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                                       SPRINGFIELD, MO-NOVEMBER 22. 1924                        Subcrlptlm   Prla 8I.N
     NUMBER 573                                                                                 Cm&    ud F m l p $ I S

                              Blessings that Remain
                                       There a r e loved ones who are missing
                                        F r o m the fireside and the feast;
                                       There are faces t h a t have vanjshed,
                                        ~hkre    are voices that have ceased;
                                       But we know they passed forever
                                         F r o m o u r mortal grief and pain,
                                       And w e thank Thee, 0 our Father,
                                         F o r the blessings that remain.

                  Thanksgiving oh, thanksgiving,            F o r the love t h a t still is left us,
                     That their love once blessed us here      F o r the friends who hold us dear,
                  That so long they walked beside us        F o r the lives that yet may need us
                     Sharing every smile and t e a r ;         For their guidance and their cheer,
                  F o r the joy the past has brought u s    F o r the work that waits our doing,
                     But can never take away,                  F o r the help we can bestow,
                  F o r the sweet and gracious memories     F o r the care that watches o'er us
                     G r o ~ v i n gdearer every day,          Wheresoe'er our steps may go,
                  For the faith that keeps us patient       F o r the simple joys of living,
                     Looking a t the things unseen,            F o r the sunshine and t h e breeze,
                  Knowing Spring shall follow winter        F o r the beauty of the flowers
                     And the earth again be green,             And the laden orchard trees,
                  F o r the hope of that glad meeting       For the night and for the starlight,
                     F a r from mortal grief and pain-         For the rainbow and the rain-
                  W e thank Thee, 0 o u r Father,           Thanksgiving, 0 our Father,
                     For the blessings that remain.            For the blessings t'hat remain.

                                                Annie Johnson Flint
                                in the Evangelical Christian and Missionary Witness.
Page Two                                      THE PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL                                         November 22, 1924

            I:-          I-
                          :         INSPIRATION AND IMITATION
11 I                                                      Donpld Gec                                                           111
       T w o words very alike. T w o things t h a t can aqpear        But this danger of confusing imitation with. in-
   almost identical. Two sources t h a t sometimes need            spiration honestly recognized by a servant of God is
   very careful discerning before the essential difference         worth pondering. W e have always strongly opposed
   between them is recognized. Yet t w o things which              any mechanical means of getting people "through"
   souls that have a passion f o r REALITY will carefully          into a spiritual experience.. If we read our .Bibles
   discriminate between, no matter t o what pains they             aright it is a n exalted Lord who baptizes in the Holy
   may be driven in the process.                                   Ghost, and the blessing of such a mighty, personal
       W e could point out the obvious application of this on      work of the Living Christ upon the soul is f a r too pre-
   many lines, but our present purpose is concerned with           cious for us t o substitute anything less. Better wait
   the activities of the spiritual movement brought to             a lifetime for Inspiration, for a genuine touch of GOD,
   birth by the%      Holy Ghost in this "Latter Rain" out-        than have o u i desires quickly and cheaply satisfied
   pouring of the Spirit.                                          and passed off with something less. Those who
       Conybeare has a challenging note t o his translation        really d o seek GOD;in the Baptism of the Spirit are
   of 1 Cor. 14, a s follows: "We must not be led, from            in little danger of imitation; it is those who may seek
   any apparent analogy, t o confound the exercise of the          mere gifts or experiences for their own sake that
   g i f t ' o f tongues in the primitive church with modern       can easily miss the genuine.
   exhibitions of fanatitism, which bear a superficial re-            "These features have been made the object of inten-
   semblalice to it. W e must remember t h a t such mod-           tional imitation," a r e words that make us wonder
   ern pretensions t o this gift must of course resemble           however whether there is not danger of justly apply-
   the manifestations of the original gift in external             ing them t o another aspect of spiritual activity. W e
   features, because these very features have been the             refer t o the attempt. right enough in itself, t o repro-
   object of intentional imitation. If however t h e inar-         duce the apostolic church of the apostolic age a t the
   ticulate utterances of ecstatic joy are followed (as            present day. , L e t us g o very carefully here; for one
   they were in some of Wesley's converts) by a life of            of the profoundest convictions we possess is that
   devoted holiness, we should hesitate t o say t h a t they       the Holy Ghost is working today t o produce once
    might not bear some analogy t o those of the Corin-            again ere the Lord returns a Church complete with
   thian Christians."                                              all thy supernatural endowments of her first-century
       The commentator ddubtless had in view t h e "Irv-           experience.                                      I

    ingite" movement of last century-now established a s              And those who share this conviction can have QO
    the "Catholic Apostolic Church." Personally we be-              quarrel with the vision of a church in divine order,
    lieve that genuine manifestations of the gifts of the           unless indeed those who claini such a vision foolishly
    Spirit occurred in that movement without a doubt.               and dogmatically insist t h a t they are T H E people.
        But we rather welcome than otherwise this sugges-          Then we are compelled t o lovingly remind them that
    tion that imitation could easily t a k e the place of in-       others may have caught parts of the vision also, and
                                                                    that only as we come together in brotherly ,love and
    spiration. If anything is passing current among u s             mutual appreciation of each other's standpoint can we
    a s inspiration that is after all only imitation all sincere    hope t o arrive a t the yet more perfect vision we a r e
    readers of these lines will welcome whatever brings             all yearning for.
    us back t o Truth. Deception, and even self-deception,
    wliether deliberate or absolutely innocent is beyond               Now we believe we can lay i t down a s a principle
    being merely worthless; of course it is T H A T most            that the clearer and fuller the vision, so the stronger
    emphatically, but it is also positively mischievous and         an$ more intense will be the passion for nothing hut
    evil-a downright hindrance t o truth and a hindrance            reality in the fulfilment of the vision. For instance,
    t o God.                                                        the man or woman who by earnest, thorough, and
        The latter half of the note quoted above has an             believing study of the Scriptures has come t o a truly
    illuminating suggestion of a t least one test by which          noble vision of t h e office and ministry of a prophet in
    we can distinguish between the genuine and the imi-             the Church of God-a           ministry only second t o the
    tation-the lives of those who profess inspiration. I t          apostle if our New Testaments mean anything-will
     is not our intention t o even attempt a defense of all         seek, demand, agonize if need he for the real thing and
    that has taken place in the Pentecostal Movement; it            refuse emphatically all t h a t is honestly felt t o be less.
     has had a s much t o contend with internally, and more,        Claims t o the prophetic office that toy and play with
    a s all other movements of the Spirit of God. But               the trivial and in front of the vision rcccived of the
     we DO say unhesitatingly that the lives of multi-              true seem just childish, will give real pain, softened
     tudes of its number can unflinchingly pass the test            a little perhaps if a t heart there is recognized in the
     laid down for Wesley's coiiverts-"a        life of devoted     would-be prophet a sincere groping after sbmething
     holiness." Praise tlie Lord.                                   truer and greater.
        Where the gift of tongues is concerned there has                                           is
                                                                       W e believe C o n ~ b e a r e right in voicing the possi-
     moreover been tlie most convincing proof of lan-               bility of "intentional imitation." For many years now
    guages recognized and understood quite as Acts 2 %              we have been aivakened t o the possibility of a study
     both a t hoil~cand on thc mission fields. The gift of          of Divine Order in thc Church of God in the New
     prolhrcy restored today has been collfirmed by true            'Testament resulting in imitation rather than lnsplra-
     fulfilinc~lt. There has been, there is still, we thor-         tion. Such ntteinpts a r c ~ l l o s t         sincere; they
     onghly Ixlicvc, gcnuine inspil-ation; and a n y occa-          often spri1lg f r o m a mistaken idea that imitation is
     sional jar against imitation will never blind US t o the        obedience : something vastly different.
      fact of the real.,                                               "See that tho^ ninkc all things according to the
November 22. 1924                               THE PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL                                               Page Three

    pattern showed to thee in the mount," is a favorite                           THE FIRST THANKSGIVING
    quotation; forgetting t h a t a divine equipment with                Thanksgiving a s most people know, is a purely
    supernatural qualification was still needed for the ful- American festival, having origin in the earliest colo-
    filment of T H A T vision (Ex. 31 :2, etc.). The Holy nial days, and in the very heart of rigid, steadfast New
    Ghost is needed just a s much, if riot more, in protluc- England. I n 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers and their de-
    ing the requisite g i f t s and offices in the Church o f God, voted little clan landed on the rocky coast of Massa-
    a s H e is in giving first of all the divine vision.               chusetts, and in 1820 the town of Plymouth celebrated
        Nothing savors more of the imitation article a t the bi-centennial of that historical fact. A grand
    any time than t h a t which must be incessantly "la- 'state dinner was given upon the occasion, and a s each
    belled" in case it is not recognized! I t is true t h a t guest took his place he was surprised t o find beside
    distinctive oftices are clearly recognized in the New his plate five grains of parched corn, no more, no less.
    Testament, but only because t h e gift bestowed and This was a n appropriate and touching reminder of
    exercised w a s S O manifest t h a t recognition was nat- those heroic men and women w h o dared famine and
    ural and inevitable. The affixing of a mere label o f slaughter for their principles, who first won plenty
    office t o await the bestowal of the requisite gift t o f r o m the uncultured soil, and yet w h o were often
    fit the "label" is a n order of things the very reverse in sore need of a morsel of bread.
    of divine, and might easily provoke a smile.
.       I t takes patience so often t o wait while God pro-              The traditional story runs t h u s : During the summer
    duces the golden harvest H e has given in vision while following the arrival of the colonists, all the supply
    the fields are still black and bare under the plow. of food brought over the sea was exhausted; the first
    B u t Hallelujah! it is well w o r t h waiting for. Imita- harvest planted in the New World was still fay from
    tion, o r even forced growth, can never satisfy healthy ripe, and the leader one day awoke t o the grim fact
    faith and true vision.                                             that there remained but one pint of corn in all the
        I n the old garden in London w e tried one summer settlement. A sorry outlook was this and well might
    t o grow toniatoes, and in the end-wonder              o i won- they exclaim, like the disciples of old, "What is t h a t
    ders-we succeeded! But they were a Ir811gt i ~ n e         cum- among so many?" Little enough, truly, since the
    ing, and while ouripatience w a s being sorely tested days o f miracles were supposed t o be past! However.
    sonieone played a loving joke by one d a y tying on from the seven little log huts nestled near the shore
    with some string some beautiful ripe fruit bought in the people were summoned together, and the slender
    a shop. W e trust that these spiritual fruits \ye afre stock of rovision impartially divided among them,
    all striving for may never be t h e s o r t that are tied five k e A s being the share of each man and woman
    on with string!                                                    and child; while with what sad hearts they must have
        Have patience with us, brethren, if w e 1004 askance. eaten this frugal meal, knowing not where a bit was
    You certainly appear t o be successful a t the moment, t o come from on the morrow. Nor did it c o m e ; and
    but sometimes w e fear we have caught a glimpse of three or four months passed away before they again
    t h a t string! Where there is the I x d d i n p of the gen- tasted either corn o r bread, being forced t o live on
    uine, believe us, we DO appreciate it a n d I1e2rtily shell-fish, berries, ground-nuts, acorns and other ed-
    thank God it is there. But our study of the Scriptures. ibles the wilds afforded.
    and t h e measure of vision God has vouchsafed t o us-               Can you not imagine, then, how anxiously t h e y
    s~na!l though it may be---compel us t o look d o u b t f r ~ l l ~watched the ripening of the c r o p s ? And a t length, in
    a t tlmes. W e D O want the real thing. C o not neces- due season, they were gathered in, a n ancient report
    sarily call us "rebellious" and "disobedient" becar~se telling t h a t "the corn yielded well and the barley w a s
    we hesitate, and even feel compelled a t tin!es t o reject. indifferently good, but the peas were a failure, ow-
        Getting God's best is always a costly business. W e ing t o drought and late sowing." Barely satisfied,
    believe in the possibility of inspiration t o d a y ; nay, w e however, was the little colony and Governor Bradford
    believe in the certainty of it. But we belicve it 18iust sent out four skilled sportsmen in qyest of fowls that
    come, as it has ever come t o the people of God. along they might "after a special manner rejoice together.
    pathways of patient waiting, o f t - t ~ m e s ticpcd ~ v i t hehe Venison, wild birds, wild turkeys, and other g a m e
    deepest suffering.                                                 were brought back by these hunters, and there in the
        An oftice, a gift, a church order t h a t is Lorn of cven wilderness the first Thanksgiving turkey was roasted
    t h e sincerest imitation of the New Testament can only and eaten, while for three whole days the hardy Puri-
    carry a transient prosperity and in the end d e g e ~ ~ e ~ a t e feasted and made merry, entertaining a s their
     speedily, a s alas is already the case in some systems guest King Massasoit and ninety Indian warriors.
    around us oncc full of apparent promise. But that                    This was the first Harvest Home festival held on
    which is born and matured by a real breath of the Holy the "bleak New England shore," and well may loyal
     Ghost. slow though it shall be in appearing,,bitter Americans remember the little gathering of "red
    though may be its birth-struggles, and long its g r o w t h n1e11" and "pale faces" a t Plymouth, when they clus-
    t o maturity, will grow and stand till H e appcareth. a t e r about the Thanksgiving board and keep t h e Na-
     ministrant of Divine Life, and a glory :3 t h e Divine tional November feast.-The Agriculturist.
        God, who hath given us all our measurc. of vision                "Shall the servant shrink fro111 drinking of the Mas-
     of His church as she was once divinely o r d a i ~ ~ eand ter's cup now, seeing he will soon share the Master's
     equipped, will not fail in His own time and ils H e inheritance?"
     sees our fitness t o also give us those m i g l ~ t y                               -  -
     ural ~ i f t and offices still needed t o complete the vi-          "Affliction" is mcntioncd eight times in Psalm 119.
     sion. Meanwl~ile, we are in the process, let us be See what it meant t o thc psalmist. W l n t does it mean
     sllre of true inspiration each step o f the way, n e t fof- t o you, brother, sister?
     g c t t i ~ ~that nlcrc imitation can easily self-deceivc
     cven the sinccrest of us. unless w e a r e willing t o pn-                                            of
                                                                         "Faith takes the pron~ises a living God a s though
     ticntly and t l ~ o r o ~ ~ g h l y every chin1 made hy 0 t h - \vc hcard t h c n ~
                                   sift                                                                  His
                                                                                        clil-cct f r o r ~ ~ own lips. When faith
     ers, and c w r y eslxricnce of our own, in the searcl~i~lg:is in escrcisc, I talk t o my Father a s though He were
     light o f t l ~ c Scripture and Spirit of T r u t h of God.       closc beside me."
Page Four                                                    THE PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL                                          November 22, 1924

