter). On April 17th, 4-year-olds through 8th grad-
ers will attend the beginning of the church service and then come to the Huntley Room for special activities. On Easter, Pre-
school/Kindergartners will have their regular class, and the first through eighth graders start out in church and then help pot
plants in the Huntley Room – a First Parish tradition. Early Preschoolers will have their regular classes.

All Parents: Keep your eyes out for the 2011-2012 registration forms coming in the mail. The forms will be mailed during
the week of April 18th. Registrations will be due back in the RE office by May 8th. We will have all the teaching positions open.
Please remember that if you have children enrolled in the RE program and are not currently teaching or advising, next year is
your teaching year.

If you have any questions about the religious education program, please feel free to contact me at or

                                                                                                                        Julie Porter,
                                                                                                    Director of Religious Education

  A Note from the Editor
  Deadline for the May Steeple is: Friday, April 22nd Send your text to: editor@

From the Historian
Olympia Brown
When the renovated Parish House was rededicated on September 7, 1980, one of the rooms in the basement of the George
Huntley wing was named for Olympia Brown. Most of you have probably been in it for one reason or another over the years.
However what you may not know, unless you’ve taught the 5th and 6th graders, is who Olympia Brown was and why she was
significant for not only the Universalists of her time, but also for women in general.
Olympia Brown (1835 – 1926), was the first woman minister in the US ordained with full denominational authority. She
graduated from Antioch College in 1860, in an era when very few women went to college, determined to become a minister.
The Universalist Divinity School at St. Lawrence University (later Canton Theological School) was the only theological school
which was willing to admit Brown and even then the school was surprised when she showed up to attend. Brown completed
the program and was ordained by the St. Lawrence Universalist Association on June 25, 1863 despite more than a few objec-
She served as a minister at several Universalist churches during her career including Weymouth, Massachusetts. In 1873
Olympia Brown married John Henry Mills, who was a trustee of that church. She had two children with him and he moved
with her as her career dictated.
Although continuing part-time as a Universalist preacher, in 1886 Olympia Brown decided to devote her formidable intelli-
gence and determination to the suffragette movement. Involved in the cause since college, she became one of the leaders in
the drive to pass the 19th amendment to the US Constitution. She died at age 91 in 1926, having lived long enough to vote
legally for the first time in the 1920 general elections.
                                                                                                                 Janet Nichols
                                                                                                               Parish Historian

                                                     JOIN A JOURNEY GROUP!
      Facilitated groups of 10 people will meet monthly for the next year beginning in April. Each month a different
      question will be considered such as: "How have you integrated the religion of your youth into your current be-
      liefs?" "How does Unitarian Universalism affect your every-day life?" "What are your thoughts, fears, beliefs about
      death?" "What spiritual practice might best help you stay more centered?" E-mail with
      your time and day selection...or sign up at the Membership Table on Sunday. All are welcome. Bring a friend! -It's a
      good way to become more connected at First Parish! -Its intention is to enable each of us a guided way to consider
      our spiritual/ethical questions...the first proposal in our Vision 20/20 statement.

                                                MONDAY 7:30-9:00, April 25th
                                                TUESDAY 7:30-9:00,April 26th
                                               WEDNESDAY 1-2:30, April 27th
                                              WEDNESDAY 7:30-9:00, April 27th
                                               THURSDAY 7:00-8:30, April 28th
                                                 FRIDAY 7:00-8:30, April 29th
                                               SATURDAY 10-11:30, April 30th
                                                    SUNDAY 1-2:30, May 1st
                                                    SUNDAY 4-5:30, May 1st
              If none of these times work for you...e-mail or sign-up anyway and tell us what times would work.

                                               FIVE YEAR VISION STATEMENT

      At First Parish in Framingham Unitarian Universalist, we call each and every member of our community to
      actively engage in spiritual development and spiritual practice in order to be able to:

      •   Articulate your spiritual beliefs, how those beliefs inform your life, and discern your personal ministry
          at First Parish and in the wider world.
      •    Align the commitment of your personal resources with your Unitarian Universalist beliefs and values,
          actively ensuring the financial well-being of First Parish, and all other forms of stewardship that will insure
          the achievement of the congregation's vision.
      •    Share your Unitarian Universalist values, beliefs, and transformative experiences both within our First
          Parish community, and in the larger community.
      •    Participate in the First Parish community as both a learner and an educator, and fully commit to multigen-
          erational inclusion in all aspects of church life, including governance, committee work, decision-making, reli-
          gious services, and other activities.

