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					Price A Dream
A writer's career generally starts from a dream, a fantasy, a goal that seems far beyond
the horizon.

"I want to be a novelist." "I want to publish a book of poetry." "I want my name plastered
on the screen as writer of the film."

My career also started with a dream. I want to make people laugh. I wanted to write

But every writer should also be aware, that there is a price to pay for any purpose to be

Entrance into a dream nothing is free. There is research to be done, must learn,
practice, practice, and practice.

The cheapest and usually the quickest, way to achieve all it wants is to pay the full

Perform all work in earnest!

When I decided to become a comedy writer, I want to learn from a professional.

Bob Hope, I think, have ingredients that are useful and most can be learned for the
purpose of analysis.

Ingredients funny comedy in the papers and pure humor.

Of course, Bob Hope is an expert in bringing the jokes that was delivered directly, but
there was still humor that can be read and studied.

Other comics, like Jerry Lewis was funny, but rather the antics to create a festive

In the book, the materials were not so beneficial for students, compared to books such
as Bob Hope comedy.

So I studied the Bob Hope comedy.

I record his monologue on television shows and copy words.

I have to analyze the forms of jokes, wording, rhythm, setting a joke in the stream, and
Then, for a while I put aside his monologue.

Within a few weeks, I have chosen a new topic of the paper and try to write a humor by
using the techniques I learned from Bob Hope's latest monologue.

Using this technique, Bob Hope and his writers became my mentor.

And it turned out that way to fruition.

I managed to be a comic writer in the local newspaper, then went on to become a staff
career in show on television distraction.

Even eventually be even more successful.

Bob Hope contacted me.

"I've heard about your writing and think if you would mind making a few storylines to my
show at the Academy Awards.

This year I became the host. I wonder if you made humor can help me. "

This is part of the dream that I dare not imagine.

But here nothing is impossible.

I opened the book and holding a pen in the backyard, writing several hundred jokes
about the current state of cinema, celebrities, and everything associated with the

Naturally, I use a method which I learned many years of Bob Hope-style jokes.

Bob Hope uses ten of humor that I gave on television casting and it makes me very

The next day he called me again and said, "I love your writings. It seems you have been
writing comedy material for me throughout my life."

"Yes sir Hope," I said. "Only the father did not know."

Subsequently I became a writer for Bob Hope remains.

There are two valuable lessons from this experience, that all writers can learn and gain
inspiration from:

First the attempt to do, so that every dream can come true.

Dreams are a source of strength, only if the dream was realized in research, teaching
and businesses that do not know surrender.

The second thing is: do everything that needs to be done - and your goal will be

(By Gene Perret)


You can Achieve anything you want in life if you have the courage to dream it,
the intelligence to Make a realistic plan, and the Will to see That plan through to the

(Sidney A. Friedman)

Honest or foolish king
When broken china still split into several kingdoms, of war is something that can not be
avoided, a large kingdom menunnjukan will fight each other for power, smentara fate of
a small kingdom is a kingdom bigger bone of contention and its fate has always been a
colonial country.

but Hu kingdom was never colonized by a large royal manapaun, whereas hu kingdom
is just a small kingdom who forces his army minimal, and the fact that this kingdom is a
kingdom prospered and led by a famous king who is very honest.

why royal hu safe safe ...? kerana kingdom hu geografisnyalah layout that protect it, the
kingdom is surrounded by high mountains, and bordered by a river wide wing who quite
heavy. the only entrance into the kingdom is through a bridge who passed over the
great river.
this is certainly complicate any great empire who want to attack the kingdom hu, a large
kingdom with an army of thousands would have trouble if you have to cross the wide
river is especially when crossing the bridge, for any army would be divided and
scattered at the time of crossing the river and will be hu soldiers easy targets.

But there was just desperate king who mobilized his troops to attack the kingdom hu,
king zhou mobilize a massive army in order to colonize the hu kingdom.
and indeed according to conjecture, for any soldiers who are deployed, when crossing
the river they became disunited because they have to try not to get swept away.

hu kingdoms warlords who know the country would be attacked immediately prepared
his army to block the movement of troops zhou.
but the commander was surprised when the king gave the command,:

"Prepare the troops, but wait until the new river crossing enemy attacked us ..."

