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					Cielo Nocturno Chair

Burning the midnight oil at work won’t seem such a gloomy undertaking with this
terrific office chair. The moon and stars are always out day or night, peeking
through a high gloss wood back. The cushion is heavenly as well, with a plush finish
that is lovingly tufted. Add in five sturdy legs with silky smooth legs and you have a
chair that will a make a late night at the office sound downright enjoyable.

Colcha Chair

There are a lot of cheap leather chairs out on the market these days. Unfortunately,
they’re hardly a bastion of quality or appropriate for daily use in a busy office
environment. This chair is up to the task. The top grain leather is top quality while
the all-metal wheeled base will never wobble or weaken. You’ll enjoy your endless
hours of work all the more in the company of comfort.

Deliv Chair
Show your racy side with this great office chair. Two racing stripes run the length of
the seat and back cushions, creating a sporty look that is unmistakable. The light
wood frame and arms let everyone know that you’re different. It shows that you’re
not another cog in the corporate wheel – that you’re creative, a risk taker and ready
to challenge the status quo. Ah, if only more office chairs had racing stripes. Who
knows what would happen to productivity in the workplace.

Empresario Chair

First impressions are important in business. But you already know that. What you
may not know is that the office chair you sit in is every bit as important as your
power suit. No one is going to trust someone sitting in a chair they got from a
discount shop. No sir! This chair says you’re a success in business. That you’ve
earned your rightful place at the boardroom table. Why, you could probably even
get away with wearing a clown suit because this chair says it all about you as a

Europa Chair

Euro styling has long been a trendsetter in offices and homes across the country. But
rarely have we come across a Euro design that was so sophisticated, yet so practical.
The shape is ergonomically divine and the leather seat and back provide additional
support and comfort, even during the year-end inventory marathon. The
pneumatics on the central column are smooth as silk, while the five sets of dual
wheels allow you to move about effortlessly.

Evadne Chair

You don’t have to be the CEO or CFO or COO for that matter to enjoy a great office
chair. Whether you work at home or a real office (do people still do that?) you can
enjoy total comfort with this finely designed office chair. It is designed specifically to
support your back, arms and posterior perfectly, allowing you to keep your mind on
the tasks at hand rather than fidgeting constantly in some non-descript office chair
as deadlines draw perilously near.

Ferbus Chair

In a sea of black office chairs, this one is a true standout. From the wavy cutouts on
the back to the perfect padding on the seat, you’ll definitely be noticed in your office
in one of these babies. But looks are only part of this success story. The pneumatics
give you total control of the height and angle of the chair while the extra wide legs
provide stability, even when you’re rolling along on plush office carpeting.

Fiachra Chair

Sure, executives get chairs with all the options -- like armrests. But you don’t have to
have all the trappings of executive life to be productive and comfortable at the same
time. This chair doesn’t need such fancy additions as armrests, which only end up
bumping into the desk. Instead, you get a great chair with a comfortable seat, superb
engineering, dashing good looks and certainty in an office world that is often filled
with uncertainty these days.

Frea Chair

We know it can be difficult to look cool in an office filled with cubicles or a home
office that used to be a bedroom. But looks are everything and this baby is a real
looker. You’ll be a standout no matter where your office is, thanks to its brash
design, superior materials and stunning craftsmanship. Sit in it for just a minute and
you’ll instantly understand the true meaning of quality.

Guari Chair

Meetings can be endless affairs. Even a 15-minute one can seem like an eternity if
the chair you’re sitting in feels like you’re sitting on an anvil. While we can never
guarantee that the meeting will be interesting, we can assure you that you won’t
mind if it drags on and on if you have the good fortune to be seated in one of these
beauties. Warning: We don’t accept any responsibility if you suddenly feel
compelled to volunteer to chair the Annual Picnic Committee just so you can have
more meetings.

Gopala Chair

When you have to face a long day at work you want to feel in command of your day,
even if you have bosses that tell you what to do and how to do it (doesn’t
everyone?). Even when things are totally out of control, you’ll always feel in control
with this stunningly designed and executed swivel office chair. It has a commanding
feel that, well, makes you feel in command.

Govad Chair

If you’re an up-and-comer in business, whether you’re a one-person operation or
part of a mega-corp, you want people to know you mean business. This chair is says
it all. It says that you’re a forward-thinking, out-of-the-box kind of person. It says
you eschew the ordinary and strive for the extraordinary. So what are you waiting
for? Climb the corporate ladder and never look back.

Helios Chair

Symmetry is nice, if you’re a bean counter. But what if you’re a creative type that
yearns for something that’s a little more out of the ordinary? The answer, of course,
is a little asymmetry. Not too much, mind you. But just a bit of asymmetrical whimsy
and wonder that shows you are artistic and creative. Like the chair pull on the back
of this chair. It reminds you of a palette painters use to hold their oils while they
create their masterpiece. Masterpiece. That’s a great description for this office chair.

iClip Chair

The image was identical to the Helios Chair. Assume it was a mistake.

Iole Chair

Yes, it’s an office chair. A really cool office chair. It definitely shows you’re a risky
type who likes people to know that you think a little differently about things. Sure, it
would look a bit out of place in an attorney’s office. But in a creative agency,
dentist’s office or even a plastic surgeon’s office, this would fit right in. The only
problem is that you just can’t have one. Visitors will fight over it. Better get several,
including some for your many minions who report to you at work. They may even
take the chair over a promotion.
Jarl Chair

Some people like to play it a bit conservative when they decorate their office space.
But even then, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for the status quo. The best thing
about this office chair is you can fit right in while still standing out. The design is
simple, yet has lovely details: the fine grain of the wood arms, the beautifully tufted
upholstery and the stainless steel base, complete with pneumatic adjusters and
smooth wheels.