Announcements: Dates & Events                                        why! Anything from doggerel to a sonnet. Appetizers at 6
                                                                     pm, dinner at 7, discussion at 8. Contact Dick Paul at email
Caritas Coordinator for April                                        address or at 508-872-9729 for
Valerie Foley, 781 416-4020,               more information or to say what you are bringing: appe-
Caritas helps those in the congregation who face difficul-           tizer, salad, entree, dessert or beverage.
ties such as hospitalization, illness, and death of a loved
one. Caritas coordinates cards, visits, meals, referrals to          Legacy Planning
services and the Around the Parish newsletter announce-              Do you love your First Parish family so much that you
ments.                                                               want to assure its community presence long after you’re
Around First Parish                                                  not here? Then please consider establishing a living legacy
We continue to keep Mark Montgomery in our thoughts                  by including our church in your estate plans.
and prayers after his successful heart surgery at Brigham            Past bequests by generous, forward-thinking First Parish-
and Women's Hospital in Boston. He was discharged last               ioners have established an endowment that currently per-
Friday, March 18th, and is continuing his convalescence at           mits an annual pledge of more than $20,000 to supple-
home. Visitors are asked to call first to see if it's a good-        ment our canvass. All these contributors wanted to help
time to visit. Cards may be sent to his home at 3 Badger             preserve First Parish for us, and for generations to come.
Road, Framingham, MA,                                                Any of our three Trustees would be very happy to answer
                                                                     your questions about assigning some future assets to First
Women’s Alliance                                                     Parish. Please e-mail or call Charlotte Neagle, Mary Rose
The Women’s Alliance annual luncheon will be April 11 at             Wells, or Pete Allen - and many thanks for your considera-
noon in the Huntley Room. If you have not received a call,           tion.
call Janet Werner at 508-875-8295 or Susie Macdonald at
508 875-3322. There will be a small charge of $7.00.                 First Parish Seder
Attention Mystery Friends participants!                              Save the Date: Friday, April 22nd. More information will
                                                                     be forthcoming. Contact person: Adam Goldberg, 508
You’ve exchanged letters with your Mystery Friend, and
the mystery is building! Please remember to attend the
Mystery Friends party after each service on Sunday, April
3rd, and the mystery will be revealed! The parties will be           Food Pantry : April – Protein Items
in the Dorothea Dix Room, which is down the stairs near-             Think beans, peanut butter, canned meat and fish. Strong
est to Kathleen’s office and the Huntley Room. Adults, re-           bodies build strong minds. Drop your food items in the
member to bring a small gift (not over $5.00, or something           basket inside either parish house door or in the metal
homemade) for your child Mystery Friend. You will be                 cabinet in the hall. All non-perishable food items are
given a bookmark as you enter the room, and you can pin              gratefully accepted.
the bookmark on your clothes. When the children arrive,              The pantry has a new location at 214 Concord Street,
they will find you by finding the bookmark that they made            Framingham. This is the old Civic Center.
for you! Thank you to all for participating in this fun multi-       The Young Adults Group
generational program. If you have any questions, please              YA meets in the Waters room at 110 Edgell from 7-9pm on
contact Tracy Marshall at 508-270-3905, or Kendall                   Wednesdays and welcomes all young adults, ages 18
Chenoweth at 508-561-1782.                                           through 30s, to join in our gatherings.
New Orleans, 2012!                                                   Sacred Circle Dancing
As many of you know, Julie Porter is planning a social ac-           Come join the Circle and dance with the Sacred Circle
tion trip for high-school-age youth and also First Parish-           Dancers on Sunday, April 10th from 6:00 pm to 8:00
ioner adults over the April public school vacation week in           pm. No partner, experience or reservation necessary. All
2012. The Cabaret Night that the choir hosted in January             dances taught in Scott Hall. Donation $5-$10. Contact
graciously gave their proceeds to help fund this trip. The           Paula   for more information: 508 485-1030
trip will be organized through the Center for Ethical Living
and Social Justice Renewal, which grew
out of the UUA-UUSC Gulf Coast Volunteer Program. This               Roots & Shoots Opportunities!
center connects volunteers with opportunities to address             Our chapter of Roots & Shoots, Jane Goodall's youth or-
the needs of those affected by Hurricane Katrina that hit            ganization that helps animals, the environment and the
the city almost 6 years ago. The cost of the trip will be ap-        human community through service learning projects, is
proximately $800, less with lots of fund-raising efforts. If         now 4 years old! In that time, our multigenerational activi-
you think you are interested in participating in this trip,          ties have included battling against invasive plant species,
please contact Julie, or 508-872-               enjoying fair trade chocolate parties, donating to animal
3111. She would like to have a planning meeting in April             shelters, counting wild birds, and exploring nature. Thank
or May. This trip is a wonderful opportunity to learn about          you to everyone at First Parish who has participated in
social justice issues and to put our faith into action.              Roots & Shoots!
                                                                     However, we will need volunteers for the following jobs to
Dinner Discussion Group                                              keep our program going in its current form at First Parish.
The next dinner discussion will be held on Saturday, April           Please check out these opportunities and if interested,
16, at the home of Diane Engel. The discussion topic will            contact Aimee Dalrymple, Program Leader, at ADalrym-
be: Bring (read or recite) a poem that you like, and explain or 508-652-9946.