"But lord ...... our troops will not be able to face the troops zhou, they are more
experienced, the only chance is to attack them while crossing the river ...... then they
weaken the power of my master ... . " countered the commander.

..... WE BETTER WAIT they cross."

"But the king ... we can not win if so ...."


and was eventually defeated and became a royal colony hu Zhou king, king hu
smentara sentenced to death by beheading, but retaining the principle of honesty which
he believes.

so guys and gals ....... stupid honestly what ,.........?????

Punishing without Violence

Here is a story of youthful Dr. Arun Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma

Arun time it was 16 years old and living with parents disebuah
institution founded by his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi, in the middle
sugarcane plantation, 18 miles outside of Durban, South Africa. They live far away
in the interior and have no neighbors. Not surprisingly, Arun and two
his sister is very pleased to have the opportunity to go into town to
visiting friends or watching movies.

One day Arun's father asks Arun to drive his father to the city for
attend a full day conference. And Arun is very happy with
this opportunity. Know that Arun will go to town, her mother gives a list
shopping for daily necessities. In addition, his father also asked for
The long-delayed work on the job, like fixing a car in

That morning, on arrival at the conference, the father said, "I wait you here
5pm. Then we will go home together. ". Immediately Arun
completing the job given his father.

Later, Arun went to the movies, and she was really enamored with the two
John Wayne game so forget the time. One look at
shows at 17:30, immediately ran to the car repair shop Arun and
rush to pick up his father who already had been waiting for. It was
was almost 18:00.

Arun's father asks nervously "Why are you late?".

Arun is very embarrassed to admit that he was watching John Wayne movies so that
he replied "Earlier, the car was not ready so I have to wait".
And it turns out without the knowledge of Arun, her father has called the garage
car. And now her father knew that Arun lie.

Then the father said, "There is something wrong in raising you so
You do not have the courage to tell the truth to his father.
To punish these errors dad, dad would come home with
walk along the 18 miles and think this through. ".

Then, his father while still wearing clothes and shoes began to walk
foot home. Though it was dark, while the same street
very uneven. Arun can not leave her father, then for five
half an hour, Arun drove slowly behind him, saw
suffering experienced by his father just because of stupidity stupid Arun

Since then Arun will never lie again.
* Statement of Arun: *
"Often I think about this episode and was surprised. Had
My father punished me as we punish our children, then what
I'll get a lesson about non-violence? I think
no. I would have suffered the punishment and do the same
again. However, with only one non-violence is very out
usual, so I felt the incident had just happened yesterday. That
strength without violence. "

A grasshopper story
A grasshopper has long been confined in a box. One day she got out of the box which
was locked. He happily jumping around to enjoy his freedom. On the way she met a
another grasshopper. But he was puzzled why the grasshopper can jump higher and
farther from it.

With curiosity he approached the grasshopper, and asked,
"Why did you jump higher and farther, but we are not much different than age or body

Grasshoppers were also answered by asking, "Where you been living? Because all the
grasshoppers that live in the wild can certainly do as I do ".

At that time the locusts to realize that all this is what makes the box do not jump as far
and as high as other grasshoppers that live in the wild.


Sometimes we as human beings, unconsciously, had also experienced the same thing
with a grasshopper. Bad environment, insults, traumas of the past, successive failures,
saying the opinion of friends or neighbors, as if to make us shut up in the box artificially
limit all our advantages. More often we trust anything at face value that they voniskan to
us without ever thinking you really that bad? Even worse, we prefer to believe them than
to trust yourself. Do not you ever questioned the conscience that you can "jump higher
and farther" if you want to get rid of "box" is? Would not you want to free yourself so you
can achieve anything as long as you think beyond your limits? Fortunate as we are
equipped with God's people the ability to fight, not just give up on what we experience.
Therefore friends, keep trying to achieve whatever you want to accomplish. Indeed sick,
tired indeed, but when you've reached the top, all the sacrifices it will definitely pay off.

Your life will be better if you live with your choice of lifestyle. Not this way of life they
chose for you.

