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									Introduction to Kopali Organics Chocolates
Dark Chocolates & Fruit Treats
•,Widely-appealing dark chocolate flavor notes
• Craveable chew and crunch texture, with just pure fruit inside
• Artisan, small batch, exceptional quality

• 100% organic, pure and natural
• No cholesterol, no trans-fats
• Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & fiber
• No dairy, no animal products (vegan)

• Fruits and centers:
   - Ripened on the plant and artisan-dried, full natural flavor
   - No sugar, no sulfites, no oil, absolutely nothing added
Dark Chocolates & Fruit Treats
“Accessible Premium” Single Serving “Chocolate Candy”

 Irresistibly delicious: dark chocolate with a perfect balance
  of sweet and rich flavor notes to appeal widely across
  palettes. Superior “eating experience” because of small-
  batch production, with fruit centers fully ripened on the plant
  and artisan-dried for full natural flavor.

 Craveable texture: unique fruit and chocolate combination.
  The sweetness, chew and crunch of „candy‟ inside rich dark
  chocolate, coming from centers that are simply fruit.
  Kopali‟s bite-sized pieces are more appealing, less dense
  and less of a commitment than a chocolate bar.

 Healthier guilt-free indulgence because so pure (organic
  and nothing added), and because of the benefits of the
  naturally nourishing, energy-packed ingredients, including
  superfoods, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

 Organic & Fair Trade certifications.   Deep story of point-
  of-origin, positive social and environmental impact, and
  company founding.

 Eye-catching and appealing packaging, combining a
  modern, accessible-premium look and feel, with a sense of
  “escape to vacation”, and connection to nature, with POS to
  support. Kopali is unique in presenting healthy, organic &
  fair trade, with taste appeal and broad accessibility....a
  “grabable” branded treat, in an impulse-buy presentation.

 Shoppers are drawn to support Kopali, and connect
  deeply with the brand on an emotional level. Enjoy a
  delicious, healthy treat you crave – and feel good about it in
  every way.
FLOOR RACK                          COUNTERTOP RACK

             1‟ W x 1‟ D x 5.5‟ H
                 (with sign)

                 10 cases /
                 120 bags

                                    12.50”W x 6.5”D x 16”H

                                      3 cases / 36 bags
We founded Kopali Organics while living and farming on our off-the-grid permaculture
farm and sustainability center in the rainforest of Costa Rica, an abundant home of
luscious, delicious food.

Not so far from our farm we witnessed as low-flying airplanes sprayed highly toxic
pesticides, herbicides and fungicides on cropland, and right onto farming workers in the
field, as well as their families, their homes, schools and water supply. We witnessed the
abusive labor practices that develop when large unsustainable agriculture has
tremendous power and is the only source of income for people trying their best to feed
their families.

And we saw local farmers, our neighbors and friends, continue to use natural and
sustainable practices. In many cases they were already highly organized and certified
organic with the assistance of nonprofit groups. We tasted and knew first hand how
much better their food was to eat than the chemically produced alternatives - better not
only because it is more nutritious, pure and free of toxins, but also because it is
overwhelmingly superior in taste, flavor, texture and quality.

And we saw that without some assistance, these farmers would continue to be driven out
of business and off of their lands, and be replaced by large-scale chemically-intensive
industrial farms with unfair labor conditions.
And so we were moved to create Kopali Organics, to share this naturally delicious pure
and healthy food, and to support organic family farmers and their communities by
connecting them with the growing market of people who care about the quality of the food
they eat as well as the social and environmental conditions under which it is grown,
produced and traded.

In 2008, we launched our line of SUPERGOOD SUPERFOOD chocolate and fruit treats,
working with and supporting farmers we are proud to call our partners in nearly a dozen
countries all over the world.

We present our treats in convenient grab-and-go packaging, targeting the accessible
premium market. We speak to the consumer who chooses a treat first and foremost
based on craving, considers health and wellness, and is learning about “green living”,
ecological sustainability, organic and fair trade certification.

Kopali is taking off: Every day more and more shoppers discover and become loyal fans
of SUPERGOOD SUPERFOOD as well as the mission behind Kopali Organics. With
distribution growing every day but limited to select premium retailers, we have begun to
receive press from outlets as diverse as The Today Show, People Magazine, Business
Week, and many others.

We are tremendously excited to continue to have a positive impact upon the health and
lives of an increasing number of shoppers, farming communities, and on the ecosystems
of the planet we all share.

Thank you for joining us!
                             Zak Zaidman
                             Co-founder, Kopali Organics

                             BA Psychology, UC San Diego 1990
                             Psychology PhD Candidate as a National Science Foundation
                             fellow at UC Berkeley 1990-1993

Zak grew up in Mexico City, and after college started Gravity Inc., a virtual reality,
multimedia software company with clients including IBM, Disney, and Intel. Gravity Inc
was sold in 1999 to Frog Design which later sold to Flextronics. Zak‟s experience with
cancer in his mid 20‟s led him to examine and discover potential environmental
causes of the disease, and become committed to a sustainable lifestyle for his own
health and that of the planet. Following his work with Gravity Inc, Zak became a
community organizer and meditation teacher and led international interfaith and
peace delegations to India and the middle east, and raised funds for local and
international non-profit organizations. He received basic Permaculture certification in
Costa Rica and helped organize and lead the Sustainable Solutions Caravan driving
vegetable oil powered buses from San Francisco through Mexico and Central
America, promoting sustainable solutions and triple-bottom-line business practices to
tens of millions.

Zak is also a passionate singer, songwriter, and triple-bottom-line business advocate.
He is currently based in NYC, Kopali‟s number one regional market, managing
strategy and marketing.

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