Jasper Chair

Enjoy every day at work with an office chair that is very breezy and oh, so easy on
the eyes. The smooth gloss finish of the seat and back mesh perfectly with the
stainless steel frame, column and five-wheeled base. You’ll enjoy hours of
uninterrupted activity as you crunch numbers, whip out award-winning copy or
meet and greet visitors with nary a care in the world.

Jove Chair

From the moment you first sit in this office chair, you’ll know that you’re on the road
to something big. The chair emanates total confidence. Clear, cool confidence. That’s
because you are comfortable, calm and collected. From this vantage point, you can
make crystal clear decisions, knowing that you won’t be distracted by an achy back
or a leg that’s falling asleep. Yes, it’s that well designed and that comfortable.

Kumara Chair

Looking like it came from another planet, this chair is a delightful exploration of
structure, space and possibilities. The spindly legs wander aimlessly to the eight
wheels that offer total mobility, even over carpet. The seat is sensuous and
slimming, with a beautiful shapely body that form fits to yours. Everything about
this chair is thoughtful, right down to the chair pull on the seat back that molds to
your hand.

Lalita Chair

We don’t want to frighten you, but at one time office chairs were all wood. We know.
In an age of poly-plastics and miracle resins, the thought of a wood chair is almost
unthinkable. But they are so stylish and so durable, it’s hard to imagine a better
material for an office chair, even today. This chair is a real looker, that’s for sure. The
rich pressure molded wood is absolutely beautiful. The contrasting padding adds
additional style and comfort, yet doesn’t detract from the fine wood form that makes
this office chair such a delight.

Larisa Chair

While many interior designers think the comfort of an office chair is all in the
padding, they’re wrong. It’s the shape of the chair that counts. As you can see, this
chair has a wavy back and slightly sloping front that mirrors your own shape
perfectly. The back arches out a bit to meet the curve of the spine, then juts back out
at the top to support the shoulders. Frankly, it doesn’t even need padding. Once you
try this chair you’ll find it difficult to go back to a cheaper model that is all padding
and no support.

Mabon Chair

Why do some companies have high turnover rates while others never have a single
employee leave? We think it’s the chairs. No matter how much someone pays you,
sitting in a crummy office chair every day slaving away for “the man” just isn’t worth
it – at any price. This chair is a real retention booster. Once a member of the staff sits
in this chair, they will never want to leave your employ. And if you work at home,
get the family some frozen dinners because you’ll never want to fix dinner again,
unless, of course, you can do it from this office chair.
Melia Chair

If you’ve ever had an office chair with one of those adjustable backs then you know
that they aren’t adjustable enough. They tend to put you in a lean forward position,
which is hardly conducive to anything but naptime on the keyboard. This office
chair understands the shape of a human being. The back cuts back right at the spot
where your spine yearns to go back, while still offering you great support. The cushy
leather cushion isn’t so bad either, especially when you’re burning the midnight oil.

Midas Chair

If you remember that greedy guy Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, you shouldn’t be
surprised that he was all cranky because he had a chair that was rickety and age-old.
What else would you expect a miser to have? Well, if he had this chair, he wouldn’t
have needed all those visits by ghosts from the past, present and future. He would
have felt downright charitable immediately, because his body wouldn’t be all
contorted in a chair that should have gone to the graveyard long ago. Fresh, forward
thinking and superbly designed, this is the office chair offers you a prosperous

NALA Chair
It’s strange that the world is filled with lovely, colorful fabrics for the home but the
office is bereft of anything lively, happy or stylish. We’re glad to be able to brighten
up this bland world a bit with this wonderful office chair. The traditional style of the
chair is updated with upholstery that is joyful, luscious and top quality. What finer
way to enjoy a day at work than to have an office chair that is sunny and bright in an
otherwise dreary place.

Polar Chair

We know what you’re thinking. This can’t be an office chair. It’s too cool and
comfortable looking. Well, it is and we’re darned proud to be able to offer it to
workers everywhere. The superb materials – the finely grained one-piece wood
back and seat, the chromed metal legs and the supple leather cushions – are an
absolute treat for those who toil away in the workplace day in and day out. Even if
your compensation isn’t what you’d like to be, you can compensate for it with a
stylish and beautiful place to sit.

Soleado Chair

It would terrific if everyone had a window seat in the office. Sure, there are those
lucky folks that have corner offices in their home or in the sprawling headquarters
of MegaCorp, Inc. But what about the rest of us? While we can’t solve the window
problem, we can put a little sunshine into your life with this bright and sunny office
chair. The radiant sun blazes across the back of the seat, letting others know that
you are one of the lucky few in the office who have actually been outside long
enough to know that the sun looks like.

Themsonar Chair

Crank up the volume on your iPod and enjoy another exciting work at day while you
carry out your duties in this amazing chair. The pneumatics let you place your chair
at just the right height while the vents along the back let air in and are reminiscent
of the signal icon you get on your cell phone. Which by the way, should be set to
vibrate while you’re in a meeting so you can send texts accepting a new job without
your boss knowing what you’re up to.
Vanessa Chair

One of the neat things about having a home office is you don’t have to have it look
industrial. You can show a little bit of style and panache without violating the
corporate standards. This terrific office chair still tows the basic line, yet has a bit of
style to it so you can let others know that you’ve escaped the bonds of corporate life,
even if it’s just a bit. Plus, it’s a real joy to sit in.

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Description: Burning the midnight oil at work won’t seem such a gloomy undertaking with this terrific office chair. The moon and stars are always out day or night, peeking through a high gloss wood back. The cushion is heavenly as well, with a plush finish that is lovingly tufted. Add in five sturdy legs with silky smooth legs and you have a chair that will a make a late night at the office sound downright enjoyable.