                                                                                      the enemy only proclaims the importance and value
               The Pentecostal Evangel                                                of these things in the counsel of God and in the sal-
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                                                                                :     Dagon. The day it was captured was a sad day' for
                                                                                      Israel but a bad day for the Philistines. The Philis-
 aulharizcd on July 3, 1916.                                                          tines were tormented and Dagon prostrated. The ark
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                         CONTRIBUTING EDITORS                                         the vital doctrines of the Word will suffer themselves,
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                                                                                      theme from Abel down to the last saint who will reach
 THEBLOODSHALLBETOYOUFORATOKEN                                                        the shining shores. The song of the redeemed will be
     T h e need brings the remedy. As long as there is                                sung throughout eternity, "Worthy is the Lamb!'
 a consciousness of sin a man feels his need of free-                                 "For thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God
 dom from it, and God has provided a remedy for sin.                                  by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and
 How can a man be delivered from sin? By accepting                                    people, and nation!" Slight the blood now, and you
 the God-ordained remedy. God has declared, "For the                                  will have no part in the glory or in the song of re-
 life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it t o                           demption. T h e angels have no part in the song of
 YOU upon the altar t o make a n atonement for your                                   redemption. They stand aside in mute astonishment
 souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement                                  and admiration. The lost in hell have no part in it.
 f o r the soul" (Lev. 17:ll). The blood shed means life                              They.stand aghast in despair and degradation--de-
 taken. The shedding of the-blood of the Son of God                                    spair that they have neglected, slighted, put aside that
 brings an atonement for the souls of men. T h e blood                                 which could have taken them from the place where
 applied to man's need and man's sin is sufficient for                                 they are.
 God and f o r man.                                                                      "And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the
     But sin is so prevalent, so common, so universal.                                 houses where ye a r e : and when I see the blood. I
 So is life-the       life that comes through the blood.                               will pass over you" (Ex. 12:13). If you are ashamed
 Where death abounded, life did much more abound.                                      of the token, if you are ashamed to put the blood upon
 Where death reigns, life can dethrone death. Those                                    the lintel, then the Lord cannot see it. Therefore He
 fiery serpents held high carnival in biting God's peo-                                cannot pass over you and as a'consequence the de-
 ple, and though theie people deserved t o be bitten,                                  stroyer will visit you.
 God provided a remedy t o save them from their de-
 serts-the       brazen serpent raised up, foretelling the
 time when Christ through death would bring to                                       GUIDANCE
 naught him who was the author of death. What was               "I will lead the blind" (Isa. 42:lG). Are you will-
 the remedy? To-recognize they were bitten, a will- ing to be blind and to be led by Him in His way? He
 ingness t o look, and looking. And whosoever looked came to lead the blind and He will lead you. And
 had life, even in the first stages o r the last stages when you see the way you will see it is a wonderful
 of suffering. And if they were too weak to look, if way by which H e has ledyou.
  their friends lifted them up and directed their heads,        You trusted Him for salvation. You trusted Him
  the weak look brought life, strength and restoration. for your body, trusted Him to fill you. Can't you
     That brazen serpent was out of r e a c h of all the trust Him t o lead you? When on earth, He led those
  fiery ser-pent3. They could not touch'that which was who trusted Him, oh so gently, and He led them in
  counteracting their poisonous bites.            And after the right way. And He will lead you in the quiet way,
  Christ's dcath and resurrection Satan had no power. through the green pastures, beside the still waters.
  His last puny effort was t o have the seal put on the         Let H i m l e a d you by the hand and you will find
  tomb a ~ thedguard placed t o prevent a resurrection. H e will lead you into liie everlasting.
  l t \ \ o d d have been just a s reasonable t o have had a
  legion of soldiers placed on the hills of Jerusalem                           THE PLAN OF COD
  \\.it11 drawn swords t o try t o prevent the sun/rising.      I t hath not yet appeared \\hat we shall be. The
      At the resurrection of Christ the punincss of man's far-reaching plan, the far-reaching purpose of the
  effort and also his hatred were seen.           And today mighty God of the universe Ilath not yet been con-
  man's effort to take from the efficacy and efficiency ceived in the heart of man. Of His might and of His
  of the Idood of Christ its wonderful potency and glory there shall be no end. Stupendous is the plan
  power is as futile as it was for those Roman soldiers of the Most Iligh God. He shall lead forth His own
  t o try to prevent the rcsurrcction.                       t o glory. Uni~naginal)le                            lone-
                                                                                        are His ways! ~ h r o u g h
      Of course the powers of darkness will belittle the liness, through enq,tiness, through nothingness He
  I~lootlof Christ. W h y ? Because it is undermining bringeth forth things Ixyond the comprehenslpn. of
  their kingdom. Thc vital doctrines in the Word, the the hurnan heart and mind. He is God, the Ilvlng,
   inspiration of the Word, the divine l ~ i r t hof the Son the glorious, tlic triumphant One; and He h a l l draw
   of God, the efficacy of the blood, the resurrection, the after Himself a great company to Himself. And. in
   n~iraculousare attacked by the enemy. I t may be them and with them shall He fulfill His far-reaching
   taken for granted that the intensity of the attack of 1xIri)oses.
November 22, 1924                                      T H E PENTECOSTAL .EVANGEL                                              Page Five

                          THANKSGIVING                                b u s h n ~ e n t sagainst the enemy. T h e first words t h a t
        I t is good t o give thanks unto t h e Lord, and thanks-      t h e writer ever heard in ton'gues a n d interpretation
    giving is truly acceptable t o Him. W e can never                 were these, "Praising the Lord puts t h e dcvil t o
    fully compensate H i m for Calvary, but a s we render             Right." I t always seems t o us t h a t the refrain of t h e
    u n t o H i m our thanksgiving, the compensation goes             107th Psalm, "0 that lnen would praise t h e Lord for
    011 continually-the       everlasting life of t h e saints will   his goodness and"for his wonderful works t o t h e chil-
    be a continual compensation t o Him. T h e children of            dren of men," is like a great sigh coming from the
    God have vet t o learn that P R A I S E is' service in the        heart of the Holy Spirit. W e k n o w t h a t sometimes
    highest f o h n .                                                 when t h e heart is heavy it does not seem t o be the
        P R A I S E I S COMELY. I t is one of the few things          easiest thing, but the Word and t h e Spirit come t o us,
    t h a t H e can say is comely. God has exalted Jesus t o          "Let them sacrifice t h e sacrifices of thanksgiving"
    t h e highest throne t o receive the noblest praise and           (Psa. 107 :22). These sacrifices a r e acceptable unto
    deepest adoration. Continue t o praise Him. This is               God.                                                     I
    acceptable service. T h e choruses of heaven do not                        Thankwivlns and Honor Ba to O u r Cod Fomver.
    drown the praises of the h u ~ n b l e s tsaint. God is lis-          It is a good thing to give thanks t o t h e Lord for
    tening for your praises.                                          all I-lis benefits, but above all we should s a y with t h e
        T h e Psalmist said: "Why a r t thou cast down, oh,           apostle, "Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable
    my s o u l ? I will Y E T praise Him!" You may have               gift" (2 Cor. 9:15). David was evidently having a
    been a failure a t praises in t h e past, but you can say         hard time when he wrote the fourth Psalm, b u t the
    with t h e Psalmist, "I will Y E T praise Him," and start         encouragement he received through t h e lifting up of
    t o d o s o now.                                                  the light o f t h e countenance of his Lord was more to
              Thanks.(vins and HOMC Be to Our Cod ~ o m v r r . '     him than any earthly blessing, and he declares, "Thou
.      Thanksgiving Day, t o many, only suggests surfeit-             hast put gladness in my heart, more than in t h e time
    ing, but t o t h e child of God the scripture come's, "Do         that their corn and their wine increased." W e praise
    not over-indulge in wine-a thing in which excess is s o           the Lord for all the great bounty H e sends, for all
    easy-but drink deeply of God's Spirit. Speak t o one              the material things, but we know t h a t when material
    another with psalms, and hymns, and spiritual songs.              things increase it is easy t o set our hearts upon them
    S i n g and offer praise in your hearts t o the Lord. Al-         and we need t o remind ourselves continually t h a t all
    \ w y s and for everything let your thanks t o God t h e          the things seen a r e but temporal, and t h a t the things
    F a t h e r be presented in the name of our Lord Jesus            not seen a r e eternal. O u r God is offering u s the life,
    Christ" (Eph. 5 :19,20, Weymouth).                                the strength! t h e wisdom, the power, and the presence
             T M u s i v i n s , and Honor Be to Our Cod Fomvrr.      of the Lord. Let us receive these things, t h e things
       Many of us &ould find n o welcome t o the courts of            t h a t count for eternity, and give thanks u n t o Gqd for
    earth. T h e kings and queens and presidents of e a r t h
    have no use for us. 13ut we a r e welcome t o t h e courts
                                                                               Thankwlvlns and Honor Ba to Our Cod Fomver.      -
                                                                      There a r e those who say t h e y would d o t h e will .
    above. If we received a n invitation from one of the           of the Lord if they only k n e w w h a t that will was.
    earth's greatest courts we would immediately look              Well, here it i s : "In everything give t h a n k s ; for this
    round for some book of deportment.             W e would       is t h e will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you"
    w a n t t o know how t o behave when ushered into t h e        (I Thess. 5:16)., Learn t o be content with whatever
    presence of a n earthly king. T h e Word of God is the         F a t h e r !)rings into your life. H e will always supply
    Book of heavenly deportment and it tells us how t o            just what you need, s o be thankful. God loves us
    e n t e r into the presence of the King of glory. W e a r e    and I-le is working all things together for o u r good.
    told, "Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into        Because of this w e can be giving thanks always for all
    his courts with praise: be thankful unto him and bless         things, for everything that comes t o us is c o n t r i h t i n g
    his name." Let us learn t o continually give thanks            t o our conformity t o the image of Christ. W e do not
    down here and it will become second nature t o us a s          think t h a t the cave o f Adullam was fitted up like a
    we a r e ushered into the presence of our King.                modern hotel, and David doubtless spent many cold,
               Thank..(vins and H m r Be to Our Cod Forever.
                                                                   conlfortless nights there. But in the midst of it all he
        he soul t h a t has faith in God finds occasion for crles, "I will bless the Lord a t all times, his praise
  thanksgiving a t all times. H e saps with the Psalmist, shall continually be in my niouth." W e have more
  "Though a n host should encamp against me, m y heart t o thank t h e Lord f o r than David had, for we have
  shall not f e a r ; though war should rise against me. come t o know the efficacy, power, and preciousness of
  even then would I be confident. F o r in t h e time of tlie I~lood t h e Lamb, and we a r e living in Pentecos-
  trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in tlie secret tal days when t h e Spirit of God is making t h e things
  of his tabernacle shall he hide me." H e believes the o f Christ so very real to us. S o whatever comes
  proniise o f Gpd. "Because thou hast made the Lord. along let us say, "Thank You, Father." Someone says
  \vhich is my refuge, even the Most High. t h y habita- an unkind word ahout y o u ; "Thank You, Father."
  tion, there shall no evil befall t h e e ; neither shall any Snmeone knocks over a cun of coffee on a nice, clean
  plague come nigh t h y dwelling." Let us all see t o it tal)lcrlntli: "Thank You, Father." Somebody t r e a t s
  t h a t our home is God Himself, for every other r e f u c e you very harshly; "Thank you, Father." Some will
  will fail. I t is f r o m this refuge that we can ever be say. "I don't see any reason in that. T h a t is just
  "abounding in thanksgiving."                                     foolishness." No, it isn't foolisl~ness,it is just obe-
               Thankmslvlns and Honor Be to Our Cod Forevrr.       dience to the revealed will of God which says, "In
      David said to his compnninns, "011 magnify t h e Lord everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in
  with me, and let us exalt his name tnyether." H o w Christ Tesus concerning you." J u s t s t a r t t o follow t h e
  can we magnify t h e I,ord? H e tells us in anothvr srriptural instructions and you will find the Spirit of
  place. "I will praise t h e name of God \vith a sonq. Gnd causing a well of joy t o spring up, and in t h e
 - a n d \\rill magnify him with thanksgiuin$' (Ps:l. ' 1 ' 3 : midst of t h e severe tests you will know what t h e
  30). This is a n effective weapon a p i n s t our spiritual apostle meant when he said. "Sorrowful, yet : ~ l w a y s
  enemies. It was a s t h e armies of Jeho.~haph:ct~ l r n i s t d reioicing." S t a r t tnday t o give thanks always for
  t h e Lord and s a n g o f Him t h a t , the Lord sent am- all things (Eph. 5 2 0 ) . It pays.
Page Six                                                  T H E P E N T E C O S T A L EVANGEL                                   '   ,   November 22, 1924

                                                                                                              under the greatest obligations to all who
                                                                                                              had assisted me to do SO.
                                                                                                                  O f course I purchased all their litera-
              I Am the Lord That Healeth Thee

