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									“The Card Is Your
  Canvas . . .
Create The Perfect
             The Canvas Process

A unique 2-piece Card that allows an individual to
  customize, purchase and activate open-end or
   closed-ended gift cards from anywhere with
   access to the internet and a common printer
    Canvas Enhances Gift Card Programs

                        -Gifts are given to the important people in our lives

-For our special events and holidays

                          - And reflect what we know about the
                          interests or lifestyle of the recipient, and the
                          relationship we have with them.
          “Gift cards are the new fruitcake ….
          better to give than receive”                     By: Liz Pulliam Weston
                                                           MSN Money

           “Holidays have rapidly devolved into ... An
           exchange of cash. A gift card says nothing
           about the personality of the recipient -- but
           it says lots about the giver.”

“A gift, ideally, says, "I thought about you. I
considered your likes and dislikes, your
needs and wants, your dreams and desires,
and found you this token of my esteem that I
hope will delight you."
A Gift Card says, "There! Checked you off
my list."
          “It's not that I've never given a gift card. I
          have, three times that I can remember. But I
          viewed these cards as what they were: a cop-
          out, an admission that I had grown so out of
          touch with the recipients that I didn't know
          what would please them.”
Why Canvas? Because a gift
 does say a lot about you.

        A Canvas Gift Card helps convey what
         you know about and share with the
        recipient … through personal photos
               and limitless artwork.

          They help express that you care …
         with custom greeting and messages.

         WITHOUT sacrificing the convenience
         and flexibility that make gift cards so
               Canvas Photo Cards
        Same Day …. When you need them

                          ON-Demand Printing

                             “A picture adds
                          meaning and produces
                              a memorable
 “Because a picture is            GIFT”
worth a thousand words”
Canvas Photo Cards

      Integrate and Upload photo’s from:

      - Customers digital camera, cell
      phone, memory devices

      - Social Media Sites.

      - Photo storage services

      - Photo Lab’s or copy/print departments
      become new gift card “space”.
           Offer Unlimited Stock images

                                  - Events

                                   - Age Groups

                                 - Life Styles

                                   - All Holidays

Without increased card inventory, obsolete
cards, or dated materials and programs
                On-line custom card options exist, but don’t
                meet the needs of most gift card buyers

                    Days to receive order -    Days to receive order-   Express/expedited
                    No-cost, standard mail    Express/expedited mail         mail cost

Discover Card         5-7 business days           3 business days            $9.95

American Express       10 business days           3 business days            $12.95      5-8 business days          2-5 business days           $19.16         3-9 business days          2-3 business days           $42.54      11-13 business days         2-4 business days           $24.95

                          Sample Order times and shipping costs
                          from existing customer-card providers
  Canvas Adhesive Labels

• Photo quality images
• Permanent adhesive
• Designed for common inkjet printers
• Doesn’t effect card function or retail processing equipment
 Flexible Label Size and Design
(provides control over company logo, colors and spacing)

                  - Edge-to-Edge

                       - Horizontal Split

                              - Vertical Spilt
Simple Label Application

Applicator Tray easily aligns the Canvas
      Label onto the plastic card.
Text Flexibility

           Printing text to Canvas
                 labels allow
             customers to easily
               add a personal
            greeting or message.
Text Flexibility

        On-Demand label
        printing provides
        Multilingual card

       • Serve regional and niche

       • Offers superior card

       • No additional card inventory
        Working with Canvas

Canvas Cards are easily added to your
    existing Gift Card programs.

Use your existing Plastic Vendor and your current
               Payment Processor

                         Canvas labels are applied to the front
                       of your previously encoded plastic cards.
Use Canvas from the Home / Office

               Canvas Gift Card Kit:
                - 4 inactive plastic cards
                - 4 Canvas photo/inkjet labels
                - Envelopes or holders (optional)

               - Convenience: Personalize, Print
               and Pay for cards from the Canvas
               or Issuer web-site

                - Places your brand in the
               customers home and hands

               - Greatly expands point-of-sale
               locations/card reach
Canvas used at the Point-of-Sale

                   At the Point-of-Sale
              - Retain Plastic
              - Review photo/image
              - Printing and application of
              the Canvas label
              - Traditional payment and
              card activation

             Easily adds the Canvas Process and
                options to your existing card
               program without specialized or
                     expensive equipment.
Home/Office to a POS
              From Home or office:
          - Select or upload image
          - Add optional Text
          - Select a Canvas retail location (by
          zip code) to direct label printing

                     At the POS:
          - Image and Text is reviewed
          - Label printed and applied
          - Payment is processed
                 Networking Sites
          Social THANK YOU!

    Your customers share their “gift-giving” events, news, and photos
   on their Social Networking sites. They also have billions of digital
images stored at photo-sharing sites/services. These sites and images
             can be used to personalize a Canvas Gift Card.
     Promotional Event Capability

Retailers can offer seasonal, product, brand or
    location-specific Gift Card promotions

                                              10% Off
                    Canvas Card Benefits
Issuer:     Enhances Current Gift Card Programs:
                   - Offer unlimited card images/choice without increased card inventory
                   - Easily offer personalized Photo cards without production or shipping delays
                   - Offer cards for small holiday and events that might currently be impractical
                   - Target cards to specific age-groups, regions, stores or niche groups
                   - Provide card text and greetings in multiple languages
            Easy to Integrate:
                   - No specialize or expensive equipment
                   - Use your existing plastic producers and payment processors
                   - Flexibility to add as a web-based program, point-on-sale or hybrid
            Social Networking:
                   - New tool and process for your Facebook/Social networking promotions

Consumer:   Personalization/Card Choice:
                   - Personal photo’s and unlimited stock images better reflect events and relationship
                   - Optional text helps to express greetings or messages
                   - Text in multiple languages
                   - Card becomes a gift. May not need a greeting card.
                   - Avoids processing, mail time (and shipping charges) of current custom-card options
                   - 24/7 and possible in-home or office web access with a Gift Card Kit.
                   - Meets “spur of the moment” gift card purchasing without sacrificing card choice
            Social Networking:
                   - Can integrate their Social sites to upload photo’s and use calendar features.

        The Card is
        Your Canvas

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