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					                                                         “The news source for Grantees:
                                               Dear Drug-Free Communities Florida’s Community Coalitions”
                                               In case you haven't heard, it's time for you to fill out the Coalition Classification Tool
                                               (CCT). It's a web-based survey and it's accessible from the homepage of COMET, once you
                                               log in to the system. You'll find the link to the CCT on the bottom right of the COMET
                                               homepage under the header titled, "Messages".

                                               You must complete this tool by Monday February 5th. Please call or email your CSAP
                                               Project Officer if you have any questions about this.

       January 3, 2007                         If you just received your first DFC grant in October, you will be receiving your COMET
                                               login information at the New Grantee Training in DC, January 8-10. Your first task when
"We will open the book. Its pages are          you go home from the training will be to complete the CCT.
blank. We are going to put words on them
ourselves. The book is called Opportunity      Contact: Ken Shapiro
and its first chapter is New Years Day."       Policy Analyst, Drug Free Communities
-Edith Lovejoy Pierce                          Executive Office of the President
                                               Office of National Drug Control Policy

                                               What is the Coalition Classification Tool?
                                               The Drug Free Communities Program has selected an evaluation contractor that has
                                               developed a theory-based typology to define and delineate the pattern of coalition
                                               development. The typology describes the characteristics and activities associated with each
Tell Target: Binge Drinking is No              stage of coalition development and the accomplishments that can be expected at each stage.
Game                                           The classification tool is a survey that will be used to classify DFC coalitions into the defined
                                               stages of development.
Target, the national department store chain,
is selling binge drinking games on its         Coalitions reflect a range of developmental stages - as coalitions evolve, they focus on
website. “The last man/woman standing          different issues to meet various challenges. Coalitions in the early stages of development may
wins!” says the instructions for Drinko,       focus on member recruitment, coalition formation, and needs assessment. More developed
where the object of the game is to make        coalitions with formal structures, expanded membership, and needs assessment data may be
your opponents drink as many shots as          ready for strategy selection, implementation and evaluation. In some cases advanced
possible.                                      coalitions, which have been able to implement effective strategies and have produced desired
                                               outcomes, are able to focus on institutionalizing and maintaining such strategies and
These games clearly promote high-risk          expanding programs throughout the community.
drinking. Target labels these items as
“adult” games for people over 21 and says      Why am I required to take this survey?
they sell them online, but they’re missing     You are required to complete this survey, as it is essential to the national evaluation of the
the point. Binge drinking is dangerous and     Drug Free Communities (DFC) program. This yearly survey will assist in determining the
unhealthy at any age. Tell Target’s CEO        effectiveness of the DFC grant program, overall, in assisting grantees in moving through the
Robert Ulrich that dangerous drinking is no    stages of development.
game. Insist he remove these irresponsible
products.                                      What will I be required to do?
                                               You will be asked a series of questions and your responses to these questions will determine
IMPORTANT: Please customize the                into which stage of development your coalition will be classified. This information is used
sample letter that is attached with your own   on the aggregate level only and will not be used in any government oversight capacity
words. Individualized letters have more        for your grant. The results will be shared with you in the near future.
                                               When you are finished answering a question, click on the arrow button (< or >) at the bottom
                                               of the page in order to get to the next question or to navigate back to the previous question.
                                               Please keep in mind; you may have to scroll down to view the arrow button. Once you have
                                               completed the survey, you will receive a notice alerting you that it is complete. Once you hit
                                               the “Done” button, you will no longer have access to the survey questions. We anticipate that
                                               it will take approximately 45 minutes to one hour to complete the survey.

                                               Thank you for your participation!
HOT PLACE!                                                               COOL SPOT!
CADCA's Forum to Address Latest in Drug Prevention             
and Treatment                                                            Connecting People with Nonprofit Information
CADCA's National Leadership Forum XVII -- the nation's
largest training conference for community drug prevention leaders,       Sign up for the newsletter and receive valuable information,
treatment professionals and researchers -- will be held on Feb. 12-      timely articles and links to other resources available on the
15, 2007 at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center.                      web. Guidestar has one of the largest and most flexible non-
                                                                         profit search engines. Plus, if you fill out your own non-
The theme of this year's conference is "Coalitions: The Road to          profit information, you may just get an unsolicited
Results," featuring a host of results-driven workshops, plenary          sponsorship to your coalition. Walmart is known to use this
sessions, and special events that will help participants achieve real    site when looking for giving opportunities.
change in their communities.