                                                          that if anyone ever tried t o believe Chris-
                                                                                                              ture, and, a t the command of my practi-
                                                                                                              tioner, plunged into "Science and Health,"
                                                                                                              reading it every waking moment, or'near-
                                                                                                              ly so, very rarely allowing myself a dip
                                                                                                              into Mrs. Eddy's "Miscellaneous Writ-
                                                                                                              ings." I was told that there was abao-
                                                                                                              lutely no trouble about my morphine ad-
          ' -WHICH?                                       tian Science I was that person. I wakened
      Lilian B. Yeomana, M.D.                             one lllorning t o the realization that I was        diction, and the awful physxal conditions,
                                                          in a hopeless quagmire of drug addiction,           which had resulted therefrom; that it did
(Matt. 7:21-23; 1 John 4:l-4; 2 John 7 , l l )
                                                          from which nothing human could extri-               not really exist, and would vanish like
    T h e Bible o r Christian Science, which                                                                  snow wreaths before the sun as soon a s
shall it be, f o r you cannot have both, a s cate me. I had tried everything that med-                        I freed my thought from its "self-imposed
they are/opposed to each other on all ical science could suggest ; had ' been dis-                            materiality and bondage" by absorbing
essential points, as the passages which                   charged from Roosevelt Hospital, New
                                                                                                              enough of "Science and Healfh."
we shall consider will make perfectly York, as a patient they could not treat,
                                                          had taken the Gold Cure, and, after spend-              That sounded good t o me you may be-
                                                          ing practically all I had, and impoyerishing        lieve, and I simply devoured Mrs. Eddy'a
    "But I thought Christian Scientists rec-
                                                                                                              book. Although I did not know the Bible
ognized the Bible, and were diligent stu- my poor mother and other relatives a s
                                                          well by my ceaseless efforts to find relief         then as I d o now-I an1 conscious that I
dents of it," s o m e o ~ ~says.     e
                                                          from some source, I turned to my neglect-           know very, very little about it even yet,
    They may read the text, certain por- ed Bible antt my interrupted prayer life,                            and I have been studying it ever since--
tions of it, and carry a copy of it, along a n d very soon the light on healing began                         I felt something like the man whose expe-
with "Science and Health" with a "Key                     t o dawn upon me from the Cross of Cal-             rience I read some time ago, who was
t o the Scriptures;" but they do not recelve vary.                                                            told by a woman friend that what he need-
it as the W o r d of God in truth, eternal,                                                                   ed was to ,study "Science and Health"
immutable, forever settled ill heaven; for                    As I felt a faint flutter of hope in my
                                                                                                               with "Key to the Scriptures"' by Mrs.
on page 139, lines 20 and 21, of their of- breast, where all had been for so long the                          Mary Baker Eddy.
.ficial text book, we read, " .       ..       a mortal stillness o i despair, I turned t o older
                                                                                                                   "Why, I didn't know the Scriptures were
and n~aterial sense stole into the divine Christians for encouragement, and not one
                                                                                                               locked; but if they are it is a mighty lucky
record, with its own hue darkening t o crumb of comfort did, they give me. Re-
                                                                                                              thing the lady found the key," he replied.
some extent the inspired pages." And member this was over twenty-six years
of a statement of the Holy Ghost, in the ago. As I read and re-read the Bible,                                     "Yes, it is the greatest blessing that has
7th verse of the 2nd chapter of Genesis, I saw more and more clearly that not only                             ever befallen humanity," said his friend.
"The Lord God formed man of t h e dust was provision made for our healing, h u t                                   And she was s o enthusiastic that h e
of the groui~d,"Mrs. Eddy does not hesi- that we were ourselves c o m m a ~ ~ d e d g o
                                                           forth and. in the Name of Jesus, lay hands
                                                                                                      to       finally consented to enter the Bible with
                                                                                                               her, she obligingly opening it with the
 tate to say (you will find it in the third
 paragr<ph of page 524 of t h e "Key to t h e on the sick and heal them. I said, "I will                       wonderful "Key."
 Scriptures") :                                            g o to some of the believers I know and                 "Mother used to teach me the Bible
    "How could a material organization be-                 point these scriptures out to them, and             and it seems like I would enjoy visiting
                                  .            .
 come the basis of m a n ? . . I s this . . ask them t o pray with me that I may be                            some of the old rooms in it. Take me to
 real o r unreal? Is it the truth, o r is it healed," and I started on my weary                                the one where we learn about how God
 a lie? . . I t must be a lie."                            rounds.                                             created man, and mall disobeyed God and
     (All quotatioils are from the edition                    I \\,as so desperate that I knew no              fell."
 of 1917.)                                                                             my
                                                           shame in p r e s e ~ ~ i i n g petition. No re-         "Oh this is a very wonderful book, and
     hluch of Christian Science literature is buff \vas stinging enough t o make me de-                        you must be prepared for some surprises,
 vaguc and difficult t o understand, but                   sist. Some said, because they were ashanl-          delightful ones all of them. That room
 \vl~encver anything essential is stated ed t o confess that they did not believe the                          you speak of is closed, for Mrs. Eddy has
 clearly, it is found to be absolutely antag- W o r d of God, "We are too busy t o deal                        discovered that God did not create man,
 onistic to tlie Scriptures.                               with your case today. Some other time.              f o r 'Cod and man coexist and are eter-
     So111cti111es   people ask. "\\'hat is t h e dif-     a t the prayer n~eetingperhaps, you might           nal' (Page 336. line 30, S. and H.). and
 fercnce bctwren Christian Science and ask for prayer."                                                        also that 'Whatever indicates the fall of
 Divinc H c a l i ~ ~as taught in the Bible?"
                         g                                    Aird I would reply, "Nothing you can                  .
                                                                                                               mall . . is the Adam-dream . . . not be-
     T o wl~icli the ailswcr is. "They have possibly be doing is as important as com-                          gotten of the Father"' (Page 282, lines
 nothing ill coninion. T l ~ c          false pl~ilosopl~y plyitlg with Jesus' last command to you              28. 29. 30. 31).
 011 ~ r l i i c l ~
                   Cl~risti;lrl Scicirce is founded to la!. liarrds 011 the sick that they may                      "Lead me into the Illcarnation R o ~ m ,
 denirs that ]c.zcir Clrrist is come in t h e recover. Pray with me right here and                              \vlicre we are brought face t o face with
 flesh, that I<ir 11o1lywas a rcal body; and now and 1 believe Cod will hcal me."                               tlic incffahlc mystery of the \Yord made
  it is tlicrcforc anti-Christian.                                                                              flesh, the Holy Ghost coining upon the vir-
                                                              But t l ~ c ywould not, and a t last I said,      gin, the power of the Hiphest ovcrs1iadow-
     Tlic I3iblc teaches hcalinp as comilig t o "Thc Bible says, 'These signs shall follow
  us t l ~ r o u ~ l ~ atoning work of Christ t l ~ c mthat bclicve,' and as they don't fol-
                     the                                                                                        ing her, so that that Holy Thing that was
  o n Calvary, wit11 which Christian Scicnce low tliesc professed Christians evidently                          born of her. Christ Jesys, was true Cod
  docs away a l t o ~ r t l i c r f o r as, according to tlicy are not belicvcrs. It is said that
                                  ,                                                                             and true man."
  Airs. Eddy's t e a r l i i ~ ~ p . "there is no s i n ; they follow Christian Scientists, that thcy               "Wcll. I must prepare you for some
  there can be no rrdcinption."                                                                                 chances there, for 'Those instructed in
     "But do tlicy ~ i o thave hcalinps?" I be- hral thc sick. so they must he believers                        Christian Science have rcachrd the clori-
                                                            and I \\.ill appeal to them;" and I wcilt to        ous perception that . . . thc virnin-nlotllc*r
  lieve, from tlic Bible, that thcy do, for wc New York City and pot into touch with
  arc taught to cxpcct to sce miracles the thcn lradcrs of the First Church of                                  conceived this idca of God and aavr to her
  wrouclit hy Satanic power, especially to- Christ, Scientist.                                                   idca the name of Jcsus'" ( P a w 29. lines
   wards tlir rnd of rhc age.                                                                                    14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Scirncc and Health).
      Dr. A. B. Simpson was one of t h c most                                  h
                                                               T l i r o r ~ ~the influence of a friend who         "nut if Jcsus was onlv an 'idra' Ilow
  \:.ell-l,alancrd nicn spiritually I ever met.             stood vrry lliph in Christian Science cir-           could Hc sav to His disciplrs, a f t r r tlie
   and Ilc snvs of Cliristian Science. "I would CICS-S~IC                    was afterwards a prominent          rrsnrrection-vou will find it in the 24th
   ratlicr IN. .;irk all my life with every form practitioner in Berlin, Prussia-I secured                       chantrr of Lukr, and the 39th v-rsc-'Be-
  o f physiral torment. than be hcalcd by trratmcnts from the most eminent Scirn-                                hold mv hands and mv fcrt, that it is I
   suc11 a lir,"                                            tist thcn                    in New York. O f        mvsrlf: handle m r and s r r : for a spirit
      "Oprn confrssion is pood for the soul."               course I paid a goodly sum f o r them, hut                                          s,
                                                                                                                 hatli not flesh and h o ~ ~ c as ve see me
   and I ferl iniprllrd t o relate herc a hit               it was a prrat get them a t any             h a w ?' "
   of mv persolla1 cxprricncr, and to say prier, and I was made t o ' f e e l that I was                            "Oh don't lct that troul)lc you a t all.
 November 22, 1924                                    T H E PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL                                                     Page Seven
   Mrs. Eddy explains it away beautifully.          all right, and at last I really began to half     literature to enable me to continue my
   Just listen to theje marvelous words of          believe it. Like Jonah I was sinking,             treatment a f t e r I reached home, I d r -
   wisdom-yuu will find them on page 313,           down, down, down, down and like Jonah             parted.
   lines 26,27, 28, 29, of Science and Health       I was saved by direct intervention.                  And there God provided just what I
  -'To accommodate Himself to immature                  I maqe up nly mind to g o on with the         needed. An old friend, an aged minister
   ideas of spiritual power, . . Jesus called       thing and see what it could d o for me:
                                                    "BUT GOD" had far other plans for me,
                                                                                                      of the Gospel whom I deeply reverenced,
                                                                                                      was sent from a f a r land to minister t o
   the body, which by spiritual power He
   raised from the grave, flesh and bones.' "       and H e sent a whale-it was a big one-            me. His heart went out, in Christ-like
                                                    to swallow me.                                    synipathy when he beheld the havoc Satan
      "Well, if you don't mind, I think I will                                                        had made in me, the utter destruction of
   keep cut of that room, for there is a                One morning I awakened to find that
                                                    complete paralysis of the right arm had           everything that could make life worth liv-
   scripture that says, 'Every spirit that con-                                                       ing. H e did not chide me when he saw
   fesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in         come on during the night, and as I am
                                                    not in the least ambidextrous, it would be        me clinging t o "Science and Health," but
   the flesh is not of God: and this is that                                                          he did say, and most solemnly, "Sister,
  spirit of antichrist. . . . Receive him not       hard t o find anyone in a worse predica-
                                                                                                      that book is straight from hell, and the
   into your house, neither bid him God-            ment than I, was in.
                                                       Of course I rushed t o my practitioner,        first step you must take to get deliver-
   speed: for he that biddeth him God-                                                                ance is to put it in the kitchen range."
   speed. is partaker of his evil deeds' (1 John    t o find her wholly undisturbed by the
                                                    catastrophe. How could s h e be disturbed            H e did not argue but h e prayed-prayed,
  4:3; 2 John 10,11). Take me to the                                                                  I believe, without ceasing; I know of one
   room where Jesus Christ is evidently set         whel~ she knew that not only had 1 no
                                                    paralysis of the arm, but no arm to be            whole night he spent in prayer for me.
   forth crucified, His own self bearing our                                                          And at last one day I staggered down to
   sins in His own body on the tree, by             paralyzed? She never turned so much as
                                                    a silver hair, but assured me that "There         the kitchen-I      was aln~ost too weak to
  whose stripes we were healed. where the                                                             stand upright-and     deposited my copy of
   Blood, which cleanses from all sin, and          is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance
                                                    in matter. All is infinite Mind and its in-       "Science and Health" on the glowing coals.
  brings us nigh to God, by which we have                                                             It is the only proper place in the universe
   boldness t o enter into the holiest, is ex-      finite manifestation, for God is All-in-All.
                                                    Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mor-          for it.
      "I cannot, for that room is closed for-       tal error. Spirit is the real and eternal;          Not very long afterwards the light of
  ever to all believers in Christian Science."     'matter is unreal and, temporal. .Spirit is        the glorious Gospel of Christ, for soul
      "Closed? W h a t do you mean? The             God, and man is His image and likeness.          and body shone into my heart, and the
   Bible says, in the 9th chapter of Hebrews        Therefore man is not material; he is              drugs, with the resultant diseased condi-
  and the 22nd verse, 'Without shedding of          spirit."                                         tions, vanished like snow wreaths, not be-
  blood is no ren~ission.'"                            Which clearly proved, a s you will n o        cause they had not been real, but because
                                                    doubt perceive, that I had no arm and            Jesus Christ, who died and rose again t o
     "Yes, but Mrs. Eddy has made the glo-
                                                    therefore could not have paralysis in it.        delivcr me from them. is Real. They were
  rioqs discovery, whkh has much to do                                                               red sin and michess, but in Him I found
  with the wonderfully rapid increase in our           Whether o r not I had an a r m there
                                                    was one thing that I didn't have, and            a red Saviour able t o save to the utter-
  n~embership. that there is no need for
                                                    I was so sure of it that I didn't need t o       most.
'remission of sin because there is none t o
  be remitted. She taught us the 'Nothing-         resort to Christian Science t o tell me that         T o recapitulate: T h e Word of God:
  ness of sickness and sin' (Page 347, line        I didn't have it, and that was money t o          which "cndureth forever." and "Science
  28). that 'sin, sickness, and death' a r e       stay on in New York in my helpless con-           and Health:" produced by Mrs. Mary
  'a dream' (Page 188, line 12), that 'man         dition, and pay, in addition to room rent         Baker Glover Eddy during the last fifty
  is incapable of sin' (Page 475, line 28).        in a very expensive Christian Science             years, are diametrically opposed t o one
  Isn't that a blessed release? Just be-           house,just off Central Park, and the large        another on all essential points; s o we
  lieve it and see how comfortable you will        fee charged for treatments, t o have my           have to choose between them. Which.
  feel!"                                           hair dressed, and my meat cut up, not t o         then, shall it be -
     "I don't seem to be able t o get much         mention board at the rather high-class                 The Bible a r Christian Science?
 comfort out if it, for a scripture mother         cafcs in the exclusive neighborhood in
  taught me-'If      we say we have no sin.        which I was rooming. S o I had no alter-            "Let everything that hath breath praisc
  we deceive ourselves. and the truth is           native but to return t o my home which            the Lord. Praise ye the Lord."
 not in us' (1 John 1 :8)-will keep floating       was then in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
                                                       Indecd I thought it advisable t o take          If you want a good. inspiring book of
 through my consciousness, try as I may to                                                           sermons. send for a copy of Brother Jeays'
 drown it. Perhaps I had better pray for           my immediate departure before any of my
                                                   other limbs went out of business. S o I           hook, "The Cave of Adullam." I t will
 light. The Bible says, 'Ask and ye shall                                                            bring a blessing t o you. Price 50 cents.
 receive' (Matt. 7:7)."                            said a farewcll to my practitioner, who                         --
     "To what purpose? ~e are taught in            was still floating on a summer sea up t o           Send 25 cents for large sample packet
 'Science and Health' that prayer to a per-        the last glimpse I had of her, and having         of tracts. Gospel Pub. House, Springfield,
 sonal God is a hindrance. On Page 3,              fortified .myself with Christian Science          Mo.
 we find this question, 'Shall we ask the
 divine Principle . . . t o do His own
 work?' "
     "So you a r e taught to think of God as a
 Principle merely? Well, it seems to me
                                                         I Am on My Way to the Central Bible Institute
 tbat thcre isn't much left of the Book                                                                ON T H E TRAIN
 aftcr t h r lady that found the Key gets                                       LAST wcek they put m r in the Post ORice, and t1.x
 throucli with it."                                                             Postniaster put me in a sack with all kinds of Imndlcs
     And that was the w a y 1 felt as I stud-                                   and packages. I thought for awhile I would sti~othcr
 icd the text hook, hut I was so deter-                                         to death. Imt wlicn they thrrw mc on the train I latidcd
 mined t o be HE.\T,ED that I tried to                                          richt on top, and Ict mc trll you it was some reliei lor
 shut my cyes to its blas~hcmoushrresies                                        J was ahout ready to ask for relief. You can count on
                                                                                me standing my round for I am determined to makc it
 and swallow it "holus-bolus."                                                  to the Central Bihle Institute and lift my part of that
     Mv practitioner was a lady with cx-                                        cleht. Thcre are many more like me in the I)a~~l:s     and
 qi~isitelvbeautiful hair. which was always                                     pocketbooks of many good people that are very anxious
 so artistically puffed that it seemed thcre                                    t o follow mc if only the owner would realize the neces-
 was not so much as a single hair out of                                        s ~ t y . I an1 not going to ask thrm to send any, but will
 place. Shp was placid as a summrr sea,                                         tell you where you can get a dime container.
 and a s s n r 4 me, in the sweetprt, calmest                                                            WRITE T H E
 wav pnssihle. that my sin and sickness
 were m l v h a d ' d r r a m s from which I          CENTRAL BIBLE INSTITUTE, 336 West Pacific St., Springfield,                   Missouri
 shonld shortlv awaken to find everything
Page Eight                                         T H E PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL                                             November 22, -1924

