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Project Hosts EPM Services Overview


									                                                                           The On Demand Microsoft EPM Experts

                                                                 Project Hosts EPM Services

                                Microsoft EPM
                                On demand Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) services from Project Hosts
                                allow your organization to rollout the application faster with higher reliability,
                                performance, and security than typically experienced with onsite deployments. Our on
                                demand EPM services including Online Tours, 30 day Trials, Interim Hosting, and Long-
                                Term Hosting can assist you at any point during your evaluation and deployment process.

                                Quick to Deploy
                                We typically deploy on demand Microsoft EPM environments in 5 to 10 business days
 On Demand Microsoft EPM        using infrastructure that supports hundreds of shared and dedicated EPM environments
                                for customers worldwide. Our extensive experience deploying EPM for over 20,000 users
• Quick to Deploy
                                means we know how to avoid the common hurdles that delay a smooth rollout. Your
• Very Flexible
                                organization can leverage our infrastructure and experience to short cut the deployment
• Highly Reliable               process and avoid the two month or longer delay typically required for in-house IT
• Cost Effective                departments to purchase and install the hardware and software required to deploy
• Extremely Secure              Microsoft EPM.

                                Very Flexible
                                Our on demand Microsoft EPM environments do not lock you in to an on demand
                                deployment. Flexible contracts, including month-to-month terms, provide you with the
                                choice of migrating your environment onsite at any time. Whether we host your EPM long-
                                term or only on an interim basis, you retain full ownership of your data and can download
 On Demand EPM Services
                                and deploy it onsite at any time.
• Online Tours                  You also have the flexibility to supply some or all of the required Microsoft licenses or rent
• POC Trials                    them from Project Hosts. You can also add or delete users at any time with monthly billing
• Interim Hosting               adjustments that reflect the changes.
• Long-Term Hosting
                                Highly Reliable
                                Microsoft EPM employs a wide variety of Microsoft technologies and your IT department
                                may not have the in-house experience to support its deployment or maintenance. Our
                                accumulated experience and extensive EPM infrastructure can allow your organization to
                                experience higher reliability and system uptime than is possible when deploying in-house.
                                We apply the experience gained across dozens of customer deployments and over 20,000
                                users to optimize and tune the performance of all the environments we provide. Standby
                                replacements for all hardware in our data centers allow for rapid recovery in the event of a
 Project Hosts                  hardware failure. All of our environments are hosted in Tier-1 data centers with multiple
 1309 Mary Ave. Suite 110
 Sunnyvale, CA 94087            levels of redundancy against data center failures, also.
                                                                           The On Demand Microsoft EPM Experts

                                Cost Effective
                                On demand Microsoft EPM reduces the upfront cost of deploying an EPM solution and
                                results in a shorter payback period and higher ROI. We reduce the upfront cost by
                                providing the server infrastructure and, optionally, the required software licenses. We also
                                eliminate the delays and IT costs of deploying servers to support your Microsoft solution,
                                allowing your organization to focus on project management without worrying about the
                                underlying IT infrastructure.

                                Extremely Secure
                                We utilize seven layers of physical, network, and application data security to keep your
                                data safe and available. Our phased onsite and offsite data backup procedures prevent
                                significant data loss even in the case of a catastrophic system failure and rapid data restore
                                is available in case of data loss or corruption.

                                EPM Services
                                We provide services that can benefit your organization throughout the evaluation and
                                deployment process.

 On Demand EPM, CRM and                Services                                    Benefits
 SharePoint Advantages
                                                         Try the Microsoft EPM solution online for free. Follow one
                                 Online Tours            of nine scripted product tours or go offroad and explore
• Faster Deployments
                                                         the solution on your own.
• Enhanced Reliability
                                                         Deploy the Microsoft EPM solution for 30 to 60 days with
• Improved Scalability                                   up to 25 users. Evaluate its benefits for your organization
                                 POC Trials
• More Flexibility                                       using your project data before making a purchase
• Improved ROI
                                                         Launch your Microsoft EPM environment in weeks, not
                                 Interim Hosting         months. Move your environment in-house once your IT
                                                         group is ready to deploy and maintain the solution.

                                                         Outsource your Microsoft EPM IT requirements to reduce
                                                         costs and increase reliability, performance, and security.
                                 Long-Term Hosting       Leverage the combined experience Project Hosts has
                                                         developed across hundreds of EPM environments and
                                                         more than 20,000 users worldwide.

                                Contact Us Now
                                To learn more about the Project Hosts on demand Microsoft Enterprise Project
                                Management solutions, contact us now at (800) 507-2819 or email us at
 Project Hosts        
 1309 Mary Ave. Suite 110
 Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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