Giving Garden Coordinator                                           2011, 6--10PM, First Parish Cambridge, 2 Church St. Har-
 For the last two summers, Roots & Shoots has tended the            vard Sq. Cambridge, MA 02138
garden plot on the eastern side of the Meeting House and            The Gala will support our trip to Haiti in July to build a
shared its blooms with those in the community would                 school for 250 orphans. Tickets cost $20. Purchase at
could use a bit of color and cheer at home. The garden     (617) 625--6400 or hai-
coordinator would have the responsibility of organizing    for more information
the garden plot care among the Roots & Shoots volunteers.
                                                                    Boston New Sanctuary Movement
In the past, this has consisted of 1-2 dates for planting and
                                                                    with Church of the Covenant, Boston, presents A Faithful
mulching at the beginning of the season plus a weekly
                                                                    Understanding An Interfaith Conference:
schedule of watering and weeding over the summer. The
                                                                    Toward a More Compassionate National Debate on Immi-
garden coordinator also organizes the delivery of bou-
                                                                    gration Sunday, April 10, 2011, 1 – 5 p.m. (lunch pro-
quets of flowers.
                                                                    vided 12-1) , 67 Newbury St. Boston. Keynote address: A
Program Leader                                                      Revolution of Values Elena Letona, long-time social jus-
The Roots & Shoots Program Leader coordinates the                   tice activist.
meetings and activities of the chapter (currently 5-6 per
                                                                    Attention all FPF quilters!
year) and works with the Director of Religious Education
                                                                    The annual FP quiltathon to create the quilt top for our
in planning the events. The Program Leader also commu-
                                                                    Pies raffle quilt will be held on April 9, starting at 8am, in
nicates with the regional and national organization and
                                                                    Scott Hall. If you would like to participate, please bring
uses those resources for planning our activities here at
                                                                    your own sewing machine and personal sewing supplies,
First Parish.
                                                                    including grey thread. I will be providing already-cut
Save the Date - April 6th, 2011                                     pieces, instructions, design wall, ironing board and iron,
Join us for the 5th Annual UU Advocacy Day                          and snacks. One or two people to assist with ironing is
Standing on the Side of LOVE                                        helpful too.
On April 6th UU's will congregate at the Unitarian Univer-          All enthusiastic folks welcome to drop in and help or to
salist Association's headquarters at 10 AM to kick off a day        cheerlead!
of advocacy at the Massachusetts State House. Declaring             The Metrowest Interfaith Hospitality Network
our intention to Stand on the Side of LOVE we will hear             is a collection of thirty five local area churches, syna-
from knowledgeable lawmakers and activists who are                  gogues and Mosques offering hope to homeless families
working day-in and day-out to shape public policy on is-            with children through safe transitional shelter, meals and
sues critical to our most vulnerable citizens. Following the        supportive case management as they seek permanent
program at the UUA Headquarters at 25 Beacon Street we              housing. First Parish assists by providing housing and
will carry our message to lawmakers at the State House.             meals during school vacations. Over fifty First Parish
To find out more please visit our web site at                       members have volunteered their time to this worth cause or call Sue at (978) 910-0190.                 over the past three years. Our next hosting opportunity
You can RSVP at                            is April vacation. Please contact Crystal Chenoweth, 508-
The Haitian Coalition of Somerville                                 651-1782 if you would like more information or to vol-
Invites you to our International Gala for Haiti, April 29,          unteer.