                                                                                          -     very mean things. I n 1769 Wesley
                                                                                                preached near Bradford. T h e audience
                                                                                                was tolerably quiet till he had qearly fin-
          :          BABYLON ' AND BAGDAD                                      -:-              ished his discourse. T h e n some bawled
                                                                                                at the top of their voices, and it was a
                                  T h o m u M. Chalmera
                                                                                                perfect babel. O n e man, a little more
                                                                                                vile than the rest, full of malicious 'mis-
                                                                                                chief, had filled his pockets with rotten
                                                is clear that the ancient city, the center      eggs to throw a t the preacher. A young
Babylon, "the glory of the Chaldees'
                                                of idolatry and world power, must rise          man saw what mischief he intended. UII-
excsllency," fell before the gradual rav-                                                       perceived, he w e n t up behind him, c k p -
ages of time and war. Great cities that         again to fulfil the words of prophecy
                                                                                                ped his hands on each side of his p o c k -
rivalled i n some senses the older Baby-        regarding her downfall. Hillah, a town          ets, and smashed the eggs all at once1
lon sprang up along t h e prized water          of some 15,000 inhabitants, occupies the        How frequently they who dig a pit for
courses of Mesopotamia. Ctesiphon on            site of a part of old Babylon. T h e place
                                                                                                others fall into it themselves!
the T i g i s , almost in sight of Babylon,     is marvellously situated for a great city.
became the capital of the last revival of       T h e sentiments of men viill' draw them
                                                                                                 T H R E E CHALLENGING APPEALS
Persian life and power, early in the third      to this site. Commerce will demand' its
century of the present era, and displayed       rebuilding. T h e Antichrist will accom-            T h e First, from Pastor A. H. Carter,
a marvellous bloom of Persian art and           plish the dream of Napoleon Bonaparte            many years secretary of the Bible League
craftsmanship. W i t h the growth o f           and command the restoration of Babylon           of Great Britain: "It was the spirit of
Islam Bagdad rose a s o n e of the fines:       in more glorious splendor and with great-        Judas that led in past ages to the be-
cities of Asia, glorious capital of an em-      er spaciousness and magnificence than            trayal and sufferings of our martyred fore-
pire that sent its hosts east and west t o      t h e Babylon of Nebuchddnezzar. T h e la-       fathers; for with but rare exceptions s u c l ~
destroy a rotten heathenism and threaten        bor supply of all Europe, Asia and Africa        sufferings were meted out by professed
a decadent Christendom. O u t of that           will be at the call of t h e wealth and au-      leaders of apostate systems within the
region of rivers came the power that fell       thority of earth's mightiest ruler. T h e        Church of Christ. Today we a r e f a c e to
back from its invasion of Western Eu-           world's engineers, architects, artists and       face with a new presentation of the old ,
rope a t the field of T o u r s in 732 A. D.,   crafts~nen will vie with each other irr          practice. . . . . Modernism, in the guise
just a century after the death of Moham-        building and adorring the qapital of the         of the Christian religion, uses every pos-
med. T h e plains of Mesopotamia have           Antichrist's empire and the metropolis           sible device to belie the very teachings
been since the Flood the seedbed or trans-      of earth. No such center, s o rich and           of the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures of
planting ground of idolatry and of its          magnificent, so luxurious and vain-              Truth, and presents them in such a way
deadly opponent, Islam.                         glorious, has ever existed in the times          that multitudes of Christian people, many
                                                o f man's rule on earth.                         of them truly earnest and dcvout, a r e
         Present Position of Bagdad                                                              woefully misled and seduced from fopn-
    W h a t of the present and future? In             Center of the Coming Idolatry              dation principles and foundation truths.
t h e course of centuries. Bagdad gradually         Out of Babylon of old went forth the         . . . . But a mighty upheaval is a t hand.
decayed until recent times. Turkish im-         idolatry that has cursed earth ever since.      .  . . 'Truth must prevail"' ("Bible Wit- '
potency in the development of true civil-       T h e worship of Satan will be revived in        ness," October, 1924).
ization led to its inferiority through many     that center when the remnants of papal              T h e Second, from P a s t o r P. W . Phil- ,
generations. But the comina of the Brit-        idolatry flee from ruined Rome home-             pott, of the Mbody Church, Chicago:
ish to Mesopotamia presaged the deliver-        wards to Babylon. T h e reaction of men          "The Church of Jesus Christ needs a
ance of the land from misrule and in-           all over the earth from the rampant ma-          revival of spiritual life and power more
conlpetence, and the w a s is now ope=          terialism o f a generation ago has paved         than she needs anything else in this a i d e
f o r real growth in civilization through       the may for a tremendous and omil~ous            world. . . . Will you pray for it daily?
 the development of t h e wonderful re-          revival of faith in the supernatural, but
                                                                                                 IVill you join the thousands w h o a r e
sources o f that most fertile soil on earth.     it is the supernaturalism of the pit and not    saying, '0 Lord, send the revival'?"
Bagdad is a city of 250,000 population          of heaven. T h e earth will be filled with       ( F r o m a recently published sermon.)
with many thousands of Jews. Under              idolatry when the Lord returns to vin-
the mandate granted to Great Britain            dicate Himself as Creator and Redeemer              T h e Third, from Dr. R A. Torrey:
over Mesopotamia, the land has become           of mcn ( h i a h 2).                             "A ~ c n u i n c ,wide-sweeping revival would
semi-independent, with its own ruler.                                                            do more t o bring about that soundness
                                                             Chaldea and Israel                  of dcctrine in our ministers and theo-'
King Feisal, crowned a s King of Irak.
T h e country is faced with troubles of            T h e ancient land of the Chaldees was logical profcssors, which it is the aim o f
various kinds, both internal and external.      the home of Abraham. I t sheltered the the Christian Fundamentals Movement
T h e question o f the possession of Mosul      first family o f the chosen people. There is to effect, than all the heresy trials that
and the oi! fields is not fully settled,        no doubt but that the Jews will have were ever Iield. or all the Christian Fun-
Turkey claiming a portion of the north-         much t o do with the coming .develop- damental Conferences that were ever
ern territory. But Bagdad is growing,           ment of th;t fertiie East. Many Jews held. . . . Even whcn our ministers are
and with the establishment of settled           will dwell in the new Babylon. T h e land orthodox, . . . nevertheless o f t e n t i m c ~
rule there will be a great and speedy ad-       about the reviyed city may furnish a teni- they are not men of praycr. H o w nmany
vance in all forms of civilization.             porary home for Jews on their return modern ministers know what it means
    O n e niay expect soon t o see t h e rise   to Palestine. A part of the land of the to 'agonize in prayer' (Rom. 15:30. scc
of a great university. t o rival the splen-     Chaldees may also be includcd in thc (;r.), t o ~ r e s t l c in prayer, to spend 2
dors of the ancient schools under Is-           future inhcritancc of Israel. It becomcs whole night in pravcr?             . .  . . Yes, thc
rael and Islam. T h e sciences will flour-      cvery studcnt of prophecy, and evcry IIC- grcat necd of the day is revival. Shal'
ish anew and wealth will bring such             lievcr should he such, t o consider nhnt         we h a w it? W c may have it. '011 is
luxuriousness a s not even ancient Baby-        thc Lord ha< llttcred concerning n a l ~ y l o n a c o d of revival, and G'od is rcady to
lon ever saw. Railways will cross thc           and the whole land of Mesopotamia. scnd a revival when we fccl the wed
rcgions of the "Fertilc Crescent" (thc          Their dectiny cannot come t o its rcal- of it as we ought, whcn wc get t o pray-
narrow stretcli of rich soil hemming In         ization without mightily affccting thc cov- in2 for it as w c ought, and when we
the desert from the Persian Gulf t o thc        cnant pcople. Tlic revival of human in- mcet tlrc conditions of prevailing prayer"
 Mediterranean Sea) and connect Irak            tercst in Babylon coincidrs with thc ncw         ("Christian Fundamentals in School and
with Europc and the great East. H e r           devclopment of the divine purpose for Churrh." 0ct.-Drc.. 1924).
rivcrs will bear a heavy freightage o f         that city and !and-Selected                         Why w a i l longcr? IVhy not meet those
rich products from all climes, and M'eso-                                                        conditions N O W ? II'liy wait until to..
notamian citics will revel in wealth and           W E S L E Y AND T H E EGG MAN                 morrow, or W a t c h Night, o r the W c r k
sensuality.                                        John Wesley was for a timc the most o f Prayer? " N O W is t h r arccptcd time."
            Rebuilding of Babylon               persecutcd man in'England and Ireland. 0 C h ~ ~ r cnfi Christ. W H Y N O T N O W ?
    T o many students of the Scriptures it      Somc of the persecutors desccndcd to               PRAY, o PRAY, FOR REVIVAL!
November 22. 1924                                           T H E PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL                                                               Page Nine

                 r   TRUST                               leading church members of the different
                                                         denominations were taking a n active part.
 Sparrow, H e guardeth theel
Never a flight but thy wings H e up-
                                                         and expressed themselves as enjoying the
                                                         services immensely. A school service was
                                                         held and 14 of the children were convert-
                                                                                                              'OUNG PEOPLE'S
                                                                                                              .IFE O F C H R I S T
                                                                                                              L Hesba Stretton
Never a night but thy rest H e infoldeth;
                                                         ed. T h e school teacher happened t o be              T h e r e is always a great demand
 Safely H e guardeth thee.                               an old friend of Brother Bryan's and was             Jr good religious books for children,
                                                         very glad to have him make a talk t o the            nd this book provides one of the
 Lily, H e robeth thee l                                 school. At the close of his talk. he ga,ve           est volumes of the kind. I t is lavish-
Though thou must fade, by the summer                     an altar call. I t was a glorious service            v illustrated; well printed, a n d dur-
     bemoa~~ed.                                          indeed. Any Assen~blydesiring a reviva!              bly bpund in cloth, with ornament-
Thou a r t arrayed fair as monarch en-                                                                        d d e s ~ g n . 250 pages.
                                                         would be fortunate if-they could secure              75)                   Price $1.00 postpaid
      throned;                                            these brethren. God is blessi:rg their
  Spotless H e robeth thee.                               labor. W e are looking forward to\ the              THE J E W A N D H I S MISSION
                                                          time when they can return to our city               5y   Henry Ostrorn
  Hear, thou of little faith l
Sparrow and lily are soulless and dying-                  for a three or f o u r w e e k s campaign. Any        W h a t every Jew, every Gentile, and
                                                          Assembly of God minister passing this               very member of tlie Church of God
Eternity t h i ~ l~ will H e slight thy crying?           way will find a w a r m welcome.-Sam'l
  Trust, thou of little faith1                                                                                hould know of this ancient, modern.
                -    -
                                                          Skyles, pastor.                                     ~rophetic miracle-the                Jewish race.
                                                                                                               ~ ~ t e r p r e t a t i ois what this book offers,
       A CHANGEOFNATURE                                      Victoria H d I , Lo. Angeles, is the old-                               of
                                                                                                              ~fthe o r i g i ~ ~ the Jew, why "chosen,"
   "God does not expect you to live His                  est Pentecostal Asse~nbly in California.             last history, present condition, and fu-
life without first giving you His, nature."              While we were holding meetings a t San               ure glory. with a plea to theChristian
                                                         Jose a committee from Victoria Assembly              o evangelize and -to the Jew to hear.
These were the words that startled a                                                                          618)                            ,   Postpaid $135.
godless and mocking young soldier in                     came to see us and invited us t o hold a                                             -

Egypt. "Why," he cried, "that explains                   three-weeks campaign there. There are
                                                         many very precious saints in Victoria                2UTLINE STUDIES I N
it: azain and again I have been told to                                                                       .HURCH H I S T O R Y
be good; again and again I have tried:                   Hall, and all those who were anxious t o             3y Rev. Geo. P. Pardington
but I can't. But all is different if God                 see 'God work in the salvation of souls                Church History has been defined as
does not expect me to live His life with-                and Baptism of believers stood with us               he sum total o f events that conlribute
out first giving me His nature." Then he                 f o r a real outpouring of the Spirit. T h e         o the progress of mankind as a rc-
knelt end received his re-birth.                         afternoon meetings were full of power and            u l t of the Church. Such events are
   "YE MI!ST B E B O R N AGAIN."                         victory came as the saints prayed. Broth-            )resented by the author in a com-
                                                          er Fisher is a mighty man of prayer. God            lre!ien;ive manner that may be quick-
                                                         has honored this old saint who has stood             y grasped by the preacher o r layman.
    G O L C O N D A , ILL.-We              just closed   so faithfully for Pentecost during all the           30th.
 the greatest' revival meetings that Gol-                years since t h e power first fell in the city        189)              Price $220 poatpaid
 conda ever witnessed. God blessed in a                  o f Los Angeles. T h e hall hblds 6M) but
 remarkable way. W e secured Brother                                                                          3RACE A B O U N D I P G
                                                          there were nights' when 800 were packed
 John F. Bryan, pastor-evangelist of East                 and crowded into t h e place and hundreds           r h e Autobiography of Jno. Bunyan
 St. Louis; and Brother William Ceorge,                   turned away. 1 T h e singing was !ed by                T h e story of Bunyan's own life
 musican-evangelist of Granite City to                    Mr. Cannon, who for many years has                  :old by h~mself. I t .is a wonderful
 conduct the meeting. W e felt it neces-                  been a song leader out here on the coast.           .evelation of the soul history of a man
 sary t o secure a larger building for the                W e had much liberty in giving out the              tvhosc very intensity of feelings and
 meeting, s o we rented the opera house.                                                                      iescription gave to the world "P:!-
                                                          Word, for Brother Fisher often slipped              :rim's Progress." T h e book is fine::
 one of the largest buildings in the city.                into the office and spent the entire time           )rimed. and Copping's illustrations i ~ .
 and we found it was not large enough to                            for us while we were preaching.           tint o f scenes in the sturdy Ikglisl:
 a c c o ~ ~ i m x l a tthe throngs of people who         The Spirit of God took hold of the meet-,           ?reacher's life are 1)eautiful. Every
  came from night t o night to hear o f                   inus. All nonsense was done away with.              lerson should read and be'profited hy
 Jt.$us and His love. God wonderfully                      The stately steppings of the Almighty              this splendid hook. for it is one t h a ~
 blessed in healing the sick. Among those                 One was felt by all, and in less than two            s always timely. and the oftener it is
 who were healed was a menlber of thc                     weeks more than 30 were swept into the              -ead the more beauty and Christian
 Baptist church, who was crippled with                    glbrious Baptism of the Spirit according            mcouragrment is revealed between it:
 rhcomatism. W h e n prayer was offered                                                                       lines. Cloth hound.
                                                          to the New Testament pattern.          Back-
  for her she was instantly healed and                     sliders were reclaimed, souls saved and            [fa                 Price $1.10 poatpaid
 left the platform shouting praises unto                   there were many pronounced cases of di-             JESUS I S COMING
 God. Another who was sufferin.q from                      vine healing. T o God be all the glory. T h e
 zugar diabe'es, was instantly healed and                                                                      By W. E l B.
                                                          Lord says in Jer. 33:3. "Call unto nie and
 afterwards testi6ed to being able t o eat                 I will answer thee.-and show thee great                Third revision. One of the best
  anythins she wantcd, when previous t o                   and mighty-things." 0 let us ask and                iooks ever written on t h e Second Corn-
  her healing she had t o diet and be very                                                                     ing of the Lord.
                                                           expect a r e a t thing. from God. Hallrlu-
  particular about what she ate. Another                                                                          ' V'ilhu- Chapman says: "A num
  rcmarkahlc case was that of a man who                                                                       ;k     of y t i . ~ ago I had placed in my
  had been deaf all his life but in answer to                         IS I SAFE?
                                                                          T                                                              .
                                                                                                               11a1.hthe little I ~ o o k'Jesus Is Coming.
  prayer both ears were unstopped and                        Where I s Your Money Invested?                    hy W. E. B. P r i o ~to that time I had
  he \\.as enahled t o hear perfectly.                                                                         n . definite method >f Bihle study. anc
                                                               All worry for the future will cease             I confess wilh shame that I had ver?
     During the 17 days o f the mertings,                    when you have taken out an An-                    little passict.1 for Bible reading and fot
  55 prnfrssed conversion, and several were                  nuity Bond: for you will rrcrive                  the winning of souls.
  baptized in the Holv Spirit. A ladv sit-                   regularly a stated allowancq accord-
  ting in the congregktion in one of the                                                                          "This book completely re,olutionizec
                                                             ing to your age at the time the bond              my th1:ting. Rave me a new concep.
  afternoon mcetings lifted her hands and                    is issued.                                        tion of C w Lt and a new understandin*
  brgan t o praise the Lord and in a few                       Perhaps you have never consid-                  of what it meant t o work for Him. 1
  w o m e ~ l t swas wonderfully filled with the                                           of
                                                             ered, the s e r i o ~ ~ s n e s s leaving your    most cordially commend it to Chris.
  Holy Spirit. Tllc power of Cod fell in                     money behind without making pro-                  tian workers everywhere."
  a prrrious a n y in every service; one very                vision as t o how it will be spent..                      Price, paper bound, bDc poatpaic
  u n ~ o d l v man fell under the power, like                  Send for our f r e e booklet "An-               (121)           Cloth bound, 85c postpail
   S m l of old, hark in the congregation one                nuity Bond.."
   ~ ~ i n h and was q l o r i o ~ ~ s l saved.
             t,                          y                       T H E G E N E R A L COUNCIL                           Gospel publish in^ House.
     At the hesinning some were skeptieal                          ASSEMBLIES O F GOD,                                     Springfield. Mo.
  and sat h a c k . not takin? anv part. lwt                  336 W . Pacific St.. Sprinafield, Mo.
   hcfore it came t o a close some of thc
  Page Ten                                              T H E PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL                                          November 22, 1924
                                                                                                    THE O R P H A N A G E I N A S S I O U T ,