True Story of Men
True Story of Men

I asked Mother, how to choose a real man?
Mother replied, kid ...
True men are not visible from the shoulders
muscular, but of affection in people
around ....

Real men are not seen from the voice
loud, but the softness says
truth .....

Real men are not seen from the number of companions
around it, but from the attitude of friendship in
nation's youth ...

Real men are not seen from how he
respected place of work, but how he
respected in the house ...

Real men are not seen from the rigors
blow, but from the attitude of wisdom to understand
issue ...

Real men are not seen from her
field, but from the heart is behind it ...

Real men are not seen from many
women who adore, but his commitment to women
he loves ...

Real men are not seen from the number of weights
charged, but from her face tabahnya
twists and turns of life ...

True men are not seen from the rigors
read the scriptures, but from the inconsistencies he
run what she read ...

Poisons Acts Healer

A girl named Li-Li got married and lived with her husband and mother
in-laws. In a short time, Li-li realizes that he can not match
with mother-in-law in all respects. Their personalities are different, and
Li-li was very angry with lots of practice mothers-in-law. Li-li also
criticized constantly. Day after day, week after week, Li-li and mother-in-law
never stop the conflict and fighting. Circumstances become more
bad, because according to Chinese tradition, Li-li had to obey every
request of the law.

All the noise and fights at home led to her husband
who are poor it is in great stress.

Finally, Li-li can not stand the bad temperament and dominance
mother-in-law, and he decided to do something.

Li-Li went to see her father's good friend, Mr. Huang, who sold herbs.
Li-li told what happened and asked if
Mr. Huang to give her some poison so that all the difficulties

Mr. Huang thought for a moment and smiled and finally said, Li-li,
I will help, but you must listen to and perform
all I ask.

Li-li said, "Well, I'll do whatever you ask."
Mr. Huang get into the room and returned several minutes later
with a bag of herbs.

He told Li-Li, "You should not use poison
react quickly to get rid of the mother-in-law, as later
people will be suspicious. I therefore give you a number of herbs
that will slowly poison the body of the mother-in-law.
Every day masakkan pork or chicken and then mix
little of this herb. Well, to make sure that no one
suspect at the time he died, you must be careful
and act in view of excellent and friendly. Do not argue
to him, obey him, and treat her like a queen. "

Li-Li is very happy. He returned home and plans memulat
murder of the mother-in-law.

Week after week passed, and berbulanbulan passed, and every
day, Lili's mother-in-law served with dishes that are made
special. Li-Li remembered what Mr. Huang had said about avoiding
suspicion, so the Li-Li's controlling his emotions, keep the mother-in-law,
treats his mother like her own mother with a very
good and friendly.

After Eman months, the whole house changed. Li-li had been learned
to control his emotions so much that he almost did not
ever explode in anger or disappointment. He did not argue
even with her mother-in-law, who now seem far more
good and easy companionship.
The attitude of the mother-in-law Li-li terhadp changed, and he began to love
Li-Li like her own son. She kept telling friends and
relatives that Li-li is the best son ever met.
Li-li and mother-in-law now applies sepertu real mother and child.
Li-li's husband is very happy to see what had happened.

One day, Li-li came to see Mr. Huang and asked for help again.
He said, "Mr. Huang, please help me to prevent the poison
kill my mother-in-law. He has changed mencaji women
very good and I love her like my own mother.
I do not want in a die of the poison I gave. "

Mr. Hunag smiled and raised his head. "Li-li, no
worried. I never gave you the poison. The herbs I
offer were vitamins to improve her health.
The only poison that ever existed is in the mind and
attitude to it, but all were gone by the love
you give him. "

Acts of Love Affairs Next

"True love does not have a happy ending, Because true love never
ends. "bener ga?

Toshinobu Kubota, who was called Shinji
saying goodbye to his family in
the old country to seek better lives
well in America. His father gave him money deposits
family hidden in a leather pouch.

"Here the situation is difficult," she said, hugging
his son and say goodbye. "You are
our expectations. "

Shinji got into the boat across the Atlantic that offers
free transport for young men who want to work
as penyekop coal in return fare
cruise for a month. When Shinji found the gold
Mountains in Colorado, his family would follow.

