sonnet by keralaguest


									Sean Sonnet and Gregg Hildebrandt are in a stolen car. They are not familiar with it. They are not sure
which buttons operate the windows, and Hildebrandt has initial difficulty finding, and opening, the fuel
cap after they think the car has no petrol. One of them appears to have no money for the petrol and gets
$20 from the other to fill up.

They communicate some of the time via a two-way radio, and have difficulty operating it at times.
Often, they can‟t properly understand each other. But the chilling intent is clear, particularly when a
police surveillance bug records the sounds of a firearm being cocked for firing.

The recording contains language that may offend.

Sonnet: „„The petrol f---ing thing‟s on the back there, behind you.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “It‟s on the floor mate.‟‟

Sonnet: (Inaudible)

Sonnet: “The windows are there.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Yeah.‟‟

Sonnet: “They‟re the windows right.”‟

Hildebrandt: “Yeah.‟‟

Sonnet: “You right?”

Hildebrandt: “Yeah, I‟ll follow you.‟‟

Sonnet: “If you want me to (inaudible) behind you, not you follow me.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Yeah all right.‟‟

Sonnet: “Then the cops get your number.””

Hildebrandt: “Yeah, yeah, I‟m with you.‟‟

Sonnet: “You know where to go. I gotta park your car.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “F---k, it‟s got no fuel. None whatsoever.‟‟

Sonnet: “Go to the Servo, go to the servo.”‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Aah.‟‟

Sonnet: “If you‟ve got nothing, I‟ll give you the money.‟‟

Sonnet: “Cap‟s on the left hand side here, here‟s $20. Capt‟s on the left hand side of you.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Oh here y‟are, it‟s going up.‟‟

Sonnet: “What‟s up?

Hildebrandt: “Petrol‟s all right. Not gunna stop with cameras and shit, f---ing.”

Sean “What?”

Hildebrandt: “I‟m not gunna stop for fuel it‟s all right.”

Sonnet: “How much you got in there?‟‟
Hildebrandt: “It‟s um, just below, its f---ing heaps, don't worry.''

Sonnet: “Put petrol in mate.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Mate.”

Sonnet: “Just put it in mate, they‟re not gunna get ya.‟‟

Sonnet: “Put petrol in. quick.‟‟

Hildebrandt: It doesn‟t need it. F---k‟‟

Sonnet: “Just put it in.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “All right. F---k.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “There.‟‟

Sonnet: “Mate.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Yeah.‟‟

Sonnet: “(inaudible on two-way radio)‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Mate don‟t talk on these. They are worse than a mobile.‟‟

Sonnet: (inaudible)

Sonnet: “Go straight up mate. Go down North Road. Don‟t go down Centre Road.

Sonnet: “Are you there?”

Sonnet: “Are you there?”

Hildebrandt: “Yeah don‟t talk on these things mate, f---k.‟‟

Sonnet: “North Road.‟

Sonnet: “It‟s down here now, Sussex is next I think.‟‟

Sonnet: “We‟re passing it.‟‟

Sonnet: “Have a look if the f---en cars there.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Is that him?‟

Sonnet: “F---k man there‟s an awful lot of people around.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Was that him?”

Hildebrandt: “Was that him back there?‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Was that him back there?‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Are you there mate?”

Hildebrandt: „‟You there mate‟‟

Sonnet: “Keep going. What are you doing?”
Hildebrandt: “Was that him back there?”

Sonnet: “You there?‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Turn you f---ing lights off mate. Sean. Buddy.‟‟

Sonnet: “Lock it up.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Was that him back there? This is not working. Can you hear me?? “

Hildebrandt: “The big one?‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Yeah the bigger one.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “You there mate? Are you there mate?‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Are you there mate.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “I didn‟t have it turned up properly.‟‟

Sonnet: “I‟m not gunna be able to get him……‟‟

Hildebrandt: “I kept saying that was him back there, back there walking the dog, that c---t, sort of old
bloke, wog looking.‟‟

Sonnet: “No. No. I‟m not gunna get a (inaudible) man, there‟s too many, I‟m gunna have to walk up.
I‟m just gunna have to hang around and walk up beside him.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “I hate c---ts when they park there, f---k.”

(Sound of firearm being racked.)

Sonnet: “Mate don‟t get caught okay. You know where to go don‟t you?”

Hildebrandt: “No „cos we haven‟t been here.‟‟

Sonnet: “Year that‟s where we were, just go, go there remember.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Yeah I know.‟‟

Sonnet: “Remember.”

Hildebrandt: „‟No we went to the park we didn‟t go where we were gunna.‟‟

Sonnet: “Yeah this is where, remember”

Hildebrandt: “You walked down there, didn‟t you?”

Hildebrandt: “See the cops on the side of the road?”

Sonnet: “Yeah.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Pulled up for speeding.‟‟

Sonnet: “Huh?”

Hildebrandt: “Pulled someone up for speeding I see.‟‟

Sonnet: “Remember just stay in close, straight remember?‟‟
Hildebrandt: “Yeah.‟‟

Sonnet: “On the side now, we go over there, there we are, see, no no no that street here, Sheffield, we
park down here, remember, we park right down here. Remember. Sheffield. Bang. Then left. We
parked over here. There you go, the last one, you‟re in the wrong, (inaudible) that side man.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Yeah.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “We‟ve got into it, are we?”

Sonnet: “Remember we parked here last night.

Hildebrandt: “Yeah.‟‟

Sonnet: “Park round here. Go down there, go down there, where are you going?”

Hildebrandt: “Getting away from the truck. Mate please.‟‟

Sonnet: “All right, all right, all right mate.‟‟

Hildebrandt: “Here?”

Sonnet: “No we‟ve got to turn around man, be facing this way so we can get out of here.‟‟


Sonnet: “Turn around, just behind here man.”

Sonnet: “Don‟t turn this right off man; you know what I mean, put it on Accessories. You know what
I‟m saying?”

Hildebrandt: (inaudible)

Sonnet: “Don‟t go up too far „cos you have to reverse back to get away.‟‟

Sonnet: “Yeah….It‟s sweet.‟‟

Hildebrandt: (Inaudible)

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