                      MISSIONARY DEPARTMENT                                                             Fourteen years a g o today I arrived in
                                                                                                     Assiout, Egypt. H o w wonderfully God
                                                                                                     has helped m e in these years of testinzs,
                                                                                                    trials, war and blessings. H e also said,
                                                                                                    "Lo, I a m with you alway even unto the
     All offerings for Foreign Missions and for u nse of conducting the Missionary Department,      ends of the world." Surely H e has been
  should be sent by Cbeck Draft' Express or Postal Eoney Order; nude payable to J. Rowell Flower,   with me a n d H e who remembereth the
  Treuurer, 336 West ~ a 2 f i c Springfield. Mo., 6.S. A.
                                                    -                                               sparrows has not forgotten the orphans.
  -OUR MISSIONARY OFFERINGS                         twenty t o forty people are sleeping in a           F r o m a small beginning; with one tiny
    All those w h o a r e concerned for the         one- or two-room house. In one village          baby, God has now given us over thrcc
 spread o f the Gospel in the regions be-           our church was totally destroyed and            hundred orphans, widows and also a few
 yond will be glad t o note from the chart          240 houses were blown down.                     blind girls. Many more a r e asking to be
 which we are publishing herewith that                 "To give you some idea of the power           taken i        W e have our own buildings
 there has been a slight increase in mis-           of the wind, I will give you one instance       but t h e 7 a r e very much crowded. Wc:
 sionary giving for the month of October.           out of many. O n e man thought 11e would        have the land o n which to build new
 T h e missiocary offerings this year have          open up his house and let the wind rush          rooms a s soon a s the Lord sends us in the
 been unusually low in proportion to the            through, but everything went out through        money.
 number of missionaries we have on our              the doors and windows--chairs, tables,              W e filled up all of our beds, two in ;t
 list. W e a r e trusting the Lord t o stimu-       trunk and clothes, etc., and were never         bed; then when we took in more we had
 late interest and give greater consecra-           found, but the house was saved.                 three in each bed, and even four. W e
 Iwn for the propapation of the Gospel                "Do help us pray for help and relief          then put beds in our prayer room a n d
 t o the ends of the earth.                         to come s o that we can rebuild. O u r peo-     filled them three in each bed. W e have
                                                    ple a r e meeting in the open air and, a s      just finished a new room for the boys
  DESTRUCTION I N MONTSERRAT                        this is our rainy season, th,ere are many       and we have made double beds like a
                                                    nights when they cannot venture out.             sleeper on a train, or o n the sttamer.
     A few weeks a g o a brief item was                                                             But this is not healthy for there are too
  published in t h e Evangel concerning the         I do not know when we will get away
                                                    from here, for we cannot leave until some       many in the rooms.
  hurricane which swept over the Island                                                                 W e have n o prayer room now, and have
                                                    buildings are erected for the saints to
  of Montserrat destroying our Pentecostal                                                          to have all of our services in the iining
                                                    meet in. At both places where the
  churches and ruining the homes of the                                                             room, which is very hard because the
                                                    churches were destroyed, souls a r e get-
  Pentecostal people o n that Island. Since                                                         girls wish t o clean up the tables and
                                                    ting saved during the last two. weeks,
  then, some little help has been received                                                          wash the dishes before school. T h e tablei
  for Brother Jamieson and he is doing              even in the rain."
                                                                                                    a r e always very much in the w a y for our
  what he can t o restore the buildings for
  worship. T h e need is stil! very great                  ENROUTE TO         POL AN^               Sunday services. Nice big bedrooms, well
                                                        Brother Ferdinand Ewald, who is on          made, would not cost much over $300.00
  and we will forward any funds that are                                                            each and a large prayer room could be ,
  sent t o us for that purpose. Brother              his way t o Poland, writes, "I have had        built for $400.00. I f we had more we
  Jamieson writes:                                   a wonderful voyage and very good weath.        could make it larger. Of course, this
     "We are anxiously waiting to hear from          c r all the way. Expect t o get t o Bremen-    does not include furniture.
  you t o know if we will be able to e r e d                                                            Many people have asked me how much
  our churches that were broken down.                hafen tomorrow night. Will be glad
                                                                                                    it costs t o support a child. Several years
  T h e r e are n o buildings available for meet-    t o get to a hungry people a n d bring         ago it cost me about $5.00 a month; but
  ings in either of the villages where our           them the Bread of Life.                        for the last two years the Egyptians have
  churches wcre, for there is hardly a build-           "A soul has been led t o Christ here on     very kindly supplied all o f our wlieat.
  ing standing. This is the wet season                                                              thus ma kin^ the cost of a child about
                                                    'board who has been in Christian Science
  and we c a n ' do but very little in the                                                          $3.00 a month.
  open air. T h e poverty and distress is            for six years, and who expected to be a
                                                                                                        I t is i.ery hot in Egypl, and you can
  very marked. O u r hearts are touched              leader of some cult. She threw her             imagine how uncomfortable it is for the
  a s we come in contact with the many               Christian Science books overboard and          children t o be crowded four in a bed. I
  who apply daily for help.                          said, 'I renqunce them forever, 0 Lord'.       trust you will pray about the needs of
     "The suffering and distress a r e really                                                       these little ones who would enjoy a r~ootl
                                                     Now she has a desire t o be a missionary
  hcartrcndinp. Many are shcltcred under                                                            night's rest a s well a s your littlc ones
' a few boards o r a picce of galvanized             for God. Shc is going to Jerusalem. Will
  iron picked np from the wrcclc, while              send you full rcport later"                        "Inasniuch a s ye have done it unto one
                                                                                                    of thc lcast of thew, ye have done it
                                                                                                    unto n1e."-Lillian     Trasher.

                                                                                                      B R O T H E R J O H N G. W A R T O N
                                                                                                            ARRIVES IN PERSIA
                                                                                                       Brother John G. Warton, our P e r s ~ d ~ i
                                                                                                    I)rotlier, who .sailed for his old homc
                                                                                                    c o m t r y -a few months ago, writes a s
                                                                                                    lo1lows :
                                                                                                       "Praise God, aftcr travcling through
                                                                                                     Palestine, Syria a n d Arabia, we have
                                                                                                    reached Persia at last and we are now
                                                                                                    in Hamadan, the City o f Queen*Eqther.
                                                                                                    I am $ad to rcport that there is a dcep
                                                                                                    dcsirr in the hearts of the people lor the
                                                                                                    real truth and we frc! the Lord has
                                                                                                    brougl~t us hcrr in due time T h e har-
                                                                                                    vest is ripe and there is plenty of work
                                                                                                    to do. May the drar.Lord put this new
                                                                                                    ficltl upon the hearts o f the saints in the
                                                                                                    Homeland, for we need prayer, prayer,
                                                                                                    and a w i n praver."
 November 22. 1924                                   THE P E N T E C O S T A L E V A N G E L                                    Page Eleven

   M I S S I O N A R I D S F R O M P. A. 0. W.
      Brother Ralph L. Phillips and famlly,
   who have spent five years on the South
   China field under the Pentecostal As-
    semblies of the World, during which
   time they were in harmony with the
   missionaries o f the Assemblies of God
   and work with them in special meet-
- i n g s at the various stations, have return-
   ed home to America and' have definitely
   withdrawn from the P. A. 0. W . T h i s
   step was taken because they d o not be-
   lieve in the radical teachings of that body
   concerning the Godhead and the new
  birth and they could no longer work in
   harmony with them.
      Brother and Sister Phillips have visit-
   ed Springfield and laid their case b d o r c
   the Foreian Missions Committee and
   have been received kindly. T h e Com-
   mittee has their application for mission-
   ary appointment under advisement but
   final action has not been taken. Inas-
   much a s Brother Phillips is a resident of
   Los Angeles, it will be necessary for
   him t o approach the General Council
   {or ministerial recognition through . the
   Southern California Council in accord-
   ance with our custom along this line. I n
   the meantime we commend Brother and
   Sister Phillips to the brethren in the
   Central States and we trust that they will
   be received kindly. and be granted the
   fellowship and recognition of our As-
   semblies.                        treasurer^
                         J. R. Flower,

    Brother J. A. Barney, who has been
 workina in the Belgian Congo with Bro-
 ther Blakeney, is p!anning t o return home
 on furlough possibly in November o r
 December. T h e advent of Brother and                Miss O l g a Jean Aston wrote a letter     working in the hearts of my four- ahd
 S s t e r Alva Walker has relieved the situ-     recently t o a sister in California who        five-year-old babies and it would rejoice
 ation a t Gombari, permitting Brother            has been helping in the support of thc         your heart t o hear them praise and take
 Barney to return home.                           orphanage ,work in India. T h e letter ar-     hold of God for healing or any need that
                                                  rived shortly before our sister in Cal-        comes up.
    Brother C. C. Garrett and family, mis-        ifornia was called home t o be with her           "The baby in my lap next t o me, is
 sionaries t o the Mexican border, report         Lord. Inasmuch as she had this work            thc one who was thrown away for the
 that they a r e removing from San Antonio,       s o o n her heart, members of the Sunday       wild animals t o eat, but the Lord led
 Texas to Eagle Pass. Brother Garrett             School have asked that Miss Aston's let-       us to her first. T h e one sitting in the
 writes, " W e arrived here last Tuesday          ter be published in the Evangel. T h e         midd!e, just at my feet, came to me with
 night and we have been very, very busy           letter follows:                                both a r m s broken. Her mother had
 ever since, trying to get in shape t o               "11 is s o encouraging t o know that the   tried t o kill her. Most all have such sad
 start work. W h a t a field lies before us.      dear ones a t home are standing with us.       stories, but now they are HIS."
 white unto the harvest and so few work-          Praise God. All you have done has been
 crs. W e hope to prove faithful t o the          s o appreciated and the babies a r e thank-
 chargc imposed upon us."                                                                        SISTER ALGER W I T H T H E L O R D
                                                  ful. Most of them are two small to say           1Ve have just received a cable irom
    Miss Martha Merrill writes of her safe        so, but \vl~cn they snuggle in the dear        Brother Alger of Liberia telling us of
 arrival in Cliina a s follo\vs: "How happy       little warn? quilts that you dear ones         the death of his wjfc frrnm blark..vatcr
 I am to be really in the land of my              sent out, I a m sure that thcy would           fcvcr. Mrs. Algcr was formerly Miss
 adoption. Mr. Simpson was at the dock            thank you if they knew how t o g o al~out      Bernice Pottorff. She has done noble
 t o Incet thc Stcamcr and so I was very          it.                                            and faithful work on the ficlrl, and was
 fortunate in Imavin:: his hclp with rc-              "God is hlcssing in our midst and          xrcatly Ixlovcd by all who knew her.
 gard to my baggagc. W e left that same           keeping us from sickness, for \vhich wc        W c dcsirc to express our sincerest sym-
 evening for North China to attend tlmc           praise H i m , S o w e of the bsbirs wcrc      pathy to Drotlicr Algcr anc' t o our sis-
 N. China Conference a t Slmilm Chia Cliu-        very ill, hut the Lord raised them up          ter's friends in this country.
 ang. 3fr. Simpson is going t o teach in          through prayer on the part of the four-           Brother R. S. Jamieson a n d familv,
 thc Bible School there and so it will not        and five-ycar-old oncs. Without my tell-       rnissionarirs t o China and the borders of
 I x possihlc for him to escort me west           i~!g them, thcy hcld on in praycr until        Tibct, liavc arrived safely in America for
 until Spring. I was fcarful that war con-        the answer came. My heart was s o full         a furlough. Friends may write tlmcm ill
 ditions around Sliangliai would prcvcnt          that all I could d o was t o just look         care of the Forein11 Missions Dcllartn~cnt.
 my coming north. The Shanghai Nan-               on and cry and praise God between sol)s.
 kin: Ry. has heen torn in nlany places           T h e fight had been so heavy and 1 never
 so w r had t o comc by River Steamer to          dreamed that tlic Lord would put it on          T H E GREAT SHEPHERD
                                                                                                  Ily S. A. Jamieaon
  Nanking and then cross on a Ferry               rhc hearts of the little ones to stand by
 Bnat to Pukow whcre we took the train."          nic or for mc, Praise God.                         A volui;ic of fourteen scrnmons by one
                                                                                                  of our presbvtrrs.
 Miss hkrrill is looking forward to attenrl-          "I have mailcd you a print of what I           All arc scriptural. inspiring and full
                                                  called my wcancd habics. Last ycar thcy

 inn thc Lannuagc School in Pckinfi this                                                          o f interest and by all means should
 winter to gct a foundation in Mandarir           wcrc my littlc oncs, but this ycar thcy         have a place on your book-shelf.
 I ~ e f o r cgoing to Wcstcrn Cl~ina for her     arc tlic big habits, for othcrs have comc       (674)                        5Oc postpaid.
 lifc work.                                       t o 'takc thcir placcs. Already God is         ,
Page Twelve                                          T H E PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL                                           November 22, 1924