Months Shinji cultivate their land without knowing
tired. Large gold vein that does not give
earning a mediocre but regular. Every day
when returning to her cottage consisting of two
room, Shinji missed and eagerly welcomed
by the woman he loves. The only thing that
regret when receiving a bid to complain
fate to the United States was forced to leave Asaka
Matsutoya before formally have a chance
approached the girl. Throughout his memory, family
they've been friends and during the same
she secretly hoped to marry Asaka.

Asaka a long curly hair and smile
Families make it a charming princess Yoshinori
Matsutoya the most beautiful. Shinji could just sit
next to party in celebration of flowers and
make up silly reasons to stop at home
betemu the girl to be with him. Every night
before going to sleep in his cabin, Shinji wanted
Asaka stroked a reddish blond hair and
hug her. Finally, he wrote to his father,
asked for his help to achieve their dreams.

About a year later, a telegram arrived
preach the plan to make a living Shinji
complete. Mr. Yoshinori Matsutoya will send
daughter to Shinji in America. Her daughter's love
work hard and have a business intuition. He will
working together with Shinji for a year and
helped develop the gold mining business.
Hopefully, after a year, the family will be able to
came to America to attend their wedding.

Shinji heart very happy. He spent one
next month to change the cabin into
a comfortable place to live. She bought the bed
simple to bed in the living room and
former managing his bed so that appropriate for a
women. Curtains of former jute sacks that cover
replaced the dirty window with a floral fabric
of the former flour sacks. On the bedside table
he put a tin container containing dried flowers
had picked in the pasture.

Finally, came the day that has been awaited forward to
throughout life. With a hand holding a bunch of flowers
daisy fresh-picked, he went to the station
train. Smoke billowed and the wheels creaked
when the train approached and then stopped. Shinji
look at every window, look for a smile and curly hair
Asaka.Jantungnya pounding in anticipation,
then gasped with disappointment.

Not Asaka, but Yumi Matsutoya his brother, who
got off the train. The girl stood shyly in
front of him, his eyes lowered. Shinji could only
looked stunned. Then, with trembling hands
She held out a bouquet of flowers to Yumi. "Congratulations
come, "he said softly, his eyes stared. Smile
Yumi decorate thin face is not pretty.

"I'm glad when Daddy said you want me
come here, "said Yumi, as she seems to see
Shinji's eyes before quickly looked down again.

"I'll take care of bawaanmu," Shinji said with
forced smile.

Together they walked to the carriages. Pack
Matsutoya and his father was right. Yumi did have intuitions
great business. While Shinji work in
mines, he worked in the office. In a simple table in
corner living room, carefully noting all Yumi
activities at the mine. Within six months, their assets
has doubled. Delicious cuisine and
a quiet smile graced the cottage with
magic touch of a woman.

But it's not what I wanted this woman, complained Shinji
in the heart, every night before bed exhausted at
sitting room. Why did they send Yumi? Will he
meet again with Asaka? Is the old dream
to marry Asaka should be forgotten? One year
Yumi and Shinji length work, play, and laugh
together, but there was never an expression of love. Ever
once, Yumi kissed Shinji before entering into
room. The man just smiled awkwardly. Since
that, Yumi seems quite satisfied with roads
both explore the mountains or by chatting on
porch after dinner.

On a spring afternoon, heavy rains flushed
ridge, making their way into the mine
landslides. Annoyed Shinji fill bags
sand and put it in such a way as to
divert water flow. Her body was tired and bedraggled,
but his efforts seem futile. Suddenly Yumi
appeared at his side, holding the burlap sack
open. Shinji shoveling sand and insert
into it, then with a power as strong as men, Yumi
threw the bag onto the pile and opened the sack
other. For hours they work with the foot
knee-deep mud, until the rain subsides.
By holding hands they walked back to

While enjoying the soup hot, Shinji sighed, "I
would not be able to save the mine without you.
Thank you, Yumi. "

"Likewise," the girl replied with a smile
quiet as usual, then wordlessly he
go into his room.

A few days later a telegram arrived
reported that the Family and Family Matsutoya
Kubota will arrive next week. Despite trying
hard cover it up, Shinji heart back
pounding as it once was because of the hope
meet again with Asaka. He and Yumi go to
railway station. They see their families
got off the train at the edge of the platform.

