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									                       CONTRACT FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES
1. TERM OF APPOINTMENT: The Rutherford County Board of Education (“board”)
hereby employs, and ________________ (“employee”) hereby accepts employment as an
administrator in the Rutherford County School System for a term commencing March 1, 2005
and ending June 30, 2008.

2. LICENSURE: The employee agrees to hold or be qualified to hold appropriate licensure
for the employee’s position as an administrator and will continue to maintain this licensure
through the term of this contract. Failure to maintain a valid certificate renders this contract null
and void and is grounds for termination as provided by law.

3. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The employee, during the term of this contract,
agrees to perform faithfully all those duties required by federal or state law, state or local policies
and procedures, the board; the superintendent and the employee’s supervisors. It is agreed that
this contract does not create any ownership right or interest in any particular duty, responsibility
or position and the employee can be assigned to perform any duties in the system.

4. COMPENSATION: For services rendered pursuant to this contract, the employee shall be
paid in accordance with the state salary schedule and any applicable local supplement.

5. BENEFITS: The employee shall receive leave and other benefits in accordance with state
law and regulations and local board policy.

6. CONTRACT RENEWAL: This contract may be renewed as provided by law.

7. DISMISSAL OR DEMOTION: During the term of this contract, the employee may not be
dismissed or demoted except as allowed by N. C. Gen. Stat. 115C-325 provided, the board may
terminate this agreement at any time during the term of the agreement upon the payment to the
administrator of an amount equal to the salary and benefits to which the administrator would be
entitled under the terms of this contract.

8. TRANSFER: During the term of this contract, the employee may be transferred to another
position in the school system at the discretion of the board or the superintendent. Transfer of the
employee is not a transfer to a lower paying position, and thus not a demotion, if the employee’s
salary is maintained at the previous salary amount.

9. RESIGNATION: The employee agrees to give a 60-day prior written notice to the
superintendent of intent to resign during the term of the contract or intent not to seek renewal of
this contract,
10. MODIFICATION: This contract may be modified or amended with the written consent of
the board and the employee. All terms are subject to modification or amendment unless
otherwise provided by law.
11. SAYINGS CLAUSE: If, during the term of this contract, it is found that a specific clause
of this contract is illegal under federal or state law, the remainder of the contract not affected by
such a ruling shall remain in force.

12. EVALUATION: The administrator shall be evaluated in accordance with current policies
of the board using the performance standards and criteria established by the Board.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Board has caused the Contract to be executed on its behalf by its
chairperson, and ______________ has indicated acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth
herein by affixing his/her signature, as of the date herein after set forth.
This the _______ day of _________, 200___.

                               ___________________________ (SEAL)

                               RUTHERFORD COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION
                               By: __________________________ (SEAL)
                               Attest: ____________________________

A. State Salary Schedule
B. Four Percent (4%) Local Supplement

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