CADCA has also expanded its youth-focused workshops to better            Training Opportunity
prepare young participants to be effective coalition leaders. In         Center for Prevention Workforce Development
addition to the exciting interactive workshops at CADCA's Youth
Summit, selected youth will participate in CADCA's National              A Unique Approach: “Today’s Tools for Tomorrow’s Success”
Youth Leadership Initiative, which will provide experienced youth        is a three day skills-based training focused on a set of macro-
leaders with advanced training in coalition development.                 level skills common to prevention work in diverse settings,
                                                                         addressing multiple issues, and targeted at clients of any age.
Similar to last year, the Forum will begin on CADCA's Pre-
Conference Day on Monday, Feb. 12th, which will include more             Target Audience: Direct service staff in any type of prevention
than 10 in-depth workshops, as well as SAMHSA/CSAP's                     work with three or fewer years experience. More experience staff
Prevention Day, a special day of training that SAMHSA has                will also benefit from review and skills practice.
developed for its grantees and has purposefully attached it to our
signature event. This will afford their grantees the opportunity to      Dates and Locations:
experience the full CADCA Forum.                                         January 23-25: Gainesville, Hampton Inn
                                                                         February 5-7: Orlando, Human Service Associates
The official kick-off of the Forum will be Capitol Hill Day,             June 5-7: West Palm Beach, Hanley Center
featuring a high-energy Rally on Capitol Hill. The rally provides a      Time: 8:30am to 5pm each day
valuable opportunity to make our voices heard in Congress about          Cost: $125.00. Attendees are responsible for their own lodging
the importance of substance abuse prevention funding. Several            and meals.
members of Congress who have been longtime supporters of                 CEU’s: 20 are available
CADCA's cause have been invited to participate in this event.
                                                                         For additional information on the training visit,
CADCA's Forum will also offer dozens of opportunities for      
participants to network with their peers, and at the Exhibit Hall,
they'll get a chance to see the latest products and services available
for substance abuse professionals. So don't miss this one-of-a-kind      The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling is
training and networking opportunity -- register today! To register,      looking for a Program Director and is particularly
visit and click on the "Forum 17" icon. Register           interested in engaging someone from the substance
before Jan. 9, 2007 to receive early bird discounts on                   abuse prevention field.
registration. Receive even more discounts by becoming a CADCA
member! CADCA members save $200 off the regular registration
fees!                                                                    For additional information about this position, contact:
                                                                         Pat Fowler
Florida CADCA Attendees – Special Meetings with                          Phone: (407) 865-6200
Political Leaders                                                        Email:
For Capital Hill Day, FADAA is working with CADCA to set up
meetings with our political leaders. This way we can make a real
impact and demonstrate the collaboration occurring across the state
of Florida! If you are attending the conference and would like to
participate in the Florida Delegation, please email and sign up for this exciting event.
                                          Calendar of Events

  Sunday          Monday           Tuesday           Wednesday              Thursday           Friday    Saturday
                  1                2                   3              4                   5             6
7                 8                9                   10             11                  12            13
14                15               16                  17             18                  19            20
21                22               23                  24             25                  26            27
28                29               30                  31
 General Membership Meeting Notice-Palm Beach County Substance Abuse Coalition, January 23
 Coalition Networking Webinar-January 23
 Science to Service Training-January 30-31 (Tentative)

  Sunday          Monday           Tuesday           Wednesday              Thursday           Friday    Saturday
                                                                       1                 2              3
4               5                6                 7                   8                 9              10
11              12               13                14                  15                16             17
18              19               20                21                  22                23             24
25              26               27                28
 CADCA National Leadership Forum-February 12-15, Washington DC
 2007 Adolescent Conference-February 26-27, Tampa, FL

For additional information call Cindy Grant at the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association at
                                 850-878-2196 or

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