                                   Annual Talent & Treasure Auction

                         Saturday, April 30, 2011 at the Parish House

    Join us to celebrate our                                                       Don’t miss this outstanding
    Annual Talent & Treasure                                                        social event. We promise
   Auction! Mark your calendar                                                     lots of fun, good food and
                                                                                     auction items of great

April, 2011
      Sun                 Mon                   Tue                 Wed                  Thu                    Fri               Sat

                                                                                                       1                   2
                                                                                                       12:30 PM            RE Augusta:
                                                                                                       MetWest Med.        OlyBr, Huntley,
                                                                                                       Prg: 110            DorDix
                                                                                                       RE Augusta:         8:30 AM ESL:
                                                                                                       OlyBr, Huntley,     110 Edgell
                                                                                                                           11:00 AM
                                                                                                                           Brownies: Olym-
                                                                                                                           pia Brown Rm.
3                   4                     5                   6                    7                   8                   9
9:15 AM Services    5:30 PM               9:00 AM Fram.       11:30 AM Energy-     8:00 AM Coffee & 6:00 PM                8:00 AM Quil-
                    MWMPClinic: 110       Dir. Co-            Medicine: Huntley    Muffins: Huntey  Uncommon Coffee-       tathon: Scott Hall
10:00 AM YRUU                             lab:Huntley Rm.                          Rm.
                    Edgell                                    11:30 AM Worship                      House: Scott Hall      8:30 AM ESL:
Bake Sale
                    6:00 PM               6:00 PM ESL:        & Arts: Pastor's     9:30 AM ESL: 110                        110 Edgell
11:00 AM            Rounds:Scott Hall     110 Edgell          Office.              Edgell
                    6:30 PM ESL: 110      7:00 PM RE-         6:00 PM Junior       1:30 PM Staff-
12:30 PM RE:                              Council: Huntley    Youth: Huntley Rm    meeting
Huntley Rm.                               7:00 PM Her.        7:00 PM Young        6:00 PM FCNS:
                    7:00 PM BellChoir
7:00 PM YRUU:                             Chor: Scott Hall    Adults: Water's      Scott Hall
The Cave                                  8:00 PM Medita-     Rm. 110              7:30 PM Legacy
                    l7:30 PM Energy-
                                          tion Group: Oly.                         Writing: Olympia
                    Med: Huntley Rm
                                          Brn.                                     Brn. Rm.
10                  11                    12                  13                   14                  15                  16
9:15 AM Services    12:00 PM Women's      10:00 AM NARL:      11:30 AM Energy-     8:00 AM Coffee                          8:30 AM ESL:
10:00 AM Junior     Alliance:Huntley Rm   Water's Rm          Medicine: Huntley    &Muffins: Huntley                       110
Youth Bake Sale     5:30 PM MWMP          3:30 PM Girl-       1:00 PM Stitches     Rm.                                     Edgell 11:00 AM
11:00 AM Services   Clinic: 110 Edgell    Scouts:Oly.Brn      In Time: Allen Rm    9:30 AM ESL: 110                        Brownies: Olym-
                    6:00 PM Rounds:       Rm.                 7:00 PM Young        Edgell                                  pia Brown
5:30 PM Sacred-
Circle Dances:      Scott Hall            6:00 PM ESL:110     Adults: Water's      7:30 PM Board of
Scott Hall          6:30 PM ESL: 110      Edgell              Rm. 110              Assessors: Hunt-
                    Edgell                                    7:30 PM Choir        ley Rm.
7:00 PM                                   7:00 PM Her.
YRUU:The Cave       7:00 PM Bell Choir    Chor.: Scott Hall   Rehearsal: Meet-
                    Rehearsal                                 ing House
7:00 PM PFLAG:                            7:30 PM Stitches
Huntley Rm.         7:30 PM Energy-       In Time Allen Rm
                    Med: Huntley Rm.      8:00 PM Medita-
                                          tion Group:Olym
17                  18                    19                  20                   21                  22                  23
9:15 AM Services    MIHN: ParishHouse     MIHN: Parish-       MIHN: Parish-        MIHN: Parish-    MIHN: Parish House     MIHN: Parish-
11:00 AM Services   5:30 PM MWMP          House               House                House                                   House
7:00 PM YRUU:       Clinic: 110 Edgell    6:00 PM ESL:        7:00 PM Young        8:00 AM Coffee & 6:00 PM First Parish   8:30 AM ESL:110
The Cave            6:00 PM Rounds:       110                 Adults: Water's      Muffins: Huntley Seder                  Edgell
                    Scott Hall            Edgell 7:00 PM      Rm. 110              Rm
                    6:30 PM ESL: 110      Her. Chor: Scott    7:30 PM Church       9:30 AM ESL: 110
MIHN: Parish                              Hall                Council: Allen Rm.   Edgell
                    7:00 PM Bell Choir    8:00 PM Medita-     7:30 PM Choir        1:30 PM Staff
                    Rehearsal             tion Group: Me-     Rehearsal: Meet-     meeting
                                          morial Rm.          ing House

