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									                                          MARKETING 3310
                                  SELLING AND SALES ORGANIZATION
                                             FALL 2009
Professor:    Dr. W. A. Weeks
Office:       H226, Center for Professional Selling
Telephone:    (254) 710-4245 (Baylor Office)
              776-3113 (Home) No later than 10:00 p.m.
              744-4690 (Cell)      “      “     “
Office Hours: T,TH 9:00-11:00, 3:30-4:30, and by appointment.
Classroom: HSB 100
Text: Selling: Building Partnerships, 7th Edition, by Weitz, Castleberry and Tanner

You will be able to:

      Understand and appreciate the different roles of the sales function in organizations.
      Distinguish between a product-driven and customer-centric driven sales process.
      Learn the knowledge needed to conduct a successful diagnostic-based sales presentation through reading
       assignments, cases, lectures, and group breakout sessions during class.
      Develop the skill sets used to conduct a professional diagnostic-based sales presentation that focuses on
       using an adaptive selling-style, co-creating value with a customer, and striving to develop a long term
       partnership through multiple role play assignments.


Your course grade will be based on successful completion of the following tasks:
                                                                                        Grading scale is:

                                                                                        A       89.5 +
       1)      Exam I                               220
                                                                                        B+      87.5% - 89.4%
       2)      Exam II                              230
                                                                                        B       79.5% - 87.4%
       3)      Final Exam                           180
                                                                                        C+      77.5% - 79.4%
       4)      Role Play I                          150
                                                                                        C       69.5% - 77.4%
       5)      Role Play II                         220
                                                                                        D       59.5% - 69.4%
               Total Points                       1,000
                                                                                        F       less than 59.5%
No changes to submitted grades are allowed at the end of a term. The only exception is due to mechanical errors in
grade calculations.


In order to apply for a SALES MAJOR , it is necessary for a student to earn a minimum of a “B” in Marketing


I will post all grades and attendance on Blackboard. You will be provided a copy of the syllabus, role play
assignments, role play schedules, and other relevant class information on Blackboard.


If you know that you have learning challenges, or you suspect that you do, please take advantage of the services
that are provided by Baylor’s Office of Access Learning Accommodation (OALA) which is located across the mall
from the school of business in the parking garage in Room 139. Their telephone number is 710-3605. If you
provide me verification of your situation you will be able to take your exams at OALA. Furthermore, you will be
given additional time to complete the exams. I would like to encourage you to get this set up BEFORE our first
exam. Quite often students tend to disregard this opportunity until they have failed a couple of exams and then it is
too late to dig themselves out of a hole.


Two exams and a comprehensive final exam will be given which are comprised of multiple choice, short-answer,
essay, and financial questions. I recommend you review your first two exams during my office hours prior to the
comprehensive final exam.


I will be enforcing the Baylor University attendance policy. This means unexcused and excused absences count
toward the maximum you can accumulate in a semester.

If you are not familiar with the university policy, it would be a good idea for you to locate a student manual and
review the policy. Please keep track of your absences on Blackboard.

If you do not have more than 2 unexcused absences during the full semester, I will add 1% to your final grade.
Therefore, if you are on the border for a higher grade, this extra credit will allow you to control your own destiny
and earn a higher grade if you manage your attendance.

In order for an absence to be considered "excused," a student must provide documentation from a physician (for
health problems) or from legal authorities (for unusual legal problems such as going to traffic court). Should you
choose to skip the class for any other reason (i.e., an employment interview) it will be considered an unexcused
absence. Keep in mind this policy is intended to reward those students who go a little farther in their commitment
to class.

If you come to class after I have taken attendance, it is your responsibility to see that the records are changed at the
end of class. The records will stand as is after that point in time.

Tardiness – now is the time to establish good work habits such as arriving to meetings and class on time. In the
business world, repeated tardiness can result in losing one’s job. For our class, anytime you arrive after I have
taken attendance you will be considered tardy. For every 3 days that you are tardy, it will count as 1 unexcused


You will be participating in two role plays. The product that you will be selling is NetSuite software. I will
provide each of you a website that will allow you to access NetSuite resources, learn the features and benefits of
the product, watch a tutorial, print PowerPoint slides, etc. You will be expected to demonstrate the use of this
software with your own laptop computer during the role plays in class. You are NOT expected to actually use the
software. We have found it is best for you to use the available PowerPoint slides as part of your demonstration of
the product.