When Asaka appears, Yumi turned to Shinji.
"Welcome," he said.

With a shock, said Shinji stammered, "What do you mean?"

"Shinji, I've know that I'm not a princess
Matsutoya you want. I noticed
how are you kidding with Asaka in the event
The celebration party last flower. "He nodded toward the
brother who was a train coming down the stairs. "I know
that he, not me, you want to be
your wife. "

"But ..."

Yumi Shinji put his finger on the lips. "Ssstt,"
he whispered. "I love you, Shinji. I always
love you. Therefore, I wanted only
see you happy. Please welcome my sister. "

Shinji took the hand from his face and yumi
hold it. When Yumi looked up, for the first
Shinji's time to see how beautiful she was. He
remember when they walk in the meadow,
remember the nights of quiet they enjoy in front
fireplace, remember when Yumi helped fill
sandbags. That's when he realized what
the truth for months has not

"No, Yumi. You are what I want." Shinji
grabbed the girl into his arms and
kissed by the love who suddenly swelled
inside his chest.

Their families gathered around them and
shouting, "We came to attend the wedding
you guys! "

When I was old
When I'm old, not with my first love.
Understand, be patient a little against me ......
When the soup splattered clothes, when I forget how to tie shoes, remember how I used
to teach.

When I repeatedly speak of something that has been
bored you hear, be patient to listen, do not break the conversation.
When you were little, I always have to repeat the story that has been
a thousand times I told you to sleep.

When I need you to wash me, do not be mad at me.
Remember as a child I had to use all means to persuade

When I did not understand anything about technology and new things,
Do not mock me.
Think about how old I was so eager to answer every "why"
from you.

When I could not walk, stretch your hand is still strong for
led me.
As I memapahmu when you learn to walk as a child.
When I immediately forget our conversation, give me time to remember.

Actually for me, what was discussed is not important, provided that you
in addition to listening, I've been very satisfied.

When you see me getting old, do not grieve.
Understand me, supporting me, as I deal with you when you
begin to learn to live life.
At the time I gave instructions how to live this life,
now keep me running the rest of my life.

Give me your love and patience, I will give a full smile
gratitude, in this smile there are an infinite love
for you.

Respect your father and mother before they leave you with profound grief.


A husband and wife farmers return home after shopping. When they open up the
groceries, a tikur watched carefully as he muttered "hmmm ... what other foods they
brought from the market?"

Apparently, one purchased by the farmer is Rat Trap. The absurdly shocked rats.
He immediately ran home and cried
"There are rat traps in the house .... at home there is now a rat trap ...."

He went to the chicken and yelled "there is a mousetrap"
The chicken said, "Mr. Mouse ..., I'm sorry, but that does not affect me"

The rats then went to a Goat yelling.
The Goat can say "I helped her sympathy ... but no yangbisa I do"

Rats then met Cow. It gets the same answer.
"I'm sorry. But mousetrap is not dangerous for me at all"

He then fled into the woods and meets Snake. The serpent says

"Ahhh ... a small mouse traps will not harm me"
The mice eventually return home with resignation knowing that he would face danger

One night, the homeowner was awakened by a loud noise rang signaling the mouse
trap has claimed. When viewing a rat trap, was a viper. Tail snake caught makes
snakes more violent and attacked his wife pemilikrumah. Although her husband had
killed the venomous snake, the wife did not get saved.

The husband should take his wife to the hospital and later his wife was allowed to go
home but a few days later her fever remained.

He then asked for a chicken claw soup (chicken feet) by her husband.
(We all know, a chicken claw soup is very useful for reducing fever)
Her husband immediately slaughter the chicken to be cooked cekernya.

A few days later the pain does not go away. Temanmenyarankan to eat a goat liver.
He then slaughtered the goat to take heart.

Still, she does not heal and eventually died.

Lots of people came to the funeral.
So that the farmer has to slaughter his cows to feed those who mourn.

From a distance ... The Mouse looked at with great sadness.
A few days later he saw the Mouse Trap is not used anymore.

SO ... IF ONE DAY ..
Think AGAIN!!

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