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					                                                           IWSF - REGION EAME
                                                    CABLE WAKEBOARD COUNCIL
                                                                              CWC Berlin minutes
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                 EAME Cable Wakeboard Council (11th) meeting

        Thursday, 24 August 2006 16:00-20:00 / Friday, 25 August 2006 16:00-19:00
                            Cable Berlin Grossbeeren, Germany


1. Welcome by president
   Comments and apologies
    Gyuri Kirsch (HUN)
    Varna Laco (CRO)
    Lior Eliyahu (ISR)
    Benedicte Saulem (FRA)
    Nenad Tanaskovic (SER) – coming later
    Hans Otte (GER) – WCWC Chairman
    Emil Tzolov (BUL) – riders’ representative
    Lucien Gerkau (GER) – EM chief scorer’s assistante; possible candidate
    Jennie Hruby (AUT) – EM chief scorer; posible candidate
    Andreas Boehs (GER) – EM organizer; ID+MA representative; possible candidate

2. Approval of Langenfeld minutes

Minutes are approved.

3. Judging affairs

  Gyuri sent an e-mail to lot of addresses with serious accusations about judging at the Worlds.
WCWC officially replied yesterday. WCWC doesn’t agree with Gyuri, now we await his reply.

Hans’ comment: everyone agree it was wrong to send this e-mail all around EAME.
Andreas' comment: – it was a punch against people we need; categorizing tricks

A discussion about changing the system (again?)

Everyone agree: we should work to remove emotions from judging and we should communicate better
and more often to the riders.

We'll elect a competence team to meet by November and offer us solutions to the judging issues.
Council will participate in travel expenses.

Competence team: Lior Elyahu, Gyuri Kirsch, Andreas Boehs, Mihovil Brebric , Ralf Hala, Benedicte
Saulem, Chris Schinko, Marcel Doorgeest + 1 good snowboard judge + 1 good wakeboard boat judge

Lior will be in charge to organize this meeting and coordinate it.

4. World Champs 2006 Jetlake, Austria - conclusion

It was a big and successful competition with lot of media, but the communication and backup for
officials was very bad and office was constantly collapsing.

Jennie Hruby: Wolfgang apologizes as one of the organizer. Jennie will be the person to solve the
organizational issues at 2007 competitions in Austria.

                                   CABLE WAKEBOARD COUNCIL
                           Chairman: Gyuri Kirsch
      fax: +36 1 250 6440 GSM: +36 703 803 506 Nandorfejervari zu 8/c IV/13, HU-1117 Budapest
                                                           IWSF - REGION EAME
                                                    CABLE WAKEBOARD COUNCIL
                                                                                 CWC Berlin minutes
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5. EAME CW Champs - progress

Andreas – for future we should include in contract the conditions for riders to book trainings in
advance. We should know exactly what’s anyone’s job. There is a problem with prices at the cable, not
only for trainings, but also for food prices. Judges will get coupons tonight. There will be a cooler in
the judging area. Varna: judging and riding issue is solved with Franz. No team riders or team
captains can judge. Chief judge can't ride. Judges meeting is at 20:00 today. Important item for team
captains meeting: registration deadline, “no show” excuses.

6. Rolls and duties of Council members

   Gyuri Kirsch (HUN)
   Gyuri wants to resign from the Council. The reason is too much time spent for this. He hasn’t got
time or money for this. And the frustration of not being able to make changes. He wants to resign in

   Varna Laco (CRO)
   - secretary
   - representative in the Admincom
   - representative in WCWC
   - rules
   - rankings
   - judges and scorers directory
   - keep in contact with boat wakeboard Council, exchange information and news

   Lior Eliyahu (ISR)
   - trick list – will be ready for November meeting
   - seminars coordinator (collect all documents and videos & coordinate possible additional seminars)
   - coordinator of the judging team

   Nenad Tanaskovic (SCG)
   - treasurer
   - will collect all bank details from Council members
   - National Champs coordinator – stays in contact with Feds; motivates them to organize Nationals;
offers help we can provide – judges, scoring sheets etc; collects all results and dossiers
   - collects lists of national judges from all countries

   Benedicte Saulem (FRA)
   - communications – contact with magazines, newsletter…
   - ECWT press releases
   - coaching seminars – study the programs, see what we can apply and will we have interest from
countries and individuals to start coaching seminars any time soon; Varna will check what’s going on
in WWC regarding this

2006 – what happened so far

7. World and EAME Cable Wakeboard rules 2006

   There was one major change during the season that first applied only for EAME - Wild Card, but
now it is already in the world rules.
   So, for EAME rules we’ll have only 2 points – general and how we compute EAME rankings.
Now there are no obstacle specifications in the world rules. Lior will ask Langenfeld for blueprints to
publish as recommendations.

8. ECWT 2006 - conclusion

   We had 3 stops – Krk, Croatia; Gyor, Hungary and Marburg, Germany. All went well. ECWT special
– Israel – pending, we’ll know in 2 weeks. Date is 21 October. Hans comments: bulletins were too
late. We agree, hey should be out 8 weeks before the competition, 6 weeks latest.