24                  25                    26                  27                   28                  29                  30
Easter            5:30 PM MWMP            6:00 PM ESL:        1:00 PM Stitches     8:00 AM Coffee & 6:00 PM Private        8:30 AM ESL:
9:15 AM Services  Clinic: 110 Edgell      110 Edgell          In Time: Allen Rm    Muffins:Huntley   Rental: Scott Hall    110 Edgell
11:00 AM Services 6:00 PM Rounds:         7:00 PM Her.        7:00 PM Young        9:30 AM ESL: 110                        AUCTION: Parish
                  Scott Hall              Chor.: Scott Hall   Adults: Water's      Edgell                                  House
7:00 PM YRUU:                                                 Rm. 110
The Cave          6:30 PM ESL: 110        7:30 PM Stitches                         6:00 PM FCNS:
                  Edgell                  In Time Allen Rm                         Scott Hall
                  7:00 PM Bell Choir      8:00 PM Medita-                          6:30 PM Parents &
                  Rehearsal               tion Group: Olym                         Others: Oly. Brn.
                                          Brn                                      7:30 PM Women's
                                                                                   Circle: Mem. Rm

The First Parish In Framingham                                                                     Non-Profit Org
Unitarian Universalist                                                                              US Postage
A Welcoming Congregation                                                                               PAID
24 Vernon Street                                                                                    Permit # 319
Framingham, MA 01701

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The Steeple
                    April 1, 2011

First Parish in Framingham ~ Unitarian Universalist Established 1701
TEL: 508 872-3111
FAX: 508-879-5780

SENIOR MINISTER                                          Rev. Kathleen D. Hepler,
MINISTER EMERITUS                                        The Reverend Dr. Charles A. Gaines
INTERN MINISTER                                          Michael F. Hall M.Div.
AFFILIATED COMMUNITY MINISTER                            Rev. Karin Peterson Tanenholtz
DIRECTOR OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                          Julie Porter,
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION ASSISTANT                            Beth Walton,
MUSIC DIRECTOR                                           Tom Berryman,
      CHIME CHOIR, BELL CHOIR                            Dean Arvidson,
MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                       Sara Morrison-Neil
CHURCH ADMINISTRATOR                                     David Moore,
WEDDING AND RENTAL COORDINATOR                           Alma Gould

ASSESSORS: Janice Knapp-Cordes, Chair; Jan Bolton, Ellen Cormier, David Doucette, Ben Gustafson,
Jennifer Long, Diane Montgomery, Todd Vroman, Ambar Zarkar,
CLERK: Christina Lamkin
TREASURER: George Dixon
TRUSTEES: Mary Rose Wells, Chair; Peter Allen, Charlotte Neagle

The Steeple is published monthly throughout the year. Subscription inquiries should be sent to or
by contacting the Church Administrator at 508-872-3111. Non member subscriptions are $25.00 per year.


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