                                                                                                      WATSONVILLE, CALIF-Well, praise
                                                                                                   the d e a r Lord for victory all along
                                                                                                   the way through the precious b l w d of
                  REPORTS FROM THE FIELD                                                          the Lamb that was slain'from the foun-
                                                                                                  dation of the world for whosoever will,
                                                                                                  and, thank God, that took me in. Hal-
                                                                                                  lelujah. W e a r e pressing right on to cer-
                                                                                                   tain victory, and the blessing of the
   B O U R B O N , M0.-Since      God gave us       CINCINNATI, OHIO.-An          eva gelistic
                                                                                                  L o r d is on every service; and a t times
our new church we are steadily growing.          campaign is in progress a t Bethe?~cwple,
Expect to start an old-time revival No-          corner 9th and Plum Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio. the waves o f glory s e e q to sweep over
v c n ~ b e r19, Xl~rsesElsie Baker and Freida   Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Nankivell of Chicago the congregation until it seems that we
Deem will be with us a few weeks. Pray           a r e in charge. Meeting began November can hardly stand very much more, and
with us that the Lord will greatly bless.        2, extending to November 23. God is yet we feel there is more to follow.
                                                 blessing and soule are being saved at every          W e a r e planning a great soul-winning
-Elder E. V. Carter.
                                                 servicc. Will be glad for the presence and campaign t o begin here Nov. 14, (D. V.)
                                                 Iielp of any saints who can attend these with Evangelist Mae E. F r e y ; and then
  P I C H E R , OFLA.-On     October 23 I
                                                 meetings. W e a r e asking God for many (D. V.) another wonderful time t h i s '
closed a 4-wcek meeting here. A large            souls in this wicked city. P r a y for us.-      winter with the Chas. A. Shreve evan-
tent was ustd but many were unable t o           0. P . Brann, pastor.                            gelistic trio from Washington, D. C.
get seats. Uctwcen 25 and 30 were saved,                                                          Please pray with us that the dear Lord
3 were baptized ill the Holy Spirit. and                                                          will give us many souls in this wicked
many testified to being healed.-B.     H.           P E R R I N , TEXAS.-Just    closed a 3- place, and the power of the gospel will
Caudle, O s w e ~ o ,Kansas.                     week tentmeeting here with Evangelist            swallow up all the other powers that
                                                 E. B. Crump. T h e Lord very ~ r a c i o u s l y might be.-M.        T. Draper and wife.
    D U R A N T , OKLA.-Cdd        15 blessing   rewarded our efforts with 12 conversions,
and adding souls to our number. W e are          10 reclamations and 2 receiving the                  S T L O U I S , M0.-The    Argue Evan-
in our own mission with the attendance be-       Holy Spirit according. to tlie Bible pat- gelistic party have ju$t closed a splen-
tween 900 and 1,000. Sunday night there          tern; also 33 names were added t o our did meeting here. Quite. a number of
was a good ou;pouring of the Holy Spirit.        asscmbly roster. Tlie town and country- souls were saved and baptized in tlie
'She saints are ?I! encouraged and the           side arc very much stirred. W e are              Holy Spirit and a number healed. Though
 fire is falling w.:h 3 real revival spirit      planning another campaign early next             the mecting ran only ten nights, and
in camp.-Edna       B. 'Nillialns, pastor.       summer, D. V. W e would appreciate it very little advertising was done, the
                                                 if any of the C o u ~ ~ c ibrethren, finding crowds were fairly good and the results
  TOLEDO, OHIO.-Brother             and Sister   theniselves in this locality, would stop niost gratifying. Brother Argv- and his
Ashcroft a r e here. W e are in the midst        over with us.-Pastor.    L. C.Baker.             danghter, Miss Zelma. gave .art11 the
of a blessed meeting. Brother Arthur                                                              Word of Cod in the old-time way, and
Zepp war here for a few services. H e                                                             Miss Olsen was used of the Lord in a
has a wonderful message to the Pente-                NORTH BOWIE, TEXAS.-Th             J.ord     blessed way in singing. They arc at pres-
costal people. H e is now in services with       is working in this place. Sunday, No- ent in a revival in Granite City, Illinois.
Brother L e o ~ ~ a r d s Findlay w-ith markcd
                      at                         vember 2, was a glorious day with I?%                T h e Cohen meeting is jus: starting
results.-Paul C. Buchrr.                         O n e sister received the Baptism ' i n t h e here. People are here from other states
                                                 Holy Spirit; a cloud of glory seemed t o for prayer and to seek Cod. Sunday
                                                 fill the room. A t the evening service a night, the second meeting, five.were fillc-d
    MIZE, KY.-On request of saints I             young man on crutches came in, who had           wit11 the Holy Spirit and several were
wish to report victory for Mize, Ky. 1           been run over hy an auto; after he was convcrted. T h e day-meetings, in which
rrrently held a short meeting there.             prayed for he had n o need of the crutches. tl-e W o r d of Cod is studicd and wonder-
Three were wonderfully saved, while man?         W e ask the prayers of the Evangel fam- fully expounded by this converted and
othcrs pressed forward in eajier desire          ily. If the Lord tarries, we are ex-             Spirit-filled railroad man, arc indeed a
for prayrr. It is a fine community to            pecting grcat things of Him a this place.
                                                                                !                 feast of good things to hunzry samts.
work in. a s there are many hungry souls         -Pasto? J. W. Ferrell and rvifr. J iszie Please pray for a mighty outpouring of
 ;vho want to find Jesus. There are sev-                                                          t h c Holy Spirit in this City.-Fred    Loh-
                                                 Harris, assistant pastor.
 rral Pcnter.stal saints there who have                                                           mann.
 real vi-lor!.      They will welcome any
<ood vinister (here who is in fellow:                L E O N , 0KLA.-Just  a word or praise         L Y N D E N . WASH.-We           opened a
yh p v i t h the Council.-Dewey         Blanto~i, to H i m who hath washed us from ou,
                                                                                                special revival mcetinfi Sept. 14, continu-
rvan~elist.                                       sins in His own blood. I attended both        i n g two weeks in the Pentecostal Church.
                                                  the Arkansas and Oklahoma State Coun-         and the b l c s s i n ~and power of Cod was
    A U S T I N , TEXAS.-\Y.        A. Mercer.    cils, and enjoyed the fellon.ship of thr      in our midst, for which we praise Him.
from Caldwell. Texas has been with us Ixethren. F r c m the Oklahoma Council                    \Yc then rented a large hall, seating 600
in a 15-day rrvival. T h e dear Lord mrt          I went with Brother J. J. Land t o Love       people. T h e owner of the building zave
n.itli uc in won.lerful power, and we h a w County, Okla., and conductcd a I-week               us a special rate of $3.00 per ~ ~ i a h tAs .
had a grcat vi-tory. Tlie church is in a          meeting near Leon. T h e farmers were         the Lord was blessing, the people wanted
 heltrr qiiri.u?l condition now *han it Imsy with their crops and the attendance                the meeting to conti~iuc another week.
hns Ixen in for a long while. T h e Lord          wasn't so large. However; God b!essed         This time the rent was donated to the
1-as saved snme prcciois souls, praiec our efforts and two received the Bap-                    work T h e owner of the hall became in-
H i s dear name; an<l some backsliders            tism in the Holy Spirit, and three were       terested in thc work, and brougl~t his
Iiave Iwen reclaimed: and there have becn         rerlaimed, anrl the assembly was encour-      fanlily, and took a n artive part in the
some h-alnqs. Praise the Lord. T h e              aged and strengthened. Brother Land is a      meeting. Plcase remember this broth-
saints have hcen made to feel the mighty precious Spirit-filled man, and has done               e r in prayer.            W e continued the
power o Cod upnn them in surh a way
           !                                     .
                                                 I  good work in this conlmunity. My next       meeting for five wreks. A good num-
that some h:~ve danced in the Spirit. w h i k                                            Pat-
                                                  meeting will be with Brother G c o r ~ e       ber r e v saved; 10 were haptirrd in
o t h v s ha1.e sprken at l e n ~ t hin tongues tcrson and the Broken Arrow Asscmhly,           water; 2 rcceiverl the Eaptism in the
a s the Cp:rit gave utteranre. O u r mect-        from O r t . 31 to Nov. 16. S o far I         Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:4: sev-
i n g rlrsetl last niqlit, witli a parkc4         liavrn't accepted any pastorxte. and f o r    crnl were prayed for for the hcalina of
linuse 2nd with great interes~. Brother           rhis repson I will he open for evangel-       the body: and the Lord undertook in a
Mercer returned to his home today. Irav-          istic calls any place. I can give all ne-     wondrrful way. Praise H i s dear name.
i n g tlie little 37th S t . Mission in far hct- crssary rcferenrez and am in full fellow-      Tlle people rherr a r e I i u n ~ vfor thc true
tcr conrl;tion spiritually than hr found s l ~ i p widh thc Cener;~l Council of thc             W o r d of Cod. Let us'all continue to
it.-T. A. neard, acting pnstor, 905 Easr          Assrnrhlics of Cod.-H.     B Laws. Box        prPy that the Lord will rontinue t o work.
15th SI.                                          C4f1. Mnlvern, Ark.                           - E v a ~ i g . H a n s Hansen.
h'ovembei 22, 1924                                          T H E P E N T E C O S T A L EVANGEL                                                   Page Thirteen

   'REVIVAL SWEEPING CUMBER.                     '       ter Brother and Sifter Ashcroft a n d                         E L V I N S , M0.-I desire to speak a
                    LAND, MD.                            Brother Hummell leave for Toledo, Ohio,                    word o f praise for what God is doing in
                                                         where they are advertised to start meet-                   these last days. I came t o thc. lead belt
    Surely the. glory from the glory world               ings a t the Pentecostal Tabernacle for                    July 16, 1923, feeling assured that I
has, been felt in mighty waves in t h e
                                                         Brother Paul Bucher. W e hope and pray                     was in the will of the Lord. and by ask-
past three weeks, during which.hundreds                  that God niay bless there In t h e same way                ing and believing, God has blessed. I n
have felt the glory in their Own souls'                  that H e has in Cumberland, Md.-Alvey                      June, 1924, we erected a tabernacle 32x
W e praise God that the Lord ever sent                   S. Reckley,                            ,                   40 feet that can be used through the
a l o n ~the Ashcroft Evangelistic Party.
                                                                                                                    cold season. W e praise God for all.
    T h e first Sunday night, the ice broke                  BERWIND, W.. VA.-We                  are prais-
and seventeen fell inlo the well of salva-           ,   i n g . ~~d for our meeting just dosed.
                                                                                                                    Some have been saved, and some hap-
                                                                                                                    tized a s in Acts 2:4. Pray for the work
tion and got filled up with the water that               T h e r e were 3. sa\red and 4 baptized in
flows from it. After the ice broke t h e                 the spirit according to ~~t~ 2:4. 0 t h -                  here.-C.     R. Jones.
Power began to {all in showers. O f course,              er hungry souls were a t the altar seeking
after the power began t o fall in such                   the Lord: about 10 for salvation, and a s                    KOSHKONONG,             MO.-I     want to
                                                                                                                            a      o f praise lor what the Lord
showers and souls were getting through t o               many for ~h~ ti^^. ~h~ ~~~d used
God, there was a ~ ~ o i ine the camp. Peo-
                             s                           ~~~~h~~ ~                l who is~ a licensed ,,,jn- ~
                                                                                                   ~                has done for us the last two montlis.
                                                                                                                         ~        ~         ,
ple from the surrounding churches began                  ister with t h e Assenlblics of God to                     Evangelist Charles Bennett came here and
                                                                                                                    held a four-week meeting, in which sev-
to come and some of them got old-time
religion, and when they got it they did,
                                                         bring us the w o r d . L~~~~crowds             kere        eral souls were raved and Ilaptized i n
                                                         present and a fine interest was shown.                     the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:4;
not act any different from us Pentecos-                        is a new field. ~~~~h~~ ~~~~i~ B
tal people. When thc revival power struck                                                                           backsliders were reclaimed: and there
                                                         ~ i ~ ~ \ and , myself d ~ ~
                                                                                \     ~ ~ went there i;
here it made no difference what church                                                                              were good crowds and t h e                   war
                                                         ~        ~ a n d ~started a meeting in an
                                                                               i    l
the people were in. They were after God,                                                                            K O O ~ throughout the      meeting. Elder
                                                         doned M. E. church, used before by the
and God they would have,ahd it was God                                                                              Chas. Wooldridge preached the latter
                                                         colored folks. Now God has given us a
they received within their own souls; for                .ice building, seating about 400 people.                   Part of the meeting. The                    is in
when they got up                 the altar they                                                                     hettcr condition now than it has been
                                                         Money was appropriated during last re-                     for six or seven Years. The u n i t y o f the
were not afraid t o tell about it. They not              vival for the finishing of the building.                   Spirit is with us            night for w h i c h
only told about it, but they shouted it out              we      expect to dedicate it about ~                ~     we praise God. Let us pray that this -
                                                                                                                           ~         ~         ~         b
s o others could hear i t : and it was not                15. we covet the prayers of all the                                                             t h i s old
only heard in the church, but others heard                                                                          Latter Rain Message will
                                                         children of ~,,d that we may prosper foi                   globe, ~for Jesus is coming soon. Any
about the revival and came. People came                  jesus,-~. B. H                   ~ pastor.~            ~                    ~        ~        ,
not only frcm Cumberland but from Wil-                                    -                                         preacher in full fellowship with the Gen-
liamsport, Md., Spring Gap, Md., M a r -                    H E R S C H E L , SASK.-We     have had a               eral Council of the Assemblies of God is
                                                                                                                    invited t o visit US.-J. H. WOOldridge.
tinsburg, W. Va., and 'many othcr towns.
Some of these towns were nearly t k o
                                                          blessed little revival here at W e n n o n a
                                                          School, about 4 miles north. Five were
hundred miles away, but when the power                    gloriously saved and one received the                                      MO.-The    Evangel-
of God is present, distance makes little                  Baptism in the Holy Spirit according to                   jsticCampaign,         by
difference.                                                             I ~
                                                         . A 2:4. ~ suppose he spake in the
                                                                     ~                                              John Goben in Convention Hall, came
                                                                                                                       a      On Sunday evening. October
     T h e crowds came in such throngs that               Spirit for fully an hour, and the language
we were unable' to seat them. Trey had                    changed three times. Truly it made one                    26.
t o stand in the aisles, on the platform, in              think of that old hymn, "Oh for a thou-                       The meetings conducted by
the doorway and wherever standing room                    sand tonzues t o sing my great Redeem-                    Goben were a Success f r o m whatever
 was available. T h e preacher even was                   er's praisel" T h e glory of the presence                 angle the month's effort may be viewed.
crowded for room to preach.                               of ~~d was wonderfully present. we                        Souls were saved in almost every evening
   ! N o t only were the people saved but they            understand that church services have been                 ser"ice,         were baptized i n t h e
 wkre slain under the power ill groups, and               held here for 17 years, but no real out-                  Spirit, and others who were afflicted in
 several were baptized in the Holy Ghost                  ward results, and this awakening has                      their bodies were healed. Some testified
and spoke in other tongues a s the Spirit                 caused the entire country to be. stirred.                 to being healed from cancer, others of
 Himself gave utterance. As high as five                  F o u r were buried in the watery grave,                  long-standing deafness and other ailments.
 in one night received a glorious experience              after which we ate together around the                        Over and above the visilrlc results was
 a s foretold by the prophet Joel: "For in                table of the ~~~d in Inemor). of ~           i                     r done in the hearts of hundreds
                                                                                                                    a ~~ o . k
 the last ays I will pour out niy Spirit                  o h , praise c o d . .we desire your prayer.              of people in the way of convincing them
 U W ~ d l j e s 1 ~ ' ' Truly the prophecy of            ~h~ work is still progressing ~             ~             from the Scriptures that ~
                                                                                                                          ~      t       h                 ~
                                                                                                                                                    Pentecost is o f
 the prophet Joel has been fulfilled under                has been saved since the revival services                 God. Brother Goben's mrssase rang clear
 our own cxcs in the last three weeks.                    closed, and            were healed,-~. G.                 on etPery point of the testimony f o r which
      Another remarkable part of t h e meet-              M, Story.                                                 \re stand, and it was conceded by all
 ing was a divine healing scrvicc in which                                                                          \rho heard him from night t o night that
  f i f t y o r more were prayed f o r by the                T A M P A , FLA.-Let           everything that         he had delivered some of thr clearest and
 evangelist. God was prcscnt in "lighty                  hath breath praise the Lord. W e just                      stronjiest messages on our Pentecostal
 h e a l i ~ ~power. God has not been slack              closed a ten-day meeting at , O a k \ P a r k               testimony, a s well a s on the vital truths
 in :my way to us but h a i conle to our hclp            Holi~~ess      Church, where God met with us                concerning the hour in which we are
  in whatever wc needed f o r body, soul                 in a wonderful way. God blessed our dear                    living that have evcr I ~ e e n dclivcred in
 a ~ ~ d   spirit. W e arc unable to say. how            D r o t l ~ c rA. G. Voight, from Springfield,               his city. \Ye a r e trusting the Lord will
 nianv wcre saved, baptized in the Holy                  Mo., a s he brought forth the messages                     bless our brother a s lie goes among thc
  Ghost and healed by the powcr of God,                  under thc anointing of the Spirit. Six-                    ;~ssenil,lics in the will of God, and we
 but there a r e scores that we know of.                 tcen professed to be saved and some re-                     are confident that IIC \\.ill be a great bless-
      T h e revival has not ceased, and me say,          claimed; 8 received the Baptism acrord-                     ing to the thousands for whom he labors
  Burn on. o h fire of God, burn on. W e                 in,( t o Acts 2:4, and some were glori-                    and to whom lie niinisters.
  praise the Lord for some more meetings                 ously Ilcaled, praise Cod. W e can truly                       Rrother Gohen is contemplating a trip
  like that which wc had in the early days                say that we arc marching on to victory.                    to the Pacific coast after the lioliclays,
  of Pentecost. Surely the trio of God-                   W e secured 22 new sul~scribcrs for the                    and \re trwst that the saints will pray
  callcd. Spirit-filled, Holy Ghost preachers             Evangel, and last Sudsy we took 16                         for him that God will nlmndantly blcss
  from Philadelphia. Brothcr and Sistcr J.                new meml>crs info the cl~urch, and our                     him a s he goes to the land of sunshine
  Ashcroft and Brother Jas. Roland Hum-                   Sundav school is also increasing. W e                      and roscs, fogs and frolics and use him
  mrll, nrrrc blessed of thc Lord a s they en-            had I l l in n t t c n d a n c ~last Sunday. W c           in a nlirhty way in winning souls into
  deavored to give out the Word of God                    ha\le been ;I little over one year in this                 tllc kingdom.
   from night to night without f e a r o r fa-            place, and God has so blessccl tlrnt w r                      From Springfield Rrother Gobcn went
  vor. Miss Hattic Hammond. of Williams-                  frcl like praisins on. l'l~erc is yet morc                 to St. Louis t o conlluct n series of meet-
   port, Md., was used of thc Lord in the                 land ahead t o I>c possessed.-Pastor I.                    i n p in Trinity Tal>ernnrle with R~.othcr
   services. S h e will continuc the meetings af-         J . Boltrm ;ind wifc.                                      Lohmnnn thc pastor.-D.         11. McDowcll.
 Page    Fourteen                                                     THE PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL                                                                                               November 22, 1924

