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                                High Middle Ages Review
** You do not have to write the answers in complete sentences- just use bullet points.
These completed questions will be due the day of the test (Tuesday 11/4)

Topics Covered:
    Trade & “economics”
    Rise of Towns
    Black Death
    Rise of the Middle Class & Guilds
    100 Years War
      Great Schism

Terms to Know:
Stock                                Incubus                       Jan Hus
Interest                             Donjon                        Great Schism
Loans                                Flagellants                   Babylonian Captivity
Domestic Manufacturing System        Famine
Craft Guilds                         Charters

Short Answer:
What is one way merchants could increase their business and one way kings could
increase their profit from trade?

What 3 business developments arose out of the increased trade? AND how do they
compare to today?

Why were Jews bankers during the Middle Ages?

What are the benefits of owning stock? Why was it sometimes problematic to own
stock in the Middle Ages?

Four rights townspeople gained from the charters:

Name two purposes of guilds.

How did the Black Plague affect Europe?

What were some of the “cures” for the Black Death?

Describe town life in the Late Middle Ages. Why was it this way?

What were new weapons that came out of the Hundred Years’ War? How did this affect
previous Medieval defenses?

What affect did the Great Schism have on the Medieval church?

What were John Wycliffe’s problems with the church?

Longer Answer-
What is the difference between a barter and a market economy? Which was supported
by merchants in the Middle Ages?

Explain how the growth of trade affected the manorial system and feudal system in the
Middle Ages.

Describe 3 reasons for the decline of serfdom. Which reason do you think had the most

What were the effects of the 100 Years War on France & England?

Name three ways the church became “chaotic” in the High Middle Ages.

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