Configuring Mail _Macintosh OS X_ for Pediatrics Mail Server

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					Configuring Mail (Macintosh OS X) for Pediatrics
Mail Server
1. Launch Mac Mail from the dock.
2. The following New account screen will appear.

3. Click Continue.
4. On the next screen, select Exchange from the drop down menu. Enter your
Name as you would like others to see it and e-mail address.
5. Click Continue.
6. Under Incoming Mail Server, enter
7. Enter your username and password.
8. Under Outlook Web Access Server, enter:
9. Click continue.
10. Under Outgoing Mail Server, enter
11. Select Use Authentication checkbox.
12. Enter your username and password again.
13. Click continue.
14. You will be presented with a summary of the settings you have entered.
    Notice Mac Mail automatically configures the client for SSL: on, the
    secure mail setting.
15. Click Continue.
16. The conclusion screen appears.
17. Click Done.
18. The Welcome message appears asking if you would like to check out
new features. This tour is completely optional.
18. Mail will begin to appear in the inbox shortly. NOTE: Although there is
    a calendar folder, Calendar information is not available in Mac Mail.
    To use the calendar feature from our environment, it is strongly
    recommended that Entourage be installed and set up. Instructions for
    doing so can be found on the same website as this document.

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