                                                                  TRINIDAD, COL0.-City-wide         Crcoter Gospel                                               S O U T H AFRICAN F l E L D

                                                                Campargn begins Decembcr 7 and continues through                                       Allowancem of misiionaries                                     Z%.P
                                                                thc mo.ith of December. O t t o J. Klink and work-
     Forthcoming Meetings                                       ers in charge. Mectings to be held in the new
                                                                                                                                                       Native work and workers
                                                                hall 45 Piue Strect. Further particulars from                                            T o t a l distribution for Africa                    .$ZOl.02
                                                                J. k. Lecdham, 107 Goddard St.. Trillidad, Cola.                                                      NORTH, C H M A F I E L D
                                                                                                                                                      Allowances of mtastonanes                              4 963.70
                                                                   N E W YORK CONVENTION.- he scventcentb                                             Missionaries on furloush ..... L                            .
                                                                annual Pentecostal Conve;tion'            will bc held a t                            Mission station expcnic                                     6.00
   ST. LOUIS. M0.-Trinity      Tabernacle. Cobcn                                                                                                     *Native work and worker,                                     51.00
 Evangehsttc Campatgn begms Nov. 2. Further                     "Clad Tidings Tabernacle, 33d St., West of 8th                                        Orphana e work (Taianlu)                                   336.00
 particuiars from Pastor Fred Lnhmann. 5736 Etzel               Avc.. New York City, beginning Friday. Novym-
                                                                ber 14, far 17 days. There will be two urvtce.
                                                                                                                                                     *Chapel Aaianfu)           .                                  2.00
 Ave.. St. Louis. Mo.                                                                                                                                'Chinese hymn b w k ....................                       SO
                                                                daily-2:30 and 7:45 p. m. Sunday, 1O:M a. m.                                                          SOUTH CHINA F l E L D                 I
                                                                3:W and 7 3 0 p. m. W e - a r e glad to be able td                                     Allowances of nnsstonanes                                 SCO.75
   MEETING IN ELCIN, KANSAS.-I                a m now           an.:ounce that we have secured J. S. McConnell
conducting a meeti,)g here. I have moved from                                                                                                         Missionaries on furlough                                   l4S.W
                                                                knlqwn as the fiery Irish evangelist. whom Cod ha;                                    Mission station expense                                     93.00
l2ZO South St. to 10.1 Spring St., Collinsville. Okla.          been using 01 late in such a remarkable way in                                        Nativc work and workers ...............................     49.00
-Evannelist C. G. Kinn.                                         Canada. Otltcr special workers secured a r e Evan-
                                                                gelist \Villiam I . Bouton. F l u s h i ~ ~ g . Y. ( H e m
                                                                                                                                                                 EE !          CHINA A N D T I B E T
                                                                                                                                                      Allowances of n t l s s ~ n n a r ~ c.
                                                                                                                                                                                           s                    215.00
  S M I T H WICGLESWORTH A T S A N J O S E                      of Dclmont); Ernest Williams. Phila., Pa.; \Vil-                                                    S O U T H W E S T E R N CHINA
 CALIF.. a t the L'gpcr Room Mission, 4th a.-d ~ a ;            liam I. Eyans. Newark. N. J.; Joseph Tunmore,                                         Allowances of m t r s ~ o n a r ~ c ~                        s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2 00
 Antonto Sts. Deccn~bcr 7 to Dccembcr 17.-Max                      Pittsburgh, Pa.; and many other yninisters and                                         C E N T R A L CHINA-MISCELLINEOUS
 Freintark, pa'stor.                                            mtsrionaries from different parts of the world
                                                                will be prcscnt.
                                                                                                                                                      Allorvan~ces of misstonartes
                                                                                                                                                      M~rstonartcson furlough
                                                                                                                                                                                              . .-       -
                                                                                                                                                                                                            --  25000
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  7 5 3
    FAIRMONT, W: VA:-Evan                 elist J. Clark           hlissionary day and offering will be Sunday.
 Soules and party wtll begut a fuj-gospel evangel-              Novernbcr 23, a t which tune dltlcrent misslonarles                                      Total distribution for China                      U802.95
 istic campaign Novcmber IS. to continue 10 days                will speak. Special music and si.?ging will be                                                     NORTH INDIA F I E L D
 or !sneer. in Fraternity Hall in the West Virginia             under the direction of B E N COCKERHAN, the                                           Allowanccs of missionaries                             2031.50
 b u ~ l d ~ n g .Specaal heallng service each Sunday a t       sirrgiug evangelist. Miss hlildred Anderson, of                                       Missionarics on furlough                                380.00
 3 p. In. Evangelistic service each night at 7:M.               \Vashinpton. U. C., a i t h the Tabernacle Quar-                                      Mission station expense . _                             176.00
 Saints please pray t h a t a n assembly will be os-            tette. and Orchestra. will s i n e and ~ l a r . On t b e                            'Native work and workera .-                               38.25
 tnhlished here. For information address Albert                                                            l
                                                                wholi this promises 'to be a ieast b' fat things.                                    *Building and repairs                                    W.75
  Ray, 1tt. 1. Fairmont, W. Va.                                    A r r n n ~ c m e n t s are betng made where1 y folks                             'Orphans and orphanages                                  144.00
                                                                coming from out of town can b e accommo.lated                                        *Leper work .......                                        6.00
                                                                a t 4741 Hudson Boulevard North Bcrgen N. J.                                                       S O U T H INDIA F l E L D
  CAMP,MEETING A T A U B U R N D A L E FLA.                                                                                                           Allowances of missionaries                               30.00
will bcgm Ueccmber I8 and contmuc un:til )an-'                  T h i s is an ideal s m t .to r&t and pray. a i d sincc
                                                                there arc enly two services a d i y a n 4 it can                                      Missionaries on furlough                                 90.00
uary 4. \Ve ask the brayers of all the saints,                                                                                                       *Native work and workers                                  25.00
and extend a hearty welcome to all. Come and                    bc easily reached. the surface car ; x m n z from.                                       Total distribution for India                      .$3U1.50
camp; everything will bc madc a s convenic!~t a s               \Vcsl 42nd St. ferry to 34th St. and 8th Avc.,                                                           JAPAN FlELD
posstble. Anyone desiring to spend thc winter in                anc block from the Tabernacle. Accommodations                                                                                             .
                                                                                                                                                      Allowances of missionaries .................... .-... 3 n . W
Florida will be welcomed to Auburndale, where
Cod is blessing. Anyone desiring further infor-
                                                                can bc gotten a t above address a t reasonablc rates,
                                                                by writing Rcv.,H. V. Mass.
                                                                                                                                                      Mission station expense and workers                   -..86.00
                                                                                                                                                     *Children's work ...................................      45.00
mation write Mr. dr Mrs. L. S. Miller, pastor, or                  Thosc who destre r m m s nearer t h e Tabernacle.                                             P A L E S T I N E ,AND SYRIA
J. A. Garbcr. dcacon.                                           will have no dificulty a s there a r c many such                                      Allowances of mlsrtonartes                              12S.W
                                                                places in the n e i g h b a r l k d . There a r c over fifty
  KANSAS 'DISTRICT COUNCIL.-The              sevcnth
                                                                rertaura,jts within three blocks of the Tabernacle.
                                                                and a i t h such healthy competition you d!find
                                                                                                                                                     :lwiw",nIsii: . R.I.~.NF.E.D: ..: . .;.: .
                                                                                                                                                               , ,
                                                                                                                                                                     ....... _. ... ..
                                                                                                                                                                           . . . ..
                                                                                                                                                                             I L
m n u a l mcetiny of the Kansas Dtstrict Council will           meals ~ o o dand reasonablc.                                                           Allowances 01 m!sslonarxcs                                    215.00
meet in Topeka, Kansas. December 3. 4. 5. All                      N. B.-How            to r u c h the Tabcrnaclel F m i                             *Missionaries on furlough                                        75.00
a o s e making application lor hcense o r ordination            Jersey or Brooklyn, take Hudson Tubea o r B. W             .                           Native work and workers                                       1W.W
wtll lease come to this meetin5. Kansas rcach                   T. to Ud St.. New York Cnty, and walk two blocks                                                     S O U T H AMERICAN F I E L D
ers sRou~dfeel it their duty to attend this 8ouncii.            west. All elevated and-surface car hncs stop a t                                       Allowances of missionaries
Brethren let us all come. Entertainment will b e                3Jd or 34th St. From up or down town N c r                                             Missionaries on furlough ..          .
free. ~ d further information write Pastor Chas.
             r                                                  York t a k c subway to Pcnnsylvan~a Statton, Xd                                        Native w r k c r s
Sheall. 1412 E. 6th St.. Topeka. Kansas.-Frcd                   St. ;nd 8th Arc., and walk ball block west..                                                              W E S T INDIAN FlELD                   ',
Vogler, chairman.                                                  For further information a s to acwmmodatlons.                                       Allowances of mtramnaraes                                   i
                                                                etc.. pleasc write Miss Marie Burman, 111 W e s t                                      Native. work and workers ...
   WASHINGTON. D. C.-Bert W i l l i u m E v u u e l -           111th St., New York Gity, G n v e n t ~ o nSecretary.                                                             MEXICO
h t i c Campaim, NOV. 10 t o 30. Inclusive. T h e Full                                                                                                 Allowances of missionartes
G o a p l Asacmbly, 930 Pa. Ave.. N. W.. Washing-                 A N E W P E N T E C O S T A L R E S C U E MISSlON                                    Native work nrd workers ...............
ton, D. C., has secured the acrviccs ol Evangelist                                                                                                                         MEXICAN BORDER
Bert \Villiams, for a big autumu revival. to con-                Berea Pentecostal Mission h a s been opened a t                                       Allowances of missionares
tinue Nov. 10 to 30. These meetings have been                  203 South Hslstead S t . Chicago Ill.. Open ever                                        Native work and workers
  l a m e d lor w m c montha. aud the saints have been         night. All, ~ e n t e c a s t a imtnlste;~ parsing t h r o u g i                      T a p e r e u t t c r for Ln L u r ....                           5.00
P    .
 ookmg forward in faith and prayer lor the Lord
to meet them r i t h a great ingathering of soul..
                                                               Chicago wdl be gladly welcomcd. W m . Lambcrt
                                                               Drant and Peter hIcComh in charge.
                                                                                                                                                       La Luz Apostolica (Spanish newspaper).-
                                                                                                                                                       Hawaii. allowances ......
                                                                                                                                                       Alaska. alloaanccs .......................                     80.00
Pray r i t h us for a great outpouring upon the                                                                                                        Poland. ~ I l o w a n c c ~                                    25.00
national capital. Services will be held morning                      DISTRIBUTION O F S E P T E M B E R , IsU,
                                                                         .MISSIONARY ALLOWANCES                                                        Russia. allowances .                                    ~- 5 .  Qm
and evening on week-days. and morning, afternoon                                                                                                     *Persia . allowances
and evening on Sundays. Special music r i l l bc                  T h e following report shows the amount of money                                   . ~ h i c a = o Missionary Rest Home
arranged. Comc, bring your friends. For further
information r r i t c Parlor H. L. Collier. I l l 2 L a -
                                                                sent to the mis.ionaries on the various fields lor
                                                                the month of September. T h e September fund3                                        :p      c 1 d F a r e Fund
                                                                                                                                                          tsslon station building fund .........................
mont St.. N.     w.,   Washington. D. C.                        wcre distributed with the greatest 01 difficulty
                                                                on account of sqme unusual needs w h ~ c hhad to                          ,            Transportation Forci n Mission, +c'y..,..-
                                                                bc met. F o r t y - e ~ g h tper cent o the offcrtngs re-
                                                                                                                 !                                     Hcccived in s c n t e m t c r for mtssmnnrtea
                                                                cci\.erl sere designated far varlous purposes and                                        who a r c not w6rking.undcr S;en.~Councii 466.70
                                                                the remaining 52 per cent was divided up among                                         September funds d ~ s t r ~ b u t c d August .... W.16
 Fourteenth Annual Mcetlng of the Sautheastern                                                                                                             Total distribution for Seotembcr ....... 3129>2.60
 District Council of the Assemblies of God will
 convene December 2 to 6 a t the Asscmbl
                                                                   the missionaries for allowa:ccs, native workers
                                                                and other items 3s listed below. W e sucaedcd                                          Minus amount borrowed from
                                                                                                                                                       Minus amount, previously received lor
                                                                                                                                                                                                  0s.     iund;.-ilw.ii
 Cod Mirriou of Pensacoh, Florida, o f which $d       I:
 D. P. hlc1)ovald i s g t o r . Urother Gco. 11. Kelley
of Sainam. South         ma. w l l be w t h us' and d e
                                                                in bringi-p: the allowances of the mxwianarrcr up
                                                                to ~25.00"cach lor thc month only by bqrrowing
                                                               $llW M fronl October lu?ds. \Ve a r c tru3tmp that
                                                               this borrowed money wdl be more than madc up
                                                                                                                                                           September distribution
                                                                                                                                                          September balance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 . -~ .
liver same interesting missionary addrerges, also
                                                               during the months that follow. All de3ignated                                           ' Entire amount designated.
Pyitor J. 0. S a v c l l , o l Hatticsburg, 1 1 ~ ~ s .our
General Presbyter, wtll he present and takc par2               offcrinps wrrc forwarded to the field exactly a s
in the dcliterations of the Council. W e are cx-               designated. The needs on all firlds a r e so great.
pecting this to be one of our best Council mccl-               and thc allowances for the missionaries have been
mgs. All affiliated brethren a r e requested ! o bc            so small, that we trust all wII make it a matter
present and partacrpate. Those dessri ~g ltcenre               of n r a y r r to do their bcst for the work on the
                                                               foreiptl field in futurc. Unless Cod l a y s a special                                  T H E HAPPY CHRISTIAN
or ordination should be prcscnt and appear before
the license and ordination conlmittcc for examina-             need on your heart, it would be much better                                             By "An Unknown Christian"
tion. Entertain~ment will be furnished free by the             lor your offering to be sent to the treasurer un-
local assemhly to aIi ministcrr and dclcgates. All             deqipnated, l e a v t ~ w it with the Foreign Missions                                                     b
                                                                                                                                                            I n t h ~ s ook the author proves that
trains will be met. For further i ~ ~ f o r m n t i oann t e   Connnilttcc to send the money whcrc the need 1s
                                                               tllc greatest.                                                                          t h e C h r i s t i a n L i f e is a h a p p y life, a n d
Pastor D. P. Mcnunald. c-o 1211 1 Jackson St..
Penaacala Pla.-\V. F. Hnrdwick, chairman, H a r t -                                             J. Roswell Flawcr. Treasurer.                          s o , w i t h a p l o w i n g e n t h u s i a s m b o r n of
ford, la:                                                                            CONGO B E L C E F I E L D                                         a p e r s o n a l e x p e r i e n c e of a g r e a t f a c t , h e
                                                                 Allornncea of missionarirs                                             .$ 203.00      p r o c l a i m s t o t h e w o r l d t h e j o y and s a t -
    T H E ANNUAL S O U T H E A S T E R N D l S T R l C T       'For p r n r p ~ c t i v c mirsionario                                        14.75
COUNClL of the Arsemblics of God will convene                    Trnnsportatiori of missiozlary to field ........ 371.00                               i s f a c t i o n of o b e d i e n c e to t h e H o l y W i l l .
with the Assembly a t I'cnsacola Fln. 609 North                                               EGYPT FIELD                                              A l l w h o w i s h t o see the h a p p y C h r i s -
Dcvillers St.. Dcc. 2 to 6. 1934. The co;n-cil proper
will open Tucsday morning a t 10 o'clock. Uecern-       missiotmries ............................
                                                                                       of                                                    75.00     tian llle entered into a n d enjoyed by
ber 2. Each assembly is urged to send a t least                  n l i s s i o ~ ~ a r i r r w furlouqh ...............................
                                                                                           s                                                 75.00
two dclcniltcn and all ministers arc urved to be                 N:~tivc work and workers. .............................                    100.00     ever-increasing                tiun~bers should not
present Tor the opening services, a, t h k ~ & c t i o n         A s r i w t Oal,l>an support . . .                                          25.00                r
                                                                                                                                                       o ~ l l y c a d t h i s b o o k thetnselves, b u t also
of aficcrs lor tlre ensuing year is the first it(m                                 F R E N C H SUDAN F I E L D                                         p s s it o n t o o t h c r s . C l o t h binding.
on thc proarnm to he disnosed of. \Vc nromlse                                          a
                                                                 Allown~~ccs l mission:tri                                                  3.i7.m
to cntrriain d l ministrrr. -deleuntes and -visiturs
                                                                 I..or ~ , t o s ~ w c u vmissiooa
                                                                                               e                                             73.75
                                                                                                                                                                                        Price $1.10 postpaid.
t l n t rwme, avd we will meet all i k o m i l l p trams       'Trauslwrtntion frmn fick                                                    111.RO
Uecenllwr 1 to 4 with cunvcyance to carry the                  'h'ative work and worker.                                                     25.00        GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE
  w le to thc church, or, visitrw. may tnkr East
h i l r Slrcet car going west, transfer tu North Hill                         LIBERIA A N D S I E R R A L E O N E                                               Springfield. Mo.
Street c a r and act OR at K I J Norlh Ikvillcrs St.             A1lon.aucc.r of n>irrion:trier ....................... 231.25
For furtlwr particulars nrldrr*s I'nrtor I). 1'. N c -                                                                                       30.00
hid. 1?1 Brent Dldg.. Prnsacol:t, Fla.                                                                                                       60.00
November 22, 1924'                                                           T H E PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL                                                                       Page Fifteen