                                   CABLE WAKEBOARD COUNCIL
                           Chairman: Gyuri Kirsch
      fax: +36 1 250 6440 GSM: +36 703 803 506 Nandorfejervari zu 8/c IV/13, HU-1117 Budapest
                                                            IWSF - REGION EAME
                                                     CABLE WAKEBOARD COUNCIL
                                                                               CWC Berlin minutes
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9. Other international events homologated 2006

   22 July – Langenfeld, Germany – LA Challenge – cancelled
   05 August – Paderborn, Germany– King of board – it wasn't homologated after all

10. National Championships 2006

   We expected 12-13 Nationals. Varna will speak to Nenad to start the quest for information and

11. Other competitions 2006

   Israel has 4 national competitions, all in Tel Aviv (the only cable).
   National tours: Austria, Germany, Hungary and UK ? Nenad will check.

12. Budget 2006

   Gyuri and Lior submitted their travel costs for the judging meeting on 10 March and Lior’s travel
   costs for the seminar. These expenses are not paid yet, Nenad will check with Brit and Harry de
   Laat why. Other expenses planned are:
      1. travel costs (all season)
      2. production of a banner and stickers to promote the Council at all International events
      3. Italian camp, additional seminars
      4. judging and scoring software 1.500 €

Gyuri will send the invoice to Nenad to charge for the scoring program.

13. EAME Ranking lists 2006

   We have to link to the rankings from

Looking to the future

14. New candidates for EAME Council- possibilities

Jennie Hruby (AUT)– she's a good candidate, but at this point she can't take the responsibility;
Lucien Gerkau (GER) and Andreas Boes (GER) – they agree to candidate, they’ll stay in contact with
Hans and Rikarda for official nomination.
Other names brought up:
Dezso (HUN) – he made a scoring program and visited more important events this season
Ferdie (NED) – he's doing a big job in Netherlands

15. News from WWC World Cable Wakeboard Commission

We read out the WCWC August minutes. Gyuri addresses item 6. He doesn’t want Harry to present the
EAME judging system in USA because he thinks that he’ll not do it right. Hans and Varna as the
representatives of WCWC noted his remark.

16. ID+MA's website – cable wakeboard homepage

   Benedicte will speak to Hendrik to promote the Council on

17. Council promotion and communication

   Nenad will speak with his editor and ask for an offer to make a Council DVD. Lucien has the
footage from WM and EM and ICA movie and he'll ask permission from ICA to use their materials.
Nenad will address the Council with the offer from the editor, and the estimate of the cost to print 200
or 500 copies complete with covers. If Council agrees, Luc sends the materials and DVD is in

                                   CABLE WAKEBOARD COUNCIL
                           Chairman: Gyuri Kirsch
      fax: +36 1 250 6440 GSM: +36 703 803 506 Nandorfejervari zu 8/c IV/13, HU-1117 Budapest
                                                           IWSF - REGION EAME
                                                    CABLE WAKEBOARD COUNCIL
                                                                                CWC Berlin minutes
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  We are ready to spend up to 100 € for logo redesign. It includes the change of the World
Commission logo. We’ll exchange proposals of redesign as follows:
             -   CWWC instead of WWC
             -   Emphasize the tower and rider
             -   Erase EAME-CABLE and IWSF-CABLE
             -   Put and instead

The new proposals will be circulated by end October; if CWWC agrees we accept it at November
meeting. Proposals will be sent by: Luci, Lior and Varna.

18. Events 2007

   1. ECWT

We'll do it the old way. Following cables are interested to host a Tour stop:
Germany - Neue Brandenburg – Brita Schipner
Netherlands - Almere - if they don't host the EM
Serbia – Belgrade – Nenad Tanaskovic
Hungary – Gyuri Kirsch
France – Benedicte Saulem
Varna will prepare the rules and the obligations and mail it to everyone. We'll make the following
changes: entry fee 50 €, food and drinks on the competition day free of charge for riders; official T-
shirt. Registration deadline Monday, if you register late you pay 5 € per day. Entire competition will be
held in 2 days. Start – end frame will be agreed by end January. First bulletin will be out 8 weeks
before the competition. Max 5 stops. If we're not able to meet the organizers prior to the competition,
e-mail confirmations will do.

    1.    France – end May
    2.    Hungary second part of June
    3.    Germany or Netherlands – July, but not weekend before EM
    4.    Serbia – end August

Nenad is ECWT 2007 coordinator. Once we agree on new obligations Nenad will send it around.
Andreas will give guidelines for media side for ECWT and Nationals.

   2. EM

First or second weekend in August. In conversation with GB; Netherlands – Almere – Andreas will
meet them next week. Netherlands is preferred for 2007.

   3. National Champs

Nenad will start collecting the results from Nationals 2006 soon, at the same time he’ll provide a list of
good reasons for all countries to organize Nationals and offer our help. Andreas will join.

   4. Other homologated events

None so far.

19. AOB


Next meeting 11 November 2006, Budapest, Hungary
Varna Laco
EAME Cable Wakeboard Council - secretary

                                      CABLE WAKEBOARD COUNCIL
                              Chairman: Gyuri Kirsch
         fax: +36 1 250 6440 GSM: +36 703 803 506 Nandorfejervari zu 8/c IV/13, HU-1117 Budapest

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