You will be provided information in advance regarding your buyer and his company. You will use this information
in preparing your role plays.

Please take everything regarding the role plays seriously because it is a good opportunity for you to help increase
your semester grade, especially if you are not a good test-taker.


Periodically following class discussions, students will be paired up with another student to practice the sales skills
that we are talking about. This will give each student an initial opportunity to sharpen his/her sales skills through 1
on 1 role playing.

You will also use NetSuite software during class when we have you paired up with a student next to you to practice
your presentation. Do to limited time, you will not use a computer for these skill practices. I would recommend
when it is time to demonstrate the product that you print the PowerPoint pages from the NetSuite website that you
want to discuss when you come to class, which you can use for these practices.


General Information

You will be involved in 2 recorded role playing exercises. For Role Play I, we will provide you information
regarding a customer that you are making a sales call on and John Adams (our assistant) will serve as your buyer.
You will be given 15 minutes to complete your entire sales presentation. Your objective will be to build rapport,
identify your customer’s goals, problems, and needs, present a NetSuite solution, handle objections, and gain
commitment for their business.

In Role Play II you will be conducting a complete sales presentation for 15 minutes. Your buyer will be John
Adams and a business person. We will provide you new information regarding a different fictitious company you
are selling to, or actual information regarding the company that the business person works for.

It is necessary for you to wear business apparel (coat and tie for men and appropriate attire for women) for
your participation in Role I and Role Play II. Your grade will be reduced by 10% if you do not follow these
instructions. It is not necessary for you to dress up when you do your practice role plays outside of class time.

Please contact me if you want my guidance regarding how to improve your sales presentation.

Student evaluation scores that are plus or minus 10 points of my grade for each role play will be factored in to each
student’s role play grade. Your grade will be based on a weighting of 75% for my grade and 25% for fellow

student grades. Your final grade when incorporating student evaluations will not be higher or lower than 3 points
of my own grade.

Providing Financial Justification

It is important that you develop a cost-benefit type of analysis to present the buyer as you ask for the order.
Business people do not spend money unless they can see a potential Return on Investment.

Find out how many individuals will be using NetSuite and this will give you what you need for the total cash

Then you need to offset this with the financial benefit that will be gained from your buyer's people using NetSuite.

You can also tie in a make believe testimonial from a fictitious customer.

You need put on your creative hat.

After you have presented your FABS, solutions to the buyer's problems and tied it back to helping them achieve
their goals, go into the pricing.

I would recommend you follow these steps.

1)   Give the price
2)   Show financial justification i.e., ROI analysis for the purchase
3)   Give a reason to buy NOW
4)   Ask for the order

DON'T PAUSE between the above steps.

Quickly move through these steps and then be quite.

At this point you have covered the points on your evaluation form and you can deal with any resistance and ask for
the order again.


You will be given an opportunity to set up a time outside of class to conduct a practice role play in the sales lab
with another student. You will need to identify another student in class who is willing to work with you on this
assignment. You will sell to your partner and then act as their buyer so he/she can practice his/her presentation.

This assignment will give you the opportunity to become familiar with the selling environment, the time limitations
and recognize how challenging it will be to earn a high grade. If you want to participate in this assignment and are
having a hard time identifying another student who will work with you, please let me know and I will try to match
you up with someone.

I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. History has show that students who participate in
this practice opportunity perform better in graded Role Play I and II.


HSB l00 (our class room)


There will be two opportunities to earn additional points (maximum 10 peer exercise) on a previously completed
exam through extra credit exercises.

Should you elect to participate in either extra credit exercise, you must visit with me during my office hours
or set up an appointment to discuss the proposed exercise and confirm that it will qualify as an acceptable
extra credit assignment.

These optional exercises are:

EXAM 1: Visit a trade show (boat shows, hunting shows, gun shows, etc. DO NOT count) and speak with three
salespeople, turn in a one-page paper that discusses each company’s objectives for exhibiting and what they do at
the show to achieve those objectives. You must attach a business card for each of the salespeople to your report.

EXAM 2: Spend a morning or afternoon in the field with a salesperson and write a one-page paper that analyzes
the sales method(s) used and related observations. Again, attach the business card of the salesperson you spent
time with in the field.

AUG. 25  Chapter 1               Selling and Salespeople

                                 Emailed Article: “The Three Most Important Words in Professional Selling”
                                                     by Chuck Fifield.

       27      Chapter 2         Building Partnering Relationships

SEPT. 1        Chapter 3         Ethical and Legal Issues in Selling

       3       Chapter 4 and     Buying Behavior and the Buying Process

               Appendix          Multi-Attribute Model
               (pp. 114-118)
       8       “    “    “       “           “           “
       10      Chapter 5         Using Communication Principles to Build Relationships

       15      Chapter 6         Adaptive Selling for Relationship Building

       17      Chapter 7         Prospecting

               Handout           “Sales Funnel”

               Chapter 8 (only   Planning the Sales Call
               pp. 208-211)
     22                  NetSuite Product Lecture

     24   Exam 1         (Chapters 1-7, 8 (only pp. 208-211), lecture slides, and NetSuite product

     29   Chapter 9      Making the Sales Call
                         ** Turn in p. 1 of Role Play Worksheet and keep a copy for yourself

OCT. 1                   ** Turn in pp. 2-5 of Role Play Worksheet and keep a copy for yourself

     6    Chapter 10     Strengthening the Presentation Lecture
                         ** Turn in p. 6 of Role Play Worksheet and keep a copy for yourself

     8    Chapter 11     Responding to Objections
                         ** Turn in p. 7 of Role Play Worksheet and keep a copy for yourself

     13                  Obtaining Commitment
                         ** Turn in p. 8 of Role Play Worksheet and keep a copy for
                         ** Extra Credit for Exam 1

     15   Chapter 12     Gaining Commitment
                         ** Turn in p. 9 of Role Play Worksheet and keep a copy for yourself

     20   Chapter 14     After the Sale: Building Long-Term Partnerships

     22   Exam 2         (Chapters 9-12, 14, and lecture slides)

     27   Role Play I    (Buyer: John Adams)

     29   Role Play I    (Buyer: John Adams)

NOV. 3    Role Play I    (Buyer: John Adams)

     5    Role Play I    (Buyer: John Adams)

     10   Role Play I    (Buyer: John Adams)

     12   Role Play II   (Buyer: John Adams and Business Person)
                         ** Extra Credit for Exam 2

     17   Role Play II   (Buyer: John Adams and Business Person)

     19   Role Play II   (Buyer: John Adams and Business Person)

     24   Role Play II   (Buyer: John Adams and Business Person)

       26                         THANKSGIVING

DEC. 1         Role Play II       (Buyer: John Adams and Business Person)

       3                          Wrap-up

       16      FINAL EXAM         9:00 – 11:00

I reserve the right to make changes to the assignments and/or dates in this syllabus if it becomes necessary.
However, I will do everything possible to give you adequate notice of such changes.

About the Instructor

After completing my enlistment with the U.S.M.C., I earned my undergraduate and M.B.A. degrees. This was
followed by seven years with American Motors/Jeep Corp. and Kampgrounds of America, Inc. in sales, sales
management, and mid-level management positions. In 1984, I completed my D.B.A. at Indiana University and
spent three years on the faculty at Washington State University. I have been on the faculty at Baylor University
since 1987, which includes 15 years as the director the Center for Professional Selling during which time we
established an international reputation for offering premier sales education for students and business people, as
well as conducting leading edge sales research. I have published roughly 30 research articles in a variety of well
known sales journals. My training and consulting clients include such organizations as Sullivan Schein, Cargill
Corp., American Woodmark Corp., Loomis Fargo Company, and Elk Corp. I have been married 37 years and have
a son and daughter (both graduates of Baylor University), and four grandchildren. My hobbies include working
out, playing the guitar, scuba diving, backpacking in Colorado, trout fishing, and riding my motorcycle.


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