           Novemer 1 to 6 Ipcluslw
 This doc, nor include offermg for expense                             h
Misslonary Department.                                                                ANNOUNCEMENT.
                                                                                  PARTIAL LIST O F SONGS
                                                                                                                                   Calendar for 1925
                                                                                        (Words and Music)         '
                                                                                           Composed by
                                                                                 Evangelist 'Louise L. Nankivell .
                                                                             The Unchanging Christ, and
                                                                             Lel Us Stand for the Word of G o b . 1 5 ~
                                                                             Don't Follow the Ways of the           ..
                                                                               World                              15c.
                                                                             1 Know He's Coming, and
                                                                             Catch the Sunshine pf His Smile 15c
                                                                             Don't Criticize Your Brother, and
                                                                             Thanks Be Unto God          :         15c
                                                                                Written under divine inspiration,
                                                                             these s o n p have already proved a
                                                                             great blessing. The words have real
                                                                             spiritual depth and the tunes are very
                                                                             attractive. They are on four-page fold-
                                                                             ers, octavo size and useful as special
                                                                             selections.     '

                                                                                Any of the above folders two for
                                                                             Z5c, o r the complete set of seven songs
                                                                             for 50c. Scnd orders direct to the
                                                                             evangelist at 642 Mon'ticello Ave., Chi-
                                                                             cago, Ill.
                                                                                           J U S T OUT.
                                                                                     S o He Made I t Again                                          T k Cover
                                                                                "Personal Testimonies of Mr. and
                                                                                                                                 The cover is an exceptionally artis-
                                                                              Mrs. F. A. Graves," a little volume             tic reproduction of "The Good Shep-
                                                                              of fifty pages. Price 45 cents; post-           herd" in seven colors. seven printings.
                                                                              paid 50 cents. Also The New Gift                by 'the most improved offset process.
                                                                              new edition of song book with some              T o buy such a picture a s this in a
                                                                              addition. Price 30 cents: postpaid              store would cost more than the retail
                                                                              35 cents. For sale at my residence,             price of the whole Calendar. . I t is
                                                                              2812 Enoch Ave.. Zion. Ill.-F.    A.            worthy of a plare on the wa!ls of the
                                                                              Graves.                                         most refined home.

                                                                             T H E LIFE AND EXPERIENCE                                           Inside Pictures
                                                                             O F MADAME G U Y O N                               A different one for each month-
                                                                             By Thomas C. Upham                               are fine reproductions of famous re-
                                                                                 One of the most helpful biographies          ligious masterpieces, from actual pho-
                                                                             mitten. Upham himself was a man                  tographic coples, not copied by com-
                                                                             of deep spirituality and s o could well          merclal artists, thus they have a real
                                                                             i n t e r ~ r e t the remarkablg relimous ex-    value from an artistic standpoint. The
                                                                             periences of s o spiritual a Goman a s           children of every Christian home
                                                                             Madam Cuyon.                                     ought to be familiar with these pic-
                                                                                 Interwoven in this book is the story         tures. There is n o better way in whlch
                                                                             of Archbishop Fenelon. who owed                  t o bring this.
                                                                              much t o Madam Guyon'r writings,
                                                                             and like her found his all in Cod.                  The usual fcatures are found. There
                                                                                 Madam Guyon has opened the door              are carefully sclected Bible verses for
                                                                             to the heavenly places t o many a soul           carh day: the Daily Readings
                                                                             that has been gropinq for light.                 selected by the Inlernatlona! Sunday
                                                                             (61)                      P r i g $LW postpaid   School commission: the International
                                                                                                                               Sunday School Lesson3 are shown
                                                                             IN T H E TWINKLING O F AN EYE                     every Sunday. and the Golden Text
                                                                             A Story of the Second Coming                     is printed in full: and both the senior
                                                                             By Sydney D. Watson                              and junior Christian Endeavor topics
                                                                                The Second Coming of the Lord ir               are given.
                                                                             a very precious truth t o many Chris-
                                                                             tians, a n d would be to many more if               Prices as follows:
                                                                             they only understood. Some are ad-
                                                                             verse t o studying their Bibles just t o         Single copy ...................................        .30
                                                                             learn this particular truth, but every-          5 copies ..........................................   1.25
                                                                                                  d              .
                                                                             body will read ~ n enjo a ~ o o d well-          10 copics ......................................... 2.30
                                                                             written.story. In the '?winkling of an
                                                                             Eye" 1 an exceedinaly interesting
                                                                                      s                                       25 copics ..........................................  5.25
                                                                             story in which the doctrine of the re-           50 copies ..........................................  9.50
                                                                             turn of the Lord is so intimately inter-         100 copics ....................................... 17.50
                                                                             woven that the reader ahsorbs it, ut-            200 copies ........................................  32.00
                                                                             terly unconscious that he is being
                                                                             taught. so thoroughly does he become             300 copirs ........................................  45.00
                                                                             absorhed in the story. It is just the               British prices:
                                                                             book t o put into the hands of young
                                                                             Christians, careless Christians, nominal         Single copy ....................................              411
  T O I ~ amo!ln!     minu;    S1.125.32    : I I I I O U U ~ sent           Christians. Read it for yourself. and            5 copies                                                      516
direct   to nim~mnarner ..................................       $2.764.85    then you will understand what we
                                                                             mean. Cloth binding.                             10 copies ..........................................         1014
             Novcmer 1 to 6 lncl~sim                                          (144)              Prica $1.40 w s b d d        25 r o ~ i c s.......................................... 1 - 3 - 6
$4.50:. Trinity T 1 , Arsetnl,ly S S R. Y P St
  lr01116 MO
  Tutal amount received i n N o v c m h r to date, $4.50
Page Sixteen
                               .                      T H E P E N T E C O S T A L EVANGEL             .'                             November 22, 1924


                      we-                  GIVE YOUR FRIWD A BIBLE                                                              -:-

                        HOLMAN SELF-PRONOUNCING                                           -
         LARGE PRINT REFERENCE BIBLE'                                                                      For Old F o b a n d the Home
                                WITH CONCORDANCE                                                             EXTRA LARGE PRRJT WITH
                                       Through arrangement d t h the publishem, we h w
                                                     An Excellent $10 Special
                                                        Preachers' Bible
                                                   Cl&blsckprint thin light a n a v e r J i m a c t
                                                   Authorized ~ e d i o n 'prindd on finest &din
                                                 p a w made. Color tone in a beautiIul pearl
                                                 white with a h , soft finish.
                                                   ' I h c leaves separate e a d y and do not cling
                                                 together in the manner peeulinr to other lndin
                                                 papers. e        e i t h doubly.stmn and 6rm in
                                                 terture, It is so thin that ~t  ML      only five

                                                             leather linings, silk sewed! silk               6i.a when dosed, 6%x 9% inches
         hcadban+ and marker, s e a l flat opening reinforced binding that will not break In the
         back p m t e d fmm large l face open print with k b e d spsmzq between the words
     '   and lines.
           The size is 6 x 8 inches. Only one inch thick.                                              for every da use coouioiog all the advantn a
           ~ n y i dnt i o n a pages for notes. we*
           NO. 1000X. Rlce, postpaid, $10.
                                                        OW      Ouna          G :$
                                                                               Ep                                    ~y                       that can$
                                                                                                       of a ~ s m i B i d i n a compact ~ i r c
                                                                                                       csrily handled. with Record for D~rtha. Mar-
                                                                                                              mnd Deaths, The best Bible obtaioabla
                                                                                                       for old folka who need utn la-0 clear pnot and
       Nelson's Temcher.'s Bible. Self-Pm-                                                             alioht-welpht book.
    nouncing. Bmvicr type.-Size,            5% x                                                          No. 2014. Dunblv Bound In Rench S n l
    854 x 1%.                                                                                          Laather full lexiblsm~era, round cprners. red
                                7752.    Genuine                                                       under goid edges,silL head ban& andsdk mnrkcr.
                                                                                                       rdd t i t l a
                             Leather, Levant
                             Grain. divinity cir-                                                           O w Pda-Pwf      Pald.         ., -
                                                                                                                                     .....---.. 4.85
                             cuit, leather lined
                             to edge. red un-
                            der gold edges.            Nelwn L r g e Type, Home Remdin
                            with 23 full-page        Bible.-Small   Pica type, size 6 g x 9 2
                             illustrations in se-    x 1%.    Full References, 12 colored
                             pia.     Price $450.    maps, Family Record. Printed on fine
                                7852. Same a s       white paper. -
                             above, but the                                                                   FOR INTERMEDIATE
                            words of Christ in                 Specimen of type                            SUNDAY-SCHOOL S C H O L h R S
                            the New Testa-
                             ment printed in         eth out 01 tile I U O U ~tnis,
                                                                               ;~                                    Loras Claw B k t Typ:
                             Red. Price $4.75.       defileth a man.                                                     Helps L BiMd Sludv
                                                                                                                         Qudions and ~ - n r :
               Specimen of type                                                                                          in Colms, and Prcnal&on
    a%. a       grent : a n d moreover we so          12 Then came his dis-                                              Pa& A Beautiful Gin BibL.
                childrcn of A h n k them.            ciules. and said unto him,
    I 8.. n.a
                  29 ''l'hc Am?&-lck-itcsdwrl
                land of t h e south : and t h e li
                a n d the Jcb!u-s~Les.and thc          3682.   Genuine Leather Morocco
               litcs. d w d l in t h e mountain      grain, limp, round corners, red under
                                                     gold edges.                    Price. $5.00.
     Nelson New Testament m d Pulmm.                   3683. Same a s . a h o v e , but Levant
    Small Pica type. - Size 5% x 7% x                grain, divinity circuit.       Price $6.00.         No. 215. Dlrtnln C l m l f Style. Dound La
    %. Printcd on fine white paper.                                                                    French Seal Leather munrl corners ml u r d a
                                                                                                       mold edges. wilh silk hhad band. and burplo &ilk
            Specimen ol type                                                                           mrrker, gold tnles, etc
    things as ye have; and, bell01                                                                          o rF
                                                                                                             u     U C ~ P ~paid
                                                                                                                             C     .......... 3.10
    all things are clean unto you.                                      Little Testament with
                                                                    . colored pictures. Fine             No. 3215RL. Red htta Scholnra' Bibl
     42 h L woe unto you, Pharisee                                    for children.                    r m s Blbla as No. 115 wrtb all thc Saylngn
                                                                                                       Chlist rintcd in Red 'nod with Red and goM
    for ye tithe mint and rue and I                                        Price 50c postpmid.         L N L A IPANEL S I ~ T I T U S , dm B e ~ u t l -
                                                                                                       hJlv Colored Plcturss.
    manner of herba, and pass ov
                       No. 502 P.    Price $135.                                                            Our R l o - k t Rld.     ......... 3.45
                                      THE